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While men hunt, women gather wild grains.男人狩猎 女人则收割野生谷粒Nearly half a ton of seeds from one acre of grass.一英亩土地可收获近半吨种子Every calorie spent gathering yields 50 in return.而同时 每消耗一卡路里可获五十倍能量People settle around rich sources of food,现在 人类居住地周围有着丰富的食物资源Now in groups of sixty or more.以至少六十人为群聚居生活And 10,000 years ago, one woman makes a breakthrough.一万年前 一个妇女取得重大突破The foundation of our modern world.这才有了我们现代的世界Discarded seeds take root in the garbage.几粒被丢弃的种子生根发芽了It gives her an idea.这让她灵光乍现She plants her best seeds in a fertile patch of land.她把最好的种子种在一小块富饶的土地上Planting the first seed is the first step towards civilization.首粒种子的种植是人类迈向文明的第一步They can take the landscape and use it to their advantage.他们可以充分利用土地 物尽其用And more of a guarantee更保险点that they and their children will survive.他们的孩子也可以依靠土地生存下来She tends the seeds, weeds and waters them.她悉心照料种子 除草 浇灌The world#39;s first farmer.这就是世界上第一个农民 Article/201508/394268

Confucius was a Chinese philosopher of the Zhou dynasty, whose teachings of moral, social, political, and philosophical behavior and theory would later become the foundation of a system known as Confucianism.孔子是中国周朝的一位思想家,他在道德、社会、政治、及哲学行为与理论的教诲,后来成为一个被称做儒家的体系其根基。The teachings of Confucius was studied and written about from the time of his death until the founding of the first Chinese empire in 221 B.C. His teachings included humanist towards others, ritual and etiquette, love of parents for their children and of children for their parents. An emphasis was placed on self-cultivation and skilled judgment, rather than a knowledge of rules.孔子的讲学从他辞世到西元前 221 年首个中国帝国建立期间被研究及写下。他的教诲包括对他人的仁、仪俗及礼节、父母对子女的爱及子女对父母的爱。重点被放在自身修养和熟练的判断力,而非对规则的了解。His ethical ideals in teachings were also communicated through metaphor, innuendo, and anecdote or story. One of his most well-known teachings is—what you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others. Confucianism rose to prominence during the Han dynasty around 200 B.C. Many followers practiced his teachings as a religion. However, because it lacks a metaphysical aspect, most consider Confucianism as an influential social philosophy.他教诲中的道德理想也透过隐喻、讽刺、轶事或故事来传递。其中一个他最广为人知的教诲是--己所不欲,勿施于人。儒学在西元前约 200 年汉代时始达兴盛。许多追随者把他的教义当作一种宗教来实践。然而,因为儒学缺乏一种纯哲学的面向,大多数人视儒学为一个具影响力的社会学。Confucius avidly promoted an autocratic social structure. In the years after his death, rulers looked to scholars of Confucianism for assistance in managing their empires and governing their people. Confucianism was appealing to rulers who found that its principles would essentially help society become self-regulating. These principles of behavior and their implementation are thought to have later influenced strong central rule, and the absence of rigidly enforced legal structure.孔子热烈地提倡一个专制的社会结构。在他逝世后,统治者靠着儒家学者来协助管理他们的帝国及统治他们的人民。对于那些发现其原则实质上会帮助社会变得自律的统治者而言,儒学很吸引人。这些关于行为和其施行的原则被认为后来影响了中央集权统治、及严格执法体系的缺乏。Confucius spent his final years teaching his followers and communicating his wisdom.These dialogues would eventually become a set of texts called the Five Classics.孔子利用他的最后几年教导他的弟子和散播他的智慧。这些对话最终变成一系列称作《五经》的文本。 Article/201411/341596

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201504/367668

At the time,当时the Church insisted that all heavenly bodies were perfect,教会坚称所有天体都是完美无瑕的圆形unblemished spheres, and that the earth地球是宇宙间was the only body in the universe that was flawed.唯一有缺陷的星体But Galileo#39;s close up view of the moon#39;s surface但伽利略看到的月球表面revealed a world that was far from perfect.是个与“完美”二字沾不上边的世界He described it as他说;rough and uneven just like the surface of earth itself.;月球表面“崎岖不平和地球表面相差无几”Perhaps it was a living world, like our own?也许月球果真和地球一样是个充满生机的世界Hundreds of years later our knowledge几百年之后of the moon had barely improved.我们对月球的了解几乎毫无长进Just how ignorant we were was revealed in 1835.人类的无知在1835年显露无遗An American newspaper published a front-page story announcing美国一份报纸的头条新闻是that herds of bison had been observed有人看到一群野牛tramping across the lunar surface.飞奔过月球表面Readers were entranced by this vision.此情此景让读者神往不已A few days later it was revealed to be an elaborate hoax.几天后就被人踢爆为骗局The only way to find out what was really on the moon想知道月球上有什么东西was to go there and take a look.唯有跑一趟亲眼目睹But over a hundred years later it still seemed时间又过了一百多年an impossible dream.登月仍然是个遥不可及的梦想All that finally changed in the early 1960#39;s.这一切终于在1960年代初期有了转机I believe that this nation should commit itself我认为美国to achieving the goal before this decade应该在十年间达成is out of landing a man on the moon让人类登陆月球and returning him safely to the earth.并安全返回地球的目标Kennedy#39;s bid for the moon came out of a Cold War甘迺迪的登月计划battle to win over peoples#39;hearts and minds.是一场争夺人心的冷战的产物It was an inspired move, tapping into an ancient dream.这个利用人类古老梦想的举动,堪称神来之笔Finally we would find the answers to the moon#39;s great mysteries;人类长久以来的疑问终于可以得到解答:how was it formed, what was it made of,月亮是怎么形成的?其成分为何?and was it a home for some form of life?上面有没有生物?The moon had sort of always been the symbol of the,自古以来,月亮就象征着the remote and the unreachable and here people遥不可及的事物are going to leave earth and go to the moon!现在人类居然要离开地球,前往月球But if they wanted to lay claim to the moon,但美国人想拔得登月头筹the Americans had a lot of catching up to do.还得奋起直追才行Their cold war rival因为他们在冷战中的对手the Soviet Union was way ahead.苏联早就遥遥领先The Russian#39;s ambitious space programme苏联人企图心十足的太空计划produced a string of firsts产生了许多第一名:including the first satellite in orbit and the first man in space.包括第一颗进入轨道的人造卫星和第一个进入太空的人And in 1959 they#39;d set out to solve他们在1959年one of the moon#39;s greatest mysteries,着手解开月球最大的谜团something that had kept humans guessing for centuries.这个问题让人类猜测了好几百年What was on the far side of the moon月球的彼端究竟有什么?the side that always faces away from us?也就是永远背对着我们的那一面To find out the Russian mission为了找出would have to circle the moon for the first time.苏联人必须展开史上第一趟绕月任务On the 7th of October the probe disappeared10月7日探测器消失在月球的彼端behind the far side of the moon, and its cameras leapt into action.船上的摄影机开始拍摄For 40 minutes it snapped away并在科学家的屏息等待下whilst scientists waited on tenterhooks.拍摄了40分钟 Article/201504/371776

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