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  • A capitalist-loving Republican against Wal-Mart? Where would you find such a person? Well, you expect Walmart bashing from union types and liberals, but not one of the GOP's most trusted former advisers, advisers like Terry Holt, who says that Walmart is giving capitalism a bad name. He just joined the Wal-Mart Watch team. Terry, this is a bit of a surprise, why? Hi, Neil, well, you know, Wal-Mart, uh, it has its roots in small-town , America , in red-state America. But lately Walmart's lost its way and in, in, for lots of different reasons but specifically, Wal-Mart is a huge recipient of co, corporate welfare. In fact, a couple of years ago, they got 35 million dollars from the federal government to repave their driveway, now this is the largest cooperation in America, in the world in, for retail. And, and I just wonder if the American taxpayers should be footing the bill for things like that, and also for things like health care for tens of thousands of Americans who work at Walmart. The state government and the federal government pick up the tab because Walmart does not give a health care benefit that in the forces there-- it doesn't give an-an adequate health care benefit, and it forces these people onto the public rolls and it costs me, a republican money. Yeah. But Terry, you could argue, I understand that but you could argue that a lot of the workers not covered are not full-time workers. And workers at Walmart as ..., with a lot of other (ur) convenience stores, retailers establishments come and go. So is that the fault of a company just being cruel to its workers or one that just recognizes its financial realities of a shifting workforce. Well, but in fact Walmart had in, in documents that have been disclosed to the public, er, not to Wal-Mart's happiness, but they have made conscious decisions to prevent people from becoming full-time workers, and keeping them part-time workers, so that they can't even qualify for benefits, forcing them on to the public rolls for an even , even longer period of time. And frankly, you know, Walmart is, ur. . you know, it's, it's a highly successful company, but we have very low expectations for it, you know, price is keen at Walmart and all of us have been to Walmart because of price. But I wonder if most Americans, there's seventy million Americans who go to Walmart, I wonder if they would be surprised to know that their tax dollars being taken out of their bag pocket even while they are saving money. But Terry you would argue Wal-Mart's a successful institution that has generated a lot of revenue that has helped a lot of people that for Americans who shop there, it's also meant a big difference in saving a lot of money on everyday items they purchase, right? That's right, but there, there are better ways to do this, in fact, you know, Walmart used to make a big deal, of "Buying American" and in small towns all over America, most of us maybe still think that's true. But I'm not sure that most Americans know that 70 percent of Walmart's products are of Chinese origin. Even now do they make the point. . . Yeah. But Terry, you know now one of the workers I've seen at Walmart, (ur) that I've noticed, chained to a cash register or chained to an aisle, they are working there, their own volition they seem pretty happy with it. It's provided jobs and many of them would have never been able to find any. I mean, you seem to vilify a company that, that's done a lot of good as well. Well, in fact I'm not vilifying the company, I would like to see the company become a better neighbour, to become a better corporate citizen. You know, Walmart is unique because of its size, it's a huge company. And many people are, are looking it as an example of success. I just don't want that success to result in, in a corporate culture where we, we are inspiring people to be the lowest common denominator. We are expect(ing) more from our companies. (All right. ) I think that republicans ought to be in a position to say that a company in coming into its community is doing the community good. (OK. ) But in fact when Walmart goes into a community, small businesses close, Christian bookstores close. (Alright, maybe. ) Well, all right. I wish I had more time, Terry, but you argue your point very well. Good to have you on. Thanks, Neil. Terry Holt, thanks. 200809/47505。
  • 7第七单元 日程报告Conversation 1会话1A: What is my schedule for today,Miss Liu?A:刘,我今天的日程表是什么?B:Yes,you are supposed to meet the president at ten fifteen this morning. Then, you have a lunch appointment with Mr. Clark. And this afternoon at three you are scheduled to speak before a group of seminar participants.B:好的,你今天早上十点十五分要见总经理。然后,午餐 时和克拉克先生有约。下午三点钟要在讨论会上演讲。A:Do you have the meeting report y?A:那份会议报告你准备好了吗?B: Certainly.B:好了。Conversation 2会话2A: Good morning, Mr. Chu. Would you like me to brief your schedule for today?A:早晨好,处先生,要我对您今天的日程安排做个简短的 报告吗?B: Yes.B:好的。A: You are scheduled to meet Mr.Thompson of A Company at eleven this morning. Then,you have a lunch appointment with Mr. Li. And this afternoon at four you will attend a press conference.A:今天上午十一点你要与A公司的汤姆森先生会面。 然后,午餐时间与李先生有约。下午四点出席一个新 闻发布会。B: I am afraid I cant attend the press conference due to an urgent conference with the Board of Directors at half past four.B:我恐怕不能出席新闻发布会,因为在四点半我要与董 事局开一个紧急会议。A: All right. Do you want me to cancel the reservation for you?A:好的。您要我为你取消预约吗?B: Yes,thank you very much. In addition,do you have the mar-keting proposal y?B:是的,谢谢。另外,那份市场建议书准备好了吗?A: The proposal is being repaired right now and I think It will be y by tomorrow morning.A:那份建议书正在修改,我想明早便可准备好。 /201604/436972。
  • In spring , the desert undergoes a remarkable transformation. For just a few weeks a year, the flowers of over 3, 000 different plant species turn this desert into the Garden of Africa. This dazzling variety of color has evolved over time for a very special purpose -- for plants to seduce their insect pollinators. Some extraordinary relationships have been forged. The bright purple blossoms of Lapeirousia are designed purely to attract the fly with the longest tongue in Africa. As the fly probes for a sip of nectar in the long floral tubes, pollen is dabbed onto its forehead. A smart design, but on a windy day, it's not so easy to hit the target. Diascia flowers use not nectar but nutritious oils secreted by glands at the tips of their floral tubes to tempt pollinators. Flower and bee, in this case, a perfect fit as the insect dips its toes for oil. Ignited by the rain, the flowering of the Karoo touches the lives of all its inhabitants. Brandt's whistling rats are quick to harvest the blossoms around their burrows. These desert rats time their breeding to the birth of fresh food, but with snakes around, mothers can't risk leaving their youngsters at home. Clinging to her nipples, they're carried along, a sort of meals on wheels. words and expression:1.pollinator:animals or objects that can pollinate授粉者2.lapeirousia3.nectar:a sweet liquid secretion that is attractive to pollinators 花蜜4.dab:apply (usually a liquid) to a surface轻拍(eg.)dab the wall with paint,dab cheek with rouge5.diascia6.gland:An organ which secretes or separates some peculiar product from the blood or sap of animals or plants胰腺,腺体7.nipple:In anatomy, the small raised area in the center of the breast through which milk can flow to the outside乳头8.meals on wheels:Meals on Wheels is the name of a nutrition program available in several countries which delivers a meal to the home of an individual, usually a senior age 60 or older, who is unable to purchase or prepare meals themself上门送餐务illustration:lapeirousia and diascia200807/44689。
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