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Today in History: Friday, March 29, 2013历史上的今天:2013年3月29日,星期五On March 29, 1973, the last U.S. combat troops left South Vietnam, ending America#39;s direct military involvement in the Vietnam War.1973年3月29日,美国最后一批战斗部队离开南越,结束美国的在越南战争中的直接军事介。1790 John Tyler, the 10th president of the ed States, was born in Charles City County, Va.1790年,美国第十届总统约翰·泰勒在弗吉尼亚州查尔斯郡出生。1867 Baseball Hall of Famer Cy Young was born in Gilmore, Ohio.1867年,棒球名人堂成员赛扬在俄亥俄州吉尔出生。1882 The Knights of Columbus was chartered in Connecticut.1882年,哥伦布骑士会在康涅狄格获得特许。1951 Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage for passing nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.1951年,朱利叶和埃塞尔·斯罗森伯格被判合谋进行间谍活动,向苏联传送核秘密信息。1962 Jack Paar hosted N#39;s ;Tonight Show; for the final time.1962年,杰克·帕尔最后一次主持N“今夜秀”节目。1971 Army Lt. William L. Calley Jr. was convicted of murdering at least 22 Vietnamese civilians in the My Lai massacre. (He spent three years under house arrest.)1971名,陆军中尉威廉L.卡利被指控在美莱村屠杀了至少22越南平民。(他被判三年软禁。)1992 Democratic presidential front-runner Bill Clinton acknowledged experimenting with marijuana ;a time or two; while attending Oxford University, adding, ;I didn#39;t inhale and I didn#39;t try it again.;1992年,在牛津大学,民主党总统领先者比尔·克林顿承认尝过“一两次”大麻,并称“我不吸,我不会再尝试了。”1999 Wayne Gretzky of the New York Rangers scored the last of his National Hockey League record 894 goals in a home game against the New York Islanders.1999年,主场对阵纽约岛民队的比赛中,纽约游骑兵队的韦恩·格雷茨基攻进了他在国家冰球联盟创894分记录的最后一分。1999 The Dow Jones industrial average closed above 10,000 for the first time.1999年,道琼斯工业平均指数首次收于10000点以上。2002 Israel declared Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat an enemy and sent tanks and armored personnel carriers to fully isolate him in his headquarters in the West Bank town of Ramallah.2002年,以色列宣布将巴勒斯坦领导人阿拉法特列为敌人,并派出坦克和装甲运兵车完全将其孤立在拉马拉约旦河西岸总部。2006 Hamas formally took over the Palestinian government.2006年,哈马斯正式接管巴勒斯坦政府。本节目属 /201303/232834。

It#39;s like one of those self-fulfilling prophecies.它就像是自行应验的预言之一You know,let#39;s work for a better future.也就是说我们为了更美好的未来努力we#39;ll get the better future.我们就会得到美好的未来Talk about the frontier spirit,谈到拓荒精神it#39;s not a question of succeeding or failure它无关成败荣辱it#39;s just continuous growth, which is really inspirational.而是不断壮大 令人倍受鼓舞25th space shuttle mission...航天飞机第25次出航But the nation#39;s faith in technology is about to receive a blow.但是 整个国家对技术的信奉即将遭到沉重的一击The shuttle is a new era for America.航天飞机开启了美国的新纪元Space-age technology is powering the country forward.航天时代的技术带动着国家经济的发展The nation#39;s been built on innovation.这个国家建立在创新之上New technology create progress, wealth, expansion.新技术带来了进步 财富和扩张As axes improve,随着斧子的改进forests can be cleared at a greater rate.森林以惊人的速度被开垦A new military technology wins wars,新的军事技术可以赢得战争makes nations.建立国家Throughout our history,纵观我们的历史every one of these technologies has been transformative in a way每一项技术进步都意味着变革that has changed economies, it#39;s changed lives,改变了经济 改变了生活 it#39;s changed settlement patterns.也改变了居住模式It takes entrepreneurs like Andrew Carnegie.是像安德鲁·卡内基这样的实业家He takes new steel production techniques他采用新的钢铁生产技术and supersizes them to produce vast quantities实现了钢的大规模生产of the raw materials that build the great American city.以此为原料 建设起了伟大的美国城市And engineering geniuses like Mulholland,还有像穆赫兰这样的工程天才his 200 mile L.A Aqueduct allows the city to grow from the desparate.他修建的长达200英里的洛杉矶引水渠使得这座城市从荒芜之地崛起But progress often carries a human cost.但进步往往是以人的牺牲为代价的1825,building the Erie Canal to connect the Great Lakes to New York City claims nearly 1,000 lives.1825年 建造连通五大湖区和纽约的伊利运河夺去了近千条生命1865, the transcontinental railroad,almost 2000 lives.1865年 修建横贯东西的大铁路 近两千人丧生 /201304/235587。

That have succeeded one another on Earth over nearly four billion years.在近40亿年里 这些生物被彼此继承取代。And even today, new volcanoes continue to sculpt our landscapes.即使到了今天,新的火山继续改变我们的景观。They offer a glimpse of what our Earth was like at its birth molten rock surging from the depths, solidifying, cracking,它们让我们目睹了盘古初开时地球的样子,熔石从深处涌出。开始凝固裂开。Blistering or sping in a thin crust, before fabling dormant for a time.冒着泡 或摊开形成薄的外壳。然后再休眠一段时间。These wreaths of smoke curling from the bowels of the Earth...这些从地球内部吐出缭绕的烟圈。bear witness to the Earth#39;s original atmosphere.是地球原始大气层的见。An atmosphere devoid of oxygen.一个没有氧气的大气层。A dense atmosphere, thick with water vapor, A furnace.稠密的大气层 充满水蒸气和二氧化碳。一个熔炉。But the Earth had an exceptional future, offered to it by water.因为有水 地球有了一个与众不同的未来。At the right distance from the sun, not too far, not too near.地球与太阳之间的距离适中 不太远 不太近。the Earth was able to conserve water in liquid form.因此地球上的水能够处于液体状态。Water vapor condensed and fell in torrential downpours on Earth, and rivers appeared.水蒸气凝结后形成滂沱大雨降落在地球上。河流出现了。The rivers shaped the surface of the Earth, cutting their channels, furrowing out valleys.河流改变了地球表面,刻削着河道并冲刷出山谷。They ran toward the lowest places on the globe to form the oceans.它们流向地球上最低洼的地方形成海洋。They tore minerals from the rocks, and gradually the freshwater of the oceans...became heavy with salt.水溶解了岩石的矿物质。渐渐的海洋中的淡水变成了咸水。Water is a vital liquid.水是生命必需的液体。It irrigated these sterile expanses.它灌溉了这些广阔的不毛之地。The paths it traced are like the veins of a body,the branches of a tree, the vessels of the sap that it brought to the Earth.水流就像人体的血管。树木的枝丫是让大地苏醒的液体导管。Nearly four billion years later, somewhere on Earth can still be found these works of art,40亿年后地球上的某些地方还能找到这样的艺术创作。Left by the volcanoes#39; ash, mixed with water from Iceland#39;s glaciers.火山灰混合着来自冰岛冰川的水。 Article/201409/330077。

雾霾天气检出危险物 Article/201302/227595。

JPMorgan#39;s billion fine? JPMorgan could be paying a record billion in fines to the Justice Department due to the financial crisis...crisis. Christine Romans here to talk more about this. So let#39;s break this down. Of course, the question is what does mean for JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon. For Jamie Dimon, this has been a very very bad year. This is a very big fine. It breaks down by 9 billion dollars in fine and 4 billion dollars in consumer relief. Some of them related to loan modifications. It’s not exactly sure how that’s gonna work just yet? But that’s the numbers there. And look, Jamie Dimon, for those who covered him, he is someone who many people thought who could be a Treasury Secretary someday. Now he’s being made to pay for one of the worst worst offences of the Morgan#39;s securities crisis. Much of this is because they bought Bear Stearns and Washington Mutual. Now, as a favour actually, Jamie Dimon described this to the FED in the heat of 2008 crisis now they are having to pay a big time. But, paying a big time, you are trying to talk about record penalty 13 billion dollars, but it#39;s still not even over for them? No, it looks as though. We are told that Jamie Dimon really wanted to push that there will be no criminal, criminal investigation and the criminal investigation settle the civil problem here for 13 billion and the criminal investigation, he did not get out of his way on that. Attorney General Eric Holder, focusing on California’s Act actually Sacramento, criminal investigation continues. Much more to come on that. It#39;s really interesting how far they come and started it. JP Morgan offered 1 billion dollar settlement to 13. 13, that#39;s a lot of money. And this is costing the bank, I mean, look at it’s earning supports. It’s costing the bank all the allegations. Christine, thank you so much.You#39;re welcome.People think you are criminal, you are criminal.Cuz you are rich, you should just pay. /201310/262353。

Be a better housekeeper without wearing yourself out by using these smart strategies to keep a cleaner home.使用下面这些精明的策略,不需精疲力尽,你就可以保持清洁的家居环境,成为更优秀的家务能手。You Will Need你需要Cleaning schedule清洁时间安排Supply cart or caddy手推车或盒子Storage systems存储系统Task delegation任务分派Relaxation of criteria放松标准Prioritization of tasks任务优先次序Room checklists (optional)房间物品清单(可选)Old towels (optional)旧毛巾(可选)Expectations of children (optional)对孩子的期望(可选)Steps步骤STEP 1 Schedule chores1.安排杂务Schedule chores, dividing tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly categories to maintain order and cleanliness, and to avoid overwhelming tasks.把杂务细分为每一天,每一周,每个月,保持顺序和整洁,避免任务过于繁重。Create cleaning checklists for each room.为每个房间制定清洁清单。STEP 2 Use gravity2.严谨Use gravity to be a better housekeeper by cleaning from the top down and avoid cleaning fixtures, shelves and other surfaces more than once.要成为更好的家务能手,必须保持严谨的态度,从上到下清洁,避免家具,架子和其他平面重复清洁。Recycle old towels into cleaning rags.回收旧毛巾用作抹布。STEP 3 Be efficient3.高效Be efficient by keeping handy a supply cart or caddy that you can easily move from room to room, and seek out new time-saving cleaning tools and products.随手准备一辆手推车或盒子,可以轻便地从一个房间移动到另一个房间,也可以寻找新的节省时间的清洁工具和产品。STEP 4 Organize4.组织Organize your home with storage systems for everything from food to toys and make sure each family member puts things in their place.用存储系统来整理家中的食品和玩具等物品,确保每个家庭成员都把物品放在规定的地方。Establish the expectation that children put their things away before going to bed.期望孩子们在上床睡觉之前把物品放回原处。STEP 5 Delegate5.分派任务Delegate cleaning tasks to family members according to age and ability, making sure they understand how to complete a job.根据年龄和能力向家庭成员分派清洁任务,确保他们理解怎样完成任务。STEP 6 Relax6.放松Relax and avoid obsessing over perfection so that everyone in the household can pitch in without you re-cleaning what they#39;ve aly cleaned.放松标准,不要苛刻地要求完美,这样家中每个人都能积极参与,而不是重复清洁已经完成的工作。STEP 7 Prioritize7.优先排序Prioritize tasks in accordance with your time and energy, and you#39;ll not only become a better housekeeper by addressing the essentials, you#39;ll be a happier person with more time to spend doing what you love.根据时间和精力对任务进行优先排序,你不仅因为解决了必须完成的任务而成为家务能手,还会因为有更多时间做自己喜欢的事情而成为更快乐的人。A 2009 study showed that on an average day that same year, 85 percent of women and 67 percent of men spent time doing housework.2009年一项研究表明,同一年的每一天,平均85%的女性和67%的男性会花费时间做家务。视频听力译文由。 Article/201409/330073。

Obviously, over time,显然 随着时间的推移the subtle signals for any specific earthquake任何一次地震留下的细微痕迹disappears very quickly,都会很快消失and this has virtually disappeared in less than six months,事实上 它不到6个月就消失了so as we#39;re scrabbling around the hillsides,只要我们在山坡周围寻找we see signals every now and then,就可以不时地发现一些痕迹but the data is very sparse,但是这些数据很分散 very difficult to put together.很难把它们收集起来Geologists like Mike hope麦克等地质学家们希望 that by mapping the past,通过测绘已发生的地震遗址they#39;ll come closer to predicting the future.能让他们更进一步地预测未来的地震But even if you know where to measure,但即便你知道测量从何处下手every earthquake is complicated by a significant factor,仍有一个关键因素使地震趋于复杂how big it#39;s going to be.即地震的规模We don#39;t know what makes an earthquake start today我们不清楚地震为何发生在今日instead of yesterday.而不是昨天We also don#39;t know what makes it stop我们也不知道它为何停止and that#39;s what controls the size of the earthquake.而这决定着地震的规模A magnitude three starts at a point,比如 3级的地震由一点开始爆发you start to slip at a point地壳从这一点开始滑动and you have a rupture front that travels out并产生了一个延伸的破裂前沿and causes more of the fault to slip,造成了断层的更多滑动and in a magnitude three, you travel out this far.3级地震会延伸这么远In a magnitude five, it travels out for a kilometre or two.5级地震的时候 延伸1至2千米In a magnitude eight, it travels out for 500 kilometres,8级地震的时候 延伸500千米so when we#39;re trying to predict what the earthquake will be所以当我们去预测地震大小时we#39;re saying, it starts here,我们会说 它从这里开始but does it stop after one kilometre,但它是在1千米后就停止呢or does it stop after, um, 100 kilometres?还是在100千米后才停止 Article/201305/239258。

独家专访大国第一夫人 Article/201303/232594。