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济南五院治疗妇科炎症好吗济南市妇幼保健医院妇科评价淄博市打胎费用 Many of the world tallest skyscrapers will make you queasy if you reached their summit.如果你到达世界许多天大楼的最高点,你一定会头晕目眩But these grand buildings could soon look like a bungalow in comparison to a three-mile high skyscraper envisioned by architects.但是,与建筑学家们所构想的这座三英里高的天大楼一比,它们可就成了小平房了They say that the mighty tower could be built by , using 3D printing technology to create walls that could withstand high winds and unique climates.建筑学家们表示,这座高楼可能会在年落成,使用3D打印技术建造出墙壁,可以抵挡强风和极端气候The skyscraper is the vision of Arconic, a materials science company based in New York, as part of its larger campaign called The Jetsons – an homage to the 196 cartoon, set in .这幢天大楼是位于纽约的材料科学公司--阿尔科尼西公司的设想,它是该公司大型活动“登家庭”的一部分,这一活动是为了向196年出品的以年为背景的动画片《登家庭致意Engineers from the firm are working with futurists to imagine how the world will look in 5 years.阿尔科尼西公司的工程师与未来派艺术家一起工作,来设想5年之后的未来世界The team has envisioned the Arconic tower – a three-mile-high skyscraper created using materials that are either in-development or have aly been brought to market.阿尔科尼西公司设想出一幢三英里高的天大楼大楼使用的材料全都是正在开发或已经问世的As well as being staggeringly tall, the tower will also have futuristic features, including smog-eating surfaces, and retractable balconies.除了高到极致,该大楼还很具未来主义特色,包括能够净化雾霾的外表涂层和折叠阳台Arconic is currently working on a project called EcoClean, a special coating that allows building to self-clean and purify the surrounding air.阿尔科尼西公司目前正在研究的一个叫EcoClean的项目,它是一种能帮助建筑物自我清洁并净化周围空气的特殊涂料Sherri McCleary, one of Arconic chief materials scientists, told Business Insider: The functional coating provides aesthetics, it provides maintenance benefits, and it also provides a benefit to the surrounding environment by reducing the content of pollutants around it.阿尔科尼西公司的首席材料学家谢丽·麦卡利在接受《财经内幕采访时表示:“这种功能性涂料不仅美观,维护保养起来也方便由于能减少附近的污染物,对周围环境也有好处” 957济南市省立医院检查能用医保卡吗

济南人流检查医院济南省立医院打胎流产好吗 Many of us living in tiny apartments can only dream about growing vegetables in our own backyards, but thanks to Foop, an ingenious home gardening pod developed by Japanese company Cestec, we can now grow veggies in the comt of our own home.我们中的许多人都生活在狭小的公寓,只能梦想着在我们自己的后院种菜,但是多亏了日本Cestec公司发明的一种名为Foop的家庭园艺箱,我们现在可以在自己家里种植蔬菜了Foop is a small-size hydroponic agriculture kit that allows users to grow plants in water instead of soil. Its designers claim that you can use Foop to grow popular vegetables, including lettuce, arugula, basil, parsley or shiso, all of which can be raised from seeds and will develop faster than non-hydroponic plants.Foop是一种小型家庭园艺箱,用户可以用水替代土壤培养植物它的设计师表示,人们可以使用Foop来种植很受大众欢迎的蔬菜,比如生菜、芝麻菜、罗勒,香菜或紫苏这些蔬菜可以从种子开始育苗,且比非水培植物生长得更快The compact device houses a set of moisture-rich sponge pods in which you plant the seeds.这一小型设备中安置了一套富含水分的海绵栽培杯,你可以在里面播种After that, pair the Foop with your smartphone and youll receive a prediction of how long the plants will take to fully grow. You can also alter lighting, heat and humidity via an app.之后,将Foop与智能手机配对,你就能获得这些植物充分生长需要花费多长时间的预测你还可以通过一款应用调节灯光、温度、湿度The elegantly-designed wooden frame of the Foop is is produced by craftsmen from Hida, in Gifu Prefecture, one of Japan most famous woodworking regions, but the device also comes with a clear acrylic cover that lets you check the progress of your crops.Foop设计典雅的木制框架是由来自日本岐阜县飞驒市的工匠制作的,该市也是日本最著名的木材加工区之一除此之外,该设备也有一个透明的亚克力罩,可以让你检查作物的成长情况Foop will be officially launched in September, but Cestec has aly started taking preorders. Youll have to k out 38,800 yuan (0) it, but you should probably hurry and preorder, as the initial launch batch will aparently be limited to 0 s.据悉,Foop将于9月正式发售,但是Cestec公司现在已经开始接受预订你需要花费38800元(折合360美元)来购买它,不过预订请从速,因为第一批仅限量0台 3379济南专业人流医院哪好

济南阳光女子医院治疗宫颈糜烂怎么样1.What—or rather, who—do we think of when we combine architectural design with baking? Ukranian pastry chef Dinara Kasko, of course! She combines her love of the kitchen with that of geometric figures, approaching her desserts as if they were buildings. In that way, she ends up with the most unique edible structures ever created.1.说到建筑设计和烘焙的组合,我们会想到什么,更确切地说,想到谁?当然是乌克兰糕点主厨迪纳拉!她综合了自己对厨房和几何形状的爱,像盖房子一样做甜点于是,她就创造了史上最独特的食用建筑.Another work by Dinara Kasko. The qualified architect turned her back on the construction industry to spend time building elaborate cakes (like the one you see above) with the help of a 3D printer..图中是迪纳拉的另一个杰作这位称职的建筑师将烘焙带入建筑业,并借助3D打印制作精致蛋糕3.First Canadian Place commissioned bakers Bobbette amp; Belle to build a cake replica of their Toronto tower. By the time they were through, the talented pastry chefs felt as though had earned an honorary architecture degree.3.第一加拿大广场任命糕点师贝特 和贝乐为他们的大厦建一个蛋糕模型完成时,两位才华横溢的糕点主厨感觉自己仿佛获得了建筑学荣誉学位.Throughout the planning, baking, and delivery processes, cakemaker extraordinaire Ron Ben-Israel draws on a number of disciplines, including chemistry, architecture, art, and transportation science. His cakes are versatile in style, but have a common th—attention to detail and the pursuit of excellence..在设计、烘焙和交付的过程中,非凡的糕点师罗恩吸收了一系列学科,包括化学、建筑学、艺术和交通科学他的蛋糕各具风格,但有一个共同点:注重细节,追求卓越5.Claire Kemp is also a baker who moved from architecture to cake design. Not only does she make delicious cakes, but they also have amazing architectural detail. have amazing architectural detail.5.克莱尔也是一位从建筑学转行的糕点师她不仅制作美味的蛋糕,还赋予它们神奇的建筑细节 57 A: These batteries should be on sale more often. 这些电池应该常常打折 B: I dont think these batteries are on sale. 我认为这些电池今天没有打折A: Look at the ad. It says theyre on sale. 看这个广告上面说打折的B: Youre right. Batteries are on sale, but not this brand of batteries. 你是对的是有电池在打折,但是不是这些电池 A: Oh. I didnt pay attention to the brand name. 哦,我没有注意到是什么品牌 B: Several people have mis that ad aly today. 今天也有几个人和您一样看错了 A: People make the mistake because the ad is misleading. 是因为广告误导的,人们才会看错 B: I agree with you. Ads can be very tricky. 我也这么觉得广告上的内容都不是很明确 A: I dont know when Ill ever learn. 我现在才注意到 B: No problem. Ill bring you the batteries that are on sale. Ill be right back. 没关系,我去给您拿些正在打折的电池,稍等 199长清区中心医院妇科咨询济南军区总医院评价



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