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佛山治疗尖锐湿疣哪个医院好禅城区治疗龟头炎多少钱Apple chief Tim Cook has met top Chinese government officials to discuss data security, after reports that state-sponsored hackers targeted iCloud users as the new iPhone went on sale.苹果(Apple)首席执行官蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)会晤了中国政府高官,讨论数据安全问题。此前有报道称,就在新款iPhone发售之际,政府背景的黑客向苹果iCloud用户发起针对性的攻击。Mr Cook met Chinese vice-premier Ma Kai in Beijing this week, according to Xinhua, the official state news agency.据官方的新华社报道,库克本周在北京与中国副总理马凯见面。On Monday, it was alleged that hackers were trying to intercept Apple customers’ usernames and passwords as they logged into its iCloud website.周一传出的消息称,黑客试图在用户登录苹果云存储务iCloud网站时,拦截用户的用户名和密码。The attack was first identified by GreatFire.org, a group that conducts research on Chinese internet censorship, and corroborated by other security experts.这些黑客攻击最初是被专门研究中国互联网审查制度的团体“中国的网络审查”(GreatFire.org)发现的,并已得到其他安全专家的实。GreatFire, which has reported on similar attacks on Google, Microsoft and Yahoo in China, suggested that Chinese authorities were behind the online eavesdropping, which it said originated “deep within the Chinese domestic internet backbone”.GreatFire曾报道中国境内对谷歌(Google)、微软(Microsoft)和雅虎(Yahoo)发起的类似攻击。该团体暗示,这些攻击似乎源自中国国内互联网主干的深层,而这似乎表明中国当局在幕后扮演了角色。In the wake of that report, Apple on Tuesday issued a warning on its support pages that told customers how to spot a potential attack of this kind.消息传出后,苹果周二在持网页上发布警告,告诉客户如何识别此类潜在攻击。“Apple is deeply committed to protecting our customers’ privacy and security,” the statement s. “We’re aware of intermittent organised network attacks using insecure certificates to obtain user information, and we take this very seriously.”“苹果坚定致力于保护客户的隐私和安全,”声明称。“据我们掌握,间歇性的网络攻击正利用不安全的书来获取用户信息,我们非常严肃地对待这个问题。”Most western web browsers, including Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome, alert users to these so-called “man in the middle” attacks, in which hackers can intercept login details by rerouting web traffic through an insecure connection.西方开发的多数网页浏览器,包括苹果的Safari、Mozilla的Firefox和谷歌的Chrome,都会提醒用户这些所谓的“中间人攻击”,即黑客通过把Web流量重新路由至不安全的连接,拦截登录资料。Apple’s latest iPhones include stronger encryption capabilities which prevent even the company from accessing data stored on the smartphone, a feature which has prompted frustration and concern among law enforcement even in the US. Analysts have suggested the attack on iCloud via web browsers could be an attempt by hackers to get around that extra security on the iPhone.苹果的最新款iPhone手机具备更强大的加密功能,使该公司自己也不能访问存储在这款智能手机上的数据,对此就连美国执法部门也感到无奈和担忧。有些分析师提出,通过网页浏览器对iCloud发起攻击,可能是黑客绕过iPhone手机上额外安全保护的企图。Overcoming recurring clashes over customers’ security and privacy in China is crucial to Apple’s revenue growth. Mr Cook said only this week that he “couldn’t be more excited” about Apple’s prospects in China, after the iPhone 6 launched there a few days ago.围绕中国境内客户安全和隐私的冲突已成家常便饭。克这些冲突对于苹果的营收增长至关重要。就在本周,在iPhone 6手机在中国发售几天后,库克表示他对苹果在中国的前景“振奋得不能更振奋”。But as it scales up operations and opens more retail stores in China, Apple faces ongoing challenges there. Its recent decision to store users’ data in mainland servers underlined the tenuous balance that foreign tech companies must strike between commitment to customer security and the realities of the Chinese market.但随着苹果扩大在华经营规模,开张更多零售店,该公司面临着持续的挑战。该公司最近作出的把用户数据存储在中国境内务器的决定,突显了外国高科技公司在客户安全和中国市场现实之间必须艰难把握的脆弱平衡。Last month, the launch was held up by regulatory wrangling which many saw as politically motivated.iPhone 6在中国的发售上月受到监管程序纠缠,许多人认为,这种监管扯皮出于政治动机。 /201410/337776佛山医院地址 Even for a foreign visitor to Shanghai, renting an electric car is easy. All that#39;s required is a valid driver#39;s license and a passport. And it#39;s surprisingly cheap: eHi Car Service Ltd. charges the equivalent of just a day for a Chinese-built Roewe with a range of about 90 kilometers.就连外国游客都能在上海轻而易举地租辆电动汽车,只需要一张有效驾照和一张护照。而且租金还出奇地便宜:一嗨汽车租赁有限公司(eHi Car Service Ltd.)一辆续航里程90公里的国产荣威(Roewe)租金仅相当于25美元/天。But having completed the paperwork, picked up the keys and eased silently into Shanghai#39;s chaotic traffic, the first-time electric car driver in the city quickly notices that nobody else appears to be driving one. In fact, there are at most 500 electric cars in Shanghai out of a total of about one million passenger vehicles, according to Zhang Dawei, the founder of EV Buy, a Shanghai company that sources and services electric cars for individuals and corporate users.但在填完表格、拿到钥匙、悠然加入到上海车流之中后,你很快就会发现,似乎别人没有开电动汽车的。事实上,高瞻电动车(EV Buy)创始人张大伟说,在上海的大约100万乘用车保有量中,电动汽车顶多只有500辆。高瞻电动车是一家上海公司,面向个人和企业用户提供电动汽车经销、配套务等业务。In fairness, electric cars have met consumer resistance everywhere, not just in China. Carmakers around the world have struggled to improve battery technology. Still, Shanghai#39;s dismal failure to popularize electric vehicles, despite a national auto policy to go electric--and generous subsidies for consumers--speaks to the immense challenges that China#39;s leaders face in rolling out an ambitious program of economic overhauls approved at a Communist Party meeting this month. Those policies are intended to encourage innovation that leads to higher-quality and more sustainable growth driven by consumption--precisely the logic behind China#39;s drive to build an electric car industry.平心而论,电动汽车在全球各地都遭遇了消费阻力,不止是在中国。全球汽车制造商都在竭力提高电池技术。尽管中国汽车政策的方向是推广电动汽车,而且还为消费者提供慷慨补贴,但上海普及电动汽车的努力还是遭遇了挫败,这体现出中国领导人在贯彻三中全会经济改革方面面临的巨大挑战。经济改革的目标是鼓励创新,并以此实现高质量的、更加可持续的消费驱动型增长模式,而这正是中国打造电动汽车行业计划的初衷。More than a decade ago, state industrial planners seized upon electric cars as the answer to a set of industrial, environmental and national-security dilemmas. Developing electric cars, the planners thought, would enable China to leapfrog the world#39;s leading manufacturers of combustion engine vehicles, who China otherwise could never hope to challenge. It would also reduce China#39;s rapidly growing dependence on imported oil, which leaves the world#39;s second-largest economy vulnerable to destabilizing supply shocks. And it would mitigate chronic pollution in Chinese cities.十多年前,国家工业规划部门把电动汽车当做解决工业、环境、国家安全等一系列问题的钥匙。规划者们认为,发展电动汽车将使中国另辟蹊径、不必再纠缠于内燃机汽车领域,中国远远不是国际先进内燃机汽车厂商的对手。另外,发展电动汽车还可使中国降低对进口石油日益严重的依赖,这种依赖令中国很容易受到供应震荡的威胁。同时,中国城市长期污染的问题也将得到缓解。In the West, many assumed that these policy imperatives, combined with China#39;s vaunted prowess at rolling out transport infrastructure--as well as government ownership of the country#39;s big carmakers--would assure the success of the national push for electric vehicles. China, it was widely thought, had the chance to lead the world in an emerging technology, while pioneering a more sustainable urban growth model. Even Warren Buffett took a stake in Shenzhen-based battery and electric carmaker BYD in 2008.西方国家很多人认为,考虑到中国的这些政策规定,再加上中国在交通基础设施建设方面的高歌猛进,以及大型汽车制造商的国有性质,中国推动电动汽车发展的战略必将取得成功。外界曾经广泛地认为,在探索更具可持续性的城镇化增长模式的同时,中国将有可能引领全球新兴科技的潮流。就连巴菲特(Warren Buffett)也在2008年入股总部位于深圳的电池和电动汽车生产商比亚迪(BYD)。But China#39;s electric car strategy hasn#39;t worked out. Why?但中国的电动汽车战略并未取得成效。这是为什么呢?First, state planners badly miscalculated consumer demand. The wealthy elite have little interest in buying an electric car to flaunt their concern for the environment: For them, a car is still the prized marker of wealth and social status. The less well off, particularly first-time car buyers, who constitute the vast majority of car buyers in China, aspire to the thrill and freedom of the road--and a limited driving range is a turn-off.首先,国家规划部门严重误估了消费需求。富裕阶层对购买电动汽车、标榜自己的环保意识兴趣不大:对他们来说,汽车仍是财富与社会地位的标志。而对经济条件较差的人群,特别是占绝大多数的初次购车者来说,他们渴求的是驾车上路的那种兴奋、自由的感觉,电动汽车续航里程的限制是一个致命弱点。On the supply side, state carmakers dropped the ball, says Greg Anderson, a U.S.-based auto industry consultant and the author of the book #39;Designated Drivers: How China Plans to Dominate the Global Auto Industry.#39; The incentive for state auto firms isn#39;t to innovate, but #39;to get as big as possible, as fast as possible, and make as much money as possible,#39; he says. That#39;s best achieved by milking their existing joint ventures with foreign auto makers rather than sinking resources into new technologies.美国的汽车行业咨询师、《代驾司机:中国如何计划占领全球汽车市场》(Designated Drivers: How China Plans to Dominate the Global Auto Industry)一书的作者Greg Anderson说,在供应方面,中国国有汽车制造商犯了一个错误,它们的动机不是创新,而是尽可能快地做大,赚尽可能多的钱。它们一心利用与海外汽车厂商组建的现有合资企业赚钱,而不是投入资源进行技术革新。State carmakers all paid lip service to the government#39;s electric car strategy by coming up with working models, says Mr. Anderson. But they failed to deliver breakthroughs in core technologies, including batteries and battery management systems. So today, while hundreds of combustion engine car models compete in the world#39;s largest car market, there are only a handful of electric vehicles in production for consumers to choose from.Anderson表示,对于中国政府发展电动汽车的战略,国有汽车厂商往往通过设计一些模型来敷衍了事。在电池和电池管理系统等核心技术方面,它们都未能取得突破。因此在中国这个全球最大的汽车市场,现在虽然有上百种内燃发动机汽车,却只有少数几种已经投产的电动汽车可供消费者选择。For its part, the government failed to deliver the infrastructure. According to China#39;s current five-year plan--a holdover strategy from the Stalinist economy--there are supposed to be more than 400,000 charging piles nationwide by 2015. But in today#39;s Shanghai, a city of 24 million people, only 1,000-2,000 have so far been installed, says Mr. Zhang of EV Buy--far off the pace required to help China achieve its goals.从政府这方面来讲,它没有做到给市场发展提供完善的基础设施。根据当前的“十二五”规划,到2015年中国将建成超过40万个充电桩。但是高瞻电动车的张大伟说,在拥有2,400万人口的上海,目前只建成了1,000-2,000个充电桩,远远达不到实现“十二五”目标的速度。Bureaucratic infighting partly explains the inertia in developing the industry. For example, State Grid Corp, the near-monopoly grid operator, has been pushing to own the battery market by promoting a national battery swapping system for car owners, says Axel Krieger, a principal in the Beijing office of McKinsey amp; Co. That arrangement would give it a large part of the industrial value chain, but is resisted by car manufacturers, who want to use their own batteries.官僚斗争也是造成电动汽车行业发展缓慢的一个原因。比如,麦肯锡(McKinsey amp; Co., Inc.)北京分公司的管理人士柯明逸(Axel Krieger)就指出,国家电网公司(State Grid Corporation of China)通过推进构建覆盖全国的智能充换电务网络,希望藉此控制电池市场。这种模式将使国家电网占据行业价值链的一大部分,但遭到了电动汽车厂商的抵制,后者希望使用自己的电池。In addition, local governments have been promoting their own technical standards as a protectionist measure to support local car makers. It#39;s hard to drive an electric car from one city to another when plugs aren#39;t compatible. #39;Every local warlord defends their own standards and technologies,#39; says Mr. Krieger.另外,地方政府一直在推行自己的技术标准,作为扶持本地汽车厂商的一种保护措施。在充电器插头不兼容的情况下,电动汽车很难从一个城市开到另一个城市。柯明逸说,每个地方政府都在保护自己的标准和技术。Finally, foreign auto makers have been scared away by government attempts to force them to hand over their intellectual property in electric vehicles in exchange for market access.最后,中国政府要求外国汽车厂商交出电动汽车知识产权以换取市场准入的做法也吓跑了许多外国厂商。The upshot of all this is that China is hopelessly behind on its target for electric car ownership. The five-year plan calls for 500,000 battery-electric and plug-in electric vehicles by 2015, and five million by 2020. But last year, Chinese consumers bought only 11,375 electric cars and 1,416 plug ins, according to the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers. That#39;s despite subsidies that go as high as ,000 per car.由此造成的结果是,中国电动汽车的保有量远远落后于目标。根据“十二五”规划,到2015年中国纯电动汽车和插电式混合动力汽车的数量将达到50万辆,并在2020年达到500万辆。但中国汽车工业协会(China Association of Automobile Manufacturers)的数据显示,2012年中国消费者仅购买了11,375辆纯电动汽车和1,416辆插电式混合动力汽车,尽管每辆车政府最高给予2万美元的补贴。The Chinese government#39;s new strategy appears to be to promote plug-in hybrids as an interim technology before fully electric cars kick in. That appears to be a pragmatic response to the collapse of a key policy initiative. But it#39;s a lesson in the potholes that President Xi Jinping faces on his long road to creating an innovative economy.中国政府的新策略似乎是在普及纯电动汽车前,先把插电式混合动力汽车作为一项中间过渡技术进行推广。这似乎是对普及纯电动汽车的政策倡议失败采取的务实对策。但是,这也是习近平在发展创新型经济的漫长道路上碰到的一个教训。 /201311/266489佛山市一医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

顺德中医院在哪里佛山顺德区治疗前列腺炎多少钱 In today#39;s tablet market, one device stands distinctly above all others: Apple#39;s iPad. With this tablet, Apple did what it always does and created an innovative, must-have device in a once-unexciting category.如今的平板电脑市场,有一样设备傲视群雄:它就是苹果公司(Apple)的iPad。通过这款平板电脑,苹果公司像往常一样,在一个曾经被忽视的产品分类当中打造了一款创新性十足的必备品。That was three years ago.不过,这已经过去了三年。Now, a company that made its name with high-end consumer electronics wants to give Apple a real challenge. Sony#39;s Xperia Tablet Z runs the latest version of Android, has a 10.1-inch screen and is the thinnest tablet yet, even thinner than Apple#39;s iPad Mini.如今,一家专为高端客户群体打造电子产品的公司将给苹果带来真正的挑战。索尼(Sony)的Xperia Z平板电脑,运行最新版本的安卓系统;它配置了10.1英寸的屏幕,是当今市场上最薄的平板电脑,甚至薄过了苹果的iPad Mini。At 1.09 pounds, it#39;s lighter than the 1.44-pound full-size iPad. This tablet has infrared that turns it into a universal living-room remote control. And just for kicks, it works even when submerged in up to three feet of water for 30 minutes.Xperia Z重1.09磅(约0.5kg),比9.7英寸版的iPad的1.44磅(约0.7kg)更轻薄。所具备的红外功能使其成为了一部能够控制客厅的智能遥控器。更牛的是,即使把它丢进深达3英尺(约0.9米)深的水中半个小时,它照样可以工作无误。The Xperia is only available in models with Wi-Fi connections, as was the iPad when it launched. The models cost the same amount as their comparable iPad models: 9 for a 16-gigabyte Xperia (in black) and 9 for the 32-gigabyte model (in black or white). The Xperia is available in Sony stores, at Amazon.com and other online retailers; it will be in Best Buy stores in July.目前,Xperia Z平板电脑仅有wifi版本,这和iPad刚发布时如出一辙。同其竞争者iPad一样,16G黑色版本的Xperia售价为499美元(约合人民币3,084元),32G版本的为599美元(约合人民币3,702元),并有白色或黑色可选。在索尼官网、亚马逊(Amazon.com)和其他网上零售商处均有销售;7月它还将登陆百思买门店(Best Buy)。Sony has been out of the mobile-technology conversation for a long time, and the Xperia Tablet Z#39;s design and price position the company to get back in the game if it plays its cards right.索尼已经很久没有在移动科技上抛头露面了,这款Xperia Z平板电脑的设计和定价很可能成为其重返移动科技领域的一张王牌。Sony also has a smartphone with the same name in the U.S., the Xperia Z, which is available unlocked (without a carrier) for 0. Kazuo Hirai, Sony#39;s president and CEO, recently said the phone will soon be available with a carrier.在美国,索尼还推出了一款同样名为Xperia Z的智能手机,这款手机的无锁版(无需绑定运营商)售价为630美元(约合人民币3,894元)。索尼CEO兼主席Kazuo Hirai说他们很快就会推出运营商版本。I#39;ve been using this new tablet for over a week and it#39;s a serious rival to the iPad. Its stylish overall design, screen, fast performance, good camera and noticeably high sound quality make it easy to love. The Android OS, called Jellybean, runs smoothly and more thoughtfully than previous iterations of Android. But the Xperia Tablet Z didn#39;t fare well in my battery-life test. And some people may find the Xperia#39;s plastic back feels flimsy compared with the sturdy, brushed aluminum back on the iPad.我已经用了Xperia Z一个星期了,即使相对于iPad来说,它仍具有很强的竞争力。时尚的整体设计,完美的屏幕,超快的速度,优质的镜头以及出色的音效,都让我爱不释手。最新的安卓软糖系统(Jellybean)运行十分流畅,而且比以前的版本都更加人性化。但是Xperia Z系列平板电脑的电池续航能力还有待提升。另外,相比iPad坚固的铝合金拉纹底板,Xperia Z的黑色塑料底板也显得比较单薄。I own an Android tablet and have tested several others, but I liked the Xperia Z#39;s physical design best. Its super-thin build and light weight let you tote it in a briefcase or bag without noticing it. The Z#39;s speaker openings are smartly situated on the bottom and side edges, giving a full, surround-sound effect that doesn#39;t get muffled when you put it down on a table.我本身就有一款安卓系统的平板电脑,也测试过其他的几款,但我还是最偏爱Xperia Z的设计。当你把它放在公文包或者背包里时,其超薄超轻机身使你近乎察觉不到它的存在。Xperia Z的扬声器位于底部边缘,即使将机身平放在桌面,也不会影响其全方位环绕立体声效。After putting the Xperia through its paces for a week, I decided to test its water resistance. First, I made sure all of its ports were covered with their attached flip-out doors. This included a Micro SD memory-card expansion slot, USB 2.0 port and a headphone output. I submerged the device in a deep sink filled with water for 10 minutes with music playing from it. I could still hear it underwater.在适应了一星期之后,我决定要测试一下Xperia的防水功能。首先,我确保所有的插口都由其自带折叠式盖子盖好,其中包括一个迷你SD卡插槽,一个USB2.0插口和耳机插孔。我把播放着音乐的Xperia Z放进装满水的池子里10分钟,它不仅可以正常工作,水下播放的音乐也很清晰。Most people won#39;t go for a swim with their tablets, but they will use them in places where splashes and spills are a regular occurrence, like the kitchen and bathroom. Even with wet fingertips, gestures and selections on the Xperia screen were still recognized, however inconsistently.当然,大部分人不会带着平板电脑下水游泳,可是很多时候他们会在经常被水溅到或水渗漏的地方使用,例如厨房和厕所。即使手指上有水,Xperia Z的屏幕依然能够辨认手势和选择,尽管不太连贯。In everyday use, the Xperia#39;s battery life worked well enough that I didn#39;t notice a problem. But it came up short in my battery test. I set the screen brightness to 75%, kept Wi-Fi on to collect email in the background and played a loop of until the tablet ran out of juice. The Xperia Z died after just under 5 1/2 hours; the iPad lasted for nearly 11 1/2 hours.对于日常使用,我并不认为Xperia的电池是个问题;但测试结果的确显示其电池续航能力不足。我将屏幕亮度设置在75%,开启Wi-Fi在后台接受邮件,并持续播放视频。Xperia Z的电量在5个半小时后被耗尽;而同等情况下iPad持续了近乎11个半小时。In my living room, I tested the Xperia Z#39;s built-in infrared remote by opening a preloaded Remote Control app. Here, I selected my device type and maker, and on-screen controls appeared that I tested to make sure they worked with my LG TV, TiVo and Sony sound system. This took just a few minutes and could come in handy if you use your tablet while watching TV, but most people probably will use it as a parlor trick.在客厅里,我通过一款预先安装的遥控应用(Remote Control app),测试了Xperia Z自带的红外线遥控功能。我首先选择了我的设备类型和连接器,随即在屏幕上就出现了相对应的设备,包括LG电视,替你录(TiVo),和索尼音效系统。整个过程仅仅只需要几分钟的时间。如果你在看电视的时候使用平板电脑,这款应用也十分实用,虽然大部分人只会把它当成一个用来炫耀的客厅把戏。I downloaded Sony#39;s TV SideView app, which let me enter my ZIP Code to pull up my cable provider#39;s channel guide to browse currently playing content from my tablet without disturbing the TV screen.我下载了索尼的TV SideView软件,它能够让我通过输入区号来连接有线电视供应商,并在平板电脑上面显示所提供的内容,而不会干扰电视的播放。A handsome #39;Watch Now#39; view floated images of currently playing programs on my screen, and I tapped on each for more details, including related Twitter feeds. Swiping a box representing the program toward the TV changes the TV#39;s channel to this show.其中华丽的“现在观看”界面(Watch Now)提供了即时播放的电视节目的浮层图像,我可以通过点击图片获得更多信息,甚至可以看到大家发的推特(Twitter)内容。划动代表该节目的方框至TV处,便可让电视转换至心仪的节目。The Xperia Z#39;s 8-megapixel rear camera and 2-megapixel front camera have more megapixels than the iPad#39;s 5-megpixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel front camera, though the cameras shouldn#39;t be judged solely on megapixels. Photos of the Pacific Ocean, friends and beaches looked rich and crisp. As I swiped through photos, each took a little extra time to come into focus, like what sometimes happens on a digital camera.尽管像素并不是衡量相机优劣的唯一标准,Xperia Z平板电脑的800万像素后置摄像头和200万像素前置摄像头的像素仍高过了iPad的500万像素后置摄像头以及120万像素前置摄像头。几张太平洋、朋友和沙滩的照片看上去色丰富又清爽明亮,好像用数码相机一样。当我在浏览相册时,每一张照片都需要花一些时间才能加载成功。If you#39;re an Android fan and you#39;ve been waiting for a tablet with a great design, Sony#39;s Xperia Tablet Z fits the bill. Just don#39;t expect its battery to last as long as the iPad#39;s.如果你是安卓粉丝,并且一直期待一款设计出众的平板电脑,索尼的Xperia Z就是不二之选。只是不要期待电池续航能和iPad一样持久。 /201306/244464佛山市做个包皮手术多少钱

佛山市新世纪医院泌尿科咨询韩国怀疑朝鲜“对首尔发动猛烈的网络攻击”来源:Times Online 编辑:Vicki美国独立日当天,韩国和美国的政府机关,和企业网络均受到攻击瘫痪,朝鲜成为最大嫌疑犯。从7月4号开始,美国队财政部和特勤处,韩国的总统府,议会,国防部及外交部均受到一系列网络攻击,如果这次事件真是平壤所为,那么事件就相当敏感了,从年初开出,朝鲜一直对美国和韩国进行一系列的挑衅动作,包括试射导弹。North Korea 'launches massive cyber attack on Seoul'North Korea is the main suspect behind a campaign of cyber attacks that have paralysed (麻痹,瘫痪)the websites of US and South Korean government agencies, banks and businesses since American Independence Day. News of the campaign — which would be the first such large-scale attack attempted by the dictatorship (独裁)— emerged yesterday as an ill and emaciated (衰弱的)Kim Jong Il made a rare public appearance. US government agencies, ranging from the Treasury Department (财政部)to the Secret Service(特勤处), and South Korea’s presidential office, parliament and defence and foreign ministries were among those hit by the attacks, which began on July 4. The South Korean intelligence agency told members of parliament that it believed Pyongyang or its agents abroad were behind the attacks. “This is not a simple attack by individuals,” Seoul’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) (国家情报院)said in a statement. “The attack appeared to have been elaborately(苦心经营地) prepared and staged by a certain organisation or state.” The Yonhap news agency(联合新闻社) ed an unnamed member of parliament who said that the NIS had suggested that the attacks were the work of North Korea or “a pro-North Korean force”. Experts said that there was no indication of data theft, but because the websites were still affected four days after the attacks began, an unusually sophisticated denial of service attack had probably been used. Thousands of computers were infected by a virus that flooded websites with traffic, then overloaded their servers and forced them to shut down. South Korean and US authorities were working to identify the creators of the virus, the NIS said. US officials would not speak publicly about the attack but an emergency notice has been sent to federal departments advising them of precautions(预防措施). One theory is that they were tests of American and South Korean cyber defences. Security experts warned last year, amid an attack linked to China, that America remained more vulnerable to cyber-terrorism than any conventional form of attack. President Obama announced the establishment of an inter-agency cyber-security office(机构间网络安全办公室) in May and the Pentagon(五角大楼) added a military Cyber Command (军事网络指挥中心)to supplement the civilian effort last month. South Korea had warned of the danger of cyber-espionage (网络间谍)by Chinese and North Korean hackers. The country’s Defence Security Command said last month that it was logging attempts to penetrate military networks at an average rate of 95,000 a day. If the attacks this week are the work of North Korea the timing is significant. Pyongyang has staged a series of verbal and physical provocations this year, including an underground nuclear test and the launch of an intercontinental rocket(洲际火箭). The aggressive attitude suggests that it has abandoned expectations of negotiation with the international community in favour of whipping up (激励,鼓励)nationalist fervour (热情)at home. /200907/77414 A new feature on Google Maps Street View, which rolled out world-wide Wednesday, lets users zip through imagery dating back to Street View#39;s beginning in 2007. The update also lets you view Street View in different seasons and during the night. 谷歌(Google Inc., GOOG)街景地图周三在全球范围内新增了一大特色,用户可以浏览追溯至街景功能2007年推出时的影像。此次更新版还可以让用户浏览到不同季节以及夜间的街景。#39;For the longest time we#39;ve had Street View users asking that we either preserve the imagery we had or that we give them the ability to go back in time and look at imagery the way it was before,#39; said Luc Vincent, the Google Maps Street View director of engineering. Users want to see how their old neighborhood looked years ago, the building of iconic landmarks, or cities before and after natural disasters, he said. 谷歌街景地图工程部门负责人文森特(Luc Vincent)表示,长久以来,街景用户一直在问它们,到底是保存这些影像,还是给用户回到从前、浏览过去图像的能力。他说,用户希望看到他们的老街区几年前是什么样子,看看标志性建筑或者是城市在自然灾害之前和之后的样子。#39;We like to think we were building a 3-D image of the world, and now the mirror is actually 4-D,#39; Mr. Vincent said. 文森特说,公司希望它们一直在建造全世界的3D图像,而现在实际上是4D了。If you see an hourglass in the upper left corner of a Street View panorama, that means there is past imagery you can peruse. Just click the hourglass and a thumbnail of past images will appear. A timeline in the thumbnail allows you to move through history. 如果你看到谷歌街景网页左上角有一个沙漏,就意味着你可以查看过去相应的街景图片。只要点一下这个沙漏,就会出现过去图像的缩略图。根据缩略图的时间轴,你就可以回顾历史了。When you see the period you want to explore, click it and the whole Street View will change. At that point, you can wander around in the past as you would in the current version. 当你看到你想要回顾的时期,只要点一下,整个街景页面就会改变。那时候,你就可以像在当前版本一样在过去徜徉。Before the update, about 6 million miles worth of Street View imagery was available. With the time-machine feature, you can find about 12 million miles worth of sidewalk-level, interactive photos to explore. 在此次更新版发布前,谷歌街景采集的累计里程达到了600万英里(约966万公里)。在推出“时光机”功能后,用户可以查看大约1,200万英里(约1,932万公里)的便道交互式图像。The time machine will be available in almost every location where Street View is in operation. 这项“时光机”功能在谷歌街景记录的几乎所有地点都可以实现。For major metro areas, there will be 20 or more so-called time slices to check out, while for most locations, there will be two or three, Mr. Vincent said. 文森特表示,对于主要的都市区,谷歌街景提供了20个甚至更多的时间片段可供浏览,而对于大多数地点,则提供了两到三个时间片段。#39;What we#39;ve done before now was give users the freshest imagery, because that#39;s typically what#39;s most useful to them,#39; he said. #39;From now on, every time we add imagery, it will be with a time-machine layer.#39; 文森特说,在此之前,公司给用户提供的都是最新的图像,因为通常来说这对他们是最有用的。他说,从现在开始,每次我们添加图像,都会附上一个时光机器按钮。For now, Street View#39;s time-machine feature is only available on desktops, but Mr. Vincent said he would like to see it eventually offered on mobile as well. The hope is that users will find the older Street View maps just as useful as the new photos. Google Inc.目前,谷歌街景的“时光机”功能只适用于台式机,但文森特说,他希望最终这项功能也能在手机上使用。该公司希望用户最终感觉这些街景历史图像和新图像一样有用。#39;This is something educators and scientists could use,#39; Mr. Vincent said. #39;We want this to be a resource for the world. That#39;s why we were intent on launching it world-wide all at once.#39; 文森特补充道,教育工作者和科学家可以利用这项功能。他说,公司希望这成为全球的一项资源;这就是为什么公司有意将更新版在全球同步上线。 /201404/290987顺德区勒流前列腺炎哪家医院最好佛山新世纪专科医院男科咨询



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