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A new study came out that claims muscular men make the worst boyfriends.一项新研究表明 肌肉男是最差劲的男朋友Come to think of it,I was kind of a jerk back in the day.Its true.仔细想想 我当年挺浑的 真的Why is that funny?Why is that funny?You have mirrors.他们笑什么 笑什么啊 你有镜子嘛Ladies and gentlemen,were going to do something people tend to enjoy.女生们先生们 我们现在要做一件大家还蛮喜欢的事Its something we call Fan Corrections.Lets do that right now.叫做《粉丝纠错》 我们现在开始吧This is the dance that goes with it.This,of course,is a segment where viewers try to find mistakes on our show.这是配合这一节的舞蹈 在这一节中 观众会试图找出我们节目的错误Good luck.So far hundreds of challengers,not one winner.We dont make mistakes.Right.祝你们好运了 目前已有上百人挑战 无人成功 我们不犯错 没错Tonight a fan named Lisa thinks she caught a mistake.she says it happened during one of my recent monologues.Lets take a look.一名名叫丽莎的粉丝 认为她发现了我们的错误 她说错误发生在我最近一段独白中 看看吧Hi ,conan.My name is Lisa and Im submitting a fan correction.柯南 我叫丽莎 我要发布一则粉丝纠错During a recent monologue you were discussing the Disneyland measles outbreak and said that several pirates of the Caribbean have also tested positive for scurvy.最近一段独白中 你在讨论迪士尼的风疹爆发 并说多名加勒比海盗还被查出患有坏血病Five workers at Disneyland have been diagnosed with the measles.迪士尼乐园5名员工被确认患有风疹Not only that but nine of the pirates of the Caribben tested positive scurvy.不仅如此 还有九名加勒比海盗 被确诊患有坏血病Conan,an educated man such as yourself should know scurvy is a condition caused by a deficiency in vitamin C.柯南 你这么有知识的男人应该知道 坏血病是由维生素C缺乏造成的病症Such found in oranges.Since its not an infection,a positive test for scurvy does not exist.比如橙子中的维生素C 因为这并非传染病 所以并不存在坏血病的确诊检测So Im sorry to tell you,conan,that when it comes to your errorless record,that ship has sailed.抱歉了 柯南 但你的无错误记录 已经沉入大海了201612/484886正确发音小技巧/#61510;/是一个轻辅音,发这个音时,嘴唇微张,舌尖卷起或抬起,处于上齿龈后部和硬鄂之间,不要接触下牙齿或上下颚,气流由喉咙处泄出。 /#61526;/是由轻辅音/#61510;/生成的。其发音时的口形与/#61510;/一样,不同的是,这是一个浊辅音,声音是喉咙处泄出,当发这个音时,你会感觉到喉咙处及整个嘴巴有振颤。发这两个音的关键是:嘴巴张开向前撅,舌头不要接触嘴巴内的任何东西。 /#61510;/通过气流发声,/#61526;/通过嗓音发声。如图: /#61510;/ fish shake condition fashion she /#61526;/ television usually occasionally leisure pleasure唇舌训练: My hands are usually shaking when I'm fishing. /#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ She watches television occasionally at her leisure./#61510;/ /#61526;/ /#61526;/ /#61526;/ It's my pleasure to feed your fish on conditions. /#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ She's got good vision on fashion trends, we usually trust her vision./#61510;/ /#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61526;/ /#61526;/I usually wear fashion shoes on special occasions./#61526;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ /#61510;/ /#61526;/单词中字母的发音规律一般发/#61510;/的字母 c ocean, social, musician ch chef, Michel t condition, tradition, patient x anxious sc conscious sh sharp, sheep, show一般发/#61526;/的字母 s vision, television, occasion su leisure, pleasure, measure zu seizure发音与朗读训练(在做以下朗读练习时,请注意黑体单词中画线字母的发音)Perseverance 毅力Perseverance does not usually mean sticking to the same thing forever.毅力并不总是意味着永远坚持做同一件事。It means giving full concentration and effort to whatever you are doing. 它意味着无论你做任何事情,你都要立刻全心投入,竭尽全力;It means doing the tough things first 它意味着先做艰苦的工作,and looking downstream for gratification and rewards. 再去期待随之而来的满足和回报。It means being happy in your work with pleasure, 它意味着开心地工作,but hungry for more knowledge and progress. 渴望更多的知识和进步。It means making more calls, going more miles, pulling more weeds, 它意味着多打几个电话,多走几里路,多除草,getting up earlier in the day 早起床,and always being on the lookout for a better way of doing what you’re doing.意味着总是寻求更好的方式去做你在做的事情。Persistence is success through trial and error.毅力就是经历考验和过失的成功。 /201110/156698第一, 迷你对话A: How about you and Tom? What time is your wedding?你和汤姆的事情怎么啦?什么时候结婚?B: Don’t be kidding, OK?别开玩笑,可以吗?A: What’s the matter? So angry. I’m just playing a joke with you.怎么回事?这么生气,我只是和你开个玩笑。B: Because I have given him up as a hard job. Our relation has been over.因为我已经把他放弃了,我们的关系已经结束了。第二, 地道表达1. 地道表达given sb./sth. up as a hard job2. 解词释义A hard job一次表示“艰苦的工作”,引申为“坏事,令人不满的状况”。此习语引申为“对不可能成功的事情不再抱有希望”“与某人断绝来往”“放弃”。3. 拓展范例e.g. Five years later she regrets having given her home up as a hard job.5年后她对当初放弃自己的家感到后悔。 /201609/467736今天要讲的三个习惯用语正巧分别有one, two, three这三个数词,而且都和浪漫情调有点关联。它们时常被用来描述男女间的恋爱关系。1. one and only 爱人,情人,心上人不论男女都可以用one and only来指自己的意中人,也就是你正式选定的情人。这一习惯用语沿用至今有一百来年了。举个例子。说话的人要告诉我们他兄弟Bill的婚事,Bill马上要跟自己钟情多年的女朋友Mary结婚了。例句-1:Its about time. Bill and Mary have gone together all through high school and college. For several years theyve been each others one and only. He never looked at another girl and she never went out with another guy.现在差不多是时候了。Bill和Mary整个高中和大学年代都相爱。好几年来他俩一直是彼此的唯一情人。Bill从来没注意过别的女孩,而Mary也从不跟其他男孩出去约会。2. two-timer 爱情不专一的人;骗子Timer原来可以指按时计算报酬的工作人员,但是用在儿女私情上就不是那个意思了。Two-timer跟有忠诚不二的含义的one and only可说是恰恰相反。Two-timer指的是那种脚踩两只船的人。这种人三心二意同时交两个异性朋友,而且把两边都蒙在鼓里,骗得那两个人都相信自己是他/她的one and only。例句-2:My friend Pete is a lonely man these days. Hed been going with Sally for a long time, and she thought he was serious about her. Then he started going with Pauline too, and both found out. There was a big fuss, and neither one wants to see the two-timer again.我朋友Pete最近成了孤家寡人。他原来跟Sally谈恋爱已经很久了,Sally也认为Pete跟自己是认真的。后来Pete又开始和Pauline密切交往,结果Sally和Pauline都发现了实情,于是吵翻了天,两人都再也不想见Pete这心猿意马的人了。3. three bricks short of a load 脑子缺根弦Brick是砖头,大家一定知道short of这个短语的意思是缺少什么,而load是负载量,可能是一车或者一驮,也可以是一担、一船等等。如今你不仅在校园里,还会在办公地点听到人们用three bricks short of a load来谈论男女恋爱关系。这一习惯用语的意思就是脑子里少了根弦,智力不够发达。举个例子。说话的人要告诉我们的是为什么他Jennie对Elmer这小伙子无动于衷:例句-3:Elmer isnt bad-looking; hes polite, well-dressed - a nice guy. But Jenny says his trouble is that hes three bricks short of a load; hes not smart at all and barely passes his schoolwork, so she just isnt interested in going out with him.他说:Elmer长相不俗,而且彬彬有礼,穿着又得体,是个好人。但是Jenny说问题在于他一点都不聪明,学校功课刚勉强及格,所以Jenny根本不愿意跟他出去约会。 /201202/171174

Finance and Economics财经Trade Deals: Trying For Anything贸易协议:尝试一切可能The biggest trade deal in decades shows why getting an agreement is so hard.数十年来内最大贸易协定表明了为什么达成协议如此困难。IN THE wee hours of December 7th 2013, after weeks of haggling, exhausted trade representatives stood to applaud.2013年12月7日凌晨,在持续几周的讨价还价之后,筋疲力尽的贸易代表们全体起立,鼓掌庆祝。Agreement had been reached on the first trade deal in the history of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).在世界贸易组织(WTO)历史上的第一项贸易协定已达成一致。No longer could it be accused of being a talking shop, crimped by consensus.这项协议再也不会受制于各执己见无法统一而被视为空谈。“For the first time in our history, the WTO has truly delivered,” said Roberto Azevedo, the bodys chief.机构主席罗伯特·阿泽维多说:“世贸组织真正诞生了,这是我们有史以来的第一次”。The deal is tantalisingly close to coming into force, needing just two more national ratifications.但是协议差一点点便可以生效,仅仅再需要两个国家的批准。Chad, Jordan, Kuwait and Rwanda are competing to take it over the line.而乍得、约旦、科威特与卢旺达正在激烈争夺。In theory, the Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) is a beacon of hope on the trade landscape.理论上说,贸易便利化协议就像贸易世界的灯塔。It was unanimously agreed to by rich and poor countries.这项协议得到了富裕国家和落后国家的一致同意。If fully implemented, it could have an even bigger impact than slashing all tariffs.如果协议得到完全实施,那么它带来的影响甚至比大幅度削减所有关税的影响还要大。It is an example of a win-win deal, in which peer pressure pokes governments into making life easier and more prosperous.这是双赢协定的典型,在所有成员的压力下,各国政府着手使生活更加便利、更加殷实。The agreement shies away from slashing subsidies or toppling tariffs, and instead hacks at the thicket of regulatory trade barriers.这项协定没有去大幅削减补助,或者降低关税,反而大肆修改监管贸易壁垒的尺度。The red tape is stickiest in poorer countries; in sub-Saharan Africa exporters must endure nearly 200 hours of inspections, regulations and paperwork.贫困国家的过关手续是最繁琐的;在非洲撒哈拉沙漠以南地区,出口商需要忍受近乎200个小时的检查、监管以及通关文书等手续。Richer countries face only 15.不过,发达国家只需要15个小时。The TFA is supposed to surmount these hurdles by, for example, setting standards, streamlining processes and squeezing fees.贸易便利化协定将克这些阻碍,比如说,通过设定新的标准,流水线般的通关手续同时降低费用。This would cut trade costs by as much as 15% in poorer countries.该协议将帮助贫困国家削减多达15%的贸易花销。It also enforces greater transparency.同时也会有助于提高透明度。Export-led growth is tricky if people do not know how to export.如果商人不知道如何进行出口,那么以出口导向为增长(的贸易)会很困难。A study by Evdokia Mose and Silvia Sorescu of the OECD found that better information could cut trade costs by 1.7% in low-income countries.来自经济合作与发展组织(OECD)的Evdokia Mose和Silvia Sorescu发现,在低收入国家,更为有效的信息途经会减少1.7%的贸易花销。考研英语时事阅读 /201704/504787

生活是美好的,学会欣赏,感激生活,我们会更快乐。大家好,欢迎回来,收听并学习Faith口语课堂-天天学,我是Faith老师。每天花一点时间,轻轻松松地学点英语,不也是很惬意的事吗? 点击此处收听往期节目 首先,推荐一个表达“欣赏,感激的”词:appreciate, 它是个动词,由这个动词延伸出来一个形容词:appreciative, 下面分别举例:Listen, I don’t appreciate your tone of voice. 听着,我一点也不欣赏你的语气。You‘re highly appreciated if you could respond to my inquiry at an earlier time. 复我们的询盘,我们将会非常感激。She’s appreciated by her subordinate. 她的下属很欣赏她。Appreciative经常这样使用:be appreciative of…把欣赏的内容放到介词“of”的后面:I’m really appreciative of your efforts. 我很感激你做的努力。We’re appreciative of what you’ve done to our team. 我们对你对这个团队所做的一切深表感激。I know you’re appreciative of my courage. 我知道你很欣赏我的勇气。Am I appreciated by my students? I wonder…下面,介绍一个同样是表达感激的词组:Be grateful for We’re really grateful for your prompt attention to our letter. 我们对你们及时处理我的来信深表感激。I’ll be grateful for your help. 我很感谢你的帮助。He’s never grateful for anything. 我对任何事都不心存感激。您有任何欣赏或感激的事吗?这里是Faith口语课堂-天天学,我是Faith老师,最近开始喜欢上了Madonna,这首impressive instant很不错哦!Faith的Email:faithchen@163.com QQ空间:http://757973360.qzone.qq.com /201107/145529

大家好,欢迎来到《可可口语课堂》。今天我们要学习两个口语短语,首先来听一个句子:This cloth is designed to stand up to a lot of wear and tear.先不急着听懂意思,我们来了解一下stand up to,stand up表示站立,“站立”给人的感觉就是挺直腰板,stand up to与这种状态也有关联,因为当你很勇敢的时候,你的腰板挺得很直。Stand up to表示反抗。It was brave of her to stand up to those bullies. 她挺身反抗那些恃强欺弱的人,真勇敢。It is +adj. +sb. +to do sth. 是一个固定结构,用来形容某人干某件事如何如何。提到反抗的时候,我们也该常常想到单词bully,做名词表示“欺凌弱小者;土霸”,作动词表示 “欺负,恐吓”。再来听一遍这个句子If the man tries to bully you, stand up to him.如果那人想欺侮你,坚决和他斗。Bully在第一个例句中用作名词表示“欺凌弱小者”,在这里用作动词,表示“欺侮”。Hell respect you more if you stand up to him.如果你勇敢地面对他,他会更加尊敬你。Stand up to表示反抗,稍微联系一下,其实它还可以表示“经得住”,比如说:I cant stand up to the heat in summer here.我受不了这里夏天的炎热。Can he stand up to any serious test?他能经受住任何严峻的考验吗?Such people cannot stand up to any serious test.这样的人不能勇敢地面对任何严峻的考验。Such people我想可能是心理素质不高、很脆弱、畏惧困难的人。This cloth is designed to stand up to a lot of wear and tear.这个句子在开头就提到了,您现在能听懂一般,这种布料能经得起什么呢?Wear and tear就是我们这一小节要学习的短语。Wear常见意思是“穿戴”,东西穿戴久了就会磨损,wear还可以表示“磨损”,tear表示撕破。这两个单词weear and tear放在一起就是“损坏,磨损”的意思。Knives and scissors made By Zhang Xiaoquan stand wear and tear.张小泉刀剪经久耐用。上小学时我捡到一把剪刀,上面写着张小泉,我还好奇,我们班似乎没有叫做张小泉的学生,后来才知道它是剪刀的一种品牌。These shoes can withstand the wear and tear of a couple of years.这些鞋可以经得起一两年的磨损。“经得起”在上一小节中我们学过,可以用stand up to来表示,这里的withstand同样表示“经得起”。下面我们来听一个小对话:——Why do you always put on slippers when you go into your apartment? 为什么你老是一进公寓就穿上拖鞋?——It saves wear and tear on the carpet. 因为拖鞋不磨损地毯。节目临近结束,来回顾一下今天学习的内容:短语stand up to表示“反抗”,也可以表示“经得住”;wear and tear磨损,损坏。用一个句子把这两个口语短语串到一起: This cloth is designed to stand up to a lot of wear and tear.意思是这种布料耐磨损。很简单,right? 下次记得把这两个短语用到你的口语中,这里是《可可口语课堂》,我们下期再见,拜拜!本节目属 /201306/245773

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