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哈尔滨妇女儿童医院开展无痛人流吗香坊区治疗盆腔炎哪家医院最好的直接杀价:  That's unreasonable! I'd take it for 100 yuan.  这真是卖得太贵了!如果一百元我就买。 /201104/131187平房区妇女儿童医院门诊部预约 许多人开始选择在酒店购买公寓,而不是在郊区购房或在市中心公寓楼购买公寓。Listen Read Learn Instead of buying a house in the suburbs or an apartment in an apartment building in the city center, many people are starting to purchase apartments that are in a hotel. Unlike a traditional apartment, in these their neighbors change each day. This could be a problem at the height of tourist seasons as hotels fill with loud, boisterous guests. Yet, the reasons why they would prefer such arrangements differ with each person. Many are no doubt drawn to the luxurious furnishings which are provided for them. Others may like the fact that the decoration is managed by the hotel staff. Another good reason is the service that a hotel provides. You have maids to keep the house and repairmen to fix your broken furnishings. Management is there to provide the same service that it would for any short-term guest. However, none of these really explain why people buy a hotel room to be the family apartment. The design of the hotels is not intended to become permanent apartments, but the attractions may outweigh the disadvantages. These disadvantages, such as tight living spaces and different neighbors might not be important, as more people are beginning to do this.听看学许多人开始选择在酒店购买公寓,而不是在郊区购房或在市中心公寓楼购买公寓。和传统的公寓不同,在酒店他们的邻居每天都会换。在旅游高峰期这就是个问题,因为酒店里满是喧嚣、聒噪的游客。当然,人们选择这种住所的原因因人而异。毫无疑问,许多人是冲着酒店为他们提供的豪华家具而去的。另一些人则可能是因为装修会由酒店员工负责。还有一个很好的原因是酒店所提供的务。你有务人员来清理房间,有维修工人来为你修理坏家具。那里的管理人员为你提供的务和为任何一个短期游客所提供的务是一样的。这些原因没有一个可以真正地解释为什么人们要买酒店房间作为自己的家庭住房。酒店并不是按照永久居住的公寓而设计的,但它的吸引力可能会超过它的不便。这些不便,比如紧张的居住空间和不同的邻居也许并不那么重要,因为有越来越多的人开始选择购买酒店式公寓。语法小结 Grammarit作形式主语it作形式主语时可以把句子真正的主语移到句子后面去,使句子变得平稳,以免主语太长,头重脚轻。it 作形式主语主要有以下几种类型:1.It + is /was + 形容词/ 名词+不定式It is easy to criticize others. 批评别人时很容易的。It's better to be early. 早点去好一些。2.It + is / was + 形容词/ 名词 + 动名词It is no good eating too much chocolate. 吃太多巧克力不好。3.It + is /was + 形容词/ 名词 + that 从句It is a pity that I didn't know that. 很可惜我不知道。4.It + 及物动词 +宾语 +不定式It costs me 50 Yuan to repair my watch. 我花了50 元钱修表。It makes me sick to think about it. 想到那个东西我就恶心。家庭总动员 Do it together两人一组,一方朗读下面的中文句子,另一方说出相对应的英语句子。 1.早点准备好一些。2.很可惜他没来。3.我花了一天的时间来做这个。4.想到他我就觉得幸福。5.看太多电视不好。1.It costs me a day to do this.2.It's better to prepare early.3.It's no good watching too much TV.4.It's a pity that he didn't come.5.It makes me happy to think about him. /200806/4146932. To Be On The Spaceship Earth:Do flying saucers really exist? 飞碟真的存在吗?My money is all gone! 我一文不名了!I wish we had a baby. 我希望我们有个小宝宝。Beyond this ocean lies the rich subcontinent of India. 海的那一边有富饶的印度次大陆。Did the chicken come before the egg? 先有鸡还是先有蛋?Some people believe in the Loch Ness monster. 有些人相信尼斯湖水怪是存在的。There must be someone behind the door. 门后必然有人在。Is anybody home? 有人在家吗?She's gone; my heart's broken. 她弃我而去;我心碎无声。There is a mole under the ground. 地下有一只鼹鼠。Hey, you forgot about me! Don't leave me here! 喂,你把我给忘记了!别把我对丢在这里!Five cats and a man were involved in an accident. 五只猫和一个男人被卷入那场意外里面。Do you have the tickets, or not? 你到底有没有买票?Why are you here? 你怎么会在这里?What lives in there? 那里面生存着什么呀?There are three apples on the plate. 盘子上面有三个苹果。There aren't any other worms for me to play with. I'm the only worm here. 此地没有和我玩的虫虫。这里只有我一条而已。The statue is no longer standing here. 那做铜像已经不竖在这里了。(大家还记得一个安徒生童话,“王子与小燕子”吗?)Do we exist? 我们实际存在吗? /200803/28339哈尔滨中心医院预约四维彩超

哈尔滨五院在哪里I'm sorry,but I have an emergency to attend to.不好意思,我有个急事要处理.emergency就是我们中文里所说的"突发事件,紧急状况".而"attend to"就是"处理,对付"的意思.相同的表达还有:I have some urgent business to attend to. 我有一些急事要处理. /201001/94069木兰县妇女医院在线询问 今天我们要讲的习惯用语里都有一个主要的单词:scratch。很多人都知道scratch这个词的意思是抓、或者刨刮表面。你要是给蚊子叮了一口,你就会这样做:scratch your skin with your fingernails。就是你会用指甲去抓痒。也许不少人都知道这句很有意思的俗语:You scratch my back and Ill scratch yours. 这句话直译就是:你给我搔背,我也为你抓痒痒。它风趣地表达了彼此帮忙、相互捧场的意思。Scratch在这里都当动词用,但是它也可以作名词,而且有新的含意。 一百多年前人们在赛前用棍子在泥沙跑道上划出一条直线,运动员就从这儿起步,所以scratch可以解释;起跑线;。我们今天要学的第一个习惯用语,就有这个名词。Start from scratch,也许很多人听了这个短语会想:它的意思不就是;从起跑线开始;吗?你先别忙下结论。我们先来听下面这段话,说的是鼎鼎大名的肯德基炸鸡店的发迹。你知道;肯德基炸鸡店;英文怎么说吗?Kentucky Fried Chicken。好,我们来听这段话。请注意start from scratch这个短语的含义。例句-1: He started from scratch with a small chicken restaurant down south. But he worked hard, had some luck and now Kentucky Fried Chicken is sold around the world. 肯德基炸鸡店;的创办人白手起家,从南方的一家路边小餐馆做起。他既勤奋又有运气,发展成今天行销全球的肯德基炸鸡。 一定有不少听众朋友已经明白不能从字面意义来理解scratch这个词在start from scratch这个习惯用语里意思。整个短语的意思是;从零开始;,;白手起家;。 我们要学的第二个习惯用语是:up to scratch。Up to scratch,这个习惯用语也和运动有关。在拳击赛中,scratch指裁判在拳击场中间划的界线,根据以前的规则,如果一个拳击手被击倒在地,他必须在38秒内站起来、回到这条界线上并能继续搏斗,否则就认输。所以up to scratch意味着这个选手处于良好竞技状态。 我想听众朋友一定明白up to scratch这个习惯用语虽然来自拳击赛,却也被广泛应用到其它方面。我们来听听下面这段话。这是牛仔裤工厂的经理和他购买布料的纺织厂在通话。请你边听边体会up to scratch这个习惯用语的含义。 例句2: Sorry but that cloth you sent us isnt up to scratch. Its too thin and the color is too dark. We cant use it so Im shipping it back. 那位经理批评那批布料太薄,颜色又太深,质量够不上标准,不合用,所以要退货。可见up to scratch有合乎标准、合格的意思。 现在我们来讲scratch这个词的第三种用法。这回scratch意思完全不同。近五十年来人们给;钱;取了个绰号,就是scratch。这在日常会话中很普遍。我们一起来听听这段话: 例句3: My wife and I are saving as much as we can - we are trying to get enough scratch to buy a house. 这个人和他的太太尽量节省,为了攒够钱买房子。 在我们今天要学的最后一个习惯用语里,scratch回到了它的原意。就是;刨括表面;。这个习惯用语是:scratch the surface. Surface的意思就是;表面;。Scratch the surface这个习惯用语来自农活。你下种如果想得到好收成,就必须深耕细作,而不能刨去一层表土就撒种完事。就是说不能光是scratch the surface。这句话逐渐被应用到日常生活的各种场合。因为它形像地表达了流于表面、不深入的工作。好,我们来听一个例子。这是警方在对记者谈一件轰动一时的谋杀案: 例句4: We dont have much yet because weve just started to scratch the surface. But we are putting more men on the job and we will dig deeper into the facts. 目前他们掌握的案情不多,但是他们增加了办案人员,将深入探究据。可见scratch the surface含义是肤浅表面、或者还处于初步阶段、有待深入的工作。 /165094哈尔滨九州医院的地址

哈尔滨女性尿道炎医院股票跌个不停,物价涨个不停;工资走平稳路线,房价在节节攀升。各位兄弟们,一定要抓紧机会赚钱啊,尤其是在股市探底的时候,现在唯一的难题就是不知道它什么时候探底。上面说的是题外话了,今天我们要学习的表达是“抓紧机会赚钱”,这个可以用to make hay来表示。这个片语起源于为牲口准备饲料。为牲口准备冬天的饲料是农民夏天的一项重要工作。他们收割已经长高了的草,把它们铺开晒干,然后再把它们捆起来入库作为牲畜冬天的饲料。及时完成这项工作是很重要的,因为干草要是淋了雨,就会发霉。于是就有了这样一句成语:to make hay while the sun shines,原意是:乘有太阳的时候,赶快把饲料准备好。美国人经常把这一说法缩短成为:to make hay。To make hay在用作俗语的时候,和准备饲料没有什么太大关系了,它的意思就是“看到赚钱的机会就尽量从中获利”。我们来举一个例子吧,这个人因为汽油涨价而生气:If you ask me, some oil companies are really making hay out of the oil crisis. They keep raising the price of a gallon of gas, even though the experts say there's enough gas to go around if people don't get greedy. 要是你问我啊,我告诉你,有些石油公司乘着石油危机而大发其财。他们不断抬高每加伦汽油的价钱,尽管那些专家们说,只要人们不太贪心,汽油供应是足够的。我们再给大家举一个 to make hay的例子。这个人认为一个新的电脑公司的股票会使他赚很多钱,他正在劝他的朋友买这个股票:I tell you, the smart thing is to buy as much stock as you can afford. You want to make hay before everybody hears about it and the stock doubles in price. 我告诉你,尽你的能力买,这是聪明的做法。你要在别人还没有听说这个股票之前就赚一大笔钱。等到人家都知道了,股票的价格就会加倍。 /200806/42309 Mary: But the auction is a blast! And I haven't even told you the best part yet!Joe: I don't care what the best part is. Whatever you say won't change my mind. I'm not buying anything!Mary: That stamp you've been looking for is for sale.Joe: The 1879 Large Dragon? Are you serious? How much?Mary: Hey! I thought you weren't interested! Sorry, I've gotta go! I'm going to switch over to eBay and see if my bid is still the highest.Joe: Hey! Don't leave me hanging here! /201104/133578哈尔滨卵巢囊肿手术费多少巴彦县妇幼保健医院地址



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