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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/466632TED演讲视频:我不是你们的励志榜样,谢谢!史黛拉·杨是一位喜剧演员,也是一名新闻记者。她与其他人不同的仅仅是她是一名残疾人。她始终在强调,这一点并不代表她理所当然就应该成为人们的励志榜样。在这个有趣的演讲中,杨把社会将残疾人当做励志范本进行的宣传描述成了“励志情色片”。201701/489451

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/478378

But In the case of this particular hoard of 15,000 coins, gems, medals,但在这个埋藏了一万五千件囊括了 铸币 宝石 勋章and this exquisite silver tigress,they never did.以及这个精美绝伦的银质雌虎的宝藏而言 宝藏的主人再也未能如愿It was instead discovered in 1992 at Hoxne in Suffolk and is now kept in the British Museum.直到1992年 它才在萨福克郡的荷克森被发现 现藏于大英物馆Some sort of force was badly needed to stop the barbarians in the north and west不列颠急需一股力量 来阻止来自西方与北方蛮族from exploiting the vacuum of power left by the exit of the legions.夺取罗马军团撤走后空虚的统治之位At first, the warriors from north Germany and Denmark,sailing up-river in their wave horses,seemed a boon, not a curse.起初 扬鞭策马顺流而来的 北方日耳曼与丹麦士兵 似是佳音 而非噩耗When one local despot, Vortigern, naively imagined he could use the imported barbarians as his own military muscle当地暴君沃蒂艮天真地妄想 能雇佣蛮族之兵力为己所用but neglected to pay them as per the contract,he made one of the more spectacular blunders in British history.而忽视给付相应报酬的约定 便铸成了不列颠史上最愚不可及的大错Furious at being stiffed,the Saxons turned on the local population theyd been hired to defend.被欺骗的盛怒之下 撒克逊人对本该保护的当地居民倒戈相向After burning and pillaging, they took land in lieu of pay,settling down amidst the understandably dismayed native population.在烧杀劫掠一空后 他们以地抵资 在理所当然对其大失所望的 当地居民中定居下来Dismayed, but not, I think, terrified.失望是当然 但我想他们并不恐惧Though the earliest chroniclers of the coming of the Saxons thought of Vortigerns faux pas as heralding a sort of final apocalypse,尽管关于撒克逊入主的最早记录者 将沃蒂艮的愚蠢作为天启 预示时代的更迭no one had turned the lights out on Roman Britannia and declared the Dark Ages to have begun.却没有谁终结了罗马不列颠尼亚 而后宣布黑暗时代的到来 /201607/453505

  ;we know everything about you so now,;我们知道你所做的一切;Just we need you to tell us,;;只是现在需要你说出来;But I knew that they dont know anything.但我知道他们其实什么都不知道By using Tor, I was an anonymous user通过使用洋葱路由 我变成了匿名用户so they couldnt tell因此他们不知道that Reem is doing so-and-so, is watching so-and-so.我在网上做了什么 看了什么So, thats why Tor protected me in this way.这就是洋葱网络保护我的方式Syria was not the only place where Tor was vital.洋葱网络不仅是在叙利亚至关重要Its used in China and in Iran.中国和伊朗也在用In any country where internet access is restricted,在任何网络受限制的国家Tor can be used by citizens to avoid the gaze of the authorities.人们可以用洋葱网络来躲避当权者的监视China, for example, regularly attacks and blocks the Tor network例如中国经常攻击和屏蔽洋葱网络and they dont attack us directly但他们不是直接攻击我们so much as they actually attack people in China using Tor.而是攻击在中国使用洋葱网络的人They stop them from using the Tor network.阻止他们使用洋葱网络But Tor wasnt just helping inside repressive regimes.但洋葱网络不只是帮助人们反抗政权重点解释:1.so-and-so 某某例句:Who is the old so and so just mentioned? Do I know him? 你刚才提到的老某某是谁,我认识他吗?2.for example 举例来说例句:For example, air is invisible.比如:空气是看不见的。3.much as 几乎与…一样例句:He retorted that it was my fault as much as his.他反驳说我的错误并不比他的小。201702/494407

  Welcome back to the Baby Games!欢迎回到宝宝奥运!Weve got it all for you--the struggles...or the intensity...the triumph!我们带给您所有精时刻--各种艰辛...或慷慨激昂...胜利的喜悦!First up, gymnastics. The American...working it. Just look at that concentration.首先,体操项目。美国队...完成。看看那专注力。Ten-meter toddle, one of the marquee events at any Baby Game. And there they go!十米宝宝乱跑,任何宝宝奥运中最重要的项目之一。选手们出发了!China running away with it! Oh! Looks like hes stuck on the line.中国队领先拉开差距!噢!他似乎困在终点线了。And here comes Argentina on the outside. But China does it, for gold!阿根廷队从外侧跑来。不过中国队做到了,夺得金牌!Back to gymnastics. Japan on the rings.回到体操,日本队挑战吊环。Pressure has never been higher. What an effort!这是前所未见的巨大压力。令人钦佩的尝试!Now the American. The dismount—nailed it. Gold for the U.S.现在换美国队。下环动作--成功完成!金牌颁给了美国队。Over to weightlifting. Argentina—can they do it?来到举重项目。阿根廷队--他们能否成功?Oh, and its a heartbreaking result. Germany just showboating.噢,是个令人心碎的结果。德国队只是在炫耀技巧。Now onto our final event, the three-hurdle toddle.现在进到我们的最终赛事,三跨栏宝宝乱跑。And there they go. A little unorthodox. France...having some trouble, on the last hurdle.选手们出发。有一点点不符合常规。法国队...碰上一些麻烦了,在最后一个跨栏。Oh, and its incredible! Its gold for France!喔,真是太不可思议了!法国队夺得金牌!Watch all your favorite Olympic moments on the Olympic channel, where the Games never end.在奥运频道上观看所有您最喜欢的奥运时刻,在这里赛事永远不会结束。201706/512045。


  原味人文风情:I a lot of great books in 2016. Heres a few that were especially interesting and you might wanna consider.我在 2016 年读了许多好书。这里是一些特别有趣而且你们可能想要考虑的书。String Theory by David Foster Wallace. You know, tennis is kind of amazing. Theres interesting personalities and incredible play. The more you know about it, the more you are impressed by those people playing at the top level. It requires a lot of concentration. I loved him talking about his tennis career, and being slammed into the fence, and being a little bit modest about how he just, sort of, grinded it out. If you ever one tennis book, this is probably the best.David Foster Wallace 的《网球拍弦理论(暂译)》。你知道,网球有点令人赞叹。其中包含有意思的选手与精采的球赛。你了解越多,你就越会赞叹那些在球界顶端的人。那需要极高的专注力。我喜爱他谈论他自己的网球职涯,以及被逼到网球场边围篱的经验,还有以谦虚的态度说自己付出。如果你要读一本网球书,这本大概是最棒的一本。Then a great company story, I would choose Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Its a really well-written story about Nike.Its amazingly honest, and the company almost didnt succeed. It points out the unusual characteristics of the key people who helped the company succeed. I think theres tons of people who would find it an interesting story about how business really works and personnel management really works.接着是一个很棒的公司故事,我会选择 Phil Knight 的《跑出全世界的人:NIKE 创办人菲尔 奈特梦想路上的勇气与初心》。那是本关于 Nike 写得很好的故事。它惊人地诚实,而且这个公司曾经濒临失败边缘。它指出那些帮助公司成功的关键人物拥有的独特个性。我想许多人会发现它是个关于公司真正如何运作的有趣故事,以及人员管理运作的真实情况。A political book, Myth of the Strong Leader, by Archie Brown. Its a really good book because it looks at styles of leadership. I think hes right that theres a big danger, both in the corporate world and government,about this individual who embodies all things and hes just doing it largely himself. Leaders who dont listen can get more and more isolated. Mandela in his own way was very collaborative, trying to draw people in. He understood that he was gonna step down, and so he wanted to build up the capacity for his successor.一本政治书,Archie Brown 的《强大领袖的神话(暂译)》。这是本非常好的书,因为它探讨了不同的领导风格。我想他是正确的,在公司界及政府都存在着一大危机,便是有这么一个人代表一切,且大多时候都自己完成事情。不愿倾听的领导者会变得越来越孤僻。曼德拉自己的风格是非常合作取向的,他试图拉更多人进来。他知道自己有一天会卸任,因此他希望能为他的接班人培养能力。A book called The Grid by Gretchen Bakke. She teaches us about the history of the grid, how it got built up piece by piece. She talks about how its becoming critical not only for reliability, but to deal with these intermittent energy sources that are in very different locations than the actual uses of the power. So the grids gonna have to be dramatically better in the future.一本由 Gretchen Bakke 撰写的《电网(暂译)》。她教导我们供电网络的历史,关于它如何被一步一步地建立起来。她描述到,电网不仅对电力稳定性变得重要,在处理间歇性能源方面也很关键,因为电力的来源可能和实际用电的地点相隔甚远。所以电网在未来必须要有巨幅改善。The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee. He did such a good job on the history. He really tells you what the gene is. Theres three big domains that genetic technology helps, and one is plants, the other is livestock, and the third is humans.Some countries may be very liberal at letting parents edit genes related to beauty or intelligence. Itll get people up to the point where they can participate in that debate, which will be fairly intense over the next 10 or 20 years.Siddhartha Mukherjee 的《基因:亲密历史(暂译)》。他非常善于描述历史。他确实地告诉你基因是甚么。基因科技有助于三大领域,一是植物,另一个是牲畜,而第三是人类。有些国家可能对于让父母编辑有关美貌或智慧的基因非常开明。这有天会走向全民皆可参与针对那的辩论,而这在未来的十或二十年会逐渐白热化。Loved ing these books, and I hope a few of them are books that youll enjoy.我爱阅读这些书,我也希望你们会喜欢其中几本。201703/498522栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/460645At least 24 are dead and dozens more are missing in Indonesia after flooding and landslides. 印尼洪水和山体滑坡至少造成24人死亡,数十人失踪。The countrys disaster management said heavy rains since Saturday caused 16 cities in the Central Java province to be hit with floods and landslides. 印尼抗灾署称,周六以来的暴雨引发中爪哇省16个城市遭洪水和山体滑坡袭击。Currently, search efforts and aid are underway for those missing. 目前,对失踪人员的搜寻和援助工作正在进行中。Just days before the Central Java rains, West Sumatra located on one of the countrys other islands saw thousands of homes left underwater or washed away from heavy rainfall. 就在中爪哇省大雨前几天,位于印尼其它岛屿的西苏门答腊,数千座房屋被淹或被暴雨冲走。That flooding has subsided in West Sumatra, but Indonesias disaster management said with more rainfall predicted it was extending the emergency response until Friday. 西苏门答腊的洪水已经平息,但印尼抗灾署称预计会有更多降雨,延长紧急响应至周五。While Indonesia is typically exposed to various weather disasters like cyclones and monsoons June is actually part of its dry season. 印尼经常遭遇各种如飓风和季风的天气灾害,六月实际上是干旱季节。译文属。201606/450161

  Project Bloks is a research project, with the goal of creating a development platform for tangible programming.Bloks项目是一个带有创造性目标的研究项目,一个为了有形编程的发展平台In Creative Lab we spend our time thinking about how we can use technology to solve real world problems.我们花费时间在创意实验室思考如何用科技来解决现实生活问题In this instance how to help young kids learn programming.在这种情况下如何帮助孩子学习编程I think the main reason we focus on platforms is because we want to reduce the barrier to entry,我认为我们关注平台的主要原因是因为我们想降低进入的门槛so that developers can really innovate on the content and the applications.以便开发商能真正在内容和应用程序上进行改革创新As a first step we have created this system for tangible programming.首先第一步 我们已经创造出这个有形编程的系统Its versatile and allows you a lot of creative possibilities.它是通用的 能激发出你更多创造发展的潜能The system consists of three components;Brain Board, Base Boards and Pucks.该系统由三个部分组成,主控制板 主基板和定标器The Brain Board connects to any device or thing using wi-fi or Bluetooth.主控制板可以连接到任何设备或者wifi和 蓝牙The Base Boards allow you to create different forms, flows and materials主基板允许您创建不同的模块形式and you can create a variety of interactions using the Pucks.风格和材质 你也可以使用定标器创造多样化的互动The platform enabled us to experiment with form factors and materials.该平台使我们能够用波形系数和材料进行实验So this is the Coding Kit, all of these bricks have the Bloks boards inside them.这就是编码工具 所有的这些砖块里面都由Bloks主板控制They can be arranged to create a set of instructions他们能安排 创建一系列的指令which can be passed onto connected things,能在有联系的事物中相互传递like toys, tablets or stuff around the home.比如玩具 平板 或者家里其他东西We have chosen to connect to the Mirobot.我们选择和Mirobot机器人连接In this set the code says repeat these instructions.在此设置代码表明重复这条指令Draw a square, rotate by 60 degrees, doing this six times.画一个正方形 旋转60度 这样做6次So the robot will draw a square, rotate, draw a square again and rotate six times.所以机器人将会画一个正方形 旋转 再画一个正方形并旋转6次I think when you learn to code, I think the biggest skill kids learn is persistance.我认为当你去学习代码,我想孩子学习到的最大技能就是持久性They learn that you know,something doesnt work out -他们知道有些东西无法弄懂but you can quickly fix it and try it again in different ways.但他们能快速的修复它并且用不同的方法再次尝试Anyone who has written any significant amount of code will tell you that it can quickly get challenging and can get frustrating.任何一个写过大量有效代码的人都会告诉你 它能够快速引起人们的挑战兴趣也能让人感到沮丧But the ability to stay with it and keep working -但是要有坚持和继续工作的耐心that joy you get when you actually solve the problem. Ive heard it in my classroom that you know “yes it works”.事实上当你解决了问题 你就会收获其中的乐趣 我已经在我的教室里听到了“太棒了 它工作了!”So to make a painting it will take like a year -所以制作一幅画作需要大约一年的时间,now we can just buy paint in a store and that all,so its really important to design platforms because then you enable creative people to create new and amazing stuff.现在你能在商店里购买涂料 就是这样,所以设计平台真的很重要,因此你才能成为有创造性的人 去创出造新的不可思议的东西201706/513748Lessons had been learned the hard way, at least for some.至少对某些人而言 这是一个血的教训So when barbarians started attacking Roman forts in the north,the Romans knew exactly what to do.当蛮夷开始袭击罗马北部要塞时 罗马人早已深谙御敌之术In 79 AD, an enormous pitched battle took place on the slopes of an unidentified highland mountain,公元79前 一不知名的高山丘陵上 一场大规模激战在此上演which Tacitus calls Mons Graupius.塔西陀称其为格劳庇乌山The result was another slaughter,but not before the Caledonian general, Calgacus,结局是又一场屠杀 但已是古苏格兰王库斯delivered the first great anti-imperialist speech on Scotlands soil.伟大的反帝国演讲传遍苏格兰之后的事了Here at the worlds end,on its last inch of liberty,在这世界之端 最后的自由地we have lived unmolested to this day defended by our remoteness and obscurity.我们得以偏安一隅至今 只因此地偏远神秘But there are no other tribes to come, nothing but sea and cliffs但在此只能与汪洋峭壁作伴and these more deadly Romans whose arrogance you cannot escape by obedience and self-restraint, to plunder, butcher, steal.但我们的顺从自律却逃不过 傲慢自大的罗马人 穷凶极恶地劫掠与偷窃These things they misname empire,they make a desolation and they call it peace.他们谬称其为帝国 还将劫掠后的荒芜 称为和平Of course, Calgacus never said any such thing.当然 库斯从未有过如此言论This was a speech written long after the event by Tacitus and its entirely Roman, not Scottish.而是事件发生多年之后的塔西佗所撰写 并且通篇古罗马语 而非苏格兰语Yet this burning sentiment would echo down the generations.但这燃烧着的 却不失为那个时代的缩影Like Britannia itself, the idea of free Caledonia was from the first, a Roman invention.如不列颠尼亚与解放苏格兰的概念 都为罗马首创 /201607/452354

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/457293

  Six-year-old Iris, who has autism, finds comfort with her feline best friend, two-year-old Thula. The cat stays by her side all the time—during playtime, ing books, and painting. Iris is an incredible artist who expresses herself through her artwork.六岁的 Iris,一位有自闭症的小女孩,因为猫咪好友的陪伴找到慰藉,它是两岁大的 Thula。这只猫咪一直陪在她身旁——玩耍、看书和绘画时。Iris 是个透过作品表达自我的出色艺术家。Iriss mom, Arabella, says that her daughters severity of autism caused difficulty in everyday tasks. She often dislikes many textures, including water, which made bathing difficult. After Thula joined the family, she began speaking and even joined Iris in the tub.Iris 的妈妈 Arabella 表示,女儿自闭症的严重程度让每天要做的事都有困难。她常不喜欢很多东西的触感,包括水在内,那让洗澡变得麻烦。Thula 加入家庭后,Iris 开始说话,而 Thula 甚至和 Iris 一起进浴缸洗澡。Iris has become famous for her artwork, which has even been purchased by Angelina Jolie. Iriss mom has penned a book about her daughters relationship with Thula. This little girls life has been transformed thanks to the cat, and together their relationship will continue to flourish.Iris 因为她的画作变得有名,她的画甚至被安洁莉娜裘莉买下。Iris 的妈妈写了一本关于女儿和 Thula 间关系的书。多亏这只猫咪,小女孩的人生被改变了,在一起,他们的友谊将持续茁壮。Be sure to watch Inside Edition.务必收看《Inside Edition》。201606/449586。

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  This is one of the toe bones of what was to prove to be an enormous dinosaur.这是一块趾骨,已实属于一种大型恐龙Rodolfo had recognized that the bone was from a meat-eater,Rodolfo认出这块骨头属于一只食肉恐龙and the following year he persuaded Phil Currie to join him in Patagonia, to try and find the rest of the skeleton.第二年,他邀请Philip Currie到巴塔哥尼亚来,和他一起寻找剩下的骨骼When we got there, we actually found the level where the bones were coming from.我们到那儿后,竟然找到了骨骼所在的地层As we dug in that level, we realized there was a good part of a skeleton there.我们挖开地层后发现这是一具非常好的骨骼It far surpassed our expectations.大大出乎我们的意料Phil and Rodolfo thought the bones belonged to the giant carnivore Giganotosaurus.Philip和Rodolfo认为这是南方巨兽龙的骨骼But as they examined their new discoveries, they noticed that the bones had different shapes from those of Giganotosaurus.但当他们检测这些新发现的骨骼时,他们注意到这些骨骼的形状与南方巨兽龙的有所不同These differences in the shape of the bones are a clue for a paleontologist to identify a new species.骨骼形状上的差异是古生物学家鉴别新物种的线索And the shape is telling us that we are dealing with a new species of meat-eater.它们的形状说明我们正在挖掘一种新的食肉恐龙Then they began to measure the bones of their new beast.后来他们开始测量这种新型巨兽的骨骼They were bigger than any meat-eater bones ever found anywhere in the world.它们比迄今发现的所有食肉动物的骨骼都要大Bigger than T-rex, bigger even than Giganotosaurus.比霸王龙大,甚至比南方巨兽龙还要大Our estimate showd that a full-sized Tyrannosaurus rex was somewhere between 12 and 13 meters in total length.我们估计成年霸王龙可能约有12~13米长That means that the new one was somewhere between 14 and 15 meters.这意味着这种新恐龙可能有14~15米长201612/485445

  An aura of invincibility began to cling to him.他渐渐成了不败的象征He became the driving force of the Godly Revolution.成了清教革命的中流砥柱When the vanquished king defied Gods judgement,his blood was needed to expiate the crime.当落败的国王反抗上帝的审判 他的罪恶只能通过鲜血来洗清But it became obvious that doing away with the monarch was no guarantee of doing away with the monarchy.但显而易见的是 江山易主 并不代表着君主制的废除For if Charles couldnt be among his subjects in person,his proxy could.因为即使查理一世本人已逝 他的代替品仍与民同在The Greek word icon means both an image and a copy.希腊语中的;象征; 既代表图像 也代表复制品The ;Eikon Basilike;, the spitting image of the king,appeared within a week of his execution.;圣容; 即国王的画像 在其被处死后一周内问世It was an instant bestseller,going through 35 editions in a year,并立刻为人争相购买 一年之内加印35版and it made Charles an imperishable martyr,a latter-day Christ sacrificed for the sins of his people.使查理一世成了不朽的殉道者 一位为其人民献祭赎罪的现世基督Like Christ,Charles, too, would be resurrected wearing his heavenly crown与基督一样 查理一世亦将头戴圣冠复活and made flesh in the person of his son, Charles II,awaiting the call from exile in France.以他儿子 查理二世的身份重降人间 后者流亡于法国 期待着祖国的召唤The poet John Milton,an ardent champion of the Parliamentary Commonwealth,诗人约翰·弥尔顿 英联邦议会的积极倡导者was hired to attack the cult of the king martyr as so much wicked idolatry,受雇抨击对国王的狂热崇拜 称之为罪恶的偶像崇拜to persuade the fearful and gullible they didnt need a Charles I.劝导那些心存恐惧和轻信谣传的人 放弃对查理一世的依赖In fact, they didnt need any Stuart monarch.声称他们不再需要任何斯图亚特家族的君主 /201703/501531

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