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Nothing is worse than finding out that you have unexpected company arriving in a few minutes and your house is a mess. Follow these steps to learn how to clean your house in a hurry.没有什么比不速之客即将来临,而房间乱七八糟更加糟糕的了。遵循以下简单的步骤,学习怎样在匆忙间整理好房间。Step 1: Clear The Clutter1.清理杂乱物品What they cant see, cant hurt them. Focus only on the rooms that your guests will be using. Close the doors to rooms that wont be seen. Now go around with a laundry basket and throw all your clutter into it. Then toss that basket into a closet where it shall never be seen. Next clean off all surfaces of tables and book shelves with a paper towel to dispel the dust.眼不见心不烦。只集中收拾客人将会使用的房间。把用不到的房间门关上。然后拿一个洗衣篮,把所有凌乱的物品都丢进去,之后把篮子放进客人看不到的柜子里。接下来清理所有桌面和书架,用纸巾擦掉灰尘。Step 2: Dish Deception2.收拾盘子You dont have time to do all the dishes. So create the illusion that you just walked away from them. Pile them all in the sink and then fill it up with soapy hot water. Then, clean off the counters and toss any extra clutter under the kitchen sink. There is not enough time to mop so hand scrub the biggest dirt spots with a spray bottle and paper towel on your floor.Toss a throw rug over the stains on the carpet.你没有时间把所有盘子都洗干净。所以制造一个假象,就好像你刚从这一堆盘子的清洗工作中走开一样。把所有盘子堆在洗涤槽中,然后装满加了洗洁精的热水。然后清理柜子,将任何多余的堆在厨房洗涤槽下的杂乱物品都丢掉。你没有足够的时间来拖地,所以用喷瓶和纸巾擦掉地板上最明显的污渍。Step 3: Polish The Pooper3.整理卫生间You got to clean out the toilet, nothing will put off the parents like a dung stained bowl. Squirt some powerful cleaner in there, and swish. If you dont have any cleaner a can of coke will do the trick. Then clean off all the counters and hide away any bizarre meds or creams you have.你必须把马桶清洗干净,没有什么比肮脏的厕所更让父母抵触的了。使用一些强力清洁剂,然后冲洗。如果没有任何清洁剂,一罐可可也能发挥同样的效果。然后清理干净所有柜子,藏起任何乱七八糟的东西。Step 4: Setting The Mood4.营造气氛Create a little ambience. Light a fragrant candle to give the illusion youve been cooking some lovely desserts. If its not too cold open windows and doors while you clean to freshen the air. Take a cue from real estate open houses, turn as many lights as possible on, even in the daytime. Straighten up your periodicals and put out an art book to show youre more than a pretty face.营造一点氛围。点燃一有香味的蜡烛,让人觉得你在煮一道美味的甜品。如果不是太冷的话,清洁的时候打开门窗,让室内空气保持清新。从房屋销售处得到启示,尽可能多开几盏灯,即使是在白天。把你的期刊杂志清理掉,摆放一些艺术书籍,向他们展示你不仅仅拥有一张美丽的脸蛋。Thanks for watching How To Clean A House In A Hurry.感谢收看“匆忙间怎样收拾房间”视频节目。201301/218092

Whether you are dealing with polyester clothes, curtains, tablecloths, or comforters, these tips will help you remove wrinkles from the fabric.无论你面对的是涤纶面料的衣,窗帘,桌布还是被子,这些建议都可以帮助你抚平布料上出现的褶皱。Step 1 Press the fabric1.熨平Cover the polyester fabric with a pressing cloth and iron it. Dont let the iron come in direct contact with the polyester.Spray the item with a light mist of water before you begin ironing.用水布覆盖涤纶面料,熨烫。不要让电熨斗直接接触涤纶面料。开始熨烫之前,在面料上稍微洒一层水。Step 2 Wash the item2.洗涤Wash the item and hang it on your clothesline. Do not wring it out first; the weight of the water will help force the wrinkles out.将面料洗干净,挂在晾衣绳上。不要把水拧干;水的重量自然会迫使褶皱抚平。As a variation on this method, hang the item over a clothes steamer and let the steam draw the wrinkles out.作为这种方法的变化,把这件物品悬挂在衣蒸机上方,让蒸汽把褶皱抚平。Step 3 Use a washer with a permanent press cycle3.使用洗衣机的免烫程序Place the item in the washer and use the permanent press cycle. When the cycle is finished, place it in the dryer using the permanent press setting.把物品放入洗衣机,使用免烫程序。当程序结束后,放入烘干机中,进行免烫设置。Step 4 Remove item from dryer4.从烘干机中取出Remove the item from the dryer as soon as it is finished running, and hang it up to prevent further wrinkles.一旦烘干机停止运转,立即将物品取出悬挂起来,以免再次出现褶皱。Heat and water remove wrinkles in polyester by breaking and reforming molecular bonds in the fabric.热和水可以通过分解和改变面料的分子组合,从而消除褶皱。201302/223718

Are you excited about Comic Con tomorrow?你对明天的动漫节很期待吧?Oh so much.噢,太期待了Gonna be so many hot babies there到时候会有超多的美女Finally you can cheat on me, huh?你终于有机会劈腿了,哈?-Yes, sure -(Laughter)-当然啦 -(笑声)Wait...What?什么?What did you just say?你刚才说什么?;Yeah, sure;;当然啦;Why did you just say it like that?你为什么那么说?Why did I say it like what?我为什么说了什么?Oh my God我的天啊!Im gonna ask you something. OK?我要问你点事,听着Dont think about the answer, answer me right away不要思考,直接回答-OK. -OK.-怎样? -好的Have you ever cheated on me?你在我背后搞过外遇吗?Wh...what? No!什...什么? 没有!Oh my God, you hesitated!好啊!你犹豫了!I didnt know you were gonna clap. Ask me again.我不知道你会拍手嘛,再来一次No I cant ask you again because now you know the question.不行!因为你已经知道问题了Look at you, you are acting so weird你看,你这会儿变得怪怪的-No Im not. -Yes you are.-我没有怪怪的。 -你就是怪怪的Look at you, youre like crazy.看看你自己,你都要发疯了Youre being funny. (Laughter)你真搞笑。(笑声)I am being completely serious.我是很认真的Now, you look at me in the eye.现在你看着我的眼睛You tell me you never cheated on me.告诉我你从来没在我背后搞外遇I never cheated...我从来没有...Whoa! Stop!哇! 停!What are you doing? Youre hypnotizing me. Stop it.你在干嘛? 你想对我催眠!停!You just act natural. OK?你自然点说,行不?OK行If youre innocent, it should be no problem.不做亏心事,不怕鬼敲门Okay好的I never cheated on you.我从来没有过外遇I dont believe you我不相信Okay, whats going on?到底怎么回事?Did one of your friends say something? or...是不是你哪个朋友在我背后说了些什么?还是……One of my friends? So its one of my friends?我朋友?那就是我的某个朋友啦?Youre sick. Who? Megan?你真恶心。是谁?梅甘-No, Im not... -Who was it?-不,我没有... -是谁?Who was it? Megan?是谁? 梅甘?-Claire? -No!-克莱尔? -不是!Someone from your work?是你同事?Who? Who? who? Who was it?谁? 谁? 谁? 到底是谁?No! None of them!不! 谁都不是!I wouldnt have sex with them即使地球上其它的女人都死光了,even if they were the last woman alive on this planet我也不会跟他们上床No body没有外遇Fine. Stop. Close your eyes.好吧。别说了,闭上眼睛Open them when I say我叫你睁开再睁开You dont hurt me你别打我啊Open!睁开!Jesus Christ! What are you doing?天啊!你在干什么?Checking for boners看你是不是硬了I dont have a boner!我哪里硬了?!Close your eyes, next picture闭眼,准备看第二张No! This is ridiculous!别这样!这太荒唐了!What do I have to do to prove to you...我要怎样才能明...that I didnt cheat on you, babe?...我没有搞外遇?宝贝Tell me who告诉我她是谁Its my sister! Shes a whore那是我!她是做鸡的!Oh! So youre sister turns out哦!你突然成了to be a sixty-nine, crazy, bunny hoe69号狂热翘尾兔宝贝and you end up being而你却是a monogamous, one-woman kind of guy?一个专情的新好男人Yes是的Whats wrong?怎么了?Im crying and youre not even doing anything你看着我哭都不理我You wont even touch me anymore你连碰都不想碰我Ill totally touch you babe我当然想碰你,宝贝Dont touch me now. I had to ask you to do it别碰我。居然还要我说你才知道做This is crazy babe这太疯狂了吧,宝贝Okay, fine. So you never cheated on me.好吧,你真的没有搞过外遇?No! Ive never cheated on you真的!从没有过and Im never gonna cheat on you.以后也绝对不可能搞外遇Youre my everything, youre my life.你是我的全部,你是我的生命I mean, I would...为了你……fight an army of radioactive spiders for you我可以大战生化变异蜘蛛大军You know? I would...为了你……walk on a street of glass barefoot for you.我也可以光脚在铺满碎玻璃的路上狂奔-I love you. -I cheated on you.-我爱你。 -我有外遇了What?!什么?!201003/99826

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