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霸道猫咪强吻我,“小污”强吻泰迪熊走红网络 --31 ::19 来源:chinadaily Smudge the cat is a big fan of his teddy bear, perhaps too much so. 一只名为“小污”的猫是他家泰迪熊的超级粉丝,不过他可能粉得有点太过火了A strange shows the young feline essentially French kissing his cuddly toy. 一个视频播放了这样一个奇异的画面:一只小猫在亲它的毛绒玩具,而且还是法式热吻In the footage, uploaded on Facebook by East Surrey Cats Protection, Smudge grabs the bear and moves in a lot more than a quick peck on the cheek. 可不只是在脸颊上轻轻一碰,视频上“小污”抓着小熊,径直凑上去深深一吻脸书上的这一视频是由东萨里猫咪保护协会上传的The poor teddy has to withstand the cat's sharp claws when Smudge presses them into its face. “小污”双爪着它的脸,可怜的泰迪不得不忍受那尖利的爪子In the corner of the shot another cat peers onto the sofa to check what is going on, perhaps rather jealous of Smudge's adoration the soft toy. 在视频的小角落里,另一只猫盯着沙发,查看发生了什么,也许很嫉妒小污对毛绒玩具的爱呢Underneath the Lilia Palma was unconvinced the cat's affection was completely genuine, writing: 'Looks like someone had put something on teddy bears mouth that attracted the cat to lick.' 莉莉娅?帕尔马不相信这只猫的感情是真实的,她在视频下方写道:“看着好像有人往泰迪熊的嘴上抹了东西吸引猫来舔”But Cats Protection disagreed, writing: 'This was my foster cat last summer and honestly, nothing was put on the teddy bear's nose!' 但是猫咪保护协会不同意这个说法,写道:“这是我去年夏天收养的猫,而且真的,什么都没往泰迪熊的鼻子上涂!”Another commenter, Jackie Ingram, posted: 'lol! my ginger cat humps furry toys and blankets! now that is weird, vet had never heard of a neutered cat doing that.' 另外一个者,杰姬?英格拉姆发贴说:“哈哈哈!我的小黄猫爱上了毛绒玩具和毯子!那这就奇怪了,兽医可从没听说过绝育的猫会做那样的事”Cats Protection assured her: 'I know of several that do it. All neutered!' 猫咪保护协会肯定地回应:“我知道有几只猫都做过类似的事它们都做过绝育!”All perfectly natural then it seems. 这样看来这就是很自然的事了Smudge was given to the centre, which covers Caterham, Redhill and East Surrey, when he was just four months old. 小污在只有四个月大的时候就被送到了猫咪保护协会,此协会在凯特勒姆、雷德希尔和东萨里都有分机构Cats Protection has been in operation since and is run entirely by volunteers. 猫咪保护协会自年开始运营,完全由志愿者管理Vocabulary: foster: 养育的 hump: [粗俗用语][俚语] 与(某人)性交 neuter: 阉割来源:英国每日邮报翻译:实习生孙美真编审:yaning苏宁宣布并购国际米兰,.7亿欧元收购70%股份 -- :8: 来源: 中国家电零售商苏宁电器商贸集团宣布付.7亿欧元收购意大利足球俱乐部国际米兰70%的股份 Chinese appliance retailer Suning Commerce Group has agreed to pay 70m euros (3m dollars) a 70 per cent stake in Italian football club Inter Milan, in the latest ay into European sport by a big Chinese company.中国公司进军欧洲运动新举措:中国家电零售商苏宁电器商贸集团已同意付.7亿欧元收购意大利足球俱乐部国际米兰70%的股份“Our goal is to make Internazionale Milano more internazionale,” said Suning chairman Zhang Jindong, in a joint press conference with the club’s president Eric Thohir announcing the deal in the Chinese city of Nanjing.“我们的目标是让国际米兰更加国际化,”在与俱乐部的总裁埃里克·托希尔在南京宣布该交易的记者招待会上,苏宁电器董事长张近东这样说道Mr Zhang said that part of the appeal of Inter Milan, as the club is more commonly known, was that it was the first European club to visit China 38 years ago.张先生说,国际米兰吸引人的一部分,是它是欧洲第一个于38年前访问中国的俱乐部The retailer is aly active in domestic Chinese football.该零售商在中国国内足球界已经很活跃Within a two-week period earlier this year, Jiangsu Suning Football Club acquired Chelsea’s Brazilian midfielder Ramires m euros (3m dollars) and Brazil’s Alex Teixeira from Ukraine’s Shakhtar Donetsk 50m euros.在今年初的两个星期内,江苏苏宁足球俱乐部以00万欧元签约了切尔西的巴西中场拉米雷斯,和以5000万欧元签约了乌克兰顿涅茨克矿工队的巴西球员亚历克·斯特谢拉Both were records the Chinese Super League at the time.两人当时都是中国足球超级联赛的记录创造者Suning also signed a three-year sponsorship deal with FC Barcelona in .苏宁也于年与巴塞罗那队签署了一份为期三年的赞助协议The club will benefit from Chinese “elements”, Mr Zhang said on Monday, without explaining what that meant.俱乐部将会从中国的“元素”中受益,张先生周一表示,但没有解释是什么意思“From this day ward, as we add our Chinese elements to the team, and the team takes root in the largest football fan market, Internazionale Milano will be presented with greater opporties than ever bee,” he said.“从今往后,我们为球队添加了中国元素,球队在最大的球迷的市场扎根,国际米兰将获得比以往更多的机会,”他说Xi Jinping, China’s president and an avowed football fan, has said he wanted to make the country a football powerhouse, with the government earlier this year approving a programme that aims to elevate China’s national team to among Asia’s best by .中国国家主席习近平作为一位坚定的足球迷,曾表示他想使中国成为足球强国,政府今年早些时候批准一项计划,旨在使中国国家队于年提升为亚洲最强Jiangsu-based Suning ranked first among Chinese retail companies by sales in with Rmb9bn (bn dollars) in turnover and 1,577 retail outlets, according to the China Chain Store and Franchise Association.江苏企业苏宁集团在年中国零售企业销售排行中位居首位,销售营业额为90亿人民币,拥有77个零售网点,根据中国连锁经营协会数据But the privately owned company has looked to diversify its business in recent years amid the rise of online shopping.但该私营公司于近年网上购物的新浪潮中探索其业务的多样化In , Suning acquired a stake in Chinese online site PPTV.年,苏宁收购了中国视频网站PPTVThe same year it changed its named from “Suning Appliance Group” to reflect a its new focus on online retail: its new Chinese name translates as “Suning Cloud Commerce”.同年,公司配合其在线连锁的业务重心,更名为“苏宁云商集团股份有限公司”Last August, Alibaba Group bought a per cent stake in Suning $.6bn, the ecommerce group’s biggest acquisition.去年八月,阿里巴巴集团以6亿美元收购了苏宁电器%的股权,为该电子商务集团最大的一次收购Football is widely loved in China, creating opporties Chinese investors to profit from broadcast rights and merchandise sales.足球在中国广受喜爱,为中国投资者创造了从转播权和商品销售中获利的机会In March, billionaire Wang Jianlin’s Dalian Wanda Group agreed a deal with Fifa to sponsor the next four football World Cups an undisclosed sum.今年三月,亿万富翁王健林的大连万达集团同意与国际足联达成协议,赞助未来四年的足球世界杯,金额不详Last year Wanda bought a per cent stake in Atletico Madrid football club 5m euros.去年万达以500万欧元收购了马德里竞技足球俱乐部%的股份A consortium of investors paid 00m dollars a per cent stake in Manchester City in December.去年月,一个由投资者组成的财团付了亿美元收购了曼彻斯特城%的股权Rumours have also swirled in recent months that Chinese buyers are also targeting AC Milan, the city’s other elite football team.最近几个月传闻说中国买家也瞄准了AC米兰,该市的又一精英球队宝宝都是颜控!长得丑小孩都不理你 --3 :: 来源: A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology found that children, like adults, inherently trust good-looking people more than unattractive ones.一份发表于《心理学前沿杂志的研究发现,孩子和成年人一样会本能地更信任长相好看的人而非缺少魅力的人 the study, a team of Chinese researchers recruited groups of 8-, -, and -year-olds, with 33 to kids in each group (a similarly sized group of college students served as a control). These pint-size volunteers viewed a series of 0 unfamiliar faces, categorizing each one as trustworthy, untrustworthy, or neither; a month later, they came back to view the same faces, this time rating them on attractiveness.为了开展本项研究,中国研究团队招募了一群8岁、岁和岁大的孩子,每组33至人(数量相当的大学生组成控制组)小志愿者们观看了一系列0个不熟悉的面孔,将它们分为;值得信任的;、;不值得信任的;和;无法判断的;;一个月之后,他们又回来看了同样的面孔,这次根据魅力值为它们划分等级Across age groups, the two judgments were closely linked ; the more attractive faces, in general, were also considered more trustworthy. It's one more in a pile of similar findings about how kids make appearance-based judgments: Past research has shown, example, that preschool-age children seek out more attractive peers as playmates, and that they prefer to rely on better-looking people as sources of inmation. Even kids as young as 3 can a person's face to make assumptions about their character.不论在哪个年龄组,这两项判断都是密切相关的;;更有魅力的面孔一般会被评定为更值得信任在此之前,已有大量类似实验,研究小孩子如何依据外表作出判断:比如,过去的研究明,学龄前儿童会寻找更有魅力的同龄人作玩伴,而且他们更喜欢依赖长相更好看的人作为信息来源;甚至连3岁小孩都能通过看人脸来猜测别人的性格;The 'beauty is good' impression may gradually develop through children's daily experiences in witnessing the association between attractive individuals and trustworthy behaviors,; the authors wrote.研究人员写道:;在孩子的日常经验中,他们会目睹有魅力的个人与值得信任的行为之间的联系,而lsquo;美是好的rsquo;这种印象也就逐渐形成了;As we have previously noted, beautiful people have it easier in many ways: They tend to be better paid, more confident, and better liked ; even by the tiniest of humans.正如我们此前提到过的,漂亮的人在许多方面都会过得更容易一些:他们往往薪资更高,更有信心,更讨人喜欢;;甚至连最小的孩子都更喜欢他们铁路“列车运行图”大调整 -- :00:3 来源:chinadaily 从5月日零时起,全国铁路开始实行新的列车运行图本次调图是近年来最大范围的列车运行图调整,也是铁路运输能力增量最大的一次调整请看相关报道:A new railway operating plan has increased the country's passenger and freight train capacity, according to China Railway Corp.中国铁路总公司表示,新的铁路运行图提高了我国客运和货运列车的运力Under the new plan, ,0 pairs of bullet trains are now operating out of a total of 3,00 pairs of passenger trains. One-third of the additional 300 pairs of passenger trains are operating in central and western areas, connecting small cities.新图共安排开行旅客列车00多对,其中动车组列车对旅客列车比原来增加近300对,其中三分之一在中西部地区运行铁路列车运行图(railway operating plan)是用以表示列车在铁路区间运行及在车站到发或通过时刻的技术文件,它规定各车次列车占用区间的程序,列车在每个车站的到达和出发(或通过)时刻,列车在区间的运行时间,列车在车站的停站时间以及机车交路、列车重量和长度等,是全路组织列车运行的基础本次调整是近年来最大范围的列车运行图调整,也是铁路运输能力增量最大的一次调整其中,普速列车(trains running at normal speeds)是近年来增加最多的一次另外,新增开的300多对列车中有0多对都是高铁列车调图后,全国动车组列车(bullet trains)的开行数量将达到对【各类列车小科普】根据功能:freight train:货运列车passenger train: 旅客列车根据动力来源:Steam locomotives:蒸汽机车Diesel locomotives:柴油机车Electric locomotives:电力机车Combined engines:混合动力机车根据轨道类别:Common railway:普通铁路Electrified railway:电气化铁路High speed rail:高速铁路Maglev:磁悬浮铁路Monorail:单轨铁路【列车运行图调整亮点】这次调图中,增开高铁夜班车的线路包括京沪、京广、沪昆等三条高铁大动脉,数量达到0对左右高铁线路列车增开晚间和早间时段的动车组列车0对,为中小城市去往临近大城市的旅客提供便利西部增开了近0对列车,是十年来中西部地区增开列车最多的一次中西部地区新增的长途线路则包括:昆明到宁波、乌鲁木齐到深圳、西宁到南宁、齐齐哈尔到乌鲁木齐、兰州到格尔木、昆明到六盘水、重庆到银川等方向,让中西部近年来铁路建设的成果得到有效释放增加了连续运行距离最长,运行时间最长的列车开行了最东南到最东北的列车旅游列车增一倍,织就大美铁路网看了这些,计划出行的你肯定还关心一个问题:火车票价会不会有啥“风吹草动”?中国铁路总公司运输局营运部副主任黄欣表示,本次调图没有对车票票价调整的安排”,有些车次还“加量不加价”以西安至上海的T7次列车为例,此次调图它的规格从特快升为了直达,车次改为Z51次时间较此前缩短1小时分,但全程票价不变(中国日报网英语点津 Helen)你能猜到“最佳生育年龄”吗? -- :00:8 来源: 要孩子的选择是一个非常私人的话题,选择什么时候做母亲都没有错但是英国米德兰生育诊所的医学主任Gillian Lockwood表示,我们的身体有一个最佳的生育年龄你能猜到是多少岁吗? women who want to have children, planning the right time is a difficult decision. In recent years, many women have opted to put off having kids until their late s and well into their 30s — focusing on finishing school, building their careers, traveling, and maybe even paying down their student loans bee taking the leap into parenthood. Statistics show that women are waiting longer and longer to have kids — the current average age of first-time moms is up to 6.3, up from .9 just years ago.对于想要孩子的女性来说,合适的时间是一个艰难的决定近年来,很多女性选择在岁末甚至30多岁才要孩子,主要原因是她们忙于完成学业、发展职业生涯、旅行、甚至选择在为人父母之前偿还助学贷款数据表明,女性的生育年龄越来越晚——生第一胎的平均年龄从年前的.9岁上升到现在的是6.3岁The choice to have children is extremely personal and of course there’s no wrong answer when it comes to being y to be a mom. But according to Dr. Gillian Lockwood, medical director at the Midland Fertility Clinic in the UK, there is an ideal age when our bodies are best suited to pregnancy. Can you guess what it is?要孩子的选择是一个非常私人的话题,选择什么时候做母亲都没有错但是英国米德兰生育诊所的医学主任Gillian Lockwood表示,我们的身体有一个最佳的生育年龄你能猜到是多少岁吗?I’ll give you a hint: it’s when many of us have a quarter-life crisis. Also: when it finally becomes afdable to rent a car.提醒一下:最佳的生育年龄是在大多数人的“青年危机”时,也是我们终于能租得起车的时候Yep. According to Lockwood, the ideal age to get pregnant is 5.Lockwood表示,是的,最佳的生育年龄是5岁Untunately, says Dr. Lockwood, it’s also the age when motherhood is low on many women’s list of priorities. She explained in the Evening Standard:Lockwood医生说,不幸的是,对很多5岁的女性来说,成为母亲并不在她们的优先任务清单上面Lockwood医生在《伦敦标准晚报上解释说:“Age 5 is exactly the time when today’s young women have left university, are trying to get off on a good career, trying to pay back their student loans, trying to find someone who wants to have babies with them and trying to get on the housing ladder.”“5岁的当代年轻女性刚刚大学毕业,事业起步,忙于偿还助学贷款,找男朋友,努力买房”Dr. Lockwood also had some harsh words about fertility treatments being marketed as a viable option to women over 0. “The bleak reality is that the chance of IVF working with your own eggs once you are 0 is absolutely abysmal,” she said. “Would we let, yet alone encourage, patients to pay an elective operation with a less than five percent chance of working?” While that may be Dr. Lockwood’s opinion, plenty of wannabe parents may be happy to take those chances.Lockwood医生还批判了向0多岁女性推销不疗法的行为“事实很残酷,如果你超过了0岁,用卵子进行体外受精的成功几率非常低,”她说“谁会允许甚至鼓励病人做成功几率低于5%的择期手术?”这是Lockwood医生的观点,但仍有很多想要孩子的父母很愿意抓住这些机会It’s worth reiterating that there are so many factors that inm the choice to have kids and only you can decide when — and IF — you want to become a mother. Whether you choose to have kids at , 30, 0, or beyond; biologically, through a surrogate, or via adoption, always listen to your own body and make the decision that makes sense your own life. You know what’s right you.特别强调的是,很多因素会影响要孩子的时间,只有你自己可以决定是否想成为一位母亲不管你是在岁、30岁、0岁甚至更大的年龄要孩子,是自己生、还是收养,你都要听从自己的身体,做出对生活有意义的选择你知道什么是最适合自己的

少女原味脚皮?揭秘淘宝奇葩买卖 -- 18:6:1 来源:sohu 滴滴代注册、明星分手险、渣男测试、人皮面具、卖脚皮、出租男女朋友、脑残片......近日,淘宝首次公布“奇葩勾当”排行榜,揭露了八种突破法律红线或违反社会伦理道德的奇葩行为据了解,阿里“神盾局”内部有一“禁限售商品管理”团队,仅年上半年就删除此类违法、违禁、扰乱平台秩序的商品链接高达万余条 China's largest e-commerce platm Taobao has published a list of weird goods or services offered on the website the first time recently. The Safety and Security Intelligence Center of Alibaba Group has a team that manages the banned and restricted goods. It has deleted over . million links selling illegal goods or goods that disturb the order of the platm in the first half of . 首先,下面让我们来盘点一下都有哪些奇葩勾当上线 1.What are they? 1)滴滴代注册:这一务主要是为用户提供代理注册务,商家在收费50至0元不等后,保障司机即使在不合符注册条件的情况之下,仍可在滴滴平台上注册成功因滴滴注册自身有注册门槛要求,所以,这一代理行为违背企业安全诚信标准,日后存在未知风险 Help customers register Didi drivers: If a driver wants to register as a Didi driver on cab hailing app Didi Dache, he or she must meet certain standards. example, his car must be in good condition, and he himself must be a good driver, etc. However, some drivers cannot meet the requirements set by Didi. Theree, they turned to Taobao help. Some Taobao shops charge the drivers from 50 to 0 yuan to help them get registered quickly. And if the they register the driver is blocked, they can help them get a new free. 而就目前来看,这一代理行业最大的风险就是一旦不符合注册标准的司机成功注册,并开始接单进行务后,在过程中会给叫车的乘客带来极大的风险和困扰比如:实际车辆与乘客在叫车软件上预定的车号牌不符、型号不符,或司机根本不是同一人等 Reason stopping it: Drivers not meeting the standardsmay not be able to offer qualified service to customers. When customers hail a car on the app, they may find that the car going to take them may have a different number plate or the driver may be a different person, which may be quite dangerous. )分手险:泰勒和抖森新恋情曝光,淘宝网的部分商家趁机推出了与二人恋情相关的专属「分手险」,该险种明显带有对明星私生活的调侃性质另外,此虚拟险种,也涉及非法集资诈骗 Break-up insurance: After Taylor Swift started dating with Tom Hiddleston this June, there's a break-up insurance the two appearing on Taobao. Each bet costs 1 yuan(微软裁员,智能手机业务或已到尽头 --7 :: 来源: 日前,微软宣布计划削减1850个工作岗位,此举将作为微软收缩旗下智能手机业务的一部分The firm also said it would post a 0m (euro 66m) writedown, part of which is to cover redundancy payments.据微软表示,此举将给公司带来9亿5000万美元(约合6亿600万欧元)的减计收入,其中一部分将被用来付员工的遣散费用A union official suggested the firm had cancelled plans to manufacture further handsets of its own, although this has not been confirmed.尽管未被实,但是据一名工会官员透露,微软已经撤销了对自主手机的进一步生产计划The move comes just two years after the US company paid .bn Nokiarsquo;s handset business.就在这一举措仅仅两年前,微软还付了7亿美元来购买诺基亚的手机业务Last week, a study indicated Windows-powered handsets ed less than 1% of global smartphone sales over the first three months of the year.据上周的一项研究结果表明,在今年前三个月的全球智能手机销量中,Windows系统手机占比不到1%Microsoft is also in the process of selling its Nokia-branded feature phones business.微软目前也在经营其他业务,销售贴牌诺基亚的功能手机Microsoft said up to 1,350 of the job cuts would be made in Finland as a result of the latest announcement.根据最新公布的消息,微软表示将在芬兰裁员,最多50人;My understanding is that Windows will go on as an operating system, but there will be no more phones made by Microsoft,; said a union representative.一名工会代表说道:;我的理解是Windows 会作为一款操作系统继续销售,但是微软不会再生产手机了;A statement issued by Microsoftrsquo;s chief executive did not make clear if this was indeed the case.微软CEO发表的声明并没有表明是否的确是这么一回事;We will continue to innovate across devices and on our cloud services across all mobile platms,; said Satya Nadella.萨蒂亚;纳德拉表示:;在设备和各移动平台云务上,我们将继续创新;The company has promised to provide more inmation when it posts an earnings update in July.微软承诺等到7月份披露盈利报告时,他们将提供更多(相关的)信息But one expert said he still believed it still had plans new handsets.但是有专家表示,说他仍然认为微软有新手机计划;The writing has been on the wall some time about Microsoftrsquo;s remaining smartphone operations in Finland,; said Ben Wood from the CCS Insight consultancy.来自咨询公司CCS Insight的本;伍德说道:;根据市面上的这些信息,我们可以对微软在芬兰遗留的智能手机业务有一个了解;;But Nadellarsquo;s vision Windows is predicated on delivering the operating system to any screen, whether its a watch, a giant TV or a phone.;但是对纳德拉来说,Windows 的目标是把这款操作系统移植到每一个设备上,无论它是手表、大电视还是手机;So, Microsoft will continue to support smartphone licensees - including Alcatel, Acer and HP - as long as it can.;微软将继续持对对阿尔卡特、宏碁和HP的手机授权,时间越长越好;;And I think we will eventually see a Surface-branded phone emerge as well.;我想,我们最终也会看到微软推出Surface手机;;But that will be so Microsoft can show what the art-of-the-possible is business-targeted devices - similar to what it has done with its Surface tablets and laptop - rather than trying to sell tens of millions of s itself to consumers.;;但是在这之前,微软必须要学会如何在商用产品上实现艺术可能(这有点像微软在Surface平板和笔记本电脑上的做法),而不仅仅只是向消费者出售上千万数量的设备;.). If the pop singer 'breaks up' with the new boyfriend within a year then the buyer will get double their bet which is directly paid into their bank . One seller says that there have been 53 transactions. While another seller said that the highest amount someone has spent was 00 yuan. 这项务所提供的险种本是就是不存在的,看似好笑,单笔交易也不过一元左右,而事实上它涉及非法集资诈骗在零成本的基础上,卖家可以盈利几千元之多 Reason stopping: There's no break-up insurances. This business could be suspected of involving fraudulent fund-raising. Although it’s sold at 1 yuan each, the seller may collect several thousand yuan or even more. It’s illegal fund-raising. 经过严格的筛查和监管,分手险和类似商品已在淘宝下架详情请点击查看:分手险系非法集资已遭下架 3)渣男测试:买家花钱购买后,就会有年轻女性以陌生女孩的身份,根据客户所提供的资料,通过QQ或微信来帮助客户鉴定另一半对自己是否忠诚 Fidelity tests: After you buy the service, there will be a young female using the inmation you give to seduce your boyfriend, testing whether he is loyal enough or not. 这一“勾当”其实严重扰乱了社会公共秩序更有潜在非法性交易和发生强奸犯罪的隐患 Reason stopping: it violates public order and fine customs. There’s also a risk of potential sex trade or rape cases (because of seducing), just like renting a boyfriend or girlfriend to satisfy worrying parents. )人皮面具:高度仿真人脸,其脸部皮肤纹理、色泽与真人极度相似 Skinmask: Skinmask that looks similar to genuine human faces in skin texture and color. Many people love to use such tools to make practical jokes, or frighten somebody fun. Or they may just want to imitate what people in TV dramas do and want to make some fun with the mask. 这一奇葩商品给了犯罪分子可乘之机,它们可以通过这些面具在作案时隐藏身份,逃避警察追捕 Reason stopping: Some criminals may also buy the mask, and use it as a tool to hide their identity while committing a crime, which may hinder the police from finding the criminals. 5)代骂挨骂务:协助他人提供报复、发泄性质的骂人和被人骂务 Revenge service: It was quite easy to find such service sold online. The seller charges customers money according to the time the seller spent in making phone calls to scold others them. 福建的律师邓长昌表示,根据法律规定,每个人都有人权,且都应得到尊重随意辱骂他人是严重伤害他人人权的行为买卖双方都属于侵犯他人权利 Reasons stopping: Deng Changchang, a lawyer in Fujian, said this behavior is illegal. According to the law, everyone has his or her right of personality, which should be respected by others. Scolding others will violate their right of personality. Those who scold others customers and customers who hire them infringe others' rights together. 6)脚皮、新鲜大便等无厘头商品:淘宝上出现“少女原味脚皮”等怪异商品,并持续热销,奇葩商品引发社会舆论和广泛关注 Dead skin from the foot of a virgin or feces: Some sellers sell original flavor of dead skin from the foot of a virgin or feces as snacks, which even became a huge hit on Taobao. 这一商品必须叫停的原因 奇葩商品吸引奇葩取向的顾客,造成负面社会影响 没有严格的检疫,这类商品极有可能携带病毒细菌 那么多人在买“少女”的这,“少女”的那如此大的销量,哪来那么多少女脚皮?或者,这也许根本不是你心中的“少女”?细思极恐 Reason stopping: These could attract some people with weird hobbies, and bring some negative social influences. Is that edible? There's no healthstandard that, which may sp some insects. There are a lot of people buying that. So are there so many girl's dead foot skin sales? Are these dead skins really from girls?7)脑残片:商家对普通糖果进行伪装,为了取眼球和恶搞而冠上脑残片等怪异名称 Pills stupid people: These are candies in fact. But sellers use a fancy package to pack these candies, and name it pills stupid people (脑残片). People may buy it prank use, like making fun of others by giving them the pills to cure their brain damage. 我国对于网络渠道销售药品食品是设有十分严格而明确的规章制度的而“脑残片”既不属于食品,也不属于药品,这就意味着它很有可能既不符合食品规定也不属于药品规定,所以对消费者健康而言,这类怪异药片有着不可预知的风险 Reason stopping: there is strict quality control in selling drugs or food on the internet. Such pills are neither food nor drugs, which may neither meet the requirements of food nor drugs. So it may be risky to customer's health. 那么,究竟是何原因导致市面上出现这些奇奇怪怪的“勾当”呢? .Why is there such weird business? 1)为了吸引消费者 许多年轻人喜欢标新立异,从而显示出自己的与众不同许多黑心商家利用法律漏洞,销售一些奇奇怪怪的商品,以此来取年轻人的眼球,从而盈利 To attract customers:Many young people love to show their individuality, and differentiate from others. Theree, many sellers make use of the loopholes of the law, and make their goods appear weird and special in order to stand out on the online shopping website to attract these young people to buy. )一个愿打一个愿挨--需求刺激供给 以滴滴打车为例,随着滴滴这款app越来越火爆,许多私家车司机也想从中捞一桶金而然部分司机不符合滴滴审核的标准无法注册为了迎合这一需求,淘宝的一些黑心商家就提供虚假信息帮助他们在滴滴上完成注册 There's demand stimulate the supply: As the Didi Dache app becomes popular, many drivers want to join in to make extra money. However, not all of them qualify the registry requirements. Theree, some Taobao sellers charge them money to help them register with false inmation. 3)监管的缺乏 由于淘宝这一平台自身的开放性和丰富性,人们似乎可以在淘宝上售卖任何东西这就使那些不法卖家可以披着万众创新的外衣,在这一平台上销售自己那些奇葩商品而且由于淘宝平台的复杂性,在监管团队查出他们之前,还有时间可以大赚一笔 Lack of supervision: Due to Taobao's qualities of abundance and openness, people seem to sell everything, real or virtual online. Theree, it’s easy people to start a business on the platm to sell these weird things, under the name of innovation. And it's highly possible that they can make money bee Taobao team found their business improper, and blocked their shops or links. )利用“名人”效应 分手险就是随着霉霉和抖森恋情曝光而出现的奇葩商品黑心商家利用广大中国粉丝对霉霉的关注和喜爱,积少成多,从中盈利 Make use of celebrity's gossip: Those who sell break-up insurance just want to make use of the relationship between Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston. Because the singer is very popular and has many fans in China, there must be fans focusing on the development of their relationship, and want to buy the insurance which only costs 1 yuan each. 最后,针对这些奇葩“勾当”,我们应该做些什么呢? 下面是几点小建议 3. What should be done 1)提醒广大消费者 Remind customers )与有关监管部门取得联系 Contact related departments 3)设立热线举报平台 Set up hotlines or reporting platm )屏蔽“奇怪”关键词 Block more key words


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