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Brace yourself, "Gossip Girl" fans. Your Queen B, Leighton Meester, is y to hand in her headband.稳住啊,各位《绯闻女孩的粉丝们你们的B女王莉顿·梅斯特打算让位了Meester revealed that she knows when she is exiting The CW soap. "Two more years, " she says. "Because we're under contract."梅斯特透露,她知道自己将何时离开CW电视台的这部肥皂剧“还有两年”她说“因为我们有合约在身”Meester says that she "obviously enjoys working on the show and living in New York," but she's y to break out from the show and start focusing on her movie career (her film "Country Strong" hits theaters Wednesday, Dec. ).梅斯特说,她“很享受在剧组里工作,也很享在纽约生活,”但是她打算离开这部电视剧,并开始把精力集中在她的电影事业上(她的新作《乡谣情缘将在今年月号上映)The producers have been really understanding of Meester and the rest of the "Gossip" gang taking time off to work on other projects. "It allows you to be y when the show's over," she says.《绯闻女孩的制片人也很理解梅斯特和该剧其他演员抽出一点时间去完成他们其他的计划“这也算是让你为本剧的完结做准备,”她说While she isn't sure if the series will come to an end in two years.Can you imagine the Upper East Side without Blair Waldorf?然而她也不确定该剧能否在两年内结束你能想象没有布莱尔·沃尔多夫的上东区是怎样的吗?We also like to see the show go out on top rather than continue without some of our favorite characters. We don't want to see "GG" become the next "One Tree Hill"我们也宁愿看到这部美剧在最辉煌的时刻结束而不是在我们喜爱的角色离开后继续苟延残喘我们不希望看到《绯闻女孩变成下一个《篮球兄弟

Taylor Swift beat Rihanna in the battle of the women at the MTV EMA, taking three out of a possible five awards.在年欧洲音乐大奖中泰勒#86;斯威夫特打败蕾哈娜从五个女性音乐大奖中拿了三个奖项Rihanna and Swift topped the nominations with six and five nods respectively, but -year-old American singer-songwriter Swift walked away with Best Female, Best Live and Best Look.蕾哈娜和斯威夫特都有六项提名,尤其显著的是其中的五项大奖,但是岁的美国歌手,同时也是音乐制作人斯威夫特获得了最佳女歌手、最佳现场奖、年度最佳穿着三项大奖Barbados-born Ramp;B singer Rihanna went empty handed, while Canadian pop star Justin Bieber matched Swift the boys and earned Best World Stage, along with repeat wins Best Pop and Best Male.巴巴多斯出生的Ramp;B歌手蕾哈娜空手而归,而加拿大流行歌手贾斯汀#86;比伯获得了与斯威夫特对应的男性大奖——最佳世界舞台奖、以及又一次斩获的最佳流行音乐奖和最佳男歌手South Korean pop sensation Psy’s “Gangnam Style” won the award Best Video and the late Whitney Houston was named Global Icon her impact on pop music.韩国轰动世界的流行歌手Psy的“江南 Style”赢得了最佳视频奖,而已故巨星惠特尼#86;休斯顿由于她对流行音乐的影响而获得全球巨星奖 18

Online fantasy to hit the big screen with fan support《三生三世十里桃花搬上大荧幕Alibaba Pictures is the latest online platm to make a bid the big screen, announcing it plans to turn a popular Internet novel into a movie with the help of fans.最新网络平台阿里影业出价购买电影版权,宣布计划在粉丝的持下将一部畅销网络小说搬上大荧幕A team from the French National Institute Preventive Archaeological Research discovered the body when they pried open her lead coffin during a rescue excavation on the construction site of a new conference center in Rennes in northwestern France.电影《三生三世十里桃花,取自年网上大热同名小说,将于9月份开拍Set in a fictional world in which monsters, gods and humans coexist, the story weaves a complicated timeline into a bittersweet romance between a 0,000-year-old fox princess and a 50,000-year-old dragon prince.故事背景是一个妖、神与人共存的玄幻世界,故事由复杂的时间线串连,讲述了万岁的青丘帝姬和5万岁的九重天太子之间的爱情故事Written by a low-profile author who is known only by the pseudonym Tangqi Gongzi, the novel has become an Internet sensation since it was released in on Jjwxc.net, one of the country largest literature websites.作者十分低调,笔名唐七公子,自年在中国最大文学网站之一的晋江文学网站上刊载,这部小说引起网络巨大轰动The novel was published by Shenyang Press in and has sold 1.1 million copies.年小说由沈阳出版社发行,销量达1万With a solid base of fans, up to 190 million pieces of news, reviews and other content related to the novel can be found through the search engine Baidu.com.在坚实的粉丝群拥护下,通过百度搜索引擎可以找到1.9亿条与小说相关的新闻、及其他内容Industry watchers say its online popularity and potential market earnings could propel the film to be the next blockbuster.行业观察者表示,这部小说的在线人气和市场收益潜力会有助于这部电影成为下一个大片The boom began when So Young, the directorial debut of A-list actress Zhao Wei, now a major shareholder of Alibaba Pictures, took a record box office of 718 million yuan ( million) in .这一热潮始于一线演员赵薇导演处女作《致青春的上映,年,《致青春票房高达7.18亿人民币(1.亿美元),现在赵薇是阿里影业股东之一Zhang Qiang, CEO of Alibaba Pictures, reveals that the original script has been evaluated by some die-hard fans, and the novel ers will also have the right to select the cast through online votes.阿里影业CEO张强透露,原始剧本已经由一些忠实粉丝审阅过了,小说读者也有权通过线上投票选演员A campaign to recruit some actors has been launched in a number of colleges in the country.招募演员活动已在一些大学启动Zhang Yibai, the movie producer and a veteran director of romance-themed blockbusters, has defined himself as a ;project manager; rather than a filmmaker.张一白是这部电影制作人,他是一位经验丰富的爱情大片导演,称自己是“项目经理”而不是电影制作人Though hardly masking their commercial ambition, the filmmakers promise the movie wont be a coarse production to be made only the money.尽管努力隐藏自己的商业目的,电影制作商承诺这部电影不会只金钱而粗劣制造;Well create the best visual effects and have a big budget to hire the top talents,; said Zhang Qiang at a Beijing media event on May 6.“我们将创作最佳视觉效果,我们将花大预算请顶尖专业人员参与制作”张强在5月6日北京电影活动中说道Anthony LaMolinara, Oscar-winner best visual effects Spider Man , will lead a Hollywood team to design the fictional wonderland of a spectacle from heaven to the ocean.曾凭《蜘蛛侠获得奥斯卡最佳视觉效果的安东尼·莫林纳拉将带领好莱坞团队设计海天玄幻仙境 3791

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