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金牛区妇幼保健医院收费怎样四川成都哪家医院可以检测梅毒Since imperial times, China has permitted its citizens to file official complaints. But the State Bureau for Letters and Calls that governs the system is again warning petitioners to respect its protocol, or expect their petition to be ignored. 中国自帝王时代就允许国民上访。不过,管理上访制度的国家信访局再次告诫信访人遵守该局的程序,否则他们的信访事项将不被受理。In its newest body of regulations, the bureau said this week that anyone with a complaint should pursue it close to home and preferably in writing. The regulations take aim at efforts by many protesters to cut red tape and pursue their bureaucratic, legal and financial grievances in Beijing, where they hope to get a fair hearing -- despite a low rate of success. The rules state that petitions that arrive from outside the channels will not be accepted. 国家信访局在本周公布的规定中称,信访人应当向依法有权处理的本级或上一级机关提出信访事项,同时应采用书面或走访形式。该规定针对的是很多试图简化手续,就官僚、法律和经济方面的冤情到北京上访的信访人。虽然成功率很低,但信访人仍希望能在北京讨回公道。新规称,来自其他渠道的信访事项将不被受理。The bureau#39;s new rules include instruction to government departments to close cases where they are the target of a complaint within 60 days -- if they accept the case -- and to not extend that period more than 30 days. The state bureau said a complainant unhappy with the initial decision can appeal one step up the bureaucratic ladder within 30 days. 国家信访局的新规还要求,有权处理机关在受理信访事项后要在60天内办理相关事项,如需延期办理,延期时间也不要超过30天。国家信访局还称,对信访事项处理意见不的信访人可以在30天内向上级机关提出复查请求。 The changes are the latest to a system that everyone -- from government officials to police to petitioners -- says needs fixing. The central government has repeatedly introduced laws and technology in ways that petitioners and rights groups say suppress complaints to the capital. The suppression is at times backed up by brute force typically attributed to authorities where the complaints originally initiated. But petitioners who claim to have been wronged by corrupt officials, unfair courts and cruel employers and can#39;t get redress at home continue to flood to the letter bureau#39;s Beijing offices and to supreme court and prosecutor#39;s offices and other ministries. 目前,从政府官员、警察到上访者,所有人都认为中国现行的信访制度需要调整,而国家信访局公布上述条例正是对信访制度的最新调整。对于中央以各种方式多次颁布的法规和推出的技术手段,上访者和维权团体认为这都是为了压制上访者到北京上访。这种压制有时会借助暴力手段,而实施暴力的一般都是上访者原籍的当地政府部门。但声称受到腐败官员、不公正法院和残忍雇主迫害且冤屈不能在家乡得到伸张的上访者还在继续涌向北京的信访部门、最高法院、检察院和其他政府部门。Petitioners include people like Zhou Li, a former policeman from the northern city Shijiazhuang who has petitioned for redress since 2002 for what he says was his wrongful murder conviction in the 1980s. Mr. Zhou said by telephone on Thursday that he was railroaded, spending 14 years in prison following an accident involving the police car he was driving that left dead the son of a local government official. 来自石家庄的上访者周立(音)曾经是一名警察。他从2002年开始上访。周立说,上访的原因是自己在上世纪80年代被错误地判定为谋杀罪。周四他在电话中说,自己被冤入狱14年,只是因为他驾驶的警车发生了一起事故导致当地一位政府官员的儿子身亡。In response to the latest rules, Mr. Zhou said it is unrealistic to expect decisions within 60 days, in particular in criminal cases like his. 对于国家信访局最新公布的条例,周立表示,在60天内得到答复不切实际,特别是像他这样的刑事案件。He said any efforts to enforce the latest regulation will make some petitioners #39;go to extremes.#39; He added, #39;If you have top-down policies, local people always find a way around them.#39; 他说,任何执行这些最新条例的举动都将迫使一些上访者“走极端”。他还说,上有政策,下有对策。In the latest exposé of the lengths authorities sometimes go to block petitioners from reaching Beijing, the Chinese investigative magazine Caixin on Thursday published a lengthy story in English that detailed how some would-be protesters were allegedly stopped on their way to Beijing and held in a village house that the publication called a #39; black jail.#39; 最近的相关报道显示,有关部门有时会阻拦上访者去北京上访,中国杂志财新《新世纪》周四刊登了一篇文章,详述了一些打算上访的人是如何在去北京的路上被截访和被关押在一个“黑监狱”里的。Chinese government officials, including a representative of the letters bureau, affirmed citizens#39; right to petition and the illegality of black jails late last year in a review before the ed Nations Human Rights Council: #39;China is committed to keeping the channel open for people to express grievances and make complaints. It prohibits restriction of normal acts of petition in any forms, and would never allow suppression of petitioners or establishment of any forms of #39;black jails,#39;#39; it said. 包括信访局一名代表在内的中国政府官员去年底在向联合国人权理事会(ed Nations Human Rights Council)做的报告中重申,中国公民有上访权利,将上访者关入黑监狱是不合法的。报告称,中国致力于使人民表达不满和进行抱怨的渠道保持开放,禁止以任何形式限制正常的上访活动,并且永远不会允许镇压上访者或者建立任何形式的黑监狱。Reminders by Chinese authorities that complaints must be handled within existing bureaucratic strictures aren#39;t new. 这并不是中国有关部门首次提醒不要越级上访。In August 2009, the Communist Party#39;s Political and Legislative Affairs Committee warned petitioners to #39;not seek solutions by visiting Beijing#39; and instead instructed them to seek redress though legal channels locally. 2009年8月份,中共中央政法委员会曾警告上访者称,不得透过上访北京来谋求解决问题,而应该依靠基层解决问题,坚持靠法制解决问题。That announcement, the committee said, was designed to ensure a #39;harmonious#39; celebration of the sixtieth anniversary of the Communist Party rule in October 2009. The latest announcement comes six weeks before the 25th anniversary of the 1989 crackdown in Tiananmen Square. 该委员会称,这一声明旨在确保新中国成立60周年(2009年10月份)庆祝活动拥有和谐稳定的社会环境。James T. Areddy / Fanfan Wang James T. Areddy / Fanfan Wang /201404/291940成都市武侯区人民医院男科医生 For his latest automotive venture, Anand Mahindra has turned Asia’s conventional industrial wisdom on its head.阿南德#8226;马欣德拉(Anand Mahindra)最新的汽车事业颠覆了亚洲的传统产业智慧。Instead of assembling the product — the new GenZe electric scooter — with low-cost factory labour in Asia and exporting it to the US, India’s Mahindra amp; Mahindra has opted for what it calls an “all-American product”. It was designed in Silicon Valley and will be made in Ann Arbor, Michigan under the supervision of 60 relatively expensive engineers, with components from across the globe.印度企业马欣德拉(Mahindra amp; Mahindra)并没有利用亚洲工厂里的低成本劳动力组装其新产品——GenZe电动托车——并出口到美国,而是选择打造一款“全美国产品”。这款产品在硅谷设计,将在密歇根州安阿伯(Ann Arbor, Michigan)制造,制造过程会在60名薪水相对亚洲较高的工程师指导下进行,使用的部件将来自全球各地。“This is the new animal that a global new product manufacturing set-up is going to be,” says Mr Mahindra, the Harvard-educated billionaire who took the helm of the bn Indian conglomerate as chairman three years ago.“一种新的全球化产品制造模式就将是这样的,”有哈佛大学(Harvard University)教育背景的亿万富翁马欣德拉说,3年前他开始作为董事长执掌这家市值160亿美元的印度企业集团。“We really felt that India didn’t have the start-up atmosphere#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;We had a number of people join us from [US electric carmaker] Tesla Motors, for example, because they were excited about this and the Valley allows people just to migrate and to try out new things.”“我们确实感觉印度没有初创企业的氛围……比如,一些来自(美国电动汽车制造商)特斯拉汽车(Tesla Motors)的人加入了我们,因为他们对此感到兴奋,而硅谷又允许人们随意迁入,试验新的事物。”The GenZe is a modest project for the time being. The ,000 scooter with a computer touchscreen and power sockets for cellphones and laptops is aimed at students and young professionals and is expected to launch in Berkeley, California and Portland, Oregon in a few months, with initial annual production capacity of 20,000 units.就目前而言,GenZe是一个规模较小的项目。这款售价3000美元的电动托车配有一块电脑触摸屏,以及为手机和笔记本电脑设计的充电口,目标客户群是学生和年轻的专业人士,预计几个月后将在加州伯克利和俄勒冈州波特兰发售,初步的年产量为两万台。But the plan exemplifies the challenges facing the business models of traditional Indian manufacturers such as Mahindra, and illustrates the difficultiesNarendra Modi, India’s prime minister, will have in creating millions of jobs through his “Make in India” campaign of promoting the country as a low-cost alternative to China.但这个计划充分体现出马欣德拉等传统印度生产商的商业模式面临的挑战,也表明印度总理纳伦德拉#8226;莫迪(Narendra Modi)通过他本人提出的“印度制造”(Make in India)计划创造数百万就业机会的打算将面临的困难。“印度制造”计划旨在宣扬印度成本更低、可替代中国。The Mahindra conglomerate’s existing US businesses are based largely on the competitiveness of Asian manufacturing and services: the group is the world’s largest tractor brand by volume and sells the vehicles made in India, Japan and South Korea through 525 American dealerships aimed primarily at smaller enterprises and hobby farmers. Tech Mahindraprovides IT services to 360 of the Fortune 500 companies.马欣德拉企业集团旗下现有的美国业务基本以亚洲制造业和务业的竞争力为基础:该集团拥有以销量计世界最大的拖拉机品牌,通过525家美国经销商销售在印度、日本和韩国生产的拖拉机,主要面向中小型企业和农业爱好者。Tech Mahindra向《财富》(Fortune) 500强企业中的360家企业提供IT务。Interviewed in his Mumbai of#172;fice, Mr Mahindra is as cheerful as ever under his trademark shock of white-streaked hair, but he is grappling with an upheaval in global manufacturing that has seen the rapid rise of automation, more demand for high-tech products, and intense competition in an Indian domestic automotive market beset by economic uncertainty and unpredictable monsoon rains.在位于孟买的办公室接受采访时,一头标志性花白头发的马欣德拉一如既往地喜气洋洋,但他正在艰难应对全球制造业的一场巨变,这个行业见了自动化的迅速崛起、高科技产品的需求上升、受困于经济前景不确定和变化莫测的季风雨的印度国内汽车市场的激烈竞争。“We [in India] are not where China was when it made its decision to go in for labour-intensive manufacturing. It was in the right place at the right time. It became the world’s supplier and grew rich on the back of that. I don’t think India has that opportunity — that is our biggest problem,” he says.“我们(印度)如今所处的境况与中国决定发展劳动力密集制造业时的情况不同。当时中国处于正确的地点和时机。中国成为了世界的供应商,并依靠这一点富裕起来。我不认为印度有这样的机会——这是我们最大的问题,”马欣德拉说。“The world is moving away from simply low-cost elements. Products today are products which require a brand, which require innovation, and which have a very strong element of both IT and services involved in them.”“当今世界,只看低成本元素日益行不通了。今天的产品需要品牌,需要创新,需要同时包含很强的IT和务要素。”Mr Mahindra explains this in terms of Barbie dolls. In the old days, it was just a doll, but in the future it could be something robotic that walks and thinks — “intelligent Barbie — it sounds like an oxymoron”, he says with a smile.马欣德拉用芭比娃娃来做解释。过去,这仅仅是个娃娃,但是将来可能会是能走能思考的机器人了。“智能芭比——虽然这听起来有些矛盾”,他微笑着说。India in general, and companies such as Mahindra, are by no means excluded from this new, high-tech manufacturing world. It is true that India suffers from poor education and a desperate shortage of skills, but it also has well-known strengths in IT in geographical areas that overlap with those of the motor industry: in Chennai, Gurgaon, Pune and Mumbai, for example. The two sectors are closely connected too: while the core of Mahindra’s Indian motor business is SUVs for the price-conscious local market, Tech Mahindra’s international work includes producing software for driverless vehicles.整体而言,印度、以及像马欣德拉这样的企业,无论如何都不会被排除在这个新的高科技制造世界之外。尽管印度确实饱受教育水平低下和技能严重匮乏之困,但印度世所闻名的IT优势所处的地理区位也恰好与汽车工业的所在地重合:比如金奈(Chennai),古尔冈(Gurgaon),浦那(Pune)和孟买。这两个行业也是密切相连的:马欣德拉在印度的核心汽车业务是面向当地对价格敏感的市场提供运动型多功能车(SUV),Tech Mahindra的国际业务则包括为无人驾驶汽车开发软件。“When people think of manufacturing, it is no longer a very simplistic framework that you can apply, a very binary one that ‘I need to make something low-cost so I go to China#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;Now China’s place in the sun is gone, go to India’,” he says. “That’s not how people are going to have to think. They’re going to have to create a footprint which might be like a neural network which involves nodes in various places.“当人们思考制造业的时候,使用那种简单化的思维模式已经行不通了,那种两段论——‘我需要生产低成本的东西,我就去中国……如今中国不是最佳制造地了,我就去印度’,”他说。“这不是人们以后不得不采取的思维方式。人们将不得不创造这样的足迹,或许就像神经网络一样,节点遍布各个地方。”“You incubate a product in an atmosphere where that product is best incubated. So, for example, we incubated our electric scooter in California. Because it’s low-volume manufacturing but high-intelligence, intensive manufacturing, we are starting in Michigan. At a point where the volume is going to be much higher and labour is a much higher component, we will pick a different part of the world, most likely India.”“你孵化一个产品,会选择最适合孵化它的环境。所以,打个比方,我们会在加州孵化我们的电动托车。它是个小批量生产的产品,但高度智能化、生产集约化,因此我们从密歇根州起步。到了某个程度,其产量会大幅度提高,工人的数量也会大幅增加,届时我们将选择其他地区,最可能的就是印度。”As well as struggling to devise a profitable manufacturing strategy for the future, Mr Mahindra is grappling with the need to make sense of a highly diversified conglomerate of the sort often unpopular with focused investors and financial analysts.马欣德拉除了难以制定出面向未来的可盈利制造策略,还难以对高度多元化企业集团的合理性进行必要的明,这类企业通常不受重点投资者和金融分析师的待见。With its origins in a quintessentially Indian family enterprise built in a protected post-independence economy, Mahindra not only sells IT services, tractors, trucks, cars, three-wheelers, two-wheelers and small aircraft, but is also involved in defence, renewable energy, banking, insurance, retail, real estate and holidays. Mr Mahindra, a member of the third generation, whose own wealth is estimated by Forbes at .2bn, is not shy of acquisitions. He bought Ssangyong Motor and the scandal-hit Satyam Computer Services among others — and is constantly on the watch for the chance to buy a high-end automotive brand.马欣德拉起源于一个典型的印度家族企业,在独立后受保护的经济环境中逐渐壮大,它不仅销售IT务、拖拉机、卡车、汽车、三轮车、两轮车和小型飞机,还涉足国防、可再生能源、业、保险、零售、房地产以及度假产业。阿南德#8226;马欣德拉是该家族第三代成员,据福布斯(Forbes)估计他的资产为12亿美元。阿南德在收购企业时从不手软,他收购的企业包括双龙汽车(Ssangyong Motor),以及陷入丑闻的萨蒂扬软件技术有限公司(Satyam Computer Services)等等。阿南德还一直在留心收购一个高端汽车品牌的机会。“We don’t call it a conglomerate, we call it a federation,” he says. “If you look at a spectrum between General Electric and Berkshire Hathaway, GE is a conglomerate, one single monolithic company with divisions, Berkshire Hathaway has multiple investments.”阿南德说:“我们不会自称为企业集团,我们称之为联盟。如果你将通用电气(GE)和伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway)放在一个光谱的两端,那么通用电气就是企业集团,一个有许多部门的单一整体公司。伯克希尔哈撒韦则拥有众多投资项目。”Mahindra, in short, is more Berkshire Hathaway than GE and the boss is in no mood to abandon the safety of diversification.简言之,马欣德拉更像伯克希尔哈撒韦、而不是通用电气,而老板本人也无意放弃多元化带来的安全保障。“If I was sitting here and I had only one unit — an SUV diesel business — even if I was making a 25 per cent return today, your question would be, ‘Anand, are you going to survive?’ Right? Here I am. I’m seeding other parts.“如果我坐在这个位子上,旗下只有一个部门,比如运动型多功能车(SUV)柴油车业务,哪怕现在我的回报率是25%,你仍会问,‘阿南德,你能生存下去吗?’对吧?我已经决定了。我要培育其他业务。”“I’ve got an electric vehicle business. If the world moves, in [big cities], away from vehicles and they say only two-wheelers, and battery two-wheelers, are going to be able to survive, guess who’ll have a product? If they say electric vehicles only in Delhi tomorrow after banning 10-year-old diesel vehicles [this was announced in April by the National Green Tribunal, but the ban has been suspended for the time being], guess who has a product?”“我已经有了电动车业务。如果全世界(的大城市)要告别汽车,然后他们说只有两轮车、电动两轮车可以继续使用,猜猜谁拿得出合适的产品?如果他们继禁止10年车龄的柴油车上路后(印度国家绿色法庭(National Green Tribunal)今年4月宣布该禁令,但暂未实施),明天又说在德里只能开电动车,你猜谁能拿出合适的产品?”With a hint of defensiveness, Mr Mahindra rejects criticism by analysts of his moves into new markets and product categories. “The moment I say I’m going into scooters, they say ‘you’re crazy’. Six months later when BMW comes out with an electric scooter, it’s fine. But when Anand does it, because he’s some small guy in India, it’s not fine.”马欣德拉进军新市场以及新的产品种类之举受到了分析师的批评,对此他有些戒备地拒绝接受。“当我说我要做托车时,他们说‘你疯了’。6个月后宝马(BMW)推出了一款电动托车,大家都觉得没问题。但是阿南德要做这个就不行,因为他只是印度的一个小人物。”Mahindra, of course, is not small — it has operations in 100 countries — but Mr Mahindra the conglomerate chief still describes himself as an entrepreneur, despite, or perhaps because of, the multitude of businesses he controls.马欣德拉当然不是小企业,它的业务遍及100个国家,但作为企业集团老板的阿南德仍将自己形容成一个创业者,尽管(或者是因为)他操控着如此多业务。“Our performance has borne out the fact that the model seems to work. I have been facing this question now for the past two decades and I’m still around, still have my job, so something must be working,” he says.阿南德说:“我们的成绩已经明,这一模式似乎可行。过去二十年我一直面对着这个问题,而我还在这里,还在这个位置上,所以有些东西肯定是可行的。” /201506/381109宜宾市男性专科

四川省妇幼保健医院妇产科TAIPEI — A TransAsia Airways plane with 58 passengers and crew on board cartwheeled into a river shortly after taking off from a downtown Taipei airport on Wednesday, killing at least 16 people and leaving about a dozen missing, officials said.台湾官员表示,一架载有58名乘客和机组人员的复兴航空(TransAsia Airways)客机周三在台北松山机场起飞后不久在侧飞状态下坠入河中,导致至少31人死亡,还有几人失踪。As many as 28 people appeared to have escaped from the crash after the plane lurched sickeningly between buildings, clipped an overpass with its port-side wing and crashed upside down in the shallow river.多达28人似乎从这起坠机事故中生还。此前这架飞机摇摇摆摆地在建筑物之间穿过,左侧机翼擦撞高架桥,最后坠入一条浅河。Dramatic pictures taken by a motorist and posted on Twitter showed the plane cartwheeling over the motorway soon after the turboprop ATR 72-600 aircraft took off in apparently clear weather on a domestic flight for the island of Kinmen.一名驾车者拍摄并上传至Twitter的惊险画面显示,这架飞机在高速公路上方侧飞。当时这架ATR 72-600型螺旋桨飞机刚刚起飞,在显然晴朗的天气下执飞前往金门的国内航班。Television footage showed survivors wearing life jackets wading and swimming clear of wreckage. Others, including a young child, were taken to shore by rescuers.电视画面显示身穿救生衣的幸存者在涉水和游泳,以逃离飞机残骸。其他人,包括一名幼童,被救援人员带到岸边。Emergency rescue officials in inflatable boats crowded around the partially submerged fuselage of flight GE235, lying on its side in the river, trying to help those on board.搭乘充气橡皮艇的救援人员围着GE235航班的机身,试图营救仍在机上的人。机身有一部分淹没于水中,处于侧立状态。Taiwan’s fire department classified 10 of the passengers as showing “no sign of life” and one killed. Twenty-eight people had been rescued, it said in a text message, leaving 19 unaccounted for.台湾消防部门曾表示,10名乘客“没有生命迹象”,另一人死亡。消防部门还曾在一条短信中透露,有28人获救,这意味着当时还有19人下落不明。Other Taiwanese government authorities said the aircraft was carrying 58 passengers and crew, including 31 tourists from mainland China.台湾政府的其他部门表示,该机载有58名乘客和机组人员,其中包括来自中国大陆的31名游客。The plane appeared to miss apartment buildings by metres. Footage showed a van skidding to a halt on the damaged overpass after barely missing the plane’s wing, with small pieces of the aircraft scattered along the road.该机似乎从几米开外掠过公寓楼。画面显示,一辆面包车几乎被这架飞机的机翼擦到,该车在受损的高架桥上急刹车,路上散落着飞机上掉下来的一些小碎片。The chief executive of TransAsia, Chen Xinde, bowed deeply at a televised news conference as he apologised to passengers and crew.复兴航空首席执行长陈欣德在新闻发布会上深鞠躬,向乘客和机组人员致歉。The last communication from one of the aircraft’s pilots was “Mayday Mayday, engine flame-out”, according to an air traffic control recording on liveatc.net.根据liveatc.net网站发布的空中交通管制录音,该机一名飞行员的最后一次呼叫是“紧急呼救,发动机熄火”。A flame-out occurs when the fuel supply to the engine is interrupted or when there is faulty combustion, resulting in an engine failure. Twin-engined aircraft, however, are usually able to keep flying even when one engine has failed.当发动机燃料供应中断或出现燃烧故障时,就会发生熄火,导致发动机故障。不过,双发飞机即使有一台发动机发生故障,通常也能继续飞行。Taipei’s downtown Songshan airport, the smaller of the city’s two airports, provides mostly domestic flights but also connections to Japan, China and South Korea.地处台北市中心的松山机场是该市两个机场中较小的一个,主要提供国内航班,但也有前往日本、中国大陆和韩国的航班。A statement from China’s Taiwan Affairs Office said 31 one of those on board were tourists from the southeastern city of Xiamen, which lies close to Taiwan’s Kinmen island.中国国务院台湾事务办公室的一份声明称,机上有31人是来自东南部城市厦门的游客,该市与台湾的金门岛隔海相望。The crash is the latest in a string of disasters to hit Asian carriers in the past 12 months. An AirAsia jet bound for Singapore crashed soon after taking off from the Indonesian city of Surabaya on December 28, killing all 162 people on board.此次坠机是过去12个月里打击亚洲航空公司的一连串灾难的最新一起。12月28日,一架飞往新加坡的亚航(AirAsia)喷气式客机从印尼泗水市起飞后坠海,机上162人全部遇难。Also last year, a Malaysia Airlines jet disappeared and one of its sister planes was downed over Ukraine with a combined loss of 539 lives.同样在去年,马来西亚航空公司(Malaysia Airlines)的一架客机失踪,另一架客机在飞越乌克兰时被击落,共计有539人遇难。TransAsia is Taiwan’s third-largest carrier. One of its ATR 72-500 planes crashed while trying to land at Penghu Island last July, killing 48 of the 58 passengers and crew on board.复兴航空是台湾第三大航空公司。去年7月,该公司一架ATR 72-500型客机在澎湖岛尝试降落时失事,导致58名乘客和机组人员中的48人死亡。Taiwan has had a poor aviation safety record in recent years, including the disintegration of a China Airlines Boeing 747 on a flight from Taipei to Hong Kong in 2002, killing 225. In 1998, a China Airlines A300 crashed while trying to land at Taipei’s main international airport, killing 196.近年来台湾在航空安全记录方面表现糟糕。2002年,华航(China Airlines)一架波音747 (Boeing 747)客机在从台北飞往香港途中解体,造成225人遇难。1998年,华航一架空客A300 (Airbus A300)客机在台北主要国际机场试图降落时坠毁,造成196人遇难。In 2000, a Singapore Airlines jetliner taking off for Los Angeles during a storm hit construction equipment on the runway, killing at least 77 people.2000年,新加坡航空公司(Singapore Airlines)一架客机在暴风雨中起飞准备前往洛杉矶,结果撞到跑道上的工程机械,造成至少77人死亡。The aircraft involved in Wednesday’s crash was among the first of the ATR 72-600s, the latest variant of the turboprop aircraft, that TransAsia received in 2014 as part of an order of eight aircraft two years earlier.周三坠河的飞机是复兴航空在2014年接收的首批最新型ATR 72-600螺旋桨客机之一,两年前该公司订购了8架此型飞机。The 72-seat aircraft are mainly used to connect the capital, Taipei, with smaller cities and islands.这款72个座位的客机主要用于连接台北与台湾各地的较小城市和岛屿。ATR is a joint venture between Airbus and Alenia Aermacchi, a subsidiary of Italy’s Finmeccanica.ATR是空客与意大利芬梅卡尼卡(Finmeccanica)子公司阿莱尼亚-马基(Alenia Aermacchi)组建的合资公司。 /201502/358692四川省生殖是正规吗? 四川省生殖健康附属专科医院大概需要多少钱

凉山州一医院不孕不育科One month after the expired-meat scandal that dented the sales and reputation of western fast food in China, office worker Arthur Han contentedly chews his burger and proclaims that now is the best time to eat at McDonald’s in China – while the heat is still on from the food safety authorities.导致西方快餐在华声誉和销售额下滑的“过期肉”丑闻曝光一个月后,办公室职员阿瑟#8226;韩(Arthur Han)在麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)餐厅里惬意地嚼着汉堡,称现在是在中国吃麦当劳的最佳时机,因为食品安全管理部门仍对这家美国汉堡连锁店保持着强大压力。Mr Han says he does not normally eat at the US burger chain, whose brand image for cleanliness and quality was shaken last month by an undercover television investigation that accused it and several other western fast-food companies including Yum Brands and Burger King of using a mainland supplier thatrelabelled expired meat.韩先生说,他并不是麦当劳的常客。上月,一个卧底调查电视节目动摇了麦当劳以清洁和质量著称的品牌形象。该调查节目声称,麦当劳以及包括百胜餐饮集团(Yum! Brands)和汉堡王(Burger King)在内的另几家西方快餐公司,从一家将过期肉更换标签再销售的中国内地供应商那里进货。In a country where food safety is one of the biggest political issues, the 0bn fast-food industry has been propelled again into the spotlight. The latest issue comes as the rapidly growing sector is grappling with a host of other issues. These include escalating competition from local players; rising rents; labour shortages – and the fundamental difficulty of procuring safe supplies in a market that is both fragmented and growing rapidly.在中国,食品安全是最重要的政治问题之一,这也使总值达到2000亿美元的快餐业再次被推到聚光灯下。除了这起最新事件,这个快速发展的行业还在努力解决其他很多问题。这些问题包括:中国本土快餐企业构成的日益激烈的竞争,不断上涨的租金,用工短缺,以及在一个既碎片化又快速发展的市场里采购放心原料的根本性难题。McDonald’s said this month that the scandal – which led Shanghai authorities to close down the affected factory of Shanghai Husi Food Co, a subsidiary of US food group OSI, and detain staff – initially had a“significant negative impact” on sales, though it could not estimate the outcome for the full year.这起丑闻促使上海主管部门查封了受影响的上海福喜食品有限公司(Shanghai Husi Food)的工厂。上海福喜是美国福喜集团(OSI)的子公司。麦当劳本月表示,这起丑闻最初对其销售额造成了“显著的负面影响”,尽管其无法估算出对全年业绩的影响。Yum said its brands KFC and Pizza Hut also saw sales drop initially, adding that if the decline persists it could have a “material effect” on full-year earnings per share. But analysts say that, whatever the impact on western brands, it is unlikely local players will be able to mop up the leftovers.百胜表示,旗下品牌肯德基(KFC)和必胜客(Pizza Hut)最初也发生了销售额下降的情况。它补充称,如果这种下滑持续下去,可能对全年每股盈利(EPS)造成“实质性影响”。但分析师表示,不管这起丑闻会对西方品牌造成什么影响,中国本土的快餐企业都不大可能从中捞到好处。Food safety “is not just something that affects McDonald’s and KFC, they are just the best known”, says Torsten Stocker, partner at consulting firm AT Kearney. “If it’s a problem they are facing, why would others be any different?”食品安全“不止影响麦当劳和肯德基,它们只不过是最有名的”,咨询公司科尔尼(AT Kearney)的合伙人唐仕德(Torsten Stocker)说。“如果它们现在面临这样的问题,其他企业又有何分别呢?”Many diners seem to realise that western brands are not the only ones with a problem: one young office worker eating lunch at a local fast-food outlet this week displayed a length of wire that he had just pulled out of his meal and told the Financial Times that the only solution was to “ignore it”.许多用餐者似乎明白并不是只有西方品牌有问题:上周,一名在中国本土快餐店吃午饭的年轻办公室职员向英国《金融时报》记者展示了一根他刚从午饭里择出来的金属丝,并告诉记者唯一的解决办法就是“无视它”。That, say observers, speaks to the issue of suppliers. Most of China’s half a million food processors are far too small or unsophisticated to serve enormous and exacting clients such as the foreign chains.观察人士表示,这暴露出了供应商的问题。中国的50万家食品加工商中,绝大部分规模太小或太缺乏经验,不适合为外资连锁餐厅等既庞大又要求严格的客户务。Analysts say suppliers have failed to keep up with expansion in the sector, with companies such as Dicos increasing its restaurant numbers by 40 per cent in the first quarter of this year compared with last year, to 2,200 stores.分析师称,供应商未能跟上快餐业扩张的脚步。以德克士(Dicos)为例,该公司今年第一季度门店数量同比增长40%,达到2200家。Hence a string of scandals have shaken the faith of China’s twenty- and thirtysomething white-collar workers. Brands such as Yum’s KFC in particular have been hit by one highly publicised supplier scandal after another; Yum sales had just begun to recover from a 2012 scare over antibiotics in chicken, when the expired-meat scandal broke last month.因此,一连串的丑闻已经动摇了中国二三十岁白领的信心。肯德基等品牌尤其受到一个接一个被大肆曝光的供应商丑闻的冲击;百胜的销售额刚刚开始从2012年禽肉滥用抗生素引起的恐慌中恢复,上月就又曝出了“过期肉”丑闻。And problems with food quality have also coincided with other trends that have challenged western fast-food brands, industry analysts say.行业分析师表示,食品质量问题冒出来之际,其他潮流也对西方快餐品牌构成了挑战。“Fast-food consumers in China have shifted away from their original curiosity about western fast food, and nowadays they are pickier and more focused on health,” says Shi Jun, catering industry analyst at Beijing-based Alliance PKU Management.“中国的快餐消费者已不再像最初那样对西方快餐感到好奇,现在他们更挑剔、更关注健康,”总部位于北京的北大纵横管理咨询公司(Alliance PKU Management)的餐饮业分析师史俊说。“Twenty years ago, a McDonald’s or a KFC might have been one of the few locations in some towns that had air conditioning and a clean bathroom, but now there are lots more alternatives; competition has greatly increased,” says Shaun Rein, of China Market Research Group in Shanghai.“20年前,麦当劳或肯德基餐厅可能是某些城镇少数几个有空调和干净厕所的地方,但现在有很多别的选择;竞争大幅增加了,”上海中国市场研究集团(China Market Research)的雷小山(Shaun Rein)说。KFC remains far and away the market leader with 4,600 outlets, more than double the 2,000 McDonald’s. But Dicos – a Taiwanese-owned fast-food chain strongest in lower-tier cities, with cheaper s – recently eclipsed the US burger chain with 2,200 stores. It plans to have nearly 3,000 by the end of the year.肯德基在中国的门店有4600家,数量比拥有2000家门店的麦当劳多出一倍多,是这个市场遥遥领先的领跑者。但餐品更为便宜、在较小城市势力最强的台资快餐连锁店德克士,最近以2200家门店的数量超过了麦当劳。德克士计划在今年年底前将门店增加到近3000家。Private equity investors have backed a plethora of local fast-food chains, which are slowly building market share in the highly fragmented Chinese market, offering food that is closer to local tastes and marketing themselves as healthier. One such is Actis, which invested in a local hotpot chain, Xiabu Xiabu.私募股权投资者已经投资了一大批中国本土快餐连锁企业,这些企业正慢慢在高度碎片化的中国市场建立自己的市场份额。它们提供更符合中国人口味的食品,并宣传自己的食品更健康。私募股权投资者英联(Actis)就对中国本土火锅连锁店呷哺呷哺进行了投资。This is driving consumer choice in fast food, according to Mintel. The research company says: “A fundamental shift towards healthier Chinese-style cooking is redefining the fast-food industry, and consequently propelling domestic fast-food chains to challenge the foreign fast-food leaders.”研究公司英敏特(Mintel)表示,这对快餐业的消费者选择趋势产生了推动。该公司称:“向更健康的中式烹饪的根本性转变,正在重新定义快餐业,进而推动本土快餐连锁企业挑战该行业的外资领跑者。”Mr Han, at the McDonald’s diner, says that if he had the time, he would definitely eat Chinese. But the fast-food industry is counting on the fact that in China – as in other markets – people will continue to be pressed for time. With a rapidly growing market that still, for all its problems, generates net margins of 15-20 per cent, fast-food operators have little intention of throwing in the towel.在麦当劳餐厅的韩先生表示,如果自己有时间,肯定会吃中餐。但快餐业仰仗的正是以下一个事实:就像在其他市场一样,在中国,人们将继续面临时间不够用的局面。快速发展中的中国快餐市场尽管存在种种问题,净利润率却依然能够达到15%至20%。考虑到这一点,快餐业经营者无意在这个市场低头认输。 /201408/324410 Dozens crushed to death in a tragic stampede at a place where people congregated to enjoy themselves, not to die. Police blamed for failures in crowd control. Emergency services pilloried for a slow and chaotic response which led to needless deaths.悲剧性踩踏事故发生了,有数十人被挤压至死。人们聚集在这个地方,原本是为了享受快乐,而不是为了走向死亡。事故发生后,人们指责警方未能对人群实施有效管控。应急部门也因应对迟缓且混乱、导致毫无必要的伤亡,而受到公开谴责。Sound like the New Year’s Eve disaster at the Shanghai Bund, in which 36 people died and dozens more were injured? It’s not: it’s a description of the 1989 Hillsborough stadium tragedy in Sheffield, England, in which 96 people died and hundreds were injured in a similar human pile-up. My point? China has no corner on the market for unruly crowds, incompetent police and unnecessary disasters. But you’d never know that, from the way many mainlanders reacted to the carnage.这听起来是不是像是在说新年夜(New Year’s Eve)上海外滩发生的那场导致36人丧生、数十人受伤的灾难?事实并非如此。这里说的是1989年英格兰谢菲尔德市希尔斯堡体育场(Hillsborough stadium)惨案,当时同样发生了人员踩踏,最终有96人丧生,数百人受伤。我为何提到这起事故?在不听管控的人群、不称职的警察和不必要的灾难方面,中国的表现并不突出。不过,从许多中国人对外滩惨案的反应中,你肯定认识不到这一点。When news of the Bund bloodbath surfaced on a frigid bright New Year’s morning in Shanghai, the first reaction of many locals was to blame the Chinese. Only hours after dozens of young people had suffocated to death at the very same spot, Chinese bystanders at the scene of the stampede repeatedly told me versions of the same thing: “Chinese are like that”, or sometimes “young Chinese are like that, they like to push and shove”, or occasionally “Chinese from outside Shanghai are like that, they don’t know how to behave in a civilised fashion”.当外滩惨案的消息在上海寒冷而晴朗的元旦清晨传来时,当地许多人的第一反应是谴责中国人。在数十名年轻人窒息而死仅仅数小时后,踩踏事故现场的中国围观者反复向我诉说着内容不同但主旨相同的话:“中国人就是这样”,有时候还有“中国年轻人就是这样,他们就喜欢挤来挤去”,偶尔还有“上海以外的中国人就是这样,他们不懂文明礼貌”。China is a proud nation that can boast the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, but beneath that strain of arrogance runs something that often feels like a national inferiority complex. Ordinary Chinese are always the first to point out shared character flaws (although usually they impute them to compatriots other than themselves). And what better chance to do that, than when 36 people have needlessly lost their lives in the country’s most modern, best run and arguably most civilised city.中国是一个充满自豪感的国家,以拥有世界上历史最悠久的、不曾中断的文明为傲。然而,在这种自负的气质背后,却存在某种往往让人感觉像是民族自卑情结的东西。中国民众经常是首先跳出来,指出国人共同的性格缺陷的(尽管他们通常会把这些缺陷归罪在同胞、而不是自己身上)。如今,在中国最现代化、管理最好、可以说是最文明的城市,有36人无谓地失去了生命。对中国民众来说,再也没有比这更好的机会来发出这样的指责了。Shanghai has pretensions to be the 21st century’s new New York, a green, rationally planned, ultra-modern city. For such a place to lose 36 young people in such an old, old way, is a massive loss of face. It feels like — though it is not — the kind of thing that only third world countries do.上海自命要成为21世纪的新纽约——一座合理规划、超现代的绿色城市。但却以一种非常落后的方式失去了36条生命,是一件无比丢脸的事。感觉只有第三世界国家才会发生这种事——尽管事实并非如此。Maybe that’s why so many people were willing to believe one of the first stories that surfaced to explain the crush (later denied by police): that revellers in a building above tossed coupons into the crowd that looked like US dollars.也许,这就是为什么会有如此之多的人愿意相信,是一座大楼上狂欢的人向人群中抛撒看起来像美元一样的优惠券导致了踩踏事故。人们一开始为这起事故找了不少起因,这件事就是其中之一(警方后来否认此事造成了踩踏)。Many Chinese were quick to accept this as the cause — a sign of how worried they are about excessive greed in mainland society. Somehow the whole story tapped into a narrative of national angst.许多中国人不假思索地认为这件事就是起因,说明他们对中国社会的过度贪婪之风有多么担忧。不知怎么地,整件事与一种关于民族忧虑的叙事建立起了联系。In the days that followed, blame was distributed much more widely: the city government was criticised for failing to give adequate publicity to the cancellation of the evening’s main event; police failed to shutter the closest metro stop to control numbers, and did not send enough officers until it was too late; ambulances were slow to arrive; hospitals were slow to kick into gear; relatives were prevented from getting to their loved ones.随后几天,越来越多的人沦为受指责的对象:人们批评上海市政府未充分宣传这个新年夜重大活动取消的消息;批评警方未封闭离现场最近的地铁站来控制人流,未及时调派足够警力;批评救护车迟迟未来;批评医院进入状态太慢;批评当局阻止死伤者亲属接触他们死伤的亲人。Failure all around, fault all around — much of it deserved. But still, four days after the tragedy, at a spot overlooking the impromptu Bund memorial to the dead, bystanders were still blaming the victims, and in some strange way, their Chineseness. Young tourist Wei Ting, recently arrived from Guangdong in southern China, explained in careful English that pushing and shoving on New Year’s Eve is what Chinese people “usually do”.到处是不足,到处是缺陷——其中很大一部分指责是应该的。但在悲剧发生4天之后,在一处可眺望外滩上人们自发悼念遇难者的场所,仍有旁观者在指责事故受害者,并以某种奇特的方式指责受害者的中国人特色。年轻的游客魏廷(Wei Ting,音译)最近刚从广东来到上海,他以斟酌过的英语解释称,在新年夜挤来挤去是中国人“常做”的事情。But the fact is, the Bund bloodbath is not a verdict on the flaws of modern China. People get crushed to death in developed countries too (including a hideously unlucky Walmart employee trampled by a crowd of US Black Friday bargain hunters in 2008).但事实上,外滩惨案并非一份对现代中国缺陷的判决书。发达国家也会发生人们挤压致死的悲剧(包括2008年一名极其不幸的沃尔玛(Walmart)员工被美国一群在“黑色星期五”(Black Friday)抢便宜货的购物者踩死)。 /201501/352895四川成都七院治疗妇科炎症好吗眉山妇科整形哪家医院最好的




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