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Posting snapshots of what#39;s for dinner is a favorite pastime of social-media users, but making dishes appear as delicious as they taste is an elusive skill.把晚餐照片发到网上,是社交媒体用户喜欢的一项消遣活动,但让菜肴看上去和尝起来一样美味,却是一项不太好把握的技能。With a few professional tweaks, though, amateur food photographers can give their smartphone-captured meals a major upgrade. Austin, Texas-based food photographer Jody Horton believes nearly any dish can make for a pretty picture -- extensive food styling not required. Items ranging from pecan pralines to barbecue have taken center stage in Mr. Horton#39;s work for publications such as Texas Monthly and Southern Living.但是,经过几条专业点拨,业余美食摄影师也可以让他们用智能手机拍摄的美食照跃升一个档次。得克萨斯州奥斯汀美食摄影师乔迪·霍顿(Jody Horton)认为,几乎任何菜肴都可以拍出一张漂亮的照片,同时还不需要做很多的食物造型工作。在霍顿为《得州月刊》(Texas Monthly)、《南方生活》(Southern Living)等刊物拍摄的作品当中,从山核桃果仁糖到烧烤,各种美食都曾占据中心舞台。First of all, when taking food snapshots, he says, #39;Don#39;t overthink it.#39; The result should look natural.首先他说,在拍美食照的时候“不要想太多”。拍出来的照片应当显得自然。While stressing out about perfect plating is unnecessary, Mr. Horton does pay attention to the plate itself. #39;You want to be sure that the food will separate from the surface on which it#39;s sitting,#39; he said, so a red apple on a red plate likely won#39;t photograph well. Consider creating a contrast between the plate and the table, such as white china on a dark wood surface, as well.虽然强调完美造型是没必要的,霍顿还是很注意盘子。他说,“要确保食物与承托它的表面是分开的”,所以红盘子上放一个红苹果拍出来的效果很可能就不是很好。也要考虑在碗碟和桌子之间形成反差,比如把白色瓷盘放在深色木质表面上。But if that#39;s not possible, a white plate on a white surface almost always works. In a pinch, placing a white plate on a white napkin or paper towel allows the food to #39;become the star,#39; Mr. Horton says.但如果办不到,白色表面上放白色盘子几乎总是可行的。霍顿说,万不得已的情况下,将白色盘子放在白色餐巾或纸巾上面可以让食物“成为主演”。Good lighting is key. Natural light that comes from behind the food is best, he says, so Mr. Horton turns off indoor lights and the camera#39;s flash, and he places the plate in front of a window that provides indirect sunlight.良好的用光是关键。霍顿说,从食物背后照过来的自然光是最好的,所以他会关掉室内灯光和相机的闪光灯,把盘子放在一扇有非直射日光照进来的窗户前面。If it#39;s after dark or natural light is unavailable, he suggests making sure only one type of light is on -- not both a halogen lamp and a fluorescent overhead light, for instance -- and that the artificial light comes from behind the food, if possible.如果是在天黑以后或者没有自然光的条件下拍摄,他建议确保只有一种光源开启(比如不能让卤素灯泡和荧光顶灯同时打开),而且在可行的情况下,这种人工光线也要从食物背后照过来。Restaurants, unfortunately, are inherently difficult spots to shoot food. When taking professional pictures, Mr. Horton usually moves the entire table to the desired light, an option not available to the average diner. But candlelight placed just out of the shot can add nice texture, even if it might take a few tries to find the best candle placement.可惜餐馆天生不是方便拍摄美食的地方。在拍摄专业照片的时候,霍顿一般会把整张桌子搬到理想光照环境中,而普通餐馆都不具备这个条件。但刚好在画面范围之外的烛光可以增添不错的质感,即便可能要试几次才能找到放置蜡烛的最佳位置。The most fail-safe angle for taking a food picture is from directly above, with only the food in the frame, Mr. Horton says. That way, the picture taker doesn#39;t have to worry about a distracting background.霍顿说,拍摄美食照片最保险的角度还是直接从上往下拍,且画面范围内只有食品。这样拍照的人就不必担心背景喧宾夺主。When shooting from overhead, it#39;s helpful to hold a piece of paper out of the frame but opposite your light source to bounce light back toward the food.在从顶头拍摄的时候,可以在画面范围之外逆着光线照过来的方向举一张纸,把光线反射到食物上面,这样也是有帮助的。Those who want a little ambiance in their photos should consider taking their smartphone camera even higher by standing on a chair. #39;Something that I do a lot that people find really compelling is overhead table shots,#39; Mr. Horton says, adding that they bring in the layout of the table, while still allowing the lighting to be fairly simple. Plus, he says, #39;you don#39;t have to worry about people closing their eyes or having weird expressions.#39;如果想在照片中加入一点气氛,那么就应该考虑站在椅子上,把手机举得再高一些。霍顿说:“我经常拍、大家又非常佩的一类,是从上方拍摄的桌子的照片。”他还说,这样的照片会显现出桌面的布局,同时又使用光能够比较简单。另外他还说,“你不必担心人们闭上眼睛或露出奇怪的表情”。Certain types of food can be especially hard to photograph well. Foods in #39;bland#39; colors can be problematic, as well as casseroles, because it can be hard to tell what they are. Drinks are challenging because glass is so reflective, and they have a shorter #39;shelf life,#39; with melting ice and wilting garnishes. (One tip: Light them well.)某些种类的食物有时候特别难拍。色“平淡的”食物以及焙盘都有可能不好处理,因为有可能很难分辨出是什么东西。饮料的拍摄是一种挑战,因为杯子太反光,且饮料的“保质期”更短,冰块会融化,装饰品会发蔫。(一条建议:把光线用好。)Food photography can be about much more than the final product on the plate. #39;Some of the most interesting moments happen during preparation,#39; says Mr. Horton.美食摄影涉及的东西可能远远不止于盘子上的成品。霍顿说:“有些最有意思的时刻是在制作的过程中。”Something like fried chicken waiting at the table in a brown paper bag, grease spots included, can provide the opportunity to tell a story in a single photo, he says. #39;It suggests more before it, and you know more is coming after it.#39;他说,有些摄影作品可以用单幅照片讲出一个故事,比如桌子上静静地放着褐色纸袋包装的炸鸡,油脂形成的斑点都可以看到。“它说明之前发生过一些事,你也知道之后还会发生一些事。” /201402/275963It only took until lunchtime on China’s main shopping holiday for consumers there to click their way to a new record for ecommerce sales in a single day.才到午餐时分,中国面向消费者的主要购物节就刷新了单日电子商务销售的纪录。Yesterday in China was Singles’ day, a day that ecommerce companies have turned into the world’s biggest for online shopping by offering a stream of promotions and discounts.昨日是中国的“光棍节”,各大电商企业拿出各种促销和折扣,使其成为全球最大的在线购物节日。By 1:04pm, sales on Alibaba, the nation’s largest ecommerce group, reached Rmb19.1bn (.1bn), equivalent to all it sold on last year’s Singles’ day and about double what was sold last year on the US “Cyber Monday” following Thanksgiving.到了下午1时04分,中国最大电子商务集团阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的销售额就达到191亿元人民币(合31亿美元),相当于它在去年“光棍节”全天的销售额,而且差不多两倍于去年美国感恩节之后的“网购星期一”(Cyber Monday)的销售额。At midnight, this figure had almost doubled to Rmb35bn (.7bn) – the surest sign yet that China’s affinity with online shopping shows no sign of abating, with the country on track to overtake the US as the largest market for ecommerce.截至午夜,当日销售额几乎翻了一倍,至350亿元人民币(合57亿美元),这是一个最确凿无疑的信号,显示中国人的网购热情没有减弱迹象。目前中国有望超越美国,成为全球最大电子商务市场。“Crazy”, wrote the People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the ruling Communist party, on its Weibo microblog account.中共机关报《人民日报》在其新浪微账户上写道,“双十一,你疯狂了吗?”The day has drawn the approval of China’s leaders as the nation seeks to rebalance its economy from one driven by investment to consumption. Premier Li Keqiang recently praised Alibaba’s founder, Jack Ma, for creating a day for consumption, according to state media.“光棍节”得到了中国领导人的赞许,目前中国正寻求推动经济再平衡,从投资驱动型转向消费拉动型。据官方媒体报道,中国总理李克强最近表扬阿里巴巴创始人马云(Jack Ma)搞出一个消费节。“11.11 isn’t about numbers, it’s about fostering a healthier consumer environment,” Mr Ma said yesterday, according to the company’s Twitter feed.根据阿里巴巴公司的Twitter帖子,马云昨日表示,双十一不是关乎数字,而是关乎营造一个更健康的消费环境。The rapid growth of ecommerce in China contrasts with slowing online sales growth across much of western Europe and the US. Last year, revenue from online sales in China was between 0bn-0bn, a close second to the US market, worth 0bn-0bn, according to research by McKinsey, and China’s market is growing much faster.中国电子商务的快速增长,与西欧很多国家以及美国的在线销售增长放缓形成反差。麦肯锡(McKinsey)研究显示,去年中国在线销售的营收总额介于1900亿至2100亿美元之间,仅次于美国(2200亿至2300亿美元),而且相差不大,同时中国市场的增速快得多。Part of the reason China’s ecommerce market is growing so quickly, analysts say, is that internet access still has room to grow. Only 31 per cent of households now have broadband, and 21 per cent have mobile broadband, says Paul McKenzie of brokerage CLSA. With the recent growth in affordable smartphones, that percentage is poised to grow.分析师们表示,中国电子商务市场增长如此迅速的部分原因是,中国的互联网接入仍有增长空间。里昂券(CLSA)的保罗?麦肯齐(Paul McKenzie)表示,中国只有31%的家庭具备宽带上网条件,21%具备移动上网条件。随着近期价格适中的智能手机快速增长,这个百分比有望大幅提高。Consumers in China’s vast number of small cities also have a limited array of goods on sale in shops in their hometowns, particularly when it comes to foreign brands.在中国的广大中小城市,消费者从当地商店得到的商品选择也比较有限,尤其是外国品牌的商品。 /201311/264429The Netherlands nudged past France and Switzerland as the country with the most nutritious, plentiful and healthy food, while the ed States and Japan failed to make it into the top 20, a new ranking released by Oxfam on Tuesday showed.周二牛津饥荒救济委员会发布的新排名显示,荷兰超过法国和瑞士,成为食物最有营养、最丰富和最健康的国家,而美国和日本却未能挤进前20名。Chad came in last on the list of 125 nations, behind Ethiopia and Angola, in the food index from the international relief and development organization.该机构的食物排名显示,出现在排行榜上的125个国家中,非洲国家乍得排在最后一名,落后于埃塞俄比亚和安哥拉。;The Netherlands have created a good market that enables people to get enough to eat. Prices are relatively low and stable and the type of food people are eating is balanced,; Deborah Hardoon, a senior researcher at Oxfam who compiled the results, said in an interview.汇总这些结果的牛津饥荒救济委员会的高级研究员德伯拉?哈尔顿说:“荷兰营造了一个良好的市场,让人们有足够的食物可以吃。食物价格也相对低廉和稳定,人们所持的食物种类也比较平衡。”Oxfam ranked the nations on the availability, quality and affordability of food and dietary health. It also looked at the percentage of underweight children, food diversity and access to clean water, as well as negative health outcomes such as obesity and diabetes.牛津饥荒救济委员会从获得食物的难易程度、食物的品质和价位以及膳食健康等方面来给各个国家排名。它还考虑了体重偏低的儿童比例、食物的多样性、获得清洁水源的难易程度,以及肥胖和糖尿病等负面健康结果。European countries dominated the top of the ranking but Australia squeezed into the top 12, tying with Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Luxembourg at No. 8.欧洲国家占据排名前列,不过澳大利亚也成功跻身前12名,和爱尔兰、意大利、葡萄牙和卢森堡并列排在第八名。The ed Kingdom failed to make the top 10, tying for the 13th spot, because of the volatility of its food prices compared to other goods, which Oxfam said is on a level with Peru (51), Malta (33) and Kyrgyzstan (65).英国未能跻身前十名,和其他的国家并排第13名,因为英国的食物价格相比其他商品浮动太大,牛津饥荒救济委员会说英国食物价格的不稳定性与排名第51的秘鲁、排名第33的马尔他和排名第65的吉尔吉斯斯坦持平。African nations, along with Laos (112), Bangladesh (102), Pakistan (97) and India (97), were predominant in the bottom 30 countries.非洲国家和老挝(112名)、孟加拉国(102名)、巴基斯坦(97名)和印度(97名)一起入列排名最末的30个国家。Although the ed States has the most affordable and good quality food, high levels of obesity and diabetes pushed the nation into 21st place in the ranking, tying with Japan, which scored poorly on the relative price of food compared to other goods.尽管美国的食物价格和质量都是最好的,但是美国肥胖和糖尿病的高发率使美国排在第21名,与日本并排,日本排名不佳是因为食品价格相对其他商品偏高。The Netherlands got top marks for its low food prices and diabetes levels, while Chad had the worst score for the cost of food in the country and the number of underweight children - 34 percent. The only countries where food is more expensive are Guinea and the Gambia, which were both at the lower end of the ranking.荷兰排名居首是因为食物价格低和糖尿病发病率低,而乍得排名最低是因为食物价格太高和体重不足儿童的数量太多(占据34%)。唯一食品价格比乍得还高的国家是几内亚和冈比亚,这两个国家都排名靠后。Burundi, Yemen, Madagascar and India have the worst rates of nutrition and the most underweight children, according to Oxfam.排名指出,布隆迪、也门、马达加斯加和印度的食物营养价值最低、体重不足的儿童也最多。Oxfam said the latest figures show 840 million people go hungry every day, despite there being enough food for the hungry. It called for changes in the way food is produced and distributed around the world.牛津饥荒救济委员会说,尽管有足够的食物给穷人吃,但每天还是有8.4亿人每天饿肚子。它呼吁改变食物生产的方式和在全世界分配的方式。Research suggests that climate change could raise the number of people at risk of hunger by 20 to 50 percent by 2050, according to the group.根据该组织,研究表明,气候变化将会在2050年前使饥饿人群的数量增加20%到50%。 /201401/273859

Coca-Cola has launched its first major new Cola in nearly a decade: Coke Life. It comes in a green can, with a small leaf logo, and promises to be much healthier than standard Coke.可口可乐公司推出近十年来第一种主要新型产品:可口可乐生命(Coke Life)。它包装在绿色的罐子里,上有小树叶标志。公司承诺,它比标准的可乐更健康。A 330ml can has 89 calories - a third less than the 129 found in standard Coke. That is because, alongside sugar, it is also uses stevia leaf extract from the stevia plant. This naturally very sweet plant contains zero calories. The company hopes that many consumers will not be able to tell the difference between ;green Coke; and normal Coke.330毫升饮料中含有89卡路里,与标准可口可乐相比少了三分之一。这是因为除糖外,它还使用了从甜叶菊植株上提取的树叶。这种天然的甜味植株不含卡路里。可口可乐公司认为,许多消费者不能区分绿色的可乐和普通的可乐。James Quincey at Coca-Cola Europe says: “With Coca-Cola Life, we have innovated to provide consumers with a new option with fewer calories. It complements our existing brands and is well-positioned to meet changing lifestyle trends, providing people with a great-tasting, lower calorie cola sweetened from natural sources.”可口可乐欧洲公司的詹姆斯·昆西昆西(James Quincey)说:“通过可口可乐生命,我们创新性地向消费者提供了低卡路里的新选择。它是对我们现存品牌的补充,并且向人们提供了口味佳,通过自然资源获得甜味实现低卡路里的可乐,在迎合新生活方式的潮流中占据了先机。”The company appears to brush over the fact that the sugar used in standard Coke in the UK is derived from either cane sugar or sugar beet -- both natural sources, grown in fields.可口可乐公司似乎忽视了一个事实,英国标准可口可乐中使用的糖也是从生长在田里的自然资源蔗糖和甜菜中提取的。Also, Coke Life despite being lower calories still contains 22g of sugar -- a quarter of an adult#39;s recommended daily allowance.另外,即使可口可乐生命卡路里更低,但仍含有22克糖,这是一个成年人每天建议摄入量的四分之一。The Telegraph hit the streets of central London to find out whether consumers could tell Coca-Cola Life from normal Coca-Cola, and which drink they preferred. In all, nearly thirty people undertook the taste test, with the majority, especially regular Coke consumers, able to spot they were different drinks.英国电讯报在伦敦中心进行了街头采访,探究消费者能否区别可口可乐生命和普通可口可乐,他们更喜欢哪种口味。近30人参与了测试,其中的大多数,尤其是可口可乐长期消费者,能够发现饮料的不同。 /201408/324869

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