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修 文 县 治 疗 妇 科 炎 症 哪 家 医 院 最 好 的贵阳解放军第44医院无疼人流贵 阳 协 和 医 院 治 疗 不 孕 不 育 好 吗 In the year 1999, with the help of more than a dozen friends who pooled their resources - some ,000 - Jack Ma, founded Alibaba, a business-to-business online platform. No one at that time would have thought a small start-up would initiate the world’s largest initial public offering (IPO) on Wall Street, earning higher profits than those of interational giants like Amazon.com and eBay combined.1999年,数位朋友集资6万美元,帮助马云创建了阿里巴巴——一个B2B的在线交易平台。当时,没有人会想到这家刚起步的小公司会在华尔街上市,并且融资额超过亚马逊,eBay等国际巨头,创下美国市场最大规模IPO纪录。Ma’s bold ambitions, which were birthed in a time when China was a digital backwater, were realized last week.马云的无畏抱负在中国数字化落后的年代产生,上周终于得以实现。The initial public offering, which will raise as much as billion, cements his position as one of China’s richest.(阿里巴巴)首次公开募股,股指就达到250亿美元,使马云一跃成为中国首富。Charismatic and energetic, Ma is nicknamed “Crazy Jack Ma” and is seen as China’s version of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, according to AP. And his story of starting an empire from scratch aly makes him an inspiration to millions across China.马云的超凡魅力和活力,被美联社昵称为“疯狂的杰克#8226;马”,将其视为中国的乔布斯或比尔#8226;盖茨。而他白手起家创建电商帝国的故事也早已激励了数百万中国人。Ma isn’t just popular because of his wealth. He also possesses communication skills that allow him to communicate with audiences from a wide variety of cultural contexts through roadshows and TV interviews.马云不仅因其财富而出名,在路演与电视采访中,他还展示出与各文化背景观众无障碍交流的强大沟通能力。Reflecting on his success as a startup manager and English major, we try to analyze how Ma used his language skills to become an international superstar and profound visionary.不论身为企业创始人还是英语专业毕业生,马云都是成功者。下面,就为大家分析马云是如何运用他的语言能力成为国际注目的商界明星,成为富有深刻远见卓识之人。Underdog who seized the moment抓住机遇的“失败者”Ma failed his college entrance exams twice. He managed to enroll in Hangzhou Normal University on his third attempt, where he studied English.经历了两次高考落榜后,马云终于在第三次勉强考进杭州师范大学学习英语。He graduated in 1988 and taught English for years at the Hangzhou Institute of Electronic Engineering.1988年毕业后,他进入杭州电子工业学院,教授了数年的英语。Ma first experienced the Internet in 1995 on a short trip to Seattle. He can remember searching for the word “beer” on Yahoo!.马云第一次接触网络是在1995年。当时是短暂途经西雅图,他第一次在雅虎上搜索了“啤酒”这个单词。Ma noticed there was not a single online listing for “China” and “beer”, unlike those that popped up for American and German beer.他注意到没有一家网站上有“中国”的“啤酒”,而当时弹出框中美国或德国的啤酒随处可见。He quickly became obsessed with this online information system. Gradually, his obsession turned into a vision.他很快就沉迷于这种在线信息系统。渐渐地,他的沉迷变成一种愿景和远见。According to USA Today, he believed in the Internet’s business potential when few other Chinese did. So in 1999, Alibaba, which is dedicated to promoting online businesses, was born in his apartment.根据《今日美国》的报道,在鲜有中国人注意互联网的时候,马云已经开始看好网上市场的潜力。于是,1999年,致力于连接商家之间的网络交易平台“阿里巴巴”公司在他的公寓中诞生。。At the time e-commerce was unheard of in China.那时,电商在中国还闻所未闻。“I called myself a blind man riding on the back of blind tigers,” he once said to The Guardian.谈到当年的决定,马云对《卫报》的记者说:“我觉得自己就像骑在盲虎背上的盲人。”It turns out he was right.结果明,他是对的。“The business model Ma Yun created in China suited the Chinese market,” said Feng Pengcheng, director of the China Research Center for Capital Management at the University of International Business and Economics.外经济贸易大学中国资本运营研究中心主任冯鹏程说:“马云在中国创建的商业模式很适合中国市场。’’“Ma seized opportunities as China was transforming into a market economy with the middle class unleashing buying power online on a significant scale.”他说,“马云抓住了中国向市场经济转型的机遇,此时,中产阶级正释放出空前规模的网上购买力。”Success in communication交流上的成功Many are surprised to see how good Ma’s command of English was in his IPO roadshow and interview with Bloomberg after the listing (both clips went viral online). He was always an English ethusiast. Starting at age 12, Ma says he awoke at 5 am to walk or bicycle to Hangzhou’s main hotel so he could practice his English with foreign tourists. He did this for nine years and acted as a free tour guide to many, befriending several groups along the way.在IPO路演与上市后接受彭社采访的视频中,马云都展示出惊艳的英语水平(这两段视频已在网上被疯转)。其实,马云一直是狂热的英语爱好者。他说,12岁开始,他每天都早上5点起床,步行或骑自行车去杭州一些主要的酒店,与那里的外国游客练习口语。这一练就是9年,期间,他还给很多游客做过免费导游,甚至帮助过一些旅行团。“He is the opposite of stuffy and canned. He’s a funny, creative and a compelling speaker. I often thought he could have another career in stand-up comedy,” Said Duncan Clark, a Beijing-based technology consultant.来自北京一家公司的技术顾问邓肯#8226;克拉克曾评价道,“他(马云)一点也不沉闷古板。相反,他说话风趣,很有想法,也很吸引人。我总觉得,他如果去做脱口秀,也能做得很好,”Responding to rumors that Ma planned to move to Hong Kong next year on an investment immigration scheme, according to comment from The Guardian, “his speech was both patriotic and diplomatic, colloquial yet clearly well-planned. He explained that he had no plans to emigrate.”在回应一些媒体对于他计划于明年通过投资移民搬往香港的传言,英国《卫报》对马云的沟通能力有如此,“他的演讲既充满爱国热情又兼顾外交效果,语言通俗但内容明显经过精心准备。他澄清自己并没有移民计划。”Describing his ideas to press in the US and UK, according to B, Ma often uses a dizzying array of visual symbols, such fish in a pond and gold bars falling from the sky.据B报道,在面对英美媒体,表达自己的观点,马云常会运用很多生动形象比喻,比如,池塘里的鱼,以及天上掉下的金条。Sanjay Varma, a former Alibaba vice-president who now works in Hong Kong, still remembers how Ma could be such a convincing speaker when talking about his ambitions. He had long, late-night conversations with Ma about his ambitions in 1999, soon after the company was founded.目前在香港工作的阿里巴巴前任副总裁——桑杰#8226;瓦尔马仍然记得马云在陈述自己的抱负时,令人动容的说力。1999年公司刚刚成立时,他和马云曾多次在彻夜长谈对未来的雄心与计划。“He really wanted to empower the little guys, the small companies,” said Varma.瓦尔马说,“他真的很想促进微小企业的发展”To use the wording of the B, it is a “rags-to-riches” story both for Ma and the millions who depended on the eco-system he forged in the digital age of Alibaba.正如B所言,不论对于马云,还是千千万依靠着马云依托数字时代建起的阿里平台发家致富的人,这都是一个“白手起家”的神话。 /201409/331969凯里市阴道炎一般需要多少钱

遵义医学院附属医院妇科贵吗The latest fashion trend “normcore” isn’t all that fashionable – it celebrates the average and normal.最新时尚潮流 “normcore” (舒适搭配)并非一味讲究时髦,而是宣扬简单和舒适。Any old sneakers or sandals; a denim shirt or a black turtleneck, like Steve Jobs’; a zip-up fleece; or a roomy (not baggy) pair of jeans. If you wear any of these, you are the fashion icon of the day, even though you may not be interested in fashion at all.一双旧球鞋或凉鞋、牛仔衬衫或者斯蒂夫#8226;乔布斯式的黑色高领毛衣、拉链羊毛衫或者宽松牛仔裤(并非松垮肥大的那种)。即使你对时尚一窍不通,只要配上其中任何一件单品,你就会化身为时尚达人。On social networks like Twitter and Instagram, normcore is the Internet meme of the year. Normcore was featured in fashion magazines like GQ and Vogue and was the talk of February and March’s fashion weeks in New York, Paris, Milan and London.在Twitter、Instagram等社交网络上,“normcore”成为年度“网络热词”。《GQ》和《Vogue》等时尚杂志对“舒适搭配”都进行了特别报道,同时今年二、三月份,该潮流也成为了纽约、巴黎、米兰以及伦敦时装周上的焦点话题。The word was first coined by a New York fashion trend-forecasting agency called K-Hole, which recently released the report “Youth Mode: A Report on Freedom”.这一词汇由纽约时尚潮流预测机构K-Hole首创,该机构近日发布了一篇名为“年轻模式:自由报告”的报道。“Normcore finds liberation in being nothing special, and realizes that adaptability leads to belonging,” announced K-Hole. The basic idea, according to a New York Times article, is that young people have devoted so much energy to trying to define themselves as individuals, that they have lost the joy of belonging that comes with being part of the group.“Normcore就是从平淡无奇中寻求自由,通过适应来获得归属感,”这正是K-Hole宣称的理念。《纽约时报》在一篇文章中称,“normcore”的基本理念是:年轻人总是费尽心思让自己与众不同,而却失去了随众而带来的乐趣。”Normcore is about letting go of pretenses and learning to throw yourself into whatever subcultures or activities you stumble into, even if they are mainstream. “You might not understand the rules of football, but you can still get a thrill from the roar of the crowd at the World Cup,” the K-Hole report .“Normcore”就是要摒弃假面伪装,学会融入你无意间接触到的任何亚文化或活动,即使是随波逐流之嫌。“你或许不懂足球规则,但你仍然可以在观看世界杯时随着咆哮的人群而兴奋不已,”K-Hole的报道中写道。Casual perfection随性的完美The agency described normcore as more of a sociological attitude. But shortly after the release of the report, New York magazine ran a piece that established normcore as a fashion trend, calling it “fashion for those who know they’re one in seven billion”.K-Hole公司将“normcore”描述成一种社会态度。而该文章刚刚发表不久,《纽约》杂志就对“normcore”进行了报道,将它确立成一种时尚潮流,称其为“清楚自己是七十亿人类一份子的人的时尚”。The concept of normcore is all about the joy of the ordinary, and it has struck a chord with many people. Alain de Botton, the British writer and philosopher, thinks it makes a lot of sense.“Normcore”宣扬的是来平凡的快乐,这种观念打动了很多人的心弦。英国作家兼哲学家阿兰#8226;德波兰认为这个词意味深长。“Normcore is the search for the ideal,” he said in an interview with Newsweek. “The perfect T-shirt, like the perfect pencil or table, doesn’t need to be constantly updated because it has latched on to the essence of what it’s trying to do. Humans like one-off ideals: one god, one partner. That urge sometimes washes over into clothes: one type of T-shirt. The better the design, the less it needs to change.”“‘Normcore’是对完美的追求,”他在接受美国《新闻周刊》采访时说道。“完美的T恤就如同完美的铅笔或桌子,无需时常更新换代,因为它已经将本质发挥得淋漓尽致了。人类对绝无仅有的完美情有独钟:唯一的神,唯一伴侣。该主张有时也会对饰造成影响:独一无二的经典款T恤。设计越好,就越经典不变。Even those in the fashion industry are ily admitting they see the appeal of normcore.即使那些时尚业内人士也对“normcore”的魅力津津乐道。US Vogue’s contributing editor Plum Sykes was ed by Newsweek as saying: “Wearing ‘fashion’ all the time gets too much – and it demands too much attention.”《新闻周刊》援引《Vogue》美国版特约编辑普拉姆#8226;赛克斯的一句话:“一如既往的时尚穿着负担太重,需要太多的关注。”Richard Nicoll, a London-based designer and creative director at the casual clothes chain Jack Will, also sang its praises: “Normcore says, ‘I have soul and intelligence. I’m unique and I don’t need to shout about it.’”作为休闲饰连锁品牌Jack Will的设计师和创意总监、来自伦敦的理查#8226;尼考尔对这时尚趋势也赞不绝口:“‘Normcore宣扬的是:‘我有灵魂和智慧,我是独一无二的,而我无需大声张扬。” /201406/305933昭通市中医医院可以查早孕吗 贵阳市第三人民医院取环吗

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