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乌鲁木齐市永久性脱毛多少钱新疆伊犁哈萨克自治州中医医院做隆鼻手术多少钱Have you watched a keynote from a major technology company lately? If not, you’re missing out on what I would consider to be a modern-day circus. Google once had Sergey Brin and a team of skydivers jump out of a plane over the center of San Francisco to announce Glass, the company’s Internet-connected eyewear. Samsung attempted to have film director Michael Bay on stage to introduce curved televisions, only to see him walk off after flubbing a couple of lines. Apple reportedly paid million to the Foothill-De Anza Community College District where it held an event to announce its Watch in September.最近你是否看过哪家大型科技公司的产品发布会?如果没有的话,你可能错过了一场“现代马戏表演”。谷歌(Google)在发布Google Glass智能眼镜时,谢尔盖·布林和一帮特技跳伞运动员从飞机上跳下来,空降到旧金山。三星(Samsung)在发布曲面屏电视时,邀请到了知名导演迈克尔·贝,可惜大家发现他有几行台词没背熟。今年九月,苹果(Apple)付给福德希尔德安萨社区学院(Foothill-De Anza Community College District )100万美元,在那里举办苹果智能手表的发布活动。So when a product launches without any fanfare—simply appearing out of thin air in the early morning hours—it catches everyone by surprise. Microsoft’s MSFT -0.22% entry into the wearable technology market, the 9 Microsoft Band, wasn’t welcomed by a group of professional athletes. Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, did not walk us through a presentation outlining its key features. There were no step counts, exercise routines, or heart rates on giant screens. Instead, as the end of October neared, Microsoft simply hit “publishand began taking orders.因此,当一款产品静悄悄地来了,没有任何热闹与噱头,反而让所有人感到惊讶。这款售99美元的微软手环(Microsoft Band)是微软进入可穿戴市场的第一款作品,没有邀请一帮专业运动员捧场。微软CEO萨蒂亚·纳德拉并没有搞一场演讲来罗列微软手环的主要功胀?微软也没有在大屏幕上弄一些计步、锻炼、心率之类的画面。只是在10月末临近的时候,简单地点了个“发布”键,然后就开始接受订单。The Band, which is worn primarily on the wrist, is a fitness tracker with a 1.4-inch touchscreen on one side and a heart-rate monitor on the other. Like some other trackers, it can count steps, monitor sleep quality, calculate ultraviolet exposure, plan workouts, and map runs. The Band also doubles as a so-called smart watch, calling your attention to alerts with a gentle vibration.这款主要戴在手腕的手环,是一个健身追踪器,手环的一面搭载了一.4英寸的触摸屏,另一面安装了一台心率监测仪。像其它健身追踪器一样,它也有计步、监测睡眠质量、计算紫外线暴露程度、规划健身计划和跑步路线等功胀?同时,它也是一款“智能手表”,可以通过温和的震动提醒你注意。Using a series of gestures and swipes, you move through the familiar tile layout found across the various flavors of the Windows operating system. A tap on the home screen displays metrics for that day as well as a pulsating visualization of your heartbeat.通过一系列手势操作和滑动,你会发现,微软手环也采用了Windows操作系统熟悉的磁贴布局(tile layout)。轻点主屏幕就会出现当天的各种指标数据,同时以虚拟化的方式显示出你的心率。Microsoft’s Band is considered wearable technology, but after wearing the device for several weeks (with screen facing both inside and out) it’s clear that the “technologypart comes first. At no time did I go rock climbing or slam my wrist against a wall or desk, yet my Band has aly been rendered a scratched, rustic piece of hardware. Compare that to the Pebble Steel: I’ve been wearing it for the last eight months and it still looks almost brand new.微软手环被认为是一款可穿戴技术,但试戴了几周后(正戴、反戴都尝试过),最先让人注意到的是它“技术”的一面。我从来没有戴着它玩过攀岩,或是戴着它朝着墙或桌子什么的猛砸,但是我的微软手环已经有了划痕和毛糙。相比之下,我已经戴着我的Pebble Steel智能手表8个月了,但它看起来仍然像全新的一样。During my test of the Band, I wore it alongside a Fitbit Flex wristband to compare how the devices tracked step counts and sleep tracking. (To ensure a fair comparison, I swapped which wrist each band was worn on each morning.) The Flex averaged 1,500 more steps per day than the Band and generally reported a better night’s sleep.在评测的过程中,我曾经把它与一款Fitbit Flex腕带一起戴在手腕上,对比这两款设备的计步和睡眠监测功能。(为了保公平对比,我每天早上都会把这两只腕带戴的位置掉个个儿)。Flex腕带要比微软手环平均每天多计500步,而微软手环显示的睡眠结果要更好一些。These differences are to be expected. Each company has its own formula for how it translates a series of motions to “stepsor “sleep.Within reason, the most important metric for a fitness tracker is consistency: is the device’s monitoring ability dependable enough so that its wearer can rely on it to change their behavior? Good news to the folks in Redmond: the Band’s results were consistent.这些差别也是可以预期的。每家公司都有自己的一套公式,用于将人的一系列动作译解成“走路”或“睡眠”。当然,对于一款健身追踪器来说,最重要的指标是它的一致性:它的监控能力是否足够可靠,让穿戴者可以依赖它改变自身行为?好在微软手环的结果是具有一致性的,微软总部的那帮人应该感到安心了。One feature I was particularly fond of was the heart rate recordings that accompanied my step counts and sleep results. When I was experiencing my best sleep, my heart rate dropped to about 50 beats per minute. On the other hand, when I was most active during the day my heart rate would peak at 130 beats per minute.我尤其喜欢的一个功能就是它可以在我走路和睡觉时记录我的心率。当我进入最高质量的睡眠时,我的心率会下降到每分0次左右。当我处在一天中活动最多的时候,我的心率可能达到每分30次。Using the free Microsoft Health application, you can edit the Band’s settings and sync your activity to several mobile operating systems: Google’s Android, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Apple’s iOS. The same app is required to receive (and in some instances, reply) to alerts from your wrist.通过免费的微软健康应用,你可以编辑微软手环的设置,而且微软手环同时持谷歌安卓(Android)、微软Windows Phone和iOS三大操作系统。该应用还要接收(有时还要回复)手环发出的提醒。I found the app frustrating at times. Sometimes my activity would sync to my iPhone in the background; other times I would launch the app only to be welcomed by an error message. Often the only remedy was to restart both the Band and my iPhone. Though no data is lost during a restart, the lapse of communication between devices is an irritating inconvenience–a broken promise in the era of interconnected devices.我发现这款应用有时非常令人不爀?有我的活动可以跟我的iPhone同步。但有时我打开应用时,欢迎我的却是一条错误信息。通常情况下,唯一的解决方案就是把手环和iPhone同时重启。虽然在重启中没有出现数据丢失的情况,但设备之间的通讯失联毕竟还是非常令人恼火的——在互联设备时代,它给人一种失信的感觉。I also found that the size and orientation of the Band’s screen make it difficult and awkward to notifications on your wrist. Wider than it is tall, the screen is only able to display a small line of text when an alert occurs. You can scroll through text using your finger, but it can feel silly to use multiple swipes to what amounts to a couple of sentences. Initially I had enabled all alerts to appear on the Band; after I realized that ing messages was more trouble than it was worth, I disabled notifications altogether.我还发现,微软手环的屏幕大小和方向,让人在手环上阅读通知消息时感觉很费劲、很尴尬。当提醒消息出现时,由于屏幕横宽竖窄,你只能看见提醒消息的一小行文字。虽说你可以用手指往下滚动,但是滑动好几次手指才能读完一两句话,还是感觉挺傻的。一开始我设置了在微软手环上显示所有提醒,后来我意识到,在手环上看消息其实挺麻烦的,于是我干脆关掉了提醒功胀?This problem isn’t unique to the Band, of course. Every company offering a wearable device is trying to figure out the best balance of screen size—too large can be unwieldy, too small can be impossible to —and how best to present information in a very limited environment. All I can say is that Microsoft hasn’t found the answer yet.这个问题并不是微软手环独有的。每个做可穿戴设备的公司都想达到屏幕尺寸的最佳平衡点——太大了显笨,太小了又没法阅读文字。同时,这些公司也希望能够以最好的方式,在一个非常有限的环境中展示信息。我只能说微软目前尚未找到。By forgoing a large announcement event for the Microsoft Band, the company avoided setting high expectations. The decision proves to be a wise one. I walked away from my time with the Band categorizing it somewhere between a competent fitness tracker and a mediocre smart watch. For a newly launched product—no matter the size of a welcome party—being in limbo just isn’t going to cut the fat.微软放弃了给微软手环办一个大型发布会,同时也就避免了给人以很高的预期。事实明,这是一个明智的决定。经过一段时间的评测,我认为微软手环介于一款合格的健身追踪器和一款平庸的智能手表之间。对于一款全新发布的产品来说——不管发布会的规模有多大,走中间路线是不会分到大蛋糕的。(财富中文网) /201412/348276新疆自治区人民医院整形美容中心

乌市高新技术产业开发区激光祛痘哪家医院好铁门关市小腿减肥多少钱South Korea said Tuesday it repatriated three North Korean fishermen who had been rescued from their hobbled boat in the East Sea.韩国星期二表示,有关当局送还名朝鲜渔民。他们是从朝鲜半岛东海上一艘失去动力的船上被营救的。A South Korean unification ministry statement said the fishermen “expressed their wish to return homeand were handed back to North Korea Tuesday evening in the border village of Panmunjeom.韩国统一部发表声明说,这些渔民“表示了他们要回家的愿望”,因此星期二晚上在板门店停战村被交给了朝鲜方面。The ministry said their boat had originally departed from the port city of Wonsan before experiencing engine failure and beginning to drift.韩国统一部说,这些渔民的船是从元山出发的,后来在海上发动机出现故障,开始漂流。South Korean vessels periodically rescue North Korean fishermen, some of whom request asylum in the South.韩国船只时常救起朝鲜渔民,有些人被救起之后要求在韩国避难。North and South Korea have been divided since the end of fighting in the Korean War more than 60 years ago. They are separated by a heavily guarded demilitarized zone that prevents unauthorized travel between the two sides.朝鲜和韩0多年前朝鲜战争战斗结束后一直处于分裂状态。重兵防守的非军事区把两边隔离开来。人们在未经许可的情况下不能穿越非军事区到对面去。来 /201601/415136新疆中医学院附属医院吸脂手术多少钱A court in Bangladesh issued an arrest warrant Wednesday for former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia in connection with two corruption cases after she failed to appear in court.孟加拉国一家法院星期三由于前总理齐亚未能到庭发出了对她的逮捕令。卡莉达·齐亚涉嫌与两起腐败案有关。Her lawyers argued she was concerned about safety due to ongoing unrest in Bangladesh, and that she has been confined to her office.齐亚的律师说,由于目前孟加拉国局势动荡,齐亚担心自己的安全,她一直驻守在办公室。Ms. Zia has been charged with illegally buying land for a charity named after her late husband, former President Ziaur Rahman.齐亚被控非法为一个慈善组织购买土地,而这家慈善组织是以她已故的丈夫、前总统拉赫曼命名。She has said the charges are politically motivated. Her party boycotted parliamentary elections last month, and she has called on her supporters to enforce a nationwide transportation ban as part of an effort to topple current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.齐亚曾说,对她的指控是出于政治动机。上个月,齐亚的政党抵制了议会选举。她呼吁持者在全国范围内阻塞交通,争取推翻现任总理哈西娜。The tensions between the two main parties in Bangladesh led to protests and violence that has killed about 100 people.孟加拉国两个主要政党之间的紧张关系引发抗议和暴力,已造成00人死亡。来 /201502/361030新疆维吾尔医医院割双眼皮手术多少钱

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