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The UN has suspended aid convoys into Syria a day after an air strike hit relief trucks, killing 20 people and leaving diplomats scrambling to maintain a US-Russian peace plan for the country.联合国已暂停向叙利亚派遣救援物资车队,就在前一天,运输物资的车队遭到空袭,导致20人遇难,外交官们忙于保住美俄达成的叙利亚和平计划。John Kerry, US secretary of state, said yesterday that “the ceasefire is not dead” and Russian officials also insisted that the plan to halt fighting in Syria had not yet been abandoned.美国国务卿约翰#8226;克里(John Kerry)昨日表示,“停火没有死”,俄罗斯官员们也坚称,停止叙利亚战火的计划没有被放弃。However, with events on the ground continuing to undermine the US-Russian plan, ministers from other governments said it would be very hard to revive the agreement.然而,随着第一线的事态继续破坏美俄计划,其他国家政府的部长级官员们表示,很难挽救停火协议。“We have to be honest, the US-Russian negotiation has reached its limits,” said Jean-Marc Ayrault, the French foreign minister. German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that diplomats were trying to see if there was a way to restart negotiations or if the situation had become “hopeless”.“我们不得不诚实,美俄谈判已经达到极限,”法国外长让-马克#8226;埃罗(Jean-Marc Ayrault)表示。德国外长弗兰克-瓦尔特#8226;施泰因迈尔(Frank-Walter Steinmeier)表示,外交官们正试图看看有没有一条重启谈判的途径,抑或形势已经变得“没有希望”。The ministers were speaking after a meeting in New York of the governments involved in the Syrian conflict, which took place on the margins of the UN General Assembly and which Mr Ayrault said had been “dramatic”.这些部长们是在介入叙利亚冲突的各国政府在纽约开会后发表讲话的。在联合国大会(UN General Assembly)间隙举行的此次会议,被埃罗形容为富于“戏剧性”。The US state department said the meeting agreed “there was still an imperative to pursue a nationwide cessation of hostilities” and that ministers would meet again later this week.美国国务院表示,与会各方同意“仍有必要争取在全国范围停止敌对行动”,而部长们将在本周晚些时候再次开会。The flurry of diplomatic activity in New York came as furious UN officials warned that Monday night’s air strike near Aleppo, in which 18 of 31 trucks in the aid convoy were destroyed, could be a war crime.繁忙的外交活动在纽约展开之际,愤怒的联合国官员警告说,周一晚在阿勒颇(Aleppo)附近进行的空袭可能构成战争罪,此次空袭摧毁了救援物资车队31辆卡车中的18辆。“If this callous attack is found to be a deliberate targeting of humanitarians, it would amount to a war crime,” said Stephen O’Brien, UN aid chief. Two other aid agencies also suspended operations.“如果此次残酷无情的攻击被发现蓄意针对人道主义行动,那将构成一种战争罪行,”联合国救援负责人斯蒂芬#8226;奥布莱恩(Stephen O’Brien)表示。另外两个援助机构也暂停了救援行动。US officials and opposition activists blamed the attack on warplanes belonging to either Syria or Russia, which has intervened militarily on President Bashar al-Assad’s behalf.美国官员和反对派活动人士将此次空袭归咎于叙利亚或俄罗斯的战机,俄罗斯发起了持叙利亚总统巴沙尔#8226;阿萨德(Bashar al-Assad)的军事干预。But Moscow and the Syrian government denied responsibility and hinted that local rebels were to blame.但莫斯科和叙利亚政府都拒绝承担责任,并暗示当地反政府军需要承担罪责。Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the Russian defence ministry, said of the convoy showed no evidence of missile strikes, suggesting it could have been a fire, according to a statement reported on Tass, the Russian state news agency.据俄罗斯官方通讯社塔斯社(Tass)报道,俄罗斯国防部发言人伊戈尔#8226;柯纳申科夫(Igor Konashenkov)表示,从车队遇袭的视频看,没有导弹袭击的据,似乎表明可能是一场火灾。He said Russia and the Assad regime stopped following the convoy after it left regime territory. “All information about the convoy’s whereabouts was known only to the militants who control these areas.”他表示,在车队离开叙利亚政府控制的地盘后,俄罗斯和叙利亚就不再追踪车队的去向。“有关车队行踪的所有信息,只有控制着这些地区的武装分子才知道。” /201609/467545。

China is planning to ban online games for minors from midnight to 8:00 am, according to a draft regulation on the protection of minors issued by the Office of the Central Leading Group for Cyberspace Affairs.据中央网络事务领导小组办公室日前发布的一份未成年人保护条例草案显示,中国正计划禁止未成年人在午夜到凌晨8点这一时段之间玩儿网游。Experts believe it will be a powerful measure to prevent minors#39; Internet addiction. But implementation of the policy requires not only users#39; registration information, but a verification and recognition system for minors.专家认为这将是一项预防未成年人网瘾的有力措施。但是要实施这项政策不仅仅需要用户的注册信息,还需要一个未成年人认和识别系统。By June 2016, the total number of China#39;s netizens who are minors reached 160 million, accounting for 23 percent of the country#39;s netizens.截止2016年6月,中国未成年网民数量已经达到了1.6亿,占全部网民数量的23%。Given that 90.1 percent of minors in the country have online access, the online world has a profound influence on them. Therefore, the prevention of Internet addiction among minors has become an important issue for the country.由于中国90.1%的未成年人都能上网,网络世界对他们产生了深远的影响。因此预防未成年人网瘾已经成为了中国一项重要的课题。Liu Chunquan, a lawyer from a law firm in Shanghai, believes the country should implement such measures, since minors are unable to effectively control themselves, and addiction to online games may harm their mental and physical health.刘春泉是上海某律师事务所的一名律师,他认为国家应该实施这样的措施,因为未成年人无法有效控制自己,而沉迷网游可能会损害他们的身心健康。However, China Youth University of Political Studies Vice President Lin Wei told Legal Weekly that implementation of the ;midnight ban; should be based on a series of supporting mechanisms, such as users#39; registration information. Lin said the ban would be less effective if it fails to identify minors from adult users.不过,中国青年政治学院副院长林维在接受《法制周报》采访时表示,执行这一“午夜禁令”应该基于一系列配套机制,例如用户注册信息。林维称,如果不能区分未成年人和成年人的话,这一禁令的有效性将会大减。 /201702/492863。

On Oct. 12, a 10-year-old boy in Fuyang, Anhui province saved a 3-year-old girl after she fell from a third-floor balcony.10月12日,安徽省阜阳市一3岁女孩从三楼阳台坠落,一名10岁男孩救了他。Fortunately, neither child sustained serious injuries, with the exception of a bone fracture in the girl#39;s left arm.幸运的是,除了女孩左臂骨折外,两个孩子都没有太过严重的伤势。The boy, named Chen Junbo, is an elementary school student.救人男孩名叫陈俊伯,是一名小学生。He found the girl dangling from a third-floor balcony as he returned home from school with his grandmother.当时他正和自己奶奶从学校回家,发现这名女孩悬挂在三楼阳台外面。Just as the girl began to fall to the ground, Chen ran toward her and attempted to catch her in his bare arms. The two fell to the ground together.就在女孩开始坠落下来之际,陈俊伯冲向她坠楼下方,试图徒手接住小女孩。两个孩子都一起倒在了地上。Luckily, since the ground was cushioned by a patch of mud, neither was severely injured.但幸运的是,地面是泥土比较松软,两个孩子都没有受太严重的伤。The girl#39;s mother said she was picking her son up from school when the incident occurred. She extended her heartfelt thanks to Chen and his grandmother for saving her daughter.据女孩的母亲表示,事故发生时她正在接儿子放学。对于陈俊伯和他奶奶救了自己女儿一事,她表示衷心的感谢。Chen#39;s grandmother also praised him, saying that he is a good, kind boy. Chen said he wasn#39;t scared because he knew that the girl needed his help.陈俊伯的奶奶也表扬了他,说他是一个优秀、善良的孩子。陈俊伯表示,他当时一点都不害怕,因为他知道那个女孩需要他的帮助。 /201610/474958。

Chinese women#39;s financial power is growing with nearly 60 percent controlling and managing the family finances, a report said.一项报告显示,我国女性的财政权越来越大,近6成女性掌管着家庭的财政大权。2016 Women Financial Management Report was co-released by financial media hexun.com, online finance platform tongbanjie.com and Alibaba#39;s Ali Research on Aug 18.《2016女性财富管理报告》是由财经媒体和讯网、互联网理财平台铜板街和阿里巴巴旗下的阿里研究院联合发布的。The report gives a portrait of a typical woman in charge of her finances: 25-35 years old, financially independent, living in first-tier cities or coastal cities in southeast China.该报告描绘了掌握财政大权的女性的典型形象:年龄为25-35岁,经济独立,居住在一线城市或东南沿海城市。The report shows that the more women earn, the larger a say she has in the family#39;s financial management.报告显示,女性赚得越多,其在家庭财富管理上的话语权越大。According to the report, those with an annual income of 80,000 yuan and 150,000 yuan are most interested in online finance, while those who have a yearly income of 200,000 yuan to 500,000 yuan are most involved in investment.该报告指出,那些每年收入在8万元到15万元的女性对互联网理财最感兴趣,而那些年收入在20万元到50万元的女性投资能力最强。The report analyzed that playing multiple roles of wife, mother and daughter, women take a great responsibility in managing family consumption, purchasing insurance and other financial products, so they have a strong need for finance.报告分析称,由于扮演着妻子、母亲、女儿的多重角色,女性在管理家庭消费、购买保险和其他金融产品方面承担着重大责任,因此她们有着很强的理财需求。But compared to men, women are more conservative in investment. Online financing and bank savings are women#39;s top financial choices, and the percentage of women investing in the stock market and real estate are lower than men.但女性的投资行为比男性更保守。互联网理财、存款是女性首选的理财方式,投资股市、楼市的女性比例低于男性。 /201609/465709。

China will raise the deposit interest rate for its housing provident fund to allow more proceeds for depositors, the central bank said Wednesday.中国人民上周三表示,我国将上调住房公积金账户存款利率,为缴存者带来更多收益。The rate will be increased to 1.5 percent starting from Feb. 21, the People#39;s Bank of China (PBOC) said in a statement. The current rate is 0.35 percent or 1.1 percent, depending on when the deposits were placed.根据中国人民发表的一项声明中表示,自本月21日起,住房公积金存款利率将升至1.5%。目前,根据公积金存款归集时间,公积金账户存款利率为0.35%或1.1%。The housing provident fund is a saving program that allows employees and employers to set aside a portion of wages to be used as deposits on home purchases.住房公积金是一种储蓄形式,允许雇员和雇主留出一部分工资作为购房存款。;The move will help employees gain reasonable returns from their deposits, making the program fairer and more effective,; the PBOC said.央行称:“此举将有助于住房公积金缴存职工获得合理存款收益,进一步提高住房公积金制度公平性和有效性。”The hike will not affect the country#39;s overall interest rate level, it noted.此外,央行还指出,此次调整不会影响我国整体利率水平。Some analysts said the move will be an incentive for home buyers to make better use of the fund, thereby, helping house sales and reducing inventories, while others noted its role will be limited.一些分析人士表示,此举将刺激购房者更好的利用公积金,从而促进房屋销售和减少存房,但有些人则认为它的作用将是有限的。Chinese authorities have issued a slew of measures to revive the property market after it took a downturn in 2014 due to weak demand and a supply glut.中国政府已经就2014年楼市因为需求疲软和供应过剩而有所下滑做出了一系列振兴楼市的措施。 /201602/427460。

Plenty of us turn to takeout when we#39;re feeling too sick to cook. But a Belfast woman#39;s order has gone viral after she asked for a side order of medicine with her food.很多人在生病时感觉没有力气做饭,就会叫份儿外卖。但近日英国贝尔法斯特一位女士的外卖订单火了,因为她在订餐之余还请送餐人员顺便帮她买药。Feeley#39;s Fish amp; Chip Shop received the unusual request from Fiona Cuffe on December 30. In the ;#39;additional comments; section, she#39;d written, ;Will you please stop in Spar on the way and get me Benylin cold amp; flu tablets and I#39;ll give you the money, only ordering food so I can get the tablets I#39;m dying sick xx.;12月30日费利家炸鱼amp;薯条店收到了菲奥纳?卡夫的这份不寻常的外卖订单。这位顾客在买家留言上写着:“麻烦您能在来的路上顺便帮我去Spar(一家零售连锁公司)买些Benylin伤寒流感药片吗?我会付药钱的,只有点个外卖我才能拿到药。我快难受死了。”Feeley#39;s shared a photo of the receipt on Facebook with the caption ;Words absolutely fail me.; Despite being taken aback, the restaurant fulfilled the order -- and posted a picture of the much-needed flu pills before delivering them.这家餐厅将这张收据拍了照发到了脸书上,标题写着“我完全不知道该说什么好。”虽然感到惊讶,但是餐厅还是按照订单要求满足了顾客——并且,送餐人员在给顾客送这些急需的感冒药前,还拍了照片发到了网上。The original photo has been shared nearly 3,000 times on Facebook, with many commenters from around the world praising Feeley#39;s customer service. Even Fiona#39;s father John posted his thanks.这张原照在脸书上被分享了近3000次,世界各地的许多人留言赞赏了费利餐厅的暖心。菲奥纳的父亲约翰也在网上表示了自己的感谢。The restaurant#39;s social media manager, Daniel Casey, told CNN they were ;shocked to see such a strange request -- but I admired her skill to get what she needed!;餐厅的社交媒体经理丹尼尔?凯西在接受CNN采访时说道:“一开始我们看到这么特别的要求时很惊讶,但是我很欣赏菲奥纳这种想方设法满足自己需求的能力。”;And she stated she was dying, so of course we were happy to help.“而且她在订单中说自己要难受死了,所以我们当然很愿意帮助她。”;We operate in a small community and the customer in question has used us several times before,; he said. ;She was delighted at receiving the medicine and we wish her a speedy recovery -- our customers are the lifeblood of our business, and we will always do what we can for them.;他说:“我们的餐厅位于一个小区内,这位客户之前就让我们帮过她几次忙了。她收到药后很开心,我们希望她能早日康复——顾客是我们的衣食父母,我们总会在能力范围内帮助他们。”And just in case Fiona#39;s medicine didn#39;t perk her up, Feeley#39;s even offered to send her a free meal when she#39;s feeling better.如果药物还不能让菲奥纳振作起来,费利餐厅甚至提出等她好一些以后免费送她一餐。 /201701/487086。

On Oct. 19, the city of Hezhou in Guangxi was given the title ;World Longevity City.;广西贺州市于10月19日被授予“世界长寿市”称号。A certificate was presented to the city by Zou Ping, vice chair of the International Experts Committee on Population Aging and Longevity, and Thomas Krafft, co-chair of the Commission on Environment and Health of the International Geographic Union.国际人口老龄化长寿化专家委员会副主席邹平和国际地理联合会健康与环境委员会主席汤马斯·克拉福特向贺州市颁发了书。According to Li Hongqing, mayor of Hezhou, there are more than 334,000 people over 60 in Hezhou.据贺州市市长李宏庆介绍,贺州市60岁以上的老年人超过33.4万。The over-80 population includes more than 62,000 residents, accounting for 18.5 percent of the total elderly population.其中80岁以上的老年人超过6.2万,占老年人口总数的18.5%。The city also has 458 centenarians, and an average life expectancy of 78.01 years.该市还有458位百岁老人,平均预期寿命为78.01岁。In July 2011, Hezhou#39;s Zhaoping County was awarded the title ;Longevity Town of China.;2011年7月,贺州市昭平县被授予“中国长寿之乡”称号。Fuchuan Yao Autonomous County and Zhongshan County were awarded the title in 2014 and 2015 respectively, making all the counties under administration of Hezhou recipients of the honor.富川瑶族自治县和钟山县分别在2014年和2015年被授予该称号,这也使得贺州市下辖的所有县均获得了该荣誉。A group of experts found that the air in 92.13 percent of monitored sites in Hezhou could be classified as very clean.一队专家发现,贺州市有92.13%的监测点位空气清洁度指数达到“最清洁”。Meanwhile, the drinking water in Hezhou is rich in many trace elements and minerals, and the concentration of selenium in the soil is higher than 0.4mg/kg.同时,贺州的饮用水中富含多种微量元素和矿物质,土壤中的硒含量高于每公斤0.4毫克。 /201611/476481。