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2019年11月12日 22:46:03 | 作者:华频道 | 来源:新华社
Two years ago, a group of Moscow restaurateurs made what on paper looked like a sound business decision. They chose a trendy location — Moscow’s Gorky Park, an oasis for hipsters — and opened a gleaming new restaurant called Oyster Bar, which planned to purvey molluscs and other imported delicacies to the city’s cosmopolitan elite.两年前,一群莫斯科餐馆老板做出了一个理论上貌似不错的商业决定。他们选择了一处时尚之地——潮人聚集的莫斯科高尔基公园(Gorky Park),开办了一家名为“牡蛎酒吧”(Oyster Bar)的全新餐厅,准备为莫斯科的国际化精英群体提供牡蛎和其他进口美食。One year later, in the wake of western sanctions, Vladimir Putin announced Russia would ban an array of American and European food products, including cheese, beef and seafood. Oyster Bar tried to rebrand — boldly renaming itself No Oyster Bar and relying on a of local ingredients — but the gamble didn’t pay off. The restaurant closed a few months later.一年后,随着西方国家的制裁,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠京(Vladimir Putin)宣布禁止进口来自美国和欧洲的大多数食品,包括奶酪、牛肉和海鲜。牡蛎酒吧试图改头换面——大胆地更名为“无牡蛎酒吧”(No Oyster Bar),并依靠本地食材提供餐品——但这次押注并未奏效。餐厅在几个月后关张。The fate of Oyster Bar seems to fit a familiar narrative. Threatened by increasing western influence in Ukraine and the rise of Nato, Putin is hitting back against the west both in Ukraine and through a culture war at home, where a propaganda campaign has made Moscow’s pro-western, oyster-eating minority the enemy.对于牡蛎酒吧的命运,我们似曾相识。由于受到西方在乌克兰影响力日增以及北约(NATO)扩大的威胁,普京既在乌克兰也通过国内文化战对西方进行回击。在俄罗斯,一场宣传战已将莫斯科亲西方的、喜欢吃牡蛎的少数派变成了敌人。It is an allegory straight out of Tolstoy’s playbook. InAnna Karenina, the corpulent, adulterous, French-speaking Oblonsky orders a meal of Flensburg oysters, Parmesan and Chablis. His friend, the proletarian hero Levin, prefers cabbage soup and porridge.这是托尔斯泰(Tolstoy)剧本中常有的一幕。在《安娜愠列尼娜》(Anna Karenina)中,臃肿、荒淫、操着法语的奥勃朗斯基(Oblonsky)要了一桌包括弗伦斯堡牡蛎、帕尔马干酪和夏布利酒的大餐。而他的朋友、无产阶级英雄列文(Levin)更喜欢卷心菜汤和粥。On the Oblonsky-Levin scale, I probably lean more to the former. Returning to Russia from abroad, I’ve been known to stick copious amounts of jamón, Brie and Parmesan in my handbag. Yet during the ban I’ve found myself eating things such as scallops from Murmansk and crab from Magadan — and licking my fingers after every bite.如果将奥勃朗斯基与列文放在天平的两端,我可能更倾向于前者。很多人知道,我从国外回到俄罗斯时,手提包里总是塞满了伊比利亚火腿、布里干酪和帕尔马干酪。然而,在禁令期间,我发现自己吃东西——如来自尔曼斯克(Murmansk)的扇贝和来自马加丹(Magadan)的螃蟹——时,每咬一口都要吮吸自己的手指。Alexander Yezhel, an expert in the Russian mollusc industry, is inclined to agree with me. A former colonel for Russia’s security services with piercing blue eyes and a permatan, Yezhel reinvented himself upon retirement as a small-business owner. His trade: oysters.俄罗斯牡蛎行业专家亚历山大叶热列(Alexander Yezhel)倾向于同意我的观点。这位有着一双锐利的蓝色眼睛的俄罗斯情报部门前上校,在退休后当起了做牡蛎贸易的小企业主。Yezhel says Oyster Bar didn’t survive because its owners were “dilettantes”. For stalwarts, such as his own company Zhemchuzhina (Pearl), switching to local molluscs from Russia’s Far East and Black Sea regions has been good for the bottom line. Because the domestic oysters are cheaper, he can sell them at a higher mark-up than the French ones he used to import, a business strategy that has led to a 50 per cent increase in Zhemchuzhina’s profits, he says.叶热列说,牡蛎酒吧之所以倒闭,因为其所有者“不专业”。对于内行的公司,比如他自己的Zhemchuzhina(意思为珍珠),转而销售来自俄罗斯远东和黑海地区的本土牡蛎带来了不俗的业绩。他说,因为本土牡蛎更便宜,较之过去进口的法国牡蛎可以赚取更高的差价,这一商业策略已经使公司利润增加了50%。This is the Kremlin’s dream scenario and illustrates the two-pronged goal of the food ban: to boost patriotism and give Russians a chance to thumb their noses at the west, while also giving a fillip to Russia’s agricultural industry, which has lagged behind since the fall of the Soviet Union.这是克里姆林宫梦想的一幕,而且展示了食品禁令的双重目标:提振国民的爱国主义,给俄罗斯人一个蔑视西方的机会,同时也可以刺激一下自苏联解体以来一直处于落后状态的俄罗斯农业。The stimulus the ban provides is great in theory. But it does little to solve the industry’s longstanding problems: primarily, poor logistics and a lack of incentive to modernise and make the industry more competitive. While Yezhel’s oyster business may be booming, it is still dependent on the entrepreneur’s warehouse of aquariums in the Moscow suburbs. So fragmented is Russia’s national logistics system that it is quicker and easier for a shipment of oysters to travel from the country’s Far East to central Russia via Moscow than it would be to make the journey between the two destinations directly.进口禁令带来的激励在理论上是巨大的。但对于解决该行业长期存在的问题基本上没有帮助:主要是糟糕的物流,以及缺乏现代化、提高俄罗斯农产品行业竞争力的激励机制。虽然叶热列的牡蛎生意或许很红火,但它仍依赖于这名企业家设在莫斯科郊区的水族仓库。俄罗斯的全国物流体系如此割裂,以至于一批牡蛎从远东地区经由莫斯科到达俄罗斯中部,要比直接在这两个地区之间运输更快速、更便捷。The ban isn’t making Russian food products more competitive but creating an artificial lack of supply and driving up food prices in the process.进口禁令并未让俄罗斯的食品更具竞争力,却人为制造了供应不足,在此过程中推高了食品价格。Annual food inflation has risen to 20 per cent in Russia since the ban. Yet few in Russia seem to either make the connection between the two or to mind. In a poll conducted this month by Levada Centre, Russia’s most respected polling agency, two in three respondents said they viewed the ban positively.自实施禁令以来,俄罗斯年度食品通胀率已上升至20%。然而,在俄罗斯,似乎很少有人将两者联系起来,或者在意这一点。俄罗斯最受尊敬的民调机构列瓦达中心(Levada Centre)本月做的一项民调中,三分之二的受访者表示,他们持这一禁令。 Authorities risk alienating a larger swathe of the population with its newest decree, which declares that any sanctioned European or American food products that have found their way into Russia must be destroyed on the spot.俄罗斯当局最近冒着惹恼更多俄罗斯民众的风险颁布了最新法令:任何禁运的欧洲或美国食品,一经发现进入俄罗斯,必须当场销毁。Since the ban took effect on August 6, Russian state television has shown blanket coverage of the staged destructions, which at times appear like a parody of Russian bureaucracy. In one , a dour Russian official gravely s out the death decree for three frozen Hungarian geese found in a Tatarstan food shop. With half-a-dozen witnesses watching, the geese are then carefully arranged on the ground and run over multiple times by a bulldozer.自该法令8月6日生效以来,俄罗斯国家电视台对销毁禁运食品进行了铺天盖地的报道,有时看起来像是在“高级黑”俄罗斯的官僚主义。在一段视频中,一名脸色阴沉的俄罗斯官员严肃地宣读着对在一家鞑靼斯坦人开的食杂店发现的3只匈牙利冷冻鹅的销毁令。在6名见者的注视下,这些鹅随后被煞有介事地排列在地上,然后用推土机反复碾压。In a country that lived through the Leningrad blockade and b lines, the destruction decree has not been as widely popular as the ban. Nearly half of Russians polled by Levada said they viewed the new measure somewhat or very negatively, arguing that the food should be donated to the needy instead.在一个经历过列宁格勒(Leningrad)大围困和购买面包都要排队的国家,销毁令并没有像进口禁令那样得到广泛持。勒瓦达中心调查的俄罗斯人中,将近一半受访者称,他们对新措施持有一定程度或者非常负面的看法,认为应该把这些食品分发给穷人,而非销毁。One friend said her 95-year-old grandmother had watched the broadcast of the destruction, convinced that the authorities were only destroying food that was rotten or dangerous, so difficult was it to believe that they would raze it for another reason.一位朋友说,自己95岁的祖母看了销毁食品的电视转播,但她相信当局只是在销毁腐烂或危险的食品,很难相信会因为其他理由将食品全部销毁。The new decree may not be working entirely. On a recent evening at a Mediterranean restaurant in Moscow, my waiter cheekily confided that the halloumi on my plate had come from Greece, one of the sanctioned countries. Banning Brie and bulldozing geese is an easy matter on paper. Getting rid of the systemic problems — well, that’s another matter.新法令可能也无法彻底实施。最近一天晚上,我到莫斯科一家地中海风味餐厅用餐,务生嬉皮笑脸地对我吐露,我盘中的哈罗米芝士来自希腊——禁运国家之一。禁运布里干酪、碾压冷冻鹅在理论上都很简单。而摆脱系统性问题——嗯,那是另一回事了。 /201509/397108Analysts examining the effect of the oil price’s precipitous decline on companies should spare a thought for stripper well operators, the mom-and-pop businesses that coax the last trickles of crude from long-ago drilled holes.那些研究油价大幅下挫对企业影响的分析人士们,应该关注一下那些低产油井(stripper well)运营商们了,他们一般都是小作坊式经营,做的就是从很久以前钻探的油井中采出最后一批原油。Although tiny in isolation — the average stripper well yields less than 2 b/d — there are more than 400,000 such wells in the US supplying about 11 per cent of US oil production. They produced 700,000 barrels per day in 2012, the latest year for which data are available — as much as the Opec member Qatar, according to data from the Interstate Oil amp; Gas Compact Commission.尽管它们各自分散,而且不成规模(平均日产量不到2桶),但在美国有超过40万口这样的油井,占美国石油产量的11%左右。根据州际油气协定委员会(Interstate Oil amp; Gas Compact Commission)的最新数据,2012年这些低产井的日产量为70万桶,与石油输出国组织(Opec,简称:欧佩克)成员国卡塔尔的产量相当。Now, with the price of US crude below per barrel — down 46 per cent from levels six months ago — some operators plan to idle their stripper wells. Widesp closures could help balance the oversupplied global oil market and stabilise prices.如今,随着美国油价跌破每桶60美元,较6个月前下跌46%,一些运营商已计划把他们的低产井闲置起来。大量这类油井关闭,可能有助于平衡供应过度的全球石油市场并稳定油价。Melvin Moran, whose company owns stripper wells in Oklahoma, said it costs thousands of dollars a year to keep one pumping.梅尔文#8226;莫兰(Melvin Moran)的公司拥有俄克拉荷马州的低产井,他表示,每年需要数千美元来维持一口低产井的运营。Mark Thomas has two companies that operate 100 stripper wells in Arkansas state with total production of 300 b/d. “Some of those will be shut in, probably within 90 days,” he said last week.马克#8226;托马斯(Mark Thomas)有两家公司,在阿肯色州运营着100口低产井,总产量为每日300桶。他上周表示:“一些油井可能会在90天内被关闭。”Mr Thomas said it now costs “in the “high s” per barrel to lift oil from the ground. The Lion Oil refinery near his wells in El Dorado, Arkansas last week offered per barrel for extra heavy crude and .25 for sweet crude. This suggests razor-thin profit margins for local producers.托马斯表示,现在石油开采成本在每桶“近40美元”。在他位于阿肯色州埃尔多拉多的油井附近的炼油厂Lion Oil,上周对超重原油的报价为每桶41美元,轻质原油为52.25美元。这表明当地产油商的利润率极薄。Oil analysts have been focused on new investment, such as shale drilling, as they handicap which producers will cut back. They say that because stripper wells’ expenditures are mainly operating costs such as electricity and maintenance, their owners are less sensitive to oil prices than companies exploring for oil.石油分析师们表示,由于低产井的出主要为运营成本,例如电力和维护,相对于石油勘探企业,这些油井的所有者对于油价不那么敏感。Operators will decide “whether they really want or need the cash flow,” said Trisha Curtis of the Energy Policy Research Foundation in Washington. Like bigger producers, stripper well operators need to be convinced lower prices will persist before idling production, said Michael Wittner, oil analyst at Société Générale. Simply shutting a well can cost several thousands dollars, so some wells will keep flowing, he said.华盛顿能源政策研究基金会( Energy Policy Research Foundation)的特丽莎#8226;柯蒂斯(Trisha Curtis)表示,运营商们将决定“它们是否真的需要现金流。”兴业(Société Générale)石油分析师迈克尔#8226;威特纳(Michael Wittner)表示,与规模较大的生产商一样,低产井运营商只有确信油价将长期低迷,才会闲置产能。他表示,关闭一口油井可能会带来数千美元的损失,因此一些油井将继续运营。But stripper wells “operate on the lower edge of profitability,” according to the IOGCC.但州际油气协定委员会称,低产油井的“利润率处于较低水平”。 /201412/348813A billionaire Hong Kong property developer was found guilty on Friday by a Macau court on charges of bribery and money-laundering linked to a land deal in the world#39;s gambling capital.法院周五宣判亿万富翁、香港房地产开发商刘銮雄(Joseph Lau)行贿、洗钱罪名成立。刘銮雄涉案罪名与在的一宗土地交易有关。Joseph Lau, the tycoon at the helm of Chinese Estates Holdings Ltd., became the second high-profile Hong Kong resident in as many weeks to be found guilty of laundering money in the Chinese casino haven.刘銮雄执掌着华人置业集团有限公司(Chinese Estates (Holdings) Ltd., 简称:华人置业),是几周以来被判在洗钱的第二位香港名人。Macau#39;s Court of First Instance sentenced both Mr. Lau and fellow Hong Kong businessman Steven Lo to five years and three months in prison, ruling that they bribed a former Macau official to get coveted land near Macau#39;s Cotai area, where casino developers are spending billions of dollars on flashy new resorts.一审法院判处刘銮雄和香港商人罗杰承(Steven Lo)五年零三个月监禁,二人涉嫌行贿前官员以获得路氹城附近的地块。开发商在这个地段重金修建豪华度假村。Both men pleaded not guilty and neither was in court to hear the verdict. Neither could be reached for comment.刘銮雄和罗杰承两人都不认罪,也都未出席庭审。记者未能联系到两人置评。Mr. Lau#39;s lawyer, Luis Mesquita de Melo, said he had aly appealed the judgment and that his team was #39;not able to completely understand the factual and legal grounds for the decision.#39; Mr. Lo#39;s lawyer didn#39;t immediately return requests for comment.刘銮雄律师明路义(Luis Mesquita de Melo)说,他已经提出上诉,他的团队无法完全理解上述判决的事实和法律根据。罗杰承的律师没有立即回覆记者的置评请求。Mr. Melo said his appeal would suspend the Macau court#39;s judgment for now. But even if the Hong Kong-based defendants are found guilty on appeal, it is unclear how Macau authorities could enforce their judgment because there is no extradition agreement between the two special administrative regions of China.明路义说,他的上诉将暂缓法院的判决。但即便刘銮雄上诉仍被判有罪,政府如何执行判决还是个未知数,因为与香港这两个中国特别行政区之间没有引渡协议。The prosecutor#39;s office in Macau didn#39;t immediately return a request for comment on the proceedings.检察院没有立刻回复记者的置评请求。Trading of shares of Chinese Estates was suspended on the Hong Kong stock exchange Friday afternoon ahead of the verdict. The company didn#39;t immediately return a request for comment.周五下午,华人置业在香港交易所上市的股票在法院宣判前停牌。该公司没有立即回应记者的置评请求。The verdict comes after Birmingham City Football Club owner and Macau gambling investor Carson Yeung was sentenced on March 7 in an unrelated case to six years in prison by a Hong Kong court. He was found guilty of five counts of money-laundering involving 721.3 million Hong Kong dollars (US.9 million).在法院对刘銮雄宣判前,在另外一起不相关的案件中,伯明翰城足球俱乐部(Birmingham City Football Club)老板、业投资人杨家诚(Carson Yeung)则在3月7日被香港一家法院判处六年监禁。杨家诚被认定五项洗钱罪名成立,涉案金额达7.213亿港元(约合9,290万美元)。Mr. Yeung had pleaded not guilty, testifying that the assets had come from his hair-salon business, share trading, investments in real estate and gambling in Macau, as well as from casino winnings. The judge said he didn#39;t believe Mr. Yeung#39;s explanations.杨家诚曾否认对他的指控,辩称其资产来自发廊、股票交易、房地产投资和的收入以及上赢来的钱。但法官说,他不相信杨家诚的解释。In the latest case, prosecutors accused Messrs. Lau and Lo of laundering money and offering former Macau government official Ao Man Long HK million to win a government tender for five plots of land totaling 78,000 square meters near Macau#39;s airport. Mr. Ao, Macau#39;s former secretary for transportation and public works, was convicted in a landmark corruption case in 2008 and is serving a 29-year prison sentence for accepting bribes to approve projects.在刘銮雄的案件中,检方指控刘銮雄和罗杰承洗钱并向前官员欧文龙行贿2,000万港元,以便在机场附近五幅地块的政府招标中胜出。这五幅地块的总面积达7.8万平方米。前运输工务司司长欧文龙在2008年的一起重大腐败案件中被认定有罪,并因在项目审批中受贿被判处29年监禁,目前正在刑。Chinese Estates was building a luxury housing complex on the land called La Scala, named after the opera house in Milan, Italy. The Macau government has aly revoked some land rights in connection with the project.华人置业曾在上述地块推出名为斯卡拉(La Scala)的豪华住宅项目,与意大利米兰的一家歌剧院同名。目前政府已收回部分与该项目有关的土地权。Chinese Estates#39; Mr. Lau, 62 years old, is among Hong Kong#39;s richest men with a net worth of .4 billion, according to Forbes magazine. Hong Kong#39;s tabloids frequently report on his lavish lifestyle and appearances with his girlfriends.据《福布斯》(Forbes)杂志称,现年62岁的刘銮雄是香港最富有的商人之一,净资产达84亿美元。香港小报经常会报道刘銮雄的奢侈生活及其与女友外出的消息。 /201403/280283

Chinese new home prices fell across the country in September, underscoring fears over the growth of the world#39;s second biggest economy.9月份中国全国新房价格出现下跌,凸显出人们对这个全球第二大经济体增长的担忧。Prices fell in 69 of 70 cities in September from the previous month.今年9月,被调查的70个城市中,69个城市的房价较上个月出现了下跌。The overall price decline was 1.3 per cent compared to last September, according to a Reuters analysis of the data released by the National Bureau of Statistics.根据路透社(Reuters)对中国国家统计局(National Bureau of Statistics)发布的数据所作分析,与去年9月份相比,房价总体下跌了1.3%。This slightly deepens the falls aly seen in previous months. Chinese new home prices declined in 68 of the 70 cities in August, and fell across 64 of the cities in July.这一跌幅略大于此前几个月的跌幅。今年8月,70个被调查城市中有68个城市的新房价格出现下跌,而7月份房价下跌城市的数目则是64个。China#39;s real estate sector is a major driving force for economic growth, as local governments who fund the infrastructure projects that boost GDP often rely on land sales to property developers for financing.在中国,地方政府用基建项目拉动国内生产总值(GDP),经常会依靠向房地产商卖地的方式融资,房地产业也因此成为中国经济增长的主要推动因素。China#39;s economy grew by 7.3 per cent in the third quarter, its slowest pace of expansion since the depths of the financial crisis in early 2009. Meanwhile, a slowdown in construction activity following years of frenzied property investment. Industrial demand has slackened to the point that steel in some Chinese markets is as cheap as cabbages.今年第三季度,中国经济同比增长了7.3%,这是自2009年初金融危机以来的最慢增速。与此同时,在多年疯狂的地产投资之后,建筑活动的增长也已放缓。工业需求极度疲软,以至于在中国部分市场上,钢铁已经卖到了白菜价。Last last month, the Beijing government moved to support the real estate market with measures including allowing second home buyers to make lower down payments.上个月,为持房地产市场的发展,中国政府转而采取了允许降低二套房首付比例等措施。Chinese property developers have also resorted to increasingly imaginative tactics to shift unsold properties, including offering discounts to shoppers on Alibaba#39;s Taobao website and even giving home buyers free chickens.与此同时,为了将积压的物业转让出去,中国房地产开发商采取的销售手段越来越有想象力,其中包括向阿里巴巴(Alibaba)淘宝(Taobao)网站的购物者提供折扣,以及为购房者提供免费的活鸡等。 /201410/338312

Here#39;s some background information about Chinese New Year, the longest and most important celebration in the Chinese calendar.以下是一些关于中国新年(春节)的介绍,春节中国农历节庆里持续时间最长也是最为重要的节日。Facts:事实:January 31, 2014 - The Chinese year 4712 is scheduled to begin.2014年1月31日是中华纪年法——中元4712年的开始。2014 is the year of the Horse.2014年是马年。The Chinese New Year is celebrated during the second new moon after the winter solstice, usually between Jan. 21 and Feb. 19 on the Gregorian calendar.中国的新年一般在冬至后第二个新月的时候庆祝,在公历年1月21日到2月19日之间。Chinese New Year festivities begin on the 1st day of the month and continues until the 15th, when the moon is full.中国的春节从正月初一开始一直持续到十五月圆的时候。Chinese legend holds that Buddha asked all the animals to meet him on New Year#39;s Day and named a year after each of the twelve animals that came.中国有这样的传说:佛让所有的动物在新年时去参拜他并且依照12个前来拜见动物的次序,为每一年冠名。The animals in the Chinese calendar are the dog, pig/boar, rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, and rooster.这些动物是中国的生肖分别是:、猪、鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡。Also according to legend, people born in each animal#39;s year have some of that animal#39;s personality traits.另外中国还有一个传说那就是哪一生肖年出生的人就具备哪种动物的性格特征。Traditions:传统:Each day of the fifteen-day celebration has its own traditions, such as visiting in-laws or staying home to welcome good fortune.春节15天,天天有不同的习俗:比如哪天该走亲访友、哪天该待着家里等好运临门。Fireworks displays during Chinese New Year stem from a custom of lighting bamboo stalks on fire to ward off evil spirits. In China, families gather together for meals, especially for a feast on New Year#39;s Eve.春节放烟花爆竹的风俗起源于中国一个古老的传统:举着点着的竹子游行驱赶恶鬼坏运气。在中国,家家户户聚在一起进餐,特别是在除夕之夜。Chinese New Year ends with the lantern festival, celebrated at night with displays and parades of painted lanterns.中国的春节以元宵节结尾,人们在元宵节晚上走上街头赏花灯。The highlight of the Lantern Festival is the Dragon Dance. Beautiful dragons made of paper, silk and bamboo are held overhead, and appear to dance as they make their way along the parade routes.元宵节的重头戏是舞龙表演。美丽的龙是用纸、丝绸以及竹子制作而成。表演的人们将龙举过头顶,一边舞动一边沿着游行队伍前进。 /201401/273684

The number of US commuters who ride a bicycle to work rose by 60% over the last decade, the Census has reported.人口普查报告显示,美国骑车上班人数在过去十年间增加了60%。An estimated 786,000 people biked to work in 2008-12, up from 488,000 people in 2000, the bureau said.美国国家统计局指出,2008年到2012年,估计有78.6万人骑车上班,而2000年这一数字仅为48.8万。Cyclists account for about 0.6% of all US commuters, compared to 2.9% in England and Wales, a 2013 report found.2013年一份报告表明,美国上班族中有大约0.6%人骑车,英格兰和威尔士有2.9%。The rise comes as a growing number of states and local communities build infrastructure such as bike lanes to promote cycling.骑车人数的增多是因为越来越多的州和社区建造了像自行车专用车道这样的基础设施来促进骑车。;In recent years, many communities have taken steps to support more transportation options, such as bicycling and walking,; Census Bureau sociologist Brian McKenzie wrote in a statement accompanying the report.人口普查局社会学家布莱恩·麦肯齐在报告的声明中写道,“最近几年,许多社区已经采取措施持更多的交通方式,比如骑车和步行”。The US West had the highest rate of bicycle commuters at 1.1%, and the South the lowest with 0.3%.美国西部骑车出行率最高,达1.1%,南部最少,仅有0.3%。The city of Portland, Oregon, registered the highest rate of bicycle commuting with 6.1%,, up from 1.8% in 2000.俄勒冈州波特兰市骑自行车上班的比例最高,从2000年的1.8%增加到6.1%。Men were found to be more likely to bike to work than women, and the median commute time for bicyclists was found to be 19.3 minutes.男人比女人更愿意骑车上班,骑自行车出行平均时间大约为19.3分钟。Meanwhile, the study found that 2.8% of commuters walk to work, down from 5.6% in 1980.同时,研究发现,步行上班人数由1980年的5.6%减少到了2.8%。The North-East was has the highest rate of commuters who walked to work, at 4.7%.美国东北地区步行上班率最高,达4.7%。Boston, Massachusetts, was the top walk-to-work city at 15.1%, while the US South had the lowest regional rate at 1.8%.马萨诸塞州波士顿步行上班率最高,达15.1%,而美国南部地区最低,为1.8%。 /201405/298732

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