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14 Training培 训Part One: Expressions1. You look tan.你的皮肤黝黑发亮。2. I just got back from camp.我刚从营地回来。3. How was it?怎么样?4. Like what?比方说?5. I went horseback riding.我骑马了。6. It was the best summer ever.这是(我度过的)最美好的夏天。7. What’s wrong with that?那有什么问题?8. No English allowed.不准说英语。9. What are you doing that for?你为何要那样做?10. I have to take my exams.我得参加考试。Part Two: Dialogues1.Summer camp夏令营 A: You look so tan and healthy! B: Thanks. I just got back from summer camp. A: How was it? B: Great. I got to try so many things for the first time. A: Like what? B: I went sailing, fishing, and horseback riding. A: I’m so jealous. B: The counselors were so nice too. It was the best summer ever. Except for all those mosquitoes!A: 你看上去皮肤黝黑,健康极了。B: 谢谢。我刚刚从夏令营回来。A: 怎么样?B: 棒极了。我第一次尝试那么多玩意儿。A: 比方说?B: 乘船航行,钓鱼,我还骑马了。 A: 我真嫉妒。B: 辅导员也很好。这是我度过的最美好的夏季。只是蚊子太多了。2.Language school 语言学校A: Bonjour! B: What? A: I said, “Bonjour!” B: What’s wrong with you, Ted? A: I’m speaking French. Don’t you know anything? B: What’s wrong with speaking English? A: Well, I just got back from my language school. We have to speak French all day there. No English allowed! B: What are you doing that for? A: I’m trying to learn new skills. It makes me more qualified for a good job. B: Good for you.A: 早上好。(法语)B: 你说什么?A: 我说:早上好。B: 你怎么了,特德。A: 我在说法语,你不知道吗?B: 说英语有什么不好吗?A: 哦,我刚刚从语言学校回来。在那里我们成天说法语,不准说英语。B: 为什么要这样呢?A: 我想学一点新的技能。这可以让我更有资格胜任一个好的工作。B: 好得很。3.Crash course速成班 A: What are you studying all day long for? It’s summer vacation! B: I know! I hate it! But I’m taking this crash course in math. A: Why? B: I have to take my exams for getting into the university, so I need to prepare. A: Do you think it will help? B: It has to! I’ve been studying every day, eight hours a day! I don’t know, but the school has a great success record. A: Hmm…Maybe I should sign up too. B: I’ll pick up an application form for you at school tomorrow.A: 你成天学习为了什么?这可是暑假。B: 我知道。我也不想呀。可是我上了数学的速成班。A: 为什么?B: 我需要参加大学入学考试。所以需要准备一下。A: 你觉得有用吗?B: 一定要有用才行。我可是每天都在学习,一天八小时。我也不清楚,但是这所学校以往成绩很好。A: 嗯,可能我也要去报名了。B: 我明天去学校给你领一张申请表。Part Three: Substitutions Drills1. A: You look (tan/ healthy/ glowing). B: Thanks.你看上去(皮肤黝黑/非常健康/容光焕发)。谢谢。2. A: Where have you been? B: I just got back from (camp/ school/ class).你去了哪里?我刚刚(从营地/从学校/上课)回来。3. A: How was the (counselor/ weather/ test)? B: Fine.(辅导员/天气/测验)怎么样? 不错。4. A: What did you do? B: I (went sailing/ played badminton/ did karate*).你都做了什么? 我(乘船航行/打羽毛球/练空手道)。5. A: It was the (best summer/ most beautiful day/ easiest exam) ever. B: I’m so jealous.这是(最美好的夏天/最好的天气/最简单的测验)。真羡慕。6. A: You can’t do that here. B: What’s wrong with (drinking/ smoking/ eating) here?你在这里不可以这样。在这儿(喝酒/吸烟/吃东西)有什么问题?7. A: No (English/ listening to music/ visitors) allowed. B: Sorry. I didn’t see the sign.不准(说英语/听音乐/参观)。对不起,我没有看到告示牌。8. A: What are you (speaking French/ studying/ doing that) for? B: Because I like to.你(说法语/学习/那样做)是为了什么? 只因我喜欢。9. A: I have to (take an exam/ finish the project/ study hard this summer). B: That’s too bad.我得(参加一次考试/完成这个项目/今年夏天努力学习)。太糟糕了。10. A: Maybe I should (sign up for that course/ work harder/ get some rest). B: Yeah, maybe.可能我也应该(报读那个课程/努力工作/休息一下)。是呀,有可能。 /200703/11734030 hotels Words Facilities swimming pool reception(ist) porter/bell hop waiter/waitress tip mini bar maid Wake-up call complimentary concierge luggage/baggage Phrases Book a room make a reservation check into a hotel check out of a hotel order room service Use the facilities book in advance pay the bill turn down service internet assess business centre Beauty parlor Beginner A; good morning! The hingland hotel. How may I help you? B: good morning. I’d like to book a room for Friday night and Saturday night. A: certainly. What kind of room would you like? B: a single room please. I hope you’re not fully booked. A; a single room? That’s fine. In whose name shall I make the booking? B; jones. According to your website, the nightly rate is , including breakfast. A: we offer a 20% discount for guests staying of Friday and Saturday. The total cost will be , including breakfast. B: thank you very much. I look forward to seeing you on Friday. A; could I just take your credit card number please? I should mention that there is a cancellation charge of . B: that’s fine. My credit card number is … Intermediate A; did you enjoy your weekend at the highland hotel? I heard it’s and excellent place to stay and has good facilities. B: I had a wonderful time. The rooms are not very big, but they are well furnished. The restaurant is excellent and reasonably priced. There’s a sauna a Jacuzzi. A: do they have a swimming pool? B: no, they don’t. they have a beauty parlor, but I didn’t go there. A: what’s the service like? B; it’s very good. Check in and check out only took a few minutes. The wait staff is very good. A waiter recommended their baked fish, which tasted wonderful. The hotel was quite full, so I’d suggest making a reservation if you intend to go there. The hotel offers a discount at the weekends. A: it sounds perfect. Did you have any complaints at all? B; there was a problem with the internet access, so I couldn’t check my email, but I didn’t complain about it to the management. A; I suppose you were happy to forget about the outside world. B; yes, I was. Here’s their business card. A; thanks. Was there a mina bar in the room? B; no, there wasn’t. there is a bar on the ground floor and of course you can buy drinks in the restaurant to go with your meal. A: one of the things I dislike about hotels is that everyone expects tips. B: I know. At the hingland hotel, they have an interesting policy. When you check out, you put some money in a special box at reception. Each evening, the money in the box is shared equally by the hotel staff. /200705/13120So Im here to tell you a story of success from Africa.在这里,我要跟大家分享一个在非洲的成功故事。A year and a half ago,一年半以前four of the five people who are full time members at Ushahidi,在这里的5个人是Ushahidi的专职委员which means ;testimony; in Swahili, were TED Fellows.“Ushahidi”在斯瓦希利语里的意思是“据”,其中4个人是TED的同道中人A year ago in Kenya we had post-election violence.一年前在肯尼亚的一次选举后发生了一起暴力事件And in that time we prototyped and built,而在那个时候我们利用短短三天in about three days, a system that would allow anybody with a mobile phone建造了一个系统平台的雏形,这个系统平台允许任何人通过手机to send in information and reports on what was happening around them.发信息和报告那些发生在他们周围的事情We took what we knew about Africa,我们把我们所认识的非洲the default device, the mobile phone, as our common denominator, and went from there.默认装置,手机,作为我们的共同点,信息就是来源于那里We got reports like this.我们收到这样类似的报告This is just a couple of them from January 17th, last year.这只是在去年1月17日众多短信里的几条And our system was rudimentary. It was very basic.那时候我们的系统平台发展还未成熟,非常基本的It was a mash-up that used data that we collected from people, and we put it on our map.我们从人民那里收集数据,这是一个混合模式,然后我们把它标在在地图上But then we decided we needed to do something more.但是那时我们意识到我们需要做更多东西We needed to take what we had built and create a platform out of it so that it could be used elsewhere in the world.我们需要更好地利用这个已经建立和创造好的平台,以便它能够在世界其他地方中应用And so there is a team of developers from all over Africa, who are part of this team now --于是产生了一个开发人员的团队,现在,团队成员有来自非洲各地from Ghana, from Malawi, from Kenya.来自加纳、马拉维和肯尼亚There is even some from the U.S.甚至有一部分是来自美国的Were building for smartphones, so that it can be used in the developed world, as well as the developing world.我们正在开发智能手机,以便于它不仅能够在发达国家里使用,也能在发展中国家里使用We are realizing that this is true.我们渐渐意识到这是正确的If it works in Africa then it will work anywhere.如果它在非洲管用的话,那么它在任何地方都管用And so we build for it in Africa first and then we move to the edges.于是我们先在非洲建立它,然后再向外发展Its now been deployed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.现在已经在刚果民主共和国做好系统的部署Its being used by NGOs all over East Africa, small NGOs doing their own little projects.东非很多的非政府组织也有使用,小型的非政府组织做他们自己的小项目Just this last month it was deployed by Al Jazeera in Gaza.就在上个月,我们把这系统应用到加沙的半岛电视台But thats actually not what Im here to talk about.但是实际上这不是我在这里要讲的东西201605/445562I will not be thinking about a policy I promoted.我不会去回忆我推行过哪些政策.I will not be thinking about the speech I gave.我不会去回忆我进行过什么演讲.I will not be thinking the Nobel prize I received.我不会去回忆我获得过诺贝尔奖.I will be thinking about that walk I took with my daughters.相反 我会回忆同女儿一起散步的时光.Ill be thinking about a lazy afternoon with my wife.我会回忆同妻子共度的慵懒午后.Ill be thinking about sitting around the dinner table and.我会回忆一家人坐在餐桌周围.Seeing them happy and healthy and knowing that they were loved.大家快乐 健康 家中充满了浓浓爱意.And I!ll be thinking about whether I did right by all of them.我会去想 我有没有正确对待家人.So be a good role model, set a good example for that young brother coming up.当一个好的榜样 为我们的后辈树立一个好榜样.If you know somebody whos not on point, go back and bring that brother along.如果你看到某人失足了 回过头拉那位兄弟一把.Those whove been left behind, who havent had the same opportunities we have.那些落后的人 那些没有我们这样机会的人.They need to hear from you.他们需要以你为参照.Youve got to be engaged.你需要做好榜样.On the barbershops, on the basketball court, at church.不管是在理发店 篮球场 还是在教堂.Spend time and energy and presence to give people opportunities and a chance.花时间和精力 为其他人提供机会.Pull them up, expose them, support their dreams.拉他们一把 发现他们 持他们的梦想.Dont put them down.不要打压他们.Weve got to teach them just like what we have to learn.我们应该教他们 我们所学到的这些.What it means to be a man.做一个男人意味着什么.To serve your city like Maynard Jackson.像梅纳德.杰克逊一样务于城市.To shape the culture like spike lee.像斯派克.李一样影响文化.To be like Chester davenport.像切斯特.达文波特.One of the first people to integrate the university of Georgia law school.是佐治亚大学法学院种族隔离后的第一批黑人.When he got there, nobody would sit next to him in class.他到那里时 没人愿意上课坐他旁边.But Chester didnt mind.但切斯特并不介意.201605/443087

网络社交英语口语 31:很高兴又看到你 Rose: Hello, Herbert. It's nice to see you again.柔丝: 嗨,赫伯特。很高兴又看到你。 Herbert: I, well, um...赫伯特: 我,嗯,嗯…… Roes: Have you ever had lessons before?柔丝: 你以前上过课吗? Herbert: No.赫伯特: 没有。 Rose: OK. Do you like 1) classical music?柔丝: 好吧。你喜欢古典音乐吗? Herbert: The only classical music I've ever listened to was at 2) Yo-Yo Ma's 3) concert.赫伯特: 马友友的演奏会是我唯一听古典音乐的经验。 Rose: Oh, yes, he's a great 4) cello player.柔丝: 哦,是吗。他是一位很棒的大提琴演奏家。 Herbert: Isn't there any heavy metal music I can learn?赫伯特: 这里有没有重金属音乐可以让我学? 语言详解 A: Let's go to Faye Wang's concert! 咱们去看王菲的演唱会! B: No way. I don't want to fight the crowds. 休想。我不想人挤人。 【The only...I...is... 我唯一……的……是……】 当你强调“唯一”的选择或经验时,就可以用这个句子。 A: I heard you don't eat meat. 我听说你不吃肉。B: The only animal product I eat is eggs(?check). 我吃的唯一荤类食品是蛋。 A: What's your favorite foreign country? 你最喜欢哪个海外国家?B: The only foreign country I've ever been to is Canada. 我唯一去过的国家只有加拿大。 1) classical music 古典音乐2) YO-YO Ma 马友友,著名华裔大提琴演奏家。3) concert (n.) 音乐会4) cello (n.) 大提琴 /200708/16664

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