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2019年10月18日 10:40:31 | 作者:快问生活 | 来源:新华社
Hillary plays mom card希拉里要打母亲牌Hillary Clinton will seek to reintroduce herself to voters on Saturday in the first major speech of her bid for the Democratic nomination by telling the story of her mothers childhood struggles, pitching her 2016 presidential campaign as a fight on behalf of such everyday Americans.13日,希拉釷克林顿将发表竞选民主党总统候选人提名的首场重要演讲,通过讲述母亲的童年遭遇,向选民重新介绍自己,把2016年总统竞选活动打造成一场代表美国普通民众进行的战役。The emphasis on her late mother, Dorothy Rodham, is a change in course from Clintons failed White House bid in 2008, when her campaign focused on her experience and toughness, presenting her as an American version of British prime minister Margaret Thatcher.希拉里此次强调过世的母亲多萝西·罗德姆的故事是其竞选策略的转变008年希拉里竞选总统失败,当时她的竞选活动重在突出自己的从政经验和坚韧性格,把自己塑造成了美国版的英国首;撒切尔夫;。来 /201506/380461Seoul (AFP) - A North Korean believed to be a runaway soldier killed four Chinese citizens during a robbery after he crossed the border into China in search of food, media reports said Monday.首尔(法新社)——一名据称是朝鲜逃兵的朝鲜人跨过边境抢劫食物并杀害四名中国人,周一有媒体报道说。The young North Korean soldier crossed the border in late December and stole money and food at a house before killing four residents in Chinas northeastern city of Helong, South Koreas Yonhap news agency and Dong-A Ilbo newspaper said.这名年轻的朝鲜士兵于12月底穿越边境,在中国和龙市窃取钱财和食物并最终杀名中国人,韩联社和《东亚日报》报道。Both cited sources in the border areas between China and the North.两份媒体援引的消息都来自中朝的边界地区。The victims were either shot dead or beaten to death, Dong-A said, adding he was later shot and captured by Chinese authorities.这些受害人不是被射杀就是被打死,后来被中国当局开射击被抓获;Killing several Chinese nationals... is a major crime, so there are good possibilities that China, unlike other runaway North Korean soldiers captured before, will not hand him over to the North,; said an unnamed Seoul official ed by Yonhap.一名韩国官员说:“杀害几名中国人是一项重罪,所以中国不大可能像之前遣返朝鲜逃兵那样将此人遣返回朝鲜。”All able-bodied young men in the North are subject to 10 years of military service. Many army bases are known to suffer food shortage and starving troops often cross the border to China in search of food.朝鲜所有健全的年轻男性都得10年的兵役。很多军事基地缺乏食物,饥饿的军人经常跨越边境去中国寻找食物。Private markets cropping up across the North in recent years have helped ease starvation among ordinary citizens.最近几年,朝鲜出现了私人市场,从而减轻了普通人的饥饿情况。Dong-A said the victims were two elderly ethnic Korean couples. Koreans make up for about 30 percent of the population in Chinas Yanbian Korean autonomous prefecture that borders the North.《东亚日报》说受害者是两对年老的朝鲜族夫妇。在与朝鲜交界的中国延边朝鲜族自治州,朝鲜族占据了大0%人口。来 /201501/352591DNA matching to take 2 daysDNA比对工作在两天内完成Authorities are gathering and matching the DNA of the victims of the Eastern Star disaster at full speed.;东方之星;号客船遇难人员DNA采集和身份比对工作正有序加速开展。Authorities in Hubei have examined all 412 bodies retrieved in the province and collected blood samples of 434 relatives. With 29 pairs of DNA match completed, identification of rest of the victims is expected to be finished in two days.湖北方面目前已完成本省境内搜寻到12名遇难者遗体检验和434名家属血样提取工作,29对DNA已比对成功。后续比对工作预计在两天内完成。Searching and clearing of passengers belongings at the cabin of the wrecked ship is continuing.;东方之星;客船船舱内的遗物清理工作仍在继续。The salvage will be packed and transported outside. The victims families will get to claim the recovered items belonging to their relatives.搜救人员将遗物整理打包转运出舱,送给家属认领。来 /201506/379480

Until about a decade ago, I attended an annual conference at which we discussed the future of Europe. We always split into two groups: one focused on foreign policy, one on economics. Each group nominated a rapporteur whose job it was to relay the conclusions of the group to the final plenary. Everyone listened politely.直到大概10年前,我一直在参加一个讨论欧洲未来的年会。我们总是分成两组:一组关注外交政策,另一组关注经济。每个组指定一个报告人,在最后的全体会议上传达该组的结论。大家都礼貌听取报告。The separation of politics and economics is in Europe’s DNA. The monetary union is, more or less, a collection of small, open economies, and behaves accordingly. Members are more interested in raising their competitiveness against the rest of the world than in using economic instruments to exert influence. To this day, the worlds of foreign and economic policy communicate largely through rapporteurs. In the US, it is perfectly normal for foreign policy think-tanks to have big economics departments. European think-tanks mainly do one or the other.政治和经济是两回事——这个观念深入欧洲的基因。货币联盟或多或少由一组规模较小的开放经济体组成,其行为与之相称。比起利用经济工具施加影响,成员国更感兴趣的是提高自己相对于世界其他国家的竞争力。直至今日,欧洲外交政策界和经济政策界主要还是通过“报告人”来相互沟通。在美国,外交政策智库往往拥有规模较大的经济部门。而欧洲的智库则主要专注于单一的领域,要么外交政策,要么经济政策。This separation leads us to downplay the political consequences of long-term economic weakness. Would Russian President Vladimir Putin have acted so ruthlessly in eastern Ukraine if the eurozone had quickly overcome the crisis and begun to lay the foundations for a fiscal and political union? Would we have the strong separatist movements we see today in various member states? Would opinion polls be telling us that Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right Front National, stands a real chance of becoming the next French president? Would an anti-euro party have dislodged the venerable Free Democrats as the party of choice for Germany’s liberal bourgeoisie?政经分离使我们低估了长期经济疲弱带来的政治后果。当初如果欧元区迅速克危机,并开始为财政和政治联盟打下基础,俄罗斯总统弗拉基米#8226;普京(Vladimir Putin)还会在乌克兰东部事务上表现得如此无所顾忌吗?我们在多个成员国内看到的势头强劲的分裂运动还会出现吗?民意调查还会告诉我们极右翼的国民阵National Front)党魁马琳#8226;勒庞(Marine Le Pen)有望成为下一任法国总统吗?反欧元政党还会取代备受尊敬的德国自由民主Free Democrats),成为德国自由主义资产阶级的的首选政党吗?I know several policy makers who feel a deep sense of foreboding about the present situation which I share yet feel unable to do anything about it. Mario Draghi’s attempt to change the eurozone policy narrative in his speech at the central bankersgathering in Jackson Hole last month was an exception. The European Central Bank president was right to emphasise that we should look at the eurozone as a whole rather than obsessing about its constituent parts.我认识几个政策制定者,他们对当前的事态有强烈的预感(我有同感),却感到无能为力。马里奥#8226;德拉Mario Draghi)在上月杰克逊霍Jackson Hole)央行行长会议上的讲话中,试图改变欧元区政策叙述,但此举是个例外。欧洲央ECB)行长强调我们应该把欧元区看作一个整体,而不是过于关注其组成部分,他是正确的。It is only when you take a global view that you can spot what is wrong. From this vantage point, you can see a shortage in aggregate demand, and the danger that low inflation today will beget even lower inflation tomorrow. You notice that the mix of fiscal and monetary policies is wrong. And you also see that it is quite easy to draw up a stimulus programme as long as you do it at EU level. And from this position, you can clearly spot the potential of a monetary union as a political power.只有纵观全局,你才能发现哪里出了问题。从这个视角看,你可以看到总需求的匮乏,以及今天的低通胀带来明日更低通胀的危险。你会注意到,当前的财政政策和货币政策搭配是错误的。你还会看到,只要是在欧EU)层面上,制定一个刺激计划相当容易。而且,从这个视角看,你能够清楚看到欧洲货币联盟成为强大政治力量的潜力。But when you take the perspective of a national capital such as Berlin, you see none of that. A good reminder of the distance between the prevailing German consensus and Mr Draghi’s new pan-Europeanism came last week when, during the 2015 budget debate Wolfgang Sch#228;uble, finance minister, promised permanent fiscal surpluses. There is hardly a soul in the Bundestag who questions how permanent fiscal surpluses would fit in with the rest of the eurozone, let alone worrying about the geopolitical consequences.然而,当你从某个国家首都(比如柏林)的视角看,这一切你都看不到。上周,在进015年预算辩论时,德国财长沃尔夫#8226;朔伊布勒(Wolfgang Sch#228;uble)承诺德国将永远保持财政盈余状态,这很好地提醒了我们德国主流共识和德拉吉新近提出的泛欧洲主义之间的差距。德国永远保持财政盈余,欧元区其他成员国怎么办?几乎没有哪个德国联邦议院(Bundestag)的议员对此提出疑问,更不用说担忧地缘政治方面的影响了。来 /201409/329612

At the beginning of this year, Angela Merkelhad a good claim to be the most successful politician in the world. The German chancellor had won three successive election victories. She was the dominant political figure in Europe and hugely popular at home.今年初,安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)有很好的理由号称世界上最成功的政界人士。这位德国总理已连续三次胜选。她是欧洲最具影响力的政治人物,在国内也广受欢迎。But the refugee crisis that has broken over Germany is likely to spell the end of the Merkel era. With the country in line to receive more than a million asylum-seekers this year alone, public anxiety is mounting and so is criticism of Ms Merkel, from within her own party. Some of her close political allies acknowledge that it is now distinctly possible that the chancellor will have to leave office, before the next general election in 2017. Even if she sees out a full term, the notion of a fourth Merkel administration, widely discussed a few months ago, now seems improbable.然而,冲向德国的难民危机很可能预示着默克尔时代的终结。由于仅今年就要接收超过100万寻求庇护者,德国公众的焦虑情绪正在上升,党内对默克尔的批评也越来越多。几位与她关系密切的政治盟友承认,现在看来很有可能的是默克尔不得不在2017年下届大选前下台。即使她做完这一任期,几个月前还被广泛讨论的第四届默克尔政府如今看来已不太可胀?In some ways, all this is deeply unfair. Ms Merkel did not cause the Syrian civil war, or the troubles of Eritrea or Afghanistan. Her response to the plight of the millions of refugees displaced by conflict has been bold and compassionate. The chancellor has tried to live up to the best traditions of postwar Germany including respect for human-rights and a determination to abide by international legal obligations.从某些方面看,这一切对默克尔非常不公。叙利亚内战、厄立特里亚或阿富汗的困境并非默克尔造成。她对数百万因冲突而流离失所的难民的回应是大胆而富有同情心的。默克尔已尽力保持了战后德国最优秀的传统包括尊重人权以及坚定遵守国际法律义务。The trouble is that Ms Merkel’s government has clearly lost control of the situation. German officials publicly endorse the chancellor’s declaration that “We can do this But there is panic just beneath the surface: costs are mounting, social services are creaking, Ms Merkel’s poll ratings are falling and far-right violence is on the rise. Der Spiegel, a news magazine, wrote this week that: “Germany these days is a place where people feel entirely uninhibited about expressing their hatred and xenophobia.”问题是默克尔政府显然已经失去了对局势的控制。虽然德国官员公开持总理的声明“我们可以做到”,但表面之下隐藏着恐慌:开越来越大,社会务体系不堪重负,默克尔的民意持率正在下滑,而极右暴力事件正在增多。德国新闻杂志《明镜周刊Der Spiegel)本周写道:“今天的德国已变成一个人们感觉可以完全不受约束地发泄仇恨和排外情绪的地方。”As the placid surface of German society is disturbed, so arguments about the positive economic and demographic impact of immigration are losing their impact. Instead, fears about the long-term social and political effect of taking in so many newcomers particularly from the imploding Middle East are gaining ground. Meanwhile, refugees are still heading into Germany at a rate of around 10,000 a day. (By contrast, Britain is volunteering to accept 20,000 Syrian refugees over four years.)随着德国社会表面的平静被打破,移民对经济和人口结构带来积极影响的观点正在失去市场。相反,对收容如此多的新来者尤其是来自正在内爆的中东的人带来的长期社会和政治影响的担忧正在加剧。与此同时,难民仍在以每天约1万人的速度涌入德国。(相比之下,英国愿意在4年期间收万名叙利亚难民。)It is all such a contrast with the calm and control that Ms Merkel used to radiate, captured by her nickname Mutti (or “mum. Throughout 2014, as Ms Merkel led Europe’s response to the eurozone crisis and Russia’s annexation of Crimea, German voters seemed more inclined than ever to place their faith in the judgment of the chancellor.这与默克尔曾经展示出的镇定与控制体现在她的绰号“妈妈Mutti)上形成鲜明对比014年期间,随着默克尔领导欧洲应对欧元区危机以及俄罗斯对克里米亚的吞并,德国选民似乎比以往任何时候都更倾向于相信这位总理的判断。The refugee crisis, however, revealed another side to Ms Merkel. Some voters seem to have concluded that Mutti has gone mad flinging open Germany’s borders to the wretched of the earth.然而,难民危机展示了默克尔的另一面。一些选民似乎已经得出结论:妈妈已经疯了,她向全球的可怜人敞开了德国的边界。That, of course, is a major oversimplification. Germany’s decision last month not to return Syrian asylum-seekers to the first safe country they had entered was, in part, just a pragmatic acknowledgment that such a policy was no longer practical. Nonetheless, Ms Merkel was widely seen as having announced an “open door That impression persists, making Germany (along with Sweden) the EU country of choice for asylum seekers.当然,这是一种严重过于简单化的描述。德国上月决定不将叙利亚寻求庇护者遣返回他们进入的第一个安全国家,这在一定某种程度上只是务实地承认,这样的政策已不再可行。尽管如此,默克尔还是被广泛视为宣布了“开放边界”政策。这种印象挥之不去,使德国(连同瑞典)成为寻求庇护者首选的欧盟国家。The only way to turn this situation around quickly would be to build border fences of the kind that the Hungarian government of Viktor Orban has constructed. Some German conservatives are now calling for precisely such measures. But Ms Merkel is highly unlikely to embrace the Orban option. She knows that such a policy could sound the death knell for free movement of people within the EU, and would also seriously destabilise the Balkans by bottling up refugees there.迅速扭转这一局面的唯一途径,是在边境架起维克托欧尔Viktor Orban)领导的匈牙利政府所建的那种带刺铁丝网。德国一些保守派人士现在正在呼吁采取此类措施。但默克尔极不可能采用欧尔班的作法。她知道,这样的政策将为欧盟内部人口的自由流动敲响丧钟,也会将难民困在巴尔干半岛地区,从而严重破坏那里的稳定。Instead, Ms Merkel wants an EU-wide solution. But German plans for a compulsory mechanism to share out refugees across the EU and for an emergency fund to share the costs are encountering stiff resistance. As a result, Germany’s relations with its EU partners, aly strained by the eurozone crisis, are worsening. The election of an anti-migrant government in Poland this weekend will not help.相反,默克尔希望拿出一项欧盟范围内的解决方案。但德国提出在欧盟各国分配难民的强制机制(以及一个分摊成本的应急基金)的计划遭遇了强烈的抵制。结果是,德国与欧盟伙伴之间本来就因欧元区危机而变得紧张的关系正在恶化。上周末反移民政府在波兰上台,将使情况变得更糟。Could Ms Merkel still turn the situation around? If the German government gets lucky, the coming of winter will slow the flow of refugees, providing a breathing space to organise the reception of asylum seekers and to come up with new arrangements with transit countries, particularly Turkey.默克尔还能扭转局势吗?如果德国政府幸运的话,冬天的到来将减缓难民流入,可以为安排收容寻求庇护者,并与难民过境国家(尤其是土耳其)一起制定新的安排提供喘息空间。Should the chancellor regain control of the situation it remains possible that in 20 yearstime, she could yet be seen as the mother of a different, more vibrant and multicultural Germany a country that held on to its values when it was put to the test.如果默克尔能够重新控制局势的话,那么20年后,她仍可能会被视为一个不同、更具活力和多元文化的德国一个在经受考验时坚持自己价值观的国家的“妈妈”。However, if the number of refugees heading into Germany continues at its present level for some time, and Ms Merkel remains committed to open borders, the pressure for her to step down will grow. There are, at present, no obvious rivals. But a continuing crisis will doubtless throw some up.然而,如果涌入德国的难民人数在一段时期内继续保持当前水平,而默克尔仍坚持开放边界,那么要求她下台的压力将会增大。目前,她还没有明显的对手。但持续发酵的危机无疑将让一些人跳出来。Regardless of the chancellor’s personal fate and reputation, the refugee crisis marks a turning point. The decade after Ms Merkel first came to power in 2005 now looks like a blessed period for Germany, in which the country was able to enjoy peace, prosperity and international respect, while keeping the troubles of the world at a safe distance. That golden era is now over.姑且不论默克尔的个人命运和声誉,这场难民危机标志着一个转折点。对德国而言,默克尔005年首次上台后0年现在看起来是一段幸运的时期,在那期间,德国能够享受和平、繁荣和国际尊重,同时将世界的各种麻烦保持在安全距离之外。如今,这样的黄金时代已经结束。来 /201510/406689

The European institutions overseeing Greece’s bailout have expressed “serious concernsover the sustainability of the country’s debt, bringing them into line with the more pessimistic assessment of the International Monetary Fund.监督希腊纾困的欧洲机构对该国债务的可持续性表示“严重关切”,这使欧方的口径与国际货币基金组织(IMF)比较悲观的评估基本一致。The European Commission and the European Central Bank argue in a new analysis that debt relief measures, including extending repayment periods, would allow Athens to achieve debt sustainability, a solution advocated by the IMF. They say such moves would avoid the need for a full-scale haircut.欧盟委员European Commission)和欧洲央ECB)在一项新的分析中提出,债务减免措施(包括延长还款期)将使雅典方面能够实现债务可持续——这正是IMF倡导的解决方案。他们表示,这样的举措将意味着不需要全面减记债务。The conclusion provides a boost to Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras on the day he seeks to push a highly contentious reform and austerity programme through parliament as part of a new 85bn rescue programme agreed in outline on Tuesday. It will heap pressure on Berlin to back substantial debt relief for Athens when Greece’s creditors discuss the issue in the autumn.这个结论有利于希腊总理齐普拉斯騠虎克西Alexis Tsipras),他正在推动该国议会通过一项备受争议的改革和财政紧缩计划,这是各方在周二达成框架协议的850亿欧元新救助计划的一部分。另一方面,这个结论将使柏林方面受到压力,要求其在希腊的债权人今秋讨论这个问题时,持向希腊提供大幅债务减免。But the study could also exacerbate German concerns about ploughing ahead with a new bailout, given the scepticism in chancellor Angela Merkel’s ruling conservative CDU/CSU bloc about Greece’s ability to deliver on reform promises and create the conditions for economic recovery.但这项研究也可能加剧德国对于推进新纾困计划的担忧。德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)领导的保守的基民基社CDU/CSU)执政联盟,本来就对希腊兑现改革承诺、为经济复苏创造条件的能力持怀疑态度。Germany, together with some other hardline eurozone members, has given Greek calls for debt relief short shrift, saying that any “nominal haircutwould be illegal under the EU treaties.对于希腊要求债务减免的呼吁,德国和其他一些强硬的欧元区成员国一直不屑一顾。他们称,根据欧盟条约,任何“名义减记”都是不合法的。But the analysis by the European institutions suggests that extending maturities coupled with other grace periods would make an outright haircut unnecessary.但上述欧洲机构的分析表明,延长偿债期限,加上其他宽限期安排,将意味着没有必要进行全面减记。Without maturity extensions or similar actions there would be “serious concerns regarding the sustainability of Greece’s public debt it says.分析报告称,若不能延长偿债期限,也没有类似行动,就会存在“对于希腊公共债务可持续性的严重关切”。Eurozone finance ministers are due to debate the outline agreement between Athens and its bailout monitors on the new 85bn rescue today. Germany has said the deal is insufficient and wants more time to work out the details.欧元区财长将于今日辩论雅典方面与纾困监督员就新的850亿欧元救助方案达成的框架协议。德国曾表示,这份协议力度不够,并希望有更多时间来敲定细节。But Berlin is becoming increasingly isolated in its reluctance to endorse a new rescue as other hardliners gave it their blessing. Alex Stubb, Finland’s finance minister, said he was y to give the go-ahead to a new bailout. “We are turning the page in this crisis. Hopefully we will see Greece back on the path of recovery. The messages we are getting from Athens are probably a bit more committed than in the past.”但是,柏林方面不愿持新救助方案的立场,正使其越来越孤立,因为其他强硬的欧元区伙伴已表示赞同。芬兰财长亚历克斯斯图布(Alex Stubb)表示,他准备同意新的纾困方案。“我们正在翻开这场危机的新的一页。希望我们会看到希腊回到复苏的道路上。我们从雅典方面获得的承诺很可能比过去诚恳了一些。”Although debt relief will not be formally discussed until after the summer, it could still become an issue in today’s talks. Berlin is insisting on the IMF’s full participation in a new bailout of Greece before deciding whether to back the deal. But the IMF whose involvement is also critical for other hardline countries warned last month that it may not be able to take part in a third Greek bailout if the country’s debts were unsustainable.虽然正式讨论债务减免将是夏季以后的事情,但此事仍可能成为今日磋商中的一个议题。柏林方面坚持要求IMF首先承诺全面参与新的希腊纾困,然后才会决定是否持协议。其他立场强硬的成员国也希望IMF参与。但IMF上月警告,如果希腊的债务是不可持续的,它可能无法参与对该国的第三轮纾困。来 /201508/392902

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