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2019年09月21日 03:07:10 | 作者:服务新闻 | 来源:新华社
British Prime Minister David Cameron has announced he will step down as prime minister later this year.英国首相卡梅伦宣布今年晚些时候将卸任首相职务。I will do everything I can as prime minister to steady the ship over the coming weeks and months. But I do not think it would be right for me to try to be the captain that steers our country to its next destination.在未来的几个月里,我将继续努力稳定英国这艘大船,但我不认为我再适合担任船长,引领国家走向下一个目的地。Cameron made the announcement shortly after the U.K. voted to leave the European Union.英国投票决定离开欧盟后不久,卡梅伦发表了这一声明。The results almost immediately spelled bad news for the prime minister, who campaigned vigorously to remain. Losing his countrys spot in the EU quickly sparked calls for his resignation.对于大力持留欧的首相,脱欧几乎立即招来坏的消息。失去英国在欧盟的位置很快引发让他辞职的呼声。Cameron said he will continue to serve as prime minister for the next three months but will resign in time for the Conservative Partys conference in October.卡梅伦表示,在未来三个月将继续担任首相,但将于十月在保守党大会上辞职。译文属。201606/451067An estimated 9 million people have been affected by flooding in northern and central China. More than 150 people have died.据估计,中国北部和中部地区约900万人受到洪水影响。超过150人死亡。Xinhua reports torrential rain in recent days triggered landslides that caused the collapse of tens of thousands of homes. Flooding also wiped out large areas of crops. Estimated losses from the floods are over 2 billion dollars.新华报道,最近几天的暴雨引发山体滑坡,造成数万栋房屋倒塌。洪水也摧毁了大面积的庄稼。洪水损失估计超过20亿美元。This summer, the countrys seen remarkably heavy rain. Earlier this month, rains killed at least another 160 people.今年夏天,中国出现明显的降雨。本月早些时候,降雨造成另外至少160人死亡。Some have blamed persistent flooding on overdevelopment and inadequate infrastructure. An environmental scientist told The Wall Street Journal, ;Chinas urban construction was carried out at too fast a pace.;一些人指责洪水的持续泛滥是因为过度开发及基础设施建设不足。一位环境科学家告诉《华尔街日报》,称中国的城市建设步伐太快。Flooding has been a serious issue in China for years. In June 2008, flooding in southern China took the lives of more than 50 people and affected millions. And in June 2011, more than 170 people were killed in floods in eastern parts of the country.多年来,洪水一直是中国的一个严重问题。2008年6月,华南洪水夺去50多人的生命,影响数百万人的生活。2011年6月,东部地区洪水造成170多人丧生。In this most recent round of flooding, though, some people complained government officials didnt do all they could to protect people. 然而,在最近一轮的洪水中,一些人抱怨政府官员没有尽他们所能来保护人民。Locals in Xingtai said officials didnt give adequate warning and that evacuation efforts lagged.邢台当地人表示,官员没有给出适当的警告,并且疏散工作滞后。译文属。201607/456397Genetically modified mosquitoes could soon be released in the Florida Keys to combat Zika.转基因蚊子可能很快在佛罗里达群岛释放以对抗寨卡。NPR reports that county residents approved a measure to allow the company Oxitec to let the bugs loose,but some residents arent sold. NPR报道,县居民批准一项法案允许Oxitec公司释放蚊子,但有些居民不买账。When the modified male pests mate with regular female mosquitoes, their offspring die. That reduces the mosquito population. Oxitecs trials in Brazil and a few other countries reported massive success.当改良的雄性蚊子与普通雌蚊交配时,它们的后代将死亡,从而减少蚊子的数量。据报道在巴西和一些其它国家,Oxitec的试验获得巨大成功。Some residents worry the modified mosquitoes arent safe. And while Zika is in Florida, there havent been any locally transmitted cases in the Keys.一些居民担心改良的蚊子不安全。虽然佛罗里达州发现过塞卡,但群岛没有任何本地传播病例。Still, officials in the area have given the go-ahead to try the bugs out in some parts of the Keys. 不过,该地区的官员已经在佛罗里达群岛一些地方尝试释放蚊子。A Key West commissioner said a big part of her job ;is to kill mosquitoes and to protect the residents and the county.;基韦斯特的一名专员表示,她工作的很大部分是“杀死蚊子,并保护居民和县区”。译文属。201611/479714

By the time that Anne came on the scene,Henry was convinced that his marriage to Catherine had been divinely cursed.直到安妮进入了他的视线 亨利坚信他与凯瑟琳的婚姻被神所诅咒The king was an assiduous er of Scripture,国王勤于研读《圣经》and there must have been a sharp intake of breath every time he Leviticus chapter 20, verse 21,而每当他读到《利未记》第20章21节时 必会倒吸一口凉气in which God himself tells Moses,If a man shall take his brothers wife,it is an unclean thing...they shall be childless.上帝面授西 弟娶兄妻 为污秽的事 二人必无子嗣Driven by his fear of dynastic extinction and his passion for Anne,who, as usual, refused to become his mistress,因恐惧王朝香火断绝 又渴望得到不甘为情妇的安妮Henry seized on divorce as the answer to all of his problems.亨利把离婚视作一劳永逸的解决方案Henry wanted a papal annulment of the marriage on grounds of incest.亨利想让罗马教皇以乱伦为 宣布婚姻无效But the Pope couldnt oblige,for in May 1527 the armies of the Emperor Charles V sacked Rome,and made Pope Clement a virtual prisoner.但教皇却不帮忙 因在1527年5月 查理五世的军队攻陷罗马 使教皇克莱门特沦为阶下囚And Charles, who was Queen Catherines nephew,wouldnt allow an annulment while he was in control.而查理 正是皇后凯瑟琳的侄子 在查理掌权时 绝不会废止这桩婚姻Wolsey was the first to be dragged under by this crisis.沃尔西是第一个被牵连进这场危机的人Henry had no use for a Mr Fixit who couldnt fix it,and Wolsey was quickly got rid of,ostensibly for fraud and corruption.亨利不需要一个无能的;万能管家; 沃尔西很快因欺诈和腐败的欲加之罪 被踢出了政坛Within a year, he was dead, charges of high treason still hanging over his head.不到一年 他便背负着叛逆的骂名撒手人寰It was Anne herself who, at some point in 1530,steered the whole problem in a radically new direction.在1530年 安妮自己 将问题引入了一个极端的新方向She put literally into Henrys hands a little book that to her seemed not only fundamentally true,她给了亨利一本小册子 册子的内容 在她看来不仅是真理but also, given present circumstances, extremely useful.更是对当时的处境大有裨益It was by that arch-propagandist william Tyndale, and it was called其作者为宗教改革的主要鼓吹者 威廉·廷代尔;The Obedience of a Christian Man and How Christian Rulers Ought to Govern.;书名为《天主教信徒的顺从与君主的治理》 /201612/485685

Im in Georgia, heading into dense forest,我身在格鲁吉亚 向着浓密的森林进发home to wolves, bears, and some of the toughest terrain this former Soviet Union Republic has to offer.这里是狼群 黑熊的巢穴 地势险要 是一片前苏联政权也垂涎的领地Im now firmly in the wooded belt here.我现在身居茂林深处Oh, yeah. Look at these mountains.They are still huge.看看这些山群 还是如此高大The thing is, you know, I look at this sort of place,我看着眼前的景象and what I see is just life, you know?This is where the animals are gonna be.You got water.想到的只有活命 懂我的意思吗 这里是动物们的家 有水源You got protection amongst the trees from the weather.有树木做庇护免受天气变化之苦I look at it, and I know that I can survive here.看着这一切 我就觉得我可以在此幸存This is a rich hunting ground. Good news for me.好消息是 这是绝佳的狩猎场 But bad news is that Im not the only predator here.但坏消息是 我不是唯一的猎人Look.Its definitely carnivore poo, this.瞧 这肯定是食肉动物的粪便Theres only two carnivores in this forest and thats bear and wolves.这片森林里只有两种食肉动物 熊和狼And its definitely not a bear. Look.You see the tapered ends to this.这肯定不是熊的粪便 快看 你可以看到粪便的末端呈锥形You can actually see what hes been feeding off.甚至看得出他都吃了些啥All of the hair,probably sheep,maybe goat hair.这些毛发--可能是羊 也可能是山羊的毛发You know, what it tells me theres definitely wolves in this area.也就是说 这片绝对有狼出没But theyre gonna be smarter than I am.而且它们比我要聪明You know, theyre gonna be watching me long before Im gonna spot them.Okay. Lets keep going.它们对的我虎视眈眈 远远早于我辨认出它们的踪迹 好吧 前进Even though were in the woods now,the terrain hasnt got any easier.虽说我们在森林里 地形还是很难走These forest are defined by endless, deep gorges with treacherous, steep-sided valleys.Getting much steeper here.林径通幽之处 却危机四伏 陡峭的河谷就藏匿其中 这里愈加险峻了201704/505232

The Hanoverian dynasty remained,汉诺威王朝得以留存but the Jacobite rising was yet another demonstration of just how unstable the new political order was.但詹姆斯二世党的崛起 是另一个铁 明新生政治秩序 是多么不稳定After this stormy start to the 18th century,从这场风暴开始一直到十八世纪if anyone wouldve predicted it would be followed by decades of calm,期间如果有人预言 接下来的几十年会天下太平they wouldve been thought an absurd optimist,yet thats exactly what happened.必会贻笑大方 然而 一切却真的是那样风平浪静It came about through the efforts not of a king,国泰民昌并非得益于国王的努力a religious leader, or even a general,but a political manager of uncanny genius.或任何宗教领袖 甚至将军 而是拜一名鬼才政治家所赐Hed been, like his father and grandfather before him,a Norfolk squire and an MP.他和他父亲与祖父一样 是诺福克乡绅及国会议员Hed moved smoothly through the big-money jobs Paymaster-General,Chancellor of the Exchequer.顺顺当当地做到了一个肥差 主计大臣 英国的财政大臣Hed come to dominate British political life for a quarter of a century.他主宰不列颠的政治生活 长达25年之久He was... Robert Walpole.他就是 罗伯特·沃波尔Although he never actually had the title,虽然他从未被冠上那个头衔Walpole was, in effect, Britains first Prime Minister and, under his leadership,但实际上 沃波尔是英国第一任首相 而在他的统治之下the British economy boomed as never before.英国的经济以未曾有过的势头迅猛发展 /201705/509624

In the summer of 1348,1348年夏the English could be forgiven for thinking themselves unconquerable.英格兰人自诩天下无敌的狂言 或许也情有可原They had vanquished the old enemies,the Scots and the French.因为他们已经击败了宿敌 苏格兰人和法国人Their king, Edward III,seemed the most powerful ruler in Europe.他们的国王 爱德华三世 一跃而成欧洲最强悍君主But they would be conquered,然而他们终将一尝败绩and by a king against whom neither longbows nor warships offered any defence.在这个进攻者面前 长弓战舰毫无招架之力King Death.His weapon was plague,那就是死神 他的武器就是瘟疫and by the end of his terrible campaign,在他那毛骨悚然的战役结束时almost half the people of Britain would be dead.几乎一半的英国人死于非命The country would survive the trauma,这个国家终将走出伤痛but first it had to undergo a purgatory of unimaginable misery,但首先 它必须忍受 难以想象的悲惨炼狱because hard on the heels of pestilence would come rebellion and civil war.因为瘟疫来袭后不多久 叛乱和内战接踵而来The century of plague was a pilgrimage through pain,整个世纪的瘟疫 是充满痛苦的朝圣之旅and this is the story of that journey.而本集所诉说的 就是这段故事 /201611/476990

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