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28Ahaz was twenty years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem sixteen years. Unlike David his father, he did not do what was right in the eyes of the Lord . 2He walked in the ways of the kings of Israel and also made cast idols for worshiping the Baals. 3He burned sacrifices in the Valley of Ben Hinnom and sacrificed his sons in the fire, following the detestable ways of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites. 4He offered sacrifices and burned incense at the high places, on the hilltops and under every sping tree. 5Therefore the Lord his God handed him over to the king of Aram. The Arameans defeated him and took many of his people as prisoners and brought them to Damascus. He was also given into the hands of the king of Israel, who inflicted heavy casualties on him. 6In one day Pekah son of Remaliah killed a hundred and twenty thousand soldiers in Judah-because Judah had forsaken the Lord , the God of their fathers. 7Zicri, an Ephraimite warrior, killed Maaseiah the king's son, Azrikam the officer in charge of the palace, and Elkanah, second to the king. 8The Israelites took captive from their kinsmen two hundred thousand wives, sons and daughters. They also took a great deal of plunder, which they carried back to Samaria. 9But a prophet of the Lord named Oded was there, and he went out to meet the army when it returned to Samaria. He said to them, "Because the Lord , the God of your fathers, was angry with Judah, he gave them into your hand. But you have slaughtered them in a rage that reaches to heaven. 10And now you intend to make the men and women of Judah and Jerusalem your slaves. But aren't you also guilty of sins against the Lord your God? 11Now listen to me! Send back your fellow countrymen you have taken as prisoners, for the Lord 's fierce anger rests on you." 12Then some of the leaders in Ephraim-Azariah son of Jehohanan, Berekiah son of Meshillemoth, Jehizkiah son of Shallum, and Amasa son of Hadlai-confronted those who were arriving from the war. 13"You must not bring those prisoners here," they said, "or we will be guilty before the Lord . Do you intend to add to our sin and guilt? For our guilt is aly great, and his fierce anger rests on Israel." 14So the soldiers gave up the prisoners and plunder in the presence of the officials and all the assembly. 15The men designated by name took the prisoners, and from the plunder they clothed all who were naked. They provided them with clothes and sandals, food and drink, and healing balm. All those who were weak they put on donkeys. So they took them back to their fellow countrymen at Jericho, the City of Palms, and returned to Samaria. 16At that time King Ahaz sent to the king of Assyria for help. 17The Edomites had again come and attacked Judah and carried away prisoners, 18while the Philistines had raided towns in the foothills and in the Negev of Judah. They captured and occupied Beth Shemesh, Aijalon and Gederoth, as well as Soco, Timnah and Gimzo, with their surrounding villages. 19The Lord had humbled Judah because of Ahaz king of Israel, for he had promoted wickedness in Judah and had been most unfaithful to the Lord . 20Tiglath-Pileser king of Assyria came to him, but he gave him trouble instead of help. 21Ahaz took some of the things from the temple of the Lord and from the royal palace and from the princes and presented them to the king of Assyria, but that did not help him. 22In his time of trouble King Ahaz became even more unfaithful to the Lord . 23He offered sacrifices to the gods of Damascus, who had defeated him; for he thought, "Since the gods of the kings of Aram have helped them, I will sacrifice to them so they will help me." But they were his downfall and the downfall of all Israel. 24Ahaz gathered together the furnishings from the temple of God and took them away. He shut the doors of the Lord 's temple and set up altars at every street corner in Jerusalem. 25In every town in Judah he built high places to burn sacrifices to other gods and provoked the Lord , the God of his fathers, to anger. 26The other events of his reign and all his ways, from beginning to end, are written in the book of the kings of Judah and Israel. 27Ahaz rested with his fathers and was buried in the city of Jerusalem, but he was not placed in the tombs of the kings of Israel. And Hezekiah his son succeeded him as king. Article/200901/61183。

1 The dancers1.舞蹈演员们#39;Quick!Quick!Close the door!It#39;s him!#39;Annie Sorelli ran into the dressing-room, her face white.“快!快!关门!是他!”安妮·索雷丽跑进化妆室,脸色苍白。One of the girls ran and closed the door, and then they all turned to Annie Sorelli.一个姑娘跑过去把门关上,然后她们都转向安妮·索雷丽。#39;Who?Where?What#39;s the matter?#39; they cried.“谁?在哪里?发生了什么事?”她们叫道。#39;It#39;s the ghost!#39;Annie said.#39;In the passage.I saw him.He came through the wall in front of me! And…and I saw his face!#39;“有鬼!”安妮说,“在走廊上,我看到了他。他穿过墙壁来到我的面前。我还……还看到了他的脸!”Most of the girls were afraid, but one of them, a tall girl with black hair,laughed.绝大多数姑娘都很害怕,但她们中的一个高个子的黑发姑娘却大笑起来。#39;Pooh!#39;she said.#39;Everybody says they see the Opera ghost, but there isn#39;t really a ghost.“呸!”她说,“每个人都说他们看到了这个歌剧院的幽灵,但是这里其实并没有鬼。You saw a shadow on the wall.#39;But she did not open the door,or look into the passage.你看见的只是墙上的影子。”但是她没有去把门打开,也没有到走廊上去看个究竟。#39;Lots of people see him,#39; a second girl said.#39;Joseph Buquet saw him two days ago. Don#39;t you remember?#39;“许多人都看到过他,”又一个姑娘说,“约瑟夫·比凯两天前也看到过他,你们难道不记得了?”Then all the girls began to talk at once.随后所有的姑娘们立即开始谈论此事。#39;Joseph says the ghost is tall and he wears a black evening coat.#39;“约瑟夫说这幽灵是个高个子,他穿着黑色晚礼。”#39;He has the head of a dead man, with a yellow face and no nose…#39;“他有一个死人般的头颅,黄色面孔,没有鼻子……”#39;…And no eyes-only black holes!#39;“……而且没有眼睛——只是黑洞!”Then little Meg Giry spoke for the first time.#39;Don#39;t talk about him.He doesn#39;t like it.My mother told me.#39;接着娇小的梅格·吉丽第一次开口说话了:“不要谈论他。他不喜欢。我妈妈告诉我的。”#39;Your mother?#39; the girl with black hair said.#39;What does your mother know about the ghost?#39;“你妈妈?”黑头发姑娘问,“关于这幽灵的事儿,你妈妈都知道些什么?”#39;She says that Joseph Buquet is a fool. The ghost doesn#39;t like people talking about him,and one day Joseph Buquet is go ing to be sorry, very sorry.#39;“她说约瑟夫·比凯是个傻瓜。这幽灵不喜欢人们谈论他,总有一天约瑟夫·比凯会后悔的,会非常后悔的。”#39;But what does your mother know? Tell us,tell us!#39; all the girls cried.“但是你妈妈都知道些什么?告诉我们,告诉我们!”所有的姑娘都叫道。#39;Oh dear!#39;said Meg.#39;But please don#39;t say a word to any one.“哦,亲爱的!”梅格说,“但是请不要跟任何人说一个字。You know my mother is the doorkeeper for some of the boxes in the Opera House.你们知道我妈妈是歌剧院一些包厢的看门人。Well,Box 5 is the ghost#39;s box!He watches the operas from that box,and sometimes he leaves flowers for my mother!瞧!5号包厢就是这幽灵专用的!他用那个包厢看歌剧,并且有时候会留下一些鲜花给我妈妈!”#39;The ghost has a box! And leaves flowers in it!#39;“这幽灵还有包厢!而且在包厢里留下鲜花!”#39;Oh, Meg,your mother#39;s telling you stories!How can the ghost have a box?#39;“哦,梅格,你妈妈在给你讲故事吧!幽灵怎么会有包厢呢?”#39;It#39;s true, it#39;s true,I tell you!#39;Meg said.#39;Nobody buys tickets for Box 5, but the ghost always comes to it on opera nights.#39;“这是真的,这是真的,我告诉你们!”梅格说,“没有人买5号包厢的票,但是这个幽灵却经常在演晚场歌剧时到包厢里来。”#39;So somebody does come there?#39;“一些人也会来那里吧?”#39;Why,no!… The ghost comes, but there is nobody there.#39;“为什么,不!……只有幽灵来,但是那里一个人也没有。”The dancers looked at Meg.#39;But how does your mother know?#39; one of them asked.舞蹈演员们看着梅格。“但是你妈妈是怎么知道的?”其中一个问道。#39;There#39;s no man in a black evening coat, with a yellow face.That#39;s all wrong.“这里根本没有穿黑色晚礼、黄色面孔的男人。那都是瞎扯。My mother never sees the ghost in Box 5,but she hears him!我妈妈从来没有在5号包厢里看到过这个幽灵,但是她听到过!He talks to her,but there is nobody there!And he doesn#39;t like people talking about him!#39;他跟她说话,然而里面却没有人!而且他不喜欢人们谈论他!”But that evening the dancers could not stop talking about the Opera ghost.但是那个晚上舞蹈演员们却不能停止谈论关于歌剧院的幽灵的话题。They talked before the opera, all through the opera, and after the opera.她们在歌剧开演前谈论着,在歌剧整个演出过程中谈论着,在歌剧演出结束后还谈论着。But they talked very quietly, and they looked behind them before they spoke.但是她们谈话的声音很小,而且她们在说话前总要先看看她们的身后的动静。When the opera finished,the girls went back to their dress ing-room.当歌剧演出结束的时候,姑娘们回到了她们的化妆室。Suddenly,they heard somebody in the passage,and Madame Giry,突然,她们听到走廊上有人,原来是吉丽夫人,Meg#39;s mother, ran into the room. She was a fat,motherly woman,with a red,happy face.But tonight her face was white.梅格的母亲,跑进了房间。她是一个肥胖的、慈母般的妇人,有一张微红肤色的、快乐的脸。但是今晚她的脸色却是苍白的。#39;Oh girls,#39;she cried#39;.#39;Joseph Buquet is dead! You know he walks a long way down,on the fourth floor under the stage.“哦,姑娘们,”她叫道,“约瑟夫·比凯死了!要知道他是从高处掉下来,掉在舞台底下的第4层。The other stage workers found his dead body there an hour ago -with a rope around his neck!#39;其他的舞台杂工一个小时以前在那里发现了他的尸体——有一根绳子绕在他的脖子上!”#39;It#39;s the ghost!#39;cried Meg Giry.#39;The ghost killed him!#39;“是幽灵!”梅格·古丽叫道,“是那个幽灵杀死了他!” Article/201204/176580。

即使蒙我那位美丽的表不弃,答应了我的求婚,或许我仍然免不了要怀疑,是否就此会获得真正的幸福,因为我一向认为,幸福一经拒绝,就不值得我们再加重视。In a doleful voice Mrs. Bennet began the projected conversation: ;Oh! Mr. Collins!; ;My dear madam, ; replied he, ;let us be for ever silent on this point. Far be it from me, ; he presently continued, in a voice that marked his displeasure, ;to resent the behaviour of your daughter. Resignation to inevitable evils is the evil duty of us all; the peculiar duty of a young man who has been so fortunate as I have been in early preferment; and I trust I am resigned. Perhaps not the less so from feeling a doubt of my positive happiness had my fair cousin honoured me with her hand; for I have often observed that resignation is never so perfect as when the blessing denied begins to lose somewhat of its value in our estimation. You will not, I hope, consider me as showing any disrespect to your family, my dear madam, by thus withdrawing my pretensions to your daughter#39;s favour, without having paid yourself and Mr. Bennet the compliment of requesting you to interpose your authority in my behalf. My conduct may, I fear, be objectionable in having accepted my dismission from your daughter#39;s lips instead of your own. But we are all liable to error. I have certainly meant well through the whole affair. My object has been to secure an amiable companion for myself, with due consideration for the advantage of all your family, and if my MANNER has been at all reprehensible, I here beg leave to apologise. ; Article/201108/151787。

柯林斯先生这所房子倒好象很舒适呢。我相信他初到汉斯福的时候,咖苔琳夫人一定在这上面费了好大一番心思吧 Elizabeth was sitting by herself the next morning, and writing to Jane while Mrs. Collins and Maria were gone on business into the village, when she was startled by a ring at the door, the certain signal of a visitor. As she had heard no carriage, she thought it not unlikely to be Lady Catherine, and under that apprehension was putting away her half-finished letter that she might escape all impertinent questions, when the door opened, and, to her very great surprise, Mr. Darcy, and Mr. Darcy only, entered the room.He seemed astonished too on finding her alone, and apologised for his intrusion by letting her know that he had understood all the ladies were to be within.They then sat down, and when her inquiries after Rosings were made, seemed in danger of sinking into total silence. It was absolutely necessary, therefore, to think of something, and in this emergence recollecting WHEN she had seen him last in Hertfordshire, and feeling curious to know what he would say on the subject of their hasty departure, she observed:;How very suddenly you all quitted Netherfield last November, Mr. Darcy! It must have been a most agreeable surprise to Mr. Bingley to see you all after him so soon; for, if I recollect right, he went but the day before. He and his sisters were well, I hope, when you left London?;;Perfectly so, I thank you. ;She found that she was to receive no other answer, and, after a short pause added:;I think I have understood that Mr. Bingley has not much idea of ever returning to Netherfield again?;;I have never heard him say so; but it is probable that he may spend very little of his time there in the future. He has many friends, and is at a time of life when friends and engagements are continually increasing. ;;If he means to be but little at Netherfield, it would be better for the neighbourhood that he should give up the place entirely, for then we might possibly get a settled family there. But, perhaps, Mr. Bingley did not take the house so much for the convenience of the neighbourhood as for his own, and we must expect him to keep it or quit it on the same principle. ;;I should not be surprised, ; said Darcy, ;if he were to give it up as soon as any eligible purchase offers. ;Elizabeth made no answer. She was afraid of talking longer of his friend; and, having nothing else to say, was now determined to leave the trouble of finding a subject to him.He took the hint, and soon began with, ;This seems a very comfortable house. Lady Catherine, I believe, did a great deal to it when Mr. Collins first came to Hunsford. ;;I believe she did--and I am sure she could not have bestowed her kindness on a more grateful object. ;;Mr. Collins appears to be very fortunate in his choice of a wife. ;;Yes, indeed, his friends may well rejoice in his having met with one of the very few sensible women who would have accepted him, or have made him happy if they had. My friend has an excellent understanding--though I am not certain that I consider her marrying Mr. Collins as the wisest thing she ever did. She seems perfectly happy, however, and in a prudential light it is certainly a very good match for her. ; Article/201110/159342。

"We mustn't delay any longer … swallowing is difficult … and breathing, that's also difficult. Those muscles are weakening too … we mustn't delay any longer."These were the words of Dutchman Cees van Wendel de Joode asking his doctor to help him die. Affected with a serious disease, van Wendel was no longer able to speak clearly and he knew there was no hope of recovery and that his condition was rapidly deteriorating.Van Wendel's last three months of life before being given a final, lethal injection by his doctor were filmed and first shown on television last year in the Netherlands. The program has since been bought by 20 countries and each time it is shown, it starts a nationwide debate on the subject.The Netherlands is the only country in Europe which permits euthanasia, although it is not technically legal there. However, doctors who carry out euthanasia under strict guidelines introduced by the Dutch Parliament two years ago are usually not prosecuted. The guidelines demand that the patient is experiencing extreme suffering, that there is no chance of a cure, and that the patient has made repeated requests for euthanasia. In addition to this, a second doctor must confirm that these criteria have been met and the death must be reported to the police department.Should doctors be allowed to take the lives of others? Dr.Wilfred van Oijen, Cees van Wendel's doctor, explains how he looks at the question:"Well, it's not as if I'm planning to murder a crowd of people with a machine gun. In that case, killing is the worst thing I can imagine. But that's entirely different from my work as a doctor. I care for people and I try to ensure that they don't suffer too much. That's a very different thing."Many people, though, are totally against the practice of euthanasia. Dr. Andrew Ferguson, Chairman of the organization Healthcare Opposed to Euthanasia, says that "in the vast majority of euthanasia cases, what the patient is actually asking for is something else. They may want a health professional to open up communication for them with their loved ones or family - there's nearly always another question behind the question."Britain also has a strong tradition of hospices - special hospitals which care only for the dying and their special needs. Cicely Saunders, President of the National Hospice Council and a founder member of the hospice movement, argues that euthanasia doesn't take into account that there are ways of caring for the dying. She is also concerned that allowing euthanasia would undermine the need for care and consideration of a wide range of people: "It's very easy in society now for the elderly, the disabled and the dependent to feel that they are burdens, and therefore that they ought to opt out. I think that anything that legally allows the shortening of life does make those people more vulnerable."Many find this prohibition of an individual's right to die paternalistic. Although they agree that life is important and should be respected, they feel that the quality of life should not be ignored. Dr. Van Oijen believes that people have the fundamental right to choose for themselves if they want to die: "What those people who oppose euthanasia are telling me is that dying people haven't the right. And that when people are very ill, we are all afraid of their death. But there are situations where death is a friend. And is those cases, why not?"But "why not?" is a question which might cause strong emotion. The film showing Cees van Wendel's death was both moving and sensitive. His doctor was clearly a family friend; his wife had only her husband's interests at heart. Some, however, would argue that it would be dangerous to use this particular example to support the case for euthanasia. Not all patients would receive such a high level of individual care and attention."我们再也不能耽误了,……我难以咽下食物……呼吸也有困难……,浑身疲乏无力,……不要再拖了。"荷兰人齐斯·范·温德尔临死前请求医生帮助他一死了之时说了这番话。他因身患重病,说话已经不很清楚,他知道自己毫无康复的希望了,而且病情正在迅速恶化。在接受医生注射那致命的最后一针之前,范·温德康最后三个月的生活被拍成了电影,去年在荷兰的电视台首次播出。此后,有20个国家先后购买了这个电视节目,每在一国放映,都会在全国内引起一场对安乐死的议论。荷兰是欧洲唯一的允许安乐死的国家。尽管安乐死在技术上还不具有合法性,但如果医生按照两年前荷兰议会制定的议案的严格指导原则实施用安乐死,但如果医生按照两年前荷兰议会制定的议案的严格指导原则实施用安乐死,通常是不会受到法律的追究的。这些指导原则规定,当病人极度痛苦,没有治愈的可能,而且一再要求的情况下才能实施安乐死。另外,还必须有第二位名医生实已经符合上述条件,并且要向警察机关报告病人的死亡。能允许医生结束他人的生命吗?齐斯·范·温德尔的私人医生威尔弗雷德·冯·奥依金解释了他对这个问题的看法:"哦,这种情况和我计划用机关杀死一大群人完全不一样。若是那样,杀人是我所能想象的最可怕的事。但我作为医生实施安乐死和用杀人是绝对不同的。我是关心人,我要尽量保他们不受更多痛苦。这和那种情况完全是两码事。"然而,仍然有很多人坚决反对使用安乐死。"反安乐死健康医疗"组织的主席安德鲁·福格森说:"在使用安乐死的大多数病例中,患者实际上需要的是其它的东西。他们可能需要在健康专家的指导下,与所爱的人或家人进行交流。"英国晚期病人收容所有着牢固的传统,一种专门护理垂危病人并满足他们特殊需要的特殊医院。国家收容所委员会主席和收容运动的发起人茜西莉·桑德斯认为,使用安乐死把护理垂危病人的其它方式都排除了。她还担心允许使用安乐死会减少很多人对于照顾和关心的要求。"在今天的社会里,这样很容易使老年人、残疾人和靠他人生活的人们感到自己是社会的负担,应该从生活中消失掉。我觉得法律上任何允许缩短人们生命和作法都会使那些人变得更容易受伤害。"很多人发现禁止一个人选择死亡的权利是没有道理的。尽管他们也认为生命很重要,并且应当尊重生命,但是生活的质量也不容忽视。范·奥依金医生认为如果人们想死,他们应当有选择死亡的权利:"那些反对使用安乐死的人们是在告诉我们要死亡的人没有这种权利。当他们病重时,我们害怕他们会死去。但是有的情况下死亡是人们的朋友。在那种情况下,为什么不使用安乐死呢?"但"为什么不呢?"是一个会引起强烈的情感的问题。那部反映齐斯·范·温德尔死亡情景的电影既感人又发人深醒。很显然,这位医生是他们一家人的朋友;温德尔的妻子也是一心为丈夫好。然而,有些人争论说用这种特殊事例来持安乐死是危险的。再说,不是所有的病人都会受到如此周到的个别护理和关注。 Article/200802/28005。

1Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord , and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him. 2The Lord said to Satan, "The Lord rebuke you, Satan! The Lord , who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you! Is not this man a burning stick snatched from the fire?" 3Now Joshua was dressed in filthy clothes as he stood before the angel. 4The angel said to those who were standing before him, "Take off his filthy clothes." Then he said to Joshua, "See, I have taken away your sin, and I will put rich garments on you." 5Then I said, "Put a clean turban on his head." So they put a clean turban on his head and clothed him, while the angel of the Lord stood by. 6The angel of the Lord gave this charge to Joshua: 7"This is what the Lord Almighty says: 'If you will walk in my ways and keep my requirements, then you will govern my house and have charge of my courts, and I will give you a place among these standing here. 8" 'Listen, O high priest Joshua and your associates seated before you, who are men symbolic of things to come: I am going to bring my servant, the Branch. 9See, the stone I have set in front of Joshua! There are seven eyes on that one stone, and I will engrave an inscription on it,' says the Lord Almighty, 'and I will remove the sin of this land in a single day. 10" 'In that day each of you will invite his neighbor to sit under his vine and fig tree,' declares the Lord Almighty." Article/200902/62854。

It was only three days after Thanksgiving. The Santa Ana winds had returned to Los Angeles for the weekend. Fire crews were on the alert throughout the county, y for more fires. Just a month earlier, 20 fires had occurred throughout four southern California counties. Almost half of them were the result of arson or human carelessness. Officials hoped that this weekend would be uneventful.Near the end of the road that goes into Coral Canyon, which is only a few miles from the Pacific Ocean and Malibu, is a small park. That park is a popular weekend gathering place. People party there until early morning hours. These people do not live in Coral Canyon. They are outsiders. They do not pay any attention to park rules about hours (the park closes at dusk), fires (no fires of any kind are permitted), or littering. But because of a constant lack of funds, no park rangers are ever available to enforce these regulations.Early Sunday morning, Jimi Hendrix, a resident of Coral Canyon, heard loud rock music as a car drove down out of the park. That car was followed by another vehicle, also playing music loudly. “For crying out loud,” Jimi muttered, “it’s 3:00 a.m. Do these a-holes have any consideration for others?” He tried to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later, his friend Bill Gahr called. Article/201105/135738。

Birthdays are brilliant. I’m 62 years old and I still love them. I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad birthday. In fact, I think birthdays get better and better the older you become. Sure, kids love birthdays because they get presents and get to eat cake. But when you get older, birthdays make you feel special. It’s your special day. Even if no one wishes you a happy birthday, it’s still your special day. A lot of my friends think I’m mad. They hate their birthdays because it means they’re another year older. I hope I get to celebrate my hundredth birthday. I’m not sure if I can blow out 100 candles though. When I look back at all my birthdays, it’s difficult to choose the best. I’ll just say my last birthday is always the best one. Article/201104/130651。