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199.(I have) no problem with that.这点(我)没问题。We won#39;t be able to get a reservation until the 6:30 p.m. plane.下午6:30之后的飞机我们才能预订。I have no problem with that. As long as we get there.这点我没有问题,只要我们能到达那里就可以。200.(Is there) anytime I can do (for you)?我能(为你)做点什么吗?You certainly look busy. Is there anything I can do for you?你看上去很忙。我能为你做点什么吗?Would you mind helping me sort out these cards?能麻烦你帮我把这些卡片整理一下吗?201.Long time no see.好久不见了。Well, Bob! How have you been?哎,鲍勃!最近你怎么样?Fine, Jack. Long time no see.我还好,杰克。好久不见了。202.(So) what else is new?这有什么新鲜的?Gee, this job is sure boring.唉,这个工作真无聊!So what else is new?这有什么新鲜的!203.That#39;s enough./That#39;s enough!足够了。/够了!I#39;ve made twenty copies. Should I make more?我已经复印了20份,还需要再多一点吗?That#39;s enough. We only need a handful anyway.这已经足够了。其实我们只需要几份而已。204.There you go!你说得对!/这是你想要的。You#39;re right. I shouldn#39;t let one setback discourage me.你是对的,我不应该让一次挫折给打倒。There you go!这就对啦!205.This (just) isn#39;t my day.今天我真是不顺利。I spilled coffee on my blouse. lost my wallet, and had a flat tire.我把咖啡洒在上衣上,钱包丢了,轮胎瘪了,This just isn#39;t my day.今天真是不顺利。Cheer up! Things can only improve.振作点,事情都会好起来的。206.What#39;s new?有什么进展啊?Jane, long time no see. What#39;s new?简,好久未见了。有什么进展吗?Hi, Pat. Nothing much really.嗨,派特,没什么。207.You#39;re out of your mind! /You#39;ve got to be out of your mind!你疯了呀!/你一定是精神错乱了!Let#39;s go bungee jumping!我们去蹦极吧!You#39;re out of your mind!你疯了啊!208.You#39;re telling me!这不用你说!/我早就知道了!We#39;d better hurry if we#39;re going to catch that plane.要想赶上那班飞机,我们就得快点。You#39;re telling me! Come on, let#39;s go!知道了,我们赶紧走吧。 /201502/359342。

1. Please give my best wishes to...…请代我问候……. Please give my best wishes to your parents. 请代我问候你的父母. /201007/109419。

1、开口就说 Open your mouth如何赞美人漂亮!重点词:pretty beautiful 2、学来就用 Let’s practice应征报纸广告:I’m calling about you’re ad. In the paper.ad: 广告newspaper/paper: 报纸 3、天天进步 Make progress everyday如何打招呼a. I’m fine! 我很好!b. That would be great! 那太好了!c. Me too! 我也是!d. Where could you like to go? 你想去哪里?e. Are you waiting for the bus? 你是在等车吗? /201104/133187。

资料来源于EnglishPod,内容覆盖生活、学习、工作、等各个方面的小专题,纯正地道的美音,内容非常的实用,希望对大家喜欢。Daily Life - Learning Simple Math (C0076)A: Alright, children, let’s review. Tommy! Pay attention!B: Sorry Miss Kadlec.A: Okay, Crystal, now tell me, what’s four pluseleven?C: Um...fifteen!B: Miss Kadlec always asks Crystal; she’s such ateacher’s pet.A: Okay...and what about fifty six minus sixty?C: Um... negative four!A: Very good... twelve times twelve?B: Very good. Suck up.C: One hundred and forty four!A: Zero divided by one?C: Zero!A: How did you know that? Okay, smarty pants, thesquare root of two!B: Bet you’re not going to get that one, know-it-all.C: Um...one point four one four two one three five... /201003/99668。

第一步:原句放送There is nothing like a hug when everything sucks. ;It sucks;在英文中是个感叹句,表示;真烂;。第二步:译海拾贝一切都很糟糕时,没有什么比给个拥抱更好的了。第三步:天衣无缝There is nothing like a when everything .第四步:举一反三There is nothing like a ... when everything ... 第五步:背诵达人可可地盘,英语学习者的乐园 Click here gt;gt;gt;http://dipan.kekenet.com/ /201208/193551。

Grandma: Rat? What are you doing here?Rat: Hey, Grandma! …I died…ST. Peter won’t let me stay, but he said I could have a look around.Grandma: Then what will happen?Rat: I’ll be cast into a fiery pit of torment and suffering for all eternity.Grandma: Oh, look…I’m late for bingo. /201011/119110。

春节被逼问婚事想必是广大单身光棍最无法承受之痛。于是,有些婚恋网站趁着这个良好的时机重磅推广自己的婚恋交友平台网站。但是百合网的一则广告却弄巧成拙,被网友大骂“道德伦理绑架犯”!【新闻】请看《中国日报》的报道:A advertisement urging young adults to marry in order to show filial piety has ignited strong opposition among Chinese Internet users, which has aly been tagged as propagating improper traditional values that stifle individual freedom.一条催促年轻人结婚以尽孝道的广告引发中国网民的强烈反对,被打上传播不当传统价值观、扼杀个人自由的标签。【讲解】show filial piety是尽孝道;traditional values是传统价值观。新浪微进行的一项网上投票(online vote)显示,19,726人对百合网的广告表示反对(voiced their objection),仅有807人持,抵制百合网广告的活动取得了压倒性的胜利(a landslide victory),百合网是中国著名的在线婚恋网站(online match-making websites)。这部广告片主打亲情牌,讲述了一个美女与她外婆之间的故事。广告中,女主角的外婆一直催促(badger)她结婚,于是她去百合网找另一半,之后女主角穿着婚纱(wedding dress)、挽着丈夫,含泪告诉外婆,“我结婚啦”,解决了外婆的忧虑(settle concerns)。画面中并没有出现新郎(groom)的脸,好像在暗示新郎是谁并不重要,外婆的内心平静(inner peace)才是真正重要的事情(real priority)。广告播出后,引起了网友的极大反感。2月6日,网友“柴晋宁”在新浪微发起了#万人抵制百合网#的微活动。该网友请百合网方面立即删除这条广告并公开道歉(public apology),而且呼吁与他看法一样(feel the same way)的人转发这条微(forward his post)。网友称,广告中的台词(line)“今年,我一定要结婚,哪怕是为了外婆(even for my grandma)”淡化(downplay)了个人独立(personal independence)和选择自由(freedom of choice)的重要性。 /201402/275009。