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成都省妇幼医院的qq号成都双流县生宝宝哪家医院最好的自贡第三人民医院看病贵不贵 Beyoncé fans who happened to be awake in the wee hours of Friday the th, Christmas came early this year–in the m of a surprise album by the superstar singer.对那些恰巧在月日(周五)凌晨还清醒着的碧昂斯粉丝来说,今年的圣诞节来得特别早——这位超级巨星歌手出人意料地发布了一张新专辑The self-titled visual album was released exclusively via iTunes as a complete download $.99; individual songs will be available starting December th. The list of collaborators on Beyoncé features a who’s-who of the music business, including Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, Drake, Timbaland, Frank Ocean, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and, of course, Jay Z.《碧昂斯(Beyoncé)这张专辑的合作者名单可谓星光熠熠,都是音乐界的大人物,包括法雷尔?威廉姆斯(Pharrell Williams)、贾斯汀?廷伯雷克(Justin Timberlake)、德雷克(Drake)、提姆巴兰(Timbaland)、弗兰克?欧辛(Frank Ocean)、米歇尔?威廉姆斯(Michelle Williams)、凯莉?罗兰德(Kelly Rowland),当然了,还有Jay-ZWith so many high-profile names attached to the project, it’s a small miracle that nothing leaked in advance of the launch, but Beyoncé runs a tight ship.鉴于有这么多大牌和这个项目挂钩,专辑推出之前没有消息泄漏,这倒是个小小的奇迹不过碧昂斯是个要求严格的人“I’m never satisfied, ” she told BES in a cover story, adding: “I’m sure sometimes it’s not easy working me … I’ve never met anyone that works harder than me in my industry.”“我从不满足,”她在年一期《福布斯封面故事中表示,“我肯定,有些时候事情对我来说并不容易……在我所在的这个行业,我还没有碰到过哪个人工作比我更努力的”Indeed, she’s aly played 97 shows on her Mrs. Carter World Tour this year–and, in combination with the buzz her new album, that could catapult her to the most lucrative year of her aly storied career. BES calculates earnings on the half-year, meaning that the scoring period will run from June to June .是的,今年迄今为止,她已经出演了97场“卡特夫人世界巡演”(Mrs. Carter World Tour)演唱会——加上新专辑为其所造的声势,碧昂斯可能大跨步进入其业已功成名就的职业生涯中最为赚钱的一年《福布斯在计算艺人收入时是以年中为界限,也就是说,计算年收入的起讫时间是从年6月至年6月Beyoncé is aly scheduled 83 shows during that span, and that’s not counting additional bookings that could fill up April and May. She’s currently grossing over $ million per city, according to Pollstar. Factoring in merchandise sales at her sold-out shows, that means she’s likely taking home somewhere around million per night–if not more–bee paying out agents, managers and Uncle Sam.在此期间,碧昂斯已经定下有83场演唱会的计划,这还没有算入四、五两个月份中的额外门票订购据票房统计机构Pollstar数据,目前她在每个城市的总收入超过0万美元门票销售一空的演唱会,再加上相关商品的销售,意味着她每个晚上可将0万美元收入囊中——在扣除付给经纪人、经理人及税收费用之前Those sorts of touring numbers alone should be enough to equal Beyoncé’s best years to date, her twin peaks of million in both and . Factor in endorsements with Pepsi and Hamp;M, in addition to her other ventures and record sales, and she should easily double the million she made this year. She’ll also challenge music’s earnings crown, which went to Madonna at million .光是这些巡演数字,就足以让碧昂斯收获从艺以来的第三大丰收年——前两大丰收年分别是年和年,收入均为8,700万美元加上她为百事可乐和Hamp;M的代言收入,还有其他投资和唱片销售,她或可轻松将今年所赚得的5,300万美元进行翻番她还将冲击乐坛收入之王的称号,年这一桂冠被麦当娜以1.5亿美元摘得As the new album, it’s too early sales numbers. But there’s at least one indicator that points to success: in hours, Beyoncé has aly garnered half as many reviews on iTunes as Katy Perry’s PRISM and one-third as many as Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP. Both albums sold about a quarter of a million copies in their opening weeks.至于新专辑的销量数字,目前进行预测还为时尚早不过至少有一个指向成功的信号:发售个小时之内,碧昂斯已经在iTunes上收获了凯蒂?佩里(Katy Perry)的新专辑《PRISM一半的数和Lady Gaga新专辑《ARTPOP三分之一的数后两张专辑均在开售首周售出了5万张左右Furthermore, Beyoncé’s strategy of selling her album as a whole the first week–rather than allowing fans to buy songs a la carte–could prove incredibly valuable. Bee the digital revolution in music, that was the status quo, and it led to platinum opening weeks scores of artists who’d now be lucky to sell a third of that over the life of an entire album.另外,碧昂斯对于新专辑首周销售的策略——让粉丝整张专辑进行购买,而不是一首歌一首歌地购买——可能是相当具有价值的在音乐行业的数字化革命开始之前,这一直都是惯例做法,并为几十位艺术家创造了首周白金销量,而如果放在现在,这些歌手若是能在整个专辑上市期间售出之前三分之一的销量就已经算是幸运了Her idea also hearkens back to the example of another top-earning superstar: Michael Jackson. In a explaining why she decided to release a every song on her album, Beyoncé recalls watching the short film “Thriller” with her family and being inspired.碧昂斯的想法还令人想起了另一位高收入超级巨星:迈克尔?杰克逊(Michael Jackson)在一段解释自己为何决定为专辑中的每一首歌都拍摄音乐录影带时,碧昂斯回忆起了自己和家人一起观看的《战栗(Thriller,杰克逊的一首歌曲)幕后故事短片,并从中受到了启发“I see music, ” she says. “It’s more than just what I hear.”“我看到了音乐,”她说,“而不仅仅是听到”She’ll be seeing a lot more cash, too.当然了,她还将看到更多现金 7It is a familiar complaint from those of a certain age: today pop music is louder and all the songs sound the same. It turns out they are right.年龄稍长的人都抱怨说:现在的流行音乐声音大,而且所有歌曲听起来都一样事实实他们说的没错Research shows that modern recordings are louder than those of the 1950s and 60s. They are also blander, with less variety in terms of chords and melodies.研究显示,现代唱片的确比五、六十年代发行的那些声音要大,在和弦与旋律上缺乏变化,听起来单调The finding, which will come as no surprise to all those over the age of 35 or so, comes from Spanish researchers who carried out a computer analysis of the key features of almost half a million pop, rock and hip hop songs from 1955 to .西班牙研究人员利用电脑对发行于1955到间50万首流行、摇滚和嘻哈歌曲的主要特点进行分析,分析结果并没有使年龄35岁左右的人群感到意外This revealed today tracks to be louder. The researchers say this is because sound engineers and producers are cranking up the volume at the recording stage.这一研究揭示了现代唱片声音大的特点研究人员解释说,录音师和制作人员在录音阶段加大了音量As a result, if two tracks are turned up to the same volume at home, the more recent will sound noisier.如果在家播放两张不同的唱片,并调到同等音量,结果发现较新的唱片听起来声音更大This is thought to not simply due to better recording equipment but an attempt to make music that catches the attention and is suitable playing in discos.人们认为这样的结果并不单单取决于录音设备的质量,还与试图制作出听众喜欢并适于迪斯科伴奏的音乐密切相关The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, also found evidence that songs are more similar than in the past.这项研究在《科学报告杂志上发表,它同时还发现,现代歌曲之间比以往更具相似性The chords used and the changes between chords are simpler, leading to the production of music that is easy on the ear but contains little variety.现代歌曲中的和弦与和弦间的变化更简单,这样的音乐作品悦耳却又有些单调Researcher Martin Haro, of Barcelona Pompeu Fabra University, said: ‘I think this is related to the role of music.巴塞罗纳法布拉大学的研究人员马丁-哈罗说:“我觉得,这与音乐所发挥的作用有关”‘Nowadays, it is more about relaxing, you dont want to think about what the music is telling you. In the 1950s and 60s, music was more artistic and getting messages, things about politics, across.“如今人们倾听音乐以放松身心,并不在意音乐的内涵五、六十代的音乐更具美感,而且,我们可以从中获取信息、了解政治形势或两者兼俱”‘When the synthesiser was introduced, you had lots of bands like Pink Floyd that were experimenting with different types of sound and chords, this was an experimental playground them.“声音合成器的问世让你有机会见识很多像平克·弗洛伊德那样的乐队,他们尝试着不同类型的声音和和弦,现代音乐成为他们的演练场”‘Now it about dancing and relaxing, rhythm and energy, with groups and bands not so interested in experimenting with sounds and chords. The study also found that instruments fall in and out of fashion, depending on the sound of the time.“现在,在声音与和弦方面趋于保守的组合和乐队更受欢迎,人们更享受这种音乐环境下的舞蹈与放松、节奏与活力”这项研究还发现,乐器的流行取决于时代的主流声音Wannabe musicians looking a hit should turn to the past inspiration, said the researcher Joan Serra, of the Spanish National Research Institute.西班牙国家研究所研究员琼尼·萨拉说,想要成为音乐家的人们应该从过去的音乐中发掘灵感Professor Adrian North, a music psychologist, said: ‘There isnt much research out there on how music should evolve, but what little there is argues that composers and permers are in a continuing battle the attention of listeners, and apparently tailor their music to achieve this.音乐心理学家艾德里安.诺斯教授说:“有关音乐沿革方面的研究不是很多,但毫无疑问,作曲家和表演者一直力求满足观众的口味,他们大幅度地剪裁自己的作品以达到这一目的”‘One way in which they can achieve this is by, example, making their music progressively louder over time, as seen in the research here.“例如,随着时间的推移,音量越来越大来迎合听众,这一点从这项研究中可见一斑”‘However, music can only get so loud bee it becomes simply unlistenable, and so the same theory argues that this is where musical styles begin to evolve: rather than making their music novel by simply making it louder, permers and composers have to find new types of music, and so this is how new musical styles come about.“然而,音乐的音量增加不是无限度的,超出限度会使音乐失去品质,变得不堪入耳;所以这一理论也显示,正因为如此音乐类型在演变:表演者和作曲家努力在音乐类型上进行创新,而不是通过简单提高音量来增加音乐的新鲜感,这样新音乐类型就出现了” 198成都省三院地址

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成都生殖专科医院是公立的吗Ryan Murphy adaptation of ;The Normal Heart; is heading to HBO. The film, which stars Julia Roberts, Mark Ruffalo and Matt Bomer, will air in .瑞恩#86;墨菲(Ryan Murphy)根据托尼奖得主、百老汇舞台剧《常在我心间(The Normal Heart)改编的同名电影将登陆HBO电视台这部集合了茱莉亚#86;罗伯茨(Julia Roberts)、马克#86;鲁弗洛(Mark Ruffalo)和马修#86;波莫(Matt Bomer)的影片将于年上映;We are so proud to be involved with this monumental project,” HBO Michael Lombardo said in a statement. “Ryan has assembled an extraordinary cast to bring Larry Kramer’s landmark theatrical achievement to the screen the first time, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this important film to HBO.”“能参与制作这部意义非凡的电影,我们感到由衷的骄傲,”HBO电视台的迈克尔#86;隆巴铎(Michael Lombardo)在一份申明中说,“瑞恩将带领着这个无与伦比的演员阵容,把拉里#86;克莱默(Larry Kramer)这部具有里程碑意义的戏剧首次以电影的形式展现出来能在HBO播放这样一部影片,我们的激动之情溢于言表”Murphy will direct and executive produce the movie based on Larry Kramer 80s play. Jason Blum, Dede Gardner and Dante Di Loreto will also serve as executive producers. The movie is set in New York City in the 80s during the onset of the HIV-AIDS crisis.墨菲将导演这部根据拉里#86;克莱默80年代舞台剧改编的电影,并兼任制片人一职詹森#86;布鲁姆(Jason Blum),迪迪#86;加纳(Dede Gardner),丹特#86;迪#86;罗瑞托(Dante Di Loreto)也将担任该片制片人影片讲述了发生在上世纪80年代纽约城的一场艾滋病危机Roberts will play Dr. Emma Brookner, the paraplegic physician who treats several of the earliest victims of the disease. Ruffalo will take on the role of Ned Weeks, ;who witnesses first-hand the mysterious disease that has begun to claim the lives of many in his gay commy and starts to seek answers.; ;White Collar; star Matt Bomer will play Felix Turner, a reporter who becomes Ned’s lover.罗伯茨饰艾玛#86;布鲁克纳(Dr. Emma Brookner),一名深陷轮椅的医生,她参与到了对这一疾病最早一批患者的治疗中鲁弗洛饰耐德#86;威克斯(Ned Weeks),“在亲眼目睹了这一神秘的疾病夺走许多同性恋者的生命后,他踏上了寻求的漫漫艰辛路”《妙警贼探男星马特#86;波莫饰耐德的爱人记者菲利克斯#86;特纳(Felix Turner) 59 岁末来临,二十多部影片轮番上映(hit cinema)而今年的贺岁片大战随着《龙门飞甲和《金陵十三钗的上映而硝烟四起,一场票房PK战也随之拉开帷幕!December is a golden month films. This year, the holiday season has attracted more than rival movies. The most eagerly awaited among them are poised to be Flying Swords of Dragon Gate by Hong Kong director Tsui Hark, and Zhang Yimoursquo;s The Flowers of War, which both hit cinemas on December . Both movies are big-budget blockbusters from directors with box office successes. Which one do you anticipate more? After ing the chart below, you may find your answer.十二月是电影的黄金月今年岁末有多部影片激战贺岁档而其中最令人期待的便要数香港导演徐克的《龙门飞甲和张艺谋的《金陵十三钗,两部影片都于月日上映两部重金打造的大片都出自曾打造票房神话的导演之手那么你更期待哪一部呢?读过下面的文章,也许你自会找到Flying Swords of Dragon Gate《龙门飞甲Background影片背景This film is based on the story of 199rsquo;s New Dragon Gate Inn, a work by Tsui Hark. Although Tsui denied that it would be a remake, but more of a reimagination, Flying Swords of Dragon Gate in a way builds on past glories.该片延续了199年徐克旧作《新龙门客栈的故事情节,虽然徐克否认该片是重拍经典,但《龙门飞甲更像是一部建立在过去的辉煌之中的二次创作Director and cast导演及演员阵容Tsui is known making good wuxia films. His last wuxia work in , Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame got rave reviews.徐克,以擅长拍摄武侠电影而闻名他上一部作品是年的《狄仁杰之通天帝国,该片曾广受好评The cast of the film is full of stars, including kungfu master Jet Li, Zhou Xun, Chen Kun, Kwai Lun-mei, and singer-turned-actress Mavis Fan and Li Yuchun.影片《龙门飞甲可谓是全明星阵容,包括功夫大师李连杰、周迅、陈坤、桂纶镁以及歌而优则演的范晓萱和李宇春的加盟Quite apart from the story, the cast list alone would attract filmgoers.撇开故事情节,单看演员阵容便会吸引影迷无数了Production电影制作Have you heard of a 3D wuxia film? No, because Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is a first of its kind. The film is shot entirely in 3D, and it comes out in the m of 3D and IMAX.你听说过3D武侠片吗?肯定没有,因为《龙门飞甲是该类型电影的开山之作整部影片完全用3D手法拍摄,以3D和IMAX的电影形式上映Tsui has tailored his direction to take full advantage of the technology, in the action scenes and even in the more static application of 3D.徐克调整了自己的导演方式,为的就是充分利用科技优势,将3D技术应用到武打甚至静态场面中去Tsui also invited Chuck Comisky, the visual-effects supervisor of the film Avatar, as the 3D director to manage the special effects.他还特邀《阿凡达视觉效果总监查克bull;康米斯盖,担任该片的3D视觉特效摄影指导Story故事概要Set in the Ming Dynasty, mer general Zhou Huairsquo;an (Jet Li) is determined to take down evil eunuch Yu Huatian (Chen Kun), to restore order in the palace.明朝年间,前朝廷名将赵怀安(李连杰饰)决心诛除邪恶官宦雨化田(陈坤饰),以便重建宫廷秩序Meanwhile, a new gang of marauders have taken over the Dragon Inn: innkeepers by day and treasure hunters by night. The inn is the rumored location of a lost city with hidden treasure buried under the desert.同时,一伙新劫掠者重新接管了龙门客栈:白天是酒店老板,晚上则化身为寻宝者传说中,该客栈所在之处的沙漠下有一个藏有宝藏的失落之城As several groups cross paths at the Dragon Gate Inn, an epic confrontation is set to happen.随着各路人马齐聚龙门客栈,一场激战即将展开 6四川成都医院妇科哪家最好成都成华区产检多少钱



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