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Im pretty much going with the nude thing,I might just going with it我非常喜欢这样裸着 基本上随心所欲I dont blame you,It feels so nice and breezy and I cant be nude in my house cause you know my step-daughters were there我就不说你了 感觉很好很凉爽 在家我不能裸 因为我的继女们在家呢so its like can we please be nude at work and its great,so you dont wanna be nude in front of you step-daughters所以如果我们能在工作中裸裸 爽呆了 你不敢在继女面前裸but children watch television you can be nude thats ok,theyre fine. I see alright但是敢在所有看电视的小朋友前裸 这样好吗 他们没事 我明白了Its TV, Just trying to figure it out.so the problem with you getting on to the lot is what,Its an issue电视嘛 只是想知道下 你进来片场有遇到问题 是吗 这是个问题everything about this lot is amazing,like theres a coffee place a taco place,like were neighbors now整个片场的所有东西都很棒 像那边有个喝咖啡的地方 还有个玉米卷店 就像在小区里一样but Im having real problems getting on the lot,the security guy like smoking me down everyday但是我进入片场真的好麻烦 那个保安每天都在盯着我I pull off my pictures on the building,like at certain point when your picture is on the building我停下车 我的广告牌就挂在大楼上 重点是 你的照片都挂在墙上了they should just let you in right,I pull off to this guy everyday他们应该让你进 对吧 每天我都被这个保安拦住车and he like hey Ashton whats going on can I see your ID and Im like you just said my name然后他会说 嘿 Ashton 早啊 可以出示下件吗 好像你才叫了我名字吧you know me I think its the beard.do you have problems你认识我 我觉得是因为这个胡子 你有这个问题吗No they open it before they even they just open the thing right up and I just drive on没啊 他们老远看到我就直接开闸了 我就一直开就好I really do do they really ask you for,I swear to God I can not是这样啊 他们真的让你出示件 我对天发誓and not only do they ask for my ID on the way in,after they said Ashton whats up而且不只是进片场的时候 而且还是对我打了招呼的情况下on the way out they check the trunk of my car,like Im stealing something出片场的时候他们居然还检查我的后备箱 好像我偷了什么一样what am I gonna steal from the show,like I got Jon Cryer in the trunk我能从剧组偷什么呢 然道Jon Cryer被我赛到后备箱了吗Im not taking anything and it happens everyday Its really weird我没拿走什么啊 而且每天都是这样 真的奇了怪I dont know whats happened I think its the beard我不知道发生了什么事 我怪这胡子I dont know you look so peaceful you look like Jesus with that beard我也不明白 你看起来很平和 那个胡子让你看起来像耶稣 /201605/444892

Flood insurance洪水保险Sea change海平面上升If you have an expensive house near the sea, its time to sell如果你在海边有一栋豪宅,那么现在赶快抛售吧ON DECEMBER 6th the largest storm surge since 1953 hit Britains coasts, flooding 1,400 houses. The fact that only two people died—compared with 326 in the earlier storm—is testament to the tidal barriers built in Britain over the past few decades. Yet the system that created many of those sea defences, and encouraged people to keep living in flood-prone areas, is being abandoned.12月6日,英国沿海地区遭遇自1953年以来最严重的暴风雨,有1400间民居受灾,两人死亡。和1953年死亡326人的情况相比,这场灾难人员伤亡大大减少。原因是,在过去几十年里,英国修建了大量的防波堤。尽管之前政府修建了许多海防工事并鼓励人们住在洪水风险区的,目前这一计划正面临着搁浅的命运。Since the 1960s the government has paid to build flood defences while insisting that insurers cover most properties in flood-prone areas. This arrangement has gradually become a casualty of austerity and climate change. Spending on flood defences fell from629m (2m) to 510m between 2010 and 2012. Simply repairing existing defences would cost 1 billion per year by 2035. New flood defences will be subject to a rigorous cost-benefit analysis, with more land in effect surrendered to the sea. The last agreement with the insurance industry came to an end this July.自从20世纪60年代以来,英国政府就出资修建海防工事,并宣称住在洪水风险区的承包人的保险可覆盖大部分财产。这一政策调整逐渐成为通货紧缩和气候变化的牺牲品。从2010年到2012年,用于海防工事的投资从六亿两千九百万英镑(九亿七千两百万美元)降到了五亿一千万英镑。到2035年,每年仅检修目前的海防工事就要耗资10亿英镑。新的海防工事将纳入严格的成本效益分析,涉及更大范围的沿海地区。今年六月,英国政府与保险业签订的上一个协议落下了帷幕。In place of the old system, the government has proposed shifting the costs of flooding onto homeowners. All households taking out insurance will now pay a 10.50 levy to Flood Re, a not-for-profit fund, to subsidise premiums for 500,000 houses in flood-prone areas.新的保险系统下,政府提出将洪灾的费用加到房主的身上。参与洪水保险的家庭现在要向洪水再次保险(一个非盈利性的基金会)缴纳10.5英镑的税款,以帮助修复那些位于洪水风险区的500,000间房屋。The new scheme is patchy. Whereas the old agreement covered all properties with no worse than a 1-in-75 annual risk of flooding, the new scheme will exclude many. Houses in the top council-tax band and businesses will not be allowed to join the scheme. Houses built since will also not be covered (28,000 were planned to be built on floodplains in 2011 alone). If properties flood too often they will be thrown out of the scheme. MPs in flood-prone places such as Hull are not happy.新的洪水保险计划条款很琐碎。旧保险系统覆盖了1到79项洪灾严重性的情况下所有财产的保险,而新保险系统则删除了很多受灾情况。缴纳最高家庭税的房子和公司不能加入这一保险计划,也不包括建于年后的房子(仅2011年在泛滥平原区就计划修建了28000间房子)。如果涉及洪水的财产太多,政府将搁置这一计划。来自洪水风险区的国会议员,如赫尔,对此非常不满。Worse, Flood Res sums do not yet add up. One government study suggested that the fund has a 58% chance of running out of money in the initial 20 years the scheme is to run for. Some fear that the state may find itself spending some of the money saved by building fewer defences on topping the scheme up.更糟糕的是,还未合计洪水再保险的资金总额。一项政府调查说,该基金有58%的概率已经花完了该计划前20年的资金。有些人担心政府会为了省钱而减少海防工事的修建量,从而堵上该计划的资金漏洞。The housing market seems aly to be pricing in higher risk. Between 2008 and 2012 property prices rose in four out of the five Lincolnshire postcodes with the lowest flood risk. They fell in four out of the five areas of highest risk (see chart). This may have some good effects. Forcing homeowners to shoulder more of the costs of flooding should encourage them to invest in precautions and discourage builders from erecting houses in risky areas. But in the meantime, in low-lying parts of Britain, wellington boots and sandbags may make wiser investments than houses.房地产市场的房价似乎面临着更大的危险。从2008年到2012年,由于少有洪水灾害,林肯郡的房价已经涨了80%。由于日前洪灾的巨大威胁,房价已经降了80%。这可能会起到一些积极的作用。迫使房主承担更多的洪灾风险可促使他们谨慎投资,避免建筑商重建危险地带的房屋。然而,在同一时间,在英国低洼地区,与房地产投资比起来,投资长筒防水靴和沙包是更为明智的选择。译者: 毛慧 译文属译生译世 /201511/408069

In a survey that will be published on Thursday, almost two-thirds of Americans would support roadway user fees to help fix the countrys deteriorating transportation infrastructure. 在周四将公布的一项调查中,近三分之二的美国人持对道路使用者收费,以帮助解决美国日益恶化的交通基础设施。Over 1,000 Americans over 18 years old were surveyed between March 14 and 22. The survey was conducted by transportation consulting firm Kelton Global. 3月14日至22日间,对超过1,000名18岁以上者进行调查。调查由交通咨询公司Kelton Global执行。Many feel that the countrys roads, bridges, and other transportation infrastructure is in desperate need of repair. 许多人认为国家的道路、桥梁和其他交通基础设施急需修复。Last year the U.S. Government Accountability Office said that it would cost ;hundreds of billions of dollars to upgrade and repair the nations transportation infrastructure.去年,美国政府问责局表示,将花费“数千亿美元”来升级和修复国家的交通基础设施。译文属。201604/440385听力参考文本:Detroit has one of the busiest fire departments in the nation. One problem in the city causes fires to be worse than they should be: broken fire hydrants. Its a problem city hall doesnt want to talk about.Steve Neavling founded the online journalism site Motor City Muckraker. Frankly, Neavling is a thorn in the side of the Detroit Mayors office. He pokes and prods and provokes City Hall.Right now hes working to document every fire in the city for a year. One thing hes noticed is a lot of broken fire hydrants. He says because it sometimes takes extra time to find a working hydrant, a house fire can sp to the next house.We drove to a neighborhood where he says thats happened.;Were on 28th Street. And in a two-block area of 28th Street there were three separate fires that caught six houses and buildings on fire all within a two block area,; Neavling said. ;And this house was one of them, and as you can see this was a large two-family brick house that is leveled to the ground. And the reason is right across the street is a broken hydrant,; he added.Neavling says he asked people at city hall about the broken hydrants. He says they estimated there were about 70 broken hydrants in Detroit. That just didnt seem right to him, so he surveyed 15% of the citys nearly 30,000 hydrants.;With the 15%, we found 279 broken hydrants. And if you extrapolate that, you know, theres quite a few broken hydrants, a lot more than the 50, 60, 70 hydrants the city thought,; Neavling said.If you extrapolate that, it means more than 1,800 broken hydrants.The Fire Commissioners office did not respond to a request for an interview about the problem.Steve Neavling filed a Freedom of Information request with city hall to see how bad the problem is. It was denied because the city says it would endanger the public if arsonists knew which fire hydrants were broken. Hes now suing the city for the information.I caught up with Shawn McCarty at a fire call. Hes a captain, but was acting-chief that day. He says the broken fire hydrant problem is worse in the winter.;The problem is more so when its colder outside. The hydrants freeze. But, generally, in temperatures like this, we dont have much of a problem with fire hydrants,; McCarty explained.Thats because some of the hydrants have small leaks that cause the freezing. During the summer, its just a leak. Many other hydrants are just broken and need to be replaced.Rank and file firefighters have been warned not to talk to the news media about problems within the department. However, I was able to talk to four firefighters from three different firehouses. They didnt want to be recorded, but they did confirm more buildings and houses burn because of broken hydrants.The firefighters also told me about a smart phone app that could allow firefighters to report broken hydrants and then the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department could fix or replace them. The problem, according to my sources, is that the app has been activated on phones only at a couple of the citys 37 firehouses.DFD Battalion Chief Shawn McCarty says its being phased in.;I have it. Every firehouse doesnt have it. Its a work in motion, but were getting better at it every day,; he said.McCarty wasnt sure when it would be activated for all the firehouses. City hall has not responded to requests for an interview about that.Even if it were activated, its not clear the city has the money to fix all of the broken hydrants.The cost is more houses and buildings burning. About 70% of the fires in Detroit are due to arson of vacant properties.And Steve Neavling with Motor City Muckraker says he noted one other thing in his hydrant survey.;The poorer the neighborhood, generally, the more hydrants we were seeing broken,; he said.The Detroit Fire Department will be getting some new fire engines this summer, and its brought on new trainees to help out with other problems, including broken equipment and staff shortages.Assistance in reporting this piece came from Bill McGraw with Bridge Magazine, a DJC partner.Support for the Detroit Journalism Cooperative on Michigan Radio comes from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalisms Michigan Reporting Initiative, and the Ford Foundation.201506/379697

Business: Hospitality Stay with me商业:酒店业,别离开我As online rivals whizz ahead, hotels try to be both big and nimble.眼看网络竞争对手飕飕前进,各酒店力求变得大而灵活。HOTEL companies check out well just now.酒店企业最近表现不错。On May 3rd Hyatt became the latest chain to report sunny results—profits were up by 55% over the same quarter in 2015.5月3日,凯悦成为最新发来喜讯的连锁酒店——其利润率相比2015年同季度增长55%。In America RevPAR (revenue divided by rooms available in a given period) has risen for the past six years, according to STR, a data outfit.据数据机构STR报告,在美国,单间可用房收益(指一定时间内的客房总收入除以可用客房总数)过去六年持续上升。Analysts debate when fortunes will change.分析家们已经开始讨论好运何时会到头的这个问题。America’s market has been buoyed by a temporary mismatch of slow-growing supply and robust demand.美国市场缓慢增长的供给和强劲的需求之间存在着一种暂时性的错位,而美国市场正是靠这点才撑到今天。In the long term, however, the greatest uncertainty is not cyclical, but structural, as online firms change the industry’s shape.但是从长远看来,随着线上公司逐渐改变该行业格局,最大的不确定性不是在于周期,而在于结构。Neither Airbnb, a room-sharing site, nor online travel agents are hotels’ obvious adversaries.不管是空房租赁网站Airbnb,还是网上旅行社都不是实体酒店的显著竞争对手。Big hotel chains subsist on weary business travellers; Airbnb does not.大的连锁酒店主要靠疲惫的商务旅客赚钱,而Airbnb却不是。Yet the growing popularity of the platform, now valued at around billion, means it may siphon more guests from hotels in future.然而这个现在市值250亿美元的住宿预订平台,其日益增长的受欢迎程度意味着其未来可能从酒店吸引走更多客户。Booking sites help hotels but chomp into their margins with fees of up to 25%.预定网站对酒店有一定帮助,但高达25%的中介费却使酒店利润大减。Last year they accounted for nearly one in five bookings in America, up from one in ten in 2006, according to Phocuswright, a research firm.据研究机构Phocuswright报告,在美国,来自网站的房间预订占比从2006的十分之一上涨到去年的近五分之一。In Europe, where the hotel market is more fragmented, online agents account for one in four.在酒店市场较为分散的欧洲,在线中介的比例则达到了四分之一。For hotel firms, one solution is to get bigger.对于酒店集团来说,解决方法之一就是扩大经营规模。After a bidding war with Anbang, a Chinese insurer, Marriott agreed to buy Starwood for more than billion last month.上个月,经历了一场与中国保险公司安邦之间的投标大战后,万豪同意以超过130亿美元的价格收购喜达屋。The result will be a 1.1m room behemoth. Other firms are bulking up, too.这意味着一个拥有110万间客房的巨型企业由此诞生。其他公司也在扩大其规模。Last year saw billion of hotel mergers, according to Dealogic, a research firm—the highest level since 2007.据研究机构Dealogic称,去年酒店企业并购金额达670亿美元,创下自2007年以来的最高记录。Scale will help hotels battle their main competitors: other hotels.巨大的规模将使酒店在与其主要对手(其他酒店)竞争时更具优势。But the recent spate of deals is also a response to challengers online.但最近的并购热潮也是对其网络对手的一种回应。A bigger hotel firm can seek lower fees from online travel agents.酒店公司越大,需要付给网上旅游代理商的钱就可以越少。Investments in technology can be deployed across more rooms.技术上的投资可以用于覆盖更多的房间。And the more hotels a firm manages, the more credibly it can urge travellers to bypass third parties and look for rooms on its own site, as Hilton, InterContinental Hotels and others are doing.并且如果一个企业运营的酒店数目越多,它就越能说旅行者们绕过第三方,直接登录酒店官网预订房间,例如希尔顿,洲际酒店等酒店就是如此。Hotels are also finding new partners or acquiring firms outright.酒店也在需找新的合作伙伴或直接并购整个公司。On April 5th AccorHotels, a French firm, said it would buy onefinestay, an upscale rival to Airbnb.4月5日,法国酒店集团雅高称其将收购“高端版” Airbnb的对手Onefinestay。InterContinental, which was due to hold its annual meeting on May 6th, is partnering with a company called Amadeus to launch a new, cloud-based reservation system that gives more personalised service.本该在5月6日召开年会的洲际酒店却正忙于与一家叫Amadeus的公司联手推出一个全新的云端预订系统以提供更个性化的务。Despite such efforts, it will be difficult for hotel firms to keep up.尽管做出了这些努力,酒店还是很难保持其发展势头。They cannot beat online firms’ reach.网络公司的覆盖面要比他们大得多。Airbnb has more rooms than even the combined Marriott and Starwood; online travel agents’ inventory is broader still.例如,Airbnb所拥有的房间甚至比合并后的Marriot和Starwood都要多,而网上旅游中介的房间存量更多。Expedia’s scale is particularly worrisome for hotel companies.Expedia的规模尤其令酒店企业担忧。Its sites include not just Expedia. com but Travelocity, Hotwire, Hotels. com and Orbitz—an acquisition regulators declined to challenge in September to the dismay of hotel chains.它所拥有的网站不仅仅有Expedia.com还有Travelocity,Hotwire,Hotels.com and Orbitz—监管机构在九月份拒绝提出质疑的这一收购行为使得酒店连锁业倍感沮丧。Less than two months later, Expedia said it would pay .9 billion to buy HomeAway, which helps property owners rent their houses to those who want them for a holiday.一个月多后,Expedia称其将以39亿美元的价格收购HomeAway。HomeAway主要致力于帮助房主出租房屋给那些需要房子度假的人。Matching online firms’ agility will be equally challenging.想要变得像线上公司那样灵活也同样不容易。Airbnb is trying to attract business types by helping them find homes with wireless internet, 24-hour access and a desk.Airbnb正试图通过寻找带有无线网络和办公桌并且能全天候入住的房间,以此吸引商务人士入住。Expedia plans to offer more listings that show hotel rooms beside houses and flats.Expedia还计划提供更多住宿信息,供顾客查询房屋和公寓附近的酒店房间。Such a move could make both Airbnb and hoteliers bristle.该举动可能会使Airbnb和酒店老板们大为恼火。译文属译生译世 /201610/474044Theres a good reason for the law enforcing seatbelt usage inmany states.很多国家法律规定使用安全带是有原因的。Seatbelts saved nearly 12,000 lives in the year 2000.2000年,安全带的使用挽救了近1200条生命。In this Moment of Science, we take a look inside thesesimple but highly useful machines.让我们通过科学一颗来了解一下这个简单但又十分有用的装置吧。A seatbelt consists of a belt made of flexible webbing and a retractor device.安全带是由弹性带和一个牵开器装置构成的。The retractor, usuallylocated inside a plastic housing above the passengers outer shoulder, consists of a spool aroundwhich the belt winds, and a spring attached to the spool to keep the webbing taut.牵开器通常位于乘客外肩上方的塑料罩里,由一个缠绕弹性带的线轴和一个依附在线轴上使弹性带拉紧的弹簧构成。When you pull a seatbelt across your chest and pelvis, the spool spins counter-clockwise,untwisting the spring.当你拉开安全带绕过你的胸和盆骨时,线轴就会逆时针旋转,松开弹簧。Since the spring wants to return to its coiled position, when you let go ofthe belt the spring causes the spool to spin clockwise, reeling in the slack.当你解开安全带的时候,弹簧就会通过自身回力使线轴顺时针旋转,收紧安全带。The most important part of a seat belt is the spools locking mechanism—a device that makes thebelt hold tight in the unfortunate event of a crash.安全带最重要的部分就是线轴的预收紧装置,在发生车祸的时候可以使安全带收紧,The locking mechanism is activated either bythe cars movement or by the belts movement.汽车运动和安全带运动都会触发预收紧装置。In car-activated systems, when the car stops suddenly a weighted pendulum swings forward,causing a metal bar to jam into a toothed gear attached to the spool.在汽车启动触发的情况下,汽车突然停下时,一个加重的摆锤会向前摆动,金属棒就会卡进依附在线轴的齿轮里。Unable to unwind anyfurther, the belt holds the passenger tightly in place.安全带再无法被进一步放开的情况下就会紧紧的将乘客束缚在座位上。In belt-activated systems, centrifugal force, cause by a sudden jerking of the belt, causes a leverattached to the spool to move outward.在安全带激活系统中,由安全带突然震动造成的离心力会使线轴上的杠杆向外移动。The extended lever activates a device that catches thetoothed gear attached to the spool, stopping its spinning motion.延长的杠杆会触发线轴上与齿轮相连的一个装置,从而使轴芯停止转动。In both systems, the point is totighten the belt so that its stopping power is sp across the sturdiest parts of your body.这两种情况的关键就是要收紧安全带,这样安全带的收力才会传递到身体中最强壮的部分。 201409/331509The National Park Service is taking a closer look at whether or not to bring more grey wolves to Isle Royale National Park. Only two wolves remain on the island now.To help make its decision, the park service wants to hear from you. Its accepting public comments on the question right now.At one point, there were as many as 50 wolves on Isle Royale. But Phyllis Green, Superintendent of the Isle Royale National Park, says that number was abnormal.;Fifty was a very unusually high number—probably one of the highest concentrations of wolves ever found per acre,; Green says.The island kept the animals from dispersing, and that causes problems for wolves.;Islands are pretty hard on any species,; she says. ;You kind of have to adapt and survive or leave.;She says oftentimes a species will disappear from an island completely. Thats a risk for wolves on Isle Royale.The proposed courses of actionThe National Park Service plans to assess four different courses of action to help the wolf population.The first option is no action—to let nature take its course. Green says thats typically what the park service opts for.But that could be risky.Green says ;very low, intermittent introduction of wolves naturally; caused wolves to inbreed. Thats likely what made it hard for the animals to sustain their population.For that reason, the park service is considering bringing animals in to reestablish the population.Alternative B does just that. It brings a new group of wolves to the island during a one-time period, which could take a couple years.;And the question is, could you improve upon the start-up point?; Green says. ;Is there a way to introduce a certain number of wolves over a short time period that have enough genetic diversity that they could carry themselves through the next cycle on Isle Royale?;The third option, Alternative C, would bring wolves onto the island as often as needed throughout the next 20 years at least.;So under that scenario youll do some type of a start-up population, or intermixing with the current population—provided theyre still there—and you would add wolves at a certain interval,; Green says. ;But thats still very problematic, because wolves dont exactly greet each other with open arms as often as with bared fangs.;With that in mind, Green says this plan would require ;a pretty good backup strategy.;The final alternative is a bit of a hybrid—the park service would take no action right now. But it could decide to introduce wolves later.;Its going to be a little more complicated than the other two alternatives, because its going to try to be more adaptive and really evaluating whats going on in the park and then adjusting the course forward from there,; Green says.Now the plan is to evaluate the options.;I think its a real positive in our society that were taking a look at how we help the natural world stay intact,; Green says. ;But the natural world also has its own boundaries and processes and I think we need to be respectful of that as we think about whether we should tinker in those processes.;The public is invited to the park services revised scope of the environmental impact statement and to comment.These comments will be added to ones the service has aly received from people in all 50 states, Washington D.C., and 19 other countries.201604/435037

I love sharing stuff like this with you我喜欢这样跟你们分享一些事情this is such an important thing,what you do Ellie is so cool这是件很重要的事 艾丽 你做的事很酷Im here with Portia and Ellie Laks who founded the Gentle Barn我跟鲍西亚 和创建温柔之乡的艾丽·兰克斯在一起Its an amazing sanctuary where abused and neglected animals get a second chance at life那是一个美妙的天堂 在那里遭受虐待的动物们得到了生活的第二次机会and Portia spent a day there,I cant wait to go myself,take a look鲍西亚在那呆了一天 我等不及要自己亲自去一趟 看看吧Hey Ellen, Im here with Ellie at the Gentle Barn and I cant wait to meet the animal that just bleated嘿 艾伦 我跟艾丽在温柔之乡 我等不及要去看看那些哎哎叫的小动物们了you got a sheep?show me around,Ok你有一只绵羊是吗 带我看看去吧 好的I think if you had to sum up our place in one sentence我想如果你要用一句话来描述这个地方的话It would be we provide a place for people and animals to be reminded that they matter我想是 我们为人们和动物们提供了一个地方 在这里他们得到尊重holding my hand,thats so cute.lets go meet some more animals,OK抓住我的手 那太可爱了 让我们去看看更多的动物 好This is Josh our sheep,hi Josh,whenever we got a lamb in thats really wounded,Josh babysits them untill they feel better这是乔西 我们的绵羊 你好 乔西 无论何时 我们得到一只受伤的小羊羔 乔西都照顾着它们直到他们好转Oh hi,this is Rama,Oh wow,shes 3 years old be rescued from Thanksgiving哦 嘿 这是拉玛 噢 哇 她已经三岁了 在感恩节那天被救下and so now on Thanksgiving we come and feed her pie,its our tradition所以现在一到感恩节我们就来喂她一些馅饼 那是我们的传统Oh sorry,thats fine,Ill go.see you no more噢 对不起 好 我走 再见 /201606/448448If blood didnt circulate through our bodies, carrying oxygenand nutrients, we wouldnt be able to live.如果血液不能在我们身体内循环,为人体输送氧气和营养,我们便无法存活。Blood is soimportant to life that the body constantly makes new blood.血液对生命十分重要,所以人体会不断的制造新鲜血液。To do this, the body must produce the liquid part of blood, called plasma, and the cells that floatin it.人体在造血时必须要产生血液的液体部分,即血浆,以及浮在血浆上的细胞。Plasma is made mostly of water and salts that we absorb through our digestive tracts everyday.血浆主要由我们通过消化道每天吸收的水和盐组成。Its job is to deliver nutrients and water throughout the body.它的作用就是输送水和营养物质到全身各个部位。Ninety-nine percent of the blood cells floating in plasma are red blood cells, which carry oxygen from the lungs to the rest of the body and give blood its red color.浮在血浆上99%的血细胞都是红细胞,它们会把肺部的氧气输送到全身各处,这样血液才会呈现出红色。The average life of a red bloodcell is four months.一个红细胞的平均寿命是4个月。What Happens After That?接下来会发生什么呢?The spleen continuously destroys millions of old red blood cells, recycling the iron to make new redcells.脾脏不断地将数百万老化的红细胞解体,循环利用其中的铁元素来制造新的红细胞。White blood cells, which are part of the immune system, and platelets, which help with bloodclotting at a site of injury, also float in plasma.白细胞是人体免疫系统的一部分而血小板则在人体伤口处起到凝血作用,这两种血细胞也都漂浮在血浆上。They have much shorter life spans than red cellsand also are replaced continuously.但是它们的存活周期要比红细胞短,同时也会被不断地更新。If youve ever seen a bone cut crosswise, with soft tissue called marrow inside, then youve seenwhere blood cells are made.如果你看到过一块被横切的骨头,你就会看到里面的软组织,即骨髓,它是专门制造血细胞的。Bone marrow contains special blood cells, which constantly divide toproduce new cells to replace the ones that have been destroyed.骨髓含有特殊的血细胞,这种细胞会不断分离产生新的细胞来取代那些已被破坏的细胞。Why all this bloody business inthe bone marrow?为什么所有的造血工作都在骨髓中进行呢?The bodys process of forming new blood cells helps you recover if you lose blood to an injury, and it also helps blood perform its many functions despite cell damage and loss.是如果你因受伤而流血的话,人体生成新血细胞的过程便能帮助你复原,同时,尽管存在细胞受损或缺失,这个过程也能帮助血液发挥很多其它的功能。 /201411/344514

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