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Syria’s new opposition leader叙利亚新任反对派领袖Better than the one before?会比上一任更出色吗?A different man faces the same problems换个面孔处理相同问题Jul 13th 2013 | CAIRO |From the print editionJarba’s turn at the top轮到贾尔巴掌舵SYRIANS can be forgiven for paying scant attention to the inauguration on July 6th of a new president of the Syrian National Coalition, the political opposition’s umbrella group in exile. The new man, Ahmed Jarba, is a leader of the powerful Shammar tribe, which has branches in Syria, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. A former political prisoner, he hails from the north-eastern Syrian town of Hasaka.叙利亚反对派的流亡伞状组织——叙利亚全国联盟——在七月六日迎来了一位新主席,而这场就职典礼却未成为叙利亚人关注的焦点。但这也情有可原。新任主席为艾哈迈德·贾尔巴(Ahmed Jarba),他是强大的舍麦尔部族(Shammar tribe)的首领,此部族势力强大,一直延伸至叙利亚、伊拉克以及沙特阿拉伯。他出生于叙利亚东北部的哈塞克镇(Hasaka),曾经是一名政治犯。He is a respected figure. Yet there is little reason to believe he will wield more influence than his predecessor, Moaz al-Khatib, a prominent Damascus cleric. The rivalry of the coalition’s two main Arab backers, Saudi Arabia, which is close to Mr Jarba, and Qatar, whose preferred candidate narrowly lost the election, has long hamstrung the opposition. Two days after Mr Jarba’s election, Ghassan Hitto, a protégé of Qatar who had been appointed as an interim prime minister in March, resigned, citing his failure to form a government in exile.他确实受人尊敬,然而目前仍无法确信他的影响力会超过他的前任——备受尊崇的大马士革传教士Moaz al-Khatib。沙特阿拉伯和卡塔尔是联盟中主要的阿拉伯国家持者,而沙特与贾尔巴走的更近,卡塔尔的意向候选人则在大选中惜败。这两个国家长期以来的竞争是削弱反对派的重要原因。贾尔巴赢得大选两天后,卡塔尔的门生Ghassan Hitto宣布辞职,理由是他未能成功组建一个流亡政府。他在今年三月被任命为临时首相。Mr Jarba may persuade Saudi Arabia to provide more humanitarian aid but, in view of Western anxiety over the increasing number of extremists in rebel-held parts of Syria, he is unlikely soon to secure advanced weapons to take on President Bashar Assad’s forces. Mr Assad’s tightening grip over the most populous cities along a north-south axis in Syria’s west has dimmed the prospects, always faint, of peace talks that were said to be in the offing in Geneva.也许贾尔巴会说沙特阿拉伯向其提供更多人道主义援助,但由于西方社会十分担忧受反叛军控制下的叙利亚部分地区中极端主义者数目激增,他不可能如此快速地得弄到先进武器来对付阿萨德的部队。叙利亚西部阿萨德控制下的人口最多的几个城市呈南北一线状;而正是他的严格控制使得即将在日内瓦召开的,原本就扑朔迷离的和平谈话的前景越加不明朗。Meanwhile, the fighting opposition inside Syria is growing ever more fractious. Two rebels were reported to have been beheaded recently in Dana, a town in Idleb, a north-western province that is mainly in rebel hands, after they clashed with fighters from a rival group calling itself the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (“Greater Syria” in Arabic), which is tied to al-Qaeda. The group has been trying to make inroads into areas in the north that are held by more secular rebels. Mr Jarba has a tough task ahead.同时,叙利亚境内的反对派武装力量还在不断失控中。有报道称,在由反叛军控制的叙利亚西北部的伊德利卜(Idleb)省达纳镇(Dana),两名反对者在与一竞争组织发生冲突后被处以极刑,后者自称伊拉克伊斯兰国和al-Sham(阿拉伯语,“大叙利亚”),并与基地组织交往甚密。这个组织一直试图侵入叙利亚北部地区,而北部地区则为世俗反叛军所持有。贾尔巴还将面临严峻考验。201307/249147。

Its not fair!真不公平!Whats not fair?什么不公平?I was reing the Constitution of the ed States. It sayshere that “All people are created equal.”我又读了一遍《美国宪法》,上面写着:“人人生而平等。”Thats just not true!事实并非如此!What do you mean?你想说什么?Well, its always being my dream to become the Olympic champion in the 100-meter-dash.成为奥运会的百米短跑冠军一直是我的梦想。But no matter how hard I train, Im just not fast enough.可是,无论我多么努力,我就是跑不了那么快。You just realize this now.你才意识到啊!Some guys are simply faster than everyone else.有些人就是比别人都跑得快。Thats because some people are born with more faster twitch muscle fiber than others.那是因为他们天生比他人多快收缩肌纤维。With what?有更多什么?Thats a big part of what make people faster than others.快收缩肌纤维大大地决定了跑步速度。Muscles are made of two kinds offibers–fast twitch and slow twitch.肌肉有两种纤维构成:快收缩肌肉纤维和慢收缩肌肉纤维。Whats the difference?有什么不同吗?Slow-twitch fibers use energy aerobically and can work for long periods of time before gettingtired.慢收缩肌肉纤维用于有氧耗能,适合耐力性运动。So they can contract more slowly, but can keep going without burning themselves out.所以慢收缩肌肉纤维收缩更慢,但是持续时间更长。Exactly, since they have to keep going for long periods.说的对,因为马拉松耗能耗时长。So sprinters have a lot of fast twitch muscle fiber.那么,马拉松选手肯定有很多慢收缩肌肉纤维了。Right! Fast twitch fibers consume energy quickly and are good for short, powerful bursts ofmovement like sprinting and jumping.没错!慢收缩肌肉纤维富含肌红蛋白。肌红蛋白可帮助肌细胞将氧转运到线粒体,而线粒体是细胞能源工厂。World-class sprinters typically have about 80% fast twitchmuscle fiber.对,快收缩肌肉纤维耗能快,特别适合短而有力的爆发性动作,比如短跑和跳跃,世界级短跑健将体内80%肌肉都是快收缩肌肉纤维。Luck dogs!真是幸福!And, of course, they train incredibly hard to develop their natural gifts. Olympic gold is not wonby muscle fiber alone.当然,他们不仅仅靠天赋,还有艰苦地训练来完善技能。获得奥运金牌可并非肌肉纤维就可以。But it certainly helps!但是不得不承认肌肉纤维起了作用。 201408/321029。

When they hear the name Ben Franklin, many folks think of the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Congress and things like that. Not as many people remember that Franklin was an inventor . . . and a good one, too! He also did some pioneering work in physics.当人们听到本杰明-富兰克林这个名字时,独立宣言,大陆会议等事件立即浮现在眼前。而作为发明家的富兰克林却不大为人所知。其实他是一名优秀的发明家,并曾在物理学方面做过一些开创性的工作。Sure, sure, you say. You think I’m about to tell that old story about flying a kite in a thunderstorm. I can see you reaching for the knob on your radio. But wait!你连忙说“是是是”,你认为我还是要给你讲老掉牙的电闪雷鸣放风筝的故事。我可以看到你的手伸向电台准备换频道。请等等!Forget about the kite and think fur instead. Franklin took some fur and rubbed it across a rubber rod. He had suspended the rod by a thin string. Then he tried it with a glass rod. Then he used silk instead of fur. What was he up to?忘掉风筝的事情吧,思考一下皮毛。富兰克林拿一些皮毛与一根橡胶棒进行擦。他用一根细绳将橡胶棒悬空挂起。然后他用一根玻璃棒又试了一下。然后他用丝巾代替了皮毛。他到底想干什么呢?He was experimenting with electric charge. The glass rod rubbed with silk repelled another glass rod rubbed with silk. The rubber rod rubbed with fur attracted the glass rod. That’s why he was hanging them by strings; when they are free to move, you can easily see the attraction and repulsion at work.他在做电荷实验。用丝巾擦过的玻璃棒相互排斥,但是皮毛擦过的橡胶棒却与玻璃棒相互吸引。这是他将棒子用细绳悬空而挂的原因。当它们可以自由运动时,你很容易就可以看到它们相吸和相斥的场景。Nowadays we know that what Franklin was doing was finding different ways to change the net electrical charge on various substances by knocking around electrons. Electrons are tiny, negatively charged particles. Since objects start out with equal amounts positive and negative charge, rubbing electrons off a glass rod with silk will give the glass net positive charge.如今我们懂得富兰克林实验的目的是通过擦电子,通过各种不同的途径在不同的物质上转移电子以改变净电荷。电子是微小的带负电荷的粒子。由于媒介起初带有相等数量的正负电子,玻璃棒与丝巾的擦会使得玻璃棒只带有净正电子。Franklin didn’t know about electrons, but using only very simple materials, he had shown that opposite charges attract and like charges repel! He even coined the terms “positive” and “negative.”富兰克林并不知道电子,但是仅仅使用非常简单的材料,他明了异性电荷相互吸引,同性电荷相互排斥!他甚至创造了专有名词“正”和“负”。Not bad for someone who was helping found new countries in his spare time.在建立新国家的同时,业余时间做点新鲜事也是个不错的选择。 /201306/242629。

Larger than any lion alive today, this would have been an awesome predator. These caves were probably its winter den.冰河时代的狮子比当今任何一种狮子的体型都更加巨大,他们曾是一种可怕的捕猎者。这些山洞便可能是他们冬天的洞穴。With such abundant game down on the plains, this hunters life must have been pretty good.能在平原上进行大量的捕猎游戏,这些狮子的生活一定十分惬意。Sheer size and power and the benefit of life within a pride made it the unmatched ruler of the plains. By looking at the lions of Africa today, we can imagine how these ice age cats once lived in small prides based around a group of hunting females.无可比拟的体型和力量,良好的生存条件。这些因素使这些骄傲的狮子成为了美洲大平原的绝对主宰。看看今天的非洲狮,我们能够想象,在冰河时代,这些被一群雌性环绕的猫科动物是如何骄傲地生活的。Like wolves, lions work together to win larger prey. After a leading hunter launches the attack, the others move in, helping to dispatch the victim with a suffocating bite. But even for these rulers of the plains, the good life had to end. They would be toppled by another predator with even sharper skills.和狼一样,在追捕大型猎物时,狮子们也进行团队合作。领头的狮子首先发动袭击,随后其他的狮子也参与其中,扑到猎物身上并给与致命一击。但是,即使是平原上的主宰,他们的美好生活也不得不结束了。人类以更为强大的捕猎技能取代了他们的地位。The ice age lions joined the list of victims, animals that had lived here for hundreds of millennia, but were soon lost forever.冰河时代的狮子是人类活动的受害者之一,许多在美洲大平原上生活了数千年的动物很快都永久地消失了。Today few signs remain that any of them were ever here. Odd traces scattered far and wide across the plains. But if we piece together bones and teeth, plant fragments and the clues from animals alive today, we can begin to bring a lost world back to life.如今,明这些动物曾在美洲大平原活动的痕迹已寥寥无几。这些稀有的痕迹遍布平原各地。但是如果我们把这些骨骼,牙齿,植物碎屑以及从存活着的动物身上得到的线索拼凑到一起,我们便能将这个遗失的世界重新带入我们视野。英文文本来自普特英语,译文属.201305/240919。

DON:Time once again for What You Didnt Know.唐:又到了《你并不清楚的事情》节目环节。This is where we a well-known science fact and then surprise you with the follow-up. Ready?我们这里有一条非常著名的科学事实而稍后的节目可能会让你大吃一惊。准备好了吗?YAEL:Yep.雅艾尔:没错。DON:Heart disease is a leading cause of death.唐:心脏病是造成人们死亡的主要原因。YAEL:Hey, it turns out the sky is blue.雅艾尔:嘿,原来你刚知道天空是蓝色的。Everybody knows heart disease is bad news for all those overweight guys in suits.对于那些穿西装的超重人群来说每个人都知道心脏病是晴天霹雳般的消息。DON:. . . for women.唐:这是对于女性而言。YAEL:Whoops! Did you say heart disease is a leading cause of death for women?雅艾尔:哎呦!你说心脏病是导致女性死亡的主要原因?DON:More than that:its not only a leading cause of death, its the leading cause of death.唐:不只如此,不只是死亡的主要原因,而就是死亡的主要原因。Women over fifty are more likely to die of heart attacks than anything else.50岁以上的女性更有可能死于心脏病发作。YAEL:But I thought heart attacks were a guy thing.雅艾尔:但我认为心脏病是男人的事情。DON:You and almost everyone else.唐:你和几乎其他所有人一样。A recent American Heart Association poll asked what the leading cause of death in women over fifty was.美国心脏协会最近的一项民意调查问及50岁以上妇女死亡的主要原因。Guess how many American women got the answer correct?猜一猜有多少美国妇女的回答正确?YAEL:Not a lot?雅艾尔:不是很多?DON:Only eight percent.唐:只有8%。Even more alarming, a Gallup poll asked doctors the same question. Only fifty-five percent knew it.更令人担忧的是盖洛普民意测验问及医生的也是同样的问题。只有55%的人知晓。Thats almost one out of two getting it wrong!几乎是一半人都会犯的错误!YAEL:So heart attacks arent a guy thing?雅艾尔:所以心脏病不是男人的事情?DON:Heart disease happens to women just as much as to men--maybe even more.唐:女性的心脏病发病与男性一样,甚至更多。The number of men dying of heart attacks is dropping, studies show, while the number of women dying of them is on the rise.死于心脏病的男性正在数量下降,但研究显示死于此种疾病女性的数量正在上升。Some researchers speculate that it has to do with just this lack of understanding that heart disease isnt just a male problem.一些研究人员推测这与缺乏心脏病不只是男性的问题的理解有关。Men may be getting better prevention and better treatment, while womens warning signs are being missed. 男性可能会得到更好的预防及更好的治疗,然而对于女性而言可能错过警告迹象。 201311/266010。

Don--Don, were on the air.嘿,唐,我们正在直播哦。Sorry, Yael, just getting in some jumping jacks before work.抱歉,雅艾尔, 只是在工作之前做些跳跃运动。I dont want to be one of the quarter million Americans who die prematurely each year from conditions like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.我可不想成为身患糖尿病、心脏病、肥胖症每年过早死的那25万名美国人其中之一。Oh brother, another segment about the benefits of exercise.哦,兄弟,运动的好处还有另一个原因。Whats the big deal?还有什么大不了的呢?Isnt there medicine that takes care of these diseases?药物不能治疗这些疾病吗?Well, medication is great for stabilizing existing conditions,嗯,药物有利于稳定现有的身体状况,but it doesnt solve the underlying problems-and everybody knows that exercising is good for you.但并不能解决根本问题,而且每个人都知道锻炼有好处。Yes, but now scientists suggest that exercise is even more than that.是的,但是现在科学家们表明运动还有更广泛的益处。The theory is that humans are genetically programmed by evolution to be physically active.该理论认为人类的身体活动决定自身的基因进化。After all, our ancestors spent millions of years hunting and gathering and only the last few thousand years as cultivators.毕竟,我们的祖先花了数百万年进行狩猎和采摘,而只有过去的几千年才作为庄稼人。So cushy office jobs arent natural?那轻松的办公室工作不自然吗?Right. So today, when we think of the average person, we think of someone who doesnt exercise.是这样的。所以今天,当我们想到一般人,我们认为这是一个不运动的人。And what these scientists are saying is that the biological norm is a person who is very active.而这些科学家们想表明的是生理正常的人是非常有活力的人。Im not sure I see your point.我不太我明白你的意思。So instead of saying that exercising decreases your risk for certain health problems, its more correct to say that not exercising increases your risk for those problems.与其说锻炼会降低你患上特定疾病的风险,不如更准确的说不锻炼会增加患病的风险。Your body expects you to exercise, and when you dont, your body is more likely to break down.你的身体期望自身去锻炼,如果不锻炼身体会垮掉。So when you do nothing, youre actually making things worse. 所以当你什么也不做的时候,其实是在让事情变得更糟。201309/256827。