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语言本是人们沟通的工具,没有性别之分,但由于男女的社会分工、性格特色、生理特点不同,每一种语言都深深地打上了性别的烙印在国外,有部分社会语言学家,专门研究语言与性别的关系美国有一位学者Graham Goodwin,从1990年到00年,先后十次,在费城街头,收集不同年龄、种族、职业的男、女行人的谈话,进行比较研究,结果发现,与男人的语言相比,女人的语言至少有下列特点A 女人喜欢使用第一人称复数(我们)形式,比如We need...(我们需要),而男人喜欢使用第一人称单数(我),比如 I want...(我想要) 0195739

TOKYO — Around the world, the music business has shifted toward downloads and streaming. But in Japan, the compact disc is still king.东京——音乐市场在世界各地普遍都转向下载和流媒体播放但在日本,CD却仍然大行其道On a drizzly Sunday afternoon recently, Tower Records’ nine-level flagship store here was packed with customers like Kimiaki Koinuma. A 3-year-old engineer in a Dee Dee Ramone T-shirt, Mr. Koinuma said that, unlike most men his age around the world, he spends little time with digital services and prefers his music on disc.在下着毛毛雨的一个周日下午,淘儿唱片(Tower Records)的旗舰店里挤满了顾客,身穿迪·迪·雷蒙(Dee Dee Ramone)T恤的鲤沼公明(Kimiaki Koinuma)就是其中一位这个3岁的工程师表示,他很少使用数字音乐务,更喜欢CD音乐这有别于全球各地的大多数同龄男性“I buy around three CDs a month,” he said, showing off a haul of six new albums, including the Rolling Stones’ classic “Exile on Main St.” and an assortment of the latest Japanese pop hits.“我一个月买3张CD左右,”他说道,并展示了他的六张新唱片,包括滚石乐队(Rolling Stones)的经典专辑《主街流放(Exile on Main St.)和一些最新的日本流行金曲Japan may be one of the world’s perennial early adopters of new technologies, but its continuing attachment to the CD puts it sharply at odds with the rest of the global music industry. While CD sales are falling worldwide, including in Japan, they still about 85 percent of sales here, compared with as little as percent in some countries, like Sweden, where online streaming is dominant.日本在新技术方面一直都属于热衷尝鲜的那一类地方,但它对于CD的痴迷则让它跟流媒体务风靡的各国大相径庭CD销量在世界各地都呈下降趋势,包括日本,但它们在日本的音乐销售额占比仍然高达85%左右相比之下,一些国家的这一比例低至只有%,如在线流媒体务当道的瑞典“Japan is utterly, totally unique,” said Lucian Grainge, the chairman of the Universal Music Group, the world’s largest music conglomerate.“日本市场真的很独特,”全球头号音乐巨头环球音乐集团(Universal Music Group)董事长卢西恩·格兰奇(Lucian Grainge)说道That uniqueness has the rest of the music business worried. Despite its robust CD market, sales in Japan — the world’s second-largest music market, after the ed States — have been sliding a decade, and last year they dropped percent, dragging worldwide results down 3.9 percent.那种独特性令整个音乐行业相当担忧尽管日本的CD销售表现强劲,但这个仅次于美国的全球第二大音乐市场十年来一直在下滑,去年更是下跌%,致使全球销售额下降3.9%Digital sales — rising in every other top market — are quickly eroding in Japan, going from almost billion in to just “When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn’t bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. That’s love” — Rebecca, age 8  “当我的奶奶得了关节炎,她不能弯下腰涂指甲油,所以我的爷爷一直帮她做这件事,即使他的手也得了关节炎这就是爱”——Rebecca,8岁 million last year, according to the Recording Industry Association of Japan.根据日本唱片产业协会的数据,在其它主要市场均呈现增长的数字销售额在日本却快速下降,去年从年的近亿美元下滑至只有亿美元Turning Japan around has become a priority the global music business, which has struggled to regain its footing after losing about half its value since 00, when digital technology began to disrupt the album-based business model.扭转日本市场的运营成为了全球音乐行业的重中之重自00年数字技术开始颠覆基于唱片的商业模式以来,该行业已经缩水了接近一半,一直无力挽回失地But accomplishing change has been difficult, according to analysts and music executives in Japan and the West, in part because of a protectionist business climate in Japan that still views the digital business with suspicion.然而,在日本和西方国家的分析师和音乐高管看来,寻求变化并非易事,部分因为日本的保护主义商业环境,该国仍对数字业务表示怀疑Streaming music services like Spotify and Rdio, widely seen as the industry’s best new hope new revenue, have stalled in efts to enter Japan. Spotify, the biggest such player, has been stuck two years in licensing negotiations with music companies in Japan, where homegrown pop idols by far outsell Western acts.Spotify、Rdio等被行业寄予厚望的流媒体音乐务均迟迟未能进入日本市场该领域最大的务商Spotify陷入了与日本音乐公司的已有两年的版权谈判拉锯战当中在该国,本土流行乐明星的唱片销量远超西方歌手Ken Parks, Spotify’s chief content officer, said he was optimistic about his company’s prospects, and noted that the negotiating process was slow wherever it went. Spotify, which has more than million customers in 57 markets around the world, negotiated with labels almost two years bee it arrived in the ed States in , example.Spotify首席内容官肯·帕克斯(Ken Parks)指出,他对公司的前景感到乐观,事实上,版权谈判以往在其它国家也并不顺利,进展缓慢例如,年进入美国市场之前,它也跟唱片公司谈判了近两年时间Spotify目前拥有超过00万用户,覆盖全球57个市场“When the decision makers finally feel that the heat is intense enough that they have to do something different, they will,” Mr. Parks said. “I think we are approaching that moment in Japan.”“当决策者终于觉得坐不住了,必须要实施一些变化时,他们就会采取行动,”帕克斯说道“我觉得我们在日本市场快要迎来那个时刻了”Others have doubts, pointing to the Japanese market’s devotion to the CD, which remains a primary source of revenue record labels in the country, and an indispensable promotional tool.其他人则心存怀疑,指出了日本市场对于CD的热爱在该国,CD仍然是唱片公司的主要收入来源,而且还是不可或缺的营销工具Peculiarities of Japan’s business climate have shaped its attachment to the CD, but cultural factors may also be at play, like Japanese consumers’ love collectible goods. Greatest hits albums, example, do particularly well in Japan, perhaps because of the elaborate, artist-focused packaging. The hugely popular girl group AKB8 pioneered the sale of CDs containing tickets that can be redeemed access to live events — a strategy credited with propping up CD sales, because it can lead the biggest fans to buy multiple copies of an album.日本独特的商业环境造就了人们对CD的痴迷,不过文化因素可能也在起作用,比如日本消费者对于收藏品很热衷例如,精选辑在日本卖得特别火,这可能是得益于唱片专注于歌手的精致包装热门的日本女子偶像组合AKB8开创了买CD送演唱会门票的先河这一策略提高了CD的销量,因为它能够吸引狂热的粉丝购买多张唱片Tower Records closed its 89 American outlets in , but the Japanese branch of the chain — controlled by NTT DoCoMo, Japan’s largest phone carrier — still has 85 outlets, doing 0 million in business a year.Tower Records在年关闭了89家美国门店,但该连锁店的日本分公司(现由日本最大的电信运营商NTT DoCoMo控股)仍有85家门店,年销售额达到5亿美元At Tower’s flagship store, in the heart of the skyscraper-lined shopping district of Shibuya, a group of preteen girls called Kokepiyo permed fans and autographed CDs one afternoon last month, while their mother-managers watched protectively. Outside, an 18-year-old student who gave her name as Yuria had come to Tower to see her favorite band, the Lotus. She carried a bag full of merchandise she had bought at the store, and said that she frequently buys multiple collectible copies of CDs.上个月的一个下午,在Tower Records位于涩谷天大厦林立的商业区的旗舰店,少女组合Kokepiyo在为粉丝表演和签售CD,她们的母亲和经济人则守护在一旁外面,一位叫Yuria的18岁的女生来到Tower Records看她最喜欢的乐队Lotus她在该店买了满满一袋东西,她说自己经常一次性购买多张收藏CD“Each store has its own freebies to give away to sell more CDs,” Yuria said. “So it all depends on how good they are.”“每家店都提供自己的赠品来刺激CD销售,”Yuria说,“所以全要看它们有多好”In the ed States, digital sales have long since overtaken physical ones. But CDs still 1 percent of the $ billion recorded music market worldwide, and, in addition to Japan, some big markets like Germany remain reliant on CD sales. That attachment worries some analysts, who contend that if those countries do not embrace online music, an inevitable decline in CD sales will further damage the industry.在美国,数字音乐销售早已超过实体唱片销售然而,CD在规模为0亿美元的全球唱片音乐市场的份额仍达到1%,除了日本之外,包括德国在内的一些大市场仍依赖CD销售消费者对CD的这种痴迷令一些分析师感到担忧在他们看来,如果那些国家不积极拥抱在线音乐,CD市场无可避免的下滑将会对音乐行业造成进一步的损害“If Japan sneezes and Germany catches a cold, that’s it — we’re done,” said Alice Enders, a media analyst with Enders Analysis in London.“如果日本打喷嚏,而德国又感冒,那音乐行业就完了,”Enders Analysis媒体分析师艾丽斯·恩德斯(Alice Enders)称A distinctive business ecosystem in Japan has kept CD sales lucrative music companies. Pricing restrictions on retailers keep the cost of most new CDs at more than $. In the mid-00s, a nascent download service, Recochoku, was tethered to Japan’s expansive cellphone market, but that system collapsed once the country moved on to smartphones like the iPhone.日本独特的商业生态系统,让音乐公司仍可以从CD销售获得不俗的收益对零售商的定价限制使得大多数新CD的售价都超过美元00年代中期,新兴的下载务Recochoku植入了日本广大的手机市场,但随着该国转向iPhone等智能手机,这一体系土崩瓦解Part of the problem, executives say, is the complex array of companies that control rights to the most popular music in Japan, which have been very slow to license new services.行业高管们认为,该问题一定程度上是因为日本流行音乐版权分散在各家公司手上,而它们在向新务授予版权时行动缓慢Sony’s Music Unlimited, example, is the largest available streaming service in Japan, but it lacks the most popular hits there. (Sony declines to say how many subscribers it has to Music Unlimited, in Japan or elsewhere.) Apple’s iTunes store arrived in Japan in , but only in did it begin to sell the Japanese music titles of its hardware rival Sony.例如,索尼的Music Unlimited务虽然是日本最大的流媒体音乐务,但它的音乐库却没有该国最流行的那些音乐(索尼拒绝透露Music Unlimited在日本和其它市场的订户数量)苹果的iTunes商店于年进入日本市场,但直到年才能开始出售其硬件产品竞争对手索尼手握的日本音乐Executives in Japan and the West blame an overly cautious Japanese music industry not adapting, and serious worries remain about Japan’s ability to recover from its losses last year.日本和西方行业高管都指责过度谨慎的日本音乐行业没有去适应大趋势,日本能否从去年的亏损中恢复过来也存在很大的疑问“A substantial amount of senior management is worried about what happens on their watch, but not necessarily worried about what happens after that,” Shigeo Maruyama, the mer president of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, said in an interview.“很多高管担心的是,在自己任内会发生什么,但对此后怎么样则不一定那么关心,”日本索尼音乐株式会社前负责人丸山茂雄(Shigeo Maruyama)在一次采访中表示This year, things in Japan are looking slightly better. In , there were no million-selling albums, but this year there have been two: a Japanese version of Disney’s “Frozen” soundtrack and the latest release by AKB8. Yet in the first half of the year sales were still down an additional 3 percent compared with a year earlier.今年,日本市场的情况略有改善年它连一张销量破百万的唱片都没有,而今年则已经有两张:迪士尼《冰雪奇缘原声专辑日本版和AKB8的最新专辑不过,今年上半年的销售额跌幅相比去年扩大了3个百分点“The Japanese record companies’ hope is to maintain the current size of the physical market, and to try to make the digital market grow again by licensing new digital services,” said Yoichiro Hata a director of the Recording Industry Association of Japan.“日本唱片公司的希望是,能够维持实体市场当前的规模,同时尝试通过向新数字务出售版权来使得数字市场恢复增长,”日本唱片产业协会的一位负责人羽田阳一郎(Yoichiro Hata)指出 the rest of the struggling global recording industry, that growth cannot come soon enough.对于陷入困境的全球唱片行业来说,那种增长当然来得越早越好“It’s inevitable that this market comes back to growth,” said Mr. Grainge, of Universal. “What I’m not going to predict is when.”“这个市场必定会恢复增长,”环球音乐的格兰奇说,“什么时候发生就不好说了” 5190

  When youre a kid, the thought of spending the whole day in a magical world populated by superheroes and princesses seems like an impossible dream. Then one day you see a flier at the local commy college saying Disney is hiring ;summer interns; and you think: DREAM COME TRUE.当你是个小孩的时候,你会有一个在到处都是超级英雄和公主的魔法世界中度过一天的不切实际的梦想所以当有一天有人问你要不要去迪士尼做一个夏季实习生的时候,你有一种梦想成真的感觉That is, until you start working there.但是在你开始工作后,你会流下悔恨的泪水If you thought making a career at a theme park was all singing warthogs and fairy godmothers, think agai n. We talked to a bunch of current and mer theme park ;cast members; to get the inside scoop on wha t.s like to work in that mystical wonderland. After they were finished, we couldnt look at Mickey the sa me way ever again.如果你认为在迪士尼工作就是疣猪彭彭和仙女的歌的话,那可真是天真以下是我们得到的内线消息从此,我们再也无法直视米老鼠了We can make your trip a lot better if youre nice.如果你对我们态度好,我们也会让你有一个很棒的旅程If your mouse ears breakyou got to secure them when you went on the Tower of Terror your $ cheeseburger was undercooked, tell an employee and be really nice about it. We can probably fix it. Guest satisfaction is actually our main job, so we get a lot of leeway to make you happy.当你遇到各种麻烦的时候,请对求助的工作人员态度好一点,我们会尽力帮你处理顾客的满意,是我们不懈的追求We get promoted if you give us good feedback如果你能给我们好的反馈,我们会晋升So if we DO give your kid a fluffy plush Minion toy because his ice cream cone fell on the ground, take 30 seconds and fill out a comment card. Youre not diming us out giving away free stuff.当你小孩的冰淇淋掉地上然后哭的时候,我们会给他一个超棒的玩具让他止哭这个时候,还请你花费30秒填写一张表,来认可下我们的行为The costumes are hotter than you can possibly imagine.道具热死了So, yes, actually, I AM hot in here. And no, there no fan. Thanks asking.不要问我穿着道具热不热了,热死了,里面没有装电风扇Character shifts are only 30 minutes long穿道具的人三十分钟换一次班And it the longest 30 minutes of your life. Put a tmill in the steam room at your gym and crank it up to about 9. If you can do that half an hour you MIGHT be able to handle a shift.这是你人生中最漫长的30分钟如果你能在蒸汽房里的跑步机上狂跑30分钟,你便能胜任这份工作There are strippers who get groped less than Minnie Mouse脱衣舞女都没有明妮米老鼠被摸得多Why people think it funny to grab a giant puppet crotch is beyond us. But just remember there just as good a chance that Minnie Mouse is a dude, and ;The Crying Game; is probably not one of the movies you came here to relive.有些人老是去摸巨大人偶的胯部,我们简直无法理解还好人偶里的是男人,不然的话,呵呵The princess hair is not real公主的头发不是真的But, you know, neither is Donald Trump, and that didnt ruin ;The Apprentice; you, right?不要在意这些细节We get in free, but never go我们进来不要门票,但是出去难If you spent 70 hours a week losing your body weight in sweat at your desk back in the ing department, would you wanna go there with your time off? No. No, you would not.我们每周要穿着人偶工作70个小时,妈妈我变轻了We have to point with two fingers我们必须要用两根手指头来指路It cool, though. Who needs benefits when you save 50 percent on souvenir cups and stuffed animals?虽然没什么关系,但是还请你们不要吝啬一丁点的钱连纪念杯和填充小动物都不肯买我们能从中获取利益Under no circumstances should you EVER eat the turkey legs在任何情况下都不要吃火鸡腿Theyre emu. No, seriously. Theyre emu.它们是仿真的,不是真的Cinderella is a chain smoker灰姑娘是个烟鬼And no, she didnt pick the habit up from her wicked stepsisters. She picked it up in ballet school or dance academy.这个坏习惯不是从她坏身上学到的她是在芭蕾学校或者舞蹈学院学会的 369930

  The latest Bond film ;Spectre; is set to premiere in China mainland on Thursday, one day bee opening nationwide0系列最新的一部作品《0:幽灵党预计将于周四,也就是全国上映的前一天在中国大陆进行首映典礼Daniel Craig, who plays 0 in the movie, will be joined by French actress Lea Seydoux, the latest Bond Girl, and producer Barbara Broccoli on a three-day tour in China starting this Tuesday.丹尼尔·克雷格,在本部影片中依旧饰演0他将与扮演最新邦女郎的法国女演员蕾雅·赛杜,还有制片人芭芭拉·布罗克里从本周二开始,进行一次为期长达三天的旅程The crew are expected to participate in a series of promotion activities ;Spectre,; culminating in the movie premiere in China mainland on Thursday.这个电影团队预期将会参加一些列的关于《0:幽灵党的宣传活动,并于周四在中国大陆电影首映仪式后结束本次活动At a total cost of over 350 million U.S. dollars, ;Spectre; is the most expensive Bond film so far, as well as one of the most expensive movies in history.《0:幽灵党制作总成本超过了3亿5000万美元,也使得其成为了成本最高的邦德系列电影,同时这也是有史以来最贵的电影The crew of ;Spectre; preferred to shoot the movie on film instead of utilizing computer graphics to enhance special effects.《0:幽灵党的团队在提升特效方面采用了真实的拍摄技术而非电脑合成技术;Ive aly booked my tickets, even if there are still days to go.; a user at Weibo said. Besides, many fans admitted that they will go to the cinema regardless, after so many years of being a Bond fan.一位微网友对此表示:“即使还有几天才上映,我也已经预定好了电影票”除此之外,许多粉丝纷纷表示,作为一个多年的邦德迷,无论如何他们也会去电影院观看这部电影. 1559。

  Timberlake wedding featuring homeless people makes wavesThat one way to end the honeymoon early: Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel recent wedding is at the center of a publicity — and potentially legal — nightmare. According to the website Gawker, guests at the southern Italian nuptials Friday saw a tribute sent by a friend of Timberlake, a real-estate agent named Justin Huchel, that featured homeless men and one person who appeared to be a transvestite wishing the couple well, following a title card ing, ;Greetings from your Hollywood friends who just couldnt make it.; Justin Timberlake has taken time to ;clear the air; and apologize about the featuring homeless people that was produced by a friend of his, ostensibly in honor of his recent wedding to Jessica Biel. ;I want to say that, on behalf of my friends, family, and associative knuckleheads, I am deeply sorry to anyone who was offended by the . Again, it was something that I was not made aware of. But, I do understand the reaction and, by association, I am holding myself able.;贾斯汀涉及无家可归之人的婚礼视频引起了风波这是一种提前结束蜜月的方式:贾斯汀和杰西卡.贝尔最近的婚礼正处在公众的中心- 和潜在的法律 - 噩梦根据Gawker网站,周五在意大利南部举行婚礼上的客人见到了Timberlake的朋友(一个叫Justin Huchel的房地产经纪人)送来的贺喜视频,视频涉及无家可归的人以及一个似乎是异装癖的人在祝福着这对夫妻,视频中附着一张卡片写着“来自你不能赶来的好莱坞朋友的诚挚问候”贾斯汀已经花时间去“澄清了”,并为他朋友制作的视频涉及到流浪汉而道歉,表面上是为了恭贺他最近和杰西卡#86;贝尔的婚礼视频“我想说的是,代表我的朋友、家人以及相关的傻瓜,对被该视频触怒了的所有人我深感抱歉再次,这是我毫不知情的东西,但我明白这些反应以及相关联的,我会自己负责”Taylor Swift calls it quits with Conor Kennedy, releases new albumLooks as if Taylor Swift is too busy to date these days:As the days have grown shorter, she and Conor Kennedy have reportedly broken off their summer fling. ;They quietly parted ways a while ago,; a Swift friend told Us Weekly about the -year-old singer and her 18-year-old high school student flame. ;It was just a distance thing. No hard feelings. Theyre fine.; Well that good news, given Swift penchant writing songs when she vexed by exes — think ;We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,; her catchy hit from the new album ;Red,; which dropped Monday.泰勒.斯威夫特宣布与康纳尔#86;肯尼迪分手,发布新专辑看起来泰勒.斯威夫特这些天好像忙的连约会时间都没有了,随着白天越来越短,据报道她和康纳尔.肯尼迪的夏日恋情已经结束“前段时间他们悄悄地分道扬镳,”斯威夫特的朋友告诉《美国周刊关于这位岁的歌手和她18岁的高中学生之间的火花“这只是距离问题没有难受的感觉他们很好”好吧,这是好消息,考虑到当她为前男友所烦恼时斯威夫特就喜欢写歌- 想想她周一发布的新专辑“Red”中脍炙人口的《我们再也回不到一起就曾风行一时Robert Pattinson on the greatest vampire sex youve ever hadIn ;The Twilight Saga,; Robert Pattinson is required to move at superhuman speed, feast on woodland creatures and rip the limbs off fellow vampires. But the biggest challenge was his love scenes. Promoting the final film in the blockbuster franchise, Pattinson hit Australia a photo call and stopped by a local chat show to talk on-screen lovin with costar Kristen Stewart. ;The sex scene in this one is pretty ridiculous,; he said.;It just because youre kind of shooting stuff to be PG- ... it just trying to think of inventive ways to make something sexy.;罗伯特#86;帕丁森“你曾经拥有最棒吸血鬼的性感”在《暮光之城系列里罗伯特#86;帕丁森需要以超人的速度移动,以林地的生物为食,撕裂吸血鬼同类的四肢但是,最大的挑战是他的爱情戏宣传特许经营大片的最后一部电影,帕丁森来到澳大利亚拍摄照片,并被一个本地聊天秀拦截住去谈论与合演克里斯汀#86;斯图尔特的荧幕爱情“在这其中的性爱场面是非常荒谬的,”他说 “这只是因为你是一种要拍成PG-级的东西……这只是要试图想出创造性的方式来使一些事情性感”Tom Cruise lawsuit could open his private lifeIt can be true in medicine and Tom Cruise may find it true in law: Sometimes, the cure is worse than the disease. The ;Top Gun; and ;Mission: Impossible; star filed a -million defamation lawsuit Wednesday against the publishers of Life amp; Style Weekly and In Touch magazines twice alleging the actor had ;abandoned; his daughter, Suri. But as people familiar with litigation know, Cruise runs the risk of turning his private life into a very open book. To prove that the tabloid allegations were false and defamatory, Cruise may have to answer any number of questions, under oath, about himself and his parenting. He might even be asked about his past relationship with ex-wife Nicole Kidman and the children from that marriage, as well as his religious beliefs, according to libel and defamation lawyers not involved in the case.汤姆#86;克鲁斯的诉讼可能要公开他的私生活这可能适用于医药,汤姆#86;克鲁斯可能会发现它在法律上也是适用的:有时治疗比疾病更糟糕这位《壮志凌云、《碟中谍的明星周三提交了一份5000万美元的诽谤诉讼起诉两次指称该演员已经“抛弃”他女儿苏瑞的《生活与风格周刊的杂志出版商但是,熟悉诉讼的人都知道,克鲁斯冒着将他的私生活置于开放媒体的风险为了明小报的指控是虚假和诽谤的,克鲁斯可能要在起誓下回答一些关于他自己和他的养育的问题他甚至可能要被问到他与前妻妮可#86;基德曼以及孩子的那段婚姻的过去,以及他的宗教信仰,根据不参与案件的诽谤和诋毁律师的说法 60

  Rock ‘n’ roll is a music genre many people thought was dying. But four young rockers from Las Vegas, US — better known as Imagine Dragons — are changing the landscape of rock music with a breath of fresh air.很多人都认为摇滚这种音乐形式正在走向萎靡而来自美国的四人男子摇滚乐队——“梦龙”乐队却为摇滚界带来了一股清新空气,令摇滚乐界为之一振Since exploding onto the music scene with their debut album Night Visions in September , Imagine Dragons have quickly become one of the biggest breakout bands of . Their impact on the music industry has been radioactive, just as the title of their hit song suggests.自年9月发行首张专辑《Night Visions后,“梦龙”乐队迅速成为年全美乐队“当红炸子鸡”之一正如其热门单曲《放射物一样,“梦龙”在全球乐坛的影响力可圈可点And they’re still going strong. After taking over music charts, holding sold-out concerts and perming at important award shows, Imagine Dragons just won five major prizes at this year’s Billboard Music Awards on May 18, including Top Rock Artist and Top Rock Album.这四人乐队正在不断成长、壮大除了横扫各大音乐排行榜,演唱会场场爆满,献唱重量级颁奖典礼以外,今年5月18日,“梦龙”乐队还一举斩获了年美国公告牌音乐奖的五项大奖,其中包括年度最佳摇滚艺人以及年度最佳摇滚专辑Four years ago, Imagine Dragons were just an indie band playing at Las Vegas casinos to pay the rent their shared apartment. Sometimes they even had to pay to play because they couldn’t sell enough tickets.四年前,“梦龙”还是的一独立乐队,他们靠在里表演来付房租有时因为门票销售不理想,他们甚至要自掏腰包去演出“Bands have asked me, ‘What do you attribute your success to?’ The two things I always say are, one, we never said ‘no’ to anything,” frontman Dan Reynolds told Billboard magazine in its cover story in July. “We’d play birthday parties, weddings, casinos. We wanted to perm and create as much as possible.”去年7月,“梦龙”乐队登上《公告牌杂志的封面故事,乐队主唱丹#86;雷诺尔兹在接受采访时表示:“许多乐团曾来讨教我们乐队的成功秘诀,我通常会告诉他们两点一是我们从不说‘不’,不管是生日派对、婚礼、还是,我们都来者不拒我们想尽量争取表演与创作的机会”The other thing, according to Reynolds, is luck. After independently releasing three EPs, Imagine Dragons were signed by Interscope Records, one of the major labels in the US that has many popular artists including Lady Gaga and Eminem.雷诺尔兹口中的另一点就是运气了,在乐队独立发行三张EP之后,他们就顺利签约美国知名唱片公司环球唱片,该公司旗下拥有大批当红艺人,包括Lady Gaga、说唱歌手埃米纳姆等However, you will understand that the band’s success isn’t all thanks to sheer luck when you hear their music. Besides typical elements of rock music, such as the heavy sound of guitar and drums and self-empowering lyrics, Imagine Dragons have successfully incorporated their folk influences from their indie music roots into their mainstream songs.然而,当你聆听他们的音乐时,你就会明白他们的成功绝非幸运使然“梦龙”的音乐融入了摇滚乐的经典元素,除了吉他与鼓的重金属合音、励志歌词等摇滚乐标志性元素外,他们还成功将独立乐队时的民谣元素植根于现下的大众音乐作品中Described by Rolling Stone magazine as “a mixture of Mumd amp; Sons and Coldplay”, the usage of instruments in their songs is strongly influenced by folk music, and the themes they explore range from anxiety and depression to love, survival and philosophy.《滚石杂志称他们的音乐是“蒙福之子乐队与酷玩乐队的融合体”,其歌曲中器乐的运用深受民谣音乐的影响,作品主题既有焦虑彷徨、也有温暖真情,从生存到人生哲学,均有涉猎If you aren’t familiar with Imagine Dragons’ music, you had better get on it fast, because Reynolds has promised a follow-up album some time later this year. And then, the world of music will very likely be shaken once again by their rocking spirit.如果你对“梦龙”乐队的音乐尚不了解,那就最好赶紧补上这一课,因为雷诺尔兹已许诺他们要在今年晚些时候推出新专辑届时,他们的摇滚精神势必再次震撼整个乐坛 35

  A talent音乐天才Adele Laurie Blue Adkins was born May 5, 1988 in Tottenham, North London, England. She began singing at the age of four and credits the Spice Girls what she is today. Growing up, the girl group was a huge influence on her passion music. Adele graduated from BRIT School in Croydon in May of . After recording a three song demo, Adele gave the recordings to a friend who then posted her work on MySpace. Her music received much positive attention and led to a phone call from music label XL Recordings. Doubting the legitimacy of the offer, Adele brought her friend with her to the meeting. The offer proved to be legit and Adele was signed to the label in September .阿黛尔bull;劳丽bull;布鲁bull;阿德金斯 1988年5月5日出生于英国伦敦北部的托特纳姆小镇阿黛尔岁便开始唱歌她非常喜欢辣组合,辣组合在阿黛尔的成长过程中,对她的音乐产生了深远的影响阿黛尔还把她今天的成就归功于这队曾经的偶像阿黛尔年从郊克罗伊登小镇的中等艺术学校BRIT学校毕业,然后自己录了三首单曲她把自己的单曲送给一个朋友,谁知这位朋友把她的单曲放到MySpace上她的音乐得到许多人的好评阿黛尔还接到著名的音乐公司XL唱片公司的面试电话阿黛尔当时还怀疑这个面试的真实性,于是拉了她的朋友陪她一起去面试面试的确千真万确,于是同年9月阿黛尔便签约XL唱片公司Her debut song ;Hometown Glory; was released in October . Adele wrote the song when she was just years old. Her second single ;Chasing Pavements; peaked at number on the UK Charts and remained there four weeks. Her album 19 was released in and entered the charts at number 1.年月阿黛尔推出她的首张单曲《Hometown Glory她在岁的时候写下了这首歌她的第二首单曲《Chasing Pavements在英国流行音乐榜上升至第位并蝉联四周年阿黛尔推出她的专辑《19,随即占据音乐榜第一名的位置A Wrong Choice错误选择In , Adele cancelled a US tour in order to be with a mer boyfriend. She stated in Nylon magazine that ;I was drinking far too much and that was kind of the basis of my relationship with this boy. I couldnt bear to be without him, so I was like, Well, OK, Ill just cancel my stuff then ; I cant believe I did that ; It seems so ungrateful;. November of she moved out of her mother house and gave up drinking. By the time October came around, it seemed Adele US career had failed. She was then booked an episode of Saturday Night Live. Because of guest Sarah Palin, the show drew in million viewers and made her album 19 top the iTunes chart the next day.年,她为了见前男友中止了美国巡回演唱她对Nylon杂志坦言,;我在这期间喝了许多酒,只有这样才能和他继续在一起我的生命里不能没有他,所以就随性而为现在真不敢相信我当初竟然会这么做,这实在太没良心了;同年月,她搬出母亲的房子,并戒掉了酗酒但是月以后阿黛尔的职业生涯看似已经终结了之后她参加一期周六晚上举行的现场节目当期节目还邀请了萨拉bull;佩林(美国著名篮球运动员),吸引了0万观众收看阿黛尔的专辑《19第二天便成为iTunes下载量最多的专辑《1经典之作《1Adele released her second album 1 in . The album sound is described as contemporary roots and country music. She has said that this is because her bus driver would play contemporary Nashville music while touring in the American South. She told Spin Magazine ;He listened to all this amazing country music and wed rock out late at night, chain smoking and listening to Rascal Flatts. It was really exciting me because I never grew up around [that music].; The album hit No. 1 in Ireland, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Austria, and Belgium. To promote her album Adele will perm in Europe and North America on her Adele Live tour. As of April , she has sold the most albums of all artists in in the US, with sales totaling over 1,0,000.阿黛尔年推出她的第二张专辑《1,专辑的曲风是现代摇滚和乡村音乐的结合阿黛尔说,那是因为在美国南部旅游的时候,她的司机总是收听纳什维尔乡村音乐她对Spin杂志说,;他(司机)收听很多乡村音乐,我们一直疯玩到很晚,不停地抽烟,听流氓弗拉德乐队的歌我很高兴,因为从小到大从来没听过这种音乐;《1在爱尔兰,德国,荷兰,纽西兰,瑞士,澳大利亚和比利时许多国家都荣登音乐榜第一名阿黛尔将在欧洲和北美巡回演出来宣传她的专辑截至年月,她的专辑总销量已达1,0,000张,她已经超越美国的所有歌手,成为年专辑销量最多的明星 3679When Nicole Kidman arrived in Cannes on Monday night to promote her new movie Grace of Monaco, we were all a bit confused.5月日晚上妮可·基德曼来到戛纳,宣传她出演的新电影《洛哥王妃我们见到她时,有点困惑不解Mainly because the 6-year-old actress looks completely different to the last time we saw her.主要是因为这位6岁的女演员和我们上次见到她时截然不同The blonde Hollywood star face looked oddly puffy when she arrived on the red carpet at the world-famous film festival.出现在举世闻名的电影节红毯上时,这位金发的好莱坞明星脸部浮肿,有点古怪The Australia actress, who showed off her slender frame in a black bodycon dress, wore her hair scraped back off her face, which highlighted her bizarre complexion.这位澳大利亚女演员穿着紧身黑裙,展现出她那苗条的身姿,头发没有紧贴皮肤,这更突出了她那奇怪的脸部But Nicole seemed oblivious to the difference in her appearance, and spent the evening smiling photographers and blowing kisses at her fans.但是妮可似乎未察觉出自己脸部的变化,整个晚上都冲摄影师微笑,向粉丝抛飞吻Last year, the mum-of-two told Italian newspaper La Repubblica she would never have surgery.去年,有两个孩子的妈妈妮可告诉意大利报纸《共和国报她绝不会做整容手术;No surgery me; I did try Botox, untunately, but I got out of it and now I can finally move my face again, ; she said.“我不做整容手术不幸的是,我试过肉毒杆菌,但那是很久以前的事了,现在我的脸部终于又灵活起来”她说The Australia actress led the way as a host of A-list Hollywood stars arrived in the south of France the start of Cannes Film Festival on Tuesday night.这位澳大利亚女演员作为一线好莱坞影星中的一员抵达法国南部戛纳,参加5月日晚戛纳电影节的开幕式The opening film - ;Grace of Monoco; stars Kidman as the Hollywood actress Grace Kelly who became the Princess of Monaco when she married Prince Rainier, and died following a car crash in 198 in the hills of the principality.开幕片《洛哥王妃的主演基德曼扮演好莱坞女演员格蕾丝?凯利,格蕾丝嫁给洛哥王子雷尼尔三世后,成为洛哥王妃198年,她因在王宫的盘山路上出车祸而丧生There are 18 films in competition the coveted Palme dOr, which will be handed out along with other prizes at the end of the festival on May .18部电影角逐人们梦寐以求的金棕榈奖5月日,戛纳电影节闭幕式上,这一奖项将出炉Kidman and other stars will ascend the famous red carpet tonight to the cinema inside the Palais des Festivals et des Congres the glittering opening event under the watchful eye of the world media, which has staked out viewing spots and parked stepladders photographers days in advance.基德曼和其他明星走上著名的红地毯,走进戛纳电影节电影宫,在全世界媒体的瞩目下,参加金光闪烁的开幕式早在几天前,戛纳电影节电影宫就为世界媒体划分了拍摄点,摆好了摄影架It is a huge draw the industry and public alike, with an estimated 7, 000 visitors expected, plus 30, 000 accredited professionals, , 000 journalists and 700 technicians, according to a periodical distributed by the festival.根据戛纳电影节刊物,戛纳电影节极大地吸引了电影业和公众的眼球,预计会有.7万名观众到场,外加3万名公认的专业人士、000名记者和700名工作人员Last year some of those who attended the festival were less than welcome, having made off with jewels worth several million dollars.去年的戛纳电影节中混进了一些不速之客,偷走了价值几百万美元的珠宝The security presence this year is conspicuous, with dark-jacketed men standing outside or immediately inside fancy boutiques.今年,保安随处可见精品店外和店内都站着穿着短黑上衣的保安Even if Cannes remains the one event on the crowded film festival calendar that the big players most want to attend, a senior editor at US entertainment magazine Variety said it was scaling back.美国杂志Variety的一位资深编辑拉敏?赛图德(Ramin Setoodeh)说,尽管戛纳电影节仍然是紧凑的电影节日程中巨星最想参加的一项盛事,但它的规模正在缩小;You see Cannes scaling back. And you see it ... Cannes, Cannes standards it a little smaller than Cannes usually is, ; Ramin Setoodeh said.拉敏?赛图德说:“你看到戛纳电影节的规模缩小了,因为对戛纳电影节的标准来说,今年规模比以往要小”;That said, it still a very big festival, you have stars from Nicole Kidman to Robert Pattinson, to Kristen Stewart, Ryan Gosling had his directorial debut here at Cannes. So it still a pretty big festival, it just not as big as Cannes has always been.;“戛纳电影节仍是非常重大的节日,诸如妮可?基德曼、罗伯特?帕丁森、克里斯汀?斯图尔特这样的巨星都来参加,瑞恩?高斯林在戛纳电影节期间放映自己导演的处女作,所以这还是很重要的活动,但不如往日那么盛大了”拉敏说 3007

  The TV drama The Empress of China is hot among audiences recently. Actress Fan Bingbing, who plays the role of Empress Wu Zetian, is a fabulous beauty. What did Wu Zetian, China`s only female monarch, look like in real life? Let`s explore the possibilities.电视剧《武媚娘传奇成了观众们的新宠扮演武媚娘的范冰冰可谓美若天仙而现实中,这位中国唯一的女皇帝到底容貌如何?且让我们一探究竟The famous Chinese scholar Guo Moruo researched this, and he thinks that a plump empress portrayed in a painting by Tang Dynasty painter Zhang Xuan is Wu Zetian. Zhang left many famous paintings, such as Paintings of Lady of Guoguo on a Spring Outing of the Tang Dynasty, Court Ladies Preparing Newly-Woven Silk and Lady of Wei.我国著名学者郭沫若曾对此做过考,他认为唐朝画家张悬笔下(《唐后行从图)体态丰满的“皇后”正是武则天张悬曾留下了许多著名画作,包括《虢国夫人游春图、《捣练图、《卫夫人像等It is guessed that Zhang Xuan was a court painter and had met Wu Zetian bee, so the portrait by him is quite reliable.(由于多绘宫中仕女)有猜测认为张悬曾作为宫廷画家见到过武则天本人,,他画中的武则天应较为可信Another frequently seen image of Wu Zetian is the block-painted edition of Images of Ancient People in History, created in 98, during the reign of Emperor Hongzhi in the Ming Dynasty. However, as the painting was recreated by Ming people, it is not very reliable and possibly a portrait born out of imagination.另一个版本的武则天出现频率很高,它出自明弘治十一年(98年)的刻本《历代古人像赞由于是明人的再创作,所以这个版本的可信度不高,很可能是后人根据想象所画There are also many stone statues of Empress Wu Zetian, and the most ancient one is now at her birthplace, Guangyuan in Sichuan province. The statue is said to be vey close to the real appearance of Wu Zetian.除了画像,还有很多武则天的雕像(可做参考),比如位于武则天出生地四川广元皇泽寺的武则天石刻像,它是最早的武则天石像,也被认为是最接近武则天真实形象的一座When Empress Wu Zetian ascended the throne, she built many temples and Buddha statues. Many Buddha statues in the Longmen Grottoes in today`s Luoyang in Henan province were constructed during her reign. Among them, a large Vairocana Buddha in Fengxian Temple is considered to be a ;portrait; of Wu Zetian at years old.武则天称帝后,曾大兴佛寺、广凿佛像,洛阳龙门石窟中有许多佛像都完成于武则天时代而龙门石窟奉先寺中的“卢舍那佛”,则被不少学者认为是武则天岁时的“写真”The Buddha has characteristics of an oriental beauty`s face and is honored as the most beautiful Buddha in the world. At . meters high, the face of the Buddha looks elegant, pretty and plump, and has a mysterious smile.卢舍那佛的面部特征具有东方女性之美,被誉为“世上最美丽的佛陀”它身高.米,面容丰腴饱满、秀丽端庄、露出一丝神秘微笑Wu Zetian funded the statue`s construction and took part in the consecration ceremony when it was completed. Ancient people assumed that the statue was an embodiment of Empress Wu Zetian.(据《造像铭记载)时为皇后的武则天曾为奉先寺的修建“助脂粉钱两万贯”,同时亲自参加了卢舍那佛的开光仪式古人推测卢舍那佛正是武则天的化身According to ancient records, Wu Zetian had big eyes, a long neck, a big face and a square ehead. Anyway, Wu Zetian would not look like Fan Bingbing, who has the little face of a modern beauty. Moreover, maybe Wu Zetian was a woman who had a face similar to a man`s, as the Tang Dynasty regarded chubbiness as a standard of beauty and feminine temperament was not popular then.而据古书记载,武则天有着“龙睛凤颈”,眼大而有神、脖颈细长;“方额广颐”,额头较方、脸颊较大反正一定不会是范冰冰那样符合现代审美的小脸美女说不定武则天其实生了一副男子面相,不过,这倒与唐代以胖为美,阴柔委婉不受青睐的女子审美标准十分相符 36


  A Gossip Girl photo is making the rounds today and it hints at a happy ending Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester).《绯闻女孩的剧照今天流传出来了,它暗示了Chuck(Ed Westwick饰)和Blair(Leighton Meester饰)有一个圆满的结局In this spoiler-y photo, it looks like our two favorite schemers are finally putting that secret engagement ring Blair currently wears around her neck to good use: a wedding in Central Park! Blair is in a blue wedding gown, a subtle and realistic nod to the fact it won’t be her first trip down the aisle. (Prince Louis, if only you were merely a dream.)在这张剧透的照片中,看起来像我们最爱的两个阴谋家终于把布莱尔戴在脖子上的那枚秘密订婚戒指很好地用上了:在中央公园举行婚礼!布莱尔穿着一身蓝色的婚纱,一个微妙且千真万确的事实是,这不是她第一次走红毯(路易王子,如果你只是一个梦想)And unlike Blair royal wedding last season, this affair doesn’t seem to be a big event – the only witnesses are Chuck’s uncle Jack, Blair’s stepfather Cyrus, Serena, Dan, Nate… and, oddly enough, Georgina, who Blair hates. There doesn’t even seem to be a real photographer on hand to catch the nuptial kiss: Serena is taking a pic with her phone.不像上一季布莱尔的王室婚礼,这件事看起来并不像一件大事 - 唯一的见人是Chuck的叔叔杰克,布莱尔的继父赛勒斯,瑟瑞娜、丹、内特……奇怪的是,布莱尔憎恨的乔治娜也在场甚至好像都没有一个真正的摄影师在旁边拍下婚礼上那个吻:Serena正用她的手机拍着照Of course, this wouldn’t be Gossip Girl without some drama added into the mix. The ceremony is interrupted by the police who pull Chuck away from his own wedding. So much an Upper East Side fairy tale.当然,如果没有新剧情加入这一季,它就不会是《绯闻女孩了警察把Chuck从他自己的婚礼上带走,仪式就此被打断对于上东区的爱情童话来说这太过了Now, this wedding doesn’t seem to be in the style of Blair and Chuck (although, let’s be honest, the drama sounds right up their alley), so were scratching our heads a bit. How did it come to this? Well, we dreamt up a few different ways the UES royalty could have gotten to this point.现在,这场婚礼似乎并不是Blair和Chuck的风格(虽然,说实话,剧情似乎正是他们的拿手好戏),所以我们有点挠头怎么会这样?好了,我们想出了几种不同的可能,对此上东区的贵族们可能早已心知肚明1. Chuck and Blair both decided being real adults is just too darn difficult, and gave up on their pact to wait to be together until they both accomplish success on their own. However, they didn’t realize their contract was legally binding, and Chuck must spend their honeymoon in jail. Conjugal visits, anyone?1、Chuck和Blair都决定要做真正的成年人只是太困难了,于是放弃了他们要等到各自成功后再在一起的协议然而,他们并没有意识到他们的协议是具有法律效力的,Chuck必须在监狱中度过他们的蜜月配偶探视,有人试过吗?. In the haste to get his hotel back from his father so he can finally be with the girl he loves, Chuck didn’t bother coming up with any crazy schemes and just took the lazy – and illegal – route of putting his dad six feet under ( good this time). Poor B, married to a murderer?、为了尽快从他父亲那里获得酒店,以便他终于可以和他心爱的女孩在一起,查克没有被自己想出的疯狂计划所困扰,只是采取了懒惰的 – 且非法的方式 - 把他的父亲埋在六英尺以下(这次是为了好事)可怜的B,嫁给了一个杀人犯吗?3. Chuck’s penchant prostitutes finally catches up to him. It’s about time, really.3、Chuck对的癖好最终害了他这只是时间问题,真的. Or Chuck’s penchant drugs finally catches up to him. Once again, it’s about time.、Chuck对毒品的癖好最终害了他再一次,这只是时间问题5. Blair finds out that Chuck is the notorious Gossip Girl, and they plan a quickie wedding bee he is arrested invasion of privacy and slander.5、Blair发现Chuck 就是那个臭名昭著的绯闻女孩,在他因侵犯隐私和诽谤被逮捕之前他们计划了一个匆忙的结婚How do you think Blair and Chuck ended up in this crazy situation? Hit the comments with your theories.你觉得Blair和Chuck在这种疯狂的情况下如何结束呢?用你的观点命中吧Gossip Girl airs Mondays on the CW.《绯闻女孩将星期一CW电视台播出 5



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