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依兰县药流多少钱哈尔滨医院阴道炎And we have a worldwide network of channel partners with whom we are working to jointly implement integrated, multivendor lifecycle solutions.同时康柏还拥有全球范围的渠道合作伙伴网络,康柏正与他们联手推出集成的多厂商终身解决方案。Our goals are to lower customers total cost of ownership and reduce risk by offering service solutions which incorporate industry standards and by driving innovation in service creation, tools and delivery.我们的目标就是向客户提供符合工业标准的务解决方案和不断改进的务、工具和交货期,以降低客户的总体拥有成本和风险。We will also help you achieve your business objectives more rapidly, more cost effectively and with greater predictability.我们还将帮助客户更快速、更有效,以更高的预见性实现企业的目标。Building strong customers relationships also means giving you maximum flexibility in doing business with Compaq - how you want where you want and when you want.建立更密切的客户关系同时也意味着使客户在与康柏合作时拥有更大灵活度--无论您希望以何种方式、在何时何地,都可如愿以偿。With the acquisition of Digital, we now have a world-class team of 10,000 sales and marketing professionals worldwide who work directly with our large customers.完成对DEC的收购之后,我们现在已经拥有了世界一流的员工队伍,我们在世界各地拥有10,000多名销售和业务专业人员直接与大客户合作。We also have the largest network of channel partners in the industry, who offer value-added expertise and solutions.我们也拥有业界最大的渠道合作伙伴网络,可以为客户提供增值技术和解决方案。In addition, Compaq has fundamentally changed its core business model so that we can meet - and exceed - your expectations.此外,康柏已经根本转变了其核心业务模式,这使我们不但能够满足您的需求,而且还将超出您的期望。These changes include new manufacturing methods an optimized supply chain and reduced channel inventories.这些改变包括新的生产模式、一个优化的供应流程以及减少渠道库存。Why is this important to you?为什么这些改变对您至关重要呢?Because it enables us to meet our objective of doing business more efficiently and that means lower product prices and improved product availability.因为这使我们能够实现以更高效率进行运作的目标,同时也可以降低产品价格并提高产品可用性。Last week, for example, we announced a new program called Compaq Built for You in partnership with leading retail chains like CompUSA Office Depot and Computer City. This program allows customers to self-configure a selected group of Compaq PCs in the store. Once the customer has configured the system he wants, the he pays the retailer. All orders are then custom manufactured by Compaq and shipped either directly to the customer or to the retailer. Its your choice.例如,就在上星期,我们与包括Comp USA、Office Depot、Computer City在内的一些主要零售连锁店联合推出了一个称为“Compaq Built for You”的新活动,该活动允许客户在商场内对选定的康柏电脑自行配置。客户可以在配置完电脑之后,再付款给商场。所有的定单均由康柏定制生产,然后直接运给客户,或者发送给分销商。这完全取决于您的选择。As of today, Compaq Built For You is available in about 100 stores. By the end of August, we will be up in 2,000 stores. And by Christmas we will be configuring customers computers in 4,000 stores across the country.到今天为止,“Compaq Built For You”活动已在大约100个商场中全面展开。到八月底,将有2,000个商场加入该活动。到圣诞节,客户将可以在全国4,000多家商场中配置自己的计算机。201311/265992哈尔滨人民医院能取环多少钱 Hi everybody.嗨,大家好。Right now, the ed States Senate is debating a bipartisan, commonsense bill that would be an important step toward fixing our broken immigration system.现在美国的参议院正在就一项代表两党的普遍法案进行讨论。而这一法案是走向修补我们不完善移民体系的重要一步。Its a bill that would continue to strengthen security at our borders,这一法案将继续加强我们的边界安全,and hold employers more accountable if they knowingly hire undocumented workers, 使雇主们了解如果在雇佣没有合法文件的工人时更负责任,so they wont have an unfair advantage over businesses that follow the law.这样他们就不会再具有和遵纪守法的企业相比的不公平优势。Its a bill that would modernize the legal immigration system so that,as we train American workers for the jobs of tomorrow,这一法案将使我们为了明天的工作职位在培训美国工人们时的移民法律体系现代化,we re also attracting the highly skilled entrepreneurs and engineers who grow our economy for everyone.我们还能吸引具有娴熟技术的企业家和工程师们来发展我们的经济造福每个人。Its a bill that would provide a pathway to earned citizenship for the 11 million individuals who are in this country illegally,这一法案将为1100万居住在我国的没有合法文件的个人提供获得公民权的途径,a pathway that includes passing a background check, learning English,而这一途径包括通过背景审查,学习英语,paying taxes and a penalty,缴付税款和罚款,then going to the back of the line behind everyone trying to come here legally.然后等候在希望合法进入我国的每个人之后。And, a few days ago, a report from the Congressional Budget Office definitively showed that this bipartisan,而就在几天前一份来自国会预算委员会的报告清楚表明这一代表两党的普遍法案,commonsense bill will help the middle class grow our economy and shrink our deficits, by making sure that every worker in America plays by the same set of rules and pays taxes like everyone else.它将通过保每一个在美国工作的工人遵守相同法案并且和他人一样付相同的税负帮助中产阶级发展我们的经济,减少我们的赤字。According to this independent report, reforming our immigration system would reduce our deficits by almost a trillion dollars over the next two decades.按照这份独立的报告,改善我们的移民体系将使我们的赤字在未来的20年里减少近万亿美元。And it will boost our economy by more than 5 percent, in part because of businesses created, investments made, and technologies invented by immigrants.它将使我们的经济发展增加5个百分点,部分是由于移民的创业、投资和技术发明所带来的。This comes on the heels of another report from the independent office that monitors Social Securitys finances, which says that this immigration bill would actually strengthen the long-term health and solvency of Social Security for future generations.而来自另一份负责监管社保财政状况的独立委员会的报告表明这一移民法案将为我们的子孙后代加强社保的长期的健康发展及付能力。Because with this bill, millions of additional people will start paying more in taxes for things like Social Security and education.因为有了这一法案,几百万人将开始付更多用于社保和教育的税款。That ll make the economy fairer for middle-class families.这将使经济对中产阶级家庭而言更为公平。So thats what comprehensive immigration reform looks like.这就是综合的移民体系改革的概况。Stronger enforcement.更为强力的执法,A smarter legal immigration system.更为明智的移民法律体系,A pathway to earned citizenship.一条获得公民权的途径。A more vibrant, growing economy thats fairer on the middle class.一种对于中产阶级更加公平,充满活力,持续发展的经济。And a more stable fiscal future for our kids.而且对我们的孩子们而言是更加稳定的财政未来。Now, the bill isnt perfect.然而现在,这个法案还不够完善。Its a compromise.它是一种妥协。Nobody is going to get everything they want-not Democrats, not Republicans, not me.没有一方获得他们希望的一切—民主党人没有,共和党人没有,我也没有。But it s consistent with the principles that I and others have laid out for commonsense reform.它符合我和其他人为这个常识性改革勾画的原则。Thats why Republicans and Democrats, CEOs and labor leaders, are saying that now is the time to pass this bill.这就是为什么共和党人和民主党人们,CEO们和劳工领导人们都表示现在正是通过这一法案的时机。If you agree with us, reach out to your Senators and Representatives.如果你们赞同我们,那么请联系你们的参议员和众议员。Tell them that the time for excuses is over;告诉他们没有时间找借口;its time to fix our broken immigration system once and for all.现在是永久地修补我们的破损的移民体系的时候了。We can do this, because we are a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants;我们可以实现这些,因为我们是一个法治国家,移民国家;a place enriched by the contributions of people from all over the world, and stronger for it.一个世界各地人们富裕的乐土,并且因此而更加强大。Thats been the story of America from the start.美国历史的一开始就是如此。Lets keep it going.让我们继续下去。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快! 201306/245723哈尔滨产前检查

黑龙江省哈尔滨中医院生孩子价格At least since George Washington served as Commander-in-Chief there have been those who warned against foreign entanglements,至少从乔治·华盛顿担任三军统帅以来 美国就一直都在提防国外的缠斗that do not touch directly on our security or economic wellbeing即便这些缠斗不会直接影响我们的安全或经济Today, according to self-described realists conflicts in Syria or Ukraine or the Central African Republic are not ours to solve如今 根据以自我为中心的现实主义者 叙利亚 乌克兰或中非共和国的冲突 并不是我们要解决的And not surprisingly, after costly wars and continuing challenges here at home that view is shared by many Americans毫不奇怪 在经历过代价沉重的战争和国内持续的挑战之后 很多美国人都开始认同了这一观点A different view from interventionists from the left and right says that we ignore these conflicts at our own peril来自左翼和右翼的干涉主义者则持有不同观点 他们认为 忽视这些冲突将置我们于危险之中that Americas willingness to apply force around the world is the ultimate safeguard against chaos美国只有在全世界范围内动用武力 才能最终避免混沌and Americas failure to act in the face of Syrian brutality or Russian provocations在叙利亚暴乱和俄罗斯挑衅的情况下 美国未能动武not only violates our conscience, but invites escalating aggression in the future不仅有违我们的良知还有可能助长未来冲突的升级And each side can point to history to support its claims双方都能援引历史 佐自己的观点But I believe neither view fully speaks to the demands of this moment不过我认为 两种观点都没能切中时代的要求It is absolutely true that in the 21st century American isolationism is not an option毫无疑问 二十一世纪的美国不可能走孤立主义的道路We dont have a choice to ignore what happens beyond our borders忽略境外发生的事情 对美国而言肯定是不可取的If nuclear materials are not secure, that poses a danger to American cities如果不安全处置核材料 美国城市就会受到威胁As the Syrian civil war spills across borders the capacity of battle-hardened extremist groups to come after us only increases随着叙利亚内战跨过国界 战斗技能得到强化的极端主义者只会对我们威胁更大201505/374581方正县妇女儿童医院做药物流产多少钱 Ive always wanted to be a cyborg.我一直想成为一个半机械人。One of my favorite shows as a kid was ;The Six Million Dollar Man,;我小时候最喜欢的电视剧之一是“无敌金刚”,它的造价是六百万美元。and this is a little bit closer to the 240 dollar man or so, but --而这玩意儿的价值挺相近的,大约是240万美元,但是——At at any rate. I would normally feel very self-conscious and geeky wearing this around,不管怎样。而且我经常会感到拘谨,感觉有点儿怪异,穿着这个走来走去,but a few days ago I saw one world-renowned statistician swallowing swords on stage here,嗯,但是呢,今天前我看见一位举世闻名的数据专家在这个舞台上吞剑,so I figure its OK amongst this group.于是我就觉得在这群人里面我还算正常。But thats not what I want to talk about today.但是这不是我今天要谈论的话题。I want to talk about toys, and the power that I see inherent in them.我想要谈玩具,以及我从玩具中发现的天然的威力。When I was a kid, I attended Montessori school up to sixth grade in Atlanta, Georgia.当我还是个小孩的时候,我在大名鼎鼎的蒙特梭利学校读到了六年级。那是在佐治亚州亚特兰大。And at the time I didnt think much about it,那时,我并没有觉得有啥了不起。but then later, I realized that that was the high point of my education.但是后来,我发现那是我教育生涯中的制高点。From that point on, everything else was pretty much downhill.从那以后,一切都江河日下了。And it wasnt until later, as I started making games, that --等到后来,当我开始制作电脑游戏,那时我真的——I really actually think of them more as toys.我把它们当做是玩具。People call me a game designer, but I really think of these things more as toys.人们称我为游戏设计师,但是我却将(我设计的)那些东西当做玩具。But I started getting very interested in Maria Montessori and her methods,我开始对玛利亚·蒙特梭利和她的教育方法and the way she went about things,以及她的处事方式感兴趣。and the way she thought it very valuable for kids to kind of discover things on their own她很重视让孩子们自己去发现,rather than being taught these things overtly.而不是直接明白地向他们灌输这些知识。And she would design these toys, where kids in playing with the toys她会设计一些寓教于乐的玩具,would actually come to understand these deep principles of life and nature through play.使孩子们可以一边玩一边懂得一些有关人生和自然的深刻道理。And since they discovered those things, it really stuck with them so much more,因为这些道理是他们自己发现的,所以他们就会牢牢记住它们,and also they would experience their own failures;而且他们还会经历失败,there was a failure-based aspect to learning there. It was very important.这样他们就会经历挫折教育。这是很重要的。And so, the games that I do, I think of really more as modern Montessori toys.因此,我觉得我所创作的游戏就是蒙特梭利式的玩具的现代翻版。And I really kind of want them to be presented in a way并且我真心希望它们能够帮助小孩们to where kids can kind of explore and discover their own principles.通过自己去探索和发现这个世界的道理。So a few years ago, I actually started getting very interested in the SETI program.于是,几年前,我开始对地外文明探索工程产生了浓厚的兴趣。And thats the way I work.这是我的一种工作方式,I get interested in different kinds of subjects, I dive in,我对各种领域都有兴趣,我潜入其中,I research them, and then I try to figure out how to craft a toy around that,探索研究它,然后想办法做出一种与之相关的游戏,so that other people can kind of experience the same sense of discovery这样其他人就能体验到和我在学习这个课题时as I did as I was learning that subject.所体验过的发现的感觉。And it kind of led me to astrobiology, which is the study of possible life in the universe.于是我遇到了研究宇宙中可能存在的生命的天体生物学。And then Drakes Equation, which is looking at the probability of life arising on planets,然后是德瑞克方程式,大家知道,它关注的是行星上可能产生生命的概率,how long it might last, how many planets are out there, stuff like that.可以维持的时间,以及可能有多少行星,诸如此类And I started looking at how interesting Drakes Equation was,我开始关注这个极其有趣的方程,because it spanned all these different subjects --因为它涉及了各种不同的学科——physics, chemistry, sociology, economics, astronomy.物理、化学、社会学、经济学、天文学。And another thing that really impressed me a long time ago was ;Powers of Ten,; Charles and Ray Eames film.另一个很久以来让我印象深刻的是查尔斯·伊默斯和蕾·伊默斯夫妇的影片《十的次方》And I started putting those two together and wondering,当我把这两者合起来看时,我想到could I build a toy where kids would kind of trip across all these interesting principles of life,我能不能建造一个玩具,使得小孩们可以在生命所有的这些有趣的、as it exists and as it might go in the future.经久不变的规则中穿梭?Things where you might trip across things like the Copernican Principle, the Fermi Paradox,你可能会遇到哥白尼定律、费米佯谬the Anthropic Principle, the origin of life.人择原理、生命起源。And so Im going to show you a toy today that Ive been working on,而我今天要向大家展示的是我正在创作中的一个玩具,that I think of more than anything else as kind of a philosophy toy.我觉得它绝对是一个哲学玩具。In playing this toy, you kind of -- this will bring up philosophical questions in you.当你玩着这个玩具的时候,你就会想到一些哲学的命题。This games called ;Spore.; Ive been working on it for several years.这个游戏的名字叫做“孢子”。我为这个游戏努力了好几年了。Its getting pretty close to finished now.创作已经接近尾声。It occurs at all these different scales, first of all, from very, very small to very, very large.它有不同的场景规模。从极其微小到非常宏大。Im just going to pop in at the start of the game.我将要从最开端来进入这个游戏。201512/418290哈尔滨无痛人流的费用

哈医大附属二院在哪里And originally it was a math problem more or less.最初它差不多只是一个数学问题的游戏。Like, heres the economics of illegal immigration.就像,关于非法移民的经济学问题。And the more I learned about the Mexican culture my partner is Mexican — the more I learned that,之后,随着我学到越来越多的墨西哥文化—我的搭档是墨西哥人—我越来越发现,you know, for all of us, food is a basic need, but,你知道,对于我们所有人来说,食物是基本的需求,and it is obviously with Mexicans too, but its much more than that.当然对墨西哥人也是,但对他们来说食物的含义远不止如此。Its an expression of love. Its an expression of,God, Im totally choking up way more than I thought.食物是爱的表达。它是—上帝,我没想到我会这么哽咽。Ill look away from the picture.我还是先不看这张照片好了。Its an expression of beauty. Its how they say they love you.它是美的表达。这是他们表达他们爱你的方式。Its how they say they care, and you cant hear somebody talk about their Mexican grandmother without saying ;food; in the first sentence.这是他们表达在乎的方式。任何一个墨西哥人谈起他的祖母,第一句中一定会有;食物;。And so to me, this beautiful culture, this beautiful expression is something that I want to capture through games.对我来说,这种美丽的文化,这种美丽的表达方式,正是我想要通过游戏捕捉的东西。And so games, for a change, it changes how we see topics,因此游戏能够带来改变,它改变了我们讨论主题的方式,it changes how our perceptions about those people in topics, and it changes ourselves.它改变了我们对那些主题中人物的看法,它也改变了我们自己。We change as people through games,我们通过玩游戏发生改变,because were involved, and were playing,因为我们既是玩游戏的人,又是游戏的一部分,and were learning as we do so. Thank you.与此同时,我们能学到东西。谢谢。201603/428857 There is no straight path from your seat today to where you are going从你们所坐的地方到你们要去的地方 是没有直路的Dont try to draw that line. You will not just get it wrong不要尝试画这样的直线 这不仅会出错Youll miss big opportunities and I mean big, like the Internet还会错失大机遇 我说的是大机遇 例如像互联网这样Careers are not ladders. Those days are long gone职业并不是梯子 那种时代已经一去不返了but jungle gyms职业更像是立体方格铁架Dont just move up and down. Dont just look up不要只上下移动 不要只往上看Look backwards, sideways, around corners还要往回看 往旁边看 看转角周围Your career and your life will have starts and stops and zigs and zags你的职业和生活会有始终 会有曲折Dont stress out about the white space, the path you can try不要对未来的道路太过忧虑because there in lives both the surprises and the opportunities因为生活中充满了惊喜和机遇As you open yourself up to possibility你需要对各种可能性持开放态度the most important thing I can tell you today今天我要讲的最重要的一点就是is to open yourself up to honesty对诚实保持开放态度to telling the truth to each other相互之间说老实话to being honest with yourselves对自己诚实and to being honest about the world we live in也对我们所生活的世界保持诚实If you watched children, you will immediately notice how honest they are看看小孩 你马上就能看到他们有多诚实My friend Betsy was pregnant and her son我朋友贝琪怀后for the second child, son Sam was 5她五岁的儿子山姆he wanted to know where the baby was in her body想知道宝宝在她身体里的什么地方So yes Mommy, are the babies arms in your arms?他问 妈咪 宝宝的胳膊在你的胳膊里吗And she said, no no Sam, babys in my tummy她回答说 不不 山姆 宝宝在我肚子里whole baby整个宝宝Mom, are the babys legs in your legs?妈 宝宝的腿在你腿里吗No, Sam, whole babys in my tummy不 山姆 整个宝宝都在我肚子里Then Mommy, whats growing in your butt?那妈咪 你屁股里长的是什么As adults作为成年人we are almost never dishonest我们几乎一直很诚实and that can be a very good thing这当然是很好的事情When I was pregnant with our first child我在怀第一个孩子时I asked my husband Dave if my butt was getting big我问丈夫戴夫 我屁股有没有变大At first, he didnt answer but I pressed最初他没有回答 但我给他施压So he said, yeah, a little他只好说 有一点吧For years my sister-in-law said about him what people我小姑子经常说他的一句话will now say about you for the rest of your life when you do something done也是你们以后在生活中经常会听到有人说到的and that guy went to Harvard这伙计竟然是哈佛出来的Hearing the truth at different times along the way would have helped me在人生旅途中听到一些真相本该对我有所帮助I would not have admitted it easily when I sat where you sit我在你们这个年龄时 还没有领会到这一点But when I graduated, I was much more worried about my love life than my career在我毕业的时候 我对爱情生活比对事业更加担心I thought I only had a few years very limited time to find one of the good guys我认为自己没有什么时间了 必须尽快找个好男人嫁了before he was to, or before they were all taken避免所有好男人都被别人找去了or I got too old或是我变得太老So I moved to DC, and met with guy我于是搬到哥伦比亚特区and I got married at the nearly decrepit age of 24在;老迈;的24岁找个男人嫁了I married a wonderful man but I had no business making that kind of commitment那个男人很不错 但我俩似乎总是相处不好I didnt know who I was or who I wanted to be我变得不知道自己是谁 对未来失去了方向My marriage fell apart within a year一年不到 我的婚姻就以失败告终了something that was really embarrassing and painful at the time当时我非常难堪 非常痛苦and it did not help that so many friends came up to me and said很多朋友来安慰我 但却毫无帮助 他们说I never knew that, never thought that was going to work or我就知道你们俩结婚是行不通的I knew you werent right for each other我就知道你们根本不合适No one had managed to say anything like that to me没人在我婚姻之前跟我说这些before I marched down an aisle when it would have been far more useful事前告诉我这些肯定会更有用And as I lived through these painful months of separation and divorce我熬过了离婚后的这些痛苦时光boy, did I wish they had?我多希望他们原来有给过我建议And boy, did I wish I had asked them?我多希望我曾经问过他们At the same time in my professional life, someone did speak up而在我的职业生涯中 确实有人无保留地说了出来My first boss out of college was Lant Pritchett本科后我的第一任老板是兰特o普里切特an economist who teaches at the Kennedy School who is here with us today肯尼迪学院授课的一位经济学家 他今天也在现场After I deferred to law school for the second time我第二次考虑法学院时Lant sat me down and said兰特跟我说I dont think you should go to law school at all我不认为你应该去法学院I dont think you want to go to law school我也不认为你想去法学院I think you think you should because you told your parents you would many years ago你认为你应当去 大概只是因为你父母想要你去He noted that he had never once heard me talk about the law with any interest他注意到 我在谈话中从未表现出对法律的任何兴趣I know how hard it can be to be honest with each other我知道 相互之间坦诚相见是多么困难的事情even your closest friends, even when theyre about to make serious mistakes哪怕是最亲密的朋友 哪怕是在他们可能犯严重错误时but I bet sitting here today, you know your closest friends strength, weaknesses不过我敢打赌 在座的各位知道自己亲密朋友的强项和弱项what cliff they might drive off知道他们可能会掉落什么悬崖and I bet for the most part youve never told them我也敢打赌 大部分时候 你们并没有告诉他们and theyve never asked他们也从没有问过Ask them问这些问题Ask them for the truth because it will help you真相会越问越明and when they answer honestly朋友们诚实回答时you know that thats what makes them real friends你就知道他们是你真正的朋友了Asking for feedback is a really important habit to get into养成寻求反馈的习惯是非常重要的as you leave the structure of the school calendar and exams and grades behind特别是在离开学校系统 没了考试和分数之后On many jobs if you want to know how youre doing很多工作中 如果你想知道自己干得怎样if youre going to have to ask and你就需要去询问then youre gonna have to listen without getting defensive而且不要因为听到不喜欢听的而觉得受到冒犯Take it from me, listening to criticism is never fun毫无疑问 听人批评绝对不会让人高兴 201409/331872五常市妇女医院专家门诊哈市维多利亚医院的宫颈治疗方法



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