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中国提振国内消费及旅游市场:免税购物天堂 --01 :: 来源: 中国正在努力提升国内消费、刺激境内旅游,并力争把喜欢去米兰、首尔等地购物的消费者留在国内;在这一背景下海南免税天堂应运而生 China’s efts to lift local consumption, spur domestic tourism and keep within its borders citizens that splurge in Milan or Seoul have spawned a duty-free paradise on the southern island of Hainan that it hopes will satisfy a lust luxury.中国正在努力提升国内消费、刺激境内旅游,并力争把喜欢去米兰、首尔等地购物的消费者留在国内;在这一背景下海南免税天堂应运而生,当局希望国人对奢侈品的渴求能在这里得到满足Firms such as the owner of the world’s biggest duty-free shopping center, China International Travel Service Corp Ltd (CITS) , are capitalizing on a relaxation of duty-free spending restrictions in February, with HNA Group Co Ltd [HNAIRC.UL] reporting a 0 percent surge in sales.很多公司,如全球最大免税购物中心的股东中国国旅,都在利用月份放宽免税购物限制的契机,其中海航集团公布营收飙升0%Government initiatives, including 19 more duty-free shops nationwide, come as sales of the types of luxury goods that line duty-free shelves fell percent last year. Market watchers pin the blame on a campaign against demonstrations of wealth among public officials, as well as a slowdown in economic growth.去年免税店奢侈品销售下降%,随之政府提出在全国范围新增19家免税店的提案市场观察人士将其归咎于反对官员炫富,以及经济增长放缓As things stand, the Chinese buy close to 80 percent of their luxury goods abroad in cities such as Paris, London and Tokyo, Bain Consultancy estimated.贝恩咨询公司(Bain Consultancy)估计,目前中国人所拥有的奢侈品中近80%是在巴黎、伦敦和东京等海外城市购买的"Whether it is Burberry or Richemont recently, many brands in the space have noted that the future of luxury demand will be about the Chinese and incrementally at home," said HS analyst Erwan Rambourg in Hong Kong.香港的汇丰分析师艾尔万·拉姆伯格(Erwan Rambourg)说:“近日,无论是巴宝莉(Burberry,极具英国传统风格的奢侈品牌)还是历峰(Richemont,瑞士奢侈品公司)在内的奢侈品牌都注意到,未来的奢侈品需求将是中国人的天下,并且越来越多的人会在国内消费”LESS CHOICE选择较少In Hainan, which is closer to Hanoi than Beijing, duty-free shops offering products priced as much as 30 percent less than the mainland have been operating since , under a trial program aimed at developing the island as a tourist destination.海南,其与河内的距离比北京更短,为发展旅游业,它自年开始运营免税店,其商品标价比大陆低30%Customers could initially only buy up to 8,000 yuan (,) worth of duty-free goods, twice a year. From Feb. 1, they have been able to make purchases any time of the year provided the total does not exceed ,000 yuan. At the same time, stores have also been able to sell goods online collection at airports.最开始,顾客每年只能购买两次免税商品,并且每次不超过8,000元人民币月1日开始,顾客可以随时采购,只要总额不超过,000元人民币同时免税店可通过网上进行销售,到机场提取商品In Hainan’s provincial capital Haikou in the north of the island, HNA’s duty-free sales have since rocketed.随后,在海南省会海口市,海航集团免税店的销量大增In the island’s city of Sanya, state-controlled CITS opened the country’s first duty-free shopping center in . The skylit, flower-shaped edifice is about nine soccer pitches in size and filled with shops stocking over 300 brands including from Burberry Group PLC and Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA , as well as goods such as baby mula.在三亚,中国国际旅行社在年开设了国内第一家免税购物中心这一购物中心面积接近九个足球场大小,是一个带有天窗的花型大型建筑,已经有300多种品牌入驻,其中包括巴宝莉集团和历峰集团,还有婴儿配方食品等"It’s definitely much cheaper," said -something handbag shopper Zhang Pei Pei, "But the choice of products is less."“肯定便宜得多,”多岁的手提包顾客张佩佩说,“不过选择面少了些”HOTEL RUSH酒店热Hainan’s balmy climate and over 60 beaches is a draw developers, with Sanya on the island’s southern tip dotted with luxurious resorts completed or under construction. That city - three times the size of Singapore - has over 1,000 hotels with 30 more due to open in its Haitang Bay area in the coming years.海南的宜人气候和超过60处海滩吸引地产开发商蜂拥而至;在位于海南岛南端的三亚市,各种已竣工或仍在建设的豪华度假村星罗棋布三亚市的面积相当于三个新加坡,已拥有1,000多家酒店,未来几年在海棠湾地区还将有30多家酒店开业COSMETIC热衷于购买化妆品But all the glamor, there are plenty of Chinese y to spend holiday money on products that are more or less in reach on a daily basis.但值得注意的是,许多中国游客准备在度假时购买日常用品On one weekday afternoon in CITS’ mall, queues snaked out of beauty stores from Chanel SA, Estee Lauder Companies Inc and L’Oreal SA , while the outlets of upmarket watchmakers appeared near-empty.一个工作日的下午,在中国国旅购物中心内,香奈儿、雅诗兰黛(EL.N)和欧莱雅(OREP.PA)等化妆品柜台都排起长龙,而高档表品牌则几乎没什么顾客"I just want to buy cosmetics," said He, a 30-something from southwestern mainland city of Chongqing, who did not provide her surname. " other things like bags, I will just take a look."“我只想买化妆品,”来自重庆的一位30多岁的游客称“像包等其他商品,我只是看一看”Hong Kong-based CLSA analyst Aaron Fischer said the limited number of duty-free zones is unlikely to materially boost domestic spending on luxury goods.中信里昂券驻香港分析师亚伦·费舍尔(Aaron Fischer)表示,免税区商品数量有限,不太可能真正提高国内的奢饰品消费He also said price was not the only reason shopping outside of China. Buying luxury goods in the country of origin gives "a greater feeling of satisfaction," he said.他还表示,价格并不是中国消费者到海外购物的唯一原因在原产地购买奢饰品让人有“很大的满足感”,他说四川成都男生男科医院中方在东海上方拦截美方侦察机 -- :00:01 来源: 麦当娜演唱会脱粉丝上衣,女粉丝为此辩解不会告她,反而很荣幸 A Chinese jet fighter conducted an “unsafe” intercept of a U.S. spy plane in international airspace over the East China Sea, the U.S. Pacific Command said, in the second such midair encounter in a month.中方战斗机在中国东海的国际空域上方进行了对美国侦查机的“不安全”拦截,美国太平洋司令部表示,这是一个月内第二次这样的半空拦截The jet was one of two Chinese J- fighters that intercepted a U.S. Air ce RC-5 reconnaissance plane on routine patrol Tuesday, the Pacific Command said in a statement.该飞机是中国两架J-号战斗机中的一架,于周二拦截了一架正在进行常规巡逻美国空军RC-5侦察机,美国太平洋司令部在声明中说That same day, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was in Beijing annual economic and security talks that included discussions of regional tensions.同日,美国国务卿约翰·克里在北京就经济和安全进行年度对话,话题中包括对地区紧张局势的讨论Tuesday’s intercept was the second such incident since Beijing and Washington agreed in September on rules of behavior air encounters—an agreement hailed by both sides as an important step in stabilizing military relations.周二的拦截是自北京和华盛顿同意去年9月的空间行为准则以来第二次事件——该协议被双方赞赏,认为是构建安全军事关系的重要一步The Pentagon said last month that a Chinese fighter had flown dangerously close to a U.S. spy plane over the South China Sea.五角大楼称上月一架中国战斗机在中国南海上空靠近一架美方侦察机的危险距离飞行China denied that its plane flew dangerously during that encounter and accused the U.S. of threatening its security by regularly patrolling along the Chinese coast.中国否认其飞机在相遇中危险飞行,并指责美国在中国海岸的常规巡逻威胁其安全China’s defense ministry said on Wednesday it would look into the latest incident but accused the U.S. of “again deliberately hyping” the issue of U.S. military reconnaissance flights near China.中国国防部周三表示,将调查最近发生的事件,但指责美国在中国附近的美军侦察机的时间上“再次故意炒作”“Chinese military pilots always operate according to laws and regulations, and are professional and responsible,” the ministry said in a faxed statement.“中国军事飞行员总是依法飞行,而且很专业和负责,”国防部在一份传真声明中说China’s eign ministry echoed the comments in a regular news briefing and said the “the crux of the problem” are the U.S. flights.中国外交部在例行新闻发布会中发表类似说“问题的症结”在于美方飞机“The U.S. continues to carry out close reconnaissance activities against China, which severely undermines China’s maritime security,” said eign ministry spokesman Hong Lei.“美国继续对中国展开紧密的侦查活动,对中国海域安全构成严重威胁,”外交部发言人洪磊说He declined to comment on whether the intercept was timed to coincide with the U.S.-China talks in Beijing. “I think you need to ask the U.S. about that,” he said.他拒绝拦截是否有意在北京的中美会谈这个时间上进行的“我觉得你应该问美国,”他说Mr. Hong also declined to comment on Beijing’s commitment to the air-encounters agreement.洪先生也拒绝在北京对空间相遇协议的责任上作出表态The recent intercepts have raised questions about that among some eign military officials.最近的拦截引起了一些外国军事官员的质疑成都治疗不孕的医院有哪些美国:买比买还容易 --19 ::5 来源: 在美国买有多容易?CNN报道称,“比买宠物容易得多”,一起来瞧瞧吧 (CNN)The way our laws are written, guns are easy to get in this land of the free.(CNN)根据我们的立法,在这片自由的土地上,买比买容易Buying from a gun store? Background checks and waiting periods might slow you down -- but only a little.到一家商店买?背景检查和等待的时间可能会耽误一点时间——但只有一点点Buying from a private seller? In all but a handful of states, there’s really no hoops to jump through at all.到一家个体户去买?除了少数几个州,简直没有什么困难就能买到In fact, it’s easier to get a gun than …事实上,买比以下几项都容易的多A driver’s license比考驾照容易License: Submit proof of your identity. Pass vision and written tests. Drive around a couple of weeks on your learner’s permit. Then pass the driving test. Depending on the state, it takes completing all that to get your first ever driver’s license. Also, some states, like Maryland, put you under a probationary status a few months when you get your driver’s license.驾照:提交你的身份,通过视力和书写测试根据学习许可驾驶几周后,通过驾考不同的州情况有所不同,你得完成所有的流程取得第一个驾驶执照同样,在一些州,比如马里兰,你得通过几个月的试用期后才能拿到驾照Gun: You don’t need a knowledge or proficiency test. You usually don’t need a license or permit to buy a gun, unless you live in one of states (and D.C.) that ce you to get one. And there’s no probationary period after you get a gun.:无需任何相关知识或资格考试一般来说,买不需要任何明或者许可,除非在其中个州(以及华盛顿特区)并且,买后没有任何的试用期A passport比申领护照容易Passport: You have to prove you’re a citizen, submit paperwork and a photo and usually wait about six weeks to get your hands on your first U.S. passport.护照:你得明你是美国公民,提交文书和照片,通常等待六周后才能领到你的第一个美国护照Gun: A gun store runs your name through the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System; you put your money on the counter and the gun is yours. Takes just a few minutes. If you’re buying from a private seller, you don’t even have to go through a background check in most states.:商店通过联邦调查局的国家实时犯罪背景检查系统确认你的名字,你把钱放在柜台上,就是你的了只需几分钟而已如果你是从一个私人卖家购买,在大多州,甚至不必进行背景调查Cold medicine比买感冒药容易Medicine: There’s a limit on how much of some cold medicine you can buy every month. That’s because the active ingredient in those cold medicines is pseudoephedrine. It’s also a key ingredient in making meth. So, the feds want to make sure the medicine isn’t used something else.药物:每月最多可以买多少感冒药是有限制的这是因为,这些感冒药中的所含的活性成分是伪麻黄碱它也是制造冰毒的主要成分,政府要确保药物不是用来做其他的事Gun: There’s no federal law that limits how many you buy.:立法并未限制购买的数量A divorce比办离婚容易Divorce: In some states, waiting your divorce to be final will have you cooling your heels up to six months.离婚:在某些州,离个婚有时得等上六个月才行Gun: Whether you buy online or in person, there are no waiting periods gun purchases -- unless you live in the nine states (and D.C.) that require it. But even then, it’ll keep you from your gun no more than a handful of days.:不管你是在网上购买还是私人购买,除了在特定的9个州外(以及华盛顿特区),都没有等待期但即便如此,也不过是几天的功夫A pet比好买Pet: In most cases, you must be 1, show ID and you may be asked to provide personal references. In some cases, the adoption agency may do a home check bee handing over the pet.宠物:在很多情况下,必须得年满1岁,出示身份,并可能会被要求提供个人资料有时,领养机构还会做家庭背景调查,之后才能领到宠物Gun: No personal references. No home visits.:无需个人资料,无需家庭调查U.S. home to a third of the world’s mass shootings全球有三分之一的击案都发生在美国年美国各校毕业演讲精集锦 -- ::59 来源: 又是一年毕业季,以下是一些年不可错过的毕业演讲 It’s that time of year again ... when college graduates put on those awkward gowns and head off to commencement, where they sit in the sweltering sun or a stuffy stadium, waiting to grab their diplomas and meet up with their families while half-listening to distinguished speakers dispense timeless wisdom and advice. Here are the don’t-miss graduation speeches of .又到一年毕业季……毕业生们穿着奇怪的大袍子,前往毕业演讲现场,或坐于烈日下,或坐于闷热的体育馆内,与家人一同等待着把毕业书紧紧抓在手中的那一刻,耳边是那些杰出人士传授的至理名言以下是一些年你不可错过的毕业演讲1. President Obama at Rutgers: “ignorance is not a virtue”1.奥巴马罗格斯大学演讲:“无知绝非美德”Obama threw shade at Donald Trump without naming him in his address to Rutgers:在罗格斯大学的演讲中,奥巴马影射特朗普:“It’s not cool to not know what you are talking about. That’s not keeping it real or telling it like it is. That’s not challenging political correctness. That’s just not knowing what you are talking about.”“不知道自己在说着什么并不是一件很酷的事这表明没有说出真相或事实这并非在挑战政治正确性这只是你不知道自己说的是什么”. President Obama at Howard: “you’ve got to have a strategy”. 奥巴马霍华德大学演讲:“要有策略”At Howard University, Obama had some tough love young people with passion, saying that’s just not enough:在霍华德大学,奥巴马对这群满怀的年轻人有着严厉的爱,他认为有是不够的:“Change requires more than righteous anger. It requires a program and it requires organizing. Passion is vital, but you have got to have a strategy.”“改变需要的不仅仅是愤慨它需要计划,需要组织很重要,但是你们必须要有策略”3. Graduate student Donovan Livingston at Harvard: “Lift off”3. 哈佛毕业生多诺万·利文斯顿:“起飞”This grad’s unique and powerful spoken-word-poem-as-speech has gone hyper viral.这名毕业生独一无二的、强有力的诗歌演讲迅速走红起来“I belong among the stars. And so do you. And so do they. Together, we can inspire galaxies of greatness generations to come. No, sky is not the limit. It is only the beginning. Lift off.”“我融进了星河你们也是如此他们也是如此让我们携手,激发出系中的伟大,以待后辈不,天空并不是极限天空只是开始起飞吧”. Steven Spielberg at Harvard: “empathy every soul”. 斯蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格哈佛演讲:“同情每一个灵魂”Master filmmaker Spielberg got thoughtful about hatred and discrimination:电影制作大师斯皮尔伯格对仇恨和歧视很有想法:“To me, the only answer to more hate is more humanity. We have to replace fear with curiosity.”“对我来说,面对更多的仇恨的唯一处理方式是更多的人性我们需要以好奇来替代恐惧”5. Richard and Mary Templeton at Southern Methodist: “when life throws you a curveball”5. 理查德和玛丽·坦普尔顿南卫理公会大学演讲:“当生活扔给你们一个曲线球”“Small and steady steps can be quite big and spectacular. They move you to a bigger place.”“稳健的、小小的进步有可能变得巨大而惊人它们让你有了更大的发展空间”6. Sheryl Sandberg at Berkeley: “choose joy and meaning”6. 谢莉尔·桑德伯格伯克利大学演讲:“选择快乐和意义”As the chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg is one of the most high-profile people in tech. Last year, her husband, Dave Goldberg, suddenly died. In a speech at Berkeley a year later, Sandberg spoke about his death and her experience the first time in public:作为脸书的首席运营官,谢莉尔·桑德伯格是科技行业备受瞩目的人物之一去年,她的丈夫戴夫·戈德伯格突然去世一年后,在伯克利的毕业演讲上,她首次在公众面前谈起丈夫的过世和自己的感受:“My hope you is that you can find that gratitude—not just on the good days, like today, but on the hard ones, when you will really need it.”“我希望你们能够学会感恩——不仅要感谢那些美好的日子,就像今天,而且也要感谢那些艰苦的岁月,当你们真正需要的时候”7. Michelle Obama at Santa Fe Indian School: “ask help”7.米歇尔·奥巴马印第安高中演讲:“寻求帮助”“I want you to keep pushing ward. Just keep pushing ward. And I want you to reach out and ask help. I know your teachers tell you that all the time, but please understand that no one gets through college—or life, that matter—alone. No one. I certainly didn’t.”“我希望你们不断向前,勇往直前我希望你们伸出手去寻求帮助我知道你们的老师一直都这样告诉你们但是请你们知道:事实上没有人能够独自上完大学或过完一生没有人能做到我当然也做不到”8. William Foege at Emory: “avoid a life plan”8. 威廉·福奇艾莫利大学演讲:“不要制定人生计划”“When I was your age, everyone was telling me to develop a life plan. My advice? Avoid a life plan. You cannot imagine what will be invented in the future. You cannot imagine the opporties that will be presented. You enter a world of infinite possibilities, confusing ideas, continuous changes. But a life plan will limit your future.”“当我在你们这般年纪时,每个人都要我制定一个人生计划我的建议?千万不要这样做你无法预知将来会发生什么你无法预知你将会有什么样的机遇这个世界有着无穷的机会、各种各样的想法以及不断的变化而人生计划则会限制你的未来”9. Sonia Sotomayor at University of Rhode Island: “the uh-oh memories”9.索尼娅·索托马约尔罗德岛大学演讲:“噢哦回忆”Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor revealed some of the moments she is less proud of—and why those moments matter:美国最高法院大法官索尼娅·索托马约尔讲述了那些并非值得骄傲的回忆,并解释了它们的重要性“The ‘uh-oh’ moments are worth cherishing just as much as ‘ah-ha’ moments: Mistakes, failures, embarrassments and disappointments are a necessary component of growing wise. We can learn more from our not-so-good experiences than we can learn from our good ones.”“这些‘噢哦’回忆应当同‘啊哈’时光一样被珍惜:错误,失败,尴尬以及失望都是增长智慧的重要组成部分相比美好的回忆来说,我们能从那些不太愉快的经历中学到更多的东西”. Elizabeth Warren at Suffolk: “you have to be willing to fight what you believe in”. 伊丽莎白·涡轮萨弗克大学演讲:“你必须要愿意为你所相信的而奋斗”“Knowing who you are will help you when it’s time to fight. Fight the job you want, fight the people who mean the most to you and fight the kind of world you want to live in. It will help when people say that’s impossible or you can’t do that. Look, if you take the unexpected opporties when they come up, if you know yourself, and if you fight what you believe in, I can promise that you will live a life that is rich with meaning.”“奋斗之时,了解自己是谁能给予你助力为你梦想的工作而奋斗,为你生命中最重要的人而奋斗,为你想要生活的世界而奋斗当他人告诉你:这是不可能的,你做不到,了解自己是谁同样能够帮助你你瞧,当机会来临时,如果你能抓住这些意想不到的机会,如果你了解自己,如果你为你所相信的而奋斗,我保,你会成就一个充满意义的人生”成都省第一医院怎么样

四川省第三人民医院挂号预约广元市有治疗前列腺炎吗聚焦第十九届上海国际电影节 -- :: 来源: 随着年第十九届上海国际电影节隆重开幕,一场电影界的饕餮盛宴闪耀上海,国内行业也得以有力发展 The domestic entertainment industry received a boost yesterday with a variety of project announcements at the ongoing Shanghai International Film and TV Festival.随着年第十九届上海国际电影节隆重开幕,一场电影界的饕餮盛宴闪耀上海,国内行业也得以有力发展Yan Geling’s novel "Shanghai Sojourners" will be adapted into an epic romance produced by Kylin Pictures, Beacon Pictures and Hollywood filmmaker and actor Kevin Costner.麒麟影业将联合灯塔电影公司、好莱坞电影导演以及演员凯文·科斯特纳宣布以合拍的方式出品严歌苓的小说《寄居者,力图诠释一部史诗般的爱情巨制Set against the backdrop of Shanghai during World War II, the film, which will start shooting by October, is a touching tale of love, redemption and humanity.这部小说的情节发生在第二次世界大战期间的上海,讲述了一个充满爱、救赎与人性的感人故事该电影将在今年十月之前开拍The highly-anticipated fantasy adventure "Legend of the Naga Pearls" will hit cinemas across China next year. The visually stunning film, starring Zhang Tian’ai and Simon Yam, is an adventure set in the fantasy world of mermaids.此前备受期待的魔幻大戏“鲛珠传”将在明年期间登陆各大电影院该影片由张天爱、任达华等明星联袂出演,讲述了剧中角色围绕人鱼而展开的一段奇异冒险之旅影片将采用特效技术,力图展示强有力的视觉冲击效果Hong Kong stars Nick Cheung, Louis Koo and Charmaine Sheh were on hand yesterday to promote their new cop drama "Line Walker," which is slated release on August .香港演员张家辉、古天乐以及佘诗曼当天晚上也公开亮相,共同宣传联合出演的全新警匪电影《使徒行者,该影片预计8月日登陆全国院线The projects also include Hong Kong director Peter Chan’s biopic film about Chinese tennis player Li Na and Zhao Wei’s second directorial eft "No Other Love”.此外,香港电影导演陈可辛关于中国网球选手李娜的传记电影以及赵薇所执导的第二部作品《没有别的爱也在此次电影节中亮相宣传Black comedy "Foolish Plans," which sees stars Wang Ning, Xiu Rui and Wang Zijian chasing 0 million yuan, will be released on July 8.黑色喜剧《发条城市集结了王宁、修睿和王自健等演员,讲述了众人为追一亿元的票而展开的无厘头搞笑故事该片预计在7月8日上映At another venue, celebrated scriptwriters and producers from the US launched a two-day workshop yesterday students.另一个会场内,来自美国的著名编剧以及制作人为学生们举办了一个为期两天的电影展会Zack Estrin, co-producer of the classic American series "Prison Break" and Vince Gerardis, producer of the fantasy series "Game of Thrones," shared their knowledge with students at the Shanghai-Vancouver Film School.经典美剧《越狱的制作人之一扎克·埃斯特林以及热播大剧《权力的游戏制作人文斯·杰勒迪斯向来自上海温哥华电影学院的学生们分享自己在电影制作方面的心得体会Meanwhile, China’s box office is expected to surpass the ed States in and claim the title of the world’s largest, according to a report by international ing firm PwC.与此同时,据国际会计公司普华永道报道,中国的电影票房预计会在年超越美国,成为全球票房冠军The report ecasts that China’s box office revenue will hit $.3 billion next year, while the US is expected to ring up $. billion.该报告预计中国在明年的票房收益将会达到1亿美元,而美国可能只达到1.亿美元With a compounded average annual growth of 19.1 percent, China’s box office takings are expected to hit $. billion by , the report said.报告还提到,伴随19.1%左右的年平均增长率,中国的票房收入很可能在年之前达到0.8亿美元The report estimates a whopping .3 billion in box office earnings across the globe in , with nearly one third of it being generated in China.该报告还预计年全球的票房收入可能在93亿美元左右,其中中国的贡献比例将占三分之一According to predictions, revenue from advertising in the Chinese film industry will exceed US$ 1 million by , and the average ticket price will climb to US. from the current ..根据预测来看,年之前,中国投放在电影广告业的收入将会超过1.61亿美元,平均票价也会从现如今的5.美元上升至6.美元挣还是赔?优步在中国继续推行烧钱政策 -- ::51 来源: 近日,优步首席执行官卡拉尼克称自己的公司在许多城市其实是挣钱的,只不过挣来的钱又投入了中国继续进行与滴滴出行的市场份额争夺战 Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick says the company is profitable in its developed markets even beyond the US, but those profits are being immediately reinvested in winning the war in China.优步公司的首席执行官特拉维斯·卡拉尼克称公司在美国之外的发达国家市场是有利润的,可为了赢下与滴滴抢夺市场的战争,这部分挣来的钱马上又投入了中国In an interview with the Financial Times, Kalanick said the company is making money in North America, Australia, and its EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. "Profitable" in this case means Uber is taking into all general and administrative costs, but excludes interest and tax.卡拉尼克在接受英国《金融时报的采访时表示,优步在北美、澳大利亚、欧洲、中东和非洲是挣钱的而优步所说的“挣钱”意味着优步统计的一般成本和管理成本中不包括上交的利税However, whatever "profits" Uber is generating is going right back into the unprofitable markets, notably, Asia.然而优步这部分“利润”却马上投入了赔钱的市场,其中尤以亚洲为甚"We have hundreds of cities that are profitable globally," Kalanick told the FT. "That allows us to invest in new places, and to sustainably invest in a very expensive place like China."“我们在全球上百个城市是挣钱的,”卡拉尼克这样告诉《金融时报“公司可以投资新的地区,也可保持对中国这样成本较高地区的投入”Currently, Uber is stuck in second place in China, competing against an opponent that just finished a .3 billion fundraising round that included a billion investment from Apple. While Uber is operating in 60 cities in China, Didi Chuxing (merly Didi Kuaidi) is in more than 00. Of those, the Chinese company claims it’s profitable in half.目前优步在中国的市场份额排在第二位,而排名第一的滴滴出行(原名滴滴快的)刚刚完成了一轮价值73亿美元的融资(这轮融资中苹果投资了亿美元)优步在全中国60座城市运营,而滴滴出行的这一数字则是00滴滴出行声称在一半的城市中公司是挣钱的Still, Uber is spending heavily, having recently raised a $ billion credit line and brought in .5 billion from an investment from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund. Much of that money will go into China.优步仍在不断烧钱,除举债亿美元外还获得了沙特主权财富基金一笔35亿美元的投资,大部分资金将继续投向中国"We are number two in China, which means that we still have a ways to go," Kalanick said. "But we are putting everything on the field."“我们在中国只排在第二位,说明我们仍有很长的路要走,”卡拉尼克说“不过一切都在走入正轨”四川成都检查不孕那家最好香港是对外籍人士来说世界上最昂贵城市 --3 19:36:3 来源: 咨询公司美世的调查显示,对外籍人士而言,香港是世界上最昂贵的城市 Hong Kong is the world’s most expensive city expats, leapfrogging Angolan capital Luanda in the annual chart compiled by consultancy firm Mercer.对外籍人士而言,香港是世界上最昂贵的城市,超越了安哥拉首都罗安达,由咨询公司美世的年度图表显示Luanda, which had consistently topped the list in recent years, fell in the ranking owing to the weakening of its local currency.罗安达近几年一直位居榜首,今年由于当地货币削弱而导致排名落后Zurich and Singapore were third and fourth on the list, unchanged from a year ago. Tokyo rose to fifth.苏黎世和新加坡位居第三和第四位,和去年一样东京上升至第五位The survey is designed companies to calculate expat workers’ allowances.该调查是为公司计算外籍员工的津贴而设计的It weighs up the cost of living in cities across the world, comparing the cost of more than 0 items in each location, including housing, transport, food, clothing and entertainment.该调查估量了世界个城市的生活消费水平,比较了每个地方0多个项目的费用,包括房屋,交通,食物,装和Kinshasa was ranked sixth, appearing in the top the first time, followed by Shanghai, Geneva, N’Djamena, and Beijing.金沙萨排名第六,第以此出现在前名的,其次是上海,日内瓦,恩贾梅纳,和北京Mercer said that rankings were affected by "volatile markets and stunted economic growth in many parts of the world".美世咨询公司称排名受到“波动的市场和世界许多地方受阻的经济增长”的影响The world’s least expensive cities expats, according to the cost of living survey, is the Namibian capital Windhoek, followed by Cape Town.世界上对外籍人士来说最便宜的城市,据生活消费调查显示,是纳米比亚首都温得和克,其次是开普敦In the UK, London dropped five places to th, Aberdeen fell seven places to 85th and Birmingham, in 96th, dropped by places. Further down the list, Glasgow dropped places to 9th and Belfast was down three places to 1th.在英国,伦敦掉了五名,排名,阿伯丁跌了七名,排第85,伯明翰第96,掉了十六名再往下,格拉斯哥下降十名,排第9,贝尔法斯特下降了三名,排第1位A survey earlier this year, by the Economist Intelligence (EIU), ranked Singapore as the priciest city in the world ahead of Zurich, Hong Kong, Geneva and Paris.今年早前的一项由调查经济学人智库的调查显示,新加坡是世界上最昂贵的城市,排在苏黎世,香港,日内瓦和巴黎前面青白江区儿童医院门诊部地址

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