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龙泉驿区人民医院能做人流吗讲解Today key word is ShowerShower S-H-O-W-E-R 淋浴 淋浴器If you have a shower, you wash yourself by standing under a spray of water from a shower.Here is an example:I think Ill go home and have a shower.我觉得我得回家冲个澡今天我们就来说说洗澡的事儿Do you prefer to shower in the morning or at night? This is a tough(困难的) question and it is debatable! So let talk! those who prefer to shower in the morning. They start the day by taking a fresh shower. It helps them wake up; it helps them get fresh; it helps them be y the new day!A morning shower transms their entire day in a positive light. And If youre an oily-skinned(油性皮肤) girl, it makes sense to shower in the morning to get rid of all that gross oily build-up in your pores毛孔. A morning shower makes you feel prettier all day! I bet Beyoncé takes morning showers, too.早上起来冲个澡,头发美美的,身体香香的,干净清爽的开始一天的生活每天都是崭新的!Which do you prefer: Morning Showers or Night Showers? Tell us on our wechat, Search ayoenglish. Were waiting to hear your choice! 6697青羊区妇幼保健医院联系电话合江县人民医院不孕不育标准

四川生殖专科医院药房成都市生殖专科医院看男科好吗Dialogue 1Mark: Hey, girl! Happy New Year!马克:嗨,京晶,新年快乐!Jingjing: Back at ya, what are your plans the big day?京晶:你也是,你新年这天有什么打算吗?Mark: Im going to my grandparent house to have a big feast. Arent you jealous?马克:我要去我祖父母家吃大餐,你羡慕吧?Jingjing: Umm,no! Im also going to my grandparent home to pig out. On top of that, I will sing my heart out at KTV with my friends from my hometown.京晶:我才不羡慕呢,我也要去我祖父母家大吃一顿除此之外,我要和我家乡的朋友们去KTV引吭高歌一番Mark: That sounds like fun. So are your grandparent good cooks?马克:听起来很有意思呀,那么你的祖父母做饭很好吃喽?Jingjing: Off the record, not really, but I dont have the heart to tell them. Besides, the New Year isnt just about stuffing your face with food, it about being with your family.京晶:私下跟你说,其实不太好吃,但是我不忍心告诉他们况且,新年并不仅仅是要大吃特吃,最重要的是和家人在一起Mark: Well,my family member are all good cooks. My mother apple pie is finger lickin good.马克:我的家人都是烹饪高手,我妈妈的苹果派好吃得不得了Jingjing: Well, enjoy your New Year, and save me a piece of pie, will you?京晶:好吧,那祝你新年快乐,给我留一块你妈妈的苹果派,行不行?Mark: Sure, if I dont eat all of it first!马克:没问题,要是我没把它们吃光的话习语短语back at ya你也是the big day大日子这里指春节,通常指某人的婚礼当天feast宴会很多人聚在一起吃很丰盛的食物,通常在某个特别的日子举行,如节假日pig out大吃特吃on top of that[口头语]而且,除那以外good cook大厨,指做饭好吃的人off the record私底下说指某人不想公开自己说的话,尤其是在对媒体说话时用Dont have the heart to do something.不忍心做某事stuff one face吃很多食物finger lickin good食物太好吃了,以至于吃完之后还忍不住舔手指Dialogue Jingjing: So, Mark, how was your New Year? Did you save a piece of pie me?京晶:马克,你新年过得怎么样啊?有没有给我留一块苹果派啊?Mark: No I didnt, I never made it to my grandparent house.马克:没有,我就没去成我祖父母家Jingjing: Huh? What happened? Is everything okay?京晶:啊,怎么了?没出什么事儿吧?Mark: It a long story, my mom and I got in an argument on the way to my grandparent house.马克:说来话长,我和我妈在去的路上发生了争执Jingjing: What was all the fussing about?京晶:你们俩为什么吵呢?Mark: My mom was being a back seat driver. She always freaks out whenever I drive her somewhere.马克:我妈妈总对我开车指手划脚,无论我开车带她去哪儿,她都紧张得不得了Jingjing: Well,then why didnt she drive you guys there?京晶:那她怎么不开车带你们去呢?Mark: She had a charley horse from exercising earlier so she didnt feel like driving.马克:她之前锻炼造成了腿部肌肉痉挛,所以她不想开车Jingjing: So cut to the chase, what happened in the car?京晶:那长话短说,后来怎么样了?Mark: I told my mom to put a sock in it, but she wouldnt listen. Finally I got so frustrated that I turned around and drove back home.马克:我让我妈别吵吵了,但是她不听最后我特别生气,于是就掉头开回家了Jingjing: Oh, Im sorry to hear that. Well,my New Year went really well, but Ill tell you about it some other day, I dont want to rub it in your face.京晶:哦,我很同情你我的新年倒是过得挺好的,但是我还是改天再告诉你吧,我不想触到你的痛处Mark: That a good idea, well talk later!马克:好主意,那回聊吧习语短语It a long story.说来话长fussfussing争论a back seat driver某人没在开车,但是偏要指导开车的人该怎么开车指指手划脚的人freak out对某事非常担心charley horse肌肉痉挛,抽筋put a sock in it把袜子塞嘴里,想让某人闭嘴时用frustrated不高兴,受挫的rub it in your face触到某人的痛处例如,如果我数学考了0分而你考了50分,我在你面前炫耀我的成绩就是“rub it in your face” 78Why Is HeHowling他为什么喊One day, a manfall introuble of his bad tooth, so he find a dentist help. but when the dentist just want to work, the man is suddenly howling.一天,一个人的牙齿出了问题,所以他向牙医寻求帮助但是当牙医要开始工作的时候,这个人突然就嚎叫了起来Dentist: Please stop howling. I havent even touched your tooth yet.牙医:请你不要再喊了!我还没碰你的牙呢Patient: I know, but you arestanding on my foot!病人:我知道,可是你正踩着我的脚呀!1.Why is he howlinghowl:嚎叫eg:Listen,someone is howling!听,有人正在嚎叫.Fall in troublefall in表示陷入的意思eg:I am falling in love with Mary.我爱上了玛丽3.Standing on my footstand on one foot表示站在某人的脚上在美国口语中还有一种类似的说法,不过意思就大相径庭了stand on one own two feet表示独立自主,试想如果一个人能站稳脚跟的话,他就一定可以独立自主,靠自己的力量生存 199967成都第三医院门诊部Taipei 1第单元 台北 1On the 7th floor the custodian emptied the two black garbage cans. Glen watched her a minute as he stopped to catch his breath. He was almost halfway there. ;Dont look down,; he thought to himself.7楼的管理员正在清理两个黑色垃圾桶,葛兰停下来喘口气时看了一会儿他差不多爬到一半了,心里想着不要往下看 It had taken him three hours to climb to the 8th floor of the 1 building. It would only take him seconds to get back if he wasnt careful.他花了三个小时才爬到1大楼的8层,但万一不小心掉下去却只要十秒钟It was a good day (if there ever was a good day to risk one life) to scale the tallest building in the world. There was a slight breeze to keep Glen cool.今天蛮适合(如果冒生命危险有所谓适合日子的话)攀登这栋全世界最高的建筑物轻轻的微风让葛兰觉得很凉爽Glen saw the ad in the newspaper. It ;Needed: Brave person to climb Taipei 1.; It was a publicity stunt. Taiwan wanted the whole world to know about the newest tallest building in the world and what better way to do it than with a daredevil stunt.葛兰看到报纸刊登的广告上写着:“征求攀登台北1的勇士”这是一场经过宣传的惊人表演如果台湾想让全世界都知道这栋世界上最高的新建筑的话,还有什么比找个不怕死的人来场惊险演出更有效果呢?So, there Glen was, now almost 99 stories high with the world watching. Never in history has someone permed such a feat. The crowds at the bottom cheered him on as he reached the top.所以葛兰才会来到这里爬1,在全世界注目下,目前几乎爬到第99层了这样一种英勇事迹如果完成,史上便是头一遭底下的围观群众在他登顶时一片欢声雷动,替他加油鼓励 Tara McAteer 著 黄惟郁 译 上海交通大学出版社出版 7金牛区结扎恢复多少钱

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