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吉林中心医院有什么科长春是不是怀孕了去医院怎么可以检查出来第一句:Why do people like to buy liquor in duty-free shops?为什么人们喜欢在免税商店买酒呢?A: Why do people like to buy liquor in duty-free shops?为什么人们喜欢在免税商店买酒呢?B: What do you mean? It because it much cheaper to buy liquor in duty-free shops.什么意思?因为在免税商店买酒便宜很多A: But why?为什么?B: Well, it;s because in most countries liquor has a higher tax on it.因为大部分国家酒类的税比较高第二句:Cigarettes are also taxed very heavily.香烟的税也很高A: A lot of people buy cigarettes here too, isnt it?很多人也在这儿卖香烟,对不对?B: Yes. Cigarettes are also taxed very heavily.是的,香烟的税也很重A: Now I understand. But I dont smoke.现在我懂了,但是我不抽烟 55长春的人流多少钱 信用卡那么你们收这张信用卡吗?A: Too bad. Then do you take this credit card?糟糕,那么你们收这张信用卡吗?B: Yes, sir. Thank you very much. We hope you had an enjoyable stay here.是的,先生谢谢您,也希望下次您来时还住我们这儿同类问句:It all right. Please charge it to my credit card. 没错,请你在我的信用卡上划账好吗?Here you are, sir. Youre all set. I hope you enjoyed your stay and that next time youre in town you will stay with us again. 给您,先生,一切都办好了,希望您在这儿一切顺利,也希望下次您来时还住我们这儿私人票我们不接受私人票A: It seems correct. Can I pay by cheque? 看来没有错我可以用票付吗?B:Sorry, sir. We dont accept personal cheques.对不起,先生,我们不接受私人票同类问句:I dont have enough cash. Will you take a personal check? 我没那么多现金你们收私人票吗? Normally we dont, but since you have to. Have you got a bank card?—般来说我们不收,但既然您没有足够的现金,我们也只好接受您带了信用卡吗? 17长春妇产医院人流

吉林省第二人民医院有失败的案例吗南关区人民医院贵么 A South Korean human rights group says China apparently delivered large amounts of food aid to impoverished North Korea earlier this month. Do Hee-yoon, a representative of the Seoul-based Citizens Coalition for the Human Rights of Abductees and North Korean Refugees, says China shipped rice, and possibly other aid to isolated regime for about 10 days before the Lunar New Year holiday.一个韩国人权组织说,看来中国在本月早些时候向贫穷的朝鲜提供了大批食品。设在首尔的;被绑架者和脱北者人权公民联;的代表说,中国在农历新年假期前向孤立的朝鲜政府运送了大米和其他援助。Tuesday the group released photographs it says were taken by its members at customs stations in Tumen, on the Chinese side of the border. The photos, which Do says were taken on January 12th, show a convoy of 30-ton trucks stacked with rice waiting to enter North Korea. Do tells VOA that such deliveries this time of year from China to North Korea are rare. 星期二,该联盟公布了据称在中国境内紧邻朝鲜的图门拍摄的照片。该联盟的代表说,这些照片是该联盟成员一2号在图门的海关拍摄的。照片显示,一0 辆卡车的车队,装满了大米,准备进入朝鲜。这位代表告诉美国之音,在这个时期,从中国向朝鲜运送这样大批的物资很罕见。来 /201202/170203长春医院处女膜修复

长春有什么医院可以做人流1.惯用口语句子:I lost my passbook.我把存折弄丢了My credit card is missing.我的信用卡找不着了My ATM card was stolen.我的卡被偷了lose v. 遗失,丢失(过去式和过去分词均为lost)missing n. 不见了的,下落不明的steal v. 偷,盗窃(过去式为stole,过去分词为stolen)Ive come to report the loss of my bankbook.我是来办理存折挂失的loss n. 遗失,损失(其动词形式为lose)Can you give me a new bank card? Could I have a new ATM card?你们能给我一个新的卡吗?Id like to close my .我想销户Id like to close out my savings .我想把储蓄账户销掉,close out“清算,结束,关闭”Id like to pay the bills first, and then close this credit card .我想把账单先还清,然后再把这个信用卡账户销棹credit card “信用卡账户”Do I still owe money to this bank?我还欠这个钱吗?How much do I still owe you?我还欠你们多少钱?owe v. 欠(债等)owe money to...“欠…钱”I want to withdraw all the money in this .我想把这个账户中的钱都取出来Can l withdraw all the money at a time?我能一次把所有的钱都取出来吗?at a time“一次,一下子”Im sure I want to close this .我确定我想销掉这个账户句型Im sure...表示“我确定…”I dont need this anymore.我不再需要这个账户了anymore(用含有否定意义的结构)再也(不),(不)再no... anymore“再也不…,不再…”The reason that I want to close this is that I have too many bank s.我想销户的原因是我的账户太多了句型The reason that... iswas...意为“…的原因是…”Id like my closed next Friday.我希望从下周五开始销户Id like mv closed on the first of next month.我希望从下个月一号开始销户I want to have it closed right now.我想现在就销掉“have sth.+过去分词”的结构意为“使…被做” 367688 More Americans are in favor of gay marriage, and more place the importance of gun owner rights above gun control, according to a new Pew Research Center poll.皮尤调查中心的投票结果显示,越来越多的美国人持同性恋婚姻,同时,越来越多的美国人认为持权利比械管制重要。The polls findings indicate landmark shifts in opinion for both issues, marking the culmination of trends that have built up over the past several years.此次投票结果表明,在这两个问题上民众意见有了重大转变,这标志着近年来形成的两种潮流达到了顶峰。Currently, 49% of Americans believe its more important to protect the rights of gun owners, and 47% are in favor of legalizing gay marriage. Though neither are a majority, those in favor of both policies outnumber those against, with 45% placing gun control above gun ownership and 43% in opposition to gay marriage.目前9%的美国人认为保护民众持权利更为重要,同7%的美国人持同性婚姻合法化。虽然两项投票结果都没有占多数,但是持这两项政策的人数超过了反对的人数。其中仅45%的美国人认为械管制更重要,43%的人反对同性婚姻。Including data since 2003, opposition to gay marriage reached its peak in 2004, as the topic reached the forefront of the years campaigns, with state amendments and the possibility of constitutional prohibition building steam. But public opinion has shifted significantly, most particularly in regard to those strongly in favor and against gay marriage.该调查收集了003年以来的数据,调查发现人们对同性恋婚姻的反对在2004年达到了高潮。这个话题与各州修正案以及宪法可能禁止修建蒸汽设备的话题,一起成为当年各类游行的主题。但是,公众的意见已发生重大转变,尤其是那些强烈持和反对同性婚姻的人。Strong opposition, ever since its peak of 38% in December 2004, had fluctuated around 30% until 2010, when it began its slow descent to its current 22%. Strong support, which was as low as 8% in 2004, has risen to equal the opposition at 22%.0042月,同性婚姻的反对率达8%的顶峰后,一直徘徊在30%左右,直010年,反对率开始下降至目前2%。在2004年,坚决持同性婚姻的比例只有8%,而目前则升至22%,与反对者人数相当。The percentage drop in the opposition of gay marriage was conveniently equal in both those under the age of 30 and those at or above the age of 65, at 18%, though 56% of the older generation still are against it, compared to just 30% of their younger counterparts.在年龄小0和大5的年龄层中,同性婚姻反对率均降低了18%,尽6%的年长一代仍然持反对态度。相较之下,年轻人群的反对率仅为30%。Stretching back to 1993, Pew has found a consistently sizeable plurality, if not majority, of Americans placed more importance on gun ownership, peaking at 66% in 2000. Since then, that number has seen a steady decline, hitting 49% both in 2012 and 2011.追溯993年,皮尤调查发现,即便不是大多数,也有相当数量的美国人一直持持权利,这个数字000年达到了顶峰,为66%。自此,这项数字一直持续降低,012011年的时候降到了49%。That said, what does this shift mean for the upcoming elections? Obviously the sentiments of Americans are changing, but the implications of those changes look to be incremental in influencing the electoral results.那么,这种转变对即将到来的总统大选意味着什么呢?显然,美国人的观点在转变,而这些转变中隐含的意义将越来越多地对选举结果产生影响。An earlier Pew poll found that 28% place gay marriage as ;very important; to their vote, and 47% gave gun control the same weight. As has been said before, and will be said again before the polls close, its economy that trumps all matters, regardless of the changing tides toward gun-owning gay couples.皮尤早前的一次投票显8%的人认为同性恋婚姻的问题会很大程度影响他们的投票,47%的人则认为械管制是同样重要的影响因素。但正如之前所说,而且在调查末尾还将再次提到的,经济因素盖过一切,无论人们对持权利或同性恋婚姻的态度发生了怎样的变化。Pews survey was conducted via telephone interviews among 3,0008 adults nationwide between April 4-15, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.9-3.0%.皮尤这次的调查是日至15日,通过电话采访0008名美国各地的成人,误差范围为正负2.9-3.0%。来 /201204/180005吉林长春阳光医院如何长春治疗阴道炎要花多少钱



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