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Vice President Joe Biden says he ;would have been the best president; if he had mounted a successful campaign in the 2016 election, but that forgoing the race was the right decision for his family.美国副总统拜登说,如果他在2016年大选中组织一次成功的竞选活动,那么他“就会成为最好的总统”。但放弃竞选是为家庭做出的正确选择。Speaking with ;Good Morning America; co-anchor Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview that aired Wednesday, Biden said he had planned to run but changed course only after his eldest son Beau died last May.在星期三播出的《早安美囀?中,主持人罗宾圠伯茨对拜登进行了独家采访,拜登说他本来要参加竞选,但去年五月他的长子逝世,就改变了计划;No one should ever seek the presidency unless theyre able to devote their whole heart and soul and passion into just doing that,; he said. ;And, Beau was my soul. I just wasnt y to be able to do that. But, so, my one regret is my Beaus not here. I dont have any other regrets.;“除非能全身心地投入,并热爱这项事业,否则谁也不应该谋求总统职位,”他说,“而且,就是我的灵魂。我只是没有准备好去做。所以,我的不在了,我感到很遗憾。但也只有这个遗憾。”For months last year the question of whether Biden would run loomed over the Democratic presidential contest. Then in October he announced that he and his family were still dealing with the grief over Beaus death and he would not seek the presidency.去年一连好几个月,拜登是否会参加竞选的疑问都笼罩着民主党的总统候选人竞争。之后,10月份他宣布不再参加总统竞选,因为他和家人还没有从去世的悲痛中走出来。Beau Biden died in May 2015 at the age of 46 after a battling brain cancer for years.拜登与脑癌抗争多年,于2015年五月去世,享年46岁。The vice presidents comments came during an interview with Roberts about his ;Cancer Moon Shot; initiative, which aims to accelerate the effort to improve treatments for cancer and to possibly find a cure.在罗伯茨的访谈中,拜登副总统谈到了他的“抗癌登月”计划,此项计划的目的是推动癌症治疗取得更大更快的进展,尽可能找到治愈方法;Its kind of bittersweet,; Biden told Roberts of his role leading the administrations fight against the disease that took his son. ;But this is -- this allows me to pour all my energies into -- doing somethin that -- hopefully will -- five years from now if -- someones diagnosed with what my Beau was diagnosed with, they -- they live.;癌症带走了他的儿子,他又是美国政府抗击癌症计划的带头人,谈及这个角色,拜登对罗伯茨说“这是种甜蜜的苦涩。但这是……我得以倾注所有的精力,来做点事,希望可以,五年以后,如果有人诊断出和我的一样的病,那么他们,他们可以活下来。”His decision last year not to run was viewed as a boost to Hillary Clintons run for the Democratic Partys nomination.人们认为,去年他放弃参加竞选的决定有利于希拉里克林顿争取民主党党内提名。Biden has not endorsed either Clinton or Sen. Bernie Sanders, her opponent in the primary, but he said he thinks Clinton will be the nominee.拜登既没有持克林顿,也没有持她最大的对手参议员伯尼儠德斯,但是他说,他觉得克林顿会成为候选人;I feel confident that Hillary will be the nominee,; Biden said, ;and I feel confident shell be the next president.;他说:“我相信希拉里会当上候选人,而且我相信她会是下一届总统。”来 /201605/443462

A website specializing in broadcasting trials of Chinese courts went public last Tuesday, the Supreme Peoples Court (SPC) said.最高人民法院日前表示,中国庭审公开网已于上周二正式开通。The website, ts.chinacourt.org, is another key step that the SPC took to build ;intelligent courts; across the country, according to a statement of the SPC.根据最高法发布的声明,ts.chinacourt.org网是最高法在全国建;智能化法;的又一项关键举措。So far, 520 courts in the country have connected with the website and will broadcast case hearings on this platform.目前,全国已20家法院实现了与中国庭审公开网的联通,并将通过该平台直播庭审。Since July 1, all courts have been asked to disclose case hearings on the internet, it said, adding that the top court has broadcasted 78 trials by the end of August.该声明指出,日起,所有法院都被要求在互联网上公开审理案件的听会。截月底,最高法已经通过网络直播案件庭审78件。The website aims to strengthen judicial transparency, help the public understand how Chinese judges hear a case and supervise courts work, as well as provide a reference for law specialists, it said.该声明称,中国庭审公开网旨在增强司法透明度,帮助公众了解我国法官如何审理案件、监督法院工作以及为法律专家提供借鉴。On the website, people can easily find live footage of case hearings they are interested in and will be informed what trials are y to open next.公众可以轻松在中国庭审公开网上找到其感兴趣的庭审直播录像,看到庭审预告。Meanwhile, they are allowed to collect the and leave messages or share opinions below live shows.同时,公众可以收藏视频并在直播视频下方留言或分享观点。It is the fourth open website set up by the top court to improve transparency.这是由最高法为提高透明度而设立的第四个开放的网站。来 /201610/469810

Brazil’s vice-president Michel Temer has rejected allegations fromPresident Dilma Rousseff that he is conspiring to launch a parliamentary coupagainst her. 巴西副总统米歇#8226;特梅Michel Temer)否认了巴西总统迪尔#8226;罗塞Dilma Rousseff)有关特梅尔正在阴谋发动针对她的议会政变的指控After a vote by the house of congress on Sunday in favour of herimpeachment, Ms Rousseff was to fly to New York last night for a UN meetingtoday where she is also expected to give media interviews portraying theimpeachment process as unconstitutional and a coup. 在巴西众议院上周日投票通过弹劾她的动议后,罗塞夫昨晚飞赴纽约参加今天举行的一场联合国(UN)会议,预计她还将在那里接受媒体采访,将此次弹劾过程说成违宪和政变“There is no coup whatsoever happening here in Brazil,Mr Temer, whohas otherwise largely stayed out of the front lines of the impeachment battle,told the Financial Times in a rare interview. “Various ministers of the SupremeCourt have said the possible impeachment of the president of the republic wouldnot represent a coup. It is a constitutional process.“巴西没有发生任何政变,”在其他情况下一般置身于弹劾之战前线外的特梅尔罕见地接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示,“最高法院的多位法官都表示,共和国总统可能受到的弹劾不代表政变。这是一个符合宪法的程序。The comments mark an escalation of the impeachment battle as anincreasingly desperate Ms Rousseff seeks international support to avert herpossible removal from power as early as next month. 这些标志着弹劾之战的升级,日益绝望的罗塞夫寻求通过国际持来避免自己最早可能在下月失去手中大权Struggling with a deep economic recession and a sweeping corruptionscandal at state-owned oil company Petrobras, Ms Rousseff and her Workers’party, thePT, are facing the potential end of 13 years in power. 罗塞夫和她所在的劳工PT)正在艰难应对严重经济衰退、以及国有的巴西国家石油公司(Petrobras)影响广泛的腐败丑闻,其长3年的执政可能将要走到尽头If the senate agrees to accept the impeachment process, under which MsRousseff is accused of manipulating the national accounts, she will besuspended and Mr Temer, as vice-president, will become acting president. 如果参议院通过指控罗塞夫操纵预算的弹劾动议,罗塞夫将被停职,副总统特梅尔将担任代理总统If she is impeached, with a decision from the senate expected by theopposition as early as June, Mr Temer would take office until the nextelections in 2018. 反对派预计参议院最早将月就弹劾动议进行表决,如果罗塞夫届时被弹劾,特梅尔将直接出任巴西领导人,直到2018年的下次大选The impeachment process follows a civil war in the ruling coalition thathas pitched Ms Rousseff and the PT against their former main coalition partner,the PMDB. The party is headed by Mr Temer but early this month he temporarilystepped down to avoid the appearance of involvement in the process. 在此次弹劾程序之前,该国执政联盟内部发生了一场内讧,罗塞夫和她所在的劳工党与他们此前的主要联盟伙伴巴西民主运动党(PMDB)走到了对立面。该党由特梅尔领导,但本月初特梅尔暂时辞去党首一职,以避免看上去参与弹劾过程A 75-year-old constitutional lawyer and veteran politician, Mr Temersaid he had stayed quiet during the battle. But he said he was making anexception this time to speak to the international media in protest against MsRousseff’s expected comments during her visit to New York. 现年75岁的特梅尔是一名宪法律师和资深政治人士,他表示自己在弹劾之战中一直保持沉默。但他表示,这一次他破例向国际媒体发声,抗议罗塞夫预计将在纽约之行中发表的言论Ms Rousseff, during a press conference in Brasília earlierthis week, described Mr Temer as a “conspirator”against hergovernment. 本周早些时候,罗塞夫在巴西利亚的一场新闻发布会上指控特梅尔是试图颠覆她的政府的“阴谋家”Mr Temer said the proof there was no coup was that Brazil would beoperating normally while Ms Rousseff was in New York. 特梅尔表示,巴西没有发生政变的据就是,在罗塞夫身在纽约的时候,巴西将一切正常He would assume the acting presidency while she was away, as is normalunder the law. When she returned on Saturday, she would resume the presidency. “So then,what kind of coup is this?”Mr Temer said. 特梅尔表示,按照法律规定的正常情况,罗塞夫离开时他会行使代理总统职权。而当她周六返回时,她会恢复总统职权。“那么,这算什么样的政变?He said political and popular support for impeachment was alsooverwhelming, with 367 members of the 513-seat lower house of congress votingfor the motion, well over the two-thirds, or 342 votes, required for it topass. And polls showed 60 to 70 per cent of Brazilians were in favour of MsRousseff’s constitutional removal. 他还表示,政界和民众对弹劾的持也是压倒性的。巴西国会众议院513个席位中67人投票持弹劾,大大超过了通过弹劾动议所需的三分之二席位,42票。民调显示,60%0%的巴西人持依宪将罗塞夫免职“Therefore, I ask, when she accuses me of being a conspirator or acoup-monger do I really have the capacity to influence 367 deputies[congressmen] and 70 per cent of the Brazilian population? It’s entirelywithout foundation this claim.“因此,当她谴责我是阴谋家或煽动政变的人时,我要问一句,我真的有能力影响367位众议员0%的巴西人么?这种说法是毫无根据的。He said Ms Rousseff should defend herself in the senate instead ofcreating problems for Brazil by making false declarations outside the country. 他说,罗塞夫应该在参议院为自己辩护,而不是通过在巴西境外发表错误的声明,为巴西制造问题“What she should do in my view is defend herself in thesenate#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;with solid arguments so that the senate does not judge and impeachher.“在我看来,她应该在参议院为自己辩护……拿出有力的理由,从而令参议院不会审判和弹劾她。He rejected Ms Rousseff’s arguments that the impeachment, while itconformed to the constitution in terms of procedure, was unconstitutional interms of its content. She has argued the charges of manipulating the budget didnot constitute an impeachable offence, giving the process no legal base andtherefore making it a coup. 对于罗塞夫提出的这次弹劾虽然程序上符合宪法、内容上却违宪的观点,他也予以了驳斥。此前,罗塞夫曾辩称,有关操纵预算的指控并不构成可弹劾的过失,这令弹劾失去了法律依据,从而成为一次政变But Mr Temer said impeachment was a political trial, not a legal one.The manipulation of the budget broke the law and under the constitution if suchan offence was committed by the president he or she would be subject to aprocess of “political accountability 不过,特梅尔却表示,弹劾是一种政治审判而不是法律审判。对预算的操纵违反了法律,依照巴西宪法,如果总统犯下这种过错,他或者她应受到“政治问责”He said he was not participating in the process. He had, over the pastyear, instead argued for a process of national unity “to lift the country outof the crisis He added: “I’m not doing any work, any action, but I amaggrieved by her words.他说,他并未参与这一过程。相反,过去一年里他一直呼吁全国团结,“以使国家摆脱危机”。他补充说:“我什么都没做过,没采取任何行动。然而她的话却让我很委屈。Mr Temer also attacked what he said was “a proposal from herand those near her”that if she falls from power, the PT and its allies would fill thestreets with protesters and create chaos. 特梅尔还抨击了他所称的“罗塞夫及其身边人的计划”,即如果罗塞夫被免职,劳工党及其盟友的抗议者会遍布街头并制造混乱。来 /201604/438913

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