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Ford Motor Co. unveiled details of its plans to sell its premium Lincoln brand to Chinese buyers who equate luxury with German names like Audi and BMW, as it looks to the 97-year-old nameplate to give it a boost in a hot new market. 福特汽车公司(Ford Motor Co.)公布了面向中国购车者销售高端林肯牌汽车计划的细节,希望凭借这个有97年历史的品牌在一个火爆的新市场提升业绩。中国购车者通常将豪车与奥迪(Audi)、宝马(BMW)等德国品牌划等号。The Dearborn, Mich., auto maker said on Thursday that its plans by 2016 to sell five U.S.-made Lincoln models through 60 dealerships in 50 cities in China, where the brand currently lacks a formal presence. Longer-term, Ford hopes to make Lincolns in China so it can better compete with market giants Audi , BMW and Mercedes-Benz. 福特周四表示,计划到2016年通过中国50个城市的60家经销商销售五款美国产林肯汽车。目前林肯汽车在中国还缺乏正式地位。长远来看,福特希望在中国生产林肯车,以便更好地与奥迪、宝马和奔驰(Mercedes-Benz)等市场巨头竞争。#39;Clearly over time as we sell more and more Lincolns here we will gradually localize them,#39; Ford Chief Executive Alan Mulally said at Thursday#39;s event, which came ahead of this weekend#39;s Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, the biggest car show this year in the world#39;s largest auto market. 福特首席执行长穆拉利(Alan Mulally)在周四的活动上表示,随着福特在中国销售越来越多的林肯车,福特将逐步实现林肯车的本地化。这次活动是在周末开幕的北京国际车展前举行的。北京国际车展是作为世界第一大汽车市场的中国在今年举办的最大一次车展。The first models to come this fall will be the MKZ midsize sedan, a competitor to popular German rides such as the Audi A4 or Mercedes C-Class, and the MKC small sport utility vehicle. A midsize SUV, a large sedan and a version of the brand#39;s big Navigator SUV will follow. 将于今年秋季推出的首批车型是MKZ中型轿车和MKC小型SUV。MKZ中型轿车是与奥迪A4或奔驰C级轿车等颇受欢迎的德国品牌竞争的一个车型。随后,福特将推出一款中型SUV、一款大型轿车,以及林肯领航员(Navigator)大型SUV的一个车型。The aim is to capture buyers like Qin Chao, who this week inspected Navigator SUVs at one of Beijing#39;s gray-market car lots, which purchase foreign vehicles and bring them to China to sell. #39;American cars consume too much gas,#39; said the 35-year-old Mr. Qin, who owns a Beijing restaurant. #39;Not many people in China recognize this brand.#39; 福特的目的在于吸引像秦超(音)这样的购车者。秦超本周在北京的一个汽车灰市考察了领航员SUV。汽车灰市从国外购进汽车然后运回中国销售。35岁的秦超说,美国车太费油。他还说,中国人不太认这个牌子。秦超在北京经营一家饭馆。Lincoln won#39;t present an immediate threat to the top premium brands in China, said Klaus Paur, global head of automotive at research firm Ipsos. Imported vehicles in China are subject to taxes and duties that can raise the sticker price or crimp profits. 研究公司益普索(Ipsos)全球汽车业务负责人包亦农(Klaus Paur)说,林肯不会马上对中国市场的顶尖品牌汽车构成威胁。进口车在中国需要交税,可能会抬高售价或挤压利润。Volkswagen #39;s Audi, BMW and Daimler #39;s Mercedes-Benz make much of what they sell in China domestically through joint ventures with local auto makers. They account for roughly two-thirds of luxury cars sold in China, according to data from the companies and an estimate from management-consulting firm Strategyamp; of a 1.6 million-vehicle luxury market last year. 无论是大众汽车(Volkswagen )旗下的奥迪和宝马还是戴姆勒公司(Daimler )旗下的梅赛德斯-奔驰(Mercedes-Benz),它们在中国销售的大部分汽车都是与本地厂商合资生产的,根据这些公司的数据以及管理咨询公司Strategyamp;去年对160万辆豪车市场的估计,上述品牌在中国豪车市场占有三分之二左右的份额。#39;If you want to get on premium buyers#39; radar screen you need critical mass in terms of on-the-road presence, and that requires localization,#39; Johan De Nysschen, chief executive of Nissan Motor Co.#39;s Infiniti, said in an interview in Shanghai. 日产汽车(Nissan Motor Co.)旗下英菲尼迪(Infiniti)的首席执行长Johan De Nysschen在上海接受采访时表示,如果想进入高端买家的视线,就需要达到一定的路面曝光率,这就需要本地化。Competition is also intensifying. Infiniti plans to introduce to China a youth-aimed crossover SUV based on the Nissan Juke, while Toyota Motor Corp.#39;s Lexus plans to show in Beijing a production version of its first compact SUV, to be called the NX. 市场竞争也在加剧。英菲尼迪计划向中国市场引入一款基于日产Juke的面向年轻人的跨界运动型多用途车(SUV),丰田汽车公司(Toyota Motor Co.)旗下的雷克萨斯(Lexus)则计划在北京展示其首款紧凑型SUV样车,该车型将被命名为NX。Ford China Chief Executive John Lawler said Thursday that Lincolns will be #39;competitively priced#39; with locally made rivals. 福特中国首席执行长罗礼祥(John Lawler)周四表示,与中国本地生产的其他车型相比,林肯汽车的定价将具有竞争力。Lincoln plans to enhance its appeal by offering a boutique feel in its dealerships. On Thursday, Lincoln executives in Beijing showed off a mockup of the design for its stores, which will feature amenities such as a tea room, seating areas designed to evoke a plush hotel lobby and a #39;Personalization Studio#39; where customers can use a touch-screen table to choose among options and styling packages for the interiors of the cars. 林肯汽车计划打造精品化的经销商以增加吸引力。周四,林肯汽车管理人士在北京展示了其店面的设计模型,店内将配备茶室、类似豪华酒店大堂的座位区和“个性化工作室”(顾客可使用触摸屏桌面来选择汽车配置及内饰风格套餐)等设施。Lincoln#39;s goal is to make the process of buying a car more akin to being fitted for a bespoke shirt or suit. The brand expects dealers to have a team of people, including a #39;host,#39; a #39;master,#39; and a #39;craftsman,#39; to guide customers through the process of ordering a vehicle. The host maintains the relationship with the customer, the master#39;s role is to answer questions about features and pricing, and the craftsman manages maintenance. 林肯的目标是让买车人有一种在装店里量身定做衬衫或西的感觉。林肯希望经销商组建一团队,里面有主持人、专家和技师,为顾客选购车辆提供全程务。主持人负责维护良好的客户关系,专家负责回答有关车型特点和定价的问题,技师则负责维修保养。All of this is a departure from the way Lincoln sells vehicles in the U.S., which is through a long-standing network of independently owned franchises that largely control the way a customer is treated. But in China, Ford and Lincoln can set up the retail network from scratch--one advantage of coming late to the market. 所有这些都与林肯在美国的销售方式截然不同。在美国,林肯是通过存在已久的独立特许经销商网络销售汽车的,这些特许店在很大程度上决定着如何对待客户。但在中国,福特汽车和林肯可以从头开始建立零售网络,这是后来者的一个好处。In the U.S., Lincoln sales declined slightly in 2013--a drop of less than 1%, to 81,694--as the brand dealt with the phaseout of the Town Car. Later this year, the brand#39;s sales should jump as it begins selling the MKC, a small crossover built on the same underpinnings as the Ford Escape--known as the Kuga in China--but with a different look. 在美国市场,受林肯城市(Town Car)系列车型逐步退市影响,去年林肯汽车销量小幅下滑不到1%,至81,694辆。今年晚些时候,随着MKC车型投放市场,预计林肯汽车销量将实现增长。林肯MKC是一款小型跨界车,以福特翼虎(Escape)(在中国被称为六和(Kuga))为蓝本开发,但外形不同。China is #39;strategically important because of the size of the market,#39; said Matt VanDyke, director of Global Lincoln. #39;We expect it to be a very substantial piece of our global sales.#39; 林肯全球业务负责人范戴克(Matt VanDyke)表示,中国市场规模之大使其具有重要的战略意义。他说,预计中国市场将占到林肯全球销售的很大一部分。At the car market in Beijing, Sun Xiaogang, a 29-year-old staffer for a foreign trading company in Beijing, said he ordered a Navigator for his boss. #39;My company has quite a number of American clients, so my boss wants to have a Lincoln car to pick up those American clients when they come to Beijing,#39; Mr. Sun said. #39;He knows that Lincoln is a luxury brand in America. And it looks good as well. Big and powerful.#39; 在北京某汽车市场,为北京一家外贸公司工作的29岁的孙晓刚(音)说,他为老板订购了一台林肯领航员(Navigator)。孙晓刚说,他们公司有很多美国客户,所以老板想买一辆林肯用来接送他们。他还说,老板知道林肯是美系豪华品牌,样子也不错,空间大、马力足。Joseph B. White / Mike RamseyJoseph B. White / Mike Ramsey /201404/289090

Samsung Electronics’ Chinese suppliers have continued to commit legal and safety violations that the South Korean technology company had vowed to eliminate by the end of 2012, it revealed yesterday.三星电子(Samsung Electronics)昨天披露,其中国供应商仍存在违法和安全违规行为,这家韩国科技公司曾誓言在2012年底前结束这种状况。In its annual “sustainability report”, Samsung divulged the results of an independent audit that it commissioned after admitting violations by its suppliers in September 2012.在年度“可持续发展报告”中,三星透露了一项独立审查的结果。三星在2012年9月承认供应商违规后委托进行此项审查。Working conditions have become a vulnerable point for the group, the world’s largest technology company by sales, as it has been hit by a series of damaging allegations about its Chinese supply chain from the non-profit group China Labor Watch.三星是全球销售额最高的科技公司。工作条件近年成为三星的薄弱环节,非营利机构中国劳工观察(China Labor Watch)对它的中国供应链提出一系列颇具杀伤力的指责。Separately, South Korean courts have determined there is a link between some Samsung employees’ working conditions and subsequent terminal illness, sparking concern in the company’s home market.另外,韩国法院认定一些三星员工的工作条件和他们随后罹患的绝症之间存在联系,这在韩国市场引发了担忧。The new audit, conducted last year, showed that 59 of 100 suppliers inspected failed to provide sufficient safety equipment or supervision to their workers, while 33 used fines or penalties to discipline workers.去年开展的最新审查显示,在100家受检查的供应商中,59家未能向工人提供足够的安全防护器材或监督,33家使用罚金或惩戒措施来管教工人。This clashed with Samsung’s promise in November 2012 to eliminate these practices by the end of that year. It also vowed to eliminate by the same deadline all discrimination in hiring, irregularities in contracts and companies not providing copies of contracts to workers, but each of these was seen at a minority of suppliers during last year’s audit.这与三星2012年11月誓言在当年年底前根除这些行为的承诺不符。三星还承诺在当年年底前根除一切雇佣歧视、合同不规范和公司不向工人提供合同副本的行为,但去年的审查发现少数供应商仍存在这些行为。Samsung, one of the largest foreign investors in China, said in yesterday’s report that it had responded to each of these problematic findings by ordering that the suppliers in question eliminate the practices.作为中国最大的外来投资者之一,三星在昨天报告中表示,它已经对发现的各个问题做出回应,要求相关供应商根除这些行为。“Samsung takes concerns about working conditions at its suppliers very seriously,” the company said in a separate statement, adding that it had made “significant progress” in stemming the violations, and would “constantly call for corrective actions [from suppliers] to ensure the issue is resolved in the shortest time possible”.“三星非常重视对供应商工作环境的担忧,”公司在一份单独的声明中表示。它还表示,已在制止违规行为方面取得“显著进展”,并将“不断要求供应商进行整改,确保问题在最短时间内得到解决”。Park Yoo-kyung, an investment adviser on governance at APG Asset Management Asia, which invests in Samsung, said that despite the continuing violations by suppliers, Samsung had offered a higher degree of disclosure than many other leading Asian companies. The company had done well in meeting environmental standards, she added, but “on the social side, there are some missing parts”.三星投资者APG Asset Management Asia的企业治理投资顾问Park Yoo-kyung表示,虽然供应商仍存在违规,但三星的信息披露程度高于亚洲其他领先企业。她补充道,公司在环境达标方面表现出色,但“在社会方面还存在欠缺”。Samsung’s inability to eliminate unlawful practices among its suppliers reflects broader problems in the Chinese manufacturing sector, which have caused embarrassment to other companies, including its rival Apple.三星未能杜绝供应商违法行为,反映出中国制造业的普遍问题,这些问题也造成了其他公司的难堪,包括三星的竞争对手苹果(Apple)。 /201407/308826

Shortly after Apple’s AAPL -0.35% iPad 2 launched, my mother called me asking for advice. She had been ing about the iPad’s improvements and new apps, and determined it might just be powerful enough to replace her laptop. I asked her what she wanted to use it for and which programs she used the most. By the end of the discussion, we determined that the iPad would not be suitable for her as a laptop replacement.苹果(Apple)iPad 2发售后不久,我母亲就给我打电话征求建议。她看到了iPad做出改进、上架新应用的消息,觉得它的功能也许已经足够强大,能够替代她的笔记本电脑了。我问她想用iPad来干什么,最常用些什么程序。讨论到最后,我们认为对她而言,iPad还不适合作为笔记本的替代品。You can visit any Best Buy and walk around the laptop section, and you’re likely to hear this same question posed to sales associates multiple times per day. The debate over a laptop or tablet is a justified one. Apps and the tablets on which they run have become more powerful. The line between the two devices continues to blur.大家可以走进任意一家百思买(Best Buy)门店,逛逛笔记本电脑专区。在那里,你可能每天都会听到很多人问销售助理类似的问题。到底该买笔记本还是平板电脑?这个争论的产生合情合理。应用和运行应用的平板电脑的功能已经越来越强大。同时,两种设备的界限已经越来越模糊。Microsoft MSFT -0.34% believes this a problem to be solved. “Today, we take the conflict away and I’m absolutely sure of that,” declared executive Panos Panay on stage during the May 20 introduction of its new tablet computer. “I’d like to introduce you to Surface Pro 3.”微软(Microsoft)相信这个问题已经得到了解决。在5月20日的新款平板电脑发布会上,微软高管帕诺斯o潘乃说:“今天,我们会给这个争论划个句号,我对此完全有信心。我要向各位隆重介绍Surface Pro 3。”This is a remarkable statement. Microsoft has positioned its new device as a replacement for the Windows laptop as well as the iPad and its Google Android-powered peers, even as sales of previous versions of the Surface have fallen flat.这番讲话值得我们注意。即便Surface的前两个版本销量平平,但微软依然将这款新产品定位为Windows笔记本、iPad以及使用谷歌(Google)安卓系统的类似设备的替代品。Anyone can talk the talk; I decided to take the Surface Pro 3 for a walk. A very, very long one: With Panay’s declaration still fresh in mind, I took a week-long trip to Japan with the Surface Pro 3 in tow. To fairly assess its abilities, I left my MacBook Air at home.光说大话很容易。我决定带着Surface Pro 3出去转转。这段旅途很长:潘乃的宣告仍然在我耳畔萦绕,而我要带着Surface Pro 3前往日本出差一周。为了公正地评估性能,我把MacBook Air留在了家里。It was the first time I had traveled without my MacBook Air on a business trip, let alone one to a foreign country. I was nervous.这是我第一次在出差时不带MacBook Air,更别说还是出国了。我心里难免有些打鼓。Microsoft worked hard to put the Surface Pro 3 on a diet. It’s slightly more than a third of an inch thick and weighs 2.4 lbs. with the Type Cover click-in keyboard attached. To put that in perspective, Apple’s MacBook Air weighs slightly less than 3 lbs. and is just over two-thirds of an inch at its thickest point.微软在给Surface Pro 3减重瘦身方面花了不少心思。它的厚度略大于1/3英寸,重量只有2.4磅,外接Type Cover键盘。用苹果的MacBook Air直观地做个比较:它的重量稍低于3磅,最厚处的厚度略大于2/3英寸。Microsoft redesigned the latest Surface, but more notably, the company also redesigned the Type Cover, which includes a standard keyboard and a trackpad. During my marathon flights to and from Japan, I put the Type Cover to task: I passed the time by typing emails and short stories. I moused around using only the trackpad. I found the keys on the cover to be responsive and well spaced, but extremely noisy. And the trackpad? Nothing short of finicky. At times it would register a two-finger tap—which triggers a right-click action—when I only had one finger on the pad. With the omission of an option to disable tap-to-click in Windows 8.1, there seems to be no clear way to avoid the accidental right-clicks I found myself unknowingly causing.微软重新设计了这款最新版的Surface,更值得注意的是,他们还重新设计了包含标准键盘和触控板的Type Cover。在日本之行往返的长途航班上,我让Type Cover派上了用场:利用键盘写邮件和小故事打发时间。至于触控板?简直太难用了。有时我只用一根手指轻击触控板,但它却会判定我用了两根——这会触发单击右键的操作。由于在Windows 8.1中没有禁用触控板触发单击的选项,因此我似乎没办法避免无意中触发的右键单击操作。A new “friction-hinge” kickstand on the back of the Surface makes it possible to adjust the tablet’s viewing angle to suit your needs, an improvement over previous versions, which allowed only one or two viewing angles. You can nearly lay the Surface down by placing the hinge at a 150 degree angle, which I found to be a comfortable position for using the Surface Pen to sketch or take notes. Be forewarned: The kickstand setup does require a bit more room to implement, so if you’re planning on using the Surface and Type Cover on a fold-out tray table in economy class, you may find yourself hard-pressed for room. Even in the Business First cabin, I was left with precious little space. On more than one occasion, the back of my Surface setup slipped off the rear of my tray. (Apple’s iPad has no built-in kickstand, but several third-party companies make cases and stand-like accessories for it.)Surface在背面安装了新款的“擦力铰链”架,大家可以根据需求,调整平板电脑的倾斜角度。这比起只有一两个固定视角的前代产品而言是一项改进。你可以把铰链调到150度,让Surface几乎平放着。我觉得在这个角度下,用Surface Pen写字或做笔记非常方便。预先提醒:展开这个架需要较大空间,如果你打算在经济舱的折叠式桌子上使用Surface和Type Cover,可能会发现自己几乎没有动弹的余地了。即便是在头等商务舱,架展开后给我留下的空间也非常少。有很多次,Surface的架后端都滑出了我的桌子。(苹果的iPad没有自带架,不过许多第三方公司都为它制造了保护套和立式架。)Oh, and about that Surface Pen I briefly mentioned above. Microsoft claimed it put a lot of work and effort into mimicking the experience that a classic legal pad and pen provide, and it’s one reason the company chose a 3:2 aspect ratio over the more-common 16:9 found on other tablet computers. In practice, I found the Surface Pen to write more smoothly than any other stylus I have ever used. During meetings, I eschewed the clickity-clack of the keyboard and instead used the pen with OneNote. I found myself nearly forgetting that I was writing on a digital surface—my digitized handwriting reflected exactly what I would expect on a piece of paper. The analog-to-digital translation was uncanny enough that people sitting around me asked me how to mimic the experience on an iPad.哦,我还要谈谈刚刚我提过的Surface Pen。微软表示,它做了很多努力,试图模仿传统的标准拍纸簿和钢笔的使用体验。这也是公司选择了3:2的屏幕纵横比,而不是其他平板电脑更常用的16:9的原因。在使用中,我发现Surface Pen的书写十分流畅,超过所有其他我用过的触控笔。在会议中,我没有用敲起来劈啪作响的键盘,而是用了Surface Pen和OneNote软件。我几乎忘记了我是在数码平面上写字——数字化的笔迹看起来就和在纸上写出来的一模一样。这种模数转换太神奇了,以至于坐在周围的人都问我如何在iPad上复制这种体验。“Lapability” is a term coined by Panay and his team in an effort to underscore that the Surface Pro 3 is fully capable of playing in the laptop’s namesake environment. It’s a direct appeal to address a market in which sales of traditional PCs (which include laptops) are plummeting and sales of mobile devices (which include tablets) are rising.潘乃和他的团队创造了一个术语“笔记本能力”,用于强调Surface Pro 3完全有能力完成笔记本环境下的一切任务。如今的市场上,传统PC机(包括笔记本)销量跳水,移动设备销量攀升,这句话具有巨大的吸引力。During my trip, I tested out the Surface on every mode of transportation I encountered: airplane, train, and automobile. (A portion of my trip involved a boat, but I wasn’t brave enough to take the review unit along with me.) For the most part, it’s possible to use the new Surface in your lap with the Type Cover attached, though I found some positions where the unit would move excessively while I typed, forcing me to adjust how I was sitting or how the device was placed in my lap. This “reposition dance” is something you don’t really have to do with a laptop. While the Surface Pro 3 is technically “lapable,” it’s hardly enjoyable to do so.在飞机、火车和汽车这些旅途中遇到的交通工具上,我对Surface进行了测试。(途中我还坐了船,不过我不敢把这个待验品随身携带。)大多数情况下,我都可以把新款的Surface和相连的Type Cover键盘放在膝盖上使用。而在另一些情况下,我在打字时难以固定设备,以至于不得不调整坐姿及设备放在膝盖上的方式。如果你用的是笔记本电脑,就完全不必进行这样的调整了。从技术上说,Surface Pro 3确实拥有“笔记本能力”,但使用它时,很难得到同样的快感。The most important aspect of a tablet is the software. The Surface Pro 3 comes running Windows 8.1, which offers a modern app-centric user interface as well as the classic desktop view. More options would appear to be better, but reality says otherwise: the app-centric side of the operating system still lacks a robust library of native Windows 8 apps, forcing you to the desktop side in search of capability. For Microsoft, it’s a shame: even though the company provides a mobile-first environment for developers, they lack sufficient incentive to develop for it.软件是平板电脑最重要的一部分。Surface Pro 3的操作系统是Windows 8.1,不仅拥有以应用为核心的时髦用户界面,也有传统的桌面视图。多一种选择似乎更好,不过事实明并非如此:以应用为核心的那一部分操作系统中,Windows 8的应用数量有限。为了性能考虑,用户不得不使用传统的桌面视图。对微软而言,这是一种耻辱:尽管它给开发者提供了移动先行的开发环境,但他们依然缺乏开发应用的动机。Which leaves only the classic desktop interface. Though you can use a finger to touch and tap around the environment, it isn’t a pleasant experience. A combination of small touch targets and stubby fingers leaves you trying multiple times to press a button on screen, for example, or tapping on the wrong item and ending up in another app or on a different web page than you intended. An example of this excruciating experience was when I tried to view photos in File Explorer; I found myself tapping on folder icons multiple times in despair, hoping one would eventually open. Sometimes I became so frustrated that I would connect the Type Cover to complete the task. (Don’t get me started on what it took to open individual photos.)因此,你只能选择传统的桌面界面。尽管你可以用手指在用户环境中操作,但这种体验很难让人感到愉悦。要触控的目标相对于你的粗手指而言太小了,需要试很多次才能按中屏幕上的按钮。你还有可能点到其他图标,最后打开了一个其他的应用或网页。当我想要浏览文件资源管理器(File Explorer)中的照片时,就遇到了这种极度折磨人的情况。我绝望地点击了许多次文件夹图标,希望最终能把它打开。有时候我实在灰心了,不得不连上Type Cover键盘来完成这项任务。(别让我再讲述打开某张特定照片的过程了。)After a week abroad and almost 12,000 miles in the sky, is the Surface Pro 3 a suitable replacement for my laptop? Not quite. I found it to be capable but frustrating in its inconsistency. That broken experience hinders Microsoft’s ability to compete with Apple in the tablet category. Microsoft promised to eliminate conflict with the Surface Pro 3, but Windows 8.1 is full of it.经过了一周的海外旅途及1.2万英里的航程的体验后,Surface Pro 3能够成为我的笔记本电脑的合适替代品吗?并不完全如此。我发现它能够胜任工作,但是无法自始至终都保持优异的表现。这种不舒的体验让微软还无法与苹果的平板电脑竞争。微软承诺用Surface Pro 3解决笔记本和平板电脑的争端,不过其实Windows 8.1就足够了。True to Microsoft’s word, the Surface Pro 3 can replace a laptop. Whether you’d want it to, well, that’s another story.微软没有说错,Surface Pro 3可以替代平板电脑。但你是否愿意这样做,那就是另外一回事了。Microsoft has begun taking pre-orders for the Surface Pro 3 at its website. The device starts at 9 and some models will ship as early as tomorrow.微软已经在官网开放了Surface Pro 3的预订务。产品起售价是799美元,部分产品从明天起就可以开始配送。 /201406/307288

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