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Reduce the time for outdoor activities,减少户外活动时间, /201003/99349How would you react if you were approached on the street and handed an envelope filled with money? No seeming rhyme nor reason.若你走在大街上,有陌生人莫名其妙地凑过来递给你一个装着钱的信封,你会作何反应?;You are lucky,; you are told. But with this luck comes a responsibility: that you promise to do something good with it.;你是幸运儿,;那人这样告诉你。但与这份幸运随之而来的还有一份责任:你要承诺用这些钱做些善事。An anonymous millionaire is currently putting people to the test by handing out pound;1,000 to those he randomly encounters. The Sunday Telegraph spent the day with him whilst he paced the streets of London hunting for 10 lucky recipients.英国一位不愿透露姓名的富翁正在当街考验人们,将1000英镑送给他随机碰到的人。英国《星期日电讯报》用一天时间对他贴身采访,见了他如何在伦敦的大街小巷寻找10名幸运;者;。The reactions were varied, from the stunned to the suspicious to the simply delighted.面对;飞来横财;,人们的反应或惊讶、或疑惑、或欣喜。He has given away close to pound;100,000 to people he has met around the world. He hands those that he chooses a sleek card explaining his project and allows them 48 hours to get in touch. Sometimes he adds in a treasure hunt for extra entertainment and leaves the invites hidden in bookshops or landmarks and sends clues out from his Twitter account.这位富翁已向他在世界各地遇到的人们送出将近10万英镑。选中目标后,他会交给对方一张精美卡片,上面解释了他的项目,并要求对方在48小时内与他联系。有时为了让项目变得更加有趣,他不把钱直接给对方,而是采用;寻宝游戏;的手法,将卡片藏在书店里或地标处,然后用他的推特账户向;幸运儿;发送;寻宝;提示,让对方去找。;Mr Lucky; is from London, in his late thirties, with dishevelled hair and appeared wearing rolled-up jeans, high-top trainers and with a camera slung around his neck. He earned his fortune working for an insurance company abroad and resigned last year having realised he had more money than he knew what to do with.;幸运先生;来自伦敦,年龄在35岁至40岁之间,头发乱蓬蓬,常穿着裤管卷起的牛仔裤和高帮运动鞋,脖子上挂着部相机。他先前在国外一家保险公司工作,挣了大钱,去年辞职后,突然发现自己拥有的钱多得自己都不知道怎么花才好。;I booked myself a flight into space, I thought I#39;d fulfil that childhood dream. Then I told my friends and when the conversation changed, as it inevitably does, to what they would do if they had that amount of money I felt embarrassed.;我预定了一次太空旅游,我本来想用这些钱实现儿时的梦想。然后我把这件事告诉了朋友们,聊着聊着,很自然地聊到他们如果有这么多钱,会干些什么。他们让我觉得很汗颜。;;Their ideas were much more generous, interesting and responsible than mine.;;他们的想法远比我的更慷慨、更有趣、更富责任感。;After cancelling his space flight and struggling to choose a worthy cause for his cash, he decided to set up the WeAreLucky project.那次聊天后,;幸运先生;取消了太空旅游,尽心为他的钱选择了一项崇高事业,并决定设立;我们走运;项目。;I didn#39;t want to just pass on my luck, I also wanted to share the responsibility. I decided to give away pound;1,000 every day. All I#39;d ask is that they#39;d do something positive with the cash. I#39;d take their picture and ask them to fill a brief questionnaire with their hopes and intentions for the money.;;我想要的不只是传递我的幸运,还要跟大家分享责任。我决定每天派发1000英镑。我所要求的全部就是得到钱的人必须用它做些积极的事。我会给他们拍照,让他们填一个简单问卷,以了解他们的愿望和对这笔钱的打算。;But is handing over the responsibility to others, really the responsible thing to do? How does he know the money will be put to good use? ;I don#39;t,; he shrugged. ;I leave it to them. I#39;m not going to judge or start checking up on them. Sometimes you have to just believe in people,; he said with almost child-like enthusiasm.但将责任传递给别人真的是负责任的做法吗?这位;幸运先生;又如何得知得到钱的人的确用它做了善事?;我无从得知,;他耸耸肩说,;我只是把钱留给他们看着办。我不会去评判或是开始检查他们对这笔钱的用途。有时你只需去相信别人。;说这话时他带着孩童般的热忱。 /201207/189680

Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr. (born August 14, 1959) is a retired American professional basketball player who was a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). After winning championships in high school and college, Johnson was selected first overall in the 1979 NBA Draft by the Lakers. He won a championship and an NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award in his rookie season, and won four more championships with the Lakers during the 1980s. Johnson retired abruptly in 1991 after announcing that he had HIV, but returned to play in the 1992 All-Star Game, winning the All-Star MVP Award. After protests from his fellow players, he retired again for four years, but returned in 1996 to play 32 games for the Lakers before retiring for the third and final time.“魔术师”约翰逊,(生于1959年8月14日)是一名已退休的美国职业篮球运动员,他在洛杉矶湖人队的位置是得分后卫 。赢得高中和大学冠军后,约翰逊在1979年NBA第一次全面选秀大会上被湖人选中。在新秀赛季,他赢得了总冠军并且拿到了NBA总决赛最有价值球员奖,然后在上世纪80年代为湖人赢得了四次冠军。约翰逊在1991年退休后,突然宣布他已感染艾滋病毒,但在1992年的全明星赛他又回到了赛场,并赢得了全明星赛最有价值球员奖。在他的同伴们的建议下,他又退休了四年,但1996年在他第三次退役前,约翰逊再次返回赛场且为湖人打了32场比赛,而这次也成为他职业生涯中最后一次退役。 /200908/81323

  When he was appointed chief financial officer of the Walt Disney Co. (DIS) at age 31, he was the youngest CFO in Fortune 500 history. When he became CEO of Starwood Hotels (HOT) in 1998, he was one of the first black Fortune 500 chiefs. Richard Nanula later became CFO of drug giant Amgen (AMGN) and served on the board of Boeing (BA).理查德#8226;纳努拉在31岁的时候被任命为迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Co.)首席财务官,成为《财富》美国500强(Fortune 500)历史上最年轻的CFO。1998年,纳努拉担任喜达屋酒店集团(Starwood Hotels)CEO,是《财富》美国500强中第一位黑人执行官。后来,理查德#8226;纳努拉又担任过医药巨头安进公司(Amgen)的CFO,而且还是波音公司(Boeing)的董事会成员。Now the corporate golden-boy#39;s career is in tatters. A Los Angeles Times story this past Sunday charges that Nanula, posing as a porn star called ;Mr. Rich,; taped himself having sex with adult film actresses. The story followed up on explicit photos posted on a website called Thedirty.com.可如今,这位企业界的金童却落得一个名誉扫地的境况。上周日,《洛杉矶时报》(Los Angeles Times)的一篇文章披露,纳努拉假装成一位名为“Mr. Rich”的色情明星,录下了自己与女演员发生性关系的过程。文章中还配有在一家名为Thedirty.com的网站上发布的露骨的照片。According to the LA Times story, the fateful entanglements, along with a sexual harassment charge, led Nanula, 53, to resign in July from private equity firm Colony Capital and the Miramax film company, where he was chairman.据文章披露,致命的桃色关系,以及性骚扰指控,迫使纳努拉在七月份辞去了私募股权公司柯罗尼资本集团(Colony Capital)与米拉麦克斯电影公司(Miramax,纳努拉担任该公司董事长)的职务。I knew Nanula back when he was at his height of success. And ironically, he was known as an extraordinarily cautious and conservative businessman. As CFO of Disney, his main role was to be a critical and reliable ;No; man to then-CEO Michael Eisner. ;You can hold back the bridle of a fast horse more easily than you can get a dead horse to move,; Eisner once told me. ;I liked having Richard say, #39;No, we shouldn#39;t do that. Stop. It#39;s irresponsible.#39;;笔者认识纳努拉的时候,他正处于事业的巅峰。颇具讽刺意味的是,他以格外谨慎和保守而著称。身为迪士尼公司的CFO,他的主要任务是对时任CEO迈克尔#8226;艾斯纳的决策提出质疑,并因此被称作是一位关键和可靠的“质疑者”。艾斯纳曾对笔者说过:“勒住一匹快马的缰绳,要比让死马跑起来容易得多。我喜欢有理查德对我说:‘不,我们不能那么干。停。那么干不负责任。’”Nanula was key to Disney#39;s success in the #39;90s. When EuroDisney was sucking billions of capital, the young Nanula negotiated with Saudi Arabia#39;s Prince Alwaleed bin Talal bin Abdul Aziz Alsaud to help save Paris#39;s version of Disneyland from bankruptcy. Actually, Nanula was so cautious that he discouraged Eisner from buying a TV network—which Eisner went ahead and did, acquiring A in a billion deal in 1995. That purchase brought Disney ESPN and turned out to be a very wise investment.对于迪士尼在上世纪90年代的成功,纳努拉居功至伟。当时,欧洲迪士尼乐园耗费了数十亿美元资金,年轻的纳努拉经过与沙特阿拉伯王子阿尔瓦利德#8226;本#8226;塔拉勒磋商,说他帮助巴黎迪士尼乐园免于破产。实际上,纳努拉非常谨慎,他甚至反对艾斯纳收购一家电视网络。1995年,艾斯纳还是坚持己见,以190亿美元收购了美国广播公司(A)。此次交易为迪士尼带来了ESPN,事实明这是一笔非常明智的投资。Nanula went on to head Disney Stores and was on the company#39;s fast track for 12 years before his best friend from Harvard Business School, Barry Sternlicht, wooed him away to run Starwood Hotels and Resorts. ;I wanted to kill him,; Eisner told me about Nanula#39;s departure in 1998. ;I was aggravated and personally hurt.; Eisner gave Nanula his blessing, however, since Starwood—Sternicht#39;s patched-together hotel empire, following a hard-fought takeover battle for ITT-Sheraton --was ;a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; to lead a Fortune 500 company.之后,纳努拉曾负责迪士尼商店(Disney Stores),在公司的12年间可谓平步青云,直到他在哈佛商学院(Harvard Business School)时最好的朋友巴里#8226;斯坦里克将他挖走,前去运营喜达屋酒店及度假村集团。谈到1998年纳努拉离职一事时,艾斯纳说:“我真想杀了他。我深受刺激,从个人情感方面来说,我也受到了伤害。”不过,艾斯纳还是送上他对纳努拉的祝福,毕竟,跳槽到喜达屋是一个千载难逢的领导《财富》500强公司的机会。经过激烈的ITT喜来登(ITT-Sheraton)收购大战,斯坦里克将喜达屋整合成一个酒店帝国。At Starwood, the golden boy#39;s success began to unravel. Nanula, calm and self-possessed, and Sternlicht, who is intense and impetuous, couldn#39;t stand working with each other. They veered toward divorce corporate-style. That is the title of my 1999 Fortune story about their time at Starwood. Nanula quit the day the Fortune story came out. The two men, who had once been in each other#39;s weddings and had gone on family vacations and trips to the Super Bowl together, didn#39;t talk until they ran into each other years later.不过,在喜达屋,金童纳努拉未能延续自己的成功。沉着冷静的纳努拉与热情莽撞的斯坦里克在工作中很难相处。两人坚持两种不同的经营风格。1999年,笔者为《财富》杂志撰文,讲述了他们在喜达屋的经历。杂志出版当天,纳努拉从公司辞职。两人曾参加过彼此的婚礼,两家还曾一起度假,观看超级碗(Super Bowl)比赛,但从纳努拉辞职之后,两人之间便再无往来,直到多年以后两人不期而遇,才打破了两人之间的沉默。Nanula never got back on the fast track. Dismissing Eisner#39;s invitation to go back to Disney, he briefly ran an Internet startup, Broadband Sports, whose investors included Michael Dell (DELL) and former Viacom (VIA) CEO Frank Biondi. The firm went bust a year or so after Nanula joined. His tenure as CFO of Amgen lasted six years but ended with controversy over late public disclosure of disappointing drug-study results.之后,纳努拉的事业一直不顺利。拒绝艾斯纳邀请重回迪士尼的好意之后,他加入了一家互联网公司Broadband Sports,后者的投资人包括迈克尔#8226;戴尔和前维亚康姆(Viacom)CEO弗兰克#8226;比安迪。纳努拉加入后一年左右,公司便宣告破产。他在安进公司担任了六年CFO,然而最终在一片争议中告终,因为他未能及时向公众披露令人失望的药物研究结果。At Los Angeles-based Colony Capital since 2008, Nanula was viewed as a smooth and astute businessman who operated below the radar. As chairman of Miramax, which Colony acquired from Disney in 2010, he was trying to restore the film studio to the stature it had when it was run by the prolific Weinstein brothers.纳努拉在2008年加入洛杉矶柯罗尼资本集团,在这里他被认为是一个低调精明的商人。作为米拉麦克斯(2010年被柯罗尼资本从迪士尼手中收购)董事长,他一直希望,这家电影制片厂能够恢复到由多产的温斯坦兄弟运营时的地位。There has always been a bit of mystery to Richard Nanula. The son of an Italian father and an African-American mother, he once told me that his parents#39; divorce when he was six years old was very hard on him—and his way of handling their breakup was to make things seem just fine. That#39;s how Nanula handled most hardships in his life. Today, Nanula has little chance to fulfill the high expectations that so many people once had of him. He didn#39;t respond to an email that I sent to his personal account or to a voicemail left at his home.理查德#8226;纳努拉身上总是带有一丝神秘。纳努拉的父亲是意大利人,母亲是非洲裔美国人。他曾对笔者称,在他六岁的时候,父母离婚让他很难接受——而他处理家庭破裂的方式便是让一切看起来很好。这也是纳努拉处理人生中大多数难题的方法。如今,纳努拉已经没有机会兑现人们对他的高期望值。笔者曾给他的个人邮箱和他家里的语音信箱发过电子邮件,均未收到回复。 /201309/256173

  He Qiangcheng, 22, a senior and geology major from Sichuan Normal University, has almost given up trying to act like his childhood hero, Lei Feng.22岁的何强成(音译)是四川师范大学地理专业的一名大四学生,他几乎已经放弃以儿时的英雄;;雷锋为榜样了。;I once tried to help a woman with heavy luggage, and she gave me a suspicious look,; he complains.他抱怨说:;有一次我想帮一位女士提她那个重重的行李箱,但却招致怀疑的目光。;;Then another time, when I returned a lost dining card to the canteen, the staff asked me to use up the cash on it rather than bothering to find the owner.;;还有一次,当我把拾到的饭卡还给食堂时,工作人员竟然让我把里面的钱花了,不必费心去寻找失主。;But, despite having met with rejections, He still wants to be like his idol.但尽管屡遭拒绝,何强成还是希望成为像心中偶像那样的人。His hero, Lei Feng, was a People#39;s Liberation Army soldier who came to represent altruism, modesty and devotion.他心中的英雄雷锋是一名喜欢助人为乐,具有谦虚品质和奉献精神的解放军战士。March 5 will mark the 50th year of Lei#39;s death. In 1963, Chairman Mao Zedong designated the day as ;Learn From Lei Feng Day; and started a national campaign for people to copy his deeds.今年3月5日是雷锋逝世50周年纪念日。1963年,毛主席宣布这天为;学雷锋日;,从而掀起一场全民学习雷锋事迹的运动热潮。Several decades after the campaign was initiated, there has been a debate about whether the spirit of Lei lives on, and whether an altruistic role model is relevant anymore in a materialist society.此后的几十年间,一直存在这样一种争论:在物质社会中,雷锋精神是否长存?这种无私楷模的形象是否还有价值?Some think it no longer rings a bell. ;In a world when everyone emphasizes the importance of #39;me#39;, many of my peers think there#39;s little ground for giving up one#39;s interests purely for the sake of others,; says Lin Zi#39;en, 19, a sophomore English major from South China Normal University in Guangdong.有些人认为雷锋精神已经过时。华南师范大学英语专业大二学生、19岁的林子恩(音译)说:;现在的社会都很强调lsquo;自我rsquo;意识,我身边许多同伴都觉得没什么理由去完全舍己利他。;Commentators, however, point out those who regarded Lei#39;s spirit as being outdated have misinterpreted its meaning.而人士则指出,那些认为雷锋精神过时的人其实是误解了其真正的意义。Yang Haibin, deputy secretary of China Communist Youth League Beijing Committee said: ;learning from Lei Feng could be a mutually caring and benefiting act, which is the basis of civilized society. ;共青团北京市委副书记杨海滨表示:;学习雷锋可以是一种相互关心,彼此受益的行为,是文明社会的基础。;And, Lei#39;s spirit can be modern and relevant, says Yang. He believes that lending a helping hand for no reward is an early form of volunteering.同时,杨海滨认为,雷锋精神具备与时俱进的特点且意义重大,这种无私助人的行为是志愿者行为的早期形式。;It#39;s also about being content with a simple and humble way of life,; Yang says.他还表示:;这也是对于简单且谦逊的生活方式所产生的一种满足感。;Hu Danhua, 21, an international business major from China University of Political Science and Law, agrees. ;I#39;ve gained peace of mind and spiritual fulfillment through small acts of kindness, such as teaching village pupils. I could obtain it from nowhere else,; Hu says.就读于中国政法大学国际贸易专业、21岁的胡丹华(音译)对此表示认同:;通过山村教这样的一些小小善举,我收获了心灵的宁静以及精神上的成就感。这是我从其他地方收获不来的。;In a society with material abundance but a lack of moral fiber, it seems hard to cherish the Lei Feng spirit.在一个物欲横流却缺乏道德品行的社会里,我们似乎很难去珍视;雷锋精神;。Reports of passers-by hesitating to help people in need are shocking. Cases in which good Samaritans have landed in trouble are well publicized.当人们需要帮助时,路人都为是否出手而犹豫不决,此类报道令人震惊。见义勇为者遭遇大麻烦的案例被广为传播。But Liu Jifeng, director of the military high technology training department at the National University of Defense Technology, says it is important to help others as much as you can. ;If everyone turns a blind eye to the bad side, our whole social system will be in danger,; Liu says.但国防科技大学军事高科技培训部主任刘戟锋认为,尽最大力量去帮助他人,这十分重要。刘戟锋说:;如果每个人都对阴暗面视而不见的话,我们的整个社会都将处于危险之中。;As Lei Feng#39;s anniversary draws near, his spirit has been promoted in a more approachable way.随着雷锋纪念日的邻近,各界开始采用一种更为大众接受的方式来推广雷锋精神。Guangdong provincial government has updated its campaign slogan from ;sacrificing yourself to benefit others; to ;doing each other a favor;.广东省政府将他们的活动口号由原来的;舍己为人;改为;互相帮助。;In Changsha, Hunan, the hometown of Lei Feng, the slogan is ;doing my duty;.雷锋的故乡湖南长沙市的活动口号则是;这是我应该做的;。Lei#39;s followers among the post-80s and 90s generation regard these moves as humanizing the role model.雷锋精神的80后、90后追随者将这一切视为让雷锋楷模更人性化的举动。They#39;re encouraged to develop their unique interpretation and ways of sping goodwill.他们被提倡以他们独特的方式诠释善意、传播善举。For instance, Shan Haiping, 19, a freshman English major from Zhejiang Ocean University, believes the spirit means guarding one#39;s principles.例如,浙江海洋学院英语专业大一新生、19岁的单海萍(音译)就坚信雷锋精神就是坚守自己的行事原则。;It#39;s about doing things you feel worthwhile,; she said.;做那些你认为值得的事。;单海萍如是说。Hu Zhongping, professor of education in South China Normal University, says Lei Feng#39;s spirit teaches us to be a good person, who contributes to society.华南师范大学教授胡中平(音译)认为,雷锋精神教导我们要做对社会有贡献的好人。;It#39;s all about encouraging those who are self-centered to think from other people#39;s perspectives as well,; Hu says.胡中平表示:;雷锋精神可以鼓励那些以自我为中心的人更多地去站在别人角度思考问题。; /201203/173062。


  As President of the ed States, Barack Obama is usually the centre of attention wherever he goes.作为美国的现任总统,奥巴马所到之处通常都是众人瞩目的焦点所在。But when he paid an impromptu visit to a Christian school in Florida, one little boy managed to steal the scene in style.不过近日在他临时造访佛罗里达州一所基督教小学时,一位小男孩却在与总统的合影中成功抢镜。The amorous youngster was pictured in the background of Obama#39;s photo-op planting a kiss on the cheek of a classmate, and the image is fast becoming one of the most popular of the presidential campaign so far.在现场拍摄的照片中,坐在背景最后一排的可爱小男孩被拍到亲吻身旁一名女同学的面颊,该画面立即成为美国总统选举活动以来最受欢迎的照片之一。The charming moment took place at Daughter of Zion Junior School in Delray Beach, Florida on Tuesday.这样可爱的一幕拍摄于周二,地点是在弗洛里达州东南部城市德尔雷比奇的Daughter of Zion 小学。Students from the private Christian school had gathered outside to wave to Obama#39;s motorcade as it passed - so the President decided to stop and pose for a photograph with his young fans.当奥巴马的车队路过这所私立的基督教小学时,学生们都聚在学校外朝总统挥手,所以奥巴马临时决定停车和这些可爱的孩子们拍张照片。But as the picture was being set up, a boy in the back row turned to girl sitting next to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek.不过在拍好的照片中我们可以看到,坐在最后排的小男孩转向他旁边的女同学,在她的脸颊上亲了一口。It was the Obama campaign which first drew attention to the hilarious photo-bomb, when it tweeted the picture on Tuesday evening.奥巴马的竞选团队首先注意到了这个欢乐的抢镜画面,在周二晚上通过推特发布了这张照片。The picture has since sp around the world, as thousands of people embrace the chance to witness the more human side of the campaign trail.照片迅速地传遍世界,人们也非常乐意有这样的机会,可以看到竞选活动中有更多人性的一面。In fact, the one person who does not seem to have been delighted by the kiss is its recipient. The girl appears shocked by the unwanted attention, and can be seen wiping her face in a shot taken seconds later.实际上唯一不那么开心的可能就是照片中被亲的小女孩。在照片中,小姑娘的表情看起来有点被突如其来的关注惊到了,在随后拍摄的一张照片中,可以看到她擦拭自己的脸颊。A spokesman for the school said they were unfazed by their new-found fame, and were pleased to have hosted Obama.学校的发言人表示对这样突然的名气他们并不觉得困扰,也非常高兴可以招待总统奥巴马。#39;We were just happy to have been with the President,#39; she told MailOnline. #39;We were just happy to have the honour.#39;该女发言人表示:“能够和总统一起,我们真的是非常开心。这是我们的荣幸。” /201210/206111



  Hong Kong#39;s famed population of pink dolphins is dwindling faster than ever, environmentalists say, shrinking 60% in the past decade because of heavy pollution and construction work in the waters they inhabit.香港著名的中华白海豚数量正以前所未有的速度在减少。环保人士说,由于栖息水域污染严重,并受到建筑施工的影响,中华白海豚的数量在过去十年中减少了60%。The city#39;s Chinese white dolphins─popularly known as pink dolphins for their skin#39;s rosy hue─are a beloved tourist attraction. In 1997, the city went so far as to choose a pink dolphin with a smiling face as its official mascot during the former British colony#39;s handover back to Chinese rule.观赏香港中华白海豚(由于它们的皮肤呈粉红色,所以又被称为粉红海豚)是一项深受游客喜爱的旅游项目。1997年,前英国殖民地香港回归中华人民共和国时,一条带着微笑的中华白海豚被选为了官方吉祥物,这足以显示香港人民对它的锺爱。Many locals at the time pointed out the irony of selecting a mascot whose ranks were alarmingly small and rapidly shrinking. Now, according to the Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, which has been conducting weekly excursions to monitor the population for years, the city#39;s dolphin population has declined to just 61 last year from 159 in 2003. #39;They#39;re a treasure of our natural heritage,#39; says Samuel Hung, who heads the Dolphin Conservation Society. #39;Their decline indicates the overall health of our marine ecosystem.#39;不过那时就有许多香港人指出,将数量少的惊人、并仍在持续减少的中华白海豚选为吉祥物实在是太讽刺了。如今,根据香港海豚保育学会(Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society)多年来一直进行的每周数量监测显示,香港的海豚数量已经由2003年的159条下降到了2012年的61条。 “它们是自然赐予我们的瑰宝,”海豚保育学会的负责人塞缪尔#8226;洪(Samuel Hung)说, “中华白海豚数量的减少反映了整体海洋生态系统的健康欠佳。”Such a fall in numbers appears to have sped up with the construction of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, which is slated to open in 2016, says Mr. Hung. Other factors threatening the dolphin population include the rise in high-speed ferry traffic to the nearby gambling mecca of Macau, as well as proposed reclamation efforts to expand the city#39;s airport, he says.洪先生说,海豚数量的锐减同即将于2016年通车的“港珠澳大桥”的工程建设有关。洪先生补充道,其它威胁因素还包括,通往附近赌城的高速汽船班次的增加,以及正在商议中的扩建机场新跑道的填海造陆工程。Apart from Hong Kong, Chinese white dolphins are also known to inhabit other waters across the heavily polluted Pearl River Delta. But while the dolphins could try to migrate elsewhere, Mr. Hung says that they should stay put. #39;They aren#39;t going to be better off in Chinese waters,#39; he says. #39;They#39;ll face the same problems.#39;除了香港,中华白海豚还栖息在珠三角的其他水域,这些地方污染也很严重。洪先生说,虽然海豚可以尝试迁移别处,但留在原地是目前最好的选择;他说,“即使离开中国水域,情况也得不到改善,中华白海豚还是会面临同样的(污染)问题。”The issue of pink dolphins#39; decline got an extra burst of attention earlier this spring when one local dolphin-watching tour group spotted a dolphin mother clinging to her dead calf. The mother#39;s struggle to keep the calf#39;s body from sinking were captured on and widely circulated. Mr. Hung says that such incidents aren#39;t surprising, given high rates of local dolphin calf mortality rates. Chinese white dolphins are currently listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as a #39;near threatened#39; species.中华白海豚数量锐减的问题在今年春天得到了格外的关注。一个海豚观赏团看见了一条成年海豚正努力抱住她死去的幼崽。海豚母亲挣扎着不让小海豚的尸体沉没,整个过程被摄像机记录了下来,并广为流传。洪先生说,介于当地幼年海豚的高死亡率,这个画面不足为奇。目前,中华白海豚已经被国际自然保护联盟(International Union for Conservation of Nature)列为“近危”(near threatened)物种。On Wednesday, Hong Kong#39;s environment undersecretary Christine Loh said that like Mr. Hung, she was concerned about the dolphins#39; plight and stressed that the government was working hard on conservation. Ms. Loh said the government implemented a trawling ban last year, which green groups hope will improve local fish stocks and protect Hong Kong#39;s dolphin population. #39;The government is committed to doing everything it can for the dolphins,#39; she said.香港环境部副部长陆恭蕙(Christine Loh)于周三表示,和洪先生一样,她也很关心海豚的困境,她同时强调,政府正在努力实施保护计划。陆女士说,香港政府去年实施了禁止拖网法案,环保团体认为这将改善当地的鱼类种群并保护栖息在香港的海豚。她说,“政府正竭尽全力保护海豚。”She also said it was unclear whether the dolphins were dying off or simply relocating to other parts of the Pearl River Delta. #39;They could have swum off somewhere else,#39; said Ms. Loh, adding that the government needed to do more work with authorities across the border in China to support the population.她还表示,目前尚不清楚海豚究竟是正在灭绝还是只是迁徙到了珠三角的其他水域,陆女士说,“他们可能已经游去别的地方了”。她补充道,香港政府需要同中国内地相关部门通力合作以维持中华白海豚的数量。 /201307/246077。




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