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.....green plants ultimately. When it first appeared therefore, it would have been seen as a poison, it would have been a pollutant. But gradually, through Darwinian natural selection, living organisms have become more and more used to oxygen. They've been selected to thrive in the presence of oxygen, so that now, most living organisms can't live without oxygen. Green plants can trap the sun's energy to produce not just the oxygen we breathe, but the food that supports the entire animal kingdom. The other great lifegiver on earth is water. Our water rich world is an oasis for life. Earth's sister planet Venus may also once have had water, but soaring temperatures caused by a runaway greenhouse effect had made it a hostile environment to living things. Venus and earth had roughly similar potential for developing into life-supporting planets. But, only earth succeeded. At Lulworth Cove in England, Ellen Stophan is trying to figure out why.This rock is Jurassic limestone that was formed over about a hundred million years ago in shallow seas. This rock is made mostly of carbonates, it has a lot of carbon dioxide in it. On Venus, most of the carbon dioxide is actually in the atmosphere. On earth, it's tied up in limestones like these that were formed in the Jurassic. Why did Venus end up with all its carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and earth with it tied up in big rocks like this is a question that we are puzzling with right now. We think it might have to do with something with the evolution of life on earth. Maybe the earth was just far enough away from the sun that it was cool enough that it allowed life to evolve, took that carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. On Venus, all the carbon dioxide remained in the atmosphere, and we ended up with a planet that's baking on in its own heat.When the sun sets, Venus is often the brightest object in the sky, outshining the night lights of Tucson, Arizona. It twinkles like a star because the planet's dense cloud cover is extremely reflective. In 1967, Venera IV became the first space probe to penetrate the Venusian clouds and transmit data. The first probe to softland on the surface and send back information was Venera VII in December 1970. The Venera landers only transmitted data for about an hour before being destroyed by the planet's intense heat and pressure. In August 1990, the Magellan Mission began a radar survey of Venus, which allowed imaging experts of the Jet Propulsion Lab to create this simulation of the Venusian landscape. No traces of life were found. But, scientists were delighted to become more closely acquainted with our neighbor planet. Looking at Venus through a telescope is, it's magical, because, you know, it is the evening or morning star,and you know, seeing it as a planet itself is kind of exciting. But at the same time, since it's totally covered by a set of dense clouds one would like to see more, and, so , with....words in this passage:lifegiver:给予活力之人[事, 物]runaway: out of control. 失去控制的[sometimes it may mean surprisingly big. eg:Her first novel's runaway ( surprisingly big) success came as a great surprise.]cove:a curved part of a coast which partly encloses an area of water; a small bay山凹, 小湾Jurassic:[地质]侏罗纪的, 侏罗系的Tucson:图森[美国亚利桑那州南部城市]Jet Propulsion Lab:简称JPL, 喷气推进实验所[美]200808/46406

Rice Cites Progress in Russia-Georgia Mediation Efforts赖斯称俄罗斯须遵守停火承诺  U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, speaking after telephone consultations with big-power foreign ministers, said there has been progress in European mediation efforts on the Russia-Georgia conflict. Rice said Moscow must abide by its stated promise to halt military operations. 美国国务卿赖斯在同世界大国外长进行电话磋商后说,欧洲国家为俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚冲突作出的调解努力已经取得进展。赖斯说,莫斯科必须遵守其停止军事行动的承诺。Rice is welcoming the apparent progress in the French-led mediation effort with Russia and Georgia but says further steps to defuse the crisis depend on the warring parties making good on their stated intention to cease hostilities. 赖斯欢迎法国主导的俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚冲突斡旋努力所取得的明显进展。不过她说,化解危机所要采取的进一步行动,取决于交战双方信守各自公开表达的有意停止敌对状态的承诺。Rice, speaking at the White House after meeting President Bush, said she and fellow foreign ministers of the G7 Industrial powers had been given a telephone briefing from French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner on the mission to Moscow by French President Nikolas Sarkozy. 赖斯在和布什总统会见后在白宫说,她和另外七个工业化集团国家的外交部长听取了法国外长库什内的电话情况介绍。库什内受法国总统萨尔科齐的派遣,前往莫斯科执行斡旋使命。"They believe that they made have made some progress and we welcome that, we welcome the EU mediation," she said. "It is very important now that all parties cease-fire. The Georgians have agreed to the cease-fire. The Russians need to stop their military operations, as they apparently have said that they will. But those military operations really do now need to stop." 赖斯说:“他们认为已经取得一些进展,我们对此表示欢迎。我们欢迎欧盟的调解。各方现在必须停火,这一点很重要。格鲁吉亚已经同意停火。俄罗斯应当停止他们的军事行动,因为他们已经表示要停火。俄罗斯的军事行动现在的确必须停止。”Rice said a cease-fire would be followed by the withdrawal of forces from the zone of conflict, and efforts to resolve the long-running conflicts in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, but not, she made clear, by redrawing the current borders of Georgia. 赖斯说,停火后应从冲突地区撤出军队,并努力解决长期以来围绕南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹的冲突。但是她明确表示,不是要重新划定格鲁吉亚目前的边界。"I want to make very clear that the ed States stands for the territorial integrity of Georgia, for the sovereignty of Georgia, that we support its democratically-elected government and its people," said Rice. "We are reviewing our options for humanitarian and reconstruction assistance for Georgia." 赖斯说:“我想非常明确地表示,美国持格鲁吉亚的领土完整,持格鲁吉亚的主权。我们持格鲁吉亚经过民主选举产生的政府和格鲁吉亚人民。我们正在评估对格鲁吉亚提供人道主义和重建援助的选择。”The two Georgian regions, both of which border Russia and have large ethnic-Russian populations, have resisted central Georgian authority since the former Soviet republic became independent in 1991. 格鲁吉亚的南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹两个地区同俄罗斯接壤,有大量的俄罗斯族人口。自从1991年格鲁吉亚这个前苏联加盟共和国宣布独立以来,南奥塞梯和阿布哈兹一直在抗拒格鲁吉亚中央政府的权威。Russia says it intervened last week after Georgian forces tried to capture South Ossetia. But State Department Deputy Spokesman Robert Wood reiterated Tuesday that Russian retaliation, including wide-ranging air strikes, went far beyond any notion of trying to protect Russians living in South Ossetia. 俄罗斯说,他们上个星期在格鲁吉亚军队试图占领南奥塞梯之后采取了干涉行动。但是美国国务院副发言人伍德星期二重申,俄罗斯的报复行动,其中包括大范围空袭,远远超出设法保护居住在南奥塞梯俄罗斯人的任何借口。"It was pure aggression on the part of Russia," he said. "They overreacted. This is not an issue of trying to just protect your citizens. Attacking civilians, attacking a member of the ed Nations the way they did, that was just uncalled for." 美国国务院副发言人伍德说:“俄罗斯是在进行彻头彻尾的侵略。他们反应过激。这决非什么仅仅设法保护俄罗斯公民的问题。用这种方式攻击平民,攻击一个联合国成员国,是毫无道理的。”President Bush Tuesday continued international phone contacts in support of the peace effort, calling German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi after a late-night discussion Monday with Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili. 布什总统星期二继续通过国际电话联系,持和平努力。布什星期一深夜同格鲁吉亚总统萨卡什维利举行了电话磋商之后,还同德国总理默克尔和意大利总理贝卢斯科尼通了电话。Mr. Bush, in a somber White House statement before that call, termed Moscow's military drive and seeming effort to depose Georgia's elected government "unacceptable" behavior in the 21st century. 在打电话之前,布什发表了一份措辞严峻的白宫声明。声明把莫斯科的军事行动,以及推翻格鲁吉亚民选政府的明显意图说成是在21世纪“不可接受的”行为。200808/45825

Margaret Thatcher, Ted Heath, John Major, not only grammar school-educated themselves, but staunch supporters of academic selection.At the last election, Michael Howard promised they'd thrive. But today the Conservatives, led by Esion-educated David Cameron, turned its back on grammar schools, claiming that selecting children at eleven is unfair to poorer families. Their education spokesman David Willetts said existing grammar schools would not close. But the party will promote more academy schools as a better way of promoting gifted poorer pupils, but as James Blake reports, the policy changes upset some of the party's traditional supporters.For years, for generations even, grammar schools have been the central plank in Conservative education policy.Wherever parents want to have grammar schools, doctrinaire labour councils, will not be able to stand in the way.The basic philosophy here, selection raises standards.But I, we believe in choice and I exercise that choice on behalf of my children. This freedom to choose grammar schools came up again in the latest leadership contest.But allows people to choose the sort of education they want.But nowall that has been abandoned, according to new conservative ideology, grammar schools deepen the divisions between rich and poor, but David Cameron risks alienating his core support here. In recent survey of grassroots Conservatives, 73% said they back selection."If we believe in choice and localism, why don't we say that, if a group of social entrepreneur has it in the city,a group of parents won't set up a grammar school to lift the education standard in the city, why can't they? Why weare rude at saying that we have the party diversity in localism and choices? And ruling out new grammar schools is inconsistent with our principles.Instead the Conservative front bench has surprised many of its own Mps, by supporting Labour's city academy scheme. It's proved controversial, because private companies, organizations, and religious groups can gain some control of schools, with a 2-million-pound investment. When I look at the evidence about where children from poor backgrounds get the best education opportunities, it's clear to me that it's our city technology colleges and Tony Blair's academies funding all of them, which do far better providing a high-quality education for children from poor backgrounds, regardless of income of your parents. That's what we got to extend.In fact, the Conservatives seem more enthusiastic about Labour's policy than the government itself. The Education Secretary Alan Johnson says he now wants to limit the number of city academies.Despite the private investment, each city academy cost the government about 25 million pounds. And yet the Conservatives now claim they'll open more academies than Labour under Gordon Brown, James Blake's reporting on.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1.staunch:adj. loyal, steadfast; strong, solid, sturdy; steadfast, unwavering (also stanch) 2.plank:n. political platform 政纲条款200805/39704Script:The son of a Mexico City shopkeeper has become the world's richest man. According to Fortune Magazine, Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim is now worth abillion dollars more than Microsoft's Bill Gates. Slim owns Latin America's largest cellphone companyin America Movil . His family holdings represent more than 5% of Mexico's GDP and one third of Mexico's stock exchange. And for more on Slim's rapid rise, let's bring in the person who calculated his net worth for these rankings. And Stephanie Mehta joins us from New York. She is a senior writer at Fortune Magazine. Stephanie, thanks so much for joining us. First of all, for the record, he's worth 58 billion dollars?58.5 billion dollars in change and that's just based on the public holdings in publicly traded companies that, that Mr Slim has invested in and you know, he probably has large holdings in real estate. There may be money in trusts that we are not aware of. So this is just the public number.Why do you think that he has been so successfully? Obviously, I your article, fascinating article. He obviously has a very good mind for detail, he is very mathematical. But part of his success seems to be that he knows how to buy beaten-down assets and turn them around.That's correct. Todd, I think that there are two keys to Carlos Slim's success. One was that he was a believer in Mexico when nobody else was. He really felt that if he invested in the company during the 1982 devaluation of the peso in the Mexican crisis, then that the country would come back and he was very very smart about that. He, He's done similar things with other investments both in the ed States but also in Mexico. Um, there was a time in 1994 where there was a peso crisis in Mexico, the value of his stock in Telmex was very low. He bought back stock, he cut capital spending, he did all the right things and it's paid off. Telmex is one his largest holdings and that was, um, the company from which America Movil was spun off. And as you can see from the article, America Movil is his largest holding. It's, er, it contributes about 31 billion dollars to his personal fortune.Now of course he's a very powerful man, but he's also extremely well politically connected. Of course, at a time, when he bought Mexico's biggest telecom company Period,Well, it was considered at market price with his partners. But the real sweet deal was he had a seven-year monopoly which made other competitors quite outraged. So it's not all down to luck, is it?No, it's not all down to luck and I think that if you compare what Carlos Slim has done in Mexico with what American telecommunications companies have done or European telecommunications companies were done, um, have done, there would be people who would look at, at his actions and say, you know, that's very similar to the way savvy companies operate in any economy. Um, in the case of Mexico, because um, it was a privatization and because it was done in a way that people felt was, perhaps um, you know, a little bit behind the scenes, they didn't feel like there were a lot of bidders and it didn't result a lot of competition. He has been, been open to criticism.Let's talk about the personality of him because obviously he's a very strong and forceful man although his sons are now basically running the day-to-day operation since he had heart problems. But nevertheless, you know, his headquarters for his wireless company are in a tyre factory, a former tyre factory. Um, you also point out that he's very thrifty.He's a frugal guy, up until a few years ago, his son-in-law told me that he would wear one of those cheap calculator watches on his wrist. The ones that you know would enable him to, to actually do calculations while he was in meetings right, right there on the flight. He's a very thrifty guy, he's a frugal guy, you know, the personality trait that came out strongest in the course of reporting the story, we talked to all of the sons. We really tried to paint a portrait of a family as much as a portrait of an entrepreneur because, you know, in Latin America, um, and, and in many countries including the ed States, there is the strong sense of family in the business. And he manages his family, the way he manages his family is almost as interesting as the way he manages his businesses. The family is a very close knit. They provo, present a united front. If there are disagreements among the brothers and his sons-in-law who are also involved in the business, you'll never see it, they, they do an amazing job of presenting a united organic frontNotes:America Movil: América Móvil is a publicly traded wireless communications company and provides services to over 130 million wireless subscribers in America, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean.200807/44183

Katie: Couric: There are a lot further along with Dorry Winning which's just scaled than we thought.Donny Deustch: Let's scrape in our knuckles in other words, right.Katie Couric: Yeah, exactly. Well, I thought those guys were great, by the way, I am in love with Allen, he is in Houston now. What a nice guy.Donny Deustch: He is a good guy. Great, great 3-point shooter also. You know, I'm not surprised that....Katie Couric:Yeah, I, I thought that as well, a great 3-point shooter to me.Donny Deustch: I am not, I am not surprised the guys on camera, saying things ,these things will blow you away. He's basically regreted this world of Allen Orden for Donny O'Neal. Guys, 80% guys don't need more time to themselves. 80% guys we asked them, do, does your loved one tell you she loves sweet love? Absolutely. Do you want your woman to lose weight? Yes, 40% said yes. But would you think /...but would you think two out of...Katie Couric: But I didn't like that guy. 44% said yes, 53% said no, and 4% said not sure.Donny Deustch: But two out of three people in this country're technically overweight. So in reality, that's good news. Men like curves, you know, why don't women think, men ...Katie Couric:They like women with a little junk in her trunk as fiance says.Donny Deustch: A little junk in the trunk and a little stuff in the buff, whatever it is, don't like the skinny, Kate Moss. A curve is OK. And guys didn't want plastic surgery, two, over two thirds of guys, don't touch it, we like it the way it is, so I think the media (played this~)Katie Couric: Do you think they really think that, or do you think, you know, oftentimes in these polls, as you know, Donny, in your career in advertising, people really do say what they think they are supposed to say?Donny Deustch: On camera they do, but I think in an on-line poll and in an anonymous poll, I think that's when people have an opportunity though, you know what, nobody is watching I can say what I want, and I was blown away that you know, we've got this whole group of happily married guys in this country. They were all kidding. They kind of complain with the other guy friends, they say, oh, you know, ah, the old ball in chain. But in reality, when asked, do you want your wife to express herself less? No..Katie Couric:Yeah, it's so happy to hear about, because you know...Donny Deustch: No...I want it, bring it on, bring it on.Katie Couric: You know, well I think oftentimes, he is an odd character, caricatures, in generalization, (Yes, that's it.)about people and manner, you know...Donny Deustch: We wanna hear what's going on.Katie Couric: Are.. are as human as women, and(Just a little bit.) you know, they may communicate differently. But I think their basic needs and their basic desires are (Right.) are really quite similar.Donny Deustch: Here is the only kind of niche in the whole thing. They always skip on the whole thing. When you asked, 50% said they would like their wives or girlfriends to spend more time with their girlfriends. It was interesting. So then, does that... you know, solemnly mean they really do want time by themselves? But yes, we want our girls to be with other girls, that's OK. But do they want separate vacations? 3 out of 4 no. I wanna go away with the woman I love. Once again, are you nurtured enough? 83% Yes, we've got happy guys out there. We are not pinched, we are ok.Katie Couric: And what about the single ones vs. the married ones?Donny Deustch: Single ones , once again, a little more sexual obviously, but the guys...Katie Couric: And what'd they want in terms of sexy? (Aggressive.)Want woman to be more aggressive?Donny Deustch: More aggressive, more aggressive, they are overwhelming guys. They want women to make the move, they don't want to have to make the move, they want women, they want women, they want women, they want women! Here it is. I, I actually represent the picks. No, they want women to be more sexually aggressive.Katie Couric: Oh, gosh, so much to say so little time. (So little time.)Fine, Donny, please. All right, you can catch more Donny's insights on the Big Idea With Donny Deutsch. Week nights at 10:00 Eastern and Pacific on CN. 200808/46527Bush Leaves for Eastern Europe布什开始东欧行 出访四国赴峰会  President Bush is on his way to Ukraine for the start of a four-nation trip that also includes stops in Russia, Croatia and Romania where he will take part in a NATO summit.  美国总统布什启程前往乌克兰访问。布什总统这次访问行程的四个国家还包括俄罗斯、克罗地亚和罗马尼亚。他要在罗马尼亚参加北约首脑会谈。 The president opens his trip in Ukraine, where U.S. National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley says Mr. Bush will celebrate the country's democratic transition following the 2004 Orange Revolution. 布什总统的访问从乌克兰开始,国家安全顾问斯蒂芬.哈德利说,布什将在乌克兰庆祝该国在2004年的橙色革命以后向民主的过渡。"He will express his support for the aspirations of the people of Ukraine to see their country take its rightful place within Europe, including within its transatlantic institutions, as Ukraine continues its process of reform," he said. 哈德利说:“他将表达他对乌克兰人民渴望的持以便看到乌克兰在继续民主进程的时候这个国家在欧洲得到应有的地位,包括在北约组织内应有的地位。”While in the Ukrainian capital, Mr. and Mrs. Bush will visit St. Sophia's Cathedral and a public school where they will see a student presentation on preventing HIV/AIDS. 在乌克兰首都,布什和夫人将访问索非亚大教堂,还要访问一个公立学校,观看学生防范艾滋病及艾滋病毒的演讲。On Wednesday, President Bush goes to Bucharest for the NATO summit where Hadley says the trans-Atlantic alliance will highlight how it is changing to meet the challenges of a new century. 星期三,布什总统将前往布加勒斯特出席北约首脑会议。哈德利说,北约组织联盟将突出展现它如何通过改革来迎接新世纪的挑战。"We expect NATO leaders to take decisions to enhance NATO's capabilities to deal with those challenges, including through enhancing NATO's special operations capabilities, as well as pursuing collective defense against cyber and missile attacks," said Hadley. 哈德利说:“我们期待北约领导人作出决定,强化北约处理这些挑战的能力,包括通过强化北约特别行动能力,同时争取共同防范网络和导弹的袭击。”Afghanistan tops the agenda in Bucharest. NATO leaders will meet with Afghan President Hamid Karzai and U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon as well as officials from the European Union and World Bank. 阿富汗问题是布加勒斯特北约峰会议程的重点,北约领导人将会见阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和联合国秘书长潘基文以及欧盟和世界的官员等。All 26 members of the alliance have troops in Afghanistan. But some have limited their deployments to safer areas where combat with Taliban militia is less likely. President Bush wants more NATO troops from more member states on the frontlines. 北约所有26个成员国都有部队驻扎在阿富汗,但是一些国家将军队仅部署在和塔利班武装份子作战可能性比较小的安全地带。布什总统希望有来自北约更多国家的更多部队开往前线。NATO leaders will discuss U.S. plans for a missile defense system in Europe and vote on expanding the alliance to include Albania, Croatia, and Macedonia. They will also vote on accepting applications from Georgia and Ukraine to join the alliance, a move that is opposed by Russia. 北约领导人将讨论美国打算在欧洲设立导弹防御系统的计划,同时还要投票决定是否吸收阿尔巴尼亚、克罗地亚、马其顿王国成为北约成员。另外还要投票决定的有,是否接受来自格鲁吉亚和乌克兰加入北约的申请。俄罗斯的反对这项举动。After the summit, Mr. and Mrs. Bush travel to Croatia where he will make remarks in Zagreb and take part in a working lunch with leaders from countries invited to join NATO. 北约峰会结束以后,布什总统和夫人将前往克罗地亚,并在萨格勒布发表演讲,并和被接纳到北约组织的新成员国领导人共进工作午餐。President Bush wraps up his trip in the Black Sea resort of Sochi for talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. They will discuss the U.S. missile defense system, which Hadley says is meant to guard against attack from Iran, not Russia. 布什总统结束访问前在黑海著名疗养地索契同俄罗斯总统普京举行会谈,他们将讨论美国导弹防御体系。对此,哈德利说,这是为了防范来自伊朗的攻击,不是为了防范俄罗斯。"The main issue there is to find a way, in concrete terms, to reassure Russia that the radar and missile installation that is planned in Poland and the Czech Republic are, as we say, about potential threats coming to Europe, coming to Russia, if you will, from the Middle East, and are not aimed at Russia," he said. 哈德利说:“主要的问题是要找到一个办法,就是要用具体的办法向俄罗斯保,计划在波兰和捷克安装的雷达和导弹装置是为了防范来自中东的对欧洲、对俄罗斯的威胁,而不是针对俄罗斯的。”President Putin has previously discussed cooperating on radar monitoring potential missile attacks, which Hadley says could be part of an integrated defense system protecting Europe and Russia. 普京总统先前讨论了在雷达监测可能会发生的导弹袭击方面的合作事宜,哈德利说,这可以成为保护欧洲和俄罗斯相互整合的防御系统的一部分。Before he left the White House, President Bush again called on Congress to pass a free trade agreement with Colombia and to expand the circumstances under which U.S. intelligence agents can monitor telephone and computer communications between the ed States and suspected terrorists abroad without a warrant.  布什总统离开白宫以前又一次呼吁国会通过美国和哥伦比亚之间的自由贸易协议,并且呼吁国会将条件放宽,以便允许美国情报人员在没有法院许可的情况下就可以监听美国恐怖份子嫌疑人和海外的电话及电脑通讯。200804/33033Economy to Top Agenda of Bush Meetings in Europe布什欧洲之行经济问题是重点  President Bush says economic matters will take center stage in meetings this week with European leaders. 布什总统说,经济问题是他这次欧洲之行跟欧洲领导人讨论的核心问题。What is expected to be President Bush's last major trip to Europe comes amid slow U.S. economic growth, skyrocketing energy prices, and a weak dollar.  美国经济发展减缓、能源价格扶摇直上、美元对欧元不断贬值 - 布什总统就是在这个背景下开始了他作为美国总统的最后一次主要的欧洲之旅的。As he left the White House, Mr. Bush said Americans are understandably concerned about pocketbook issues, and that there are things the ed States and Europe can work on together to chart a better future. 布什总统告诉新闻记者,美国人担心自己的钱包越来越扁是可以理解的。但是他强调,在有些事情上,美国和欧洲可以共同努力, 走向一个更加美好的未来。比如,双方可以采取共同行动来解决能源价格高涨的问题。"We will remind our friends and allies overseas that we are all too dependent on hydrocarbons," he said. "We must work to advance technologies to help us become less dependent on hydrocarbons." 布什总统说:“我们将提醒我们的朋友和海外盟友,我们全都太依赖碳氢化合物(化石燃料)了。我们必须努力推动技术进步,来帮助我们减少对于碳氢化合物的依赖。”In addition to encouraging less consumption of fossil fuels, Mr. Bush repeated his call to open an ecologically-sensitive region in Alaska for oil drilling in order to boost U.S. crude supplies. 除了呼吁减少化石燃料的消耗之外,布什总统还再次呼吁开放在阿拉斯加州生态敏感区进行石油开采,以提高美国国内的原油供应。The president said the ed States is committed to a strong dollar, which he said is in America's interests and will benefit the global economy. During the Bush presidency, the U.S. dollar has lost roughly half its value against the euro.  布什总统还说,美国坚持强势美元政策,因为这对美国和整个世界都有好处。在布什担任美国总统期间,美元对欧元几乎贬值了一半。The president said the U.S. economy has continued to grow despite what he termed "unprecedented challenges." He expressed confidence that a stimulus package that includes rebate checks to American taxpayers will help boost U.S. economic performance in the months to come. 布什总统表示,美国经济在前所未有的挑战面前一直持续增长。相信美国联邦政府的经济刺激方案,其中包括向美国纳税人提供退税款,将在今后的几个月帮助振兴美国经济。Mr. Bush's trip begins with an annual summit of the ed States and the European Union in Slovenia. He will also visit Germany, Britain, France, Italy and the Vatican. 布什总统这次欧洲之行的第一站是在斯洛文尼亚出席美国和欧盟举行的年度峰会。然后他将访问德国、英国、法国、意大利和梵蒂冈。Aside from economic matters, Mr. Bush said he will thank European nations for troop commitments and other initiatives in Afghanistan, where he said much work remains to be done.200806/41756

Trade Ministers Aim for Agreement as Doha Development Round Begins世贸部长级会议开幕推动多哈谈判  The Head of the World Trade Organization, Pascal Lamy, says a successful outcome of the Doha Development Round will help blunt many of the economic threats in the world. Lamy made his remarks at the opening of a ministerial summit aimed at wrapping up world trade talks. 世界贸易组织的部长级会议星期一在日内瓦开幕。这次会议的目的是完成多哈回合谈判。世贸组织总干事拉米说,旨在扩大全球自由贸易的多哈回合取得成功将有助于抵挡世界面临的很多经济威胁。About 30 trade ministers are in Geneva for what is seen as a make-or-break meeting. After seven years of negotiations, the ministers hope to conclude an agreement, which will make trade fairer and boost economic growth. 世界贸易组织大约30个主要成员的贸易部长们在日内瓦开始了这次被看作是成败攸关的高峰会。经过长达七年的艰苦谈判,这些部长们都希望最后达成协议,促进公平贸易,推动经济增长。WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy says there has been enough foot-dragging. He says now it is time for action. 世贸组织总干事拉米表示,多哈回合已经拖延得太久了。现在已经到了采取行动的时候了。"The time has come to move from discussions to negotiations," Lamy said. "We have talked the talk. We now have to walk the walk to finish the round." 他说:“事到如今,我们应该从讨论转向谈判了。我们已经说得够多了。我们现在必须拿出行动来完成多哈回合。”Lamy says the WTO's 153 member states are within reach of achieving an agreement. He says with patience and determination this can happen. He says he can think of no stronger spur for action than the threats facing the world economy. 拉米指出,对于世界贸易组织的153个成员来说,达成协议其实已经指日可待。只要我们有耐心、有决心,我们就能胜利完成谈判。他表示,世界经济目前正面临严重威胁,还有什么比这一点更使我们感到刻不容缓呢? He says the rising cost of food, the high energy prices and turbulence in the financial markets should be reason enough for governments to conclude a trade deal. 拉米说,食品价格暴涨、能源价格飙升、金融市场动荡,这些原因应该足以促使各国政府达成一项自由贸易协议。"There is widesp recognition that a balanced outcome of the Doha Round could in these circumstances provide a strong push to stimulate economic growth, " Lamy noted, "providing better prospects for development and ensuring a stable and more predictable trading system."  他说:“广泛的共识是:多哈回合取得一个平衡的结果,会在目前这种状况下,强有力地推动和刺激经济增长,为经济发展提供一个更好的前景,确保我们建立一个更加稳定可靠的贸易系统。”Some economists say a Doha deal could boost the world economy by nearly billion a year. But before that point can be reached, key issues remain to be resolved.  有些经济学家认为,多哈回合取得成功可以使世界经济每年增加差不多500亿美元。但是要想达到这一点,还有不少关键的问题需要解决。Developing countries are pushing for rich countries to make deep cuts in farm subsidies and tariffs. The rich nations want the developing countries to cut tariffs on industrial goods and services. 发展中国家要求富裕国家大幅度削减农业补贴和农产品关税。富裕国家则要求发展中国家减少针对工业产品和务的关税。U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab says Washington is committed to the outcome of this round and will continue to be a leader. But, she adds, other countries also must be willing to contribute more. 美国贸易代表施瓦布表示,华盛顿有决心促使这次谈判取得预期的成果,而且会继续发挥领导作用。但是她补充说,其他国家也应当做出更多的贡献。"To have a meaningful development outcome to this round ... we know that we have to secure meaningful new market access in agriculture, in manufacturing and in services," Schwab said. "And, that is particularly true when it comes to the interests of the developing countries involved and of the rapidly emerging markets that are so key to this negotiation in terms of their involvement and in terms of the contribution that they can make to a successful outcome."  施瓦布说:“我们知道,要使这次谈判取得有意义的成果,我们就必须在农业、制造业和务业方面确保有意义的新的市场准入。不言而喻,这对于那些相关的发展中国家和快速发展的新兴市场来说,更是利益攸关,因为不论是从它们的参与来看,还是从它们的贡献来看,它们都是这次谈判的关键,它们能够使多哈回合取得一个成功的结果。”But many analysts say they are not sure U.S. negotiators can deliver on a trade deal in the final months of the Bush administration. They note the so-called fast-track authority that allowed the White House to call for a straight up-or-down vote on trade pacts expired more than a year ago. 然而很多分析人士表示,在布什政府任期的最后几个月,美国谈判人员在一套新的贸易协议上能够有多少作为,实在很难说。专家指出,所谓的快速审批权,也就是白宫可以要求国会对贸易协议直截了当地批准或否决而不进行任何修改的权力,已经在一年多之前就过期了。200807/44568Clinton, Obama Campaign in Indiana, North Carolina Before Tuesday Primaries美民主党候选人加紧关键两州竞选 Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are seeking crucial votes in Indiana and North Carolina, where primary elections will be held Tuesday. Meanwhile, Democrats in the in the small Pacific island territory of Guam made their choice between the two candidates in Saturday's party caucuses.  争夺民主党总统候选人提名的克林顿和奥巴马正在寻求印地安纳州与北卡罗来纳州的关键选票,这两州将在下星期二举行初选。与此同时,在关岛这个太平洋上的美国领土,民主党人星期六已经在两个候选人之间做出了选择。Public opinion polls show that Barack Obama's once-significant lead over Hillary Clinton in the Southern state of North Carolina has dwindled in the past few days. Obama spent part of the past week criticizing his former church pastor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who had made a series of controversial comments that considered harmful to Obama's campaign. 民调显示,奥巴马在北卡罗来纳州这个南方州曾经大幅领先克林顿,但过去几天来差距已经缩小。奥巴马在上星期花了几天的时间,批评他的前任教会牧师赖特。这位牧师发表了一系列具有争议性的,被认为对奥巴马的竞选活动造成伤害。Obama and Clinton criticized each other Saturday over their proposals for fighting rising gasoline prices. Clinton and the presumptive Republican nominee, John McCain, want to suspend federal taxes on gasoline this summer.  奥巴马和克林顿星期六互相抨击对方提出的对抗高涨油价的政策。克林顿以及预期成为共和党总统候选人的麦凯恩,都表示在今年夏天暂停收取联邦汽油税。In Gastonia, North Carolina, Clinton attacked Obama for opposing her plan. "I understand my opponent disagrees with me. He does not want to give you a gas holiday. He does not want to go after the oil companies. He would not vote against them with the 2005 Dick Cheney energy bill, and I did," she said.  在北卡罗来纳州的加斯通里亚,克林顿攻击奥巴马反对她的计划。她说:“我知道我的对手不同意我的计划。他不想要给你们一个汽油免税期。他不想向石油公司讨回公道。他没有像我一样,在2005年时对迪克.切尼能源法案投下反对票,藉此对抗石油公司。”Before becoming U.S. Vice President, Dick Cheney had been an officer for the Halliburton oilfield technology company. 在成为美国副总统之前,切尼曾经担任过哈里波顿油田科技公司的主管。Obama campaigned in the Central state of Indiana, where polls show a very close race. In the state capital, Indianapolis, he charged that Clinton's proposal to lift the gas tax is an election-year gimmick, and that she is allied with the oil companies. "Senator Clinton had to send out a surrogate to speak on behalf of this plan, and all she could find was, get this, a lobbyist for Shell Oil, to explain how this was going to be good for consumers. It is a Shell game," he said. 奥巴马在印第安那州这个中部州进行竞选活动,该地的民调显示两位候选人票数很接近。在该州首府印第安那波利斯,他指控克林顿取消汽油税的提议仅是竞选手段,而其实她才是跟石油公司的。他说:“克林顿参议员必须派出一名代表来解说她的计划,但是她却派出一名为壳牌石油公司工作的游说客,来解释她的计划将怎样对消费者有好处。这是壳牌石油的诡计。”The western Pacific island of Guam held Democratic Party caucuses on Saturday. Its residents cannot vote in the presidential election in November, but the tiny U.S. territory will send four delegates to the party convention. Neither candidate campaigned there. 西太平洋上的关岛在星期六举行了民主党党团大会。该岛上的居民在11月的总统大选中将没有投票权,但这个隶属美国的最尔小岛将派出4名代表参加民主党全国大会。两位候选人都没有在关岛进行竞选活动。As the primary election season nears its end, Obama leads in overall pledged delegates, the popular vote and the number of states won. But both he and Clinton need the support of superdelegates to clinch their party's nomination. 在初选接近尾声之际,奥巴马在整体党代表、公众投票,以及赢得的州数量上领先。但是他与克林顿都需要超级党代表的持,才能确保党内提名。Superdelegates are Democratic Party officials and elected office holders who will be allowed to vote at the party convention. 超级党代表是可以在党全国大会上投票的民主党官员以及民选官员。 200805/37563

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