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oath宣誓Twenty-one everIn court a judge asked the witness, ;How old are you? I mean, really, how old are you? And remember, youre under oath so tell the truth.;The woman replied, ;Im twenty one and some months.;The judge said, ;Be specific: how many months?;So she said, ;One hundred and eighteen months.; ;妙;龄人 庭上的法官问人:;多大了?我的意思是,真实年龄是多少?别忘了刚才已经宣誓过,所以请诚实作答; 这位女士回答:;我二十一岁又几个月; 法官说:;要讲精确,到底是多少个月?; 她回答:;一百一十八个月!; 1. oath宣誓也有;诅咒;的意思:He hurled a few oaths at his wife.他骂了妻子几句.specific具体的We havent fixed a specific date our meeting. 我们会议的具体日期还没有定下来 6758Minisa:I dont hear anything.米尼萨:我什么也没听到Jaloliddin:I think you have a flat tire.贾勒汀:我想你有轮胎漏气了Minisa:The left rear tire has a slow leak, but I just inflated it the last time I was at the gas station, so Im sure it fine.米尼萨:左后胎有些慢漏气,但上次我在加油站时还充过气,所以我相信它没问题Jaloliddin:No, really, I think you need to pull off to the side of the road.贾勒汀:不,真的,我认为你需要停到路边Minisa:Were on a busy freeway, but if you insist.米尼萨:我们现在可是在繁忙的高速公路上,但如果你非得坚持的话Jaloliddin:Wow, your tire is definitely flat.贾勒汀:哇,你的轮胎肯定漏气了See how the tire is completely worn out, with hardly any t left?你看看轮胎怎么搞的?几乎快磨透了,连胎面都没了Minisa:Yeah, well, Ive been meaning to get a new one. Now what?米尼萨:是啊,好吧,我一直想弄个新的现在该怎么办呢?Jaloliddin:We need to change it. Let see if you have a jack and a spare tire.贾勒汀:我们需要换胎让我们来看看你是否有千斤顶和备用胎Minisa:I think theyre in the trunk, but I dont think I could do it myself.米尼萨:我想这些工具应该在汽车车尾的行李箱里,但我自己可能干不了Jaloliddin:Right. Ill change the tire.贾勒汀:好吧我来换轮胎Do you have a wrench so I can get the lug nuts off?你有一个可以拧螺母的扳手吗?Minisa:I have some basic tools in the trunk, too, I think.米尼萨:我想,行李箱里也有这些基本工具Jaloliddin:Put your hazard lights on and Ill get to work.贾勒汀:打开你的危险信号灯,我就开始干活At least your rim doesnt look bent.至少你的轮圈看起来没弯Minisa:Im glad to hear that. What should I do?米尼萨:很高兴听到这个消息我该怎么做?Jaloliddin:Bone up on basic car maintenance?贾勒汀:突击学习下基本的汽车维护? 3790Drone Footage Captures Antarctica Like Never Bee无人机拍摄美丽南极洲A Swedish film crew has released an 8-minute from a recent sailing trip to Antarctica. The aerial footage was captured by GoPro cameras attached to a drone that the crew operated from their yacht. Swedish filmmaker Kalle Ljung brought his 73-year-old father along the trip. They visited Antarctica days in January . It was the middle of the Antarctic summer, when temperatures range from - to degrees Celsius ( degrees Fahrenheit). In addition to the stunning blue waters and icy landscapes, the crew captured an aerial shot of a pod of whales breaching.最近,来自瑞典的电影制作团队乘坐帆船来到了南极洲,并公布了8分钟的拍摄画面航拍镜头是由附在无人机上的GoPro照相机拍摄到的,工作人员在游艇上进行操作瑞典电影制作人Kalle·Ljung是与73岁的父亲一同前往的年1月份,他们进行了为期天的南极旅行当时正值夏季中旬,气温从零下摄氏度到摄氏度(华氏温度)不等除了蔚蓝的大海和极地景观之外,工作人员还在天空捕捉到了大海中海豚溅起浪花的画面译文属原创,,不得转载 375188

亚历克·鲍德温除表演外,在配音方面也表现出与众不同的才能,先后为几部倍受儿童喜爱的英国儿童电视剧和动画片配音年在《冷却中扮演一个性情爆燥的老板,以自己的不俗表演获得了奥斯卡最佳男配角奖提名另外有次获其他奖项,次提名他要竞选纽约市长?难道要效仿施瓦辛格?Here something else that I heard and I hope this isnt true, maybe it true, I hope it not, that you were gonna run mayor, cause I think that really, yeah, I know, but what if it didnt go well? You know?我还听到了别的东西,我希望这不是真的,也许这是真的,但我希望它不是,你会竞选市长,因为我认为那是真的,是的,我知道,但是如果不是呢?你明白吗?Well, it the old, it the old attitude here people say who are interested in politics, I would like to be the mayor, I dont think I wanna run mayor,嗯,这是陈旧的,老一套的人们对政治感兴趣的人的态度,我想当市长,我不认为我想竞选市长Exactly true,是这样的I mean, running major and being the major are two completely different things, and my life is changing, I gotta, Im gonna do the show another year and beyond that, I dont know, Ive got a women in my life now, my girlfriend was very important to me, I mean that were...我的意思是,努力竞选和当上市长是两种完全不同的东西,我的生活在改变,我明年才会这样,除此之外,我不知道,现在我的生活已经有了女人,,我的女友对我来说非常重要,我的意思是,我们在…How long has she been your current friend, your girlfriend?她做你的女朋友多久了?What size of the bed you sleep on?你睡多大的床?No, I...不,我…Ive got ideas, big ideas!我有想法,很大的想法!but I was trained to be delicate, how long had your, you said you had a women in your life, and how long, you know?但我必须要细致耐心,你有多久了,你的生活中有个女人,过了多久,你知道吗?level Ive known her ever, Dave.我永远会记住她的,戴夫Vow, that pretty good誓言,那是个相当不错的Now can we talk more about your girlfriend maybe?现在,我们能谈论更多关于你的女朋友?I think my girlfriend is here, Dave, she here with me.我认为我的女朋友在这里,戴夫,她和我在一起You mind if we take a look?您不介意我们一看吗?We have, she has taken a seat, she aly in the green room, there she is,没关系,她也在座,她已经在绿色房间,她在那儿Oh, hi, hello, what your name? Beutiful.哦,你好,你好能请问你的名字吗?Hilary Thomas, and of course , Dave, you know, running mayor is something that I would love to do, but I wanna you to think about this, would I rather be handcuffed to the emergency command center in Mathbase during a hurricane, you know, holding down the t, youre making sure all the ploughs are working, and all the sewage not backing up, would I rather spend some of that to y ruck money travelling the world with my girlfriend, which do you think?希拉里·托马斯,当然,戴夫,你知道,竞选市长是我一直很想做的,但我想要你去思考,我宁愿被束缚在Mathbase的应急指挥中心,你知道,你确定所有的犁在工作,和所有的污水没备我宁愿花一些钱陪我的女朋友周游世界,你觉得呢?well, yeah, it not even, not even close嗯,是啊,没有这么严重Are you running mayor?你竞选市长吗?I dont know, I dont know,我不知道,我不知道,Youre a lucky man.你是个幸运的男人Eating hotdogs in Mathbase all day, or going to Paris with my girlfriend, I dont know.在Mathbase一整天吃热,或去巴黎陪我的女朋友,我不知道 77

Voice 1: Welcome to Spotlight. Im Liz Waid.声音1:欢迎收听重点报道节目我是利兹·韦德Voice : And Im David Bast. Spotlight uses a special English method of broadcasting. It is easier people to understand, no matter where in the world they live.声音:我是大卫·贝斯特重点报道节目用慢速英语的方式播报新闻便于全世界各地民众的理解Voice 1: You write, and we answer! It time Spotlight listener mail program!声音1:你们写,我们来答!现在是重点报道节目的听众来信时间!Voice : In today program we will letters from Augusto in Ecuador, Victor in Brazil, Jozef from Slovakia, and Brother Sylvester in Kenya. Let get started!声音:今天的节目我们会朗读几封听众来信,这些信件分别来自厄瓜多尔的奥古斯托、巴西的维克多、斯洛文尼亚的乔泽夫以及肯尼亚的西尔威斯特教友我们开始节目吧!Voice 1: Our first letter today is from Augusto. He writes to Spotlight from Quito, Ecuador. Augusto recently listened to the program ‘Social Internet. In that program we told about the different ways people use the internet. Some people use the internet to make new relationships. Augusto writes:声音1:今天的第一封信来自奥古斯托他从厄瓜多尔基多市给重点报道节目来信奥古斯托最近听了《社交网络这期节目在节目中我们介绍了人们使用互联网的不同方式有的人用网络建立新的关系译文属 69

Stand tall like the sunflower如向日葵般高高站立I find it humorous sometimes that even the most mundane occurrences can have an impact on our awareness.有时候我觉得很有意思,甚至连最平凡的事情都能够对我们的认识产生影响My wife, daughter, and I moved into our home nine years ago and we spent a lot of time and energy in the yard to get it looking like it does today.九年前,我的妻子、女儿和我搬进了现在的家,我们花了大量的时间和和精力整修我们的院子,让它看起来像今天这个样子We live on a corner, higher than street level, and the entire side of the yard is encased by a professionally built rock wall.我们住在一个拐角处,比街道的水平面要高院子的外侧围着一面砌得很讲究的石墙The front of the house though is another story because instead of a wall along the sidewalk,the rocks appear to be just thrown up onto the dirt as if someone were in a hurry to finish.尽管房子的前边是另一码事—因为沿人行道修建的不是一面墙,而是在泥地上草草垒起来的石头堆,好像是什么人匆忙赶工完成的We did the best we could with what we had to work with and called this area our ‘rock garden.我们竭尽所能来做我们必须做的工作,并把这个地方叫做我们的岩石花园Whenever we had left over flowers or plants, Denise or I would stick them out front, just to bring some color to the area.每当我们在这里种上花或其他植物,丹尼斯或者我就会让它们伸到墙外,只是为了给这个地方增添一些色I still do all of my own yard work, even the ded weed-pulling.我还在做自己的庭院劳作,包括让人生畏的拔杂草工作After putting on my knee pads I assume the position to clear the yard of weeds, even in the rock garden.我带上护膝后,我便着手清理庭院杂草,即使是在岩石花园里Last summer I had reached the end of the rock garden and found a tiny little plant that I could not immediately identify.去年夏天,我走到岩石花园的一端,发现一株我不能立刻认出来的小植物I knew I didnt plant it and Denise claimed that she didnt either.我知道我没有在那里种植它丹尼斯说她也没有种过We decided to let it continue growing until we could figure out what it was.我们决定让它继续生长,直到我们能搞清楚,它到底是什么植物Weeks passed and as I made my way back to the mystery plant, it appeared to be a Sunflower.几周过去了,我回到那株神秘植物跟前,它好像是一棵向日葵It was spindly looking with a tall skinny stalk and only one head on it.它还很纤细,长着细高的茎杆,上面只有一个头I decided to baby it along and weed around it.我决定好好照看它,除去它周围的杂草As I pulled rocks from the area to get to the weeds, I noticed something unusual.当我把这个地方的石头挪开以便除草时,我发现有些异常情况The Sunflower had not started where I saw the stalk begin.向日葵并不是从我发现茎杆的地方开始生长的It actually had begun under a big rock and grown under and around it to reach the sun.实际上,它从一块大石头下面开始发芽、生长,然后绕过石头,以获取阳光That when I realized that if a tiny little Sunflower didnt let a big rock stand in its way of developing, we too have the capability of doing the same thing.那时我认识到,如果一棵小小的向日葵都没有让一块大石头挡住它成长的路,那么我们同样有能力做同样的事情Once our environment begins to see that we believe in ourselves like that little Sunflower, we can attain the same nourishment and nurturing as well.一旦我们的环境开始看到,我们像那棵小小的向日葵一样相信自己,我们就能够得到同样的养分并且成长起来First, we need to believe in ourselves knowing we have the capabilities in achieving our desires.首先, 我们需要相信自己, 认识到我们有能力达到我们的愿望Like the Sunflower, it knew it had the capability to overcome its obstacle because it trusted in the Universal Truth and had faith it would succeed.就像向日葵那样, 它知道它有能力去克障碍, 因为它相信普遍真理, 并且相信它会成功Stand tall like the Sunflower and be proud of who and what you are and the environment will begin to support you.只要你像向日葵一样高高站着,为自己感到自豪,环境就会开始持你You will find a way to go under or around your big obstacle in order to reach your desires.为了达成愿望,你会在障碍下边或其周围找到一条出路 6866The hospital receptionist answers the phoneHolly:Hello. I was wondering if Taylor Smith has checked out yet?Recept: Just one moment. Ill check with the cancer ward desk.Holly:The cancer ward!? Oh, my.It worse than we thought.Recept: Maam, Im sorry. The cancer ward said Mr. Smith passed away two days ago.Holly:That impossible! Im talking about Mister Taylor Smith.Recept: Yes, maam. He died from complications of stomach cancer. Im very sorry.Holly:Im going to be sick!参考译文:医院务台人员接起电话荷 莉: 喂我想请问泰勒史密斯出院了没?务员: 稍等我问问癌症病房务台荷 莉: 癌症病房!?天啊比我们想象的还糟糕务员: ,很遗憾癌症病房说史密斯先生两天前过世了荷 莉: 不可能!我说的是泰勒史密斯先生务员: 是的,他死于胃癌的并发症我很遗憾荷 莉: 我快吐了!重点词汇:receptionist(柜台)务员为节省篇幅,本篇皆简写为receptLet my receptionist know when you are free.你有空时请通知我的柜台务人员cancer ward癌症病房Being a nurse in the cancer ward is very difficult.担任癌症病房护士的工作非常艰难complication (n.)并发症A: Jack died from complications from the illness.杰克因为生病引发并发症过世B: I hope his wife is OK.我希望他太太没事 376

Step by Step 3000. Book Four. 6. Youth Aspirations.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywordsfree time, stress, experts, prodigies, extracurricular activity, enough is enough.Vocabularysyndrome, ballet, gymnastics, prodigy, well-rounded, well-grounded.Here is a report on how American average teenagers spend their free time. Listen carefully and complete the major points by filling in keywords.Market researchers estimate that the average teenager spends about 8 dollars of their own money a week on clothing, food and entertainment.But not all kids have time to go shopping. As a matter of fact, the amount of free time that children have has dropped about % over the last several years. Many call it the over-scheduled syndrome.There is been a real cultural shift in this country in the past few years.It used to be that children could participate in ballet, or gymnastic, or football in a very casual way. Now there is a real emphasis and a real stress on these kids to be experts.The children are expected to become prodigies in whatever extracurricular activity it is that they choose.Is it all necessary if the goal is simply to get into a selective college? Administration officers at Harvard University say, ;No.;Only one third of the students they select are academic or extracurricular prodigies. The rest are e ;well-rounded and well-grounded.;What we are finding is that many parents now are starting to say ;enough is enough; and theyre cutting back. Weve found parents who are pulling their children out of all of their activities.It just too much stress on the children, too much time away from homework, time away from sleeping, time away from eating and enough, and a lot of parents now are just saying ;stop!; 5931

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