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The eight candidates vying to be the next secretary-general of the UN will for the first time pitch for the job in public, in a process that promises greater transparency but which will come down to an accord between the US and Russia. 9名候选人将首次公开角逐下任联合国(UN)秘书长一职,这一过程有望增加透明度,但最终结果将会取决于美国和俄罗斯达成的一致意见In an effort to shift the selection process away from backroom dealmaking, the candidates are detailing their case to the UN General Assembly in a 10-minute presentation followed by two-hour question-and-answer sessions between yesterday and tomorrow. 在昨天到明天天时间里,这些候选人每人将先0分钟时间向联合国大会(UN General Assembly)作竞选陈述,然后回答提问。每名候选人将总共小时时间。这一安排旨在让遴选过程不再成为幕后政治交易的过程For the first time in the UN’s 70-year history, the eight people who have so far declared their candidacy including Helen Clark, former New Zealand prime minister, and Irina Bokova, former Bulgarian foreign minister will also take part in public events designed to create a broader debate about their views. In another first, a public list of declared candidates will be made. 迄今宣布参选的个人——包括新西兰前总理海伦#8226;克拉Helen Clark)和保加利亚前外长伊琳#8226;科Irina Bokova)——的竞选过程还将是公开的,目的是让人们可以对他们的观点展开更广泛的辩论,这是联合国70年历史上的首次。联合国还将公开参选人的名单,这也是历史上的首次Even with the new burst of public scrutiny, however, the five permanent members of the UN Security Council still have an effective veto over the decision, with the US and Russia expected to have the decisive voice in choosing a replacement for Ban Ki-moon. 然而,即便遴选过程头一次要接受公众审视,联合国安理Security Council)个常任理事国仍对最终决定拥有事实上的否决权,预计美国和俄罗斯在选择潘基Ban Ki-moon)的接替者时有决定性发言权As a result, the candidates will face the delicate task of finding a way to talk about important global issues without offending Washington or Moscow. 结果是,这些候选人将面对一个微妙的任务:设法在不冒犯华盛顿或莫斯科的情况下谈论全球重要事务“There is much more transparency this time, but that does not alter the fundamental political game, which will ultimately come down to the US and the Russians,said Richard Gowan, an expert on UN issues at the European Council on Foreign Relations. 欧洲对外关系委员European Council on Foreign Relations)联合国问题专家理查德#8226;高恩(Richard Gowan)表示:“这次的遴选透明得多,但这并没有改变基本的政治游戏格局,它最终仍将取决于美国和俄罗斯。“If any of the candidates say anything remotely controversial about the Middle East peace process, Israel, Syria or Ukraine, they are going to be on the next flight out of JFK.“如果哪位候选人在中东和平进程、以色列、叙利亚或乌克兰问题上说出略微带有争议性的话,他就会乘坐下一班飞机离开肯尼迪国际机JFK)。The selection process this year is revolving around two themes. The first is a push pioneered by Colombia and now supported by a quarter of UN members to have a woman as the next secretary-general. Half of the eight who have so far declared are women. 今年的遴选过程围绕两个主题展开。第一个是推动一位女性担任下一任联合国秘书长——该提议最初由哥伦比亚提出,现已获得四分之一联合国成员国的持。迄今已经宣布参选的9位候选人当中,有4位女性The other is an assumption by governments from eastern Europe that it is their turn to nominate the secretary-general with six of the eight coming from the region. The other six candidates are Igor Luksic, Montenegro’s minister of foreign affairs; António Guterres, former prime minister of Portugal and former UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Danilo Turk, former president of Slovenia; Vesna Pucic, former foreign minister of Croatia; Natalia Gherman, former foreign minister of Moldova; and Srgjan Kerim, former foreign minister of Macedonia. 另一个是东欧国家设想,现在该轮到他们提名联合国秘书长人选了—名候选人当中人来自东欧地区。上文中没有提到的另名候选人是:黑山副总理兼外交部长伊戈尔#8226;卢克希奇(Igor Luksic)、葡萄牙前总理、联合国前难民事务高级专员安东尼#8226;古特雷斯(António Guterres)、斯洛文尼亚前总统达尼#8226;蒂尔Danilo Turk)、克罗地亚前外交部长韦斯#8226;皮习Vesna Pucic)、尔多瓦前外交部长纳塔利娅#8226;盖尔Natalia Gherman)、马其顿前外交部长斯尔詹#8226;克里Srgjan Kerim)以及昨天刚刚宣布参选的塞尔维亚前外交部长、联合国大会前主席武#8226;耶雷米奇(Vuk Jeremic)The first candidate to present yesterday was Mr Luksic from Montenegro, who faced questions largely about management of the UN. “We need to adhere to the principle of equitable rotation of jobs,he said, suggesting that the new secretary-general should come from eastern Europe. Mr Luksic said he would consider basing the UN’s deputy secretary-general in Nairobi, in order to better address African issues. 昨日第一位出场的候选人是来自黑山的卢克希奇,提给他的问题大多与联合国的管理有关。“我们需要遵守公平轮换的原则,”他表示,暗示联合国新任秘书长应来自东欧。卢克希奇表示,他将考虑把联合国副秘书长一职设在内罗毕,以便更好地应对非洲的问题The Security Council is expected to hold an informal poll this summer, with a final decision in September or October, although diplomats said the process could drag on if there is a stalemate. 预计联合国安理会将在今年夏季举行非正式投票,将在9月或10月做出最终决定,不过,外交人士表示,如果出现僵持,遴选过程可能延长Diplomats say the field is still very open at this early stage, although the two candidates considered slight favourites were Ms Bokova, who is the head of Unesco, and Ms Clark, who runs the UN Development Programme. 外交人士表示,在目前的初期阶段,几名候选人仍然势均力敌,不过外界稍微更看好一些的两名候选人是联合国教科文组Unesco)总干事科娃和联合国开发计划署(UN Development Programme)署长克拉克Other candidates can still enter the race, especially if none of the current eight wins strong backing this week. If Ms Bokova falters, diplomats said Kristalina Georgieva, the Bulgarian who is vice-president of the European Commission, could emerge as a strong contender, although she has ruled out a bid. 有意参选的人士仍可继续参选,特别是如果目前的9位候选人都没有在本周获得有力持的话。外交人士表示,如科娃局势不妙,那么欧盟委员European Commission)副主席、保加利亚人克里斯塔琳娜#8226;格奥尔基耶娃(Kristalina Georgieva)可能会成为有力竞争者,尽管她已表示不会参选Kevin Rudd, former Australian prime minister, has also been mentioned, although he might be considered too close to the US to win the support of Russia or China, which is also a permanent member of the Security Council. 澳大利亚前总理陆克Kevin Rudd)也被提及,不过外界可能认为,他与美国过于亲近、无法赢得俄罗斯或中国的持,中国也是联合国安理会常任理事国之一The US has been criticised for its heavy-handed intervention to secure the nominations of Kofi Annan in 1997, having effectively ousted Boutros Boutros-Ghali, and in 2006 when Mr Ban was chosen. Russia is believed to want a candidate from eastern Europe, while the US would be happy to cast the contest more broadly. 1997年,为了让科#8226;安南(Kofi Annan)获得提名,美国几乎可以说是把布特罗斯#8226;布特罗斯-加利(Boutros Boutros-Ghali)赶下了台;美国在2006年潘基文当选时也进行了强力干预。这种做法让美国遭到外界批评。据信,俄罗斯希望候选人来自东欧,而美国将乐意看到竞争在更广范围内展开Vitaly Churkin, Russian ambassador to the UN, said the public hearings “mightinfluence the final decision. “It is important for us that the next secretary-general enjoy the broadest possible support among members of the ed Nations,he said. 俄罗斯驻联合国大使维塔利#8226;丘尔Vitaly Churkin)表示,公开听“可能”影响最终决定。他表示:“下任联合国秘书长应得到尽可能广泛的联合国成员国的持,这对我们来说很重要。”来 /201604/437700。

US federal election law requires all candidates to report each campaign donation to the Federal Election Committee (FEC). These filings offer insight into who is willing to put their money where their vote is.美国联邦选举法规定,所有候选人必须向联邦选举委员会报告每个选举阵营所收到的捐款。这些法律文件可以让我们比较直观地了解到谁把钱捐到了哪里。Direct campaign donors are legally allowed to interact with a candidate, but their donations cannot exceed ,700 per presidential candidate.在法律上,允许竞选直接捐赠者和候选人进行互动,但是捐赠者给每个候选人的捐款金额最多不能超700美元。Hillary Clinton - Total raised 0,443,637. Though Clinton has received a significant amount from bankers, she has raised even more from lawyers.希拉釷克林顿一共筹集了130443637美元。尽管希拉里从家们那里收到了一笔不小的捐款,但是他从律师们手中筹集的资金更多。The Clinton campaign has taken in m from lawyers and law firms, including .33m from individuals who work at seven of the top US law firms. By contrast she has received just over m from the commercial banking and investment industries.希拉里阵营目前已经从律师和律师事务所手里获得100万美元资金,其中来自全美7所最大律师事务所的律师们为其贡献33万美元。于此相对的,她只从商业和投资行业手里得到了400万美元多一点的持。Bernie Sanders - Total raised ,311,423. Bernie Sanders has received a swell of financial support from Americans giving in small amounts.伯尼·桑德斯一共筹集了96311423美元。桑德斯受到了大量捐赠小数额的美国选民的持。即使他们捐款的面额很小,但也让桑德斯获益良多。Nearly three-quarters of Senator Sanders donations have been under 0. His campaign said the average donation in 2015 was .16. Only 17% of donations to rival Hillary Clinton are under 0.在桑德斯收到的资金中,大约有四分之三捐款的面额小00美元。桑德斯选举阵营表示015年平均捐款的面额7.16美元。而在希拉里收到的捐赠中,只有17%的捐款面额小00美元。Ted Cruz - Total raised ,661,506. More than most, Texas Senator Ted Cruz has relied on donations from his home state. His campaign has received 43% of its donations from people in Texas. Those donations came from a wide range of industries including traditional Texas businesses like oil and gas and farming.泰德·克鲁兹一共筹集了54661506美元。德克萨斯州参议员泰德·克鲁兹从他老家得到的捐款最多。在克鲁兹选举阵营目前收到捐款中,3%来自于德克萨斯州人。这些捐款来自于一大批工业部门,包括诸如石油和农业等德克萨斯州传统产业。Donald Trump - Total raised ,526,319. The first was the amount of media attention Mr Trump received early on allowing him to sp his campaign message without buying costly TV ads.而唐纳德·特朗普一共筹集了25526319美元。特朗普收到的最大持应该是媒体们免费的宣传。他早早地便吸引到了媒体的注意,从而不费一分一毫就把自己的竞选信息广为传播。That has not stopped him from fundraising. The campaign has raised m, but only .5m is from individual donors. Health professionals and real estate professionals are the most active donors.不过那并不能阻止他筹款的步伐。特朗普阵营目前收到500万美元的捐款,但个人捐款只有750万美元。卫生健康行业和房地产行业是特朗普最大的捐赠者。来 /201606/447011。

The British debate about Brexit, at the moment, reminds me of the discussions I heard in the US, late last year, about Donald Trump. Back then the opinion polls said that Mr Trump was well ahead in the race. But the conventional wisdom in Washington was that he would never win the Republican presidential nomination. Everybody told me that, once voters focused on the race, Mr Trump’s lead would crumble. 英国当下围绕“英国退欧Brexit)的争论,让我想起了去年晚些时候在美国听到的关于唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)的讨论。那时的民意调查显示,特朗普的持率遥遥领先。但华盛顿方面普遍认为,他绝不会赢得共和党总统候选人提名。所有人都对我说,一旦选民开始专注此次大选,特朗普的领先优势将化为乌有In Britain today, there is a similar unwillingness among mainstream political analysts to believe the warning signs from the opinion polls. Several recent polls have shown small majorities in favour of the UK leaving Europe when the country holds its referendum on June 23. But most political pundits I speak to still think it is pretty unlikely that Britain will really vote to leave. When it comes to both Mr Trump and Brexit, the political establishments in Washington and London find it hard to believe the public will ultimately make a choice that the establishment regards as self-evidently stupid. 如今在英国,主流政治分析人士同样不愿相信民调发出的警示信号。近期的几次民调显示3日举行公投时,将有占微弱多数的民众投票赞成英国退欧。但我交谈过的多数政治学者仍认为,英国真的投票退欧的情况不太可能出现。对于特朗普与英国退欧,华盛顿和伦敦的政治建制派发现很难相信,公众最终将做出建制派认为明显愚蠢的选择However in Britain, as in the US, politics has taken a populist and unpredictable turn. The financial crisis and its aftermath have undermined faith in the judgment of elites. High levels of immigration and fear of terrorism have increased the temptation to try and pull up the drawbridge and retreat behind national frontiers. 然而,同美国一样,英国的政治也已经出现了一种难以预测的民粹主义转向。金融危机及其后果破坏了人们对于精英所做判断的信任。移民大量涌入、对恐怖主义的担忧增加了拉起吊桥、退缩至国家边界之内的诱惑Britain’s Leave campaign will put immigration and border controls at the centre of its campaign and that could be a winning tactic. The polls suggest the public is overwhelmingly sympathetic to the idea that Britain needs to restrict immigration. Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempted renegotiation of the terms of Britain’s membership of the EU was unable to deliver much on this score. The principle of free movement of labour within the EU remains untouched and the Leave campaign will make sure every voter knows that. 英国的退欧运动将把移民问题与边界管控问题置于核心——这有可能成为一项成功的策略。民调显示,绝大多数民众都对英国需要限制移民的想法表示赞同。英国首相戴#8226;卡梅David Cameron)针对英国的欧盟成员国身份所尝试的重新谈判,在这一点上无法满足民众的要求。欧盟内部劳动力自由流动的原则仍未被触动,而退欧运动将确保每位投票者都知道这一点Unfortunately, the coalition that was meant to drive the Remain campaign is failing to come together. Pro-Europeans always assumed they would be able to rely on the support of the opposition Labour party, the Liberal Democrats, the mainstream of the Conservative party and most of British business. But the Labour party is now led by Jeremy Corbyn, a closet Brexiteer who will not lift a finger to rally his party behind the pro-EU cause. The Liberal Democrats were virtually wiped out at last year’s general election. And civil war has broken out among the Tories, with several leading figures joining the Leave campaign. 遗憾的是,本应推动留欧运动的联盟未能组建起来。持留欧的人士总以为,他们能依靠自由民主党、保守党主流人士、反对党工党以及多数英国企业的持。但工党目前由杰里米#8226;科尔Jeremy Corbyn)领导,他是一名不公开的退欧持者,不会在团结本党持留欧方面做出任何努力。在去年的大选中,自由民主党实际上已经出局。保守党内部也已爆发内斗,几名领袖人物都加入了退欧运动Meanwhile big business is being much less vocal than the Remain camp had hoped. A pro-EU letter was signed by just over one-third of the heads of the FTSE 100 most hung back, either out of conviction or for fear of antagonising shareholders or customers. The City of London is largely in favour of staying inside the EU. But, in the current climate, the support of Goldman Sachs is not necessarily a plus. 与此同时,比起留欧阵营的期待,大企业发出的声音要少得多。只有略多于三分之一的富00指数(FTSE 100)公司高管在一封呼吁留欧的公开信上签了名——多数高管都在犹豫,或是出于信念,或是因为害怕激怒股东或客户。伦敦金融城(City of London)基本上都持留在欧盟。但在目前的状况下,即便高盛(Goldman Sachs)的持也不一定会带来加分The Leave campaign also has the advantage of simple slogans that are easy to understand: control our borders, make our own laws, get our money back from Brussels. The Remain campaign’s responses to these demands, by contrast, are complicated. They point out that, if Britain wants to retain full access to the EU single market, it will almost certainly have to accept free movement of people as the price of entry, along with single-market regulations. They explain that, while Britain’s contribution to the EU budget sounds like a big number, it is actually a very small part of overall government spending. 退欧运动还有口号简单易理解的优势:控制我们的边境,制定我们自己的法律,把我们的钱从布鲁塞尔拿回来。相比之下,留欧运动人士对这些诉求的回应则较为复杂。他们指出,如果英国想要保留进入欧盟单一市场的全部权限,作为代价,英国几乎必须接受人员的自由流动,以及单一市场的法规。他们解释说,尽管英国对欧盟预算的贡献听起来数额巨大,这笔钱实际上只是政府总出的很小一部分These are intellectually solid arguments. But they are also unhelpfully convoluted. And in politics, as the saying goes: “If you are explaining, you are losing.Ominously, early focus groups suggest that, when undecided voters are exposed to the arguments of both sides of the debate, they are more likely to move towards a vote to leave. The polls also show that anti-EU voters are more likely to vote than the pro-EU camp. Meanwhile, Europe is looking like an increasingly tough sell, what with the euro crisis and the refugee one. 从理智上说这些都是有力的论断。但这些论断也曲折难懂,于事无补。在政治上,有句话是这么说的:“如果你在解释,你就快输了。”一个不祥的预兆是,早期的焦点小组研究表明,尚未做出决定的选民在了解辩论双方主张后更有可能偏向于投票持退欧。民意调查也表明,反欧盟选民比亲欧盟阵营更有可能参与投票。同时,欧元危机和难民危机让欧洲的吸引力越来越低Faced with these problems, the Remain campaign is left relying to an unnerving extent on the authority of the prime minister. Two general election victories suggest Mr Cameron is a formidable campaigner. But he cannot do it alone. With business and the other political parties so far disappointing, he may have to look abroad for support. 面对这些难题,留欧运动只能在高得令人不安的程度上依赖于首相的权威。两次大选获胜表明卡梅伦是一个极为有力的活动家。但他独木难。迄今商界和其他政党的表现都令人失望,卡梅伦或许不得不寻求海外的持The news that President Barack Obama will visit the UK next month and is likely to endorse the campaign to keep Britain inside the EU has provoked fury from the Vote Leave campaign. Their outrage is telling. The US president is still a popular figure in much of the UK. 美国总统巴拉#8226;奥巴Barack Obama)下月将访问英国并有可能公开持英国留欧运动的新闻,引发了退欧运动人士的愤怒。这些人的愤怒说明了一些问题——美国总统在英国很多地方依然是一个受欢迎的人物What is more, the Leave campaign has always argued there is a big world beyond Europe that is just waiting to embrace Britain once it leaves the EU. Nobody is better placed than the US president to gently puncture that idea. In the weeks following his visit, Downing Street should encourage other foreign leaders from Beijing to Vatican City to make their hostility to Brexit known. 此外,退欧运动总是主张,在欧洲之外,还有一个广阔的世界等着在英国退出欧盟的那一刻拥抱英囀?要轻轻地挫伤这个想法,没有比美国总统更好的人选了。在美国总统访英之后的几个星期,唐宁街应该鼓励从北京到梵蒂冈等地的其他外国领导人让英国人了解到他们对英国退欧的反对Many foreign leaders will hesitate to intervene in an internal British debate. Some may have been lulled into believing Brexit is highly unlikely, anyway. Like the British political elite, they need to be disabused of that comforting notion and fast. 许多外国领导人将对干预英国国内讨论感到迟疑。而且有些人可能已经产生了英国退欧极不可能发生的错觉。就像英国政治精英一样,他们应该打消这种提供了虚假安慰的观念——而且动作要快。来 /201603/433263。

U.S. President Donald Trump said Thursday Iran has been ;formally put on notice; for its ballistic missile launch, and he warned that ;nothing is off the table; in dealing with Tehran.美国总统川普星期四表示,伊朗因发射弹道导弹而“受到正式警告”。川普警告说,在与德黑兰打交道时“没有什么措施不可以考虑。”In a series of tweets, Trump also continued his condemnation of the agreement that the U.S. and five other world powers reached to curb Irans nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.川普发出一连串推文,继续批评前总统奥巴马政府领导的美国等六个大国与伊朗达成的伊核协议。为了限制伊朗核项目,六大国以减轻制裁作为交换。He said Iran should be ;thankful; for the agreement, and that the country was ;y to collapse; before the billions of dollars were unfrozen.川普说,伊朗应该“感谢”这个协议,如果巨额资金没有解冻,伊朗当时“行将崩溃。”Later, at a White house meeting with Harley-Davidson executives and union members, Trump said ;nothing is off the table,; in response to a reporter who asked if military action against Iran was an option.之后,川普在白宫会见美国托车名牌哈戴维森公司的高管和工会成员,有记者问到是否会对伊朗动用武力,川普表示,“没有什么是不可以考虑的。”The nuclear deal required Iran to limit its enrichment of uranium and convert several of its nuclear facilities to other uses.核协议要求伊朗限制生产浓缩铀,并把几处核设施转用于其它目的。On Wednesday, it was Trumps National Security Advisor Michael Flynn who condemned Irans recent missile launch, declaring it ;just the latest in a series of incidents; in which Iran has threatened the U.S. and its regional allies over the past six months. He said leaders in Tehran were emboldened to take such action now because the nuclear agreement is ;weak and ineffective,; and because the other nations involved in the agreement failed to take action to rein in Irans military ambitions.星期三,川普的国家安全顾问弗林谴责伊朗最近进行的导弹试射。他说,“这是过去六个月来发生一连串事件中最新的一次”,伊朗的举动威胁到美国及其地区盟友。弗林说,德黑兰领导人现在之所以如此胆大妄为,就是因为核协议“软弱而无效”,还有参与这个协议的其它国家没有采取行动约束伊朗的军事野心。During a briefing at the White House, Flynn accused former President Barack Obama and other members of his administration of not being tough enough on Tehran.在白宫举行的一次简报会上,弗林批评前总统奥巴马和他的一些幕僚对伊朗不够强硬。来 /201702/490283。

A growing arms race between China and its neighbours helped to propel global defence spending to its first growth in three years, despite the fall in oil prices hitting some of the arms industry’s biggest clients. 中国与邻国之间不断升级的军备竞赛帮助推动全球防务出录得三年来首次增长,尽管油价下跌打击了军火工业一些最大客户All told, military spending in Asia and Oceania rose 5.4 per cent in 2015, the fastest-growing region in the world, beating even the war-torn Middle East, which grew 4.1 per cent the same year, according to a study by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. 根据瑞典斯德哥尔国际和平研究所(SIPRI)的一项研究,整体而言,亚洲和大洋015年军费开增.4%,是世界上增长最快的地区,甚至超过战火纷飞的中东,后者同年军费开增.1% Global military expenditure in 2015 was estimated at ,67tn, an increase of about 1 per cent in real terms from 2014. The last time global expenditure grew was in 2011. 2015年全球军费开估计达.67万亿美元,按实际价值计算比2014年增长约1%。上一次全球军费开增长发生在2011年Sipri cautioned that the Middle East figures were not strictly comparable as data from some countries were missing. Nevertheless, the report highlighted the drop in spending by oil exporters such as Venezuela and Angola, as well as lower than expected increases from Saudi Arabia and Russia. 斯德哥尔国际和平研究所告诫称,中东地区的数字严格说来不具有可比性,因为一些国家数据缺失。然而,报告着重指出委内瑞拉和安哥拉等石油输出国军费开下降,而沙特阿拉伯和俄罗斯等石油输出国的军费出增幅低于预期Despite a drop in orders from traditional clients, the global arms industry has cashed in on tensions in Asia as China continues to pursue a broad military modernisation programme, while the country’s neighbours, such as India and Vietnam, are buying an unprecedented number of weapons in an effort to counter Beijing’s dominance. 尽管来自传统客户的订单下降,但全球军火工业从亚洲的紧张局势中获利。在中国继续推进全面军事现代化计划之际,印度和越南等邻国采购数量空前的武器,以求抗衡北京方面的霸主地位In total, China spent almost as much as all other Asia and Pacific countries put together in 2015, at 5bn out of 6bn, according to Sipri estimates. 根据斯德哥尔国际和平研究所估计,总体而言,中015年的军费开(2150亿美元)接近其他所有亚太国家加在一起的数字;包括中国在内的亚太军费开总计4360亿美元The region’s spending grew 64 per cent between 2006 and 2015, the report said. 报告称,亚太地区的军费开在2006年至2015年期间增4%China, however, measures itself not against its neighbours but against the US, which spent more on defence than the next seven countries put together. 然而,中国对本国军费开的比较对象不是邻国,而是美国;美国的军费开超过位列其后的七个国家军费之和Increasingly, the US and China have been at loggerheads over Beijing’s defence of its maritime claims in the South China Sea and its creation of artificial islands in the contested waters. 围绕北京方面捍卫其在南中国海的海洋主权主张,以及中方在争议海域建造人工岛,美国和中国越来越多地陷入对峙Countries in the South China Sea region have also begun to raise military spending sharply: the Philippines by 25 per cent, Indonesia by 16 per cent and Vietnam by 7.6 per cent. 南中国海周边国家也开始大幅增加军费:菲律宾增5%,印6%,越.6%Japan, which is challenging China over disputed islands in the East China Sea, also increased spending in 2015 after years of decline, reflecting what it perceived to be a rising threat from both China and North Korea. 正在东中国海争议岛屿问题上与中国对峙的日本,也在多年军费下降后在2015年增加出,反映出其认为来自中国和朝鲜的威胁上升Elsewhere, Saudi Arabia overtook Russia to become the world’s third-largest spender, mainly due to the fall in the value of the rouble and to the kingdom’s military operations in Yemen. 在其他地方,沙特阿拉伯超越俄罗斯,成为世界第三大军费出大国,原因主要是卢布贬值和沙特在也门展开军事行动 /201604/436076。

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security offered Monday to help state elections officials with the challenge of securing voting systems from the threat of cyber attacks.美国国土安全部星期一提出,愿意帮助各州选举官员设法保投票系统免受网络袭击。Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson hosted a meeting by telephone with officials from around the country as well as representatives from the Justice Department and the National Institute for Standards and Technology.美国国土安全部部长杰·约翰逊主持召开电话会议,与会的有全国各地的官员以及美国司法部和美国国家标准技术研究所的代表。Most voters in the U.S. encounter some kind of machine during the voting process, whether they vote directly on a touchscreen device or put their paper ballot into a scanner. But which system is used is up to officials overseeing the 9,000 separate voting jurisdictions across the country, not the federal government.美国大多数选民投票时都会遇到某种形式的投票机,无论是使用触屏直接投票,还是把纸质选票放在扫描器上。但使用哪种投票系统取决于负责全000个投票区的地方政府官员,而非联邦政府。Johnson encouraged states to implement recommendations that include making sure electronic voting machines are not connected to the internet while voting is taking place.约翰逊鼓励各州采纳落实各项建议,包括投票进行时确保电子投票机不和网络连在一起。He also announced a new campaign to bring together government and private sector experts to promote voting security and heighten awareness of the potential risks to the infrastructure involved in the process.他还宣布展开一项新运动,把政府、私营领域的专家集合起来,宣传投票安全,并加强人们对涉及投票程序的基础设施所面临风险的认识。来 /201608/461271。