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Become A LakeThe pain of life is pure salt; no more, no less.The amount of pain in life remains the same, exactly the same.But the amount we taste the 'pain' depends on the container we put it into.So when you are in pain, the only thing you can do is to enlarge your sense of things…Stop being a Glass. Become a Lake! /11/89206Larry告诉李华他连续几天给他哥哥打电话,可是总也找不到他。 李华会学到两个常用语:phone tag和chit chat。 LL: Argh! I just got my brother's answering machine AIN. I've been playing phone tag with him for days. LH: 你和你哥哥playing phone tag?那是玩什么?有电话有关的游戏吗? LL: Well, not exactly, but it is like a game of tag. LH: Game of tag不就是小孩子们玩的捉人游戏吗?就是,大家跑,一个人追。被追到的人再接着去追别人。我们小时候都玩过这个游戏的。 LL: Right. I'll give you an example of how phone tag works. On Monday, I called my brother and left a message on his answering machine. On Monday night, he called me back, but I was out so HE left a message. LH: 我也碰到过这种情况,上星期我打电话给一个朋友,他不在,我就留了言。他给我回电话的时候,我又不在,所以他留了言。 这样互相留言好几次,谁也找不到对方, 真是像捉迷藏一样。Phone tag这个词太生动了。 LL: Yes, and this game of phone tag with my brother has been going on for three days! I'm getting pretty tired of it. LH: 你们这样phone tag已经三天了, 你为什么不给他写email,发电子邮件呢? LL: I know, Li Hua. Next time I call, if I get his answering machine again, I am going to tell him exactly when I am at home. That should solve the phone tag problem. LH: 对,你告诉他你什么时候在家,让他到时候 打过来就行了。 你还可以给他写email发电子邮件呀。 这可比打电话要省事多了。 LL: That is a good idea, but I like hearing his voice. It makes me feel closer to him, and I really don't mind the phone tag too much. LH: 那倒也是。通话和写信毕竟不一样。 我虽然也用email,可还是常给我爸爸妈妈打电话。 LL: I guess it would be pretty frustrating and expensive to play a game of long distance phone tag from China. LH: 一般都是我每个星期在固定的时间打电话回家,因为从中国打到美国价钱比较贵。 So I don't play phone tag with my family. LL: Maybe I should try that with my brother. I'm sure he is tired of playing phone tag, too. ***** LH: Larry, 你那么急着找你哥哥,有要紧的事吗? LL: No, not really. I just want to chit chat. LH: Chit chat是什么意思啊? LL: To Chit Chat is to talk about general things that aren't very important. I don't really have anything specific or urgent to talk about. LH: Chit Chat就是闲聊。那你和你哥哥平时都闲聊些什么呢? LL: We chit chat about what is going on at work, what we've been doing for fun lately, and even about the weather. LH: 嗯,聊工作,生活和天气,看来你们哥俩的关系很不错嘛。 我也喜欢和家人聊天,特别是和我妈妈。 LL: Chit chatting can be pleasant, but some times it can be annoying. LH: 是啊,有时候聊天不仅没有乐趣反而令人烦恼,就好像昨天我正忙着写论文,我的朋友 Rachel 打电话来和我聊天。 LL: So, did you tell her you didn't have time to chit chat? LH: 一开始我没好意思告诉他我很忙。 然后聊了一会儿以后我对她说我在忙着写论文呢。 LL: I know Rachel. She really likes to chit chat. Did she get off the phone right away, when you told her you need to work? LH: Rachel的确很喜欢聊天。我说我要赶快写论文,她还是不挂电话。真拿她没办法。 LL: Well, I have to say, Li Hua, I don't mind chit chatting with you. LH: 你也喜欢和我聊天?其实我也喜欢和朋友聊天。像现在这样,边喝茶边聊,很放松也很有意思。 当然要作功课的时候就不能chit chat了。 LL: That's right! I think it's time for you to work on your paper, and I need to try to call my brother again. 今天李华学到了两个常用语。一个是phone tag,意思是打电话找人,可是来回好几次,双方还是没讲上话。还有一个常用语是chit chat,意思是闲聊。 /200809/501511 .I'd like to thank... 我想谢谢......I'd like to thank all the help that you've given me. 我想感谢你所给我的所有帮助. /201001/95107

He is numbered among the dead.他已名列鬼籍。 /201108/149824

Is the gas expelled by belching?是否打嗝后就会放屁呢? /201001/94959

14. I Agree...Women have the same rights as you! 女人也和你一样享有同等权力!No! Women should stay at home. 不,女人应该呆在家里!Dear, you'll be home right after work, won't you? 亲爱的,你做完工作会直接回家是吗?I'll try, but I may have to work late. 就这样办,不过,昨晚工作怕要很晚了。So, you see... 所以啊,你该知道……I may be wrong, but your theory is all wrong, professor. 也许我不对,不过,教授您的理论是完全错了。Please sign. 请你签字。No, I don't want to. 不,我不希望那样。Gentlemen! Can't you agree on anything? 先生们,可否赞成一项? /200802/27562

Zina: Hi, boss. You wanted to see me?Vince: Zina. Look, I know when I hired you, I told you I'd pay you a salary. But I just can't.Zina: Excuse me? I hope I didn't just hear what I think I just heard.Vince: I know it's awkward, but you're going to be thanking me later. I'm going to make you rich.Zina: You're going to make me rich by not paying me?

咨询和报名 Consulting and Signing Up经过比较后,阿美决定到附近的驾校去咨询报名。结果阿美是报名了,还是放弃了?我们来看看吧!Listen Read Learn Receptionist: May I help you?May: Yes, I'd like to sign up for the summer program on driving, please.Receptionist: Of course, Miss. Here's our brochure.May: How long is the program?Receptionist: The program goes for forty days.May: What if I need more time to learn?Receptionist: In that case, you can extend your courses without additional charge. But most people accomplish all the tasks within 3 months. In fact, it takes some people only one month.May: Do you offer both theory courses and practice courses?Receptionist: Of course we do. For theory courses, you learn the laws and regulations, including how to deal with accidents on the road.May: I see. Thanks. Can you tell me something about the instructors?Receptionist: Our instructors are all professional drivers. They are very experienced and responsible.May: Is there any discount for early bookings?Receptionist: I'm afraid not, Miss. But if you attend our school, our trainer will escort you for additional ten hours when you drive first time.May: Will they sit beside me or just drive after me?Receptionist: They will sit in the same car with you, and help you at the wheel.May: That's wonderful. I will sign up summer class. Thanks.听看学接待员: 有什么可以帮忙的吗?阿美: 我想报一个暑假驾校班。接待员: 好的,。这是我们的宣传单。阿美: 这个项目会持续多久?接待员: 大概40天。阿美: 如果我需要更多的时间学习呢?接待员: 那样的话,你可以增加你的课时,不需要额外付费。但是大部分人在三个月内都可以学完所有课程。事实上,一些人只需要一个月。阿美: 你们有理论课和实践课吗?接待员: 当然有。在理论课上,学习交通法规,包括在路上如何处理交通事故。阿美: 我知道了,谢谢。你能给我说说有关教练的情况吗?接待员: 我们的教练都是专业的司机。他们富有经验和责任心。阿美: 提前报名的话会有折扣吗?接待员: 恐怕没有,。但是如果在我们学校学习的话,当你第一次开车时,我们的教练可以给你提供10个小时的陪练。阿美: 他们是坐在我身边还是开车跟在我后面?接待员: 他们会坐在你旁边,手把手教你。阿美: 太好了。我报暑期班,谢谢。 /200807/43753

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