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许昌市人民医院抽脂多少钱河南吸脂医院哪里好巩义市激光去痘印多少钱 Heavy rains in France have caused flooding across the country, and at least one person has died. 法国暴雨导致全国洪水泛滥,至少一人死亡。The countrys national police force posted pictures of evacuations, using boats to help assist people in the flooded streets. 国家警察部队张贴疏散的照片,在洪水淹没街道使用船只救助人员。Its reportedly the worst flooding the country has seen in a century, and that flood in 1910 is commonly referred to as the ;Great Flood of Paris,; which lasted about 45 days. 据报道,这是一个世纪以来最严重的洪水,1910年的洪水通常被称为“巴黎大洪水”,历时45天左右。This most recent flooding includes the Seine River in Paris. The rivers banks overflowed, rising almost 15 feet above its normal height, and officials say the Seine could reach levels as high as 17 feet over the weekend.最近巴黎的塞纳河出现洪水泛滥。洪水从河岸溢出,比正常高度上升近15英尺,官员表示周末塞纳河能达到17英尺。Although, 17 feet is still low compared to the 28 feet the river gained in the 1910 flood. 尽管相比于1910年的28英尺,17英尺仍然较低。The weather conditions are bad news for sports tournaments. French Open officials have been forced to delay many of the tennis matches and have received backlash over the poor conditions in the ones that werent rescheduled. 对于体育赛事,天气状况是个坏消息。法国网球公开赛官员推迟了许多网球比赛,有些赛事因不能改期遭到强烈反对。And the Union of European Football Associations European championship tournament kicks off in Paris on June 10. 欧洲足球协会在巴黎的欧洲锦标赛于6月10日开赛。Rain and floods have hit other parts of Europe, too, including Germany where at least four people have died. 暴雨和洪水也影响到欧洲其它地区,包括至少已造成4人死亡的德国。译文属。201606/447689河南省郑州华山整形医院绣眉价钱费用

济源市做鼻尖整形多少钱Oh, thats-- thats great.Definitely great, yeah.Then just rub soles.太棒了 有效了 太棒了 有擦了Sometimes, a key skill you learned in one of environment would help you overcome a problem and a completely different landscape.有时候 在某个环境中学到的关键技巧 会帮你克难题的 哪怕是在一个完全不一样的环境中In the bed lands of South Dakota where the earth literally slips away from under your feet,ice climbing techniques become key.在南达科塔的土地 脚下的沙土不停的滑落 冰上行走的技巧 就是关键了Look, I actually use a bit of this dead bush to make myself bit of, uh,ice axes.我折了一些 枯死的灌木条 给我自己做一个冰斧Now then,its gonna do as an axe,put in and pull off.现在这样就 可以当作斧子用了 嵌入 拔出One more those and theyll help me get out of this place.Look, this is working quite nicely.再做一个 就可以让我离开这个地方了 看 这个用起来 非常顺手And I know they would be the precious ice axes in the world.我觉得这简直就是 世界上最好的冰斧But at the moment,Im doing the job Wherever you find yourself in the world,someone will be there before you.但是这个时候 我还是爬上去再说 无论你去哪儿 总有人先你一步Definitely an old mine it looks long since abandoned.显然是一个旧矿址 看起来 已经荒废很久了The people might be long gone and what they leave behind could be your saving grace.这里的人已经走了 他们留下的东西 会很有用的Now that can use Opened car tyr. Cut it into stripe and cord it using for spring snares. so I can take that with me.这个可以派上用场 一个车轮胎 切成条状 用作绳索 也可以用作弹簧陷阱 我要带走这个And see what else we can find here.看看还能找到什么201605/442452河南附属医院激光祛太田痣多少钱 许昌市人民医院打玻尿酸多少钱

河南中医学院第一附属医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱I have a cat. Her name is Cameo, shes adorable, and recently she peed inside of a potted plant.我有一只叫Cameo的喵,她非常可爱,最近她总去盆栽里嘘嘘。But can you imagine how amazing it would be if she could roar… while peeing inside of a potted plant?但是你能想象她一边在盆栽里嘘嘘一边嘶吼的场景么?Shed be like, ;give me some treats; and then like ferocious roar... it would be so cute!就像是说,“我要小鱼干”,然后开始嘶吼...那一定会非常可爱吧!But domestic cats cant roar. Only four species in the cat family can: lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars.但是家猫可不会嘶吼。只有四种猫科动物可以:狮子、老虎、豹子和美洲虎。Heres the weird thing, though: zoologists are pretty sure those four species of cats cant purr.不可思议的是,动物学家非常确信,这四种猫科动物不会发出呜呜声。So even though my cat cant roar, the reason probably has a lot to do with the things in her throat that let her purr.所以尽管我的喵不会嘶吼,但是她可以发出呜呜声,这一定与她喉咙里的某些东西有关。Now, we still arent - this is amazing - totally sure how cats purr.如今,我们依然无法确信猫是如何发出呜呜声的。Theres no, like, ;purr box; that we can locate in a cat,并没有“呜呜箱”这种东西能够用于定位一只猫,and no ones ever stuck a purring cat in an MRI to find out exactly whats happening.也从来没有人能够在MRI中困住一只猫,乖乖的让我们检查其中奥秘。But weve known for a while that it probably involves the larynx, aka the voice box.但是我们一直都知道,这可能与喉(也称喉头)有关。Back in 1834, a British zoologist named Richard Owen noticed that 1834年,一位名叫理查德·欧文的英国动物学家发现there was an anatomical difference between the cat species that purred and the ones that roared会呜呜的猫和会嘶吼的猫有结构上的差异:roaring cats had a more flexible hyoid.嘶吼猫类有着更加灵活的舌骨。The hyoid is a structure that supports the tongue and larynx. In humans, its horseshoe-shaped.舌骨是撑舌头和和喉头的一个构造。人类的舌骨是马蹄状的。Its basically the first bone under your chin in the front of your neck,舌骨基本上是位于你脖子上边,下巴底下的第一块骨头,although, you shouldnt be able to feel it from the outside, so maybe dont go squeezing up around in there.虽然,你可能从外边摸不到它,但是也不要挤压它。On the murder shows, its how they know people called strangled when they got killed.在仿谋杀秀上,他们正是通过这一点来判断死者是被勒死的。Theyre always like, ;the hyoid is broken! Thats how we know that the murder was the squeezy neck kind.;他们通常都会说,“死者舌骨破裂!是被勒死的,这是谋杀案。”In cats, the hyoid is more of a hook that hangs down and connects the back of the skull to the front of the larynx and the base of the tongue.对于猫科动物来说,舌骨是钩挂和连接背骨与前部喉头的吊钩,位于舌根部。In most species of cat, including the domestic cat, the hyoid bone is very … bony.大多数猫科动物包括家猫,它们的舌骨非常...瘦窄。Its said to be completely ossified, meaning that its fully hardened bone.据说也非常僵硬,这就意味着它们的舌骨是完全坚硬的骨头。And all of the cats that have a completely ossified hyoid can purr, but dont roar.所有拥有僵硬舌骨的猫都能发出呜呜声,而无法嘶吼。The cats that do roar dont have a fully ossified hyoid, meaning that it hasnt fully hardened into bone, so its a lot more flexible.会嘶吼的猫都没有僵硬的舌骨,这意味着它们的舌骨还没有完全硬化成骨头,因此更加灵活。The tissue is more like the ligaments that normally connect bones to each other.组织就像是韧带,通常连接着每块骨头。Owen thought that flexibility was the key to roaring.欧文认为灵活性是嘶吼的关键。Roaring is a low, deep, resonant sound, so cats need long vocal folds to do it, just like people with longer vocal folds have deeper voices.嘶吼是一种低沉而洪亮的声音,因此猫科动物需要很长的声襞才能嘶吼,就像有着更长声襞的人类,他们的声音更加低沉。And Owen figured a more flexible hyoid was what let a cats vocal folds stretch enough for them to roar.欧文发现更加灵活的舌骨使得猫科动物能充满伸展它们的声襞并发出嘶吼声。For a long time, pretty much everyone agreed with this idea.一直以来,相当多的人都同意这个观点。They also assumed that hardened, bony hyoids were the reason why all the species of cat that couldnt roar could purr.他们也假定坚硬和瘦窄是解释所有种类的猫能发出呜呜声而无法嘶吼的原因。But there is one exception: the snow leopard.但是也有例外:雪豹。Snow leopards dont have a fully hardened hyoid — they have the more flexible kind that lions do. But they cant roar.雪豹的舌骨并非完全坚硬——它们和狮子一样拥有灵活的舌骨。但是它们却不会嘶吼。And even though weve known about the snow leopard exception since at least 1916, scientists didnt really question the hyoid idea until the late 1980s.尽管我们至少在1916年就知道雪豹这个例外,但是直至1980年代末,科学家也没有真正质疑过舌骨概念。That was when researchers realized that there is another difference between cats that can roar and cats that cant:从那时开始,研究者才意识到会呜呜和会嘶吼的猫科动物之中还存在其他差异:roaring cats have thick pads of tissue on their vocal folds.嘶吼猫科动物的声襞中的衬垫组织较厚。The pads make their vocal folds longer and heavier, which allows them to vibrate more slowly and make a lower-pitched sound.衬垫使得它们的声襞更长、更重,让它们可以缓慢的颤动并发出更加低频的声音。Only lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars have these pads, with no exceptions — not even snow leopards. So roaring isnt entirely about the hyoid bone.只有狮子、老虎、豹子和美洲虎才拥有这种衬垫,无一例外——就连雪豹也是。所以,嘶吼并不仅仅与舌骨相关。Sure, the extra flexibility might help, but they also need that extra tissue that our domestic cat friends dont have.当然,额外的灵活性或许也有帮助,但是它们也需要额外的组织,而这些是家猫所没有的。These pads also help explain why cats that roar cant purr. When cats purr, they vibrate their vocal folds about 26 times per second.这种衬垫也能够解释会嘶吼的猫科为何不会呜呜。但猫呜呜时,它们的声襞每秒颤动26次。There seems to be some mechanism in their brains that controls the vibrations.似乎在它们的大脑中存在一些机理以控制颤动。As they inhale and exhale, the vocal folds open and close, which is what makes the purring sound.当它们吸气呼气时,声襞的张合使它们发出呜呜声。Its like how you can make that motorboat sound by vibrating your lips, except they do it inside of them with their vocal folds.就像是,你可以通过唇部发出类似托艇的声音,而它们是用它们的声襞在内部发声。But the extra padding that allows lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars to roar would dampen the constant vibrations that theyd need to purr.但是额外的衬垫能够让老虎、狮子、豹子和美洲虎嘶吼,却抑制了声襞的连续颤动使它们无法发出呜呜声。The females of those species do make purring-like noises when theyre in heat,这些种类的雌性确实可以发出呜呜声——像是遭受炎热时发出的声音,but those noises dont seem to be quite the same as true purring. Theyre closer to a growl.但是这些声音和真正的呜呜声还不太一样。它们更像是咆哮。So, my cat cant roar because her vocal folds just arent shaped for it.所以,我的喵无法嘶吼,因为她的声襞不允许。But she can purr, and thats pretty dang cute and I like it.但是她会呜呜,真是太TM可爱啦,我喜欢。Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow, and thanks to Patreon patron Janet Neidlinger for asking about how cats purr!谢谢观看这一期的科学秀,谢谢Patreon 赞助人 Janet Neidlinger关于猫如何发出呜呜声的提问!If youre curious about why cats purr in the first place, check out our where I explain that its not necessarily because theyre happy.对为什么猫会呜呜好奇?请点击我们的视频,我们能够为您解答——没必要解释太多,因为她们开心。201706/515523 栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201609/460646郑州大学附属医院祛痘价钱费用郑州人民医院做去疤手术价钱费用

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