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上海九院光子脱毛多少钱九院去痘价格费用Over three million people will do their Christmas shopping entirely online this year without once visiting an actual shop, a poll has found.一项民调发现,今年圣诞,超过300万英国人将在网上采购所有过节物品,一家实体店都不会去。Overcrowding and long queues in shops are forcing people away from the high street as the hassle of Christmas shopping becomes too much.每逢圣诞购物季,商店里总是挤满了人,排起长队,不胜其烦的人们被迫放弃去商业街购物。The number of people turning their backs on the high street is almost one million higher than it was last year, according to the poll by YouGov.根据民调机构YouGov进行的调查,今年选择不在商业街购物的人数比去年高出近100万。Last Christmas 2.4 million shoppers did not do any of their shopping in actual shops. The figure this year is predicted to be around 3.4 million, equivalent to around 7 percent of the adult population.去年圣诞,有240万购物者没有在实体店买过东西。今年,这一数字预计将达到340万左右,约占英国成年人总数的7%。Over a third of people said that the main turn-off about shopping on the high street is over-crowding. Meanwhile almost a quarter said that long queues at the check-out are the worst thing about it.超过三分之一的人称让人对逛商业街兴趣大减的主要原因就是人群拥挤。同时,近四分之一的人认为最糟糕的就是结账处队伍排起长龙。Of the 2,065 people polled, even those who are still taking to the shops plan to spend less time in them this Christmas.在2065名被调查者中,就连那些仍喜欢去实体店购物的人也计划今年圣诞不会花太多时间逛商店。Around 31 percent of shoppers who plan to spend at least some time on the high street will spend less than half of their shopping time in actual shops, using the rest of the time to shop remotely via the internet. This compares to 28 percent of people last year. Meanwhile the proportion of people spending over half of their shopping time in high street shops has dropped from 41 percent last year to 39 percent this year.约31%的购物者计划多少也要去商业街逛一逛,不过他们只打算花不到一半时间去实体店购物,余下的时间用于网购。而去年持同样想法的购物者比例为28%。与此同时,把一半以上的购物时间用于逛商业街的消费者比例从去年的41%降到今年的39%。Just two percent of people said that they are looking forward to dealing with store staff this festive season.仅有2%的人表示,希望在这个圣诞季去商店购物。Guy Boxall, senior product marketing manager at Casio Business Solutions Division, which commissioned the research from YouGov, said that despite the fall in people visiting the high street, humans are “social creatures” who actually like spending time together.卡西欧业务方案部产品营销高级经理盖伊#8226;波克索尔委托YouGov进行了此次调查。他表示,尽管去商业街购物的人数量锐减,但人类毕竟是“社会动物”,还是喜欢在一起消磨时间。“Although the high street is facing a big challenge Christmas, retailers should see this research as a challenge to improve the in-store shopping experience, rather than the nail in the coffin. We are social creatures, and the desire to spend time with each other, particularly at Christmas, is never going to go away,” said Mr Boxall.波克索尔说道:“尽管商业街面临一次圣诞大挑战,但零售商们应将这一调查结果视为一次挑战,借以提升消费者的店内购物体验,而不是把调查结果看成致命打击。要知道我们是社会性动物,渴望在一起共度时光,尤其是在圣诞节,这份渴望永远都不会减退。”The poll found that people’s favourite aspects of Christmas shopping on the high street are being able to “wander around” looking for inspiration and being able to see and touch products. People were also keen on being able to carry products home, which is not possible when they order online.民调发现人们喜欢去商业街购物的主要原因是,通过“逛一逛”寻求鼓舞或者亲眼见见、亲手摸摸产品。人们也喜欢把产品带回家的感觉,而这种感觉是网上购物所体验不到的。 /201212/215495上海医院祛疤手术价格 上海中山医院祛眼袋手术价格

上海妙桃隆胸假体多少钱上海市曙光医院祛疤手术价格 Two-thirds of Britons cannot say anything in a foreign language ; with one fifth even unsure of what #39;bonjour#39; means, a study claims.一项研究称,三分之二的英国人不会说任何外语,五分之一的英国人甚至连bonjour是什么意思都不清楚。The findings appear to confirm the cliche about Britons being notoriously bad at making an effort to speak the lingo when abroad.这一研究发现似乎实了关于英国人的一个成见,就是英国人在国外很少会努力去说当地的语言,这一点简直都出了名。Overall, 64 percent of those polled admitted they did not know a single word in any language other than English.总体来看,有64%的被调查者承认,除了英语之外,任何一门其他语言他们都是一个字也不认识。And just one third ; 34 percent ; said they were willing to make an attempt at speaking a foreign language while on holiday.只有三分之一(34%)的英国人说他们愿意在出国度假时尝试着去说一门外语。One fifth (19 percent) did not know the meaning of the French word for hello, one of the most recognisable foreign greetings in the world.五分之一(19%)的英国人不知道hello在法语中的对应词的意思,而这是世界上识别度最高的外语问候语之一。And 63 percent had no idea what the Dutch word lsquo;goedemorgenrsquo; meant, despite the obvious similarities to our own #39;good morning#39;.63%的英国人不知道荷兰语goedemorgen是什么意思,尽管这个词和英语中的good morning(早上好)有着明显的相似性。Young Britons were found to be worst at making the effort, with nearly half ; 47 percent ; of those aged 16 to 24 admitting they have never spoken the foreign language they learned at school.据调查发现,英国年轻人在努力说外语这方面做得最差,年龄在16到24岁之间的英国年轻人中有将近半数(47%)承认自己从未开口说过在学校里学过的外语。 But 45 percent of the over-55s said they liked to try to speak the local language when abroad, the poll of 2,000 adults by travel website Hotels.com found.旅游网站Hotels.com 开展的这一涵盖了2000名成人的调查发现,55岁以上的英国人中有45%说自己在国外时愿意尝试着去讲当地的语言。It is compulsory for all pupils to study a foreign language up to the age of 14 and French, German and Spanish are all on the national curriculum.在英国,所有的学生在满14岁后都必须学习一门外语,法语、德语和西班牙语都在英国教学大纲上。Yet only one in ten of those polled considered themselves able to speak one of them.然而,只有十分之一的被调查者自认会说这三门外语中的一种。Of these, a quarter could ask only #39;everyday questions#39;, 21 percent said they were limited to #39;hellorsquo; and #39;goodbye#39;, and one in 50 claimed they could understand everything said to them in another language, but were unable to reply.在这部分人中,四分之一的人只会问;日常问题;,21%的人说他们的外语程度仅限于说;你好;和;再见;,五十分之一的人称自己能完全听懂一门外语,但不会用外语作答。 Reasons for not trying to speak a local language included not being bothered, fear of making a mistake or expecting hosts to be able to speak English. 不愿尝试去说当地语言的原因包括不想麻烦、害怕犯错,或指望当地人会说英语。 /201111/161835奉贤区奉城医院激光去烫伤的疤价格费用

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