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2019年06月25日 22:45:14 | 作者:新华活动 | 来源:新华社
The global economic financial crisis has reignited public interest全球金融危机让人们对早在亚当·斯密时代in something thats actually one of the oldest questions in economics, dating back to at least before Adam Smith.就被提出的一个古老的经济学问题重新产生了兴趣:And that is, why is it that countries with seemingly similar economies and institutions can display radically different savings behavior?“为什么经济规模和政治体制看起来相似的国家之间,国民的储蓄习惯差别如此之大?”Now, many brilliant economists have spent their entire lives working on this question,已经有很多经济学大师花毕生精力研究了这个问题,and as a field weve made a tremendous amount of headway and we understand a lot about this.取得了很大的进展,我们对这个问题也有了很深的认识。What Im here to talk with you about today is an intriguing new hypothesis我今天要跟大家分享的是一个很有意思的假说,and some surprisingly powerful new findings that Ive been working on我研究了人们说的语言的(语法)结构about the link between the structure of the language you speak and how you find yourself with the propensity to save.和他们的存钱习惯之间的关系,并得到了一些意外的新发现。Let me tell you a little bit about savings rates, a little bit about language, and then Ill draw that connection.我们先介绍国民储蓄比率,再介绍语言差别,然后我们把这两者联系起来。Lets start by thinking about the member countries of the OECD, or the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development.我们从OECD国家开始考虑,OECD即“经济合作与发展组织”。OECD countries, by and large, you should think about these as the richest, most industrialized countries in the world.基本上OECD包含的都是世界上最富有的工业化国家。And by joining the OECD, they were affirming a common commitment to democracy, open markets and free trade.而且加入OECD组织的国家都需要符合民主政府、开放市场和自由贸易等要求。Despite all of these similarities, we see huge differences in savings behavior.虽然这些国家都是很相似的,但是他们的存储行为差别很大。So all the way over on the left of this graph,看这张图的左边,what you see is many OECD countries saving over a quarter of their GDP every year,你会看到多数OECD成员国年储蓄率超过GDP的1/4,and some OECD countries saving over a third of their GDP per year.而部分成员国的年储蓄率达到了GDP的1/3。201703/495409

电影学口语 Lesson 2:First meeting【精片断】剪辑自lt; Stuart Littlegt;一家之鼠Mr. And Mrs. Little are adopting(收养) a younger brother for George, but they met Stuart.Mrs. Little: Oh, Frederick, look at them. How could we possibly…Mr. Little: Choose? I know. They are all…Mrs. Little: Wonderful.Stuart: You know what’s wonderful? What’s wonderful is how you both know what the other one is gonna say before you even say it. Not that it’s any of my business.Mr. Little: Yes, that happens when you ’ve been together as long as we have.Mrs. Little: From being a family.Stuart: Family, wow. Well, for a family, you’ve certainly come to the right place. I think we can find just what you are looking for. If you want a girl, Susan can French and Edith can tap (轻叩,轻拍)dance while blowing bubbles(泡沫). Or maybe you wanted a boy.Mr. Little: Actually, I think we were leaning towards a boy.Stuart: Well, in that case, Benny can do handstands(手倒立) and Andy can run 100 yards faster than you can say, “Ready, set, go. (各就位,预备,跑!)”Mrs. Little: You certainly know a lot about everyone.Stuart: That’s what happens when you’ve been here as long as I have. Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to adopt someone like me.Mrs. Little: You shouldn’t worry about choosing. It happens the same way every time. First, you won’t know what to do. You’ll be a bit scared(恐惧的). Then you will meet one of them. You’ll talk to him. Somehow, You just know.【口语财富】1. Not that it’s any of my business. 那与我无关。2. You’ve certainly come to the right place. 你们算是来对地方了。3. Benny can do handstands. 本尼会做手倒立。4. Ready, set, go. 各就位,预备,跑!5. It happens the same way every time. 每次都是如此。 /200604/6474

017 shopping Words Supermarket department store corner shop mon‘n’pop shop Credit card cash customer selection good purchase discount bargain shelves Clerk special offer two-for-one window shopping pharmacy grocer’s butcher’s online shopping Catalogue shop assistant cash desk Phrases Try on clothes Pay in cash Bargain over prices Pay by credit card Hunt for a bargain Shop online Find the right size Use a coupon Beginner A: are you y to go shopping? B: just a minute. I need to make a list of thinks that we need. A: good idea. Have you written down potatoes, carrots, and onions? B: I don’t have onions on my list. I’ll add them. We should get some tea. Is green tea ok or should we get the same tea that we usually get? A: let’s get both. We need some coffee too. Is that on your list? B: yes, it is. Here’s my list. Is there anything that I’ve forgotten? A: I think you’ve got everything. I want to got some chocolate and some cheese. B: what kind of cheese do you want. A: I’m not sure. I’ll decide at the cheese counter, when I can see what they have. Have we got enough money? B: we don’t have enough cash, so I’ll take my credit card and we can pay with that. Where are the car keys? A: I’ve got them there. Shall I drive? Intermediate A: do you do a lot of shopping online? B: not really. I like looking on the internet at what’s available, but I usually prefer to actually see and touch what I’m buying before I pay for it. Sometimes, I’ll look at something in a shop, but later buy it online if it’s cheaper. You don’t like buying things online, do you? A: yes. I’m a little worried about security. You never who’s trying to find out your codes and passwords. Aren’t you worry about that? B: not really. I know that it happens, but if you buy from reputable companies with secure websites, you should be ok. Even thought I use online shopping facilities, I don’t think it’s the best way to shop. A: I’m surprised to hear you say that. I thought you loved anything technological. B: I do. I’m a big fan of using new technology, but I don’t want to sit in front of a computer screen all day. I think people need to get out and interact with other people. A: so, how about coming to the department store with me? I want to see if there are any new summer clothes on sale yet. B: sure. I’d love to join you. Can we stop by the computer store? I just want to see if they have something. A: sure. While you’re in the computer store. I will visit the book store opposite. I like to browse through their books if they have anything interesting. B: ok. I’ve finished online. Let’s go. I’ll just get some money and my credit card. A; thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten to get mine /200704/12856

高级英语口语纯外教视频教学[53]【注意:如果视频不清晰,有白色模糊部分,刷新页面重新播放即可】 /200704/11970

美国习惯用语-第89讲:to go to the dogs 美国人总是说:是人的最好的朋友。许多美国人对家里的就像对待家里的人一样好。有钱人还往往会出几千美元去买一只稀有品种的,我们今天要讲的一个俗语就和这种现象有密切关系的:to put on the dog。 To put on the dog就是摆排场给别人看。大概一百多年以前,一些有钱的人往往化很多钱去买一只稀有品种的小来显示自己很有钱。一些阔太太们经常在接待客人的时候把一只小抱在腿上来眩耀自己的阔气。当时耶鲁大学的学生就创造了to put on the dog这一说法来嘲笑那些暴发户。我们来举一个例子吧: 例句-1: "Joe Doak is sure putting on the dog since his rich aunt died and left him 10 million dollars. He's bought the biggest house in town and a Mercedes 600, and talks about buying some riding horses." 这句话的意思是:“乔多克自从他阿姨去世,留给他一千万美元遗产以后,他可真是摆阔气。他买了城里最大的一栋房子,还有一辆奔驰600型号的汽车。他还在说要买几匹马供他骑马玩呢。” 看来有钱的人也不都是那样挥霍的。下面就是一个例子: 例句-2: "I had this friend in the army who was the son of one of the richest men in the country. But what I like about him was that he never put on the dog to show off his money." 这句话的中文意思就是:“我在部队役的时候有个朋友,他的爸爸是美国最有钱的人之一。我很喜欢这个朋友,因为他从来也不眩耀自己多么有钱。” 和to put on the dog意思相反的一个俗语是:to go to the dogs。To go to the dogs这个俗语的意思就是:变得很穷,彻底破落。比如说,在十九世纪的时候,美国西部发现金矿的地区出现了一个又一个新的城镇。许多人到那里去淘金,都想发家致富。可是后来怎么样了呢? 例句-3: "As soon as the gold was all gone, these towns went to the dogs almost overnight. Everybody moved away, and these places are ghost towns now, with the wind whistling through the empty houses and shops.“ 这句话的意思是:“等到金子都淘光了,这些城镇一下子就被人遗弃,彻底完蛋了。那里所有的人都走了,剩下的只有风在吹过空房子和商店的时候发出的沙沙声。” 这是社会变迁造成的结局。但是,人为的结局更加悲惨: 例句-4: "I always thought my friend Pete had a good future. But then he got hooked on heroin and lost his job and his wife--I never saw a man go to the dogs so fast!" 这人说:“我总以为我的朋友皮特是很有前途的。但是后来他吸上了毒品,失去了工作,妻子也走了。我从来没有看到过任何人破落得这么快的!” 我们今天讲了两个俗语,它们是:to put on the dog和to go to the dogs。To put on the dog是摆排场眩耀自己阔气,而to go to the dogs是一败涂地,彻底破落的意思。 /200601/3044

Now, have any of yall ever looked up this word?好,你们中有谁查过这个单词?You know, in a dictionary? Yeah, thats what I thought.用字典?是的,我想也就这个样子。How about this word? Here, Ill show it to you.这个单词呢?看看解释:Lexicography: the practice of compiling dictionaries.Lexicography(字典学):编纂字典的活动。Notice -- were very specific -- that word ;compile.;注意,这是专用的说法,定义里用“编纂”这个词。The dictionary is not carved out of a piece of granite, out of a lump of rock. Its made up of lots of little bits.字典并不是从一大块岩石里凿出的花岗岩,而是由很多的小块小块合起来的。Its little discrete -- thats spelled D-I-S-C-R-E-T-E -- bits. And those bits are words.分离的,英语里边的串法是D-I-S-C-R-E-T-E——小块。我们这里说的小块就是指单词了。Now one of the perks of being a lexicographer --作为字典编纂者的好处--besides getting to come to TED -- is that you get to say really fun words, like lexicographical.除了有机会来 TED演讲以外,就是可以说很有趣的单词,例如,lexicographical,字典编纂学。Lexicographical has this great pattern: its called a double dactyl.这个词有一种很棒的押韵,“扬抑抑格”。And just by saying double dactyl, Ive sent the geek needle all the way into the red.只要说到“扬抑抑格”,古怪指数就可以飙升到红色警戒。But ;lexicographical; is the same pattern as ;higgledy-piggledy.;其实,lexicographical与 ;higgledy-piggledy;(“杂乱无章”的意思)有一样的押韵。Right? Its a fun word to say, and I get to say it a lot.对吧?这个词单发音就很好玩,我常常说它。Now, one of the non-perks of being a lexicographer同时,作为字典编纂者,一个让人郁闷的地方is that people dont usually have a kind of warm, fuzzy, snuggly image of the dictionary.是字典从来没有给人留下一个温暖,舒适的印象。Right? Nobody hugs their dictionaries.对吧?没有人会拥抱他们的字典。But what people really often think about the dictionary is, they think more like this.但是,其实人们通常对字典的看法是这样的。Just to let you know, I do not have a lexicographical whistle.告诉你一件事情,我没有什么纂字哨子,But people think that my job is to let the good words尽管大家认为我的工作是让所谓的好词make that difficult left-hand turn into the dictionary, and keep the bad words out.做一个有难度的左转拐入字典,而把所谓的坏词挡于门外。But the thing is, I dont want to be a traffic cop.问题是,我不想当交通警察。201704/502571

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