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Language Pointsface with rolling eyes 白眼reversed hand with middle finger extended 竖中指up side down facethe nerd facehugging facehave your heart exclaimation mark ornamentwhite frowning faceslightly frowning faceunicorn face /201608/462025。

  • We have multiple failures on the inertial reference system. We are no longer able to fly oceanic route. Request return for landing.481. 我们有多个惯导失效,我们不能再跨洋飞行,申请返场着陆。We do not meet GPS approach requirement due to flight crew qualifications.482. 由于机组资格,我们不符合GPS进近要求。Our Airline policy does not allow us to perform CAT IIIC approach.483. 我们公司政策不允许我们执行IIIC类进近。Our operations manual forbids this procedure.484. 我们的运行手册禁止该程序。Our Aviation Authority does not permit this procedure.485. 我们航空当局不允许该程序。We are unable to conform to the noise abatement procedure due performance.486. 由于性能,我们不遵守降噪程序。We are not qualified for CAT IIIB approach and auto-land. Request diversion.487. 我们不具备IIIB类进近和自动着陆资格。请求改航.Our VHF number One receiver has failed. We are no longer monitoring 121.5。488. 我们第一部甚高频接收机失效,我们不再监听121.5。All stations, transmitting blind due to receiver failure.489. 各台注意,由于接收机失效,正在盲发。All of our VHF transmitters have failed, now transmitting on HF radio. Please respond.490. 我们所有甚高频发射机都失效了,现在高频无线电发报,请回复。Our SELCAL has malfunctioned. We will continue monitoring your frequency.491. 我们的选择呼叫失效了,我们会继续监听频率We are receiving an ELT signal on 121.5.492. 我们在121.5里听到一个紧急定位发射机信号We are picking up a broadcast signal on 121.5.493. 有人在121.5里发射信号。Our satellite phone is unserviceable. We are unable to call company operations.494. 我们的卫星电话今天不工作,我们联系不上公司签派。Our data-link has malfunctioned. Request re-release the flight plan by voice.495. 我们数据链故障了,申请口头式的二次放行飞行计划。Our data-link has malfunctioned. Request ATC clearance by voice.496. 我们数据链故障了,申请口头式的ATC放行许可。My apologies, I wasn’t aware the boom mike was transmitting.497. 不好意思,我没发觉手持话筒在发射。Sorry for blocking the frequency due microphone jammed.498. 抱款由于麦克风卡阻堵塞了通信频率。We have an electrical failure.499. 我们有一个电气故障。One of our generators has failed. At present moment, we are still able to continue to our destination.500. 我们一部发电机故障了,目前来看,还能够继续飞往目的地。 /201703/499299。
  • on the same page----想法一致/进度相同大家好,欢迎来到小强英语。某日,小强在看CNN的一则报道的时候,出现了这么一个句子:;Not everyone was on the same page in terms of strategy and operational focus within al Qaeda,; the official said.这个句子里面的on the same page是什么意思呢?It means to have the same understanding or amount of knowledge.小强觉得,我们可以从两个方面来理解这个表达。一是指想法一致,理解相同。比如刚刚的这个句子说的就是基地组织内部并非人人对策略和作战重点有相同的看法。而另一方面,on the same page也有刚刚所说的have the same amount of knowledge的意思,也就是进度相同、知识相当之类的意思,比如这个句子:Ideally, we want everyone to go to college, because college gets everyone on the same page.意思是理想情况下,我们想让每个人都上大学,因为大学能让大家的知识储备相当。;On the same page; is a useful expression. Are you on the same page with me? on the same page这表达很有用,你同意吗?这里是小强英语,我们下期再会。小强在微:@小强英语;小强在微信:englishonair。本栏目由原创,。 /201502/358791。
  • Rory: So Abidemi, lets talk about abilities. Can you cook?罗瑞:阿比德米,我们来谈谈能力。你会做饭吗?Abidemi: Yes, and no. I can cook a little bit, the basic stuff but I really like to eat but I dont experiment too much. So no, Im not a great cook, but I can cook. I cook to survive. What about you, Rory? Can you cook?阿比德米:可以说会,也可以说不会。我会做点儿饭,基本的食物我会做,我非常喜欢吃,不过我不经常创新菜式。我不是好厨师,但是我会做饭。我做饭是为了生活下去。你呢,罗瑞?你会做饭吗?Rory: Yeah, I can. I really like cooking. I love cooking Italian food. I also love baking. So I can bake cakes and cookies and b, stuff like that.罗瑞:我会。我非常喜欢烹饪。我喜欢烹饪意大利美食。我也喜欢烘焙。我可以烘焙蛋糕、饼干和面包等等。Abidemi: Okay.阿比德米:好。Rory: How about singing? Can you sing?罗瑞:那唱歌呢?你会唱歌吗?Abidemi: I think I can sing. Yes, I enjoy singing. I love singing. I sing a lot in church, so I can sing. What about you? Can you sing?阿比德米:我认为我会唱。我很喜欢唱歌。我爱唱歌。我经常在教会唱歌,我会唱歌。你呢?你会唱歌吗?Rory: I cant sing at all. Like even when I go to karaoke, Im too embarrassed to pick up the microphone.罗瑞:我完全不会唱歌。即使去KTV,我也会因为太尴尬而没法拿起麦克唱歌。Abidemi: Oh, its too bad. What about you, Rory, can you play – okay, can you play an instrument?阿比德米:哦,那太糟了。那罗瑞,你会演奏乐器吗?Rory: I cant. No. Id love to be able to play an instrument but I cant play anything. How about you? Can you play an instrument?罗瑞:我不会。我希望我会演奏乐器,可是事实上我完全不会。你呢?你会演奏乐器吗?Abidemi: No, I cant. I really wish that I had learned something when I was younger. But I say I can play my voice. Ha, ha.阿比德米:我也不会。我非常希望我小时候学过乐器。不过,我可以演奏我的声音,哈哈。Rory: Thats nice.罗瑞:这很好。Abidemi: What about juggling? Can you juggle, Rory?阿比德米:那杂耍呢?罗瑞,你会杂耍吗?Rory: Yeah, I can juggle. I can juggle with three balls and I can almost juggle with four.罗瑞:我会。我会3球杂耍,我还可以做4球杂耍。Abidemi: Wow.阿比德米:哇哦。Rory: Like I can do it for about 10 seconds. Yeah.罗瑞:我可以坚持10秒钟。Abidemi: I cant juggle at all. So please teach me. Its always something that Ive always wanted – I wanted to learn.阿比德米:我完全不会杂耍。请教教我。我一直想学杂耍。Rory: Okay. Can you speak three languages?罗瑞:好。你会说三种语言吗?Abidemi: Yes. I think I can speak three languages.阿比德米:对,我可以说三种语言。Rory: Which ones?罗瑞:哪三种?Abidemi: I think English is my best language but I also speak Yoruba, a Nigerian language, and I speak French as well. Yes. And you?阿比德米:我最擅长的语言是英语,我还会约鲁巴语,这是尼日利亚的一种语言,我也会法语。你呢?Rory: Well, I can speak English and I can speak some Czech. I lived in the Czech Republic for six years.罗瑞:我会英语和捷克语。我在捷克共和国生活了六年。Abidemi: Wow.阿比德米:哇哦。Rory: And I can also speak a little bit of French but its very rusty.罗瑞:我还会儿一点儿法语,不过非常生疏。Abidemi: Okay. Maybe next time well have this conversation in French then.阿比德米:好。也许下次我们可以用法语对话。Rory: Okay.罗瑞:好。译文属 /201706/514938。
  • 讲解文本:down 失意,低谷,挫败Life is full of ups and downs.人生充满着起起伏伏。He went through a lot of ups and downs.他经历了很多起起伏伏。you look so down today, are you ok?你今天看起来情绪很低落啊,你还好吗?疯狂练习吧! 喜欢yuyu老师就加微信hahahchicai /201609/464525。
  • 现在大家流行使用智能手机,频繁地用手机发短信,上网,打游戏,照相。可是据统计,使用手机打电话聊天的人现在反而越来越少,手机原有的电话功能渐渐变得不那么重要了。这也让我想到一个习惯用语。那就是:fall by the wayside。Wayside意思是路边,fall by the wayside整个词组跟道路其实没什么关系。它的意思是终止,不在继续下去了。就像上面的例子中,智能手机用户越来越依赖于手机的其他功能,而打电话的功能用得人反而越来越少了。The population of folks talking on a phone appears to fall by the wayside more and more. 下面例子里的这个人从小就想当建筑师,他能不能从事自己理想的职业呢?我们来听一听:例句-1:From the time I was a kid, I dreamed of becoming an architect. But my school counselor informed me that the unemployment rate for that choice is quite high. That explains why interest in architecture has fallen by the wayside. Maybe I should be investing in a more successful career like nursing or teaching.这段话是说:我从小就梦想做一名建筑师。但是学校的指导老师告诉我,建筑师行业的失业率特别高。这就解释了为什么现在想当建筑师的学生越来越少。或许我应当选择一个更有前途的职业,比如护士或者教师。为现实被迫放弃自己的梦想真是无奈。我的一个邻居就面临特别现实的问题。她是一名图形艺术家,可是随着电脑技术的发展,普通人只要使用电脑技术就能绘制各种图形,她也就很难找到工作了。The need for her products and services fell by the wayside, 她所提供的产品和务,对消费者来说已经越来越没有吸引力了。******上面我们讲到fall by the wayside有停止的意思。在下面的例子中,一名餐厅老板要谈谈扩建餐厅的计划,让我们来听听看:例句-1:No one expected our top chef to leave. After all, the popularity of her dishes was the reason why we had decided to open another restaurant. Despite her departure, were determined to go ahead with our plans. We arent going to allow them to fall by the wayside.这段话是说:没人料到我们的大厨会辞职。毕竟,我们决定开分店就是因为她的菜很受大家的欢迎。尽管她要离开,我们还是继续准备开分店。我们不会让我们的计划就这么付之东流。这种态度很积极正面,肯定会帮助餐馆老板成功的。话说,我最近有个朋友失恋了,他的态度特别悲观,对所有事情都失去了兴趣。As a result, his sales number are falling by the wayside. 他的销售业绩大副下降。其实想开了,没有什么过不去的坎儿。 /201705/507082。
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