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2019年09月19日 02:39:50来源:中华新闻

In an effort to combat plastic pollution, Indian startup EnviGreen has come up with a combination of natural starch and vegetable oils that looks and feels just like plastic, but is 100 percent organic, biodegradable and eco-friendly. 为了解决塑料污染问题,印度新兴企业EnviGreen用天然淀粉和植物油合成出一种塑料状的材料,这种纯有机材料是百分百可降解的,也绝不会损害环境。You can even dispose of such a plastic bag by eating it.你甚至可以通过食用来处理这种塑料袋。EnviGreen founder Ashwath Hedge came up with the idea for these revolutionary bags after seeing people struggling to find alternatives to plastic bags, following bans imposed by several Indian cities.此前,印度的一些城市颁发了禁塑令,但人们却很难找到塑料袋的替代品,目睹了这一窘境后,EnviGreen的创始人阿史沃斯.赫奇提出了这一革新性的理念——百分百降解可食用塑料袋。People were concerned about how they would carry products from the market now. 他对印度新闻网站The Better India说:人们现在关注用什么方式把商品从超市带回家。Everyone cannot afford a bag worth Rs. 5 or Rs. 15 to carry a kilogram of sugar, he told The Better India. 人们并不愿为了一千克糖多花五至十五卢比来买包装袋。So the 25-year-old decided to work on something that would solve this problem while being environment-friendly.所以,25岁的赫奇决定研发一种环保材料以解决这个难题。Hedge spent four years researching and experimenting with various materials, but one day he discovered a combination of 12 ingredients, including potato, tapioca, corn, natural starch, vegetable oil, banana, and flower oil, that looked and felt like plastic, but posed none of the environmental problems.赫奇用了4年时间去研究测试不同的材料,直到有一天,他发现用土豆、木薯、谷物、天然淀粉、植物油、香蕉和花油等12种原料混合在一起可以制作出一种新材料,这种材料的外形和触感都很像塑料,但却不会引起任何环境问题。The manufacturing process is obviously a closely-guarded secret, but the young entrepreneur did reveal that the raw materials are first converted into liquid form, and then taken through a six-stage process to create the bags.该材料的制作过程现在还是商业秘密,但赫奇透露称,他们会将原料先处理成流体,然后分六个阶段最终制成成品。The cost of an EnviGreen bag is about 35% higher than that of a plastic bag, but the benefits of using the former are more than worth the extra cost. 虽然EnviGreen研发的购物袋成本比一般的塑料袋高出35%左右,但它带来的利益远远大于其额外成本。Once discarded, EnviGreen bags biodegrade naturally in less than 180 days, and if placed in water at room temperature, they dissolve in less than a day. 此款购物袋被丢弃后,可以在6个月之内完全自然降解;如果将它们放置在室温的水中,它们则会在一天内溶解消失。For quick disposal, they can be placed in boiling water, and they dissolve in about 15 seconds.而如果将袋子放在沸水中的话,则分解得更快,大概只需要15秒。We don’t use any chemicals at all. 赫奇说:我们没有使用任何化学原料。Even the paint used for printing on the bags is natural and organic, Ashwath boasts. 就连袋子上的图案都是由自然有机的涂料绘成的。That not only means that users can discard them without hurting the environment, but also that animals can safely ingest them. 这不止能防止丢弃的袋子污染环境,还能避免动物因误食普通塑料袋而陷入危险。In fact, EnviGreen plastic bags are edible, something that Hedge was more than happy to demonstrate in his interview with The Better India. 事实上,EnviGreen的塑料袋是可食用的,在The Better India的采访中,赫奇对这一点颇为自豪。He simply soaked a bag in water and gulped it down with a smile on his face.他简单地用水浸湿袋子,然后面带微笑地将其吞了下去。The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB) has aly approved EnviGreen bags for commercial use, but not before conducting a series of tests. 经过一系列测试后,卡纳塔克邦州污染控制委员会批准EnviGreen袋上市出售。They found that despite their appearance and texture, they contain no plastic, and don’t share its hazardous properties. 测试发现,尽管这种袋子外形和结构与塑料很像,但它不含任何塑料成分和有毒物质。When burned, the innovative material does not melt, drip, or release any toxic fumes.EnviGreen袋在燃烧过程中也不会溶解,滴落或是释放有毒气体。EnviGreen has set up a factory in Bangalore, where it produces around 1,000 metric tonnes of eco-friendly plastic bags a month. EnviGreen已在班加罗尔建了一家工厂,每月可生产1000公吨的环保塑料袋。That’s not very much, considering that the city of Bangalore alone consumes over 30,000 metric tonnes of plastic bags every month, 仅班加罗尔一座城市每月就会消费超过三万公吨的塑料袋,与此相比1000公吨并不算多。They have however started supplying the bags to corporate retail chains like Metro and Reliance.现在,他们仅为麦德龙和里莱恩斯等连锁零售集团提供EnviGreen袋。but Hedge claims that he wants to set up enough production facilities before they start distributing to individual customers and shop owners. 但赫奇表示,他希望先拥有足够强的生产能力,再让这些塑料袋走向普通消费者和经营者。Apart from protecting the environment, Ashwath Hedge also plans to use EnviGreen bags to support local farmers. 除了保护环境,赫奇还计划用EnviGreen袋持当地的农民。We had this unique idea of empowering farmers in rural Karnataka by sourcing all our raw materials from them, he said. 我们希望通过从卡纳塔克的农民那里采购所需的原材料,来帮助他们致富,赫奇说,We are also planning to distribute seeds to help them produce the amount of materials required to make the bags.我们还计划为农民提供种子,以保我们有足够的原材料来生产袋子。According to the Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, over 15,000 tonnes of plastic waste is generated in India every day, only 9,000 of which are collected and processed. 环境、森林与气候变化部部长称,在印度,每天废弃的塑料袋超过15000吨,然而其中只有9000吨被回收和处理。Inventions like EnviGreen can help solve this problem, so let’s hope it lives up to its potential.类似EnviGreen袋的发明有利于解决塑料污染问题,希望它能蓬勃发展。 /201612/483611。

  • A newly-released report by China Academy of Social Sciences has shed some light on the impact of the changed educational structure on dating and marriage in China, Guangzhou Daily reported.据《广州日报》报道,中国社会科学院最新发布了一项报告,该报告聚焦了教育结构变化导致国内婚姻市场失衡的社会现象。From 2000 to 2010, the marriage rate for postgraduates continued to drop, the report said, with the rate for women falling below 50 percent in 2010.统计结果显示,在2000年到2010年期间,男女研究生的结婚率都在显著下降。2010年,女研究生的结婚率下降到50%以下。The situation is particularly striking in the group aged between 25 to 34.在25到34岁这个适婚阶段下降尤其明显。The change in the gender ratio on the top educational hierarchy might have contributed to the trend, according to the report.报道显示,正是因为高等教育层次的男女比例发生了显著的变化,才导致这一趋势的出现。Figures indicate that women with master degrees outnumbered men in the 20 to 29 age group by 2010.统计结果表明,2010年,20至29岁年龄组的研究生群体中,女性的数量已经超过了男性。The report explained that ideally both women and men would prefer their other halves with the same educational level, while most Chinese would expect the male to have a higher educational level than their female partners.相关报告分析,正常来讲无论是男性还是女性都希望另一半与自己受教育水平相当,但大多数则更希望男方比女方学历更高。This preference didn#39;t change much during the past years, it was claimed.事实上,上述趋势在过去几年内一直没有太大变化。However, with a drop in the number of highly-educated men, young and well-educated women may have to lower their expectations, it was added.然而,由于最近受教育水平较高的男性数量有所降低,其结果就导致年轻且受教育水平较高的女性不得不降低自己的择偶标准。 /201612/482784。
  • Police in the northeastern Chinese city of Shenyang said that they have arrested 20 people for distributing an addictive cough syrup.中国东北部城市沈阳的警方日前表示,他们逮捕了涉嫌分销致瘾止咳糖浆的20名嫌疑人。More than 6,700 bottles of a compound containing codeine phosphate, a potentially addictive prescription drug, have been seized, according to Shenyang police.据沈阳警方称,他们查获了6700多瓶含磷酸可待因(一种致瘾处方药)的止咳糖浆。The syrup is manufactured in Shenyang.这些止咳糖浆均产自沈阳。Preliminary investigation showed that an employee from a retailer in north China#39;s Hebei Province sold the cough syrup for profit by falsifying orders from clients, most of which are rural medical institutions.初步调查显示,河北省某零售商的一名员工为牟利,通过伪造客户订单销售了这些止咳糖浆,而这些客户大多都是农村医疗机构。Codeine, which is extracted from opium or synthesized from morphine, can lead to drug addiction.可待因一般从鸦片中提取,或由吗啡人工合成,可致人成瘾。Using codeine-based drugs in excessive amounts can also cause problems including stomach ulcers and liver damage.大量使用含有可待因的药物也会引起诸如胃溃疡和肝损伤等问题。Substances containing codeine are strictly controlled by China.含有可待因的药物在中国是被严格管控的。 /201704/501721。
  • Some stuff just really need to stay private, OK?有些事还是不要外传的好,行吗?1) When One of You Cheats1)你们中有一个出轨了Whether it was an emotional or physical affair (yes, there#39;s a difference and yes, they#39;re both considered infidelity), any acts that had you or your partner straying outside your relationship need to be kept quiet, says Firstein. It#39;s common to want to vent to someone else — say, your mom or your best friend — but Firstein says that can irreparably damage their opinion of your partner. And while that may be NBD if the two of you decide to separate, if you want to make a comeback it#39;ll be that much harder.不管是精神出轨还是肉体出轨(是的,两者存在差异,但都是不忠),但不论你亦或是另一半的出轨行径都不该外传,弗斯坦(Firstein)说道。想要向他人发泄是很正常的——比如,向你的母亲或闺蜜——但弗斯坦说这会彻底改变她们对你另一半的看法。如果你们俩决定分居,这没什么大不了,但如果你还想修复两人的关系,那就难得多了。;Because others know about it, it will linger on and you#39;ll have to deal with their feelings and judgment for however long they decide,; says Firstein. Think about it: If your mom knows, then every time you have a small fight with your guy and need to vent, she#39;ll always be able to bring it back to the affair, even if it has nothing to do with that. (Plus, just imagine the daggers of hatred shooting from her eyes at every family get-together from there on out. Awk-ward.) Instead, talk to an individual or couples therapist about the affair whenever you need to — they create a safe space for you to get your emotions out without a side of judgment.“因为其他人都知道这事了,它会一直存在,并且只要知情人乐意,你就必须照顾他们的感受和想法,”弗斯坦说道。想想看:如果你母亲知道了,之后每一次你和丈夫小吵一架想要发泄时,她都会提起他的出轨,就算你们的争吵与这件事毫无关系。(另外,想想看自那以后每次参加家庭聚会,你老妈向他投射的犀利眼神吧。真是尴尬。)其实任何你需要的时候,都可以和个人或夫妻治疗师谈论出轨事件——他们能创造出一种安全的空间:大声说出自己的情感而不用担心遭人指指点点。2) When One (or Both) of You Is Going Through Something Private2)你们中一个或两者都在经历一些私人的事情It sounds like a given, but Firstein says it#39;s worth repeating: If your partner you about a private family matter (his sibling has a serious health condition, for example) or a less-than-ideal situation he#39;s in (like the loss of a job), keep your mouth shut. When he opens up to you like that, it#39;s proof that he trusts you and your ability to handle the situation in a respectful manner, she says. Don#39;t break that trust by opening up to someone else — even if it#39;s simply because you#39;re looking for advice on how to console him. Instead, ;it#39;s best to just listen and be there,; says Firstein. ;It#39;s a touchy issue, but the best thing you can do is let him talk, and be caring and empathetic.;这听起来像是个假设,但弗斯坦说这值得重复:如果你的伴侣和你吐露了一个家族问题(比如,他的兄弟有严重的健康问题)或者谈了他目前正处于一种不甚理想的情况下(比如失业了),那千万别和他人提及。当他愿意和你谈这类事情时,就表明他很信任你,相信你会你妥善处理这些事情,她说道。不要和别人碎嘴而打破了这种信任——即使你只是想寻求建议如何安慰他。其实,“最好的做法就是倾听、陪伴,”弗斯坦说道。“这是件棘手的事情,最好的做法就是让他倾诉、同时关爱、同情他。”译文属 /201611/476495。
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