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成都市中医院引产多少钱四川省医学科学院医院专家预约HK90+HZ5hn;r8bXv~r!@T_hAn.P,8Jw)It was time the annual blood drive. He told his girlfriend, “I’m going to give blood tomorrow.” She said, “Don’t do that. You could get a disease.” He asked, “I could get a disease? How could I get a disease?” She said, “You never know. What if a nurse trips and stabs you with a dirty needle?” He said that was ridiculous. Nurses don’t trip. Nurses don’t stab blood donors with dirty needles. He went to the blood drive the next day. He watched the nurses carefully. None of them tripped. None of them stabbed a blood donor with a dirty needle. He gave blood. He told his girlfriend that no one had tripped and stabbed him. She said he was lucky this time.TX(U(U)!ZjVmXsYa%EtBRtU67r3|A!miYq-nm6WQ@Va0K^_ygK9-uDm@g_;EEg6TCes#P 7成都省第一医院不孕专家 Voice 1: These are just a few very general traditions. But maybe you would like to hear a personal experience? Well, Mohsen, you are in luck. Here at Spotlight we have an expert on proposals! In January , Spotlight producer Joshua Leo proposed to his girlfriend. He asked his girlfriend to marry him! Now, he is engaged to be married.声音1:这些只是一些非常普遍的传统也许你想听听个人经验?莫森,你很幸运重点报道节目有一个求婚专家!年1月,重点报道节目的制作人乔舒亚·里奥向他女朋友求婚他请他女友嫁给他!现在,他已经结婚了Voice : We asked Joshua to tell a little bit about how he became engaged to his girlfriend, Sara. He shares his proposal story:声音:我们请乔舒亚讲讲他是如何向女友萨拉求婚的他分享了他的求婚过程Joshua Leo: Hi everybody, Im Joshua Leo.乔舒亚·里奥:大家好,我是乔舒亚·里奥When I asked Sara to marry me, I did many of the usual things. We had been talking together about getting married. First, I asked her parents their permission and blessing. Of course, they said yes!我向萨拉求婚时,我做的是和平常一样的事情我们一直在谈结婚这件事首先,我请她的父母同意我们结婚,并请他们祝福我们当然,他们说好!Usually, a man will give a woman an engagement ring her to wear on her finger. It is a symbol of a man and a woman promise to marry. So, I started saving money to buy the engagement ring. After I had saved enough money, I decided that it was finally time to ask Sara to marry me.通常,男性求婚时会给女性一枚订婚戒指,然后帮她戴在手上这代表一名男性和一名女性的结婚承诺所以,为了买订婚戒指我开始存钱我存够钱以后,我决定这就是我向萨拉求婚的时刻译文属 85677眉山妇科整形哪家医院最好的

泸州市中心医院做彩超多少钱四川省妇幼医院做输卵管通液多少钱 Taylor: What are you two doing in here?Holly: We heard you werent feeling well, so we came to check on you.Taylor: I was sitting there giving out nametags and all of a sudden, there she was.Holly: Who, Femi? Yeah, Yi-jun saw her inside.Taylor: All these memories of prom night came back to me. I had to be alone. You remember that night?Holly: I remember someone spiked my punch. You sat with me in the girl bathroom...参考译文:泰勒:你们两个在这干嘛?荷莉:我们听说你不太舒,所以跑来看看你的状况泰勒:我坐在那儿发识别卡时,突然间,她就来了荷莉:谁,费咪吗?对呀,怡君在会场里有看到她泰勒:毕业舞会那晚的回忆全涌上心头我得要一个人静静你记得那晚吧?荷莉:我记得有人在我的潘趣酒里偷掺了酒你陪我坐在女厕内……重点词汇:prom (n.)(大学或高中生毕业前夕的)正式舞会A: What will you wear to the prom?你要穿什么参加舞会?B: I was thinking about a white tuxedo.我有在考虑要穿白色礼spike (v.)把烈酒掺入(饮料、果汁、酒)I think someone spiked my coke, because Im starting to get a buzz...我想有人把酒掺到我的可乐里,因为我开始头晕了……punch (n.)潘趣酒这是一种用酒、果汁和香料调成的饮料This punch was made with pineapples and Seven-up.这个潘趣酒是由菠萝汁和七喜调成的 655成都第五医院正规的吗

四川省第一医院包皮手术怎么样9. Peace and Development.Part 1. Warming up.A. Keywords. union, organization, headquarters, fund, secretariat.Vocabulary. integration, mission, coherent, solidarity, autonomous, affiliate, secretariat, successor, tariff, Geneva.You are going to hear six abbreviations and some inmation about them.Listen carefully and write down in full the corresponding names of these organizations.1. EU.The European Union, is the result of a process of cooperation and integration which begin in 1951 between 6 countries.Today it has member states, and its mission is to organize relations between the member states and between their peoples in a coherent manner and on the basis of solidarity.. FAO.Food and Agricultural Organization, was established in 195 as an autonomous organization related to the ed Nations.Its headquarters is in Rome.3. IMF.International Monetary Fund, is an autonomous body affiliated with the ed Nations.Its headquarters is in Washington D.C.. OECD.The Organization Economic Cooperation and Development, also known as a rich man club, was med in 1961, with its secretariat in Paris.It groups 9 member countries in an organization to discuss and develop economic and social policy.5. WHO.The World Health Organization, is a specialized agency of the ed Nations.WHO was med in 198, with its headquarters in Geneva.6. WTO.The World Trade Organization, was med on January 1st, 1995, as a successor to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade.It is the only global international organization during with the rules of trade between nations with its secretariat in Geneva.B. Keywords. economic cooperation, secretariat, association, member, organization, administration, headquarters.Vocabulary. vehicle, encompass, treaty, aeronautics, petroleum, integral,Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, Laos, Myanmar,Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Algeria, Ecuador, Kuwait, Libya, Saudi Arabia.An acronym is a word med from the first or first few letters of several words.It is pronounced as a single word.Now listen to 7 acronyms and some inmation about them, write down the full names of these organizations.1. APEC.The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation, is established in 1989, has since became the primary regional vehicle promoting open trade and practical economic cooperation among Asia Pacific Economies.Its secretariat is located in Singapore.. ASEAN.The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, was med in 1967 by Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand to promote political and economic cooperation among the member countries.Now it encompasses all ten countries of southeast Asia by admitting Cambodia, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar.3. NATO.The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was created by a treaty signed in 199 among Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the ed Kingdom and the ed States.Greece, Turkey and Germany later joined the organization.. NASA.The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is a government agency in the U.S.5.OPEC.The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, was created in 1960, among its members are Algeria, Ecuador, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.6. UNESCO.The ed Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, is an agent of the UN with headquarters in Paries.7. UNICEF.The ed Nations International Children Emergency Fund, an integral part of the ed Nation system, was created at the end of World War Ⅱ, to relieve the suffering of children in war-torn Europe. more than 53 years, UNICEF has been helping governments, commies and families make the world a better place children.It headquarters is in New York.C. Keywords. shhhummit, visit, elect, met, diplomatic relations, Nobel Peace Prize, demonstrations, hostage, ree.Vocabulary. summit, diplomatic relations, demonstrations, hostage, Cairo, Illinois, Israeli, Palestinian.Now listen to some news leads, focus your attention on ;who; and ;what; in each lead, and write down what you hear in the given spaces.Arab leaders have ended an emergency summit in Cairo.Chinese Prime Minister Zhu Rongji has arrived in the middle western city of Chicago, Illinois.It is the fourth stop on his nine-day visit to the ed States.Finland, citizens have elected their country first woman president of the Social Democratic Party.Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat have met the first time in two months.At the ed Nations, Portugal and Indonesia have reestablished diplomatic relations.South Korean President Kim Dae Jung has been named the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.Tens of thousands of people in France have held demonstrations against growing unemployment.Two French newsmen held hostage two and one half months are flying home to France.It two hundred more families separated by the Korean War have been reed. 0 Asa:What can I get you to drink?亚莎:能给你拿点什么喝的吗?Elizabeth:Ill have a glass of water, thanks.伊丽莎白:我要一杯水,谢谢Asa:Are you sure you dont want something else?亚莎:你确定不想来点别的吗?I have soft drinks, orange juice, lemonade, and fruit punch.我这里有软饮料,橙汁,柠檬汁,还有果汁Elizabeth:No, thanks. Im trying to cut back on my sugar intake.伊丽莎白:不,谢谢我正试图减少糖的摄入量Asa:In that case, how about an energy drink, sports drink, or bottled tea?亚莎:如果是那样的话,能量饮料,运动饮料,或瓶装茶如何?Elizabeth:No, really, Im fine with water.伊丽莎白:不,真的,我喝水就好了Asa:Ah, I bet youd like some tea or coffee, right?亚莎:啊,我敢打赌,你想要来些茶或咖啡,对吗?Elizabeth:No, all I want is a glass of water.伊丽莎白:不,我只想要一杯水Asa:Okay, do you want tap water or bottled water, flavored water or carbonated?亚莎:好的,你想要自来水还是瓶装水,调味水还是苏打水?Elizabeth:Do you mean to tell me you have all of those drinks in your refrigerator?伊丽莎白:你的意思是告诉我你冰箱里有所有这些饮料?Asa:It pays to own a beverage company.亚莎:所以拥有一家饮料公司很值得 译文属 68锦江区妇幼保健医院专家预约成都省妇女医院门诊部怎么样




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