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上海医学院附属医院治疗痘痘多少钱隆鼻多少钱来选李鸿君Energy in Japan日本能源问题Bright ideas needed妙招告急Japan’s power monopolies raise costs and stifle innovation日本能源垄断企业——拽高成本,扼杀创新Sep 17th 2011 | TOKYO | from the print edition THE corridors were dark, the air uncomfortably hot. The lights at the headquarters of the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) were largely switched off; the air-conditioners were turned down. Even the chief executive, Toshio Nishizawa, had removed his tie for an interview on September 5th. In normal times, that would be a glaring breach of Japanese corporate etiquette, but these are not normal times.走廊伸手不见十指,空气燥热难忍。东京电力总部,几乎没几盏灯亮着,空调冷气也已调小。9月5日接受采访时,东电首席执行官Toshio Nishizawa甚至都未系领带。这要放在平时,显然就是公然违背日本公司礼仪。但如今绝非“平时”。Since the earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, most nuclear reactors in Japan have been shut down for maintenance and not restarted: 43 out of 54 remain idle. There has been a national drive for setsuden (conserving energy). TEPCO must be seen to share the pain.3月11日地震海啸袭来,日本大部分核反应堆都因维护原因关停,尚未重启使用,54座反应堆中有43座仍然闲置。日本全国上下曾掀起“能源节约”热潮,东电必须做出样子,有所分担。The company is staggeringly unpopular. One of its nuclear plants at Fukushima was damaged on March 11th. In the crucial hours after the tsunami, TEPCO failed to add water to cool the reactor cores. It was unable to restore steady back-up power until days later and inexplicably delayed venting a build-up of pressure that eventually led to hydrogen explosions.如今,东电极不受待见。3月11日的灾难中,东电在福岛的一座核电站被毁。海啸退去关键的几个小时内,东电未能向反应堆核心注水降温。而且直到灾难爆发数天之后,东电才恢复稳定的备用电源。再者,东电迟迟未释放反应堆内激增的巨大压力,最终导致了氢爆炸,真叫人无法理解。As if that were not bad enough, TEPCO withheld information from everyone, including the then prime minister, Naoto Kan, who stormed into its headquarters yelling: “What the hell is going on?” A meltdown began several hours after the tsunami struck, but wasn’t officially disclosed until nine weeks later. “We have lost trust,” admits Mr Nishizawa. Regaining it will take “a long, long time”, he adds.东电貌似觉得这还不够惨,竟而还对外封锁消息,连时任首相菅直人都被蒙在鼓里,菅直人冲进东电总部吼道:“到底怎么回事?”海啸来袭数小时之后,反应堆炉心就已融毁,但直到9个礼拜后东电才正式披露消息。Toshio Nishizawa也承认东电已失去公众信任,并表示重获信任,绝不是一朝一夕的事情。201109/154996闵行去色素痣多少钱 Climate change and crops气候变化与农作物Hindering harvests妨害产量Changes in the climate are aly having an effect on crop yields—but not yet a very big one 气候变化已经对农作物产量造成影响——但是迄今影响不大May 5th 2011 | from the print editionTHE problems climate change looks likely to bring in the future may increasingly be visible in the records of the past. Not just in the far-off ages of surging sea levels following ice-age thaws, spikes in prehistoric temperatures correlated with natural releases of greenhouse gas and ancient civilisations brought low by drought, but in records from living memory—which are based on reliable measurements made at the time. Using such data researchers have now compiled an estimate of global changes in crop yields which can be put down to recent increases in temperature and decreases in rainfall (the world as a whole is getting wetter, but the rain has stayed away from some agricultural plains). The bad news is that they find that climate change has lowered the amount of maize (or corn, if you prefer) and wheat produced in a given area. The good news is that the effect is so far reasonably small. 冰河融化后的远古时代,海平面急剧上升,由于温室气体的自然释放,气温处于史前时代最高峰,古代文明由于干旱而衰落。在记忆可及的近代,人们根据可靠的测量对气候变化做了记录。根据过去的这些记录,气候变化可能造成的影响,在未来也许会越来越明显。研究人员利用这些数据,现在已经对全球农作物产量的变化做出了估计。农作物产量变化的原因可能是近来气温的升高和降水的减少(世界总的来说越来越潮湿,但是雨水远离了好些农业平原地区)。消息有好有坏。坏消息是,他们发现,在上述地区气候变化使玉米(或叫包谷,如果您喜欢的话)和小麦减产。好消息是,迄今为止气候变化的影响相当小。201105/1356741912年4月15日凌晨,号称“永不沉没的巨轮”泰坦尼克号在驶往北美洲的处女航中不幸撞到冰山,很快沉没在冰冷的北大西洋中,致使近两千名乘客和船员葬身鱼腹。这次沉船事件,成为世界航海史上最大的灾难。90多年来,“泰坦尼克”号沉没的真正原因,一直是人们探索的焦点。许多探索者著书立说,试图揭开这一谜团,然而由于种种条件的限制,至今无法获得令人信的结论。然而这里要告诉大家的是,这场事故是由于一连串的错误导致的,包括设计缺陷,人为操作和判断失误等,这些都注定了这艘当时最大的游艇及其乘客和船员的可悲命运。这一连串错误少了任何一环,历史可能都将被改写。We'd better get to start getting passengers into the______, Sir? Sir?Yes, women and children first. Yes, let's do that.Sir.And then my mother had to say goodbye to my father. They'd only married about four years and so she was so brokenhearted then. She would never sweep about it. Because I was small, they couldn't hold me and had to put me in a sack. Women and children only,sir.Lightoller interprets Captain Smith's orders as women and children only. And that allowed unnecessary death, caused unnecessary deaths. Ismay is on the starboard deck, helping women and children getting into the last lifeboat. Did you see how many passengers were putting into this life boat?No, I did not see at the time.Did she appear to be fulled?She was very full, very full. After all these women and children were in it. Pull it away. And after all the people that around the deck got in, I got in the shows being load away. There was no order to you to get in?No,none. Ismay is one of the few men to take a place in the lifeboats. The last of the 16 wooden lifeboats leaves with 1700 people left on board. The ship can stay______ for only 30 more minutes. Men you have done your full duty. You can do nothing more. Abandon your Cabin. It's every man for himself now. 回帖话题:听完这篇文章后,文中怎样讲诉泰坦尼克号的沉船事件?文章中空缺的单词都是什么呢?201109/154498浦东新区妇幼保健医院激光祛痣多少钱

杨浦哪家医院开眼角技术好India Re-Submits Fugitives List to Pakistan in Wake of Mumbai Terror Attack印再要求巴基斯坦交出被通缉逃犯 In wake of the terror attack in Mumbai, India is renewing demands Pakistan hand over wanted fugitives. India's government says a list of alleged terrorists and others has been re-submitted in a formal diplomatic request. The move is seen as the latest effort to pressure Islamabad to take action to defuse the network on Pakistani soil that allegedly plans and carries out terrorist attacks against India. 印度孟买遭受恐怖袭击后,印度再次要求巴基斯坦交出被通缉的逃犯。印度政府说,已经通过外交渠道再次向巴基斯坦正式提交了一份恐怖分子嫌疑人和其他相关人员的名单。此举被认为是印度最新的努力,要求伊斯兰堡采取行动,破获巴基斯坦境内据称策划和实施对印度发动恐怖袭击的网络。India's external affairs minister, speaking to reporters Tuesday, has given some details of the formal diplomatic note - known as a " demarche" - handed to Pakistan's top envoy here.  印度外交部长慕克吉今天(星期二)和记者谈话时透露了递交给巴基斯坦驻印度首席外交官的外交照会的一些内容。Pranab Mukherjee says the document contains the names of about 20 individuals India has long wanted extradited from Pakistan.  慕克吉说,文件中包含印度长期以来要求从巴基斯坦引渡的大约20个人的名字。"The demarche asks the arrest and hand-over of those persons who are settled in Pakistan and who are fugitives of Indian law," Mukherjee said. 他说:“外交照会要求逮捕和移交那些在巴基斯坦定居、但被印度法律通缉的逃犯。”List includes India's most wanted manAlthough India's government did not release the names of those on the fugitive list, Indian media say they include the infamous Mumbai crime kingpin, Dawood Ibrahim, and Maulana Masood Azhar - a Pakistani Muslim cleric who, in 1999, was freed from an Indian prison, in exchange for passengers on a hijacked Indian airliner.  尽管印度政府没有透露被列在逃犯名单上的人的名字,但印度媒体说,其中包括臭名昭著的孟买犯罪集团主要人物达乌德.易卜拉欣和大毛拉马苏德.爱兹哈尔。马苏德.爱兹哈尔是巴基斯坦一名穆斯林神职人员,1999年从一座印度监狱获释,印度用他交换了一架被劫持的印度客机上的旅客。Ibrahim is considered India's most wanted man. His organization is suspected of involvement in a 1993 bombing in Mumbai that left 250 people dead. Indian media reports say there is also official suspicion some of his underlings may have provided support to the terrorists who struck last week.  达乌德.易卜拉欣据信是印度的头号通缉犯。他的组织被怀疑参与了1993年孟买发生的一次导致250人丧生的爆炸事件。印度媒体报导说,还有官员怀疑,达乌德.易卜拉欣的一些手下可能为上星期发动袭击的恐怖分子提供了持。Azhar leads the group Jaish-e-Mohammad, which is believed to support Muslim separatists in the part of disputed Kashmir which is under Indian control.  马苏德.爱兹哈尔领导的组织叫做“穆罕默德军”,据信,这个组织持印度控制的克什米尔争议地区的穆斯林分离分子。India initially gave Pakistani officials the list six years ago and says it never received an adequate response.  印度最早是在6年前把这份名单交给巴基斯坦官员的,印度说一直没有得到巴方充分的回应。India blames Pakistani elements for Mumbai terror attackThe Mumbai terror attack, which India blames on elements in Pakistan, threatens to send relations between the two nuclear-armed neighbors into their worst state since 2002.  印度指责巴基斯坦境内的人发动了孟买恐怖袭击,这次事件很可能使这两个拥有核武器的邻国间的关系跌至2002年以来的最低谷。An intense international diplomatic effort is under way to try to prevent tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad from entering another crisis phase. The two nuclear-capable countries have gone to war against each other three times since their independence in 1947. 目前,国际社会正加紧外交努力,防止印巴紧张关系发展成又一次危机。这两个国家之间自1947年独立以来打了3次战争。现在两国都拥有核武器。Among those aly here or about to arrive in the Indian capital are the Arab League Secretary-General Amr Moussa, U.S. Senator John McCain and U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.  已经抵达或将要抵达印度首都的官员有阿拉伯联盟秘书长穆萨、美国国会参议员麦凯恩和美国国务卿赖斯。Indian Cabinet meeting discusses security strategyTuesday, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh chaired a meeting of his security Cabinet to discuss strategies. Government officials say among those attending were the defense, foreign and home ministers as well as the chiefs of the armed forces and the national security advisor.In recent days, top Pakistani government officials have vowed to cooperate with India to determine responsibility for the attack on Mumbai. But Islamabad rejects any allegations of complicity, blaming non-state actors which Pakistan says it is also battling. 最近,巴基斯坦政府高级官员誓言要同印度方面合作,确认孟买袭击的责任人。但是伊斯兰堡驳斥了有关巴基斯坦与这次事件有牵连的说法,称袭击者是巴基斯坦也在打击的非国家人员。200812/57811上海岳阳医院打溶脂针的费用 Bush, Obama Remember Troops at Christmas布什奥巴马号召过节不忘驻外美军 Both U.S. President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama are spending a quiet Christmas out of the media spotlight with family and friends. They are urging Americans to remember U.S. troops abroad as they celebrate this holiday season. 美国总统布什和当选美国总统奥巴马都在新闻媒体的视线外与亲友一起静悄悄地欢度圣诞节。他们敦促美国人在庆祝节日佳期时别忘了在国外的美国军人。President Bush is at Camp David - the U.S. presidential retreat in the mountains of western Maryland. President-elect Obama is in Hawaii, where he was born and raised. 布什总统目前在马里兰州西部山区的美国总统度假地戴维营。当选总统奥巴马则在夏威夷,他生长的地方。They are one in spirit on this Christmas - uniting in calling on all Americans to remember and honor U.S. troops who are far from home for the holidays. 他俩在圣诞节期间一致呼吁全体美国人在节日期间要记得并尊重远离家乡的美国军人。Mr. Bush called nine members of the armed forces on Christmas Eve to thank them for their service. All are deployed abroad, primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan. 布什总统在圣诞节前夕打电话给九位军人,感谢他们为国务。这九位军人全都部署在海外,主要是在伊拉克和阿富汗。In his weekly radio address - released early to coincide with the holiday - Mr. Bush reflected on their love of country. 布什总统因为节日而提前发表每周广播讲话。他在讲话中谈到了军人们的爱国精神。"Every one of them has sacrificed to serve our nation. And with their sacrifices, they preserve the peace and freedom that we celebrate during the season," he said. 他说:“他们每一个人都由于为国务而作出了牺牲。他们以自己的牺牲让我们在庆祝节日时享有和平与自由。”President-elect Obama echoed those thoughts in the official Democratic Party response.  当选总统奥巴马在民主党的正式回应中表达了跟布什总统相同的想法。"Our troops and military families have won the respect and gratitude of their broader American family," he said. "Michelle and I have them in our prayers this Christmas, and we must all continue to offer them are full support in the weeks and months to come." 他说:“我们的部队和军人家属赢得了美国大家庭的尊重和感激。我和米歇尔在今年圣诞节的祷告中也会为他们祈祷,我们都必须在今后一段时间内继续向他们提供全力持。”But Mr. Obama went on to stress these are also tough times for Americans hit hard by the nation's economic ills. He said there are many who need a job, struggle to pay bills, and worry that they could lose their homes. 奥巴马接着强调指出,还有一些美国人因为受美国经济弊病的沉重打击而处境困难。他说,有许多人没有工作,挣扎着付账单,并且还担心可能会失去自己的住房。"That is why this season of giving should also be a time to renew a sense of common purpose and shared citizenship. Now, more than ever, we must rededicate ourselves to the notion that we share a common destiny as Americas - that I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper," he added. 奥巴马说:“那就是为什么在这个施予他人礼物的节期,我们也应当再次感受到我们作为美国公民的共同目标。如今我们要比以往任何时候都更加意识到,作为美国公民,我们要有同舟共济的理念,我们要互相帮助。”The Obama family is expected to remain in Hawaii to ring in on January 1. President Bush will travel from Camp David to his Texas ranch on Friday and will remain there until New Year's Day. 奥巴马一家预计将在夏威夷迎来年的元旦。布什总统将在星期五从戴维营前往德克萨斯州的农场,并将在那里庆祝元旦。200812/59629上海毛发移植多少钱

上海红血丝怎么消除US Continues Diplomatic Push for Gaza Cease-Fire美国促加沙停火 以设法减少误伤  The ed States is continuing diplomatic contacts for a Gaza cease-fire despite Israel's rejection of a French-proposed 48-hour truce. President Bush spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is said to have given an assurance Israel is trying to minimize civilian casualties in its air campaign against Hamas. 美国在继续为实现加沙停火而进行外交努力,虽然以色列拒绝接受法国提出的停火48小时的建议。美国总统布什同以色列总理奥尔默特进行了谈话,据说奥尔默特保,以色列正设法在对哈马斯空袭中减少平民伤亡。Officials here say the U.S. push for a durable and sustained Gaza cease-fire is continuing undaunted, despite the failure of the French bid to arrange a 48-hour truce for humanitarian relief efforts in the coastal strip. 国务院官员说,法国谋求在加沙实施48小时停火,使人道救援能进入加沙,但是没有成功。尽管如此,美国仍在不屈不挠地争取达成牢固持久的加沙停火协议。Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is taking the lead role in U.S. telephone diplomacy.  美国国务卿赖斯带头通过电话进行外交努力。A spokesman said she had spoken three times in the last 24 hours with both Jordanian Foreign Minister Salah al-Bashir and Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed al-Nahyan of the ed Arab Emirates, a Gulf state having close contacts with Iran - a key sponsor of Hamas. 国务院的一位发言人说,在过去24小时中,赖斯已经同约旦外交大臣萨拉赫·巴希尔和阿联酋外长阿卜杜拉·本·扎耶德·纳哈扬进行了三次通话。阿联酋同伊朗关系密切,而伊朗是哈马斯的主要赞助国。Meanwhile President Bush, spending the year-end holidays in Texas, telephoned Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to, among other things, voice concern about humanitarian conditions in Gaza. White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe said Mr. Olmert gave a renewed assurance Israel is targeting only Hamas and those affiliated with it. 与此同时,正在德克萨斯州过新年的美国总统布什同以色列总理奥尔默特通了电话,表达了美国对加沙人道形势的关注。白宫发言人约翰德罗说,奥尔默特再次保,以色列的袭击只针对哈马斯及其下属机构。"Prime Minister Olmert assured President Bush that Israel is taking appropriate steps to avoid civilian casualties," said Johndroe. "That was something the president asked for an update on, and President Bush got an assurance from Prime Minister Olmert that Israel is, as they have said they are doing, only targeting Hamas and that terrorist organization and people involved with Hamas, and that they are working to minimize any civilian casualties." 他说:“奥尔默特总理向布什总统保,以色列将采取适当措施,避免出现平民伤亡。布什总统询问了这方面的最新情况,奥尔默特向他保,以色列只袭击哈马斯目标,以及同哈马斯有关的恐怖组织和个人,以色列正在努力把平民伤亡减到最少。”Johndroe said U.S. efforts are aimed at durable and lasting cease-fire in Gaza that is respected by Hamas - unlike the previous six-month truce that lapsed earlier this month and which he said the militant Islamic group had regularly violated with rocket fire into Israel. 约翰德罗说,美国的目标是达成牢固、持久、得到哈马斯遵守的加沙停火协议,而不是像前一个持续了六个月的协议。那个协议在本月早些时候破裂,而且哈马斯在这期间还经常违反停火协议,向以色列发射火箭弹。He all those concerned want an end to the violence as soon as possible, but that the ed States does not want to see it start up again in days and weeks with renewed rocket attacks. 约翰德罗说,有关各方都希望尽快结束暴力冲突,不过美国不想看到在停火几天、几个星期之后又出现火箭弹袭击。The ed States had avoided calling for an immediate cease-fire until Tuesday when it joined Russia, the European Union and the ed Nations - its partners in the international Quartet on the Middle East - in a statement backing an immediate truce that is "fully respected" by both sides. 美国一直回避发出立即停火的呼吁。但是,到星期二,美国和中东问题有关四方的另外三方--俄罗斯、欧盟和联合国--一起发表声明,持在巴以双方能“全面遵守”的情况下立即停火。In a talk with reporters here, State Department Acting Spokesman Gordon Duguid said the Quartet's wording is critical. 国务院临时发言人杜吉德对记者们说,中东问题有关四方声明的措辞是很重要的。"That formulation is what the Quartet has agreed upon," said Duguid. "You can't take and divide that sentence. They call for an immediate cease-fire that would be fully respected. We believe both sides should reach a cease-fire as quickly as possible but that cease-fire can't be one that is called immediate and then is immediately violated with rocket attacks by Hamas." 他说:“这种表达方式是中东问题有关四方都同意的。你不能把这个句子拆开看。中东问题有关四方要求立即停火,而且停火协议必须得到全面遵守。我们相信,以色列和哈马斯应当尽快实现停火,不过这种停火协议不能被称为立即停火,然而哈马斯又立即发射火箭弹,违反协议。”The State Department Wednesday renewed a call on U.S. citizens to avoid all travel to the Gaza strip and urged those aly there to depart immediately.  美国国务院星期三再次要求美国公民不要去加沙地带旅行,并敦促在加沙的美国人马上离开那里。U.S. diplomats and officials working in Israel have been told to avoid travel within a 30-kilometer radius of Gaza. Private Americans are being advised to keep even farther away from the conflict area, given the firing in recent days of longer-range rockets from Gaza. 美国还通知以色列的美国外交官和有关官员不要进入加沙周围方圆30公里的地区。考虑到最近几天加沙发射了射程较远的火箭弹这一事实,美国政府提醒普通美国人要远离冲突地区。01/60160 The future of Yahoo With Microsoft walking away, Yahoo still has opportunities for other potential partnerships.Hi, I'm Yi-Wyn Yen with Fortune, and I’m here today with senior analyst Jeffery Lindsay of Stanford Bernstein. Why don't you start this off by telling us what's going on with Microsoft walking away? Well, it came as something of a surprise on Saturday evening when, um… we heard that, um… basically Microsoft were not prepared to increase their offer above 33 dollars and the Yahoo management team, Jerry Yang and David Filo, were still sticking hard wanting 37 dollars for the stock, so the deal broke down and Microsoft walked away. Now that Yahoo’s got the monkey off its back. What other options now? Well, I think it, it at least initially has some breathing space. And, um, it… Many analysts including ourselves expect it that may announce a deal in the next, you know, days or weeks. Probably with Google, or possibly even with AOL, and, or Google. Google, it’s been rumored for some time that Yahoo might consider outsourcing its page search functionality to Google. And, it's well understood that Google can monetize page research advertising much better than Yahoo. Yahoo’s closed some of that gap, and not all of it, and so a very straightforward way for Yahoo to boost its cash flow and its profitability, is simply to have Google outsource some portion of this activity. So, people think that the test was really a precursor to see if the monetization improvement would be as big as was hoped. In both sides, both companies announced that the test had been successful and we understand it basically met all the criteria they were seeking. But won't a No.1 and a No.2 player combined? Have all sorts of entire regulation problems? Well, that will be one, you know, position that certainly Microsoft was taking at the beginning. And certainly it will give them a very high access to a very high portion of the page search business in America. But if you look at, you know, overall advertising, it’s only a tiny amount, and even you look at online advertising globally, including display, it's really only about 35% of the market. So it's not as if anyone was cornering particularly any major share of the market, but it is true that the two combined companies would have a certainly large percentage of the US page search business. One last question, what's the next step for Microsoft? For Microsoft, it's difficult. They will have to really check with my colleague Charlie DiBona, but he thinks that they're likely to pursue acquisitions of a bunch of small and interesting companies in order to rebuild the position in the internet airspace. Thanks so much for meeting with us today, Jeffery.My pleasure!01/61505上海那家美容院好上海瑞金医院韩式隆鼻多少钱




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