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Goldman Sachs To Invest In GeelyA Goldman Sachs Group Inc.-managed private equity fund is investing about 0 million in Geely Holding Group's Hong Kong-listed arm to fund the Chinese auto maker's growth ambitions, according to a person familiar with the matter. Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd. is expected to announce the investment by Goldman Sachs Capital Partners on Monday, a Geely executive said. The Hong Hong-listed Geely arm plans to use the money to fund its working capital as it expands. That could free up capital for its parent to bid for Ford Motor Co.'s Volvo unit. People familiar with the matter have said Ford was likely to pick Geely Holding soon to take over Volvo -- a sign of Geely's global ambitions. Geely Auto confirmed earlier this month that its parent was bidding for Volvo with an unnamed state-owned investment company. The Goldman Sachs fund is investing in convertible bonds and warrants that will give it a minority stake in the Chinese auto maker, according to the person familiar with the matter. The exact size of the stake will vary depending on whether the company hits certain targets and Goldman decides to exercise the warrants. An investment of 0 million represents around 15% of the listed arm's market capitalization of over .6 billion, according to FactSet Research Systems Inc., a research firm. Geely said Wednesday that it planned to issue convertible bonds and warrants without naming Goldman Sachs Capital Partners as the buyer. International investors have in recent months backed major Chinese auto makers, betting they may become global champions. The Goldman fund's 0 million investment is chunky compared with typical private equity deals in China. Most deals are below 0 million because Chinese business owners rarely give up control and deals bigger than 0 million require central government approval. Private equity funds in recent months have made more investments in Chinese listed companies that need capital. Those deals don't require the same level of government approvals and due diligence needed for investments in unlisted companies. The auto makers are looking to survive a possible wave of consolidation in China's domestic market by snatching up smaller players at home and buying into distressed brands overseas in order to expand sales both domestically and outside the country. A unit of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc. agreed last year to pay 2 million for a 10% stake in electric carmaker BYD Co. The electric car and battery maker's shares have soared this year to over HK (US.13) a share from the HK a share Berkshire paid. Earlier this year, Chery Automobile Co. secured backing from yuan-denominated private equity funds managed by CDH Investments and Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co. Hangzhou-based Geely has made substantial improvement in the engineering and quality of its vehicles since 2006 under Frank Zhao, the company's product development director, who joined Geely from the U.S. auto maker now known as Chrysler Group LLC via a separate Chinese auto maker. /09/846431.惯用口语句子:Is there any subway nearby?请问这附近有地铁吗?Could you tell me where the nearest subway station is?你能告诉我最近的地铁站在哪儿吗?subway n. 地铁(美式英语用subway,英式语用underground,还可以用metro)nearby a. amp; ad. 在附近的(地)I cant find the subway entrance.我找不到地铁入口entrance n. 入口It two blocks away to the subway station.到地铁站有两个街区远block n. 街区How long will it take by subway?坐地铁要花多长时间?Let take the subway. It can save a lot of time.咱们坐地铁吧,能省很多时间呢Sir, is this the right subway to Central Park?先生,这是去往中央公园的地铁吗?Which line goes downtown?哪一条线路去市区?Which route goes to Central park?哪条线路去中央公园?line n. 线路route n. 线路Youre in the opposite direction.你坐反了Youre in the wrong direction.你坐错方向了Weve passed your stop.你坐过了opposite a. 对面的,相反的Let stand in a better position to get on the train.咱们得站个有利的位置以便上车position n. 位置get on“上车”This is a quality product.这是一种高质量的产品Those overcoats are of good quality and nice colour.这批大衣质量高、成色好Our quartz technique is well known in the world, and we believe our watches are of fine quality.我们的石英技术世界闻名,相信我们生产的手表具有高质量Our price is a little bit higher, but the quality of our products is better.虽然价格偏高,但我们的产品质量很好Your goods are superior in quality compared with those of other manufacturers.和其他厂商相比,贵方产品质量上乘The equipment are of good quality and very useful.这些器械质量好,用处大Our products are very good in quality, and the price is low.我们的产品质高价低We have received the goods you send us, the quality is excellent.我们已经收到贵处来的货,质量很好good quality好质量fine quality优质better quality较好质量high quality高质量fair quality尚好的质量sound quality完好的质量best quality最好的质量superior quality优等的质量choice quality或selected quality精选的质量prime quality 或 tip-top quality第一流的质量first-class quality 或 first-rate quality头等的质量above the average quality一般水平以上的质量below the average quality一般水平以下的质量common quality一般质量standard quality标准质量usual quality通常的质量popular quality大众化的质量unim quality一律的质量average quality平均质量fair average quality (f.a.q.)大路货 3778

第33期:Booking a Room 订房间Y:Do you have a double room tonight?Y:今晚还有双人房可住吗?X:With an ocean view?X:是要有海景的那种吗?Y:Without is fine.Y:没有海景的就可以了X:A double room without a view just one night?X:一间没有景观的双人房住一个晚上?Y:That’s right.Y:对的X:Yes,we do.X:好,有的Y:By the way,what’s the rate a single room?Y:对了,单人房是多少钱?其他出国旅游英语句型:what’s the rate a single room?单人房多少钱呢?例:What the rate a kilo of beef these days?目前1 kg牛肉的价格是多少?What’s the daily rate renting a Cadillac?租一部凯迪拉克轿车一天的费用是多少? 367

必背句型:A:Citizens shall have the right of inheritance under the law.公民依法享有财产继承权B:They have many other rights.他们有很多其他的权利Each man has his own right proper to him.每个人都有其固有的权利Everyone has right to freedom of expression.每个人都有言论自由的权利Everyone right to life shall be protected by law.每个人的生命权利都应受到法律保护延伸阅读:A:Every one has his right.每个人都有他的权利B:Each man is bidden to violate the rights of others.任何人都不得侵犯他人的权利They are bidden to extend the lease period.他们被禁止演出租限He is bidden to come to the place.他不得来这个地方He is bidden to pose a threat to them.他禁止对他们进行威胁 56337

Reservation confirmation确认预约Hello, I am calling to confirm my reservation a single room.你好,我来确认我的预约,我订了个单人间On which day?哪一天的呢?This Friday.这周五Well, let me check you. Yes, you are booked aly. It a single room with a bath, facing the south.让我查查看是的,你已经预定过了一个朝南的带浴盆的单人间That right. Thank you.没错,谢谢 35Key Sentences(重点句子)8. Leisure Travel Agency. May I help you?这里是休闲旅行社要我帮忙吗?8. Id like to make a plane reservation to Shanghai,China.我想预定一个去中国上海的机位8. Let me see what a vailable…yes,Air China has a flight on March th at 7∶30 in the evening.让我看看有什么班机……有了,中国航空公司在3月日晚上7点半有一班飞机8. Ill need an economy ticket.我需要一张经济舱的机票8. One way trip or round trip?单程还是来回?8. What the fare please?请问票价是多少?8. Economy fare one way trip from New York to Shanghai is $800.从纽约到上海的经济舱单程票价是800美元8. Is my ticket confirmed then?那我的机票确认了吗?8. Please arrive at the airport one hour bee departure.请在起飞前一小时到达机场8. May I have your flight number,please?请问您的航班号码?8. My flight number is 3 leaving JFK Airport at ∶00in the morning on July .我的航班号码是3,7月日上午点,从JFK机场出发8. Youre flying economy class. Is that correct?您乘坐的是经济舱,对吗?8. Enjoy your flight.祝您旅途愉快8. Id like to reserve a flight to Tokyo the first of October.我想预订月1日飞往东京的航班818. How do you want fly coach or first class?您要订二等票还是一等票?819. Is there any difference in price?票价有什么不同?8. We have several flights from New York to Los Angeleson October1.月1日,我们有好几个由纽约飞往洛杉矶的班机81. When do I have to check in?何时登记办理乘机手续?8. You have to be there ty-five or an hour bee the departure.您必须在出发前5分钟或1小时到机场83. Do I have to confirm my plane reservation?我必须确认我预定的机票吗?Go Boarding在飞机场赶时间To which gate do I need to go to catch connection flight LFl01 to Madrid?我应该去哪个登机口登机?我要搭乘飞往马德里的LFl01联程航班Go to gate 18.The plane have been boarding now. You should hurry up.去18号登机口飞机已经在办理登机手续了您得快点了Show me the fastest way to get there.我怎么样才能最快到达那里呢?Instead of walking, you can take this shuttle to get you there faster.千万别走着去,搭乘机场穿梭车会比较快Do you think the plane will leave without me?你觉得在我赶上前,飞机会起飞吗?No.Ill call the attendants at the gate to tell them that you are on your way.不会的,敖会和门口的务员联系,告诉他们您就在路上Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.非常感谢我真的很感激 1

Full insurance全额保险Do you want to rent a car?您想租车吗?Yes, I want one with automatic transmission.是的,我想租一辆自动挡的车I think that one fits you. Do you need insurance?我看这辆挺适合您您要上保险吗?Full insurance, please.请上全保OK, by the way, fill the gas tank when you return the car.好的,顺便说一下,还车的时候请把汽油加满 91Paying Upon Arrival查票与补票Excuse me,sir. Can I look at your ticket? 打扰一下,先生我能看一下您的票吗?Wait a minute. I am really sorry but I cant find it now.稍等很抱歉,我找不到我的车票了You must have left it somewhere.您一定是把它落到什么地方了Maybe,what shall I do now?可能,我该怎么办啊?Well,I think you should pay upon arrival.我想您应该补张票Well,I think that the only thing l can do.我看我也只能这么办了 367

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