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SHANGHAI — On Broadway, Timon and Pumbaa have entertained audiences for years with their Brooklyn accents.上海——多年来,丁满(Timon)和彭彭(Pumbaa)在百老汇以布鲁克林口音观众。But in China, the famous meerkat-warthog duo not only speak Chinese, but they also do so with a distinct beifang, or northern, twang.但是在中国,这个著名的猫鼬和疣猪组合不仅说中文,而且带有明显的北方口音。The rough-around-the-edges Chinese accent is one of several localized elements that infuse a Mandarin-language production of “The Lion King” at the new 1,200-seat Walt Disney Grand Theater. The theater is an anchor of the colossal .5 billion Shanghai Disney Resort, which opened on Thursday.这种稍欠打磨的口音是中文版《狮子王》(The Lion King)的本地化元素之一。该剧在新落成的华特迪士尼大剧院(Walt Disney Grand Theater)上演,剧中还融入了其他本地化元素。新剧院有1200个座位,是投资55亿美元的宏大的上海迪士尼度假区(Shanghai Disney Resort)里的重要景点。该度假区周四开放(6月16日)。Sitting in the audience at the premiere on Tuesday was a contingent of Disney executives including the chairman and chief executive, Robert A. Iger. Local officials and a sprinkling of celebrities including Yao Ming, the former N.B.A. player, also attended.周二首演的观众席上坐着迪士尼的几位官员,包括总裁兼首席执行官罗伯特·A·艾格(Robert A. Iger)。当地官员和几位明星也来到现场,包括前NBA球员姚明。There were other elements added to enhance the show for Shanghai: different regional dialects; riffs on Chinese pop songs; and, for the first time, a new character, the Monkey Master, who is based on the Monkey King, a figure of Chinese legend.为了增强在上海演出的效果,剧中还加入了其他一些元素:不同的地方口音;中国流行歌曲片段;而且首次加入一个新角色——猴子巫师,他是根据中国神话人物孙悟空创作的。“The Monkey King is China’s favorite character,” said Julie Taymor, the show’s director, in an interview the day before the premiere. “These little touches of familiarity are absolutely what you have to do. It makes the show recognizable.”“孙悟空是中国最受欢迎的角色,”该剧导演朱莉·泰莫(Julie Taymor)在首演前一天接受采访中说,“肯定需要加入一些中国观众熟悉的小元素。让观众觉得亲切。”The character wears a red and yellow Chinese-inspired costume designed by Ms. Taymor. Two feathers protrude from the monkey’s hat like antennae. While Monkey Master doesn’t speak, he bursts in to help fight for Simba, the lion protagonist, in several action scenes.这个角色穿的是泰莫设计的红黄两色装,灵感来自中国。两根翎子像触须那样从猴子的帽子上伸出来。虽然猴子巫师没有台词,但他会突然出现在几场打斗戏中,帮助主角辛巴(Simba)。Since its Broadway debut in 1997, “The Lion King” has been translated into eight languages, including Japanese, Portuguese and Mandarin. In each translation, producers have sought to adapt the script to the local culture while maintaining the spirit of the original. Altogether, “The Lion King” has taken in .2 billion from domestic and international productions.从1997年《狮子王》在百老汇诞生以来,它已被翻译成八种语言,包括日语、葡萄牙语和中文。每个版本的制作人都努力按照当地文化改编剧本,同时保持原剧的精髓。《狮子王》在美国和国际舞台上的票房收入已达72亿美元。Localizing Broadway’s top-grossing musical has been the focal point for the Shanghai Disney Resort. Disney officials have repeatedly asserted they would create a resort that is both “authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.”将这部百老汇票房最高的音乐剧本土化已经成为上海迪士尼度假区的焦点。迪士尼的官员们多次声称,他们将打造一个“原汁原味迪士尼,别具一格中国风”的度假区。Around the resort, Chinese elements abound. At the Wandering Moon Teahouse, the signature restaurant, for example, visitors can honor the “restless, creative spirit” of Chinese poets. In the Garden of the Twelve Friends, 12 mosaic murals reimagine Disney characters as the signs of the Chinese zodiac.在度假区各处能看到众多中国元素。比如,在标志性餐厅漫月轩,游客们可以缅怀中国诗人“永无止境的创新精神”。在十二朋友园,十二幅马赛克壁画用迪士尼动画角色重新演绎中国的十二生肖。Still, the challenge to be “distinctly Chinese” can be difficult to overcome in China, where audiences, especially film audiences, have become adept at sniffing out imported cultural products that plop in so-called “Chinese elements” with little sensitivity.不过,要实现“别具一格中国风”是个难度很大的挑战。中国的观众,尤其是电影观众,很容易发现进口文化产品中生硬加入的所谓“中国元素”。Producers of “The Lion King” say they are confident that audiences here will find a seamless integration of Chinese elements into the show.《狮子王》的制作人们说,他们相信中国观众会发现中国元素与这部作品浑然融为一体。“‘The Lion King’ is, from conception, a very universal piece, both the story and the physical world of it,” said Felipe Gamba, director of international production and strategy for the Disney Theatrical Group. “It’s an experience that transcends the musical theater genre, which has made it successful in places where musical theater is not a deeply rooted tradition.”“从设计理念上讲,《狮子王》是一部全球性作品,不管是它的故事情节还是它所呈现的那个世界,”迪士尼戏剧集团(Disney Theatrical Group)的国际制作和战略总监费利佩·甘巴(Felipe Gamba)说,“它带来的体验超越音乐剧的范畴,所以即使在没有深厚音乐剧传统的地方,它也能获得成功。”Discussion about bringing a Mandarin version of “The Lion King” to China began in 2011, Mr. Gamba said, the same year officials broke ground on the Shanghai resort. The company had decided that it would build a theater as an anchor for Disneytown, the retail and dining area of the complex.甘巴说,关于推出《狮子王》中文版的讨论始于2011年。同年,上海迪士尼度假区动工。公司决定修建一座剧院,作为购物餐饮区迪士尼小镇(Disneytown)最重要的建筑。Within the first few hours of the discussion, Mr. Gamba said, it became “quickly obvious” that “The Lion King” would be the choice. It helped that the company had toured an English-language production of the show in Shanghai in 2006 to great success.甘巴说,在讨论的最初几个小时里,事情“很快”变得“显而易见”:《狮子王》是最佳选择。2006年,英文版《狮子王》在上海巡演,大获成功——这一点也有帮助。Soon after, Disney began a search in China for performers who could act, sing, dance and, in some cases, operate the animal masks Ms. Taymor designed. Casting, however, proved to be far more difficult in China, where Broadway-style musical theater is still relatively new. The experiences of earlier adaptations of other musicals like “Cats” and “Mamma Mia!” were helpful.不久之后,迪士尼开始在中国物色会表演、唱歌、跳舞的演员,在某些情况下,他们还要会操纵泰莫设计的动物面具。不过,结果明,在中国选演员要困难得多。在中国,百老汇风格的音乐剧依然相对较新。之前改编的其他音乐剧有所帮助,比如《猫》(Cats)和《妈妈咪呀!》(Mamma Mia!)。But Chinese actors are typically affiliated with theater companies and schools, which limits their availability for outside jobs. Disney’s reputation in China as an entertainment company, Mr. Gamba said, didn’t help.不过,中国演员通常隶属于某个剧团或学校,档期受限,很难接受外面演出的机会。甘巴说,迪士尼在中国作为一家公司的名气也没有太大帮助。“A lot of it was about us showing the artistic directors and the actors what a piece of art Julie created,” he said.“我们的很大一部分工作是给艺术总监和演员们展示朱莉创作的是一部什么样的作品,”他说。“Like most people in China, I had only watched the movie version of ‘The Lion King’,” said Zhao Lei, 28, who plays Mufasa in the show. “Even as a graduate of the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Center, I hadn’t seen an original production before I joined the show.”“和大部分中国人一样,我只看过《狮子王》的电影版,”28岁的赵磊(音译)说。他在剧中饰演木法沙(Mufasa)。“虽然我毕业于上海话剧艺术中心,但在参演该剧之前,我没看过它的原版音乐剧。”In the end, casting took about two and a half years — more than three times the average, Mr. Gamba said. The cast of more than 50 features mostly mainland Chinese actors and actors from countries including the Philippines and South Africa.甘巴说,选角最终大概耗费了两年半时间,是一般选角时间的三倍多。这50多名演员大多来自中国大陆,还有一些来自菲律宾和南非等国。According to Mr. Gamba, decisions about the length of the show’s run and future productions at the theater will depend on how “The Lion King” fares.甘巴称,该剧会演多久以及剧院未来的演出将取决于《狮子王》的表现如何。“Right now,” he said, “we’re thinking let’s just get through the opening.”“目前,”他说,“我们的心思都放在顺利完成首演上。” /201606/450369not Pikachu?!?……不是皮卡丘?!?Like many people, when the Pokémon General Election was first announced, I just sort of assumed Pikachu was going to walk away with it. Even though there were 720 Pokémon candidates in the running, how could any of them hope to stand a chance against the franchise mascot?最早宣布要进行神奇宝贝大选的时候,我就像许多人一样,有那么点儿想当然,认为皮卡丘会轻易获胜。虽然参加大选的候选者有720只神奇宝贝,他们中的任何一个怎么可能会有希望胜过这只有特权的吉祥物呢?Fans who go to the theater to watch this summer’s Pokémon movie will be able to download the winning character for use in the Pokémon X, Y, Omega Red, and Alpha Sapphire Nintendo 3DS games, and while Pikachu may be the most recognized and widely loved Pokémon, he’s not necessarily everyone’s preferred battle partner.(因为)粉丝们只有去影院观看今年夏天的神奇宝贝电影,他们才能下载使用任天堂3DS游戏神奇宝贝X系列、Y系列、红色结局系列以及蓝宝石初始系列的获胜角色,虽然皮卡丘可能是公认的、备受欢迎的神奇宝贝,但他未必是每个人首选的作战伙伴。The polls have now closed, so let’s take a look at the top 12.现在投票结束了,那么让我们一起看看12强都有谁。12th place: Eevee第12名:伊布11th place: Mewtwo第11名:超梦10th place: Meloetta第10名:美洛耶塔9th place: Charizard第9名:喷火龙8th place: Zygarde第8名:基格尔德7th place: Rayquaza第7名:烈空坐6th place: Genesect第6名:盖诺赛克特5th place: Sylveon第5名:仙精灵4th place: Pikachu第4名:皮卡丘3rd place: Mew第3名:梦幻2nd place: Arceus第2名:阿尔宙斯So in the end, who was chosen as the top Pokémon?那么最后,谁被选为最佳神奇宝贝呢?Water/dark-type Pokémon Greninja. While his extremely long, constantly exposed tongue (which he wraps around himself like a scarf) is pretty gross, it’s hard to argue against the coolness on a ninja, especially one that can make shurikens out of water to toss at your foes.那就是水系/暗黑系神奇宝贝甲贺忍蛙。虽然他的舌头非常长,而且经常会露出来(他会把舌头像围巾一样围在身上),十分恶心,但是要驳斥一位忍者的出色,尤其是一位能从水里向你的敌人投掷手里剑的忍者,这真的很难做到。There’s no word as to whether Pikachu has called his rival to congratulate him, or is instead meeting with fellow electric-types Dedenne and Raichu to plot a coup.至于皮卡丘是否致电过他的对手来表示祝贺,或是与同类的电系咚咚鼠及雷丘密谋造反,就不得而知了。 /201606/449083

Fifteen years ago, Patrick Hardison, then a 27-year old firefighter, suffered a massive burn injury to his face when he ran into a burning house and the ceiling collapsed. He lost his ears, lips, eyelids and most of his nose.15年前,27岁的消防员帕特里克·哈迪森跑进一座着火的房屋救火时,天花板掉落导致他脸部大面积严重烧伤。他失去了耳朵、嘴唇、眼皮和大部分的鼻子。Hardison made history in 2015 when he became the recipient of the most extensive face transplant ever. His surgery is part of an innovative and controversial shift in the field of organ transplantation.哈迪森在2015年成为了史上最大面积脸部移植手术的接受者。他的手术在器官移植领域属于既有创新又有争议的移植手术。People are now getting transplants of organs that may not save their lives, like a heart, but can dramatically improve them, like a new face.现在人们接受器官移植手术不一定是要挽救生命,例如心脏;也可以极大改善自身形象,例如一张崭新的脸。Before his face transplant, Hardison grew depressed, lost his tire-selling business, became addicted to painkillers and split with his wife of 10 years.在脸部手术之前,哈迪森变得很沮丧。他失去了轮胎销售的生意,对止疼片产生了依赖性,并和结婚10年的妻子离异。He went under the knife 71 times to improve the look and function of his face, yet almost always hid behind a baseball cap and sunglasses.他经受了71次开刀手术来改善面貌,完善面部功能。但还是要藏在棒球帽和太阳镜的遮蔽之下。When his doctor told him that his lack of eyelids was destroying his sight, that was the last straw. ;I hated life,; Hardison says.当他的医生告诉他眼皮缺失导致视力受损时,他再也无法忍受了。哈迪森说:;我痛恨生命。;Last August, Hardison underwent a 26-hour surgery to replace his face with that of a 26-year-old bike mechanic who#39;d been killed in a cycling accident.去年8月,哈迪森经历了一场26小时的换脸手术,;换;上了一名死于自行车赛事故的26岁自行车手的脸。Dr. Eduardo, head of the NYU Langone Medical Center face-transplant program, told Hardison he had only a 50% chance of surviving the procedure, since no one had successfully transplanted as much face and scalp tissue before.纽约大学朗格尼医学中心的脸部移植项目带头人爱德华医生告诉哈迪森,他只有50%的机会在这过程中活下来,因为先前从未有人成功移植过如此多的脸部和头皮组织。A year after the surgery, Hardison says he#39;s doing great. Though he remains on potent drugs to prevent his body from rejecting his face, so far, that hasn#39;t happened.手术后一年,哈迪森表示自己过的很好。尽管他留存了强效药物以防身体对脸产生排斥,但是目前为止这还未发生。He#39;s happy with his new life and recently took his five children to Disney World, where he was able to swim with them for the first time since his face injury in 2001.他对新的生活感到很幸福。最近,他带着5个孩子去了迪斯尼乐园,并且在2001年受伤后终于能够首次游泳。;I would#39;ve given up a long time ago if it wasn#39;t for them,; Hardison says of his kids.哈迪森提到他的孩子时表示:;如果不是为了他们,我很早之前就放弃了。; /201609/464314

In case you’re starting to question the worth of a current friendship, here are sure fire red flags, it’s not going anywhere but the gutter.如果你恰好开始质疑目前友谊的价值了,来看看以下8个迹象,他们说明你的友谊之船就要翻到沟里了。1. Your friend is always trying to “one up” you. No matter the news you have to share, your friend responds with something in an attempt to seem as though they have something even better going on.1. 你的朋友企图比你“好一点”。无论你有什么好消息要分享,你的朋友总是企图显示他们有更有意思的事儿。2. They can’t be happy for you. You got a new job, and instead of saying congrats, they immediately ask if there are other openings.2. 他们不会为你感到高兴。你找到新工作,他们不恭喜你,反而立马问你有没有其他空缺岗位。3. They get possessive and jealous. It’s basically impossible to hang with other friends without them being offended they weren’t invited.3. 他们占有欲强、容易嫉妒。要是不邀请他们和其他朋友一起出去玩,不得罪他们是不可能的。4. This friend also tries to gang up on you. There might be a few of you hanging out, and this one person will do everything in their power to disagree with you, challenge you, and get everyone else to as well.4. 这个朋友总是要和你唱反调。你们几个出去玩,这个人会尽其所能不同意你的观点,挑战你,然后让大家都这样。5. They begin picking on your appearance. It could be anything from saying you wear too much make-up to telling you your clothes aren’t age appropriate.5. 他们对你的外貌样样都要评头论足。可能说你妆太浓,也可能说你的衣和年龄不搭。6. You realize you have started to avoid their texts and calls. You only respond after they send annoyed “” messages to get your attention.6. 你意识到你已经开始回避他们的短信和来电。你只有在他们感到不爽并发个“”提醒你的时候你才会关注他们。7. The tension between you two is so thick you could cut it with a knife.7. 你们之间的关系已经紧张到能看见了。8. The only time you are feeling good about them is if you haven’t seen them for a long time.8. 你唯一对见到他们感到开心的时候,是你好久没见他们的时候。 /201609/464180

  Wang Hanluri (1903 ?1978)王汉伦(1903~1978)Wang Hanlun, birth name Peng Qinshi, also called Jianqing, was bom in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province in 1903 and she herself was a film audience. She was one of China#39;s first generation actresses, one of Four Great Dan (actresses) of early Chinese films and the first “Chinese tragic acress,;.王汉伦,原名彭琴士,字剑青,1903年出生于江苏苏州,自己喜欢经常去看电影,中国第一代著名女影星之一,中国电影早期的“四大名旦”之一, 也是首位“悲剧女星”。Wang Hanlun went to an excellent private institution, St. Mary#39;s School for Women in Shanghai when she was a young girl. Her father died when she was 16, she had to make a living, successively as a primary school teacher, a clerk in British and American tobacco companies and later as a full-time English language typist with rather high salary before becoming a actress.少女时代曾就读于优秀私立学校——上海教会女校圣玛利亚书院。16岁她父亲去世,为了谋生 曾先后当过小学老师,在英美烟草公 司当过职员。从影前在一外企任专职 英文打字员,薪水颇丰。Occasionally in 1923 she was introduced to act in Orphan Rescues Grandfather made by the Star Film Studio, starring Yu Weiru. Wang#39;s thorough sensitive portrayal, sadness and anger and tenacity, of the besieged heroine moved audiences, made Orphan Rescues Grandfather China#39;s first national hit and Wang Hanlun an overnight sensation. Orphan Rescues Grandfather became the first Chinese full-length feature film.1923年,一个 偶然的机会经同事引荐参加明星影片 公司《孤儿救祖记》的拍摄,主演余蔚如。她把该角色的悲愤与坚韧表现得淋漓尽致,深深打动了观众。该影片轰动一时,使彭剑青一炮走红。《孤儿救祖记》成为中国第一部完整故事片。Nearly a decade had passed since Yan Shanshan had appear on screen as the first actress, but only a handful of women had yet dared to. In those days, women#39;s appearance on screen was still regarded as socially unacceptable behavior, especially for a young lady from upper-class. So there were enormous pressures on Peng from both family and society.Her acting on screen angered her elder brother and sister-in law and she had no other way than changing her making her birth name never known to the public. The family accepted this, and she adopted Wang Hanlun as her screen name. The surname derived from her belief that tigers are fearless and tigers have the Chinese character for king on their foreheads,so she changed her surname to Wang. She liked the English name Helen, so she adopted the similar Chinese name Hanlun.自从严姗姗第一次出现在银幕上之后,近十年过去了,仅有个别女性敢于演电影。那时候,女性演电影仍然不被社会所接受,更不用说出身于上层社会家庭的了。由于从影惹怒了兄嫂,彭剑青只好改名换姓,永远不让自己的原名出现在公众的视野。她的“王”姓来自她想到老虎是无所畏惧的,它 的额头上有个“王”字,于是就改姓王,她喜欢英文名字Helen,因此取了汉语谐音汉伦。Starring in Divorcee (1924) and The Poor Children (1924) made Wang Hanlu the first Chinese outstanding tragic actress. Later in 1929, Wang founded her own independent film company, the Hanlun Film Studio, and produced An Actress#39;s Revenge (Blind Love), in which she starred as the heroine. This film was a great success and had been shown abroad. But Wang then disbanded the company and with the profits from what turned out to be her last starring film, she opened the ;Hanlun Beauty Parlo; in Shanghai, retired from films to become a businesswoman. She was very successful throughout the 1930s until the Japanese occupied Shanghai.影片《弃妇》(1924)、《苦儿弱女》(1924)等的拍摄,使她成为令人瞩目的中国第一位悲剧明星王汉伦。后来,她于1929年曾开设过自己的电影公司“汉伦影片 公司”,拍摄了《盲目的爱情》(即《女伶复仇记》),由自己主演。该片拍得很成功, 曾远销国外。不过此时她却解散公司,退出影坛,利用她主演的最后一部电影的收人在上海开办了“汉伦美容院”,成为商人。20世纪30年代,在日本侵占上海前她还是很成功的商人。Affer the foundation of new China, she became a member of Shanghai Film Actor Troupe, acted a supporting role of Empress Dowager in Wu Xun (1950). She had taken part in more than ten films, such as the artistic documentary film A Great Upsurge. On August 17, 1978, Wang Hanlun passed away in Shanghai.新中国成立后,成为上海电影演员剧团的成员,在《武训传》(1950)中扮演过配角慈禧,曾参加《热浪奔腾》(1958)艺术纪录片的拍摄。一生共参加10余部影片的摄制。1978年8月17日,王汉伦病逝于上海,终年78岁。 /201605/443516


  Being overweight in middle-age makes the brain age by 10 years, research by the University of Cambridge has found.据剑桥大学的一项研究发现,中年肥胖者的大脑会比他们实际年龄老10岁。The study, which scanned 473 brains, found changes in the brain structure of overweight people which are normally seen in those far older.通过对473个人进行脑部扫描,这项研究发现,超重人士,尤其是那些年老人士的大脑结构有所变化。The volume of white matter - the tissue that connects areas of the brain and allows information to be communicated between regions - shrunk far more in those with a Body Mass Index above 25. Shrinkage of parts of the brain is associated with a higher risk of cognitive decline and dementia.对于那些身体质量指数在25以上的人,脑白质(连接大脑各区域的组织,并允许各区域之间进行信息的传递)萎缩的更严重。而大脑的收缩,意味着具有认知衰退和痴呆的高风险。The Cambridge Study found no differences in cognitive skills when participants underwent IQ tests. But the men and women will be scanned as they get older, to check for changes which indicate mental decline.剑桥大学研究团队对参与者进行了智商测试,没有发现他们有认知能力下降的迹象。不过,随着他们变老,将会再次扫描大脑以检测智力是否有下降。Human brains naturally shrink with age, but scientists are increasingly recognising that obesity - aly linked to conditions such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease - may also affect the onset and progression of brain ageing.我们的大脑自然地随着年龄的增长而萎缩,但科学家们越来越认识到,肥胖除了已知与如糖尿病、癌症和心脏疾病等多种疾病相关之外,也可能影响大脑老化的发生与进展。In the study of people aged between 20 and 87, researchers looked at the impact of obesity on brain structure across the adult lifespan.在对一组20岁到87岁的参与者的研究中,科学家观察了在整个成人寿命期限内,肥胖对大脑结构的影响。Researchers divided the groups into two categories: lean and overweight, depending on whether their BMI was above or below 25. They found striking differences in the volume of white matter. Overweight individuals had a widesp reduction in white matter compared with lean people.依据身体质量指数高于或低于25,研究员将参与者分成了两组:偏瘦组和超重组。他们发现两组的脑白质含量有惊人的区别。与偏瘦组相比,超重组的脑白质含量普遍都比较低。The team then calculated how white matter volume related to age across the two groups. They discovered that an overweight person at 50 had a comparable white matter volume to a lean person aged 60.之后,研究人员计算了两组人员中脑白质含量和年龄的相关性。他们发现,一个50岁超重的人,他的大脑白质和一个60岁偏瘦的人的大脑白质数量是一样的。Researchers only observed these differences from middle-age onwards, suggesting that brains may be particularly vulnerable during this period of ageing.研究人员只是从中年个体中发现了这些差异,这意味着随着人们年龄增长,大脑会变得越来越脆弱。 /201608/460991

  1. Travellers get excited and a bit nervous before travel.旅行者出发前既兴奋又有点紧张。Nervousness is typical of travellers.旅行者往往会感到紧张。It does not matter whether the person travels once a year or far more frequently. Travelling makes people excited. Anticipation makes our blood boil and adrenaline keeps us on out tiptoes. This happens simply because we cannot predict the future event that may occur during the trip.无论你多久去一趟旅行,一年一次或是经常旅行,你都会感到紧张。旅行让人兴奋。期待的心情让我们热血沸腾,兴奋劲儿让我们脚下生风。究其原因,这是因为我们不能预知未来,谁知道旅途中我们会遇到什么?2. Travellers love to make plans, but they also like to break them.旅行者善于制定计划,也很会破坏计划。To plan arrange trips is an exciting activity, however, once you have planned everything, get y to break all your plans in case things go wrong or not the way you expected them to go!制定计划确实是一件让人开心的事情,可是,一旦你计划好了一切,你也要做好打破一切计划的准备——万一事情变糟了或者事情的发展与你所想的不一样呢?3. Travellers may start a trip alone, but they end up with friends all over the world.旅行者可能会独自出发,但最后一定会四海结缘。It#39;s hard to travel without meeting strangers. Travellers are always y to make new friends.在旅行中基本不可能不遇到陌生人。旅行者们总是准备好了结交新朋友。4. Travellers are not just on a vacation.旅行者绝不仅仅是在度假。People travel for a variety of reasons. People who stay in a foreign country need to challenge themselves in a variety of ways. They learn new languages, meet new people and try to get to know new cultures.人们出发旅行的原因成千上万。当你身处异乡,你就必须接受种种挑战。你必须学习新的语言、认识新的人、尝试了解新的文化。5. Travellers know that they#39;re privileged.旅行者们知道他们是极其幸运的。While travelling be prepared to see the real life of people living around the globe. You will see that there are people who struggle to survive. At the same time, there#39;re plenty of those who can afford the most luxurious things. Be grateful for being able to travel since travelling is something only the privileged can afford.当你旅行的时候,你要准备好目睹世界各地人们生存的真实境况。你会发现,世界上还有为生存而挣扎的人。与此同时,也有相当一部分人能够享有世界上最奢华的东西。能够出发旅行也是一大幸事,请为你的旅行而心怀感恩。 /201607/453336

  Are you less than successful at online dating? Chances are you’re not a fundamentally broken person, destined for a life of lonely misery. You’re probably just not very good at dating. This is good and bad news. On the one hand, it’s good to know that this is a skill you can learn. On the other hand, you also know you’ve got some work ahead of you. Let’s get right into it. 10 ways to be a better date.你的网恋不成功?可能是你没从根本上突破,而注定孤独痛苦的生活。你可能只是不擅长约会。这是一个好消息也是一个坏消息。一方面,能知道这是你可以学习的技能,这非常好。另一方面,你也知道你有很多功课要做。让我们马上来看看。10种方法使你的约会更成功。1) Be Interesting.1)要风趣If you date enough, you’ll meet all kinds of people. People who date well know how to talk to them. Learn about things that interest others, be it pop culture, history, science, travel. The things you learn will make you more interesting and fun to date. Remember, interesting people are interested. If you don’t know anything about something your date is into, have them TELL you all about it.如果你约会了足够多的次数,你会遇到各种各样的人。擅长约会的人知道如何与他人交谈。了解别人感兴趣的东西,流行文化,历史,科学,旅游。你学习的东西会让你更风趣,和你约会也更有趣。请记住,风趣的人让人感兴趣。如果你不知道你约会的对象对什么感兴趣,让他们告诉你。2) Be Thoughtful.2)考虑周全。If you’re on a first date, don’t assume that your date loves pit beef and whiskey. If you’re the one setting up the itinerary, think of fun things to do that almost anyone would enjoy. As you get to know your date, you can start to specialize. At first, keep things general.如果你是第一次约会,不要自以为你的约会对象喜欢牛肉和威士忌。如果你在一个设计行程,想想几乎任何人都会喜欢,觉得有趣的事情。当你了解你的约会对象,你就可以为她私人订制了。首先,要周全。3) Don’t Be Needy.3)不要急促。Even if you’re interested in a long term relationship, you don’t want to ooze neediness in the early stages of dating. Lots of people like casual dating. You don’t want to be giving off the “I want to grow old and die with you” vibe if the feeling is not necessarily reciprocated.即使你想要建立一个长期的关系,也不要在约会初期就表明你的需求,许多人喜欢随意的约会。如果不是那种需要别人投桃报李的的情形,你一定也不希望你的约会有一种“我要和你一起变老,和你同死”的氛围。4) Don’t Be Aloof.4)不要冷漠。Keeping it casual is well and good, but remaining emotionally distant is not. Even if you’re not y to move in together, your date can tell if you’re not being emotionally accessible. If you’re not in a place to be somewhat open and honest, don’t date for awhile. Sure, there are plenty of ways to overdo this, but don’t date with a Poker Face either.保持随意是不错,但感情不能疏远。即使是你还没有准备好搬到一起,你也可以告诉你的约会对象你思想上还没有准备好。如果你没有准备好公开和诚实,不要开始约会。当然,也有很多方法可以解决这个,但不要和冷漠的人约会。5) Don’t Be a Jerk.5)不要成为一个混蛋。It’s important not to assume things about people you don’t know well. Try not to drone on about political views, religious assertions, or any other deeply held belief that might not be agreeable to someone you’re getting to know. Be honest. Don’t be pushy or preachy.不随便猜想你不熟悉的人是很重要的。尽量不要从政治观点,宗教断言,或其他任何根深蒂固的信念或别的可能和你准备认识的人的观点不一样的方面去评判她。要诚实。不要出风头或说教。6) Be an Adult.6)成熟一点。You know what’s sexy? Not being a child in an adult’s body. Be employed. Pay your bills. Have a house that’s not replete with filth. You don’t have to have every single duck in a row, but don’t be a human wasteland either.你知道什么是性感?不是在成人的身体里住着一颗孩子的心。有工作。有经济能力。有一个不是满屋狼籍的房子。你不必每件事都做得好,但不要是一个没用的人7) Be Independent.7)独立。People who get instantly attached to someone they’re dating can come across as….scary. It’s important to find that sweet spot between Emotionally Distant and Someone Who Gloms.人们能立马感知和自己约会的人的情绪,比如害怕。找到感情疏远和心中暗恋的甜蜜点是很重要的。8) Have a Plan.8)有一个计划。It’s important to know how to handle various situations in a dating relationship. What if things go really well on a first date and you both obviously like each other a lot? What if the date is awkward and clearly going nowhere? There are gracious ways to handle every situation. By having a plan while still being able to improvise, you can make situations far less awkward, or much more exciting.知道如何处理在恋爱关系的各种情况是非常重要的。如果第一次约会非常成功,你们很明显很喜欢对方还怎么办?如果你的约会对象很尴尬,并明确无处可去该怎么办?有亲切的方式来处理这些情况。有一个计划即兴发挥,可以让情况远不尴尬,或更令人兴奋。9) Ask Questions.9)问问题。Don’t know what to say? Get the other person talking. A great life skill to have is the ability to make other people comfortable. A comfortable person feels able to talk. If you can get someone chatting happily about things that interest them, you’re doing great, Tiger.不知道该说些什么?让对方说话。让别人感到舒适是一个很棒的生活技能。舒适的人让人觉得谈得来。如果你可以让别人愉快地聊起他们感兴趣的事物,你做的很好。10) Be Smooth.10)圆滑一些。When it comes to affection and sex, know what you’re doing. Don’t get too excited. Be sensual and gentle, without coming across like you don’t have a spine. Reading the other person’s interest level and sense of pace is a skill worth having. Finding your groove in these moments can get you another date or ensure that you’ll never see this person again.当涉及到情感与性,知道自己在做什么。不要高兴得太早。感性与温柔一些不要像你没有骨气一样。感知其他人感兴趣的程度和速度是值得拥有的技能。在这些时刻你的机会可以让你得到下一次约会或保你将永远不会再想看到这个人。 /201606/451738



  Traditional Chinese Wedding Invitations传统婚礼请柬Chinese style wedding invitations are usually folded red cards gilded with gold trimming.中国式的婚礼请柬通常是折叠式的镶着金边的红纸。The most popular design on the invitations is the Chinese character Xi,meaning ;double happiness. ;最受欢迎的请柬设计是中国字 囍,意指“双重幸福”。Dragons and phoenix are popular designs as they symbolize the balance of male and female power.龙和凤是最普遍的设计因为他们象征着阴阳平衡。Auspicious phrase or poems written in calligraphy style are wonderful additions to add a touch of festivity.用书法写下的喜联或喜诗对欢庆的氛围是极好的。 /201606/445101


  Schoolgirl killed herself after putting #39;racially offensive picture#39; online and fearing backlash女孩因发“种族歧视”照后害怕被炮轰而自杀A teenage girl took her own life after posting an offensive image online and fearing she could be accused of racism as a result, a coroner’s court has heard.据死因调查法庭报告,有个女孩因在网上发冒犯性的图片后怕被炮轰“种族主义者”而自杀。Phoebe Connop, 16, was found dead at her home in Halesowen in the West Midlands on 7 July. An inquest into her death at Black Country Coroner’s Court heard that prior to her death, she had posted a photo in a group message among friends which she had altered to show herself with dark skin. The teenager had recently begun dating an Asian man and joked that she would have to look like the girl in the photo to get his family’s approval, The Daily Mail reports.今年16岁的Phoebe Connop,于7月7日被发现死于西米德兰兹郡的家中。据死因调查法庭报告,死前,她曾在朋友群聊里发过一张深肤色女生的照片。Phoebe最近正和一个亚裔男子约会,她开玩笑说自己只有皮肤和照片里一样黑,才能得到对方家里的认可。One of the members of the group chat shared the image online and Phoebe feared she may face a backlash and accusations of racism due to the insensitive image.群聊中一个朋友把这张图片发到了网上。之后,Phoebe很害怕自己会因这张敏感的图片,被指责为种族主义者。The inquest heard that she was working with her father during the summer holidays to earn some pocket money when she said she was feeling unwell one day and asked to be taken home. When Mr Connop returned to the family later in the evening, he found her dead body.从陪审团那里了解到:那时正值暑假,她为挣点零花钱和爸爸一起工作。有天,她说自己不舒,想回家。但当爸爸回到家中,只发现了她的尸体。Detective Sergeant Katherine Tomkins told the inquest: “From speaking to her friends in the weeks following her death, we discovered that the image had circulated further than she wanted it to.侦缉警官Katherine Tomkins告诉陪审团:“从她跟朋友聊天那时起到她自杀的几周内,那个图片比她想象的传播还快。”“There had been some negative reaction and she confided in her friend, who did take the image down at her request, that she was scared of what the reaction might be from the Asian community in her area.”“当时确实有很多负面评价,她后来也让朋友把这张图片删除了,她害怕会波及附近亚裔群体。”Tributes have been paid to the teenager who was described as a talented gymnast who dreamed of being a midwife.人们纷纷为她的离去感到惋惜,因为她是个非常有天赋的体操运动员,还梦想成为一名助产士。译文属原创,仅供学习和交流使用,未经许可,。 /201608/463232

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