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Geneva Motor Show opens this week, against the backdrop of poor consumer confidence and tough austerity measures hurting Europes car market. Media are getting a sneak preview today, two days ahead of its official kick-off.Global automakers have suffered setbacks in the region and the event is clouded by the absence of long-term participant, Saab, which went bankrupt last year, as well as Mitsubishi Motorss recent announcement that it would close its Holland based factory.Carmakers are eyeing emerging markets such as China and India, even as growth in their auto markets stall.Analysts say the industry faces a more uncertain and complicated landscape this year.世界五大车展之一的第82届日内瓦国际车展6日开始举办为期两天的媒体开放日,向上万名记者展示260多家参展商的最新汽车和配件。全球经济危机加上人们日益追求的节能环保生活方式,使得各汽车制造厂商更注重研发小型车节能车。201203/173774

How To Be AssertiveLearn how to take control of your life by effectively communicating with others. Confrontation doesn't have to be unpleasant; it can be a vehicle in which you get to broadcast your feelings and thoughts to someone, if done properly.Step 1: Confront The Issue(提出反对)Start off with showing empathy for the other person's feelings. This shows them that you understand their point of view and you're not trying to pick a fight. Then describe your unhappiness. This tells them why you need something to change. Finally, state exactly what you would like to see change in the other person's behavior.Step 2: Communication Dos And Don'ts(习惯用“行”或“不行”)Don't lose your temper. Keep your voice calm and maintain a pleasant but serious facial expression. Don't accuse, judge or blame the other person; instead, focus on the problem you're having. Use your body to communicate, too; stand or sit up tall and maintain eye contact. Use "I" statements - for example, "I'd like to have some more time to get y", instead of "You're always rushing me". Express ownership of your thoughts and feelings.Step 3: Stay On Track(一直关注)There are several ways the confrontation can get off track. Be sure to remain focused on the problem at hand. If you need to, keep repeating yourself until the other person gets what you're requesting. This is called the broken record technique. If the content of the argument shifts, slow down and re-evaluate. The real problem may be something bigger than the immediate topic.Step 4: Just Say No(坚持说“no”)Passive people commonly have trouble saying no. If you can't say no, you're not in charge of your life. Realize you do have a choice and if you say no, it doesn't make you a bad person and the other person will accept it as your answer. Decide on your position before you speak and if you need some time to think about it, it's OK to ask for more time. Finally, don't apologize for saying no, remember, it's your right to do so.201003/98371

  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can ID me.看你能否鉴别出我。I am a microscopic agent that can cause infections.我是一个能产生感染的微小动因。I was first identified in the late 1800s.我最初于19世纪末期被发现。I can sp in animals or plants, but only inside their living cells.我能在动植物间传播,但只能在他们的活细胞中。My name comes from a Latin word that means slime or poison.我的名字来自一个表示粘液或者毒物的拉丁单词。Im a virus, and different types of me cause colds and the flu.我是病毒,不同的类型的我可以产生感冒和流感。LANCE: And those viruses are pretty common around this time of year, and thats because from October through May, its cold and flu season.那些病毒在这些年的这个时节很常见,那是因为十月到五月十流感季节。So instead of just running through some facts and advice, we thought that wed have a little bit of fun with this.因此,除了浏览一些事实和建议,我觉得我们可以从中找点儿乐趣。So get y to shout out some answers to our flu and cold quiz.因此,做好准备来回答我们的流感和感冒的问题。 /201211/210936

  Forbidden fruit is the most tempting, but it could cost you a friendship. Navigate this tricky situation with these helpful hints.You Will NeedAn understanding friend Intuition Tact Step 1: Think about it(仔细权衡)Think about it. Is a potential relationship worth losing an established friendship? Keep in mind that if things don’t go well, you could lose both.Wait to start dating until the amount of time they’ve been broken up exceeds the amount of time they were together.Step 2: Talk to your friend(告知自己的好友)Talk to your friend alone. Be open and honest about how you feel and prepare yourself for the possibility that they not only won’t approve, but might end your friendship. At least for a little while.Step 3: Make sure the relationship is over(确定他们已经分手了)In the event your pal gives the go-ahead, make sure the former lovebirds aren’t still hung-up on each other. If either frequently brings up their old flame in conversation, has pictures of each other up, or regularly laments the failed relationship, reconsider your choice.Steer clear if you think your friend’s ex might be going out with you just to hurt your friend.Step 4: Establish boundaries(与朋友保持一定的距离)As your new relationship progresses, establish boundaries with your friend. Although part of the fun of any new relationship is bragging about it, refrain from sharing information that could dredge up old memories or ignite any jealousy.Step 5: Ease the tension(放松)Ease tension by restricting PDA with your new love when you’re around your friend. Tact and consideration will go a long way towards maintaining an old friendship while nurturing a new romance.In a poll, over 50 percent of respondents said it was acceptable to date a friend’s ex.201003/97572。



  Perk up those dull and droopy peepers with these proven methods.You Will NeedEight hours of sleep Eye drops Two chilled teaspoons Under-eye concealer An eyelash curler Royal or navy blue eyeliner and mascara White, shimmery eye shadow An extra pillow (optional) Cucumber slices (optional) Step 1: Get eight hours of sleep(充足的睡眠)Get eight hours of sleep to ensure that your eyes look their best. An extra pillow may prevent fluid from gathering under your eyes, which can result in unsightly bags.A gentle eye massage will help drain fluids and fight puffiness. After carefully washing your hands, use your ring finger to softly pat under the eye sockets and around the brow bone.Step 2: Use eye drops(眼药水)Use eye drops to relieve any redness and irritation.Stop using the eye drops and consult your doctor if you experience eye pain or changes in vision, or if conditions last more than 72 hours.Step 3: Stimulate circulation(冰敷眼角)Stimulate circulation with cold teaspoons. Chill them in a refrigerator, and then place the backs of the spoons on your eyelids.Use the old standby – cucumber slices.Step 4: Apply under-eye concealer(用遮瑕霜粉饰眼袋)Apply concealer lightly beneath your eyes and around their inner and outer corners to hide dark circles.Step 5: Curl eyelashes and apply eyeliner and mascara(化眼线,涂睫毛膏)Use an eyelash curler to open up your eyes. Apply royal or navy blue eyeliner and mascara for a wide-awake sparkle.Step 6: Dab on shimmery white shadow(打荧光粉)Dab a dot or two of shimmery white eye shadow around the inner corners of your eyes for an instant brightener.Sir Paul McCartney released an exercise demonstrating “eye yoga,” an Indian technique used to strengthen eye muscles.201001/95204These bison are even bigger than their southern cousins这些野牛较其低纬同类体型更大and the largest land animals in North America.是北美洲最大的陆生动物For generations, wolves and bison here狼与野牛在此代代抗衡have been shaped by their battles with each other,于是得以进化making each the most impressive of its kind.成为同物种的佼佼者The bison will not stay long among the trees.野牛不会在林中栖息过久Theyre not safe here.这里并非安全地带The wolves are closing in,狼群逐渐靠近but their chance of ambushing the bison in the woods has passed.可惜在林中伏击野牛的机会业已丧失Their prey are now in the open猎物已进入空旷区域and grouped together for safety.结伴而行 以保安全The wolves will need to work as a team狼群若想一击成功if they are to make a kill.便需要协作作战They circle the herd, trying to unsettle it它们呈围攻之势 企图扰乱阵脚and split it up.进而各个击破But the bison are armed and dangerous.不过野牛角锋锐利 相当危险They will be safe as long as they stick together.如能互为犄角 便可保持不败The wolves up their game, harrying the herd,狼群让战斗升级 率先挑衅a ploy to trigger a stampede先对牛群进行骚扰and split away one of the smaller ones.从而孤立出一个孱弱者The bison form a defensive circle around their young,野牛们以幼崽为中心 组成防御性horns pointing outwards.它们的角朝外 /201210/204823



  Extraordinary ani-mamix exhibition in ShanghaiOn today's edition of Style Watch, we'll take you to Shanghai to appreciate an extraordinary exhibition of ani-mamix. It is not only about animation and comics, but also about some new aesthetics reflected in the art. They are paintings, but cuter. They're sculptures, but more colorful. So, come along with us and have some fun at this one-of-a-kind art gallery? 201003/99892


  So Arlan set out to do something that had never been done before.因此阿伦开始做一件别人没做过的事He bred sixteen different types of mice,他培育了十六种不同种类的老鼠with different abilities to resist oxidative stress,每一种老鼠抵抗氧化应激的能力都不相同and then stood back to watch.随后在一旁观察He expected those who were susceptible to the stress他预计抵抗氧化应激能力弱的品种to die well before the ones bred to be resistant.会比其它品种寿命短The experiment had taken years to set up,他花了几年时间准备此项实验but pretty soon Arlan noticed that things were not但很快 他发现事情going as he expected.并不是他所想的那样The first experiment was very surprising to me第一次实验结果相当震惊cause I was confident that因为我曾确信if we were able to alter oxidative damage,如果能改变氧化所造成的伤害the animals would live shorter.那些动物寿命会减短In fact, I remember watching that curve go out there但事实上 我记得我当时看着那些曲线 and every so often it looked like it was,曲线经常看起来像是they were dying faster那些动物死得更快and I said ;You know this is good,; And then我会想;这真是太棒了; 然后finally after we were about halfway through,当我们实验做到一半的时候I said, ;Were not seeing any difference.我发现 其实没有任何区别But he carried on with his team,不过他和他的团队仍继续实验finally completing the experiment after ten years.十年后终于完成了这个实验When we finally got to the end of the experiment,当我们最终完成实验时there was no difference in the lifespan at all.没有发现任何寿命长短的区别The genetic manipulation had no effect.基因操纵不造成任何改变So, we sit there and looked at that and said,然后我们意识到;This goes totally against这个结论the oxidative stress theory of ageing.;与氧化应激学说完全相悖201303/231428

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