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淮安包皮手术哪家做的比较好淮安中山医院人流手术费淮安治疗淋病权威专家 In this Business English Pod lesson, we’ll see how important it is to strategize and plan when you’re handling a crisis.在这节商务英语播客中,我们来看下当你处理危机时策划和计划时多么的重要。Any crisis is a test of business strength. To be more specific, it’s a test of people in business. There’s nothing like a crisis to show us who can handle the pressure and who will crack. Can your business come through a crisis well? Do you have people with the right leadership skills and decision-making abilities to handle the crisis successfully? Let’s see how our team handles things.什么样的危机都是对商业实力的测试。具体来说,是对处理商业的人的测试。再没有像危机那样能够显示谁能处理好压力,谁会崩溃。你的商业能度过危机吗?你有拥有领导技巧并能成功处理危机的决策能力的人吗?我们来看下如何处理危机。Our last episode was about taking control in a crisis. We heard Sandy and Mike report a factory accident to their boss Frank. Frank handled that early part of the crisis well. He calmed his employees down, gave them clear orders, and reassured them.上节课说到控制危机。Sandy 和 Mike向他们的老板Frank汇报工厂事故。 Frank处理了危机的前半部分。他让员工冷静下来,给出明确的命令,并消除他们的顾虑。Today, we’ll see how they develop a strategy to handle the crisis. Mike has been instructed to call the company’s VP of Communications in Singapore. Her name is Monika Jing, and she’ll show some clear thinking in assessing the problem and making a plan going forward.今天,我们来看下他们是如何制定策划来处理危机的。Mike被要求给新加坡公司的VP of Communications 打电话。她的名字是Monika Jing,她会对事故进行估计并给出清晰的想法并使计划生效。Listening Questions:1. Who has Mike talked to about the incident?2. What does Mike say could happen if the situation is really bad?3. What does Monika want Mike to do while she contacts other people? /201104/132694淮安市治疗便秘多少钱

淮安区做体检多少钱陈豪在北京的一家美国公司工作。今天他正在往自己的办公室走,突然看见了公司里的美籍华人Mary。他正好有个问题要请教她。(Office ambience)陈:哎,Mary, do you have a minute?M:Sure. What is it?陈: 记得上星期我们谈到一个人拒绝跟老板握手的事吗?M: Yes. Did someone refuse to shake your hand?陈:Oh, no. 我这两天开了好几次会,跟好多人握了手。可是我发现每个人握手的方式都不一样,有没有正确的握手方式呀?M:Absolutely. There is only one proper handshake and that is a firm handshake.CH: 嗯,(若有所思地)... firm就是坚定的意思。 A firm handshake就是紧紧地跟人握手。昨天有个人跟我握手的时候把他那两个冰凉的手指在我手上轻轻点了一下。我当时想这也算是握手?M:我也碰到过这种情况。我觉得那冰凉的手指就像一条死鱼一样,like a dead fish。这样握手的人给人的印象就是胆小,缺乏信心。CH:可今天早上碰到的一个人恰恰相反。他使劲地握我着的手不放。当时给我的印象就是这个人肯定很厉害,就想控制别人。M:You see, people form opinions about a person from his handshake。CH: 嗯,握手还能反映一个人的个性。那什么样的握手才是a firm handshake?M: 我一回儿告诉你,我现在得先去开一个会。M:Hey,陈豪,我刚才去开会见到一位客户, he gave me a firm handshake。陈:Mary,你快告诉我,怎么样才算是a firm handshake。M: OK。 Extend your hand, make sure the web of your hand makes contact with the web of my hand。陈: Web-w-e-b? Web不是鸭子脚上的蹼吗?M: 我在讲人,不是讲鸭子。这里的web是指手掌。陈:你是指我的手掌必须碰到你的手掌。M: 对,然后把你的大拇指扣在我的手背上,同时用其他手指轻轻地握紧我的手,很快地上下摇动两下后就松手。CH: 知道了。好,Mary, 我们再来试一试。M:Very good. Try once more. 哟,你把我手都弄痛了。CH:对不起,跟你开玩笑的。Mary,你再用英文讲一遍怎么样才是正确的握手。M:OK。 Extend your hand, make sure the web of your hand makes contact with the web of my hand, close your thumb over the back of his hand; give a slight squeeze with your fingers; two quick pumps and let go.CH: Hm...知道了,谢谢,Mary! /04/66396淮安泌尿科哪家医院最好 In this Business English Podcast episode, we'll study the skills and language of bargaining. This podcast is part of an ongoing series on negotiation skills. 在本集的商务英语播客中,我们将学习讨价还价的语言技巧。本节目属于我们正在播出的谈判技巧节目。 Bargaining is the process of swapping or trading concessions—in other words, "You give me something, and I'll give you something in return." This is also called making offers and counter-offers. The goal is to reach a compromise—a result in which both sides benefit. 还价是交易中互相让步的一个过程。换句话说,即“你给与我优惠,我也相应地作出回报”,这也称为发盘与还盘,其目的是实现一个折中的方案,使双方都获益。 Today's listening focuses on a typical bargaining situation. Paul is a purchasing manager for a construction company. Tony is a supplier of anchor bolts—large metal screws used in building projects. They are in the middle of a telephone conversation in which they are negotiating an order. Tony has aly opened the discussion and clarified Paul's basic needs. Now they need to agree on the quantity and price. 今天的内容主要是一个典型的还价场景。鲍尔是一家建筑公司的经理。托尼是一个锚栓(一种建筑用大号金属螺栓)供货商。他们正通过电话谈一笔订单。托尼已经展开讨论,阐明了鲍尔的基本要求。他们现在需要就质量和价格达成一致。 As you listen, focus on the language that they use to swap concessions and reach a deal. 大家在听的同时要注意他们在互相让步和达成共识的过程中使用的语言。Listening Questions:1. What does Paul mean when he says he'll be "throwing more business your way?"2. Tony suggests a way of helping Paul get a higher discount. What is it?3. When Tony says to Paul, "You drive a hard bargain!" what does he mean? /201110/156976淮安哪家男子医院好

淮安中山好不好3 房屋条件3句英文任你选Whats the condition of the house?房子的条件怎么样?A one-bedroom apartment has one bedroom, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and a bathroom.一居室的公寓有一间卧室、一个客厅、一个饭厅、一个厨房和一个浴室。Is that apartment furnished?那栋房子里面有家具吗?半个句型要记牢Tip: 合租用 share sth with sb这个句型。 /201503/354464 令求职者最为高兴的一句话莫过于——你被雇用了。可是别人说这句话的时候,你一定要知道他在说什么哦,否则很有可能会错失良机。   I’m quite impressed with your experience. You can have the job.   我对你的相关经验印象颇深,你被雇用了。   You’ve hired. Welcome to our company.   你被录用了,欢迎到我们公司来。   You can begin employment next Monday.   下周一来上班吧。   You get the job. So when can you start?   你被雇用了。什么时候能来上班? /09/84973淮阴区人民医院电话淮安一院盆腔炎多少钱




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