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So this is the Electronic World HP is helping customers build. We want to help you build and manage the IT infrastructure that allows you to extend your reach into new opportunities. We want to help you move your business processes to the Net quickly and to use it to create entirely new ways of doing business. We want to serve the needs of people who are working at home, and even those who want to use technology for fun. And we want to help transform commerce by making the Internet a secure and efficient way of moving money. We are working to deliver value to customers in each of these areas. But I also think its important that we are operating in all four areas. Because with the coming of the networked world, the boundaries between these different areas are becoming blurred, and we can help you navigate this sea of change. Beyond our strong portfolio of hardware, software and support services, HP is committed to building the Electronic World through hosting special events that raise awareness and build the capabilities of our customers, channel partners and colleagues in government and academia, and HP MegaForum is just one example. This years HP MegaForum will tour six major centers in China, starting with this opening event in Shanghai.这就是惠普在协助客户构建的电子化世界。我们愿帮助你们建立并管理基础结构,使你们能不断寻求新的机遇。我们愿帮助你们将业务过程迅速地带入网络并利用它创造全新的经营方式。我们愿为家庭办公的人们提供务,甚至为那些只想从技术中寻求乐趣的人们提供务。我们愿助您一臂之力,通过互联网安全而有效地处理钱款,从而变革商务的形式。我们努力在这些领域为我们的客户增值。但我认为,最重要的是,我们在所有西大领域运作。因为,伴随着网络化世界的到来,不同领域的界限正在消亡,而我们可以为您在变革中导航。我们除了在硬件,软件和持务方面具有产品组合优势外,也决心通过主办各类活动,提高人们的意识,为我们的客户、网络伙伴以及政府和学术界的同仁出谋划策,共同构建这一电子化世界。“惠普信息时空”就是一个例。今年的“惠普信息时空”在上海开幕,并将在中国的六个主要城市举办。 201411/340845。

  • Hi, everybody. For decades, too many working Americans went without the security of health insurance – and their financial well-being suffered because of it. Weve begun to change that. As the Affordable Care Act has taken effect, weve covered 17.6 million Americans. Since 2010, the uninsured rate has decreased by 45%. And for the first time, more than 90% of Americans are covered. If you havent gotten covered yet, or if you care about someone who hasnt gotten covered yet, nows your chance. Its open enrollment season for the Health Insurance Marketplace. What that means is, with a few clicks on HealthCare.gov, youll find private insurance companies competing for your business. You can compare plans and choose the one thats right for your family. In fact, most Americans will find an option that costs less than a month. Even if you aly have insurance through the Marketplace, check it out. Shopping around can save you a lot of money – last year, consumers who shopped saved almost 0. Take the story of a man named Phil Viso, who emailed me earlier this year. Phils a software developer from my hometown of Chicago. Last winter, he had an idea for a new app and decided to start his own company. And that can be pretty scary when you need to get your own health insurance. But Phil logged on to HealthCare.gov, answered a few questions, picked a plan, and even found out he was eligible for a tax credit that saved him money. Heres what he wrote: ;Im still sort of in shock about how great the experience of signing up for health care was…I will have a lot to worry about over the course of the year as I try to get my app released, but thankfully, good health care will not be one of those worries.; After he sent me that email, Phil ended up getting a new and better job anyway. But thats the whole point of health insurance, peace of mind. And under the Affordable Care Act, if you want to change jobs, go back to school, or chase that new idea, you can do it without worrying about going broke if you get sick. If youve got a pre-existing condition – diabetes or cancer or heartburn or a heart attack – you can no longer be charged more or denied coverage. You can no longer be charged more just for being a woman. And preventive care like checkups and immunizations now come with no additional out-of-pocket costs. What were talking about is no longer just a law, and its certainly not the myths and scare tactics that the cynics have peddled our way for years. This is reality. This is health care in America. And the bottom line is, Americans like it. Theyre happy with their plans and they are happy with their premiums. So join them. Give it a shot. Check out HealthCare.gov, CuidadoDeSalud.gov, or call 1-800-318-2596 to find a plan thats right for you or someone you care about. And by the way – if you live in one of the 20 cities participating in our Healthy Communities Challenge, I want to see how many of your neighbors you can get signed up. Ill come visit the city that enrolls the highest percentage of folks who arent covered right now. Thats a promise. After all, this country is at its best when we look out for each other. And together, we can help more Americans get the security that they and their families deserve. Thanks, everybody. Have a great weekend.201511/408863。
  • We need partners to fight terrorists alongside us我们需要合作伙伴 同我们并肩对抗恐怖主义者And empowering partners is a large part of what we have done and what we are currently doing in Afghanistan提高伙伴的反恐能力 也正是我们在阿富汗一直在做的事Together with our allies, America struck huge blows against al Qaeda core and pushed back against an insurgency that threatened to overrun the country同盟国一起 美国对基地组织核心给予了沉重的打击 挫败了他们企图颠覆国家的反叛活动But sustaining this progress depends on the ability of Afghans to do the job但要维持这一成果 必须依赖阿富汗人担起重任And thats why we trained hundreds of thousands of Afghan soldiers and police这就是我们训练数以十万计的阿富汗军警的原因Earlier this spring, those forces, those Afghan forces secured an election in which Afghans voted for the first democratic transfer of power in their history今年春季的早些时候 这些阿富汗军事力量 为阿富汗选举提供了保障 让阿富汗人民能为历史上第一次政权的民主转移进行投票And at the end of this year a new Afghan President will be in office and Americas combat mission will be over今年年底 阿富汗新总统即将就职 美国的作战使命也将画上圆满的句号That was an enormous achievement made because of Americas armed forces这是美国军队的一项伟大成就But as we move to a train-and-advise mission in Afghanistan our reduced presence there allows us to more effectively address emerging threats in the Middle East and North Africa随着阿富汗的作战行动转变为训练与顾问活动 我们可以抽出更多精力 更有效地解决 中东和北非新爆发的威胁So, earlier this year, I asked my national security team to develop a plan for a network of partnerships from South Asia to the Sahel今年早些时候 我要求国家安全团队拟定一份计划 建立起一个从南亚到萨赫勒的合作伙伴关系网Today, as part of this effort, I am calling on Congress to support a new Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund of up to billion现在 作为这项努力的一部分 我正请求国会拨款50亿美元 设立新的反恐合作伙伴基金which will allow us to train, build capacity and facilitate partner countries on the front lines让我们能够在前线 训练伙伴国家 让其具有更强的反恐作战能力And these resources will give us flexibility to fulfill different missions这些资源能够让我们具有完成各种任务的灵活性201505/376397。
  • But what I know about business in life is that there are many, many, many opportunities to lose your way, there are many opportunities to lose your way because you are overcame by greed. Thats what the backdating stock option scandals about. People have been overcome by greed and they have forgotten the fundamentals about whats right and whats wrong. People can be overcome by their ambition. ;Im going to do this because if I do this I get the next job or I save the job I have.; People can be overcome by fear, I talk a lot about fear in this book because if you want to change what people are doing, you have to understand that people are afraid of change, change is always resisted, its human nature. Why is the change resisted? Because people fear the unknown; and because the nature momentum of any institution is to preserve the status quo. Why? Because the status quo preserves the position of those who hold power. It is human nature that people who have power want to keep it. And so any institution is focused on the preservation of the power of those who aly have it, human nature. If you want to transform something as we had to transform a great company called Hewlett Packard, you have to understand fear. You have to understand human motivation and you got understand the numbers. This book is about all those things, and Im gonna stop talking here in about 2 minutes so we have plenty of time for your questions.但是我知道在现实的生意场上,有太多太多的可能会迷失自己,丧失机会,因为你会被贪婪所击败。这就是股票期权回溯丑闻的实质:人们屈于贪婪,忘记了是非原则。人们会屈于野心:我这样做是为了下一份工作或是保住这一份工作。人们也会屈于恐惧,书中我多次谈到恐惧。因为要改变人们的所作所为,就要明白人是害怕改变的。抗拒改变是人的天性。为什么会抗拒改变呢?这是因为人们害怕未知事物,因为任何组织的自然倾向是维持现状。为什么?因为维持现状可保当权者的地位,当权者要维护权力是人的天性。所以,任何组织都专注于维护当权者的权力——这是人的天性。如果你想改变什么,正如我们必须改变一个伟大的企业——惠普。你必须明白恐惧,你必须明白人性激励,你必须明白数据。这就是本书的一切。我再有两分钟就结束,留给大家足够的时间提问。201408/318802。
  • Hi, everybody.大家好。This week, Ive been speaking about Americas national security—our past, our present, and our future.本周我想谈谈美国国家安全的过去,现在以及未来。On Thursday, I outlined the future of our fight against terrorism—the threats we face, and the way in which we will meet them.在周四,我提出了我们未来打击恐怖主义的蓝图,我们所面临的威胁以及我们如何应对的措施。On Friday, I went to Annapolis to celebrate the extraordinary young men and women of the ed States Naval Academys Class of 2013。在周五,我前往安纳波利斯与杰出的年轻人们一起庆祝美国海军学院2013年的毕业典礼,the sailors and Marines who will not only lead that fight, but who will lead our country for decades to come.水手和海军陆战队员们不仅将引领未来的战争,而且还将在未来数十年引领我们国家的安全。And on Monday, we celebrate Memorial Day.而在下周一,我们要度过阵亡将士纪念日。Unofficially, its the start of summer.在夏天还非正式开始到来的时候,a chance for us to spend some time with family and friends, at barbecues or the beach, getting a little fun and relaxation in before heading back to work.这是我们与家人和朋友共度时光的好机会,在重返工作岗位前人们可以一起烧烤或者去海滩,享受欢乐,放松身心。Its also a day on which we set aside some time, on our own or with our families, to honor and remember all the men and women who have given their lives in service to this country we love.这也是我们抽出时间与家人一起缅怀那些我们深爱为国捐躯英雄们的一天。They are heroes, each and every one.他们每个人都是英雄。They gave America the most precious thing they had—“the last full measure of devotion.”他们把自己所拥有最宝贵的献给了美国—鞠躬尽瘁、死而后已。And because they did, we are who we are today—a free and prosperous nation, the greatest in the world.正因为有了他们,我们才能有今天—世界上最伟大的自由繁荣的国家。At a time when only about one percent of the American people bear the burden of our defense, the service and sacrifice of our men and women in uniform isnt always ily apparent.回收往昔,肩负国家防卫重担的人只占总人口的1%,将士们的付出和牺牲总是不引人注目。Thats partly because our soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and coast guardsmen are so skilled at what they do.这部分是因为我们的陆军、海军、空军、海军陆战队以及海岸警卫队训练有素。Its also because those who serve tend to do so quietly.也是因为他们总是默默无闻,They dont seek the limelight.不追求聚光灯的映衬。They dont serve for our admiration, or even our gratitude.他们不是为了我们的敬佩抑或感激而役。They risk their lives, and many give their lives, for something larger than themselves or any of us:他们冒着生命危险,而且很多人献出了自己的生命,只为了一个比他们自己和我们所有人更伟大的目标:the ideals of liberty and justice that make America a beacon of hope for the world.那就是让美国成为世界希望之灯塔的自由和公正的理念。Thats been true throughout our history:而这在我们的历史上一切都有迹可循,from our earliest days, when a tiny band of revolutionaries stood up to an Empire, to our 911 Generation, which continues to serve and sacrifice today.从早先最小一部分革命家揭竿而起反对帝国开始直到911这代人,都是不断为了国家以致于牺牲生命。Every time a threat has risen, Americans have risen to meet it.而每当威胁来临,美国人民总是积极应对。And because of that courage—that willingness to fight, and even die—America endures.正因为有了这种勇于战斗、不畏牺牲的精神,美国才能渡过难关。That is the purpose of Memorial Day.这就是阵亡将士纪念日的目的。To remember with gratitude the countless men and women who gave their lives so we could know peace and live in freedom.满怀感激之心纪念无数献出了自己生命的将士们,我们因为他们才知道有和平,才能自由的生活。And we must do more than remember.而我们除了缅怀还有更多事情要做。We must care for the loved ones that our fallen service members have left behind.我们必须照顾好为国捐躯的将士们的家人。We must make sure all our veterans have the care and benefits theyve earned, and the jobs and opportunity they deserve.我们必须确保所有退伍军人享有他们应得的照顾和福利,以及工作的岗位和机会。We must be there for the military families whose loved ones are in harms way—for they serve as well.我们必须与军属家庭站在一起,因为他们的亲人正身赴战场为国役。And above all, we must make sure that the men and women of our armed forces have the support they need to achieve their missions safely at home and abroad.而且我们必须确保男女将士们得到应有的持,让他们在国内和海外安全的完成任务。The young men and women I met at the Naval Academy this week know the meaning of service.本周,我在海军学院遇到的那些年轻人们明白这点。Theyve studied the heroes of our history.他们也已经学习过英雄们的历史。Theyve chosen to follow in their footsteps—to stand their watch, man a ship, lead a platoon.而且他们选择追随英雄们的脚步,坚守岗位、守卫舰船,领导战斗。They are doing their part.他们正在尽自己的本分。And each of us must do ours.而我们也必须做好自己的事情。So this weekend, as we commemorate Memorial Day, I ask you to hold all our fallen heroes in your hearts.所以在这个周末,在阵亡将士纪念日,我希望大家用心去缅怀逝去的英雄们。And every day, let us work together to preserve what their sacrifices achieved.每一天,让我们彼此团结,珍惜他们用生命换来的一切,to make our country even stronger, even more fair, even more free.让我们的国家更强大,更公平,更自由。That is our mission.这是我们的使命。It is our obligation.也是我们的责任。And it is our privilege, as the heirs of those who came before us, and as citizens of the ed States of America.作为前人的后继者们,作为美国的公民,这也是我们的权利。Thanks.谢谢大家!201305/242221。
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