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Jimmy Carter Gets Cold Reception in Israel美国前总统卡特在以色列遭到冷落  Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter is getting a cold reception in Israel. Mr. Carter is perceived as having a strong anti-Israel bias.  美国前总统卡特在以色列遭到冷遇。以色列总理奥尔默特和以色列政府的外交部长都故意冷落卡特,拒绝与他见面。 Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and his foreign minister have snubbed Mr. Carter and are refusing to meet with him. They are angry that the former president compares Israeli policies to apartheid and that he plans to meet this week with Khaled Mashaal, a leader of the Islamic militant group Hamas, in Damascus. Hamas refuses to renounce violence or recognize Israel.  卡特把以色列的政策与南非种族隔离相提并论,此外卡特本星期还准备在大马士革会见伊斯兰激进组织哈马斯的领导人马沙尔都令他们感到强烈不满。哈马斯拒绝放弃暴力,也不愿意承认以色列。The spokesman for the Israel branch of the Anti-Defamation League, Arieh O'Sullivan, says Mr. Carter is sending the wrong message.  “反诽谤联盟”组织以色列分的发言人奥沙利文说,卡特发出了错误的信息。"Former President Jimmy Carter, he is on a very destructive path right now in the Middle East," said Arieh O'Sullivan. "He is going to Syria, he is going to meet with the head of Hamas, to engage with terrorists."  他说:“美国前总统卡特目前在中东问题上的立场具有很大的破坏性。他准备前往叙利亚会见哈马斯领导人,与恐怖分子交往。”Mr. Carter defended his plans on American television, in an interview with A's This Week. 而卡特在接受美国广播公司“本周”电视节目采访时为自己作辩护说:"I think there is no doubt in anyone's mind that if Israel is ever going to find peace with justice concerning the relationship with their next door neighbors, the Palestinians, that Hamas will have to be included in the process," said Jimmy Carter. “我认为任何人都毫不怀疑,如果以色列想要和平正义,与他们的邻居巴勒斯坦人和平相处的话,那么哈马斯必将被包括在和平进程当中。”He said he would try to convince Hamas to halt attacks against Israeli civilians, but in an unofficial capacity. 他说,他会立以非官方的身份,努力说哈马斯停止袭击以色列平民。"I am not going as a mediator or negotiator," he said. "This is a mission we take as part of the overall Carter Center project to promote peace in the region." 卡特说:“我不会作为调停者或者谈判人员前往那里。此行不过是卡特中心促进中东和平的整体项目的一部分。” Despite the snub by Israeli leaders, Mr. Carter did meet with Israel's ceremonial President Shimon Peres. On Monday, the former president will visit the southern Israeli town of Sderot that has been battered by Palestinian rockets fired from nearby Gaza and on Tuesday, he travels to the West Bank for talks with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.  卡特尽管受到以色列领导人的冷落,但是他还是会晤了总统佩雷斯。而总统在以色列仅是礼仪性的领导人。星期一,卡特前总统将访问以色列南部城镇斯德洛特,这一城镇曾遭受巴勒斯坦人从附近加沙地带发射的火箭的袭击。星期二,他要前往约旦河西岸与巴勒斯坦权力机构主席阿巴斯会晤。 200804/34886

Hello, this is Anna speaking from Tip Top Trading, I want some imperial lemon sized luxury boxes.你好,我是Tip Top Trading的安娜,我想要一些装皇家柠檬的豪华礼盒。...What?……怎么了?Lets make this order a bit more politely okay?让我们下订单的时候更礼貌一点,好吗?Why are the English so obsessed with being polite! ?为什么说英语总是要求有礼貌?!Calm down Anna and listen to me.冷静,安娜,听我说。To put in an order for something, you need phrases like: Id like to place an order for...为了订某样东西,你需要使用这样的表达方式:我想要订……Were going to need...我们会需要……Could you send...你可以寄……Could we also have...我们还可以……When can we expect to receive them?我们什么时候会收到货?Right...好吧……Hello, sorry about that...Id like to place an order for some imperial lemon sized luxury boxes, please...你好,刚才很抱歉……我想要一些装皇家柠檬的豪华礼盒,谢谢……Were going to need quite a few...我们需要一些……Could you send 300 please...yes...the green ones...你能给我们寄300个吗,谢谢,是的,绿色的。Could we also have the name of our company on the sides please...请问我们还可以在边上附上我们公司的名字吗……When can we expect to receive them...Okay, thank you, goodbye.我们什么时候可以收到……好的,谢谢,再见。There! How was that?这么说怎么样?Good, well done!好的,干得好!Youd better phone back Mr Lime to confirm he can have his boxes!你最好给Lime先生回电,确定他会收到礼盒!Oh no!噢,不!Hes your client!他是你的客户! /201701/483846

We’d believe to be literally an international cyber crime gang that stole millions of pounds from people’s bank accounts. But now a 18 year old who’s known by the alias Akill or Akill has been questioned in New Zealand part of net being led a crack down on a high-tech crime. The FBI estimates more that a million computers were targeted and more that 12 million pounds stolen. Cathy R reports.Could a teenage from New Zealand be the linchpin of international crime network? Accused of stealing 20 million dollars from people’s bank accounts known only by his online name Akill, he said to be very bright and very skilled. It’s alleged of cyber criminals to control more than a million computers and run them using Botnets, a term even the police officers in charge he admitted having to get his head around.We executed him of warrants with spoken to Akill. He is assisting as we are inquiries. He has been charged we solve to release the nature of this inquiry n this stage but the inquiries are ongoing we got to analyze computer equipment which we have seized.The 18-year-old comes from New Zealand’s northwest island, the town of Hamilton the allegedly bot master. He is arrested for his investigation by the FBI operation botros too in which 8 people have so far been condemned to be guilty or convicted. The Akill and contacted New Zealand police.So what is a Botnet? It’s a global network of hijacked PCs. The malicious software acts as a virus installing itself on computers around the world. Once it’s in it, it communicates with central location individual computer affected by the zombie which allows hackers to collect people’s personal bank details, credit card numbers and login names.\The key thing is to get anti-virus software updating continually used to be the case people send antivirus update every year or every month. Now you regularly do it everyday to assure you got at least a measure of protection. Akill allegedly invented complex software that invaded computers spy ware systems. He said to be cooperating with police but if he is charged of convicted he could face 10 years in prison. 200805/40057

Anchor: Dick Parsons' primary objective in putting together this deal was to make sure that he was securing Time Warner's future. And you know you can't talk about the futrue of media companies these days without looking to the Internet. That's why this deal is so important and if you hear it from Parsons himself, he will tell you that this partnership is going to expand with time. Dick Parsons: We know, you know, virtually everybody knows at some point of time all of the stuff that we do and have done in the past , the moives, the television, even a lot of the content in our magzine, all that's gonna be available online one day. Um, under what business model? We don't currently know, how, who's distributing, how the rights all work, what the, what the splits are, we don't know yet, but we all have to be out there experimenting, trying to open up that new channel of distribution. So the, the nature of the partnership we've just created with Google is going to create first of all a platform to get all of the AOL content online. We've got a partner in the sort of search business and that platform will then serve down the road as a, as a platform for the rest of the Time Warner content , so that this is, this is the first step and an inevitable process of taking this huge libraries of, of...motion pictures, of television, of animation and of text-based information to the Internet. Anchor: But you are saying baby steps? Dick Parsons: I'm saying steps. Anchor: Steps along the way? Dick Parsons: Yeah. I agree with you.Anchor: When might we see that? When might we be able to see some of the AOL moive or the Time Warner movies? Dick Parsons: I think sooner, ur sooner than you might anticipate, but I'm not in a position to make , to preannounce anything at this point. Anchor: Ok, but if I thought soon was two years or may be sooner? Dick Parsons: Oh, sooner than that. Anchor: I also asked Parsons about comments from activist shareholder Carl Icahn who has pened this deal.Dick Parsons: I try to deal with all our shareholders, and particularly the larger ones, um, in the same fashion. Um, you hear their ideas, ur, you evaluate their ideas and when you think they have something, ideas that they are gonna add in value actually when you don't do, eh, you don't act at once. Anchor: Parsons says he has not spoken with Icahn this week, oh, and by the way, when you ask him, Parsons will tell you that he thinks Time Warner shares are screaming buy. 200808/46402

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